Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 628. Chihayuburu



「 Hey, what’s going on?! 」

Yukino pushes the empty pads from the rear of the van and screams.

「 We can’t go in if they keep blocking the way! 」

Yukino’s right. Yakuza guys are hanging out in front of the gate.

If we open up the main gate via remote control, they’ll enter the premise.

「 Back off! 」

The black suits from Kouzuki SS intimidate the Yakuza.

「 What did you say? 」

「 Like hell we’ll follow orders from you! 」

The front of the main gate is getting tense.

If this goes on.

「 I’ll go 」

Michi tells me.

「 You sure? 」

「 I’m here for times like this 」


Michi opens the door behind the van and goes out.

「 What? 」

「 Wut? 」

「 Huh? 」

The Yakuza’s eyes gather around Michi.

「 Katsuko-nee, Yukino, cover your ears and look down, Don’t look at Michi. That would be the best way to ease the shock 」

I tell the two.

「 Oh, that one? 」

Yukino speaks hatefully.

「 If you know it’s coming, you can endure it. It’s that kind of skill 」

「 Yes, I get it 」

Yukino covers her ears, closed her eyes, and sings a song.

「 ♪Ultraman no Kodomoo~ Kodomoo~ Kodomoo~ 」

What are you singing using the “marry had a little lamb” melody?

「 Huh? 」

Suddenly, the Yakuza guys send a strange look from the song they hear from our car.

「 ♪Ultraman no Kodomoo~ Kodomoo~ Kodomoo~ 」

Katsuko-nee also sings with Yukino.

She’s covering her ears and eyes and pushing her face on the steering wheel.

I also prepare defensively.

「 Ultraman Ko~♪!!! 」

After Yukino and Katsuko-nee finished their loud song.

「 Shingetsu!!! 」

Michi’s Qi storm knocks down the surrounding people.

「 Haaa! Haaaa! Haaaaaa!! 」

As expected, I’m used to it now.

The shock now feels like I’ve done a 100-meter dash at full power.

「 Katsuko-nee, Yukino? Are you girls okay? 」

I look up.

「 S-Somehow 」

Katsuko-nee replied with a pale face.

「 Geez! What would you do if I miscarried! I’m glad that I’m in a stable period already 」

Yukino looks okay

「 I’ll open the gate now 」

Katsuko-nee tries to push the switch, but

I checked outside the car.

「 Huh? 」

Looking outside the car, it’s a terrible situation.

The people in 20-meter radius from Michi are,

Yakuza, Kouzuki SS black coats, they’re all down.

Twitching, they don’t look like they’ll stand up anytime soon.

Even those outside the effective radius of Shingetsu lost their energy and now holding to their knees.

Nobody is looking at us nor coming closer.

They know that they’d eat another one of Michi’s mysterious techniques if they get close.


「 What? How? What’s going on!? Why the hell are you doing whatever you want on a public road?! I’m going to sue you! 」

Out of all the fainted bodies, dozens of Yakuza crawling on the ground.

There’s one person.

One Yakuza guy; having a good physique standing on both his legs firmly.

「 Go on if you really want to 」

Michi said.

「 Hah! That’s unjustifiable in court. There’s no way a young girl like you could knock down sturdy men without touching them, I can’t get that to the court at all 」

Qi attacks are not punishable by law.

「 Well done on standing 」

「 That’s fucking obvious! I’m trained, unlike these guys! Hey! 」

The Yakuza guy grins.

Looks like he didn’t warp nor ward off the Qi.

He looks like he caught it directly and withstood it.

「 Ojou-chan, what’s your name. 」

「 Kudou arts practicioner, Kudou Michi 」

「 I’m from Kansai Raijin Fenghua Otowa arts, Andou Kuzawa 」

The Yakuza guy takes a deep breath.

「 Now then, now that we know each other, should we settle this? 」

Andou takes a stance.

「 Are you fighting me in that condition? 」

「 I don’t care if I’m not in perfect condition. Bulldog. Wan. This is an order from above, beat up those trying to get through this road, and that’s a job suited for me!!! 」

「 I see. Then, I won’t hold back」

Michi also faces Andou.


