Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 586. To the new day



『 Danna-sama, it’s gushing a lot! 』

Misuzu reports sounding entranced.

「 Yeah, I can hear it 」

Just what am I doing while eating breakfast.

『 Okay, done 』

The sound of the water stops.

『 Danna-sama, I want to show it off to you next time 』

「 Yeah, anytime, but, that doesn’t mean you have to hold back all the time. It’s not healthy for your body 」

『 Yes, Danna-sama 』


『 Onii-sama, I’m next 』

I knew it.

「 Okay, stop holding it already Ruriko! 」

『 Yes! 』

I hear not as much momentum as Misuzu’s, but there’s water hitting the floor.

Perhaps, she’s urinating in the bathroom.

『 Onii-sama! 』

「 What’s wrong, Ruriko? 」

『 Please do it with me today as well. Ruriko feels sad being away from Onii-sama for a night, the tip of my breasts and my womb are aching 』

Who did this to a 15-years old girl. Oh right, Me.

「 I’ll take responsibility 」

『 Ruriko will serve a lot! Therefore, please fill Ruriko up so it won’t accumulate 』

I’ve got nothing to store, I’ve been squeezed a lot these past few days.

『 Ah, yes. It seems that stuff other than pee drips down 』

「 Let’s leave that till tonight 」

That’s all I can reply.

『 Yes, Onii-sama. I want to come back soon, Kuuun! 』

The sound of peeing stops while she makes a cute gasp.

『 Did you enjoy Ruriko’s pee? 』

「 Yeah 」

I’d like to concentrate on my meal, but if I do that, Ruriko would be sad.

『 I’m glad. Ah, everyone’s naked in their lower half right now 』

「 I-I see 」

I can imagine it somehow.

It looks lewd.

『 Should I send a photo? 』

「 No need. I’ll look at it later 」

It’s better if we don’t let them get things strange.

It’s dangerous if it’s leaked by mistake.

Misuzu and Ruriko are now known as the super-high-class ladies all over Japan.

『 That’s right. I’d like to show it directly instead. And, then, get raped on the spot!

Ruriko speaks brightly.

As usual, she only thinks of rape as a fun way to have flirting sex.

「 I’ll be teaching Ruriko the real meaning of rape later 」

I should teach her to fear crazy men’s desire.

『 My, I’m looking forward to it! 』

Ruriko seems to be excited though.

『 Then, let’s go to the next one 』


Right. Michi’s also there.

I just have to accept it.

『 Uhm, good morning 』

This voice.

『 K-Kuromori-sama. I’m sorry for last night. I-It’s me, Yoshiko 』


『 M-Misuzu-tan, Ruri-tan, and Mitchi-sama reprimanded me a lot after that. I’m terribly sorry 』

Misuzu-tan, Ruri-tan, Mitchi-sama.

『 Yoshiko, greet Master the proper way 』

I hear Michi’s voice from the other side.

『 Y-Yes, Mitchi-sama, I-I am Kuromori-sama’s faithful servant, a sex slave to help Kuromori-sama release his sexual desire. No, I’m a sex slave, please use Yoshiko’s body as a slave! 』

『 Well done, Yoshiko-san. Now, Yoshiko-san is the same as us, Onii-sama’s slave!

Ruriko said.

『 Y-Yes, I-I’m glad 』

「 Hey now, wait, you girls aren’t forcing Yoshiko-san, are you =? 」

I shout on the phone.

『 It’s me, Misuzu 』

Misuzu takes the phone.

『 There’s nothing Danna-sama needs to worry about, we had a heart-to-heart talk last night 』

Heart-to-heart talk. You mean getting naked?

『 Just as Danna-sama knows, Yoshiko-san also has a strong lesbian tendency. However, Ruri-tan doesn’t have that hobby 』

『 Yes, I only want to have sex with Onii-sama. There’s no other 』

Well, thanks, but.

『 However, Yoshiko-san understands that she cannot stay with Ruri-tan as long as she doesn’t become the same status as her 』

Ruriko’s position is my sex slave.

『 That’s right. I’m living to become Onii-sama’s rape partner! I’ll serve with my whole life 』

『 I-I will too 』

Yoshiko-san speaks in a stiff voice.

「 No, stop that. It’s troublesome if you bend her thoughts unwillingly to become my slave 」

I said.

