Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 595. Rape council



「 What the hell are you doing!!!!! Idiot!!! 」

Golby-san shouts as Edie forces to open her legs and expose her genitals.

She tries to get away from Edie, putting strength on her body but.

「 No, I’m in control of your body now 」

Edie laughs carefree.

She’s still in control with Shingetsu.

Golby-san can’t move her body on her free will.

「 Isn’t it about time you admit defeat? 」

Still, Golby-san.

「 I-I won’t lose just from this!! 」

Are you still not accepting defeat even after getting this far?

「 Ah, I guess 」

Edie pinches Golby-san’s pink nipple.

「 Auuun!!! 」

Golby-san raises a sweet voice.

「 Michi’s a samurai girl. She won’t use this kind of techniques, but. I’m just a 《 Guardian 》, so I’ll do anything to accomplish what I have to 」

Edie looks at me while saying that.

「 Darling, I want you to know how to use this too 」

How to use?

「 I have complete control over this woman’s erogenous zones. Darling, do you want to rape this girl? 」

Rape Golby-san?

「 This woman who lives to fight has lost. Whatever happens to her is inevitable 」

Edie smiles.

「 I-I still haven’t lost!! 」

Golby-san shouts, but.

「 Oh my, is that so? Pauuu!! 」

Edie touches Golby-san’s lower abdomen and releases her Qi.

「 W-Wait! Wait! Nooooooooo!!! 」

Water flows out of Golby-san’s wide open crotch.


Golby-san urinates in front of us, the water draws a big arc.

W-What amazing vigor.

The water droplets scattering around creates a rainbow.

As expected of the sunshine in Los Angeles, it’s intense.

「 Oh, nice one, I’ll take a photo of this 」

Kyouko-san takes out her camera and takes photos.

「 No, no, noooo!!! Onee-sama! Onee-sama! Help me!!! 」

Golby-san cries to her “Onee-sama,” Miss Cordelia, but.

「 It’s your fault for being a big mouth yet losing 」

Miss Cordelia laughs.

「 It should teach you a lot, do not misunderstand the ability of the people in front of you. You were underestimating Edie because she’s younger than you, right? 」

「 Onee-sama? 」

「 Sure, you’re skilled at your age, but there are even more fearsome children in this world. We wanted you to feel that so Kyouko and I sent you to train but you came back impudent 」

「 That’s 」


Golby-san’s done urinating.

「 I didn’t think of it but could it be that you were misunderstanding that you were stronger than Reika-san, or Barbie and Ruby who are your followers? 」

Kyouko-san tells Golby-san.

「 Because I’m better 」

「 Have you fought with them to death? 」

「 T-That’s 」

「 You were only making evaluations on your own convenience, right? 」

Kyouko-san’s sharp.

「 You just understood it from your fight with Edie, haven’t you? Professionals don’t show off their ability. Edie has hidden her skills for ten days before arriving at Los Angeles. That’s why you underestimated her 」

Miss Cordelia says calmly.

「 Was I deceived? 」

「 Idiot. Aren’t you a professional? You’re the stupid one for not seeing through it. Nikita, can you move your body now? 」

Kyouko-san asks.

Golby-san tries to move her body, but.

「 I can’t 」

「 Then, pick one, get killed or get raped 」

「 Huh? 」

「 Weren’t you being rude to Edie? Besides, you were also offensive to Nei and the two for ten days 」

Golby-san’s been seducing Nei all the time.

She’s completely ignoring me.

「 I should’ve told you in advance that these people are my precious family 」

「 But, that’s, uhm, Cordelia-Oneesama! 」

Golby-san asks for Miss Cordelia’s help as Kyouko-san pressures her.

「 Unfortunately, I can’t do anything 」

Miss Cordelia speaks coldly.

「 Yes, Nikita must pay for her sins towards Edie. It could be your life, or your chastity, or both. Your mind and body, your dignity as a human will all be taken away 」

Golby-san shivers.

「 I-I, just what sin have I done?! 」

She glares at Kyouko-san.

「 You fought and lost, right? In our world, losing is a sin. Those who lose can’t complain to those who won against them 」

Kyouko-san replies calmly.

「 Therefore, everyone desperately fights to not lose instead of win. You only live once, and if you lose, you die. There are no retries 」


Even if you win all the time, losing once will cause your death.

「 That’s how the world works. And that is the reason why people try to measure the strength of the people in front of them accurately. Can I take this fight? How will it go? Will I win? If I lose, can I stop myself from getting killed? You never fight someone stronger than you so you won’t lose. If you can turn the tables to that kind of enemy, then find a mean to defeat the enemy in a single blow. Think of how to beat your opponent while not showing a chance. If you can’t, then run away. Bow your head even if you don’t like them if that’s what makes you avoid fighting them upfront. You have to think of those too. If you’re a professional, an adult. Nikita never understood that kind of appropriateness even one bit 」

Kyouko-san said.

