Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 615. Kameda



「 Then, we’ll take a shower first 」

Anya said and then she takes Megu to the shower room.

There’s no time, so we decided to do it by twos.

Megu follows Anya looking meek.

She must be thinking that it’s better if she deepens her friendship with Anya.

She thinks that it’s better if I join with Edie instead of Anya.

「 Teach her how to use the shower, Megu 」

「 I know, Yoshi-kun 」

Megu smiles and enters the shower room.

The door closed.


「 Edie, how long are you going to fellate me? 」

Edie continues to lick my penis.

「 Got to suck out the semen in the urethra 」

She sucks on the glans looking earnest.

「 Edie, you really love fellatio 」

「 Darling also loves breasts, it’s the same 」

Well, that’s true.

「 Look, Darling’s penis is now clean with my saliva 」

She smiled and hugged me.

This time, she licks my neck and chest.

「 Hey, stop it Edie 」

「 Darling, you can massage my breasts too 」


I guess I have to.

Yeah, it’s squishy. Pleasing.


To think that four people had sex in this small room.

The whole room is filled with lewd scent.

「 Women scent smells lewd 」

They all have different scents, but they all stimulate my sexual desires.

「 Is that so? I only get aroused from Darling’s sweat 」

Edie said.

「 Other boys smell disgusting, but if it’s Darling’s, it makes my heart throb 」

Edie smiles and licks the back of my ear.

「 But, I’m glad that Megumi understands now 」


Megu giving up on her mood of wanting to monopolize me is a step forward.

「 Really, thank Anya and Nei 」

Anya and Nei.

「 Nei really knows Darling and us the best. Nei should’ve been the best as Darling’s main wife 」


You think that Nei’s much more suited as the lawful wife?

「 But if Nei becomes the main wife, Darling will become useless. Nei knows that, so she never gets off from the position of “elder sister” 」


「 That’s not all, Edie. Nei is 」

Nei has the trauma from not being able to protect her younger brother.

「 Nei is a girl that has to be an elder sister. She loves her brother from the bottom of her heart more than a lover 」

「 That’s so complex 」

Edie said.

「 Insecure? 」

「 Nono, I mean “complicated” 」

Edie rubs her cheeks on my chest and laughs.

Then, she spoke in English to the ceiling.

「 What did you say? 」

「 I was talking to Nei. Either way, she’s watching, right? So I told her “what’s next in your plan? What should I do? It’s about time you talk” 」

Speaking of which, she’s taking her time getting Anya’s school uniform.

「 I’m also Nei’s sister. I have to cooperate too! 」

◇ ◇ ◇

Then, Megu and Anya finished taking a shower.

Edie and I enter the shower room.

It’s tight for two people.

Edie’s glamorous when naked.

Edie cleans up her whole body using body soap.

Edie rubs my back and laughs happily.

Next, I scrub Edie’s.


Coming out of the shower room:

「 Oh, what do you think of A-chan, Yo-chan? 」

Nei’s back. I mean.

Anya’s wearing our school uniform now.

「 Yeah, that’s cute 」

To be honest, Anya’s appearance earlier.

White jumpsuit and long boots.

She looks like a superhero in some American comic book about to fight.

「 She looks like someone from TV or movies earlier, right? That’s why the students who were watching feels like they’re backing off 」

Nei’s analysis is right, I think.

The gaze from the crowd earlier looks like they came to a TV show’s location and watched from the side or like someone watching a hero show at the roof of a department store.

There’s a disconnect with reality.

Therefore, Hoshizaki-san laughed at us.

She only thinks of Megu and Anya’s race as a show from people outside her world, different from herself.

「 But now, look, A-chan looks like a cute 17-year-old girl when changing to a school uniform 」

Anya in her uniform is emphasizing her beauty and curves.

Even so, her presence in the school building doesn’t feel strange, she looks like an international student.

If this was the jumpsuit from earlier, she only looks like she’s about to record a battle scene in a classroom during the lessons.

Seriously, women’s atmosphere changes depending on what they wear.

「 Here, Yo-chan and you girls should wear clothes too! The first hour is about to end! 」

「 Oh right 」

I hurry up and put on my uniform.

But still.

Nei’s calling Anya “A-chan.” That means that she was watching us in the monitoring room under the principal’s office.

Then seeing that it’s a good time, she came back with Anya’s uniform.

「 Ya-chan 」

「 What? 」

Nei turns to me, smiling.

Nei who’s acting with us in mind is so lovely.

It’s so lovely that I can’t put it to words.

「 Come here 」

I hug Nei.

「 What’s with you so sudden? 」

Nei laughs.

