Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 587. Epilogue Part 1 ー 4 Months later / End of summer



「 Oh, you’re Yoshida, right? 」

A delinquent second year looks at me and smiles.

We’re in a deserted location behind the gymnasium.

It’s halfway through the lunch break.

Two other senior students are circling me.

「 Hey, answer me you son of a bitch 」

「 You’re Yoshida, right? Bastard! 」

They both seem to be short-tempered, and they have the typical delinquent look.


Selling bread during the lunch break gives poor sales when I’m alone, and it turns out to be inefficient.

Recently, Megu and Nei are helping out.

Then, the three of us are selling bread together only during lunch breaks.

When the customer decreases, Megu and Nei take lunch alternately.

Furthermore, when the bread is close to being sold out, I decide to go back to the workshop and start cleaning up.


I was alone in the bread workshop next to the school cafeteria, cleaning up.

Then these troublesome looking second years come from the back door.

It’s troublesome if they damage the shop, and I also considered not letting Megu get involved.

These guys took me alone to the gymnasium.

Then, there are more delinquent looking seniors waiting.

「 I’m Michigami, I transferred to this high school after the summer vacation, I’m sticking my banner on this school 」

The second-year tells me.


Sticking my banner, what age are you in?

Seriously, now that Endou’s gone, another strange guy is showing up.

「 This school’s nice, it’s calm, it’s entirely different from my previous high school. But you see, for a hotblooded man like me, it’s quite lacking 」

Michigami speaks some incomprehensible lines.

「 These two transferred with me. It’s Vito And Goto 」

「 Vito 」

「 Goto! 」

The two glare at me.

「 I brought them from my former school That’s why the three of us are in this school 」

The hell?

「 Then, for this sweet flower garden of a school, there’s not a single guy who’s waving their banner, that’s why we thought of ruling this place right away 」

「 That’s right! 」

「 Dadadadadada!!! 」

Sigh. These three just transferred in, so they don’t really know anything.

「 Look, now that I said it, I think you already get this, you see, in my previous school, I belong to the Kanto Galaxy Union, “Soul Battle / Horse state double bass” team! 」

「 It’s Kanto Galaxy Union! Galaxy! 」

「 Furthermore, Michigami-san’s the leader of the cut! 」

「 Yeah, we beat down no matter what team we face 」

「 He’s strong. You must’ve heard of Kanto Galaxy Union too! 」

These three are threatening.

Well, I don’t know what the hell was that though.

I mean, what’s “leader of the cut?”

Do you mean “commanding officer?”

I mean, what do you cut?

「 Look, you bastard! Are you listening! Hey!! 」

「 Hey!! Bastard! Listen to Michigami-san when he’s talking. 」

The two shout on my ears loudly.

Seriously, so troublesome.

「 Vito, Goto, don’t threaten him too much. I can’t talk when you do 」

「 But, Michigami-san 」

「 What? You want to get me angry? Huh? 」

「 No, that’s not my intention 」

「 Then shut up 」

「 Yes, Captain of the cut! 」

What a lousy skit.

「 Then, you see, the reason why we came all the way to talk to you is that I’ve heard some rumors in the wind, for some reason, you’re selling bread at the school cafeteria? 」

Michigami glares at me.

「 No, I’m only selling bread I made, the school cafeteria also sells their bread 」

「 Who cares about the details! What I want to hear is whether you sell bread or not?! Are you, Hey hey hey!! 」

Michigami acts like he’s snapped.

Yeah, what a horrible act.

Those who snapped would already swing their fist before speaking.

「 For now, you’ll be letting the three of us eat all the bread we want 」

Michigami speaks arrogantly.


「 Then, you’ll pay me 5000 yen a day. Okay? 」

「 It’s protection money! You know! 」

「 It’s n investment for the captain of the cut!! 」


I only started selling bread in the bakery at the side of the cafeteria

only a month ago.

Katsuko-nee checks it out, and we don’t bring out those that won’t sell to the students, so there’s not much variety of bread on sale.

I still haven’t perfected the techniques and the know-how on making bread in large quantities in a short time, so the total amount of bread I make alone is also small.

I still don’t bring in sales.

Since the count is number and it’s cheaper than the manufactured bread in the cafeteria, so somehow I can sell.

Takeshiba-senpai and the girls from the track and field take the initiative on buying from me.

Our classmates are also helping with the advertisement.

In truth, everyone’s helping me.