「 It’s my fault. I pampered her too much 」

Miss Cordelia looks down.

「 Well, that’s it. That’s why Cordelia can’t complain nor bear a grudge even if Nikita who lost to Edie is killed or raped. Isn’t that right? 」

「 Yes, I know that Kyouko 」

「 O-Onee-sama, are you abandoning me? 」

Golby-san’s speechless.

「 Abandon? How can you say that after embarrassing me this much? 」

「 I-I’m a shame to Cordelia-oneesama? 」

「 If you at least had a slight indication of regret, you could’ve returned even with just your life left. I’m disappointed in you, Nikita 」

Miss Cordelia speaks with a straight look.

「 Your fight with Kouzuki SS’ Reika-san can only be seen as playing around, but it’s a big deal for Kyouko and my business in Japan. We can’t let an idiot like you mess things up! I should’ve picked someone smarter than this, you’re the worst. All you did was try to be domineering on Japan’s side 」

Miss Cordelia’s seriously angry.

「 I! 」

「 You had Kyouko and me in your back that’s why they were being kind to a useless girl like you! And yet, you misunderstood your skills, grew impudent, and shamed us! You’re a shame!!

「 I-I’m sorry! 」

Ah, she cried.

She finally cried.

Golby-san sheds tears.

「 Sorry but I’ll also be receiving Kyouko’s torment as punishment for bringing a useless girl like you 」

Miss Cordelia sighs.

「 Yeah, I’ll be spanking Cordelia later after this. Eenie and Meenie are already preparing at home 」

「 Yes. Actually, I’d like to watch you deflowered with the others, but. I’m also receiving a punishment, ufufu, I’m looking forward to it. I’m sure I’ll be wrecked later 」

Hey now.

「 I-I want to join you 」

Golby-san mutters.

「 Don’t be naive. You’ll receive that man’s penis! 」

「 N-No!! Kyouko-oneesama! I! This man!!

「 Minaho, you’ll take a video of this, right? 」

Kyouko-san turns to Minaho-neesan.

Minaho-neesan was doing her job on a laptop on the curtain table, looking like she’s not interested in this fuss that took so long.

「 Sure, I’ll be recording in case of rape. If we’re killing her, there won’t be any evidence 」

Minaho-neesan replies calmly.

「 Agugugu! 」

Golby-san’s afraid.

「 Let’s leave Edie to decide her end. Edie’s the winner, so she naturally has the right 」

Kyouko-san said and laughed.

「 I-I haven’t lost yet! 」

Golby-san still admits not to lose.

She pleads to Miss Cordelia while desperately crying.

「 Are you still saying that? Edie, how about smashing Nikita’s nose? 」

Kyouko-san makes a radical remark, Edie.

「 If I break her face then Darling can’t have fun 」

She said with a calm tone.

「 Darling, what do you want? If Darling doesn’t want to do her, then I’ll just kill her! 」


「 I’m Darling’s woman, so my spoils are for Darling’s. What do you want to do? She’s a virgin! She’s also quite squishy, Darling hasn’t done a Russian girl yet, right? Want to rape her? 」


I look at Golby-san.,

Edie stripped her naked, her legs are wide open, exhausted.

Yeah, her skin is really white.

Even her hair is a thicker color than Agnes’ blonde hair. It’s golden.

Her face is beautiful, and seeing a strong-willed person crying is also great.

So it’s true, Russian girls in their teens are as beautiful as angels.

「 N-No! Yoshi-kun! 」

Megu shouts.

「 Y-You can’t have sex with that person! 」

「 Eh, why, Megu-oneechan? Golby-san’s beautiful. She’s also a virgin. It’s a rare chance so let Onii-chan have a taste! 」

Mana says.

「 Yes! It’s rare to find a virgin Russian girl you know! Let Yo-chan have fun! 」

Nei’s laughing.

「 But, Nei-oneesan! 」

Megu can’t agree with it it seems.

「 You don’t get it Megu-chan, this is an excellent opportunity! 」


「 It’s not that we’re letting Golby-san enter our family. 」 It’s just Yo-chan enjoying Golby-chan’s body! 」


「 Yo-chan, you don’t need to take responsibility for taking away Golby-san’s virginity. You heard Kyouko-san, Miss Cordelia and Golby-chan’s conversation just now, haven’t you? Golby-chan needs to be punished, she lives in that kind of world, it’s not Yo-chan’s fault 」

Not my fault.

