Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 635. Checkpoint



「 How about this shirt and pants? 」

Inside my room, wait, I sleep in different places every night though.

For now, this is the room where my personal belongings are.

Although, everything I have is all inside a cardboard box.

Everything else is prepared by Minaho-neesan and Katsuko-nee for me.

They gave it to me but even now, my sense of possession in them is thin.

Ruriko opened the closet in that door and picked my clothes.

「 As expected of Ruri-oneechan, you’ve got a good taste! 」

Mana’s impressed.

「 This would be the belt and as for the shoes, is this good enough? 」

Misuzu picks a match for the clothes fast.

「 This is perfect! Now that’s decided! 」

Mana said before I say anything.

Well, that’s okay.

「 Also, Danna-sama, as for your hairstyle 」

Misuzu tries to touch my hair but Mana;

「 Ah, no! Misuzu-oneechan, don’t touch Onii-chan’s hair! 」

「 What? 」

Misuzu’s surprised.

「 Misuzu-oneechan was the one who did Onii-chan’s hair during Mana’s first time, right? 」


Mana’s first time, she meant the first time I raped her.

Misuzu gave my hair a pompadour hairstyle.

「 That hairstyle made me back off 」

「 Is it that strange? I thought it was stylish 」

「 It’s strange! Too strange! 」

Mana said clearly.

「 Well, we don’t know the hobby of the person Nei-oneesama brings in, isn’t it better if we use an orthodox style instead? 」

Ruriko suggests with a kind smile.

「 I can tell her hobbies. She prefers those who are rich and are from the privileged class. Despite that, she feels at ease with a sporty and light feeling 」

Mana said.

「 She perhaps is weak to looks 」

「 I see, perhaps that’s the case 」

Ruriko thinks for a moment.

「 How about we show the forehead, and then the forelock sways from the side? 」

My hair’s combed by hand.

「 Yes, that looks good. It feels intellectual, yet it doesn’t feel too stiff 」

Misuzu nods.


Pin Pon.

The front doorbell rings.

Nei and Hoshizaki-san have arrived.

「 Danna-sama, leave that to Katsuko-oneesama 」

「 Yes, please change up your clothes 」

「 Ah, I’ll take off the pants! 」

Misuzu, Ruriko, and Mana undress me from my school uniform.

「 Onii-chan, want to cum once first? Want Mana to suck it? You can do it below too! 」

Mana said as she plays with my crotch.

「 Hey now, Mana 」


「 I mean, do you understand what’s about to happen, girls? 」

Do they know whats Nei’s purpose on bringing Hoshizaki-san in the mansion?

「 We know. Nei-chan plans to offer that person to Danna-sama, isn’t it? 」

Misuzu said laughingly.

「 Her personality is a bit lacking, but since she’s a beauty, I think Onii-chan should play with her. It seems like she’s also a virgin 」

Mana smiled.

「 Could it be that Onii-sama doesn’t want to have sex with her? 」

Ruriko asks me worriedly.

「 No, that’s not what I asked. I’m asking if you girls have no resistance with me having sex with a woman outside of family 」


「 I don’t 」


「 Eh? Why would we? 」


「 If that’s what Onii-sama wants, then please do 」

They show me peaceful smiles in their faces.

「 I mean, I feel happy that you finally made up your mind 」


「 Misuzu-chan, we need to hurry up with our list of girls we’d like Onii-sama to have! 」

「 indeed, Ruri-tan, if Danna-sama will have sex with the girl Nei-chan recommends then you’ll also have sex with the girl Ruriko, and I suggest, won’t you? 」


「 It’s okay. We’ll only pick girls as cute as the one Nei-chan brings in, we will also have Onii-sama check her beforehand 」

「 Ufufufu, I’m looking forward to it 」

Misuzu, Ruriko? Hey?

「 But, as expected of Nei-chan, having a slightly vulgar woman as the first partner, it would be easier for Onii-sama 」

「 Yes, I thought of offering a delicate lady from a high-class family who don’t have any knowledge about sex just like Ruriko before but, I thought that it would only be harder for Onii-sama, so I hesitated 」

「 You’re right, Onii-chan can easily rape that kind of girl 」

Mana said.

「 Easygoing rape is impossible. After all, Hoshizaki-san is a virgin. She’s even hyped up about Christmas at age 17. She never had a male break up with her and yet she never lets anyone have their way with her body 」

She’s protecting her virginity, doesn’t she?

「 Well, that’s because that girl always had a boyfriend, but she never experienced real love relationship 」


「 That girl is egoistic. She’s been loved since birth, blessed by her family, she’s pampered all the time, isn’t she? She thinks of only herself as a special existence, so she believes that she has to receive the favorable treatment 」

She sighed.

