Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 598. Family and Friends



「 Well then, I’m going ahead 」

Edie takes Nikita to the basement after dinner.

It’s the room where Agnes was confined before.

It’s spacious, and the ceiling is high, so it recently became the sports room for the mansion.

「 I’d go as soon as I check on the alarm systems 」

Margo-san also leaves.

「 Ufufu, I’ll make you understand 」

Nikita seems to think that she can easily win against Margo-san.

Really, she’s the type that repeats the same pattern over and over again.

She underestimated Edie in Los Angeles and received such horrible defeat.

「 Don’t worry, Darling, leave this to me 」

Edie smiles and leaves the room.

She tells Nikita 《 Come on 》 and head to the corridor.

「 It was the right choice to include Edie-chan in the family 」

Katsuko-nee says as she picks up the plates everyone finished eating.

「 Right. I never thought that she’s that calm and mentally mature 」

Margo-san also praises Edie.

Yeah, she’s not just strong.

She never breaks her smile no matter what not to let anyone worry.

You can feel a sense of security from what she said.

We can just leave Nikita to Edie.

「 Now then, I should go now too 」

Then, Margo-san stands up.

「 Yoshi-kun, why did you have sex with Nikita-san? 」

Megu suddenly asks me.

「 Err 」

「 I know. I was watching from the monitor, you did it five times in the reception room, right? 」

It might’ve been six times.

「 I know that Nikita-san made a sudden visit. That’s why Yoshi-kun attended to her. But, why did you do it with Nikita-san so many times just because she asked for it in the reception room? 」

Well, this has escalated.

「 It’s inevitable. Nikiniki’s cute, and she’s got a beautiful body! If that girl sticks out her breasts, then Yo-chan would naturally suck on it! 」

Nei said.

「 But 」

Megu can’t agree with it.

「 It can’t be helped. It’s her greeting after all 」

Margo-san tells Megu with a smile.

「 Greeting? Having sex? 」

「 Yes. That’s why he only received Nikita’s greeting Well, doing it five times might be too much, but I think it’s inevitable if you consider her condition 」

Nikita’s condition?

「 From what I see, that girl only opens up to those who won against her 」


「 She’s just an awkward girl who can only build relationships as a result of physical contact, directly fighting each other. That’s why she’s always so arrogant, making a wall to others 」

That attitude is her making a wall of her heart.

「 She opens up her heart to the person who defeats her. She thinks “That person is stronger than me, so I have to open up to them.” She’s a troublesome and stubborn girl. Well, her body’s sturdy, her heart is quite tough too, not many can win against her 」

Speaking of which.

Margo-san’s right, she’s respectful of Edie who defeated her in Los Angeles.

She’s listening to what she says, and she even treats her friendly.

「 You’re also someone who won against Nikita 」

Margo-san tells me.

「 You raped Nikita in Los Angeles and did it until you exhaust yourself, right? 」

「 No, well, Edie had Nikita under Shingetsu’s control, and Minaho-neesan loosened up her body 」

I only did the finisher.

「 Of course, she also feels she lost to Minaho. Then, as you raped her roughly, she also thinks that she lost to you 」

She lost to me.

Through sex?

「 That’s why the first thing she wanted to do after coming here was to meet you and Edie. Those who could defeat her are friends she can open up to 」

Margo-san smiles.

「 She’s no longer trying to look cool once she lost. She’s shown all of her miserable parts after all 」

Is that so?

「 Then, as soon as she saw you, she asked for sex, well, she’s a healthy girl, so she wished to have sex with you, but it’s more of a greeting above all. She lost to you through sex after all 」

「 Really? 」

「 That’s my guess. If she does it with you for five more times, she can confirm her defeat 」

Confirming defeat.

「 Even now, Nikita-san said “Let’s have a light spar to loosen up,” that’s because she lost to Edie. She wants to confirm that Edie’s stronger than her to feel at ease 」

She can’t be friends with others unless she loses.

「 She’s Miss Cordelia’s prided girl so she can’t just ease up and lose. To begin with, she’s too strong. Perhaps, no matter how much Barbie-san and Ruby-san provokes, they never fight seriously. Even when fighting Rei-chan, the fight can’t be settled in front of the audience 」

Barbie-san and Ruby-san are adults even if they don’t look like it.

They won’t try to beat down the girl Kyouko-san seriously, and Miss Cordelia sent.

They’re allies too.

「 After that girl had sex with you, she’s been a good mood coming to this room. 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 I think she’s happy. Asking to have sex from you as soon as she comes to the mansion is like a ‘match’ for her. You made her lose through sex after all. Then, you had sex with Nikita-san until she’s exhausted, right? You fought her from the front and, well, it made her happy that she lost, I think 」

That’s her only way of communicating.

