Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 630. Satoshi (Ash)



「 That’s what Ruriko said 」

I tell Katsuko-nee while eating lunch in the dining room.

「 Well, indeed, nobody would try to fight Kouzuki house. Even if they were Yakuza 」

I drink barley tea after eating my meal.

「 Well, Reika-san is with them, so I don’t think there’s a need for worry, however, 」

Katsuko-nee’s face darkens.

「 We don’t know if the Yakuza would even do things the logical way


「 Ruriko-chan has only seen people who have some decency, doesn’t she? All the high-class people and guards that come close to her are nothing but excellent people 」

Katsuko-nee looks at me.

「 But, the Yakuza group don’t calculate profit and loss 」

「 Huh? Does that mean they’re stupid? 」

「 What I mean by that is that they take honor first more than anything. They think that you’re better off dead than have your honor broken. Also, they purposely pick a fight with people stronger than them to promote themselves, anyway, they move too illogical 」

Then, is Misuzu and Ruriko in danger?

「 There’s no need to worry 」

Michi puts the glass cup with barley tea without making a noise.

「 Even if that’s the true nature of Yakuza, the people they hire are in a completely different level from us 」


「 Aren’t you aware that there’s a group inside Kouzuki SS who are direct bodyguards for Kouzuki house and other high-class families, the top elites? 」

I know about that.

Rei-chan, Shou-neechan, also, Ootoku-san and Choumoto-san, Jii-chan’s personal bodyguards.

Chief Yazawa, the man leading the entire top-elite group.

I only know the name and faces of the people I mentioned, but.

I’ve seen all of the top elites gathered during the final fight with Cesario Viola.

「 It is exactly as named, they are the finest elite troops. Their skills could very well line up with the secret service whose job is to protect the president of the United States 」

They’re on a national level.

「 They have strength, insight, knowledge, experience, and teamwork. Each of them is incomparable to the people Yakuza hires in Japan 」

「 Indeed. If Reika-san and others are national representatives in an Olympics, the employees of Yakuza groups are top prize winners at a prefectural convention or something like that 」

Katsuko-nee uses sports as a metaphor.

「 If you’re someone with decent skills then you’d belong to a respectable organization, not Yakuza. The top elites are all scouted personnel 」

Michi’s right. Rei-chan and Shou-neechan were both scouted by chief Yazawa.

「 Talented people are in demand in this world 」

「 But some don’t belong to Kouzuki SS, right? Old man Dai Grepher, and Michi’s father for example 」

Kudou-papa works for Jii-chan, but he hates Kouzuki SS.

He insists on being the director of Kudou detective office so he could move freely.

「 Yes, it is as Master says. Those who have the skills but don’t want to be tied up to an organization are all freelancers 」

Michi said.

「 Those people are confident in their abilities. Therefore, they wouldn’t let themselves be controlled by a Yakuza group. As long as they’re not swayed by money 」

Old man Dai Grepher, a man who works for money can hold down Kouzuki SS.

Chief Yazawa’s thorough on this one.

「 In short, they don’t take Yakuza that seriously from the beginning, and those who work for money are already pinned. Even the people we faced near the gate earlier pose no threat 」

Michi said.

「 But, there was a guy who endured your Shingetsu, wasn’t there? 」

If I recall, his name was Andou.

「 He only endured it, he cannot win 」

Michi replies expressionlessly.

「 Also 」

Can I say this?

The enemy organization has Kouzuki SS former security director Yamaoka-san.

And Michi’s mother.

Those two should have knowledge about the scope of Kouzuki SS.

「 Master’s worry is natural. However, it doesn’t matter 」


「 Both of them were dismissed from Kouzuki SS during the operation. We can see how they will move. We can deal with them 」

If that’s what Michi says, chief Yazawa won’t just turn a blind eye on Yamaoka-san.

「 Everything is under control, we should just wait for Misuzu-oneesama’s arrival 」


Well, if anything odd happens, we’ll manage.