I’m somehow able to operate without making deficit thanks to them

To be honest.

I can’t afford to pay for investments or protection like that.

「 Then 」

Michigami smiles.

「 From what I heard as well, you have a fiance on the same year, right? 」


「 I saw some girls selling bread a while ago but, who’s your girl? 」

Nei and Megu are both my women.

「 It must be the really beautiful one, Michigami-san! 」

「 I think it’s the so-so girl. I asked the fairy in the forest earlier 」

Rumors in the wind, fairies in the forest.

You guys were, in fact, investigating aggressively, weren’t you?

「 Oh, that so-so cute girl? 」

Seriously, stop fooling around.

Megu’s not so-so.

She’s really cute you know.

「 Huh. Are you kissing and flirting with that woman every day? 」

Michigami glares at me.

「 Michigami-san’s asking if you were kissing and flirting with her?!!! 」

「 Hey! Answer right now!! Michigami-san’s asking! Hey!!! 」

These three shouts at me.

「 So what? I think it has nothing to do with you all 」

I replied.

「 What’s with that attitude?! 」

「 If you make the captain of the cut, you’re dead! You bastard!! 」

Goto and Vito try to intimidate me.

I secretly hold my beat-up-stick.

I’m making sure I can pull it anytime.

「 Anyway, lend us the girl you’re kissing and flirting with 」

Michigami said.

「 Why? 」

I ask in disgust.

「 You know it already don’t you? Don’t let us say it you bastard 」

「 No, I get your reasoning behind but 」

I said. Michigami.

「 Oh what? You’re the first year. And I’m a second year. SECOND YEAR. You heard it?! 」

「 So what? 」

「 It’s just cheeky of you to have a girl you can flirt with despite being the first year!! You should show respect to your seniors. No, show it! 」

「 I don’t get why though 」

「 Then I don’t care even if it’s not your woman! Oh right, there’s another seller, bring that hot beauty to us! 」

「 No way 」

「 What did you say!? A first year shouldn’t disobey the second year 」

「 Well, she’s in the second year 」

Nei’s still in the second year for now.

Once she’s done with the year, she’ll be a third-year student.

「 I don’t care! Who cares about that! I don’t! Anyway, bring that bitch to us! You head it!! Bring that woman to us 」

Why does he have to keep on repeating himself?

「 I said no 」

I replied. Michigami:

「 What the fuck!? Do you want to feel pain?! 」

「 Michigami-san, let’s do our combined triple attack! 」

「 I’m sure he’ll be obedient after two or three hits 」

Vito and Goto try to grab me.


Even I received CQC training every day.

I quickly dodge the hands of the two.

「 W-What?! 」

「 Hey hey hey?! 」

The two are surprised.

「 Uhm, are you done? I’m in 6th Kyu 」

I said.

「 I just receive certification from Kudou style ancient martial arts 」

Michi gave me a handwritten certificate.

「 Don’t fuck with us! I’m a yellow-green belter in Karate during my elementary school days! 」

Michigami shouts.

What kyu is that?

「 Anyway, surround this bastard, you guys! 」

Their support is fast.

「 I’m going to beat you up! Beat you up a lot! 」

「 That’s why get yourself ready 」

「 Get ready! 」

I slowly get in between.

I mustn’t act that I’m armed with my beat-up stick.


「 Hallo Darling!!! 」

Edie shows up behind Michigami.

「 Sorry we’re late, Katsuko told me to go 」

The brown-skinned blonde beauty laughs.

She’s become more fluent in Japanese in these past four months.

Really, she’s smart.

Now, she’s teaching Mao-chan and Agnes.

「 W-W-W-Who are you!? 」

Michigami’s surprised.

「 Huh? Did the rumors in the wind not mention about me? 」

Oh, Katsuko-nee’s been watching from the monitoring room

since these guys took me.

There’s an earphone in Edie’s ear, she must be listening to our conversation and Katsuko-nee’s instruction until she arrived here.

「 S-She’s that. She’s the international student showing on martial arts competition! 」

Vito tells Michigami.

「 Oh, I heard that she’s absurdly strong 」

「 Who? 」

Edie asks Goto.

「 Iwashimizu from our class told me. The martial arts nerd 」

Edie sighs.

「 You should answer “rumors in the wind!” 」


「 Well, who cares, you messed it up, now time to beat it!!! 」

Edie takes a stance.