「 In short, she was the same as Maika-san back then 」

Mana back then;

「 Jeez, I feel like looking in the mirror 」

「 But Mana-chan is 14-years-old, she’s 」

Misuzu looks at me.

「 17, right? She’s in second-year high-school after all 」

She’s in the same year in school as Nei now so it should be.

「 Having her three years older is a bit painful. Also, Mana-chan was from Shirasaka house, you had interactions with the real first-class people 」

Misuzu said.

「 That person only saw the narrow world around her and became the queen inside that small world 」

The most beautiful girl in our school in the middle class.

Receiving love letters and confession emails all the time.

The queen limited to our school.

「 Yeah, I can tell. During the conversation in the tea-house in the school earlier, she was looking down on Nei-oneechan. Well, Nei-oneechan is as beautiful as her, but in reality, Nei-oneechan is much more attractive than her. Inside her mind, they’re equal, she thinks that she’s much more popular in school. That’s why she looks down on her 」

Mana said.

「 And then, when Nei-oneechan talked about going to America and business, she’s thinking “huh? she’s different than I thought” and then when Rei-chan showed up, things are getting turned over 」

Hoshizaki-san didn’t believe Nei’s talk about going to America at first.

She thought that it’s just a fake story about starting a sports business with Margo-san.

Then, Rei-chan, someone who’s famous on the TV world shows up, her perception’s flipped over.

「 And now, she arrived in the mansion. What’s left is to how far will she stay in that dreamy state of mind. I think having sex with her is as easy as making her surprised Onii-chan 」

Mana laughs.

「 If only Onii-chan’s hair weren’t that weird during my first time coming to the mansion then I would’ve had sex right away, I think 」

Mana’s first experience was;

Katsuko-nee and Nei were inducing Mana to have sex with me.

But, they failed in doing that, so I raped her by force.

「 I’m 14, so I was a bit scared of sex. But that one’s already 17. She should be easy to persuade 」

「 If all of us work together then it would be easy sex 」

Misuzu said.

「 No, but 」


「 Is this really okay? 」

I don’t know.

「 That is for Onii-sama to decide 」

Ruriko said.

「 We only follow Onii-sama’s wishes 」

Do I want to have sex with Hoshizaki-san?

Everyone urges me to do it, so I made my resolve to cheat.


「 So, don’t think of it too seriously, Onii-chan 」

Mana laughs.

「 That girl just never dated a strange boy until now but, I mean, I think, she only picks boys who are timid but either way, she’ll have sex with someone without much thought. For example, since it’s Christmas, she might do it with a guy she doesn’t even like. Then, she’ll break up with that guy, date another one, have sex, picking only the big events and then replacing her boyfriend every time. That’s how I see it 」

「 What do you mean? 」

I don’t get it.

「 Well, there’s a lot like her! They’re most of the young Japanese girls now! 」

Mana laughs.

「 The school I attended was a somewhat high-class school, but it was a school for upstarts and celebrity daughters, right? There were middle school girls who have a college boyfriend. Actually, they even have sex with those college boys, and yet, I don’t think they are doing it for a serious romantic relationship. They keep on changing partners after all. 」 They’re in middle school, and yet they already have 5-to-10 men in their experience list 」

「 Why did that happen? 」

I asked.

「 Somehow, they still don’t know what love is, but they just want a lover, a boyfriend, so they just say yes to whoever asks them first and then date them. And then, the boys will want to have sex with them if possible, right? The girls aren’t that interested, but they think “I guess I should do it?” so they have their first experience on an event 」

「 Event? 」

「 Well, it doesn’t have to be something as clear as birthdays or Christmas as that lady mentioned. They can use reasons like “It’s our third month since we started dating” And when the boys have a strong push, the girls think “guess we should,” and they lose their virginity afterward, and after that, have sex when there’s a chance 」

「 Is that how it is with ordinary people? 」

Ruriko asks.

「 Do they not think of the relationship between houses and who should they meet to have a superior successor when having sex? 」

「 Ordinary girls don’t think of house problems. Even in the school, we’re in 」

Mana’s school was already in high-class and yet there’s no girls who carry heavy responsibilities from their house.

「 As expected, Misuzu-oneechan and Ruriko-oneechan’s school is special. It’s all people who have special positions 」

If it’s just from a decently wealthy family, the house won’t interfere with the daughter’s love affairs.

「 Anyway, I think most of the ordinary girls at this age think like that. There’s not much who falls in love so much with someone, have such a stormy love with that man and reach the end goal with that same person. Mostly, they date someone without being confident if they really like them or not, have sex, and when they think that it’s not what they believe, they break up, find another one, have sex, and rinse-and-repeat 」

Mana said.