『 Andou, there’s a mistake! Ojou-sama is not in there!! 』

A car parked 30 meters away from us has a plump 30-ish old man holding out a megaphone and shouted.

『 It’s Kouzui main house! Ojou-sama is sheltered in the main home of Kouzuki clan!! 』

「 Tsk! We’ve got hold of false information you say?!!! I’m going to beat you up bastard!!! 」

『 Is that really the time to say that?! Andou!!! 』

「 I get it! Dammit!! 」

Andou lets go of his stance.

「 Now you’re lowering the fist you raised once? 」

Michi said. Andou;

「 What about it? Hey guys, we’re going home now!! We’re racing against time. Time is money! It goes by! Do you get it? Don’t you? Sorry about that young lady! 」

Then, he goes to the plump guy’s car.

He’s half-jogging but trembling.

I knew it, Michi’s Shingetsu has damaged him.

「 Otowa-niisan, are you sure about that? 」

『 Yeah, Yamazaki Sei-chan contacted me 』

「 Unbelievable!!! 」

The other Yakuza guys get in their cars.

「 Hey, you guys take care of the others that fainted! 」

「 Yes, sir! 」

「 What? Yuzou-san, I hear you’re trying to look smart again? 」

「 Ah, these guys are the “yes sir” group. They have to reply “yes sir” when I order them. Isn’t that right? Guys? 」

「 Yes, sir! 」

「 The hell? you sound like love survivors from our group 」

「 Is it bad if the young guys don’t have a cool team name? 」


「 For now, I’ll leave the rest to you 」

「 Sure!!! 」

Leaving the guys to recover those that collapsed, the black painted cars of Yakuza start driving one after another.

「 Hey! Contact the headquarters! 」

「 Roger! 」

Kouzuki SS people move in a hurry as well.

Seems like the group of Yakuza cars is heading to Jii-chan’s main home.

「 Michi-chan get in 」

Katsuko-nee opens the gate during this opportunity.

Michi gets in the car while being alert of the surroundings.

She leaves the door open.

She plans on intercepting someone if they try to sneak into the mansion.

She holds a shuriken in one hand.

「 We’re moving in! 」

Katsuko-nee steps on the accelerator and heads inside the mansion.

「 I’ll continue to lookout until the gates are closed 」

Michi shouts to Katsuko-nee.

「 Got it! 」

Katsuko-nee closes the iron gate via remote as soon as the van’s body comes in.


Michi’s eyes are on high alert until the tall gate closes down.


「 Katsuko-nee, everything’s okay! 」

「 Roger 」

Our van drives inside.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Welcome back! 」

「 Welcome back! Onii-chan! 」

Our van went to the entrance, and then.

Agnes and Mana run from inside the mansion and greets us.

「 Somehow, it feels like something big is happening 」

Mana tells me.

Seems like they were watching the chaos in front of the main gate through the feed.

「 Yeah, where’s Minaho-neesan? 」

「 Inside. She’s waiting for Onii-chan 」

I see.

「 Ah, but, I have to clean up the empty pads first 」

I have to put these away in Katsuko-nee’s bakery inside the mansion.

We’ll prepare for Monday by Sunday night.

「 Ah, we can carry that. Agnes-chan, you’ll help out too, right? 」

「 Yes, desuno 」

Mana and Agnes are so intimate now.

It’s like they are sisters.

I mean, they really are sisters.

「 Huh, why are you here? 」

Ah, Mana noticed her elder sister hiding in the shadow of the pads.

「 Err, i-it’s been a while 」

Yukino looks confused about meeting her sister.

「 Yeah, it’s been a while, did you get fat? 」

Mana replied composed.

「 W-What? 」

「 Eeh? I read on the internet that you went to karaoke with the gay person you show up on the TV, and you ate too much 」

「 I didn’t! overeat! 」

Yukino gets sullen.

「 Hmm. I’m always watching your show together with Onii-chan 」

「 T-Thanks 」

Yukino’s surprised.

「 But, you know? I can’t really tell when I look at the TV whether you’re fat or not. Well, you look healthy. That’s great 」

I always see Yukino at school, but.