I know that chief Yazawa and Shou-neechan won’t make a blunder.

「 Then, Papa, want to have sex with Agnes? 」

Agnes clings to me.

「 Why do you want sex so much today? 」

She’s a bit more demanding than usual.

「 Because if we don’t hurry up, Mao-chan will wake up 」


「 Oh right. Nagisa didn’t open up the shop today 」

It’s Saturday, and we come home sooner, so she mentioned that she’ll stay in the mansion.

「 Now that you mention it, I haven’t seen them at all 」

「 They went ahead and took lunch and now taking a nap 」

Agnes said.

「 Papa said that we can’t talk about sex when Mao-chan is present 」

「 Well, Mao-chan’s still a child 」

We can’t just bust the topic of sex in front of a toddler.

「 So we can’t have sex in front of Mao-chan 」

「 Obviously 」

「 In that case, let’s do it before Mao-chan wakes up 」

I see now.

Her addiction to sex is just progressing.

「 Not now. Misuzu and others will arrive in 15 minutes 」

「 In that case, let’s all have sex! 」


「 Agnes, sit on my lap 」

I need to give Agnes a different method of physical contact other than sex.

「 Okay, desuno? 」

Agnes tries to straddle on my legs, but.

「 No, not like that, face the other way and sit on me 」

「 Okay? 」

Agnes sits down.

I sniff on Agnes’ blonde long hair, it smells flowery.

「 Mana, fetch me a hairbrush 」

「 Hairbrush? 」

「 Yeah, if I recall, there’s one on a chair in the other room 」

Someone forgot that one, right?

「 Yeah, on it! 」

Mana brings in a hairbrush from the other room.

「 Whose brush is this? 」

「 Megu-oneechan. She was rushing out this morning 」

Ah, she has morning practice, so she hurried up combing her hair and left the brush behind.

「 Agnes, what were you doing this morning? 」

「 Err, I studied with Mana-oneechan, and then, we walked in the garden 」

「 Your hair is disheveled 」

「 Oh that, Onii-chan. That happened when Agnes-chan and I were cleaning up the bakery earlier 」

Mana says instead of Agnes.

Did it get this messy from just carrying the empty pads?

「 When we got inside the bakery, Agnes-chan tried to copy Onii-chan, so she put on the hairnet 」

「 One mustn’t let their hair drop, cleanliness is the first priority in making bread, desuno! 」

Agnes says proudly.

「 Huh? Did you use my hairnet? 」

「 Yeah, Agnes-chan’s whole head got covered 」

Mana testifies.

「 I see. That’s okay but, your hair is messy now, I’ll comb it 」

「 Papa will? 」

I combed Agnes’ golden hair with the brush.

Her lovely milky-white blonde hair is thin.

I caress it from top to bottom multiple times.

「 It feels good 」

Agnes says like she’s chirping.

「 It feels strange, Papa, what is this feeling? 」

Agnes asks me.

「 isn’t that just happiness? 」

Yukino says from the edge of the table, holding her phone.

「 Happiness? 」

Agnes tilts her head.

「 Yes, Agnes feels happy right now, maybe, desuno 」

That’s cute.

I continue to comb her hair gently.

「 Really, you like taking care of others 」

Yukino said while still looking at her phone.

「 I-I feel like my shoulder and hips feel tired 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 Onii-chan, Mana also wants a breast massage 」

Hey now, Mana.

「 Are we still going to have sex? 」

Look, Agnes’ interests turn back to that.

「 Later 」

「 Mao-chan will wake up 」

「 Mao-chan sleeps before 8 in the evening, right? Then we can do it a lot later 」

Whose day is it again?

Oh, Mana?

Mana and Misuzu, if I recall.

「 Yeah, okay. I’ll invite Agnes-chan later 」

Mana said.

「 Yeah, for now, complications are coming up, so we have to settle them. We can’t move until the night 」

I said.

「 While at it, do you want to join in, Yukino-san? 」

Mana asks her sister.

