Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 600. Jackpot.



『 I see, Yukino-chan has made her resolve to give birth to the child. And then you’ll raise the child 』

Francie tells Yukino.

『 No, I’ll just give birth. I won’t raise the child. They’ll take away the child after I give birth to it 』

Yukino says while patting her stomach gently.

『 What the hell? What does that mean? Isn’t it your responsibility the child you went through pain to give birth? 』

Snatch speaks in surprise.

『 If you’ll become a mother then isn’t that the natural course of action? 』


『 I, even I want to do it! 』

She replies.

『 So what’s your reason? 』

Francie asks.

『 If you’re allowed to say it then talk to us 』

Yukino looks at Francie and Snatch.

『 I can’t speak of the details. I value my life. If they kill me now, it’s not just me but also this child 』

She speaks in a serious tone.

『 You know that my Papa did a lot of bad things, right? 』

『 Yes, it’s been a topic almost every day on variety shows during the holidays in May, so most people know it 』

『 Well, if you’re talking about what the media reported 』

Francie and Snatch replied.

『 Papa kidnaps innocent women, raped them, turned them to prostitutes, he’s a cowardly, evil, a human scum. That’s true 』

Yukino says.

『 Also, there are dozens of people whose fate is messed up because of Papa. Therefore, they took revenge on Papa. There was no other way out but miserable death 』

The people in Japan witnessed Shirasaka Sousuke in such horrible shape on a live broadcast for news.

『 Then, there were families killed among Papa’s victims. Those who were killed were treated as toys, forced to take drugs, be a subject to illegal surgeries, I even heard that there were some who committed suicide because their heart couldn’t bear being violated all the time 』

The back-alley doctor performed a half-hearted surgery on Minaho-san’s little sister, Naomi-san.

Megu’s mother fell ill from a drug overdose, she died because she wasn’t taken to a hospital.

There are a lot of other women who died too.

『 There are also people who can’t bear a child anymore because of Papa. Women who can’t become mothers anymore 』

That’s Minaho-neesan.

『 That’s the reason my child will be taken by those people. A replacement for a dead family of theirs. A replacement child for the one who couldn’t give birth 』

The studio’s quiet.

『 I got raped and made pregnant, furthermore, they forced me to appear on TV every week almost naked, the whole country watches my stomach grow bigger. This is also a part of their revenge. Their revenge against Papa 』

Yukino said. Snatch:

『 That’s just strange! That’s wrong! No matter what wrong your father had done, Yukinon has nothing to do with it! 』

He shouts in anger.

『 I’ve been with Yukinon in this show for four months. Well, Yukinon’s selfish, quite insulting as well, she’s a stubborn you can’t hold back but! But she’s not a bad person! She isn’t ill-natured! She’s bright and has a friendly personality! She’s a good girl! That’s what I think 』

『 Thanks 』

Yukino speaks in a low voice.

『 To me, you’re a friend. A friend who makes this show together. I’ll make this clear. Yukinon’s father has no influence on Yukinon. If anyone tries to speak badly of Yukinon, then I’ll beat you up! 』

Snatch speaks in rage.

『 I don’t abandon my friends no matter what happens! 』

He faces the camera.

『 Hey, you people living in the darkness, the people who allow this show to continue! You! I know you’re watching now! Hey! I know that you have the influence. It’s impossible for this show to be broadcasted without sponsorship! Even the guy who disappeared from this program was banished from the show business! I know that you people are unimaginable! But, you see!!! 』

『 Stop it. It’ll get you fired 』

Yukino tells Snatch, but.

『 I don’t care! If I can speak my complaint about this unreasonable situation I see, then I don’t regret leaving!! 』


『 What the hell is wrong with you?! Yukinon is just 16! She’s only in her first year of high school! Do you think you’re allowed to rape her, make her bear a child, yet not let her raise the child her own because of your revenge on her father?! 』

Snatch appeals with all his soul.

『 She already has a child in her stomach, I’m not telling you to abort it. It’s Yukinon’s decision on whether she gives birth to it or not. But you see, taking away the child? Are you demons?! There’s no excuse for that!!! Don’t give me that bullshit!!! 』


『 Even if it’s unreasonable, I have no choice 』

『 Don’t say that! It’s your life!! 』

Yukino glares at Snatch.