May was the last time Mana and Yukino met face-to-face.

「 You look healthy as well. Did you grow taller? You seem a bit mature now 」

Yukino said.

「 Yeah. I’m having sex with Onii-chan, every day! My womb drinks his semen all the time! Ah, I do use my mouth too! 」

Mana laughs.

「 Thanks to that, my constitution’s improving. I plan to change even more than this 」

Mana’s undergoing Kuromori’s body development project.

She diets and exercises to become beautiful.

Mana’s goal is to become a supermodel.

The first stage is to improve her constitution but, Katsuko-nee said that they reached the target figure for the time being.

「 Next time we meet Yukino-san, you might not know who I am anymore! 」

Mana calls her elder sister “Yukino-san.”

「 Oh, right, Agnes-chan, let’s touch Yukino-san’s belly! 」

「 Belly? Desuno? 」

「 That’s right, Onii-chan’s child is in there! Can we, Yukino-san? 」

「 I-I guess? 」

Yukino’s still perplexed as her little sister calls her Yukino-san.

「 Come here, it’s in this part 」

「 Wow! 」

Mana and Agnes’ small hands touch Yukino’s belly from above the uniform.

「 We also want to bear Onii-chan’s child soon! 」

「 Yes, desuno! 」

Mana and Agnes are both Yukino’s sisters.

「 Okay, let’s have it at that! Mana-chan and Agnes-chan, you’re helping me clean up, right? I’ll drive the car to the garage so get in 」

「 Okay~ 」

The two get inside the car.

「 Dear, Michi-chan, bring Yukino-san inside 」

「 Yeah 」

Michi and Yukino gets off the car.

Me too.

「 Oh, speaking of which, Yukino 」

I remember.

「 What were you singing earlier? 」

「 What? 」

「 I mean, that “Ultraman no kodomo” something 」


「 Oh that? Francie taught me that in the Karaoke yesterday 」

Francie. It’s the gay talent co-starring with Yukino, that guy?

「 Then, it stuck on my head, so I sang that one 」

I see.

「 Strange, isn’t it? That song 」

Could it be that she doesn’t get what it means?

「 Katsuko-nee, you sang with her, right? 」

「 I was taught about it by a friend in elementary school 」

Katsuko-nee replied looking in pain.

「 What? I knew it, it wasn’t a song for gays bar-hopping! 」

Mana said.

「 I didn’t drink! 」

「 Really? You drink wine at home back then, don’t you? 」

「 I don’t drink now. I’m pregnant 」

Yukino touches her belly.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Welcome back, that was terrible 」

Minaho-neesan’s waiting for us in the living room.

There are three laptops lined up, collecting information at the same time.

「 What happened, Minaho-neesan? 」

I asked without delay.

「 There’s a small dispute in accepting Takakura-sama’s daughter 」

A small dispute? It didn’t feel like that though.

「 Well, take a seat. Yukino-san and Michi-san too 」

Minaho-neesan urges us to sit.

「 I’ll prepare tea first 」

Michi goes to the kitchen.

Oh, Michi went to Kyoto with Misuzu, so she knows the situation.

To the extent that she felt I’m in danger, so she left school early and went for me.

Yukino’s weak against Minaho-neesan as usual.

She sits on a sofa a bit far away.

「 Did you hear it from Katsuko? Takakura house is the clan that ties up Japan’s Yakuza 」

Minaho-neesan starts to speak.

「 I already did 」

「 Though we say they tie them up, Takakura house itself isn’t in Yakuza. They were formerly a noble family, furthermore, a prosperous one. They were a high-class among high-class families since the Heian period 」

「 Yukino, do you know about them? 」

I ask Yukino.

Yukino’s a member of Shiraka house, a high-class family.

She loves party for the wealthy people so she should’ve been looking here and there.

「 I don’t know, I never heard of Takakura house 」

Yukino said.

「 That’s natural, Takakura-sama hardly goes outside of Kyoto. Furthermore, they don’t come out on flashy locations 」

What kind of house is that?

「 Takakura clan is a house that equally attends to all of Yakuza groups. They have no choice but to stay at their home as there will be no bias there. Their house treats them evenly 」

Equal? Even?