「 Nono, wait, wait for a second!! 」


「 You’re attending tournaments, aren’t you? Are you sure about this? If you beat us up, then, you’re suspended from the competition! I’ll report what you do to the office! 」

「 Report! We will! 」

「 Are you sure? Your supervisors will be fired because of you! 」

How can they be this small? Seriously.

「 Look, Edie’s tournament isn’t what you’re thinking 」

I said.

「 It’s a pro tournament in America 」

「 P-P-P-Pro? 」

「 Yeah, it’s a competition for former soldiers or mafia bouncers. They won’t ban her for injuring others. They’re already filled with those 」

Edie breathes in.

She’s ready, I guess.

「 It won’t be an incident. My skills don’t leave any bruises or injuries. You won’t have any evidence to show on whoever you run to crying 」

Edie’s skills are for assassination.

She can kill someone from a heart attack or sudden cerebral hemorrhage.

「 Edie, don’t kill them 」

「 I know 」

Edie sways.

「 Wait! 」

Michigami was only allowed to say that much.

Edie’s fast attack takes down Michigami, Goto, and Vito.

「 Migugugu 」

「 Hagugugu 」

「 Orochon!! 」

The three hold their abdomen and fall to the ground.

「 You won’t be able to speak for a while and will have painful breathing. Then in three days, you’ll be peeing blood so don’t be surprised about it 」

Edie grins.

She took them down without even using Qi techniques.

However, the three who are rolling on the ground are still conscious.

「 Can you leave the rest to me? 」

Iwakura-san and the student council appears.

「 Second-year Michigami, was it? Sorry. This school has no leader of delinquents on the surface, but we do have behind the scenes 」

Iwakura-san smiles as if she’s looking at a new toy.

Iwakura-kaichou and the student council rules our high school from behind the scenes.

In a sense, the student council president is the scary delinquent.

「 You don’t mind if I take these boys, do you? 」

She’s got a lot but, Iwakura-san acknowledges me as the adopted child of Kuormori house, as Minaho-neesan’s brother.

Therefore, she’s now polite towards me.

「 I guess we should, Darling? Give these guys to them 」

Edie says.

Well, if we leave them alone, they’ll just cause trouble to others.

「 Sure, I’ll leave it to Iwakura-san 」

I replied.

◇ ◇ ◇

『 Yoshi-kun, are you okay? 』

After Iwakura-san and others drag Michigami and the two:

Megu calls my phone.

『 Katsuko-oneesan called, Nei-oneesan and I was surprised 』

Seems like the sales side was busy they didn’t notice I was taken.

「 Yeah, Edie came. No problems. 」 It ended without me using my beat-up stick 」

Lunch break is about to end.

「 I’m fine now, Megu, put the sales on the safe and return to the classroom. I’ll be skipping the fifth class since I have to clean up 」

『 Huh? Why? You can do that after school instead 』

Megu said.

「 No, I have bread club today after school. I need to prepare for today’s club activities while cleaning up 」

Activities for the bread club for ordinary students have also started.

Katsuko-nee’s coming as their lecturer, but.

I need to do the prep work.

「 When we have a bakery in the future, I’ll have to guide the part-timers. Katsuko-nee said that the bread club is for me to study that. I need to work hard 」

That bakery is my world.

I feel like I’m invited as an ordinary student during my time with the bread club.

Therefore, I want to finish things while no one’s watching.

『 Got it, then I’ll copy notes for Yoshi-kun too 』

「 Yeah, thanks 」

I’m the student of the special course, so it’s okay for me to focus on bread making than regular classes.

Of course, I still have to attend classes at the minimum time to graduate from high schools, I also have to submit maintenance reports during holidays.

The teachers are informed by the president to let me do what I want.

『 Then, Nei-oneesan and I are going ahead 』

「 Yeah, I’ve got the key so, lock it up 」

『 Got it 』

I end the call.

Now then.

Looking up at the sky, the September weather spreads out.

Lately, I’m busy making bread during lunch breaks.

I hardly look up at the sky at leisure.


I thank those three idiots from earlier.

I look at my phone clock, three more minutes are remaining until the end of lunch break.

Megu will make it in time.


「 Done with the call? 」

Edie’s squatting in front of me, looking up.

「 Yeah, Thanks for coming to help me, Edie. You should hurry back to the classroom, the class is about to start 」


「 Don’t worry 」

She tells me.

「 The next class is English. I don’t need to go 」

Yeah. Edie can speak English. I mean, she has a hard time with Japanese instead.