「 But, what I don’t understand is a woman dating a man who she’s not sure if she likes, having sex without much thought, and then parting from that man. Will that eventually leads you to a man of your destiny who you’ll remain married to for the rest of your life? 」

Ruriko asks. Mana;

「 Hmm. I think many don’t meet any. There are so many couples who divorce now, even if you’re married, there are couples who gradually break down because one is fed up by their husband. There were some statistics about that on a newspaper the other day 」

「 However, that is not ‘love.’ Is there a meaning to a life without love? 」

Then, Misuzu.

「 “You mustn’t drown in love. Love will always end. No matter how beautiful that love is, it will end. Love your family. A family doesn’t have an end. No matter how much love and hate entwines, the family remains family forever 」

We look at Misuzu.

「 That’s what Grandfather told me recently. Yes 」

Jii-chan did?

「 We’re building our relationships well because each of us is starving for a family. Above all, we come close together as a family even more. Therefore, we can put aside our personal love and jealousy to get along 」

Yeah. I get that.

If these were all ordinary girls, then they’d feel jealous of the other sticking with me and hate each other.

To avoid that, all of my women love each other as a family.

「 Hey, girls 」

I decided to ask.

「 Do you really love me? 」

The three are surprised.

「 Sometimes, I feel worried. I think that this family that everyone cares about is only using me as a reason to construct this family. That you don’t actually like me that much, that you’re just forced to keep me company 」


「 Because I feel like this family might be better without me. Thinking that my existence distorts this family 」

I’m the only male in this family.

Could it be that if I’m not here, taking out the sex as an external factor, would it make the family’s relationship simple? Would it be stronger?

Then, Misuzu.

「 You idiot! 」

She smacks my head.

「 Danna-sama, you dummy! 」

Another hit.

Then, she sighed.

「 I mean, this is the same as usual, Danna-sama 」


「 Yes, Danna-sama has always been like a stray dog inside a cardboard box left below a bridge since we first met. You always look at us with such sad eyes. Therefore, we want to embrace Danna-sama and make you happy 」

I’m a stray dog. I see.

「 But, we soon noticed it. I surely also look like an abandoned puppy, so Danna-sama hugs me and tries to make me happy. We’re all stray dogs. Us stray dogs hug each other closely 」


「 Furthermore, it’s not just girls hugging each other. Danna-sama and me, Ruri-tan and Danna-sama, Mana-chan and Danna-sama. It’s a male-female relationship. Only with Danna-sama 」

「 No, aren’t you all kind to the other girls? 」

「 That’s true, but also wrong. For us, we can only strip naked our mind and body just to one stray dog, only Danna-sama 」


「 Oh, I finally understand it now. I figured it out. I now know why Grandfather and Minaho-oneesama gives us such a trial at such time like this 」

Trial? Wait, Jii-chan and Minaho-neesan did?

「 It’s been four months since we have become a family We’ve gotten used to each other that misunderstandings are starting to occur 」

「 Misunderstanding? Misuzu-chan? 」

Ruriko asks.

「 Yes, we thought that this family relationship with Danna-sama will continue forever. But that’s not it, we need to put on effort if we want this family to stay as is 」

Misuzu looks at me.

「 After all, the wounds deep inside Danna-sama’s heart hasn’t healed yet. Danna-sam still looks at us with eyes of an abandoned puppy even now 」

I haven’t changed?

「 We’re the same, we also are still abandoned dogs 」

Misuzu and the girls haven’t changed either.

「 That means I wasn’t able to give Misuzu and the girls anything 」

「 No! Danna-sama! Our lives are just starting 」

Misuzu holds my arm.

「 The wounds in Danna-sama’s heart can’t be healed in just four months! It’s the same for us! We need to take years, decades, for us to heal! 」

Oh, I see.


We overcame a huge obstacle in May.

We misunderstood that we all overcome the hardships already.

That this family is eternal.

That we have no more problems.

We were being spoiled by each other.

「 In here, Danna-sama needs to reflect on himself or else this family will break 」

The naive idea that we know each other well is what will break this family.

「 Therefore, Grandfather brought us Takakura-sama 」

Misuzu mutters in a grave tone.

「 Misuzu, what do you mean by that? 」

Misuzu seems to have some heavy thoughts when it comes to Takakura-san.

「 No, let’s put that later. For now, let’s focus on what Nei-chan has prepared 」

Misuzu’s talking about Hoshizaki-san.

「 Hey, Danna-sama, do you think that Hoshizaki-san can join in our family? 」

Huh? Hoshizaki-san?

「 That’s impossible 」

I replied immediately.