「 She doesn’t need to force herself to have sex with me to stay with Ruriko 」


『 Look, Yoshiko-tan, Danna-sama responded as expected, see? 』

Misuzu speaks brightly.

『 That’s right, our Master isn’t an evil person who aims at the property of Kouzuki house and uses women as prey. Not as Yoshiko-san claims 』

Michi says coldly.

『 Right. It is as we told you last night., Onii-sama’s a kind person. And, he only loves women who are worthy of his love 』

『 Danna-sama devotes all his love to a woman he loved once 』

Ruriko. Misuzu.

『 Therefore, Yoshiko-tan should become a woman worthy of Master’s love soon 』

Michi, what do you mean by that.

「 No, Michi, I’m not a man of value though 」

I said.

『 Oh, you call the man Kouzuki Misuzu, Kouzuki Ruriko, and Kudou Michi’s beloved as worthless? 』

Misuzu laughs.

『 Onii-sama, please don’t look down on yourself so much. It makes us sad 』

Oh, I see.

It’s rude to Misuzu, Ruriko, and Michi who are accompanying me.

「 Sorry 」

『 Please be proud. Being loved by Onii-sama is our pride 』

Ruriko said.

『 Well, that’s okay. Yoshiko-tan can learn the value of Danna-sama’s love little by little 』

Misuzu said.

『 Since she declared to be Onii-sama’s slave this morning, should we forgive her now? 』

『 No, we need to punish her for being rude to Master 』

Michi speaks resolutely.

『 Well, then, would Yoshiko-san also like to let Danna-sama hear her pee? 』

Misuzu said.

『 And then, Michi-pon, pour your pee on Yoshiko-san’s 』

『 Yes, Misuzu-oneesama 』

Somehow, they’re making more decisions without my consent.

『 Now, Yoshiko-sama, please ask for Onii-sama’s permission to pee 』

Ruriko’s smiling perhaps.


『 Y-Yes, K-Kuromori-sama, p-please allow Yoshiko t-to show off her peeing 』

『 Yoshiko-san drank plenty of water earlier 』

Michi said.

『 Actually, you can’t hold back since earlier, right? 』

Misuzu laughs.

「 Then that’s dangerous! Hurry up and pee Yoshiko-san! 」

『 Y-Yes! 』


I hear a sound of water.

『 Let it out with all your strength. Loosen up your legs 』

Misuzu gives instructions as the head of peeing show.

『 B-But! 』

Yoshiko-san’s body must be stiff from embarrassment.

『 Master, I will also urinate 』

Michi’s voice is strong

「 S-Sure 」

『 Look at this! This is the true essence of peeing 』


I can hear the sound of a huge water current on the other side.

『 Oooh, warm! 』

Michi’s pee is making Yoshiko-san’s body wet.

『 That’s right! Yoshiko-tan should urinate like this too! 』

『 Y-Yes 』

『 Yes, like that. Loosen up, let Danna-sama hear Yoshiko-tan pee 』

『 I-It’s embarrassing 』

『 That embarrassing part is what’s great about it! 』

Michi insists.

『 Aaaah, I want to dig a hole and bury myself in it! 』

『 I also want Onii-sama’s penis to bury itself inside me! 』


『 Waaaaaaaa 』

Yoshiko-san cries in shame.

「 Hey, Misuzu, is she okay? 」


『 Yoshiko-san’s complex is a bit too twisted 』


『 Since she grew up as Ruri-tan’s attendant, she still has a complex towards Ruri-tan and me 』

The legitimate daughters of Kouzuki house and a faithful vassal.

Even when Jii-chan recognizes her as his granddaughter, she still feels that she’s a vassal.

『 At the same time, she lived with Ruri-tan for too long that she tends to look down on other vassals like Michi-pon 』

When it comes to attendants, she feels closer to Ruriko than other vassals.

『 On top of that, she seems to have more lesbian love than being a retainer to Ruri-tan 』

Misuzu said.

『 Therefore, Ruri-tan and I are putting Yoshiko-tan under Michi-pon’s supervision 』

Below Michi.

『 Michi-pon will become the “Onee-sama” towards Yoshiko-tan’s lesbian feelings. Have her completely submit 』

「 But, Yoshiko-san’s 18 and Michi’s 15 」

『 Age doesn’t matter in this case 』

Misuzu laughs.