「 I didn’t go to Los Angeles, so it’s my first time meeting that girl 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 Seriously, it makes me remember how fearful Kyouko-san is. To think that she’d send over that girl 」


「 Kyouko-san knows the biggest challenge to us, or should I say “to you,” instead? Therefore, she sent the most appropriate person to fix it 」

Nikita-san’s the most suitable?

「 Nikita-san will stay as Miss Cordelia’s pet to the end. She’ll never join our family. Furthermore, she’s obedient to Miss Cordelia and Kyouko-san 」

「 But, didn’t she waltz in the house as if she owned the place today? 」

Megu said.

「 This is our home yet she just! 」

Megu seems to think that her sanctuary is devastated.

「 But, she’s just somebody else. Even she doesn’t have the intention of making this her house. Furthermore, her homosexuality is strong, so she also mentioned that she’d only have sex with him. She’s convenient for us 」

「 What does that mean? 」

Megu responds.

「 It means that there are no future troubles. She’s his ideal sex friend, you know? There’s no need for him to feel responsible when having sex with Nikita-san 」

There’s no need to be involved with Nikita.

Nikita is Miss Cordelia’s property.

She’ll never be my woman even if we have sex.

「 That’s! 」

Megu rejects.

「 Why is someone outside the family allowed to have sex with Yoshi-kun! Aren’t we enough? 」

「 Megu-chan, that’s enough 」

Nei said.

「 You don’t get it? Kyouko-san’s testing us too! 」

She looks straight to Megu.

「 If this goes on, we’ll suck out Yo-chan’s life and die. Just like Megu-chan trying to restrain Yo-chan’s mind, the deep desires he has 」

「 That’s not what I want 」

Megu argues, showing an angry face.

「 That’s what you wanted! Megu-chan wants to have an ordinary love life and an ordinary family with Yo-chan, right? However, you see, we were never ordinary from the beginning 」

「 That’s 」

Megu falters.

「 Hey, Megumi-chan 」

Katsuko-nee gets in between them.

「 If we, Kuromori starts to move all out, then we can do anything. That’s how fearsome we are. We’re a criminal organization after all 」

「 Katsuko-neesan? 」

「 For example, we have all the information about the school you go to. We have surveillance cameras and microphones set up at school. You know that, right? You can watch girls change clothes, take body measurements, even pee in the toilet 」

Our school was a hunting grounds for new prostitutes of Kuromori for years.

There was a period where Shirasaka Sousuke’s subordinates do as they please.

「 Freshmen to third years, no, we even have an archive of videos from the past, so that includes graduates. We can easily threaten them 」

「 It’s not just our school. Megu-chan knows how Katsu-nee and I lured in Mana, right? If Yo-chan wishes for it, then we can bring any girl to him 」

Nei tells Megu.

「 Yes, we can make whoever turn to a sex slave. Kuromori has the skills and know-how to do it 」

「 We also have a connection to the underground society. We also have an influence on the surface with our partnership with Kouzuki-san. We can do anything, no matter how horrible it is 」

Katsuko-nee and Margo-san say.

「 Onii-chan can have sex with anyone he liked! It might be rape, but once they fall as a sex slave then it’s all the same 」

Mana says while hugging Agnes.

「 But, Yoshi-kun 」

Megu looks at me with a crying face.

「 Yes. It’s his choice whether to do it or not. However, he knows that he has the power to do that. Yukino-san is one case 」

Margo-san smiles.

That’s right.


I raped Yukino, yet the police do not catch me.

I even raped Yukino in school, yet Endou takes the blame.

Even if something happens, I’ll borrow the power of my elder sisters in Kuromori.

I saw how Shirasaka Sousuke was obliterated in this world both socially and physically.

Not just Shirasaka Sousuke but also his family, his clan were taken down by Minaho-neesan.

That’s the power of Kuromori.

「 You’re already Kuromori-kun. 」 You would succeed Kuromori house from Minaho, won’t you? 」

Margo-san asks me.

「 Yes, that’s my resolve 」

「 Yeah. In that case, all the power of Kuromori will be yours 」


「 Megumi-chan, this is his reality. Do you really want to tell a man with such great power to hold back? 」

Margo-san asks Megu.

「 But, that’s 」

「As we said, don’t use reason! Besides, Yo-chan’s Mii-chan’s fiancé too, he even has Kouzuki-ojiisan’s permission. Mii-chan approves cheating, right? 」

Nei looks at Ruriko.

「 I mean, she wants Onii-sama to enjoy having sex with more and more women. Misuzu-chan, Michi, and I are all looking for candidates. 」

「 Ruriko-san? 」

Megu’s surprised.