『 Yes, it’s my life. That’s why I made my resolve. I beg you, I’m grateful that you talk like that for my sake but, leave me be 』

『 I can’t just leave you alone! You know, my father abandoned me when I was in fourth grade! My father abandoned mother and me for another woman! Since then, it’s just the two of us! I know how hard my mother worked to raise me! I was there for mother and mother was there for me, that’s why I worked hard! That’s why you see! 』

Snatch looks for the words he wants to say.

『 This can’t do. Mothers shouldn’t be separated from their child! For Yukinon, even for the child, that’s something I can’t allow! 』

Then, Francie.

『 Snatch. Could you quiet down for a moment 』

『 What now!? Don’t order me around! 』

『 I’m not telling you to shut up! You idiot! 』

He abandons his usual high pitch tone, glares at Snatch and speaks in a deep male voice.

『 What you’re talking about is your own life! Yukino-chan’s life is different!! 』

『 What can a fucking gay know?! 』

『 I’m not a mother-con like you! 』


『 You see, my shit father died with 500 million debt in him. He’s an idiot. My stupid father forgets to get life insurance before jumping to his death. That’s why I’m still paying off my father’s debt while doing this work. Even now. I finally paid half of it 』

Debts left by parents.

『 Parent’s debt is inherited in legal situations. But you see, you can’t do it the other way. My shitty father caused a lot of trouble to various people and died! If I don’t pay them back, then our family would have our backs to the wall 』

『 S-So what do you mean by that? 』

Snatch glares back.

『 Yukino-chan’s the same. She had no choice but to take over her parent’s misconduct. Someone like you won’t understand that 』

『 Yeah, I don’t, why does the child have to suffer because of their father? Yukinon should be free to choose with her life. That’s what I believe 』

『 That’s because you were lucky. Your father abandoned you, so you didn’t have to carry debt, right? 』

『 Don’t give me that bullshit!! You don’t know how much Mother and I had suffered!! 』

The two are about to fight.

『 Stop it already!!! 』

Yukino shouts.

『 My life is my own! I decide who I am! 』

Snatch, and Francie fell silent.

『 I was raped, made pregnant, and even showing myself like this now, even I don’t agree with this. I think “why do I have to experience this?” “Is my fate cursed?” But you see

Yukino looks at the camera.

『 Recently, I understand the feelings of the women who were treated mercilessly by my Papa. I was confined and raped only for days, but there’s someone who’s been trapped in prostitution cave for over ten years 』

That’s Minaho-neesan.

She’s kidnapped at age 12 and stayed in this mansion for 16 years.

Also, Agnes.

She’s been confined in the basement of the mansion since birth until age 12.

『 Papa’s really beyond help. She made people suffer, driven them insane to death. Someone needs to take their resentment 』

『 That doesn’t need to be you! You’re still young! 』

Snatch shouts.

『 Age doesn’t matter 』

『 But 』

『 There’s no helping it, it’s what my Papa did. Only his family can be the replacement 』


『 I’m his daughter after all. I’m the only one for this role. If I run away from my fate, I’d feel sorry for Papa 』

Yukino. You.

『 Mama was raised like an Ojou-sama so I know she can’t endure this, it’s impossible for her. That’s why, I, the eldest daughter, have to shoulder all this alone as I wasn’t able to do anything elder-sister-like to my little sister 』

「 Onee-chan 」

Mana spills tears as she watches the TV.

『 Even I feel in pain that the child in my stomach would be taken away. I don’t want it. I want to embrace my child and raise it. I want to live with the child 』

『 Then do it! Yukinon hasn’t done anything wrong! You don’t have to do anything stupid like giving away your child! 』

Snatch appeals, but.

『 No, I’ll part with my child after giving birth. If not, I can’t escape the debt Papa left me. Besides 』

Yukino looks at the camera.

No, perhaps, she’s looking at us.

『 I know that they’ll treat the child with care. Perhaps, they’ll make the child hundred more times happier than when I raise it 』

『 You can’t know that! They might abuse the child and make it experience cruelty! 』

『 They won’t/ I know them well. They’re not people who’d do that 』

『 But, they’re also the same people who killed your father mercilessly, weren’t they?! 』


『 Oh, I guess I didn’t mention this before. I was there when they did that to Papa. They cut down Papa right in front of my eyes. I watched how Papa’s penis was torn to pieces 』

『 That’s more of a reason why you can’t trust those people!! 』

Yukino touches her abdomen.