「 What? 」

Yukino’s surprised.

「 Well, Yukino-san’s the only one who hasn’t done it with Onii-chan at that day, right? 」

Mana’s talking about Shirasaka Sousuke’s lynching.

「 Megu-oneechan, Agnes, and I did it with Onii-chan, but Yukino-san’s attitude was just too much that Onii-chan didn’t get hard 」

Yukino glares at her little sister.

「 I didn’t do anything wrong! 」

「 Yeah, you didn’t, Yukino-san was just too disgusting back then. Your face, body, mind, personality, they were all beyond help. Yukino-san’s not at fault why Yukino-san was disgusting. You should hate Yukino-san’s father and mother for that, right? 」

「 Hey, Maika, you! 」

Yukino tries to complain but Mana;

「 Maika? Who’s that? I don’t know 」

She insists.

「 Sorry but I threw my past away already. I’m not your little sister. We’re unrelated to each other 」

「! 」

「 Well, putting that aside. Yukino-san, don’t you want to take revenge from back then 」

「 Revenge? 」

「 Like having sex with Onii-chan?! Do you really want it to end with just Onii-chan feeling disgusted about you and unable to get erect? 」


「 I-I! But I 」

She touches her abdomen.

「 You’re in the stable period already, aren’t you? I heard that you can have sex in that stage 」

Mana said

「 Just because it’s okay it doesn’t mean I should 」

「 Well, I guess so 」

The sisters face each other.

「 But you know, Onii-chan probably wanted to do it with Yukino-san at least one more time 」


「 Yukino-san is special to Onii-chan 」


「 What about Agnes? Is Agnes not special to Papa? 」

Agnes looks at me worriedly.

「 You are, that’s natural 」

I smiled and hugged Agnes.

「 I’m glad 」

Agnes felt relieved

「 That’s right. We’re all special to Onii-chan. He makes us feel special」

Mana said.

「 But, Yukino-san is different from us, yet she’s special to Onii-chan 」

Yukino? Really?

「 I don’t know, and I don’t care about that 」

Yukino said in a low voice.

「 That’s not what I mean, you really don’t get it, do you? I’m asking if Yukino-san wants to do it with Onii-chan again! 」

Mana asks her sister.

「 T-That’s 」


「 Papa, pee 」

The door opens, Mao-chan shows up dragging her blanket.

「 Mao’s about to leak 」

That’s definitely bad.

「 Agnes, move 」

「 Okay, desuno 」

「 Come here, Mao-chan, let’s hurry to the bathroom. Can you still hold it? 」

「 I think 」


Then, for the first time since I was born.

I carried a little girl and helped her pee.

Although I’m familiar with it because Misuzu and the girls show off.

For toddlers.

「 Hafuu, that was a lot! 」

Mao-chan says satisfied.

「 Papa put on my panty back 」

「 Yeah 」

I drag up Mao-chan’s child panty.

「 Yay~ I love you, papa! 」

「 Not yet, wash your hands first 」

Mao-chan tries to hug me, but I held her off.

◇ ◇ ◇

Since Mao-chan’s awake, the sex talk is over.

Mao-chan who just peed drinks down milk.

「 Puhaa 」

「 Hey, that’s bad manners, Mao-chan 」

I said.

「 Mama’s always doing that when she’s drinking beer! Puhaa, she said 」

She’s copying Nagisa, children really watch their parents intently.

「 But, Mama said that she won’t drink alcohol for a while 」

「 Yeah, she’s pregnant too 」

Yukino mutters.

「 You don’t drink, do you? 」

「 That’s obvious, don’t make a fool of me 」

Agnes who couldn’t have sex with me before Mao-chan wakes up

is now clinging to my back.

「 Ugh 」

She’s leaking out a funny noise.

Hey, don’t rub your waist on my back.

Seeing Agnes-chan, Mao-chan puts down her milk cup.

「 Agnes-chan, move a bit to the side 」


「 Mao wants to cling on Papa’s back too! 」

She smiled.