「 What? Want Onee-chan to spoil you? 」

「 Yeah, want, Ya-chan 」

I gently rub Nei’s hair and back.

「 Darling won’t hold back like before. If he wants to be spoiled, then he will, and we’ll spoil him. That’s the most natural course of events 」

Edie said and smiled.

「 Yes, right. We had our breasts rubbed a lot, Nei have yours rubbed too 」

「 Yes, Nei-oneesan 」

Anya and Megu are looking us with loving gazes.

「 Geez! Okay then, come to my chest Yo-chan 」


I bury my face into Nei’s voluptuous breasts.

「 Ahaha, that’s cute! Yo-chan, you should stay spoiled forever. Yo-chan’s cute, so this is welcome! 」

Nei said satisfied.

◇ ◇ ◇

After the first hour is over, we leave the bakery by the side of the cafeteria.

That said, it’s just harsh facing your teacher on the first class, so,

We listen to the chime at the end of the first hour at the entrance of the school building.

We go to the school building during break time.

「 Ugh!? 」

「 What’s that?! 」

The students who saw is in the hallway looks surprised.

Well, they should be.

Edie and Anya are clinging to my arms.

The two of them are pressing their breasts to my body.

Behind us are Megu and Nei.

「 Hey, wait, isn’t he your fiance? Are you okay with that? 」

A third-year school girl asks Megu.

「 What about it? All they’re doing is international exchange 」

Megu replied with a relaxed face.

「 International exchange, what? 」

「 Foreigners treat physical contact differently 」

「 What? 」

In the end, getting naked and having sex together worked out.

That’s why Megu’s no longer jealous of Anya.

Megu’s the type that tries to understand with her head but doesn’t agree with it from experience.

Megu’s really “so complex.”

「 Ooh, that’s Nikita Gorbachev, right? 」

「 I wasn’t there during the death fight in the grounds this morning, but still 」

「 I was watching, but still, she’s much cuter from earlier 」

「 Earlier, it was a bit scary 」

「 This is much better than her face in TV 」

「 Err, she’s a foreign celebrity, right? 」

「 What’s that? 」

「 A foreigner talent 」

「 I heard that her main job is a model 」

「 She’s stunning 」

「 Is she going to enroll at our school? 」

「 I heard that she’s an “experience enrollee” for now 」

「 Then, it’ll depend on today’s result 」

「 If she likes it, that’s possible 」

「 Bruh, if we got that beauty as a classmate, the boners won’t stop! 」

「 She’s a celebrity after all 」

「 If we’re talking about celebrities, Shirasaka Yukino’s here too 」

「 Well, that one’s a special case 」

「 Yeah, they say that the opposition party will pursue the unconstitutional violations of human rights on the next diet meeting 」

「 Wait, seriously? I was watching that every week 」

「 As for our house, it’s my father who watches it eagerly than me 」

Is Yukino’s show that overwhelming?

It’s strange for an illegal show to be still broadcasted as a variety program.

Yukino’s unconcerned with the taboo words from the industry.

「 By the way, what’s with that boy? 」

「 Well, it’s that guy, you know? 」

「 Does he want to get killed? 」

「 Yeah, he should just explode 」

「 Yeah, like ** no **** 」

Comparing me to ** no ****?

「 Surrounded by beauties, that guy’s gathering a lot of hate, isn’t he? 」

「 Yeah, I can feel that. It goes this far 」

Anyway, we somehow managed to go to our classroom while exposed to the hateful gazes of the men.

「 Okay, that’s far enough, Nikiniki 」

Nei said.

I see. Since we’re in a place where other people can hear, it’s not Anya but Nikita.

「 Huh? Why? I want to go inside and study together with Yoshida 」

Anya said while squeezing my arms tightly.

「 Well, Nikiniki’s 17, right? You’re coming with me to the second year classrooms 」

I see. Her school year would be different.

「 I can’t? 」

「 Obviously. You’re an experience enrollee so here, come with me 」

Nei pulls Anya away from me.

「 Hey, wait, Yoshida? 」

「 We’ll be back later, Megu-chan, Edie, see yah 」

Nei drags Anya.

I mean, seeing that she’s not resisting, Anya’s just playing around.

「 Uhm, Nikita-san! 」

One male student dares to speak to Anya.

「 Hey, Nei! 」

Anya complains to Nei at supersonic speed1. In English.

Nei replied in fluent English as well.

The two of them were arguing in English so the schoolboy who was trying to talk to her is dumbfounded and can’t speak any further.

Oh, they’re trying to brush it off with English no matter what is asked.

There’s no one here who can speak English as fluent as Nei.

