Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 616. Nyapoleon faction



「 Anyway, he looked like he’s gone crazy. Endou’s speech sounded weird 」

Sakai who met Endou in the city said.

「 For some reason, he was saying “In in the bottom right now. But, I won’t stay here. What’s left for me is to crawl all the way to the top. I am now Nyapoleon! I will rise up like Nyapoleon!” like that 」


「 Who’s Nyapoleon? 」

Let’s ask while we’re at it.

「 I had the same question, well, I thought that he’s just mispronouncing Napoleon, so I asked him 」

Sakai said.

「 Then, Endou said “You don’t know Nyapoleon? He’s a legend. He’s a guy who went from foot soldier to becoming a supreme ruler” 」

「 Seems like there’s some right and some wrong parts there 」

Tanaka mutters.

Well, that’s not Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

「 I got curious about it, so I asked Endou, “What did that legend do?” Then 」


「 Endou said “fought wars, won, became the emperor, after, he made laws for bottled cognac, fought order mix, insomniac, impossible, not holding a dictionary. Also, his first wife was noisy” 」

「 What? You can’t understand anything from that 」

Tanaka said.

「 No, he speaks really shallow, so I think he’s talking about some weak knowledge from a mangaka or something 」

Sakai sighs.

「 After all, when I asked him “Which country is he from?” Endou said “That’s obvious! The southern island in Europe. His boots are banked sideways” 」

Another rough idea.

「 So, I didn’t really get what he was talking about. 」

Well, I guess.

Even the name was vague.

Napoleon turned to Nyapoleon.

「 Then, he continues to talk to me. “Nyapoleon is amazing. Nyapoleon is cool. That’s why I’ll aim to become like Nyapoleon. And someday, I’ll become an emperor of heavens like Nyapoleon” while shouting so loudly. We’re inside a game arcade. He was laughing so loud that I feel embarrassed to be with him 」

I see.

「 Yeah, he’s really influenced by manga. Furthermore, it’s in the middle of serialization, so Endou doesn’t know the outcome 」

Tanaka said.

「 Well, Napoleon once climbed up the ladder and became an emperor, lost a war and exiled to the Elba Island, then, well, he reappeared, resurrected like the Phoenix and became emperor once again. Endou’s actually right about the glorious resurrection to that extent

Oh, I see.

「 But, Napoleon lost immediately afterward, thrown to Saint Helena Island, and he died lonely, didn’t he? 」

「 He still lost in the end 」

「 Yeah, he didn’t know about the end. 」

「 He hasn’t read that far in the manga 」

Endou, if your goal is to become Napoleon, you’d only go to a bad end.

「 Although, that’s very much like him, I mean, Endou’s delusions are the only ones that explode in his world, I don’t think that he’s he’s tripping at all 」

Another guy tells Sakia.

「 Well yeah. I think it would be worse if he said “I’ll become Saitou Tatsuoki” or “Ryuuzen” 」

「 Maybe, it’s Napoleon but not of France, maybe it’s Napoleon Hill or spider Napoleon 」

What the hell?

「 The first one is the pioneer of philosophy books and the later is a phantom Kamen Rider 」

Sakai teaches me.

「 Anyway, since he said “I’ll become Napoleon” is still within the bounds of what Endou would say 」

Tanaka tells Sakai.

「 Well, that’s true. The big part is after that, after telling me “I’ll become Nyapoleon” so many times, he said: 」

We all look at Sakai.

「 “I Nyapoleon will become the supreme ruler! So, do you want to join our party?” he said 」

Nyapoleon party?

「 What’s that? 」

Tanaka asks Sakai on behalf of everyone.

「 He said, “This faction of Endou Kenji (Nyapoleon 2) will rule the world” 」


「 That guy doesn’t know that “Napoleon II” exists in the world history 」

「 Yeah. It’s mentioned in the world history textbooks, also, “Napoleon III” is in the tests, right? One should notice that if III exists, there should also be II 」

History boys fire up in anger.

「 Well, that’s Endou’s personality, yeah 」

Tanaka gave up.