「 Then, after the accumulation of her insults to us, Edie fought her and won. 」 It’s your right to do whatever you want with her 」

「 But, I 」

「 You don’t have to. If Yo-chan doesn’t feel any charm from Golby-san, then don’t rape her. Nobody’s forcing you. Although 」

Edie takes in after Nei.

「 I’ll put a tattoo in this woman’s body. 『 I lost to Edie. I’m a woman who doesn’t have a charm that men won’t even rape me 』 」

She smiled.

Oh, she’s been listening to Misuzu and Michi’s wild ideas.

She’s come up with the same.

「 I-I don’t want that!!! 」

Golby-san screams.

「 Hauuu!! 」

Edie throws in another focused-type Shingetsu to her.

「 Ahahahakufu! 」

Golby-san faints.

Ah, she’s peeing again.

「 She’s dirty. Edie-san, go to the shower room and clean up 」

Minaho-neesan closes her laptop and says.

「 Good point! There we go! 」

Edie lifts Golby-san’s body

What a powerful girl.

「 Ah, wait, I’m going too! 」

「 I’m helping out as well! 」

Nei and Mana1 follows after Edie who carries the fainted Golby-san.

「 Now then, shall we go home? Can we pick her up in the morning? 」

Kyouko-san asks Minaho-neesan.

「 Yes, we’ll be training her 」

Minaho-neesan replies calmly.

「 Nikita’s visually the best, I want to continue using her for our operations in Japan. Japan’s weak to beauties like her after all 」

Kyouko-san tells me.

「 Just to remind you, I’m not giving her to you. Nikita’s my cute pet okay! 」

Miss Cordelia glares at me.

「 But, she should have the taste of frustration, I think she’ll become better when you rape her, as she’s a lesbian 」

W-What are these people thinking?

「 Therefore, torment her for tonight. Make her think “I don’t want to do it with a man again” Nikita’s body is strong so you can do her at least seven times in a row 」


「 Megumi-chan might not agree, she has to get used to it 」

Kyouko-san tells Megu who has a confused look.

「 He will be having sex with a lot of different girls from now on 」

「 Why? Why Yoshi-kun!? 」

Megu asks. Kyouko-san.

「 Because it helps us a lot 」

She smiles.

「 He’s an ally, you see? Nikita is also Cordelia’s ally. It’s helpful to handle scandals like this at times within just people you can trust like family 」


「 Nikita needs a man to rape her to understand her mistake. She’s a lesbian, after all, if we punish her, she’ll feel rewarded instead. But, this isn’t a matter where we can ask anyone, right? Really, it’s helpful to have a boy in the family to help us out 」

Kyouko-san smiles at me.

「 A-Are you going to keep on doing this in the future as well? 」

Megu asks.

「 Megumi, we belong to a criminal organization 」

Minaho-neesan speaks calmly.

「 Kyouko-san and Cordelia-san are both our family. Isn’t it natural for the family to help each other? Even I will ask for his help when the brothel reopens 」

「 Minaho-san 」

Megu’s shocked.

「 You also have to get used to it. You can’t feel emotion to her even if you have sex. Just do her following your sexual desire. It’s different from having sex with family. Both have different uses, okay? 」

Oh, I see.

This is also an event to teach me.

I can’t take responsibility on all the women I had sex with like now.

My mind and body have their limits too.

If I carry them all on my shoulders, I’ll collapse one day.

If I collapse, everyone in my family will be in trouble.

「 Nikita needs a man to rape her as punishment. It just happened to be you. And as for you, just enjoy Nikita’s body. Just pour all your libido from now until tomorrow morning. She’s not your woman, and it’s only for tonight, you can do anything, no matter how messed up it is 」


「 I give you my permission. I won’t complain about whatever happens later. Ah, bang her with the intent of making her pregnant. I don’t mind even if she gets pregnant 」

Miss Cordelia says laughing.

「 With that said, we’ll be taking our leave. If we were watching, then you’d be cautious not to make us frown, right? 」

「 I’m looking forward to the photos and videos. Also, after we retrieve her tomorrow morning, I’ll gently lick her genitals this boy wounds 」

Miss Cordelia sticks out her long tongue.

「 I’m looking forward to it. How frightened will that girl be after getting raped by a man?! 」

「 Well, let’s have fun ourselves before all that 」

「 You’re right, Kyouko, excuse us then! 」

The two are about to leave.

「 Ah, wait, wait 」

I stop them.

「 Why do you two believe that I’ll rape Golby-san? 」

What about my choice?

Why are they not thinking of the possibility I’ll reject it.

「 Nikita’s 17, a virgin, and also quite a beauty 」

Miss Cordelia turns around and says.

「 Then, you’re a healthy boy, so your sexual desire is full of vim and vigor! 」

Kyouko-san laughs.

