Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 570. From Edie to Agnes



「 Haa, haa, haa 」

I exhaust myself on top of Edie’s brown body while our genitals are still connected.

Edie’s breasts are soft.

Oh, Edie’s rich scent of sweat wraps around my body.

《 darling? 》

Edie asks me worriedly.

I’ve overexerted myself now I’m feeling languid.

「 I’m fine. Edie 」

I look up and pat Edie’s cheeks.

Edie smiles.

「 What about you Edie, did it hurt? 」

Nei who knows English best translates my question.


「 Err, she’s already used to enduring the pain. Instead of that, she’s happy that Yo-chan let out all of his desires. And, she’s proud that she received all of Yo-chan’s lust. She’s grateful to her grandmother that she’s raised to have a healthy body! 」

She’s smiling.

「 Nevertheless, pull out, for now, it would be painful to stay like that 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 Since it’s you, it hasn’t withered from just one round, right? 」

That’s true.

My penis is still swelling.

It must be painful for her to have a foreign object inside her all the time as her hymen was just torn.

「 Edie, I’m pulling back 」

I said. Edie shakes her head and hugs my body tightly.

「 Err, she said that she’s perfect when Yo-chan’s penis is inside her. That’s why she wants to stay like that forever 」


Edie’s forehead is sweating.

She may be smiling but her breathing is rough, she’s in pain.

「 We can just do it again later, right? 」

I kiss Edie’s cheeks.

Nei says something in English.

Then, Edie sighs.

She looks like she’s saying “it can’t be helped”

「 What did she say? 」

I asked Nei.

「 Yo-chan is the husband of everyone in the family, so it’s not good for the Onee-chan to monopolize him 」


「 Papa! I want it, desuno! 」

Oh, Agnes who’s lying down on the bed tells me with a bright red face.

She’s trying to reach to her crotch to masturbate but.

Minaho-neesan’s holding down her hand.

「 You’re forbidden to do it yourself. You mustn’t touch it. This place is only for Papa to tease and have his penis insert 」

Oh, Agnes needs to overcome the masturbation habit Shirasaka Sousuke forced her to do before.

If not, she won’t be able to live with other people when going outside the mansion.

「 Papa! Please! 」

I wonder if the explosion of lust also affected Agnes.

I look at Edie.

She smiled and nods.


「 As she’s now one of Yo-chan’s wives, she’ll respect the elder sisters and pour love for the little sisters 」

Nei translates.

「 Thanks, Edie. I love you too 」

I kiss Edie.

Edie accepts the kiss happily.

Then, I get up.

I pull out my erect penis from Edie’s inside.

Katsuko-nee and Nei take photos of that, of course.

Oh, I knew it. She’s bleeding.

My penis is red.

「 Guh 」

Edie shows a face in pain at the moment I pulled out my glans from her opening.

It’s pulled out.

After a few seconds, semen mixed with blood flows out.

「 That was intense, so it seems that it has scrapped here and there. It would be better for Edie-chan not to have any more sex tonight 」

Katsuko-nee says while peeking in her opening.

「 It would be best to have Ikeda-sensei check it tonight but, there’s a lot of things going on tonight 」

Kyouko-san rampaged a lot so even if we get out of the hotel, the police would be cautious for a while.

We came to this hotel to make the alibi that we have no relation to Kyouko-san’s actions.

「 We don’t want to stir up the police further tonight 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 Yes, let’s have her drink contraceptive pills for tonight and have Ikeda-sensei check up on her tomorrow., I’ll take her there while you go to school. I feel sorry to keep having Ikeda-sensei do her examination outside of her usual time 」


Speaking of which, she even came all the way to check on Ruriko in the middle of the night.

「 Either way, congratulations. Edie. You’re now an adult woman 」

Kyouko-san blesses Edie.

「 Give this to her 」

Miss Cordelia hands me a small box.

「 What’s this? 」

「 You’ll see when you open it 」

I open the box. There’s a ring.

It’s a metal ring without decorations. There’s no jewels or anything.