「 Okay, desuno 」

Agnes thinks of herself as Mao-chan’s elder sister

She opens up a space for Mao-chan.

「 Uhihihi! Papa! 」


There are now two girls clinging on my back.


But, I can’t do anything about it.

「 Miin, Minminminminmin!! 」

Mao-chan turned to a cicada.

While she’s doing that.

「 Misuzu-chan and the girls have arrived 」

Katsuko-nee says while opening up a laptop in the dining area.

Seems like Misuzu’s car has reached the area surveillance cars in the mansion can see.

「 Any following cars? 」

「 Three of them. If they’re here to observe then that’s okay, but 」

「 But, Misuzu should have six convoy cars 」

That’s what they told me on the phone.

「 Three cars, won’t they try to fight the sex from Kouzuki SS? 」

「 But you know? As you said earlier, the Yakuza groups won’t do anything stupid like that to bring honor 」

Huh? Katsuko-nee?

「 There’s no problem 」

Michi said.

「 Yes, Reika-san will manage to do something in the end. The Yakuza might try to challenge her or something 」


「 They’re that kind of troublesome bunch 」

Katsuko-nee sighs.

「 Furthermore, if they choose the worst method, it would cause a lot of trouble later 」

That means.

「 Earlier, those people were trying to rush in the mansion when the gate opened, right? 」

Yukino said.

「 Ah, that’s troublesome, right. Especially when they reached the garden 」

Earlier, Michi’s Shingetsu took down all of the Yakuza guys, so there were no intruders.

But, Rei-chan’s group don’t have anyone who can use that technique.

「 Michi, let’s go to the gate 」

I call Michi.

「 Even if someone tries to get inside the gate, if that’s just one or two, Michi can deal with it, if they are many, then Shingetsu 」

Anyway, we need to have Misuzu’s car inside the mansion as soon as possible.

「 Understood, let’s go 」

Michi stands up.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 But, there’s no problem with just me alone 」

We get out of the entrance and walk to the main road.

We can reach there in no time with a car, but it’s okay to walk sometimes.

It’s a hill road.

The whole mansion is built on a small hill, so we have to walk down.

「 Well, I feel sorry for Michi to go alone 」

「 I want to walk side-by-side with Master anyway 」

Michi blushes.

Oh, that’s why she didn’t say that she’ll go by herself in the dining room.

「 Then, want to hold hands? 」

「 Yes 」

I hold hands with Michi.

Her small hands are surprisingly delicate.

She feels a bit cold.

「 Uhm, Master 」

「 Yes? 」

「 I’m happy too 」

Michi said.

After a while, we can see the usual iron gate.

「 Still, looking it from here, it’s enormous 」

I always look at it from inside the car.

Its height is about 5-6 meters.

The iron grill is quite thick as well.

「 This is quite heavy, isn’t it? It uses a machine to move, so it’s okay, but you can’t move this with just humans 」

I speak my impressions.

「 This can’t move during blackouts, that’s a problem 」

We can’t escape from the mansion when there’s an earthquake.

「 I think they’ll switch to a private power generator when that happens 」

Michi said.

I see. That’s how it works, I guess.

「 As for the iron bars on the gate, should that lighten up if we use that for the whole door? 」

If it’s for defense, we can improve it by blocking it using iron.

「 I think that you won’t be able to see what’s outside with your eyes from inside the car 」

Oh, I see.

There are blind spots when you only look at the surveillance cameras.

You need to see the situation with your eyes before opening and closing the door.

「 Michi’s amazing 」

「 That’s nothing 」

Michi leans to me.

「 I think Mana’s watching through the camera. 」

「 Yes, therefore, this is all I can do 」

Holding hands, cuddling together, Michi seems satisfied with just that.

「 Oh, they’re here 」

I hear the sound of cars coming from the other side.

It’s not just one, I hear ten engine sounds.

In short, Misuzu and the girls’ six convoy cars, and the three tailing cars from Yakuza.