「 Why do you think so? 」

「 Hoshizaki-san has a family. She doesn’t feel any dissatisfaction from her family either 」

Those who have their family cannot join ours.

「 Nei-chan thought of the same so she would like Danna-sama to have a physical relationship with Hoshizaki-san. This is just an experiment 」


「 Yeah. Up until now, Onii-chan thinks that those you have sex with will become family, right? Back then, Onii-chan always thinks of a sex partner as a family and someone to look after for the rest of your life 」

Mana speaks.

「 Then, you started having sex with Nikita-san and yet she doesn’t join the family. Of course, Nikita-san had Cordelia-san as her family, so she’s a close friend, but that made a huge change inside Onii-chan’s mind. Right? 」

That’s right.

「 And then, after things went well with Nikita-san, Onii-chan thought that it’s also possible to have sex with Yukino-san as well. Onii-chan made the resolve not to have sex with Yukino-san since she’s not family during the final stages in May 」

That’s also true.

「 But Onii-chan thinks of Yukino-san as a friend, right? Onii-chan likes Yukino-san back then and even now 」

Me? Yukino?

「 Well, putting that aside, this is why Nei-oneechan brings in the next step and brings in that Hoshizaki-san here. This time, it’s someone who’s not close to Onii-chan at all. What would happen if you have sex with such a person? 」

「 Why do that? 」

I don’t get the meaning behind it.

「 It’s for Onii-chan to understand altogether once again which girl can enter the family and which girl can’t 」

Mana said.

「 Eyes, ears, hand, skin, and also penis. Onii-chan can’t tell unless you have sex with her, right? 」

Understanding through sex.

「 It’s possible that it might bring regrets, it might even bring only bad feelings. But, I’d like that to happen. Onii-chan now needs it 」

「 But, is it really okay having sex with Hoshizaki-san for my convenience? She’s a virgin, I don’t think she likes someone like me 」

Perhaps, it would end up as rape.

「 Do it for me 」

Mana said

「 Indeed, please do it for me as well 」


「 I also implore of you Onii-sama 」


「 Why? 」

「 Well, perhaps we’ll understand it once it’s over 」

Misuzu said

「 Up until now, we only take one-by-one steps according to Grandfather and Minaho-oneesama’s plan 」


「 In short, if Danna-sama didn’t have sex with Hoshizaki-san, then we won’t move to the next issue, Takakura-sama 」

「 Yes, taking out the enemies around the mansion might’ve been done to give time for Hoshizaki-san 」

Ruriko said.

After capturing Anya, next would be capturing Hoshizaki-san.

Beyond that point, capturing Takakura-san awaits.

It’s as if it’s a scenario for a video game.

「 I guess we have to go with the flow 」

Minaho-neesan always gives me a challenge for my growth.

Jii-chan won’t just bury me with problems.

「 Girls 」

I talk to the three.

「 Earlier, I saw Michi’s mother sign her divorce papers in front of the mansion’s gate 」

「 We were also watching from the monitors 」

Misuzu said.

「 Michi said that they were such a close couple back then 」

「 Yes, I hear that from her as well 」


「 Hearing that, I feel somewhat said. We all now live together in good terms, but it’s unknown when we become disconnected 」

「 That might happen, but I’ll put on an effort to not let that happen 」


「 Are you sure? If I grow older, I might become a useless old man 」

「 It’s okay. When that happens, I’ll kick Danna-sama’s butt 」

Misuzu smiles.

「 I might become ugly when I get old, Danna-sama might hate me when that happens 」


「 You all will become beautiful when older. Your faces show that. You’ll become a beautiful mother and a cute grandmother. I can tell 」

All of my women are beautiful.

「 I’m the only one who’ll grow ugly 」

Am I really a suitable man for all of these beautiful women.

「 We can’t tell unless we grow old 」

Misuzu smiles.

「 I want to see what happens to Danna-sama’s face after 30, 40, 50, years until I die. Let’s grow old together and see. Ufufu, I’m looking forward to the time where I live together with Danna-sama 」

「 Do you have that resolve? I think it would be tough 」

「 I don’t mind, I’ll work for it. Let’s reach a mutual understanding. Let’s love each other. I will raise the abandoned dog inside Danna-sama’s heart for years, decades to come 」


「 Onii-sama, I will strive for it. I want to understand Onii-sama more. To love. I want Onii-sama to understand me. To love me 」


「 I don’t get it. But I’ll work hard. I don’t ever want to leave Onii-chan. I like you, ah, I think that’s not it. I want to love Onii-chan more, and I want Onii-chan to love me even more as well! So! 」


「 You’re right, we’re still ways to go. Let’s work hard. Let’s understand each other. Let’s love each other more 」

This is not yet the passing point.

A checkpoint for our family for four months.