「 This is the ring of ownership that comes from her assassination cult. The cult gave that to me when I bought her. One can’t trust a fighter sold out from a cult as they were ruled by them before, right? As long as you have this ring, the people from the cult won’t approach Edie 」

In short, Edie’s connection with the assassination cult is broken.

《 darling! 》

Edie stretches her hand.

「 Yeah 」

I insert the ring to Edie’s ring finger.

「 That’s nice! 」

Nei mutter.

「 I might prepare a ring for myself as well 」


「 I’m a bit jelly 」

「 Yeah. But, it’s for Edie-san’s freedom so it can’t be helped 」

Mana and Megu said.

「 Endure, endure, endure it 」

Michi’s holding herself back too.

「 It’s beautiful, desuno 」

Agnes looks up at the shining silver ring on Edie’s hand.

Edie’s pleased.

「 Oh my, you put it in the ring finger? You could’ve fit it on the other fingers too 」

Miss Cordelia smiles.


「 Won’t that be a marriage ring? 」


The other women are dumbfounded.

「 Err, what should we do, Ojou-sama? 」

Katsuko-nee said. Minaho-neesan:

「 It can’t be helped! I’ll prepare a ring for all of us! 」

「 That’s right! That’s all we can do! 」

Nei speaks louder.

「 I want Onii-chan to have the same ring too 」

Mana said.

「 That’s right. We all belong to Danna-sama!

Misuzu said.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 But still, that just came, and yet it’s still raging to go 」

Miss Cordelia says as she looks at my penis.

Katsuko-nee gives instructions, Megu comes in with a squeezed wet towel, and she wipes my penis together with Mana.

It’s not pleasant to have my bloodstained penis enter the next girl.

「 He can’t do this unless he’s peerless, right? He’s against girls of these level after all 」

Kyouko-san said.

「 I guess, they’re all cute, but their vitality is more than the ordinary girls 」

「 They’re all girls with strong libido after all 」

The two laugh.

「 Geez! You make it look like we’re into sex 」

Nei said.

「 Oh, am I wrong? 」

Kyouko-san mocks. Nei:

「 We don’t like sex but Yo-chan! 」

「 To be specific, having sex with him, right? 」

Miss Cordelia?

「 You girls are all bending things artistically. That’s why you never trust anyone else, and he’s the only man you believe in 」

「 Isn’t Cordelia the same with me? 」

Kyouko-san said.

「 I guess, Kyouko’s the only one I open up to as my lover. Eenie and Meenie are cute pets, but our relationship only ends as master and pet.

「 I’m Master’s sex slave, and I’m satisfied with that 」

Michi said.

「 Well, Michi-pon’s a masochist 」

Misuzu said.

「 Misuzu-chan, what does masochist mean? 」

Ruriko asks.

「 Err, it means that one prefers to be dominated by Danna-sama 」

「 Then, Ruriko’s a masochist too. I prefer Onii-sama raping me more than ordinary sex 」

Ruriko, you’re misunderstanding the meaning of rape.

「 Yoshiko-sama, rape is very fun. Ruriko wants to be raped every day! 」

Ruriko said. Yoshiko-san who’s being embarrassed from earlier gets even more scared.

「 Sorry, uhm, Ruriko’s also been so aroused since earlier from watching Edie-san and Onii-sama have sex 」

Ruriko blushes.

「 But, I already received a lot of love from Onii-sama before the party so I’ll endure for now 」

Then, Misuzu.

「 Then, I’ll appease it by licking 」


「 It’s okay if it’s just licking, right? Michi did it to Edie-san earlier 」

Misuzu tells Minaho-neesan.

「 Just your tongue, don’t use fingers. Only his penis is allowed to enter their genitals. Everything else is okay 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 Yes! Ruri-tan! Let’s do it! 」

「 Thank you. Misuzu-chan! 」

「 We’re sisters, it’s natural to help each other. Besides 」

Misuzu smiles.

「 I would like to lick the semen Danna-sama released inside of you 」

「 Iyaan~ Please don’t suck them out, it’s mine 」

「 I can’t lick out those that reached your uterus. Only those that are spilling out 」

「 If that’s the case, then okay 」

Ruriko lifts the skirt of her dress.