「 I hope nothing happens 」

「 Well, they’ll be fine 」


First, the six cars from Kouzuki SS arrives in front of the gate.

Misuzu’s car is in the middle.

I can see Rei-chan in the passenger seat.

Misuzu’s car will be the only car to enter the mansion.

The six vehicles are arranged like a motorcade.

Only Misuzu’s car faces the gate, the other vehicles turn around to block.

「 Ah, Rei-chan noticed us 」

She smiled looking at us.

At that time.


Beyond the Kouzuki SS’ cars, inside the Yakuza cars.

There’s one car accelerating.

「 Master, please get down! 」

Michi pushes me down the ground.



Truly foolish.

The car from Yakuza runs through the Kouzuki SS’ cars and crashes the mansion’s iron gate at full speed!!!!


The windshield’s broken, the bumper and hood are wrecked.

Even so, they’re pushing the car against the iron gate, the rear tire spins violently.

Won’t they distort the iron gate from the shock that it can’t open?


The door on the backseat of the car that crashed the gate opened.

A Yakuza with a frightening look comes down.

「 Where the hell are you looking an idiot! Thanks to you my car’s now messed up!!! 」


No matter how you look at it, your car rushed by itself and crashed into the gate.

Misuzu’s car has nothing to do with it.

「 Hey bastard, come out for a moment and talk!! Show some sincerity! Fucker!! 」

The Yakuza shouts and takes out a pistol.

「 This isn’t a toy gun! This is a real one!! A gun!! If you don’t come out, then I’ll shoot!! 」

The Yakuza points the gun towards Misuzu’s car.

His hand is trembling.

「 Michi, can you drop his pistol with a shuriken from here? 」

I asked Michi.

「 No, there are still other people from that car 」

Michi can feel them.

「 I’ll work on protecting Master. If I make a wrong move, Misuzu-sama will scold me」

If ever the enemy becomes aware of Michi’s attack, they’ll fire inside the gate.

If I get hurt, she can’t show her face to Misuzu.

Rei-chan looks troubled inside Misuzu’s car.


For now, she wants to get out and deal with him.

Rei-chan tries to open up the door.

『 No, no, that’s what they want you to do 』

Suddenly, a voice.

Someone’s talking in a megaphone.

『 As long as you’re inside the car, that pistol poses no problem for you, right? Kouzuki house’s car carrying the princess should be bulletproof 』

This voice.

『 Their purpose is when you go outside, in short, they’re waiting for the car to open 』

The voice comes closer.

『 In the first place, there’s no need for a beauty like you to deal with these people. It’s my job to clean the dirt 』

We can see the man even from this position.

That man is.

「 Father 」

Yes, Michi’s father. Kudou Yuusaku.


「 What the fuck, who are you to show up and say that suddenly?! In the first place, what’s with that look? 」

Kudou-papa, for some reason…

『 It’s a disguise. I took my time to wear this disguise since you guys are always playing underhanded 』

He’s wearing a costume of a world known pokemon trainer.

「 Why is he wearing Hiroshi’s costume? 」

『 It’s SATOSHI (ASH) 』

Kudou-papa shouts in his megaphone.

「 Aren’t you cosplaying too? 」

「 This isn’t cosplay!! 」

The Yakuza guy gets angry.

「 Oh what, you’re not? I was seriously thinking that you were cosplaying the bartender in Golgo13’s “Laos’ case” episode 」

At that moment, Kudou-papa’s body moved!!

「 H-Hey! 」

The Yakuza tries to aim the pistol at him in a hurry.

However, Kudou-papa’s kick hits the Yakuza’s wrist at the next moment!!

「 Uwaaaa!!!! 」

The pistol flies in the air.

「 Mach Punch!! 」

Kudou-papa’s attack hits the Yakuza guy.

「 Ugeeee!! 」

The Yakuza guy flew to the iron door.


「 Gotcha! 」

He said with a posed look.