「 Therefore, they are the best arbitrator when the Yakuza groups have a conflict. “Takakura-sama will never lose face,” that is the way for them to extinguish conflicts 」

「 Why? Why Takakura clan in that position? Takakura house has nothing to do with Yakuza, they’re just a high-class house, aren’t they? 」

I asked.

I can’t see a connection between a noble house in Kyoto and an intermediary for Yakuza.

「 Takakura house has been serving as priests for the prominent shrines in Kyoto. Shinto priests. They’re that kind of high-class family 」

A Shinto shrine priest.

「 And then, that shrine is respected by the Yakuza groups nationwide. You see, the Yakuza offices always have a shrine, don’t they? 」

Now that you mentioned it, there was some household shrine even in TV dramas.

「 Takakura shrine is the headquarters of a certain God’s faith. Of course, they have believers other than Yakuza. It’s a shrine with history after all 」

Therefore, they don’t go out of Kyoto.

I see. That’s a historical high-class social status.

「 As for the Yakuza groups, there are so many ways of calling them, like gamblers, humanitarians, extremists, but their origin can be traced back to the Edo period or even earlier. Takakura-sama manages all the mediation for the Yakuza at that time. Therefore, a proxy from Takakura house must come for celebrations such as announcing the new boss 」

I see.

「 Well, there’s no rule that they have to show up but, if a Takakura doesn’t show up in the seat then their status has fallen, or rather, they no longer have one. That has been the steps starting the end of Edo period and the start of Meiji era 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 It was after the war when Yakuza groups started expanding nationwide with high power. Due to the postwar chaos, Yakuza grew into a nationwide gang 」


「 Although their influence grows bigger, Yakuza is Yakuza. They can only show power through violence and organizational capability, so they need Takakura house’s existence as a mental backing 」

Yukino’s also listening to Minaho-neesan’s story.

「 And in current Japan, Yakuza is mainly divided into two forces, and those two big powers aren’t just monoliths. They also have conflicts and disputes inside 」

They don’t have a good relationship.

「 Therefore, even in the future, Takakura-sama’s name and authority are necessary for Yakuza. It’s sufficient as long as they’re needed. Takakura house treats all the Yakuza groups as equal while staying as priests 」


「 Despite all that, it’s the 21st century, stupid people appear. There are those who desire to make Takakura house their own of all things 」


「 A boss of a certain group is trying to make Takakura house’s shrine as their own 」

Snatching away the high-class house?

「 Then, there were various disasters. The current owner of Takakura house is the priest of Takakura shrine. That person died from an accident 」

Accidental death.

「 Well, he’s definitely killed. And then, the shrine is to succeed the cousin of the predecessor, who’s the son of the boss wanting to own Takakura house 」

Minaho-neesan looks at me.

「 However, the late head had a daughter. If this goes on, that daughter will be married to the house of the evil people 」

Could that girl be?

「 But, that lady has a very strong heart. She was determined to become a prostitute than to be ruled by those who killed her father 」

Kuromori’s prostitute.

「 If one’s a prostitute, she can never marry for political reasons, can she? 」

A woman who’s been bought by various men can never marry into a high-class family.

「 Then, who was the Yakuza in front of the mansion earlier? 」

I asked. Minaho-neesan.

「 There were two kinds there 」

2 kinds?

「 One of them is a member of a gang who wants to take over Takakura house. Those people are trying to take the daughter under their control 」

I see.

「 And the other group is the Yakuza against it. They feel a debt of gratitude for Takakura house, so they don’t want the daughter of Takakura’s late head to become a prostitute 」

Oh my God.

「 Yes, the two groups of Yakuza, Kouzuki SS, and the police, four forces are put together and creating chaos 」

「 So what’s Kouzuki SS’ position? 」

「 They know the will of the daughter, so Kouzuki-sama said: “If that’s the case, I’ll give you the means to become a prostitute” 」

Jii-chan is bringing the lady of Takakura house to us.

「 In short, the two factions see Kouzuki house as an enemy 」


That’s a lot of trouble!