「 So what? is Endou trying to make a team of delinquents and call it “Nyapoleon party?” 」

「 Well, you see, Endou said “Our Nyapoleon party has already more than 300 members in this town. Also, I’m the party leader and corps commander.” 」


「 Huh? Is he saying that he’s a boss of a 300 member group? 」

「 No, he said that more than half of that 300 were just supporters and the active force are a hundred elites 」

Supporter what?

What are they supporting?

「 Seems like the supporters will be able to vote during presidential elections 」

「 But, the party leader’s Endou, right? 」

It’s called a party for Endou.

「 Yeah, so the ballot will have Endou’s name in it, and you’ll have the right to vote for him 」

「 What kind of dictatorship is that? 」

Everyone’s dumbfounded.

「 No, aren’t they all just Endou’s delusions? No matter how you think about it, there won’t be a hundred idiots who would follow Endou, are there? 」

One of the guys said.

「 Yeah, his uncle was arrested, his wealthy father’s company went bankrupt, right? 」

Endou doesn’t have any connections nor money now.

「 I thought of the same, but Endou himself is confident. He’s laughing out loud, filled with composure. I felt that it was getting creepy 」

I get how Sakai feels.

「 Then, he said this. “Nyapoleon party’s first target is Yoshida” 」


「 Endou asked me to tell Yoshida this “I will soon come with my combat troops so keep your eyes open and wait for me” 」

Endou, the right way to say that is “just you wait and I’ll show you.”

「 Anyway, you two should be careful 」

Tanaka tells me.

「 Well, Endou’s probably just exaggerating, but still, that guy’s an idiot, but he moves when he needs to 」

「 Yeah. gives you the creeps 」

「 Could it be that Endou’s delusions got over the top that he’s crazy now? 」

「 But you know, it would be a problem if you meet him in the city while he’s holding a knife 」

「 Yeah, Yoshida aside, I’m worried about Yamamine-chan 」

「 Right, I don’t mind if Endou stabs Yoshida at all 」

「 I mean, get stabbed 」

「 Poor Yamamine-chan 」

Well, I’ve got Megu, a beauty all to myself.

Say what you want boys.

「 Got it. I’ll take care, I’ll tell Megu and Edie 」

I said.

「 Yeah, that’s better. Edie-chan seems like she could kick off Endou’s knife if he had one 」

「 But, we’re serious, take care. It’s possible that someone could get hurt 」

「 We’ll also contact you once we discover something 」

「 Yeah, thanks 」

「 I mean, Sakai, go on and enter the Nyapoleon party 」

「 Don’t want to. That would mean that I’m Endou’s subordinate 」

「 Right, nobody likes that 」

The boys laugh together.

Ding Dong.

Then, the second-hour chime rings.

「 Anyway, that’s all from us, Yoshida 」

「 Yeah, thanks. I’ll be careful 」

◇ ◇ ◇

We had our second-hour lesson proceed normally.


I’m thinking a lot.

I don’t have to worry about Endou in school.

Our school has Kuromori’s warning system.

Endou’s still enrolled, but.

Our system marks Endou Kenji as a person under surveillance.

If ever Endou tries to intrude our school, the alarm should sound right away.

Kstsuko-nee wouldn’t miss out pressing the alarm.

Minaho-neesan should be back from Kyoto soon.

We’re always using cars when commuting to school.

Megu has her club activities, but Nagisa’s car picks her up in front of the school gate.

Let’s not have them wait in front of the school gate.

We’ll use the parking lot for the faculty and staff always.

If we do that, I don’t have to worry about getting ambushed by Endou, or Nyapoleon Party which is under Endou (Although I don’t know whether they exist or not)

After the second hour, I’ll go to the bakery for the third and fourth hours, Katsuko-nee will come to teach me.

I can talk to her about it.


「 She’s definitely involved here 」

I mutter.

「 Haa 」

Endou came back to the city in high spirits. And still pinpointing his aims at me.

That’s unthinkable most of the time.

Perhaps, those people told Endou that I’m the one who took him down.