『 Besides, Michi-pon’s strongly masochistic so I judged that she would be a good teacher for Yoshiko-san who’s also a masochist 』

『 Yoshiko-san’s a masochist? 』

I unconsciously asked.

『 Onii-sama asks, what’s your answer, Yoshiko-san?! 』

Ruriko asks Yoshiko-san.

『 I-I am 』

The sound of peeing continues.

『 No, wait, Yoshiko-san, do you even know the meaning of masochist?! 』

Yoshiko-san and Ruriko both lack knowledge about sex and they were raised isolated from ordinary people.

『 Yes, uhm, a woman like me is a masochist 』

Look, I knew it, Yoshiko-san doesn’t know the meaning!!

「 Well, right, I think that Yoshiko’s sense is very much like a masochist! 」

When I turn around, Nei’s standing there, showing a fearless smile.

It seems that she’s listening to our conversation from behind me.

「 Yo-chan, gimme your phone for a sec! 」

Nei takes my phone.

「 Ah, hello? It’s your Nei-oneechan 」

She speaks loudly to the phone.

『 N-Nei-oneesama is it 』

Misuzu’s surprised.

Ah, Nei’s put the phone on loudspeakers so the others could hear.

「 Look! Yo-chan’s in the middle of eating! And then! You girls keep on saying peeing, and masochist, stop that 」

Nei’s seriously angry.

『 I-I’m sorry! 』

「 In the first place, Mii-chan, you’re both S and M! But you never reached the essence of being a masochist, have you?! 」

『 Y-Yes 』

「 Misuzu, want to stay over tonight? 」

『 I-I’m about to ask, yes 』

「 In that case, we’ll make Misuzu experience hardcore masochist plays! Okay, Katsu-nee? 」

「 Yes, I’ll prepare the program 」

Katsuko-nee smiles.

『 Y-Yes 』

「 Hey, Mitchan, also, Yoshiko-san, was it? Done already? 」

『 N-Not yet 』

『 Just a bit more 』

「 Hurry it up, Yo-chan can’t eat because of this! 」

After a long while, I see the scary blonde haired delinquent Nei.

『 O-Okay, done 』

『 M-Me too 』

「 Okay, good work 」

Nei hands the phone back to me.

「 Yo-chan, tell them ‘good work too’ 」

「 Yeah, well done you two 」

Somehow, that feels really stupid.

「 Okay, lemme borrow again 」

Nei retakes the phone and hands to Minaho-neesan.

「 Hello, it’s Kuromori Minaho 」

Minaho-nesan speaks calmly.

「 I’ll give you this warning just once 」

『 Kuromori-sama? 』

Misuzu’s surprised.

「 Last night he collapsed after returning to the mansion 」

『 D-Danna-sama?! 』

『 Onii-sama! 』

『 Master, is that true? 』


「 Too noisy, I’m the one talking here 」

『 I-I’m sorry 』

Misuzu apologizes on behalf of them.

「 And then, we reviewed his activity yesterday from various angles, and it seems that the data dictates you three were forcing sex to him quite a lot. Are you girls aware? 」

It’s not that Misuzu, Ruriko, and Michi caused it I think.

I just had a lot of sex yesterday. Quite the shocking amount.

After the three left the hotel, they don’t know any details of me having sex with Mana in the car or Rei-chan’s first experience.


『 I’m aware 』


『 Yes, Onii-sama gave especially us a lot of love 』

『 We forced him a lot. I reflect on it 』

Ruriko, Michi?

「 They’re girls, so they believe that they are who Yo-chan loves the most 」

Nei whispers to my ear.

「 Me too! 」

I see.

「 That’s the situation, you would like to take care of him so he won’t overburden his body, however, if you can’t do that then I won’t let you see him 」

『 T-That’s a problem! 』

Misuzu panics.

「 After all, your libido is too much and too immodest 」

『 Yes 』

「 But, he loves you, so he wants to respond to your desires, but if he gets sick, everything is to naught 」

『 It is as you say 』

Minaho-neesan pushed all of the cause of my poor condition to Misuzu and the girls.

「 Well, I will not fuss about this again as Kouzuki-sama made a request to guide you. But, there’s no next time 」

『 Yes 』

「 He has his life. He has school, and he also has other women who he values 」

『 I understand that 』

「 No, you don’t. It’s true that he has the stamina and a lot of energy but, if you keep on forcibly taking away his strength in sex then he won’t be able to live his ordinary life 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 You girls think that he’s taking a rest when he’s not with you? He’s not 」

『 Yes 』

Misuzu replies in a small voice.