「 Sit over here 」

「 Okay 」

Ruriko sits next to Yoshiko-san.

Misuzu squats in front of the chair and takes off Ruriko’s panty.

「 Ufufu, even your panty is wet with Danna-sama’s semen. Oh, it smells like Danna-sama 」

She spreads Ruriko’s thighs and buries her face in the crotch.

「 Aaahn! Please look at me Onii-sama! Ruriko’s having Misuzu-chan lick her! 」

She’s looking at me with her charmed eyes.

「 Yes, I can see it, Ruriko 」

「 Yoshiko-sama, look. Ruriko’s feeling so good! 」

Yoshiko-san’s completely confused by the obscene appearance of her cousin.

「 Misuzu-chan learned tongue techniques from Nagisa after all 」

Katsuko-nee turns the camera to the two.

「 Okay, it’s clean now 」

「 Yes, it’s okay now 」

Megu and Mana who were wiping my penis with a towel said.

Mana kisses the tip of my glans.

Megu kisses my lips.

Edie seems to feel pain in her lower abdomen. She’s looking at us from the bed, smiling.

「 Papa. Hurry 」

Agnes is waiting for me, already naked.

「 Yeah, I’m coming right now. Michi, come too 」

I call Michi.

「 Yes? 」

Michi’s surprised.

「 Michi can’t hold it anymore too, right? 」

Michi can feel the waves of Edie’s thoughts.

It’s impossible for her to be unaffected by the explosion of Edie’s lust from earlier.

「 But, I 」

「 Come. There’s not much difference in doing one or two 」

I said. Michi:

「 Yes, excuse me 」

She clings to my body.

「 Papa! 」

I kiss Agnes first.

Again. And again.

Then, Michi’s sucking on my toe fingers.

「 Michi–chan, you like feet? 」

Nei asks.

「 I do 」

Anus and legs. Those are the parts Michi loves.

I lick on Agnes’ nipples.

「 Papa, it feels good, desuno! 」

Agnes’ swelling chest is a bit stiff.

Still, I was just embracing Edie’s brown skin a while ago and now Edie’s white skin.

They feel different.

Edie’s skin is like a thick velvet.

Agnes skin feels like thin silk.

「 Master! 」

Michi sucks on my penis.

Kissing it rhythmically.

Michi’s getting better.

「 Papa! You see, Agnes has a request 」

Agnes tells me.

「 Agnes wants to do it like an animal 」


「 Like this 」

Agnes gets up and stands on her hands and knees.

Agnes’ small slit is in front of me.

「 Agnes wants Papa to come in like this 」

Oh, Agnes.

She’s watched a lot of Shirasaka Sousuke’s sex videos.

Therefore, her knowledge about sex is abundant.

「 Papa, please listen to Agnes’ request 」

She looks at me from between her legs.

Agnes shakes her ass.

There’s hot liquid dripping down from her slit.

「 I get it 」

I push in my glans against Agnes’ secret part from behind.

「 Auuun! 」

Having our mucous membranes touch, Agnes leaks out a sweet voice.

The tip of my glans exposes her clitoris, and I rub it several times.

「 Hauuuuuuu 」

Agnes’ 12-year-old body is small.

Her clitoris can only be seen as a tiny ruby.

「 Papa!! 」

Love nectar drips down again.


「 Agnes, take a deep breath 」

「 Okay, desuno! Suuuu 」

「 Okay, now exhale 」

「 Haaaaaaa 」

She exhales the air in her lung.

「 Okay, breathe in again 」

「 Suu 」


I thrust inside Agnes.

「 Kyauuu 」

I stick my penis inside Agnes while she breathes in.

「 I-It’s inside! Such a thick object enters a small child! 」

I can hear Yoshiko-san’s voice.

「 Ufufu, it’s inside. A woman’s body is made like that 」

Ruriko who’s dress is entirely disheveled as Misuzu licks her look at us and said.

「 Papa, please, deeper, desuno 」


「 Agnes wants Papa’s penis knocking deep inside the belly. Just like the usual! 」

She only had sex a few times and yet.

Agnes is saying “like usual.”