「 Hey, let’s go, Darling, Megumi 」

Edie pulls us into the classroom.

Then, we were able to get away from the seniors who were trying to talk to us.

「 Good morning, Megumi, you seem early 」

Megu’s friend welcomes her sarcastically.

「 I never expected Megumi to skip the first class 」

「 Uhm, sorry 」

「 Don’t mind it You went through a lot 」

「 Yamamine-san, I was watching this morning 」

「 “Yada Yada, Yoshi-kun is mine,” that was incredible 」

Megu blushed.

「 Err, that’s 」

「 Don’t mind it, we know well how much Yamamine-chi loves Yoshida-chi 」

「 You guys continue to show the growth of your love since the April 」

「 We know how much you’re head-over-heels for him 」

「 I mean, Yoshida-chi’s always liked by girls with troubles 」


「 Natou-senpai has rehabilitated now but you know, she came to our class and made a threat. 」

Oh right, that happened.

「 That was scary 」

「 She’s beautiful, but still, her delinquent blood isn’t gone 」

So that’s their evaluation.

Well, yeah.

She’s been the legendary delinquent in this school for the past two years.

No, actually, it’s in the city.

Margo-san and Nei they go around the town at night and regularly hunt down delinquents.

For boys, Nei now only looks beautiful since she dyed her hair back to black, but.

For the ordinary school girls, she’s still in the “scary person” territory.

「 But, Natou-san meddled, and now I’m getting along with Nikita-san 」

Megu said.

「 Oh, I see! 」

「 I mean, that senpai’s quite kind to Yoshida-kun, right? 」

「 By the way, is he really under the board chairman’s custody? 」

「 Yes, that’s true. Yoshi-kun and my house is lent by the board director 」

「 Oh what, I see. We’ve always been curious since your house looks lovely. After all, Megumi-chan’s home is, well 」

Yamamine house is poor, everyone in our class knows that.

「 Yes. That’s why Yoshi-kun’s acquainted with the board chairman. Then, the house was lent to us. The two of us can’t live in my or Yoshi-kun’s house 」

「 Right 」

I’m glad.

As expected, Megu’s virtue in her normal behavior accumulates.

The girls in our class have a good impression of Megu.

「 Well, that’s great, I guess? You were even shouting “my Yoshi-kun” in front of everyone then you had a heart-to-heart talk that you also skipped classes. Once in a while, that’s okay. Megu-chan, you look refreshed now 」


「 Yeah, since Yoshida-kun moved to the bread-making course, Yamami’s face looks horrible 」

Is that so?

「 Of course, Yoshida-chi too 」

Me too?

「 Well, you’re not used to making bread, and yet you have to sell it to the school. I get that you have not much time to spare but, you need to vent it out, so it doesn’t accumulate 」

「 Huh? What’s that? Are you talking about sex? 」

「 No way. I wasn’t talking about that! Megumi-chan and Yoshida-kun are both earnest people so, if they keep on holding it, there would be a massive explosion just like Megumi-chan earlier this morning 」

Did I look at my wits’ end that much?

「 Don’t tease them too much. Yoshida’s got a lot in his back that sometimes he doesn’t know what to do 」

Oh, Takana joins the conversation.

「 Even with the subject of a house, it must be tough for them to live together alone so suddenly. Yoshida’s trying to do everything alone in the bakery so it must be tough. What’s more is that Yoshida’s looking after Edie for some reason 」

Edie’s still clinging on my back.

「 No, Tanaka, I’m not really looking after Edie 」

Should I say that Edie’s protecting me?

「 Stupid. Seeing how Yoshida acts, you look like you’re taking care after Edie 」

「 Yeah, Darling’s looking after me 」

Edie said smiling.

「 And the question that’s been bugging everyone for so long is finally clarified this morning 」

Huh? Tanaka?

「 Edie-chan’s the child of the director 」

A girl who watched the morning fuss said.

「 That’s why Yoshida’s looking after Edie, the child of the chairman, right? 」


「 You really take all the work. Try refusing others from time to time 」

「 He can’t, he’s borrowing their house after all 」

A schoolgirl laughed.

「 So, Edie’s the one who brought Nikita Gorbachev? 」

Tanaka asks Edie.

「 Yes, right, me 」

「 Right, you two look like you get along 」

The girls agreed.

「 She’s a friend from America 」

Edie lies without a problem.

No, I guess it’s not a lie.

There was a time where both of them were Miss Cordelia’s subordinates.

It’s possible that there was some misunderstanding to some degree somewhere.

「 We cooled off our heat after reuniting from Los Angeles last summer. 」

「 Edie, that’s wrong. You should say “renewing the old friendship” 」

I butt in.