「 There’s only one person that comes to my mind 」

The student council president, Iwakura Yukiyo

I think she’s moving behind the scenes.

It’s been four months since the fuss in May.

It’s about time she makes a move.

Depending on the circumstances, “Nyapoleon party” might exists.

The boss maybe Iwakura-san, not Endou.

I look behind the classroom.

The delinquent guys in our class are absent.

Those guys are inevitably connected to Iwakura-san.

That’s a problem.

Iwakura-san might’ve tampered with the security system inside the school and allowed Endou to infiltrate.

I don’t think that she’d give him access to the secret underground passage and the monitoring room under the principal’s office.

If she tells that stupid Endou, he’d definitely expose the secret to the other students.

That guy can’t shut up when you tell him a secret.

Therefore, Iwakura-san won’t go that far.

Iwakura-san will be in trouble if the secret monitoring system of Kuromori is exposed.

The second hour was over while I had such endless worries.

◇ ◇ ◇

I call Megu and Edie right away and explain it briefly.

「 Anyway, be sure to guard Megu, Edie 」

「 Roger 」

Edie smiles.

「 What about Yoshi-kun? 」

Megu looks at me worriedly.

「 I’ll be fine. I have Katsuko-nee with me in the bakery, once we sold the bread for the day and done tidying up, we’ll be back to the mansion right away 」

It’s Saturday today.

Fortunately, there are no activities in the bread-making club.

「 I’ll talk to MInaho-neesan about Endou 」

Minaho-neesan should have connections with the gangs in this town.

She should be able to investigate Endou’s movements.

I can consult about Iwakura-san too.

「 Anya’s with us until noon 」

Edie smiles.

「 I’ll look after Megumi, I guess we should have Anya look after Darling? 」

「 No, it’s a rare chance for Anya so let’s have her enjoy the Japanese school 」

I said.

「 That’s better 」

We should leave Anya to Nei.

It’s Nei we’re talking about so she’ll surely take care of Anya and let her have fun.

「 Right 」

Megu agrees

「 Then, it’s about time I go 」

「 Yes, I’ll help out during lunch 」

Megu’s club practice is in the afternoon.

I’ve got to ask Megu and Nei to be the seller during lunch as usual.

We don’t bake that much during Saturdays since it doesn’t sell well so it’ll be sold out soon.

Well, that’s also because Megu and Nei, two beauties are selling it.

If I were the seller, it would be left untouched.

「 Darling 」

Edie pats the edge of my bag.

That’s where my “beat-up stick” is hidden.

I could hide it in my sleeve when wearing winter clothes, but.

Summer clothes are short sleeved, so I can only keep it in my bag.

「 You should take that out 」

She smiled at me.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Oh, Yoshida? Making bread today again?! 」

Takana calls me as I carry my bag out of the classroom.

「 Yeah. I made good ones today so buy some 」

I replied with a smile.

「 Can’t you give at least the guys in our class a 50 yen discount sometimes? 」

「 Sorry, I’m not the one who puts the price there 」

Katsuko-nee decides the prices of bread.


『 Once you decided on the price, bake bread for that cost. If it doesn’t sell, don’t think of putting the price down 』

That’s what she strictly told me.

If this was an actual business, if it’s unsold, dispose of it instead of selling it cheap.

But for now, I’m only under training.

If I can’t sell to customers at the assessed price then,

I must keep that disgrace to my heart.

Therefore, I won’t do price cuts.

Well, fortunately, I don’t bake a lot of bread for the moment, so the numbers are squeezed.

There are still a few that don’t sell, however.

「 I guess not, well, keep at it 」

「 Yeah, thanks 」

Tanaka sees me off smiling.

「 Yoshida-kun, the lemon-cream bread last time was delicious! Will you make that one again? 」

After coming out of the door, another girl asks me.

「 Err, I plan on making it again next Tuesday 」

I still can’t do all of Katsuko-nee’s recipes so, my repertoire of the bread I sell keeps on changing.

「 Can’t you announce what kind of bread you sell on what day of the week? 」

Oh, right.