「 There you go! 」

I drive in my waist.

「 Hauu, it’s in! Papa’s deep inside me! 」

I’m banging Agnes from behind.

But, in this position.

I can clearly see Agnes’ young and small body.

If I cover her, then her small naked body would fit in my arm.


Her breasts have more swell than Michi.

The thinness of her legs and lack of meat in her ass shows that Agnes is still a 12-year-old girl.

Yet I’m banging this young girl.

「 Papa, you see, Agnes 」

Agnes talks.

「 Agnes is born to have sex with Papa. That’s why Agnes wants to be loved forever and ever 」

That was Shirasaka Sousuke’s plan.

Not mine.

Agnes was raised thinking that she’s born to become Shirasaka Sousuke’s sex slave.

I became the new Papa to liberate Agnes from Shirasaka Sousuke’s binds.

「 Therefore, please don’t hate Agnes 」


That’s right.

Agnes isn’t a talkative girl.

She’s a really silent girl.

「 Agnes will be a good girl. I’ll do anything Papa says 」

Oh, I see.

Agnes also knows that I replaced Shirasaka Sousuke.

That’s why she’s afraid.

that I might throw her away.

「 Of course not. Agnes is so cute after all 」

I thrust my waist further.

I shake Agnes’ insides with my penis.

「 Yes, yes, desuno! Papa! 」

Agnes responds to me as her body sways.

「 Papa! Please use Agnes a lot! Please, desuno! 」


This can’t go on.

「 Agnes, let’s stop this position 」

「 Huh? 」

Agnes is surprised.

「 Does Agnes’ body not feel good, desuno? 」


「 That’s not it. I just can’t see Agnes’ cute face like this 」

「 Papa 」

「 Let’s this again next time, but for now, I want to make love while looking at Agnes’ face like usual 」

I pull out my penis from Agnes temporarily.

「 Come now, lie down and face me 」

「 Okay, desuno 」

This 12-year-old girl lays down her naked body.

「 Okay, Papa 」

Then, she spreads her legs wide in front of me.

「 Michi 」

「 Yes, Master 」

「 Lie down on the side, let’s all kiss 」

「 Certainly 」

Michi lies down next to Agnes.

「 Agnes, I’m putting it in again 」

Before Agnes feels uneasy, I insert my penis again in the missionary position.

「 Kuuuuuu! 」

Agnes accepts my penis.

Her face looks so eager.

「 Look, it’s better if we can see each other’s face, right? 」

「 Y-yes, desuno 」

We look at each other while having sex.

I think seriously for this little girl connected to me.

Agnes’ heart.

I can only show her an honest heart with no lies.

「 Agnes. You’ll be my woman forever 」

I don’t want to let go of this beauty.

Even if Agnes finds a better man someday.

Even if that man is much suitable for Agnes than me.

I won’t hand over Agnes.

This girl is mine.

「 You’ll only have sex with me for the rest of your life, Agnes. You’ll accept just my thing. And someday, you’ll bear my child 」

「 Papa 」

Agnes looks at me.

「 I’ll love you for a lifetime. Agnes is mine 」

That’s right.

I shouldn’t deny the desires inside me.

There’s no need to hide my lust in front of my women.

I can just let it loose.

Our family’s strong enough to accept each other’s desires.

That’s why.

They understand my sex with Edie earlier.

If I hold back my desires, it would be rude to my women.

We give to those who ask.

That’s our family.

「 I’m the same 」

Michi tells Agnes.

「 I will have sex with only Danna-sama. If Danna-sama wishes for me, I will serve him anytime, anywhere. I will never accept any man other than Master. And I’m ready to become a mother of Master’s child 」

Agnes stares at Michi.

「 Me too. I completely agree with all of it. Therefore, you can watch me and copy that. I will give you advice so you won’t lose your way. Do you understand? We’re sisters 」


「 Aaahn, Ahn, in that case, me too! I’m Onii-sama’s sex slave too! My purpose in life is only to serve Onii-sama 」

Ruriko shouts as Misuzu’s tongue attack her.