「 Even when I met with Grandfather the other day, we discussed it. Grandfather supports it, saying that, “if he doesn’t have sex with at least 300 different women then he won’t’ see the true self of women, so he should do it more” Grandfather would like Onii-sama to accomplish “A thousand bodies1” which he didn’t achieve 」

Ruriko says with a smile.

「 But, if possible, we would like Onii-sama to have sex with beautiful and intelligent women, and also a virgin. Therefore, it’s hard to find candidates 」

Saying that: Ruriko made a realization.

「 Naturally, we’ll only bring those Onii-sama wants to have sex with after seeing the results of the preliminary survey. I won’t be forcing people onto Onii-sama. Please do not worry about it 」

No, I’m worried about the plan itself.

「 Hey, Megumi-chan, we’re not an ordinary family long ago 」

Katsuko-nee says once more.

「 It’s impossible to force a man with such power to have sex with only his family 」

「 But, I don’t like it 」

Megu said.

「 Okay then, He’ll do it without Megu-chan knowing! 」

Nei said.

「 Hey, Yo-chan, how about you have sex with all of Megu-chan’s friends? Do it with all the first years in the track and field department! How about we make it a rule for the club that all girls give their virginity to Yo-chan? 」

「 Please don’t do that! 」

Megu shouts.

「 Then face reality already! 」

Nei’s angry.

「 We’ve taught Yo-chan how to use the surveillance system in the school, but Yo-chan never peeped into the changing room, shower room, toilet, not even once! 」

「 No, Ya-chan, well 」

If I watch, then I’ll know their personal history.

「 Go on and watch! Watch them all! Yo-chan is a Don in a criminal organization! You should be the big guy! 」

Big guy?

「 If you’re peeping then do it proudly. You have the power so don’t ignore it! If you ignore it, then it’ll go out of control! 」

Right, I can’t just stop the school’s monitoring system.

We don’t know what Iwakura-san’s faction will do after all.

Edie came to help me fight off the delinquents last time thanks to the monitoring system.

「 Ethics, good or evil, morality, they all have nothing to do with us. If Yo-chan desires then we’ll do evil without batting an eye 」

「 Well, if it goes too much then we’ll stop it 」

「 I mean, we’re worried because you’re holding back yourself too much 」

Nei, Margo-san, Katsuko-nee.

「 Therefore, Kyouko-san sent over Nikita-san to have a “cheating partner” without strings attached 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 If you put an outsider like Nikita-san, it’ll stimulate the relationship in our family, right?」


「 Yeah. If this goes on, we would isolate ourselves from the world and become inactive. Therefore, she’s sent over as an activator 」

「 Well, though you say that, we’re already prepared for it long ago, it’s only Megu-chan who’s stubborn, ah, Agnes is in a bad mood 」

Nei said. Agnes;

「 I don’t like that lady 」

She says pouting while hugging Mana.

「 Don’t say that. That lady is dying to have a friend 」

Katsuko-nee tells Agnes.

「 Friend, desuno? 」

「 Yes. Nikita-chan doesn’t want a family nor a lover, but a friend 」


「 You see, we all wanted a family, right? 」

Nei said.

「 We wanted a family, so we gather around Yo-chan and become a family. Isn’t that right? 」

That’s right.

Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee, Margo-san, Nagi-san, Mao-chan.

Nei, Megu, Mana, Misuzu, Ruriko, Michi, Edie.

Agnes, Rei-chan, Shou-neechan, and me.

We all were looking for a family.

「 But you see, Nikiniki already has a family. She has Miss Cordelia, Eenie, and Meenie. Therefore, she wants a friend 」

Ah, she has a family that protects her. Strong people.

What she doesn’t have is a close friend, a friend she can open up her heart.

「 Well, we’re the same 」


「 Now that we have a family, what we need is friends 」

She smiled.

「 Yo-chan, Mana-chan, and I had to make friends from scratch, Agnes and Edie also need to be in contact with people outside 」

That’s right.

「 Ruri-chan too. She can’t just look at Yo-chan all the time. It would be best if you made friends also 」

If she’s only looking at me, then she’ll start doing the “Thousand bodies” plan.

「 We shouldn’t make our purpose of living centered around the family only 」

「 I understand that, but 」

Megu still tries to argue, but.

「 Megu-chan understands, of course. After all, Megu-chan has many friends from the start. You’re in contact with people from your class, at your club. You have friends, so you don’t understand our feelings. 」

「 Nei-oneesan? 」

「 Why do you think I liked playing the blonde delinquent in the roof for two years? 」

Nei fled from Cesario Viola and came back to Japan.

She enrolled in our school, but Nei can’t use her family register, Najima Yasuko, in school registration.

Though she has a name in class attendance records, she can’t graduate.

Besides, as soon as she enrolled, Shirasaka Sousuke’s underling tried to touch her, and she set fire on the martial arts ground.