「 Thanks, I’ll prep that for next week 」

Should I put it out on the wall in the school cafeteria or should give it out to each class?

I can also post it on the high school forums.

「 Yeah, I’m expecting that! 」


My classmates are really helping me.

They all are supporting Megu and me.

I’m thankful to them.

Having a home is an aid in itself.

「 Now then 」

I hold my student bag under my arm.

I hide my “beat-up stick” in the shadows.

I need to be ready to swing it if anything happens.

I don’t know when I’ll be attacked once I step out of the classroom.

I need to be prepared.

Ding Dong.

The third-hour chime rings.

I hurry to the bakery.

◇ ◇ ◇

The school will quiet down as soon as class starts.

I can hear only the teacher’s voice in each classroom.

Still, I can feel people’s “Qi.”

I can tell that there’s a lot of student’s “qi” gathering in the school.

The school building is filled with the youthful vitality.

I’m in 6th kyu in Kudou style ancient martial arts.

Recently, I try to sense things not just with sight but also with Qi as much as possible.

I change my shoes at the entrance, go out of the school building.

If I go straight to the roofed corridor, it’ll be the student cafeteria.

If I use the outside passage, I’ll enter the building wearing shoes.

My bakery is built adjacent to the student cafeteria.

It’s not connected to the corridors of the school building.

Therefore, put on outdoor shoes and enter from the backdoor.

「 Hmm? 」

I feel a presence of the person behind the tree near the backdoor to the bakery.

We’re in the middle of class now.

Ordinary students shouldn’t be walking around.

And at this moment.

They’ll know that I’ll come to the bakery if they investigate it.

Then, that means.


I hold to my “beat-up” stick

「 !!! 」


I know this Qi.

The person hiding behind the bush is,

「 Hey, Yukino, what’s up? 」

I call her out.


The blonde haired Yukino appears from the shade of the tree.

「 Well, morning 」

Yukino speaks to me blunt.

「 Not that, the third class is already starting 」

「 Then, hello 」

What the hell?

「 Didn’t you come to school to take classes? I mean, why at this time? 」


「 Last night, I went to Karaoke with Francie, and we had fun, I was asleep until earlier 」

Oh, after the show was over,

She went out and had fun with that gay talent. I see.

「 Then you know, the boss from Kouzuki security service gave a call and woke me up 」

「 Huh, chief Yazawa did? 」

Why would a middle-aged man call a school girl?

「 Not that. A woman, she looks very strict, hmmm, it’s that, ah, right, Seki-san 」

Oh, Shou-neechan.

Shou-neechan is doing her job as the head of Kouzuki SS quite well.

「 Seki-san was really angry. She told me to stop sulking in bed and go to school 」

Yukino’s living in an establishment of Kouzuki SS.

It’s a lodging facility for people who came from abroad and is in short term stay.

Their security is flawless.

There’s always some personnel from Kouzuki SS 24 hours a day.

「 Then an official sent me off in a car 」

「 Then why don’t you go take classes? 」

「 Are you an idiot? It’s Saturday today. If I go and attend classes on the third hour on Saturday, I’d look like an idiot! 」

「 Well, why not? 」

I had sex on the first hour and skipped lessons.

I went back to take classes in the second hour.

Then, I’m baking bread on the third and fourth hours.

「 I don’t like that. That’s not cool. Besides! 」

Yukino still worries about other people’s opinion.

Even though she doesn’t need to care about them anymore.

Yukino is still Yukino.

「 So, I’ve got nowhere to go until they pick me up at noon! 」


「 Got it, want to get in? 」

I asked Yukino.

「 You don’t plan on doing anything weird to me, right? 」


「 I don’t have the time. I need to be done baking bread at the end of the fourth hour 」

The process after baking has to be considered depending on the bread.

Others have to be put in a bag.

「 I’ll be busy, so I couldn’t care about you 」

「 Hmm, that’s better! I don’t want you to care about me! 」

Yukino’s angry for some reason.

I have no choice.

I open up the back door to the bakery with the key.

Click, the door opens.

「 Well, get in 」


「 E-Excuse me 」

Then, we enter the bakery.