「 Yes, that. “Warming up,” that 」

That’s a convenience store.

「 That’s it 」

「 Speaking of which, her attitude towards Yoshida-kun is just like Edie-chan’s 」

「 Are all American girls like that? 」

「 Is Nikita even American? 」

「 She’s Russian-American. Right, Yoshi-kun? 」

Megu asks me.

「 Yeah. Seems like it. Looks like they had the same teacher in martial arts in the past 」

I try to manipulate the story in panic.

Well, in reality, Edie’s master isn’t Miss Cordelia.

「 Oh, I see 」


「 Yoshida, come here 」

Tanaka calls me.

「 Sure 」

I try to go to Tanaka.

「 Edie, don’t join. It’s a conversation between men 」

Oh, Edie’s still clinging on my back.

「 Edie, go back to your seat 」

「 Eeh? Why can’t I? I can’t recharge unless I cling to Darling’s back 」

「 Yoshida’s not your charger, go over there 」

「 Muu 」

Edie parts from me annoyed.

「 Come closer, Yoshida 」

Tanaka brings me to the back of the classroom.

Then, the other boys gather as well.

「 We can’t let this leak out 」

Tanaka starts talking.

「 Did you know that Endou’s back in town? 」


「 Endou, who? 」

The boys fall down.

「 Are you an idiot? I’m talking about Endou. Endou Kenji, our former classmate 」

Oh right.

That Endou? Yukino’s former boyfriend.

「 Huh? What happened to that guy again? 」

I completely forgot about Endou.

If I recall, I made him faint while I broadcasting as I rape Yukino.

Someone from his house came to pick him up, and I remember him not coming to school, but.

After that, I.

There was the confrontation with Cesario Viola.

Ruriko and Agnes’ problems.

Shirasaka Sousuke’s case happened too.

I didn’t have time to recall about Endou at all.

Speaking of which, I haven’t seen him since the holidays.

「 You know, that guy raped Shirasaka-san on the room next to the principal’s office 」

Oh right. Endou’s blamed for raping Yukino during the school broadcast.

Actually, that was me.

「 Yakuza took away Shirasaka-san after that, right? The victim was missing so the school couldn’t accuse Endou 」

「 If you think of the future of the victim, the school couldn’t make an appeal to the police without asking the girl or the family’s permission 」

「 I mean, Shirasaka got in more trouble after that 」

「 She and her family, right 」


「 Anyway, Endou’s case was unsettled 」

「 The principal was replaced due to a sudden illness as soon as the holidays ended, a lot of teachers also quit from this school 」

Geropa-kouchou from Shirasaka Sousuke’s faction is no longer here.

「 So, what about Endou? 」

I asked.

「 He should still be in our school records 」

Tanaka replied.

「 But, you see, his house also got messed up, right? 」


「 His uncle who was a city councilor was arrested for corruption, and his father was getting preferential treatment on contracts for city construction. Therefore, it’s a collusion problem 」

「 Endou’s construction company seems to have gone bankrupt 」


Wait, if I recall.

Minaho-neesan said that she’ll punish Endou’s house thoroughly.

She should’ve made instructions here and there.

After that.

Ah, Minaho-neesan was also busy.

She gave instructions to corner them down then left them alone.

Therefore, Endou’s house was cornered too much that it went bankrupt.

「 Then, his parents were chased by the creditors of the company that they ran out of town one night 」

「 That’s why he’s never gone back to school 」

And that Endou’s back now?

「 Then, Sakai, you met Endou yesterday, right? 」

Tanaka calls Sakai.

「 Yeah, I met him behind the station. He called me out 」

Endou did, really?

「 Endou looked okay now. He was dressing in flashy clothes 」

Sakai said.

「 He was a high school baseball player back then, and yet his head looks like he was an exile 」

「 Takahiro? 」

「 No, more like Atsushi hairstyle, and for some reason, he was wearing sunglasses even though it’s already night 」

「 As expected of Endou 」

Tanaka groans.

「 Yeah, I asked him “Why are you wearing sunglasses?” He replied, “this is a night sunglasses, so it’s okay” 」

「 That’s definitely Endou 」

The boys nod to themselves.

I don’t get it.

「 Still, was he really aiming for the Azushi exile look? Knowing Endou’s face, he seems better as Kameda 」

「 Oh, speaking of which, he looks like Kameda’s brother 」

What the hell?

「 Well, I don’t know much about that but, Endou asked me about Yoshida 」

About me?

「 He looked like he’s got a huge grudge. Saying that he’d definitely beat up Yoshida 」

That guy.

Did he notice what I did to him?

No way.


  1. JJ FAD