「 From now on, submit a plan on to Katsuko or me before doing anything. This isn’t an order. But, do this as consultation to your elders 」

『 Understood 』

「 Also, ask him properly if he wants to do it or not 」


「 For example, do you think he wants to have sex with Yoshiko-san? 」

『 T-That’s 』

「 It’s you, Ruriko-san, and Michi-san who wants him and Yoshiko-san to have sex, right? I understand that. It both suffices Kouzuki house’s stability and your sexual orientation 」


「 Yoshiko-san is your and Ruriko-san’s cousin, basically sisters. I understand your strong desire to make her his woman. You want to strengthen your ties with Yoshiko-san that way 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 Yoshiko-san’s also strongly feeling that. After all, she suddenly became a “cousin” from being an “attendant” She wants a clear and formal bond 」

Yoshiko-san’s unstable.

She’s scared thinking whether she’s allowed to stay close to Ruriko or not as a result of being recognized as cousins.

If someone in Kouzuki house sets up an influence, Ruriko might become hostile to her.

「 Therefore, last night, Kouzuki-sama has ordered you, girls, to have lesbian sex with Yoshiko-san 」

『 However, I’m not homosexual 』

Ruriko said.

『 Even if Grandfather orders me 』

「 Seriously, what a cold girl 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 Even if you’re not, Yoshiko-san has homosexual preferences. And, she feels lonely, wanting you. She’s not asking for a lesbian sexual act at all. Why can’t you hug her and sleep overnight? 」

『 That’s 』

「 Wanting to give Yoshiko-san’s virginity to him? That’s just your selfish desire! 」

She tells Ruriko harshly.

「 Okay, I’ll leave things to you now 」

Minaho-neesan hands me my phone.

「 Hello, Ruriko? Is everyone listening over there? 」

『 Yes, they were 』

Ruriko replies in a gloomy tone.

「 Don’t be so depressed. I’m not angry 」

『 Onii-sama 』

Now then.

「 From now on, I’ll only have sex with those I want to. That’s what I decided. There will be a lot in the future but, I feel it’s wrong to have sex for just a strange reason. For Kouzuki house, for Kuromori? It’s not okay to have sex with someone for that reason, in short, 」

I look at Minaho-neesan and Katsuko-nee.

「 That would make me a prostitute. It’s just the same as me having sex with another objective, as selling my body 」

The two former prostitutes smile as they look at me.

「 Last night, I said it. I don’t love Yoshiko-san yet. I think Yoshiko-san is an attractive woman but, I don’t want to have sex with Yoshiko-san as of yet. I also know that Yoshiko-san doesn’t seek such a physical relationship with me 」

Yoshiko-san doesn’t feel any manly charm from me.

「 Yet, forcing her to become my sex slave isn’t okay 」

『 But, Onii-sama 』

Ruriko said.

『 Wasn’t I forced to become a sex slave? When Grandfather sold me to Onii-sama, I still didn’t feel any manly charm from Onii-sama 』

Oh right.

「 Well, that’s inevitable 」

I said.

「 I wanted to do it with Rurirko since when I first saw you! I wanted to rape you and make you my woman 」

『 !!! 』

「 I violated you and made you my woman. Do you have complains? 」

『 None 』

Ruriko replies immediately.

「 But, in Yoshiko-san’s case, we both don’t seek each other. Therefore, that’s the end of this talk. Okay? 」

『 Yes 』

「 Give the phone to Yoshiko-san 」

Yoshiko-san replies;

『 It’s me 』

「 You were listening, weren’t you? 」

『 Yes 』

「 That’s all I had to say, you don’t need to force yourself saying that you’re my sex slave or try to have sex with me 」

『 Certainly 』

Yoshiko-san replies with a gloomy tone.

「 But, I want Yoshiko-san to be an elder sister of mine 」

『 Huh? 』

「 I have a special relationship with Misuzu and Ruriko. Isn’t Yoshiko-san my sister-in-law when you think that way? 」

『 Kuromori-sama 』

「 You’re okay with that, right? 」


『 Y-Yes, thank you 』

She replied.

「 Also, Misuzu, Ruriko, and Michi, do more of your lesbian activities. I don’t mind 」

I speak composed.