She can’t be friends with her classmates.

The teachers in Shirasaka’s fact were in school until recently.

If she tries to get along with other students, then it would possibly cause trouble to that person.

Therefore, Nei didn’t make friends with anyone.

She skipped classes on the rooftop and became the blonde haired delinquent.

「 Sorry 」

Megu apologizes.

「 Megu-chan, you’re the most decent person among us. Your adoptive parents, Yamamine-san were good people. Therefore, we understand how important you are in the family 」

Nei said.

「 We don’t know how a normal person lives a normal life after all 」

Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee, and Nagisa were kidnapped when they were students and forced to live in the brothel.

Margo-san grew up in an American-Indian settlement facility, after that, Kyouko-san came to train her.

Ruriko and the Kouzuki girls live in too luxurious lives.

Michi, Edie, and Rei-chan too, they lived in martial arts that it became too much.

Agnes was confined since birth.

Then, me, I can’t say that I grew up in a normal family.

Mana was from a wealthy family, and you can say that she lived a relatively ordinary life, but.

She doesn’t want to remember her past, the time where she was a Shirasaka.

「 Therefore, Megu-chan who understands the average life of a high school student is precious to us, to Yo-chan. Therefore, I don’t think I’d want to expel Megu-chan from the family. Please stay here 」

「 Nei-oneesan 」

「 But, I want Megu-chan to understand. We’re not normal. We don’t know how to live an ordinary life, and we don’t have friends at all 」

「 Yes 」

「 And, that doesn’t mean that we want to be ordinary. What we want is happiness, living an ordinary life doesn’t equate that 」

Nei said.

「 That’s how it is. Our foundation is a criminal organization so how can we live an ordinary life? 」

Margo-san laughs.

That’s right; we can’t go back to our ordinary life.

We’re not allowed.

Our family almost has no normal daily life.

「 I understand, I’ll think about it 」

Megu somehow agrees.

「 Yes, please do. However, you see, Nikita-san’s case is 」

Margo-san smiles and changes the topic.

「 Kyouko-san and Miss Cordelia are really flying around. Those people aren’t normal after all 」

「 What does that mean? 」

I asked.

「 They think of sex friend as friends 」


「 W-Well, there’s a friend attached to the name 」

Katsuko-nee smiles wryly.

「 Really, they’re making it vague. They thought that Nikita’s first male friend is a sex friend, so they brought her to you 」

Is that so?

「 Therefore, you can have sex with Nikita to deepen your friendship, Her family has given their blessings after all 」

「 I’ll be joining in the next time Nikita-san comes over to have sex 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 Is that okay? 」

「 It’s just like a friend coming over to play games. She’s also not normal 」

Margo-san said, then looks at the clock.

「 Now then, Nikita and Edie have deepened their bonds already, so it’s time for me to go 」

She heads to the exit.

「 I’ll beat Nikita-san to become friends with her too 」

Losing means making friends.

「 Megumi-chan, do you want to be friends with Nikita-san? 」

Megu’s surprised.

「 I-I can’t fight 」

It’s impossible for Megu to fight. I mean, she can’t win.

「 If you look from his perspective then you don’t need to win through battles to make Nikita-san lose 」

Does that mean?

「 Of course, it’s not sex. 」 It’ll be hard for you to win against her lesbian skills 」

Margo-san laughs.

「 Megu-chan, in what way could you win against Nikita-san? 」

「 Me? Winning? 」

「 Well, think about that 」

Margo-san leaves with a smile.


「 Uhm, Onii-chan, it’s about time 」

Mana calls me.

Oh right.

It’s about time for Yukino’s show.

「 Then, let’s go to the TV room 」

I stand up.

Mana intends to carry Agnes too.

「 I’ll take care of the plates, Megu-chan, go with them 」

Nei tells Megu

「 But, Uhm 」

She feels sorry as she’s the housewife in line with Katsuko-nee.

「 You should watch. I’m sure she’ll give you a lot of hints 」

Nei stands.

「 Well then, let’s wash some dishes, Katsu-nee 」

「 Right. Ruriko-chan, you can go watch TV with them 」

「 But, I’m on duty tonight 」

If you say that, Mana’s on duty too.

But if Mana misses this opportunity, she won’t see her sister.

「 Don’t mind it, go. You should stay with them. It’ll calm everyone 」

Katsuko-nee says removes Ruriko’s apron.


Megu, Mana, and Agnes, Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughters together alone won’t do.

It’s better if Ruriko’s there for a viewpoint from someone unrelated.

「 Yeah, come over Ruriko. Katsuko-nee, Ya-chan, we’re leaving the kitchen to you 」

「 Okay~ 」


「 Then, I’ll join in too 」


  1. Lit. Thousand Assassinations