「 Unless you feel some acute stomach pain, you’ll surely get on top of Nikita’s body. That’s all, QED’s over 」

◇ ◇ ◇

I head to the bedroom.

「 No, no! I don’t want this!! 」

Golby-san’s naked, lying on the bed.

Edie’s in total control of her body.

To think that exploiting Shingetsu gets you this far.

「 Ah, Megu-chan, I’ll be taking the video so could you take photos together with Mana-chan? 」

Nei smiles and gives Megu a camera.

「 Nei-oneesan, I 」

Megu’s looking gloomy.

「 Megu-chan, do you think Yo-chan wants to eat anything other than the meals you make? 」

Nei asks.

「 Don’t you think he wants to go to a restaurant sometimes and taste delicious meals from other countries? 」

「 That’s, I do, but 」

「 Right? And now, there’s a Russian dish presented here. Just think of it that way! 」


「 Megu-chan and Katsu-nee make the meals back at the house, right? It’s delicious, and Yo-chan can feel that you poured your feelings in it 」


「 But, he should go out sometimes and taste something, not from home. You don’t want Yo-chan to be ignorant of the world, right? 」

Megu’s listening to Nei’s reasoning.

「 Restaurant meals, well, of course, the professional cook make food lovingly for their customers, but it’s a different affection from the cuisine prepared by the family. But it doesn’t change that it’s delicious 」

「 So you just want to let Yoshi-kun have sex with other girls?! 」

Megu said.

「 Megumi, if you say more than then, I’ll take away your title of lawful wife 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 Everyone allowed you to be the first wife, but he’s not yours only 」

「 Yeah, Megu-oneechan doesn’t want Onii-chan to have sex with girls you haven’t accepted, right? We get that, but 」

Mana smiles.

「 Whether Onii-chan wants to do it or not is much more important 」

「 Yes. If Yo-chan says he wants to, then I’ll bring any girl to him! That’s what pleases Yo-chan! I live for Yo-chan after all! 」

「 That’s right, Nei-oneechan. Mana too. If it’s to see Onii-chan feel good when having sex, then I’ll do anything! 」

Megu’s the one who holds the “ordinary girl” title among my girls.

Compared to that, Mana’s my sex slave, Nei is entirely dependent on me.

Now, I’m registered as Nei’s only relative, her twin brother. Also her lover.

「 I understand Megumi’s rational way of thinking. But, our family isn’t normal. With all the abnormal girls gathering, you can somehow manage and balance it out. But, if we respect Megumi’s will, then it’ll be a rule that he can’t have sex girls other than family, right? 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 Isn’t that great?! I don’t want Yoshi-kun to have sex with anyone other than the family! 」

Megu said.

「 Well, if you tie him down then it’ll suffocate him, right? Besides, even if we make that rule now, Megumi will change the rule to “have sex with only the lawful wife,” someday, won’t you? 」

「 I won’t do that 」

「 I wonder? I think that you’re already heading towards that direction 」

Minaho-neesan gives a warning.

「 Well, okay. Let’s do majority vote. Those who think it’s okay for him to rape Golby-san, raise your hand 」

Nei and Mana raised their hands right away.

Edie who’s holding down Golby-san too.

「 I think that he should do it too 」

She raised her hand.

「 Shou-san, what about you? 」

Shou-neechan’s standing at the entrance.

When the conversation between Kyouko-san and Golby-san turned serious;

She judged that it’s better for her to stand as security personnel of Kouzuki SS.

She’s just listening to our conversation quietly.

「 I just lost my virginity last night, so I don’t have any opinion in particular 」

Shou-neechan says timidly.

「 Kyouko-san and Miss Cordelia are underestimating him 」


「 Sure, Nikita Gorbachev may be a hardcore lesbian, so they only think that him raping her is punishment through pain 」

What are you talking about?

「 Well, as for me, I think it’s helpful that they’re trying to make her get along with us 」

Does that mean?

「 Shou-san’s guess is half-right. 」

Minaho-neesan smiles.

「 Cordelia-san doesn’t know. Kyouko-san had that intention from the start 」

No way?

「 There’s no one with lesbian tendencies among the members in Los Angeles, so she thinks that this won’t happen 」

Minaho-neesan takes off her clothes.

「 I also learned lesbian techniques during my prostitute era 」

She smiled.

「 This is no punishment. I’ll be sending her to heaven. And after that, she’ll learn how amazing it is to have sex with a man! 」

Kuromori Minaho, the love teacher, goes up on the bed.

「 We’ll be taking you to our side while keeping it a secret to Cordelia-san 」

We’re making Golby-san fall?!!!


  1. The author wrote Megu, but she’ll remain in the scene