「 Either way, Misuzu and Michi both have lesbian tendencies. Help each other to release your libido. Ruriko too, you’re okay with just hugging each other and lying around, right? 」

『 If it’s Onii-sama’s order, then 』

「 I want to idle around too 」

『 If that’s the case, then I gladly will 』

Ruriko’s voice becomes bright.

「 Misuzu and Michi too 」

『 I’ll follow what Danna-sama says 』

『 Yes, Master 』

Yeah, now that’s the end of this talk.

「 Okay, let’s see each other in the evening. You girls have school, right? 」

『 Yes 』

「 Don’t make that voice, I’ll make love with you later 」

『 Onii-sama, please don’t force yourself 』

「 You girls just don’ have to force me to do the impossible, right? 」

I reply jokingly.

「 Later, Misuzu, I love you 」

『 Me too, I love you Danna-sama 』

「 Ruriko too, I love you 」

『 Me too, Onii-sama 』

「 Michi, love you 」

『 Thank you. I also love you 』

「 Take care of the girls, Yoshiko-oneesan 」

『 Yes, indeed, Kuromori-sama 』

「 Then, I’m ending the call 」

I end the call.

「 Yeah, well done, Dear 」

Katsuko-nee praises me.

「 Still, is it really okay to have those three together? 」

I think.

Misuzu’s becoming their evil boss.

Ruriko and Michi’s delusions are rampaging that they can come up with absurd plans.

「 Ruri-chan’s gonna stay in the mansion usually so I guess it’s okay? 」

Nei said.

I see, Ruriko’s gonna stay with me.

「 Also, you can make Michi-chan report every day and keep it a secret to Misuzu-chan. You can ask her what Misuzu-chan talked about for today or something along those lines 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 Then, just check on her so she won’t make strange plans 」

I see.

「 Besides, even if Yo-chan doesn’t ask, just have Edie get involved. Edie can have Mitchan convey information to Yo-chan, and then have it as a pretense of Michi telling Edie information about Kouzuki house. In that case, Mitchan would feel easier when talking 」

Nei suggests.

Edie’s just eating French Toast nonchalantly.

「 That’s a good idea. It’ll deepen Edie-chan and Michi-oneechan’s bonds 」

Mana laughs.

「 Everyone really comes up with various solutions. I can’t keep up at all 」

Rei-chan said laughing.

「 We look for the fundamental solution sometimes, and we do stopgaps as a reparative therapy. But, we try to bring the situation to a better direction. Failing is better than doing nothing 」

Minaho-neesan tells me.

「 If you do something and fail, then it’s an experience. If you don’t do anything, you won’t have any experience 」


「 Besides, as long as you think it will be good for someone, even if it doesn’t go well, it will bear fruit one day 」


「 What’s important is to believe in the bright future and move forward. Persist in moving forward 」

Nei laughs.

「 Just like Sensei 」

「 Huh? 」

「 Minaho-oneechan, you really wanted to be a teacher, right? 」


Minaho-neesan wants to be a teacher in school.

「 But, I’m just a fake teacher 」

Minaho-neesan has always been in the brothel after all.

She didn’t attend university. She has no license to teach.

She’s supposed to be my homeroom teacher, but in reality, she’s a fake teacher.

「 Didn’t you tell me to graduate in school? 」

Nei laughs.

「 Minaho-oneechan can still go to college and become a real teacher 」

That’s right.

Minaho-neesan’s still 28-years-old.

Her life is just starting.

「 But I didn’t even graduate in middle school 」

Minaho-neesan was kidnapped at age 12.

「 Work hard on it, first, study to qualify in taking a test for University! 」

Nei smiles.

「 Why not study gradually while doing business in the brothel for five years? 」

「 That’s right, Minaho-neesan, try it! 」

I said.

「 Ah 」

「 What’s wrong, Onii-chan 」

Mana asks me who fells silent.

「 No, I just thought that this is my new daily life 」

I look at the women in this room.

Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee, Nei, Mana, Edie, Rei-ichan.

「 I’ve had abnormal days in these past few days. But, it’s only during the Golden week holidays, it won’t continue like that all the time 」

Misuzu, Michi, and Ruriko who just called.

Nagisa, Megu, Margo-san, Mao-chan, Shou-neechan who’s not in this room.

「 This will continue. This is my everyday 」

The women smile at me.

「 You said it! Yo-chan! 」

Nei tells me.