「 Me too! I won’t do it with anyone but Yoshi-kun, and I’ll bear Yoshi-kun’s child! 」

Megu said.

「 Everyone is just like you. We’re in the same situation 」

Agnes looks at the women gather around the bed.

Ignoring Kyouko-san and Miss Cordelia drinking on the back.

The other women are looking at Agnes gently.

「 Agnes-chan, we’re your Onee-chan 」

Mana holds Agnes’ hand.

Edie smiles and grabs Agnes’ other hand.

Mana and Edie play with Mao-chan and is in good terms with Agnes.

I see, up until now.

We may have a relationship of trust through sex, but.

Agnes’ relationship with the other women is only close friends at best.

They’re in the same position and in the same situation.

Having Agnes finally notice that, the concept of the family will rise.

「 Agnes, you’re cute 」

I slowly move my waist.

Agnes’ small body sways in joy.

「 Agnes-imouto. You’re cute 」

Michi kisses Agnes’ lips.

「 Yes, I love you! Be my little sister forever! 」

Mana kisses Agnes.

「 !!! 」

Edie also kisses Agnes.

「 Everyone in here will not leave Agnes forever. Of course, that includes me. I’ll live with Agnes together. It will be fun with everyone 」

Oh, Agnes is shaking.

Her small breasts are trembling.

「 Why, desuno? 」

「 We’re a family. Family will always be family. That won’t change no matter what happens 」

Agnes looks up at me.

「 Agnes, ease up. It feels good to be loved by Master, doesn’t it? 」

Michi whispers.

「 That’s right. You can just drown in Onii-chan’s love. Onii-chan is looking at Agnes-chan, he’s not making only himself feel good 」

Mana said.


Edie smiles at Michi.

「 Okay. Agnes, please synchronize breathing with Master 」


Michi will teach Agnes the importance of breathing in sex.

「 Yeah, take a deep breath with me, inhale, exhale. Suu, suu, haa. Suu, suu, Haa 」

「 Suu, suu, haa 」

Agnes breathes in sync with me.


Agnes’ tension is loosening little by little.

She’s melting.

Once our mind and body rhythm matches.

What’s left is for us to enjoy having sex.

「 Haaaaaa, Auuuu! Papa! 」

Look, she’s feeling good now.

The wave of pleasure is growing strong.

「 Suuuu, suuu, haaa, auuuu 」

Her 12-year-old body trembles.

「 That’s right. You’re doing well, give in to the pleasure 」

「 It doesn’t feel scary, right? We’re all Agnes-chan’s family you see 」

Michi and Mana encourage Agnes from both sides.

Edie’s also sending her Qi to Agnes by holding her hand.

Tears are gathering in Agnes’ eyes.

「 Papa, Papa! Agnes is, Agnes is! 」

Her white skin starts to sweat.

Yes, I can tell. Agnes.

「 It’s coming soon. Let’s cum together, Agnes 」

「 Yes, desuno 」

I spurt on my hips.

Agnes’ slit is stirred, and love nectar scatters.

「 Hauuuu, hauuu, Papaaaaaaa! 」

Agnes twists her body in pleasure.

「 Please ask him to cum inside, Agnes-chan 」

Mana whispers.

「 It would please Master 」

Michi too.

「 Haaahn~ Pa-Papa!! Please cum inside! Please let out all of your hot stuff inside Agnes’ belly!!! 」


「 Yeah, yeah, Agnesssssssss!!! 」

Agnes looks at me with eyes in pain.

「 Papaaaaaa! Agnes is about to fly! Please hold to me tight!!! 」

I hug Agnes tightly!

「 Kyaaaaaaaauuuuuunnnnn!!! 」

Agnes shouts cutely.


「 I’m cumming!! 」

I keep on hugging Agnes’ small body.

Dobyu! Dobyu! Dobyuu!!!

My penis pulsates inside Agnes.

I’m pouring in hot semen to her womb like a pump.

「 It’s so hot!! 」

Agnes’ body squirms from the heat she feels reaching deep inside her body.

Dopyu, todopyupyu!!

I send in a lot of white liquid.

「 Papa, I love you! I love you!! 」

Agnes is crying in my chest.