『 This child’s father is the child of the man they love 』


『 If it’s just my child then I might have to worry, but. They’ll make sure to take care of that man’s child. After all, they love him from the bottom of their hearts 』

『 What the hell? 』

『 I also trust that man. I don’t trust any other of his allies but, I believe in that man. I’m sure that he’ll make my child happy 』

『 But, isn’t he the man who raped Yukinon? 』

Snatch asks.

『 Yes. That’s why I hate him. But, I believe in him 』

Yukino smiles wryly.

『 Why? I don’t understand 』

『 Perhaps it’s because he didn’t rape me just once. How many times has he done it with me in such a short period of one week? I forgot after 30, 50? Maybe it was 60 』

『 That much? 』

Snatch is stunned.

『 Yes. That man loved me after all. I hate him though. You see 』

She laughs reminiscing.

『 Strange. Rape is, no, sex. After we’ve done it over and over again, I can see through his heart. I can see what kind of man he is 』

『 Oh, I know that feeling! 』

Francie nods.

『 You’re talking about both males! 』

『 Yes. But, it doesn’t really differ when having sex 』

『 You’re doing it in a different hole! 』

Snatch shouts.

『 It’s the same, we get naked, pile out skins, expose our everything to our partner. It’s not that different on homo or hetero 』

『 I don’t get it but, anyway, I had a lot of sex with him. So much that I even have a child now. That’s why I can tell. He’s a bit uncool, he looks horrible, he’s stupid, the worst scum but, I know that he’s not a bad person 』


『 Ah, of course, I haven’t forgiven him. I still hate him. I just want him to die but, I entrust myself. No, his and my child 』

Yukino’s entrusting the child to me.

Our child.

She believes me.

『 Well, that’s enough. That’s all for my personal story. Let’s go back to the usual segment. I can’t stand being this gloomy 』

Yukino gives instructions to the staff.

『 Hey, Yukino-chan 』

Francie calls Yukino.

『 What? 』

『 I’ll do my best to become your friend too. I promise not to leave this show. I’ll be with you until the child is born 』

『 I-I see, do what you want 』

Yukino blushes in embarrassment and said.

『 I-I won’t quit either. I’ll adopt the Lamaze technique for Yukinon’s baby 』

Snatch said.

『 No thanks, I won’t show myself giving birth! 』

『 No, anyway, I’ll follow you to the hospital as a friend. Get ready for it! 』

『 Yes, yes~ 』

Even so, Yukino looks happy.

『 Hey now, let’s begin the usual segment 』

『 Oh, well then, as for this week’s surprising news!! Yukinon and Francie will barrage with their viper tongues!! 』

『 I don’t hurl out insults, I’m not like Yukino-chan 』

『 I just talk what I feel at the moment though! 』

『 But you see, Yukinon speaks without even reading the atmosphere, so everything becomes insults!! 』

The three rapid-fire commentaries of the three continues.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 That’s quite interesting, isn’t it? 」

Ruriko states her comment to me after the show was over.

「 I feel purity from Yukino-san tonight 」

「 Purity? 」

「 A holy sensation if you say 」

「 Holy? 」

「 Onii-chan, it’s the holy from “Silent night, holy night” 」

Oh, that “Holy” and “pure.”

「 Is it because she’s aware that she’ll become a mother? To think that someone I felt so vulgar can show such purity 」

Right, Yukino tonight seems different.

She wasn’t the hysterical girl like usual.

「 Yukino-oneechan might be on the turning point of women becoming a mother, I guess? 」

Mana said.

「 Mana-chan looks happy 」

Ruriko said.

「 Well, seeing that Yukino-oneechan now has two friends who she can talk with earnestly. Ah, I need to work hard too 」


「 Now that I have a family, next would be making friends! 」

She smiles at me.

She seems to start thinking about going to a new school.

「 Agnes-chan as well! Mana wants to go outside with her soon! 」

Mana said, Agnes.

「 Papa, Agnes is afraid 」

「 There, there 」

I hug Agnes.

These girls need to take their time to move forward.

I want them to go outside and to school as soon as possible.

It seems like they need to get used to common knowledge first.

They don’t have enough scholar ability to learn along with children of the same age.

Everyone’s studying as well.

We’re busy with ourselves.

Agnes may need a special tutor.

「 Aaahn, geez!!! 」

Megu suddenly raises her voice.

「 W-What’s wrong Megu? 」

「 Yukino’s moving forward and yet I 」

She felt something from watching Yukino on TV.