「 Rather than that, Darling, move me 」

「 What’s wrong, are you tired? 」

It’s rare for Edie to be tired.

Well, I also missed lunch.

I guess I should eat with Edie before cleaning up?

「 No, not tired, horny 」


She shows me a smile.

「 I did a good job, didn’t I? I was thinking that Darling could give me a reward 」


「 For now, let’s go back to the workshop 」

「 Right, we have a sex room over there 」

Edie hugs my arm.

「 Hey, Edie 」

「 It’s okay. Everyone’s in their classroom. Megumi’s not watching either, it’s just the two of us 」

She presses her chest against my arms.

「 Can’t be helped 」

I go to the school cafeteria while linking arms with Edie.

◇ ◇ ◇

After the holidays in May, a lot happened.

A week immediately after, Rei-chan fought with the Gobarubie3.

They did it during the half-time of a Japanese national soccer friendly match.

The ordinary audience thought of it as a half-time show.

Miss Cordelia’s recommendation, Golby-san was a 17-year-old Russian girl.

Although, she’s got quite the harsh personality almost like Miss Cordelia that she was fighting Kouzuki SS led by Rei-chan while shouting insults.

Barbie-san and Ruby-san were stubborn girls, but when it comes to physical ability, Rei-chan’s fight was amazing.

The morning after that, some sports newspaper focused their attention on Rei-chan and Golby-san’s fight instead of the Japanese delegates.

There were huge reactions on the internet that Rei-chan and Golby-san are both popular.

It was the fight between the “Beautiful swordswoman of justice” vs. “the beautiful warrior of evil.”

Then, Yukino’s show started.

Thanks to Yukino’s insulting tongue, the audience rating goes up.

Everyone in Japan knows that Yukino’s father was a sex offender and that she also has a dark background of being a victim of sex crimes.

Yukino’s photos of being raped, and the last moment of her father’s misery.

Yet, Yukino’s bright disposition, unyielding personality, and her ability to talk to anyone without hesitation are what makes the viewers accept her.

Even the comedian, Snatch follows up Yukino’s arrogant speeches.

Also, the guests who come to the show and insult Yukino, or try to seduce Yukino during the break were banished from the business.

When there was a guy who said “The whole Japan saw your naked body already so stop that self-importance and let me do you too,” had a hidden microphone broadcasted on the public, he got a fatal injury.

Yukino’s show is famous in any sort of topic.

Our school was reformed quite a lot during the summer vacation.

Especially, starting with the principal, Shirasaka Sousuke’s minions were wiped out.

Everyone saw the end of Shirasaka Sousuke, so they left the school obediently.

Minaho-neesan also left the school as a teacher.

Right now, she’s the chairman of the school, replacing Katsuko-nee.

A lot happened during the summer vacation too.

First, Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee, Shou-neechan, and Megu took me to Europe. Minaho-neesan took me to various museums.

Then, Nei, Margo, Edie, and Mana took me to a mountain hot-spring resort.

After that, Nagisa, and Mao-chan, then Rei-chan went to stay at a hotel near the beach with me.

Then, Misuzu, Ruriko, Michi, and Yoshiko-san.

Misuzu, said she wants to take me to a resort in the South Seas, so.

I thought that I needed to study English, so I went with them.

That Resort island only speaks in French.

Furthermore, Misuzu and the girls can speak it.

I don’t even understand the menu of the restaurant, so I let Misuzu and the girls take care of things.

I mean, Misuzu and the girls even wiped my ass in the toilet in the end.

Those three took care of me as if I was a baby.

I can’t be a husband anymore.

Also, we had underwater sex.


We went to the US to take back Nei’s family register.

「 Darling? 」

Edie calls me out as I’m in the middle of thinking.

「 Hm? Nothing, I was just thinking about the summer vacation 」

I said. Edie:

「 Yeah, that was fun 」

She smiled.

「 But, it’ll be more fun today and in the future 」

「 Yeah, you’re right 」

The bell for the 5th hour begins.

We enter the bakery from the back door.

「 You’re late, Yo-chan!! 」

Nei’s waiting for us.

「 Huh, what about your class? 」

「 Who cares about that! 」

Edie interrupts Eide’s linking arm with me.

「 Either way, I know that Edie would skip classes! 」

Nei smiles.

「 I won’t let it just be the two of you! Yo-chan!!! 」