Comparing Yukino to her present self

「 Aaaah! I’m such a small woman! 」

「 Megu-oneechan’s bigger than Agnes 」

Agnes says in surprise.

「 That’s not what I meant, I point to my heart. I really am narrow-minded! 」

Megu knocks on her head.

「 I know that 」

Huh? Agnes.

「 Ah, even Agnes-chan thinks so! 」

Megu fell depressed.

◇ ◇ ◇

We return to the cafeteria.

There’s another one who’s depressed.


I guess she did lose to Margo-san.

But still, she looks quite depressed.

「 She fought fair and square yet she still got beaten up, that’s why she’s depressed 」

Edie laughs.

「 She lost to my irregular skills, so she’s got an excuse inside her head 」


Back then, Edie was using Kudou style and Dai Grepher’s Qi techniques.

In the end, Nikita was suppressed using Shingetsu.

Right, she lost to an unorthodox skill.

It’s completely different on how she fights so she can make excuses like “it’s inevitable to lose.”


「 Well, I recognize your talents, but you don’t have enough experience. You should do more basic training 」

Margo-san tells Nikita.

「 You use your flashy skills right away, it’s easy to create a gap from that. You need to polish your intuition so the other party can’t hit, and you should sharpen up your body more\ 」

Her fight with Margo-san was just an ordinary physical fight.

「 To be precise, you lack muscles here, here, and here. I can see even when you’re wearing clothes. Also, you need flexibility here. You do stretching, right? 」

Margo-san seems to know how Nikita practices from observing her body.

「 Rei-chan’s polishing herself even more. Nikita might end up in defeat next battle 」

Nikita has come to Japan for a rematch with Rei-chan.

「 U-Uhm, Margo-oneesama! 」

Nikita bows her head to Margo-san.

「 Yes, yes, I get it. I’ll be keeping you company for tuning as I’m Kyouko-san’s disciple. I mean, Kyouko-san and Miss Cordelia already made a request 」

Margo-san smiles.

「 Thank you very much Onee-sama! 」

Really, Nikita makes friends by losing.

She becomes obedient to those who defeated her.


「 Ufufu, I’m back~! 」

Nagisa’s back.

She’s late due to her work in the shop though.

「 Welcome back Nagisa, would you like dinner? 」

「 Of course, time to eat! 」

She’s in a good mood.

「 It’s curry for tonight 」

「 Yay! I love Katsuko’s curry 」

What’s wrong with Nagisa?

「 Welcome back, huh? Shouldn’t Shou-oneesan be with you? 」

Nei brings a curry dish from the kitchen.

「 Yes, she sent me here, but since Nikita-san’s here, she went back home 」

Oh, Shou-neechan’s the head of Kouzuki SS after all.

She’ll never be in the same place as Nikita.

Margo-san is closer to Kyouko-san so she can train Nikita.

「 Then, kukuku, she said: “I feel regretful, but I’ll return home” 」


「 Seriously, what happened to you Nagisa? 」

Katsuko-nee is also curious.

「 Well-you-see! It’s this! 」

Nagisa takes out something from her pocket.

Seeing that, Katsuko-nee:

「 N-N-Nagisa! You! 」

Katsuko-nee’s tension rises up.

「 Yes! V, V, V, Victory~! 」

Nagisa makes a V-sign with her hand while eating curry.

「 What’s that? 」

I look at the small white thing.

「 Ah, this? 」

Nei knows.

「 Yes, I was listening to Yukino-san’s show in the car along the way! Then, Shou-oneesan said, “let’s go to the drugstore for a bit” 」


「 So, what is this? 」

Mana asks.

「 Haa, it’s “Pregnancy test kit” 」

Katsuko-nee replies while sighing.

「 That’s right! Then~ Shou-oneesan had “no reaction,” and as for me, there’s a pink line over here, you can see it, right? 」

Nagisa points at a line, I see it.

「 Nagisa-san got the jackpot 」

Nei said.


Pregnancy test. Jackpot. That means.

「 Dear! Ufufu! I’m pregnant!! 」

Nagisa says happily.

「 Mao will become an Onee-chan!!!! 」

Mao-chan will become an Onee-chan, that means.

That means.

「 !!!! 」

I feel a huge shock.

I didn’t feel this much shock when Yukino’s pregnancy was confirmed.

It feels like “Oh, this is as planned,” natural.

「 You’re a father now!! 」


I’m a father now!!!