Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 650. Wife’s seat



「 What’s going on? What do you mean by Yamamine’s family being in danger? 」

Captain Takeshiba asks Rei-chan.

To her, Megu’s family would be her parents at Yamamine house and me.

Captain doesn’t know about Kuromori family.

「 I’m not in a position to say anything. My job involves the duty of confidentiality 」

Rei-chan said with a smile.

「 However, once your practice is over, I recommend that you come home immediately. There are people with various problems gathering around the area 」

「 Does it mean that we’re in danger too? 」

「 No, there’s no need to be alarmed. The school’s circumference is already under Kouzuki SS’ protection. Oh, please try to use a bus on your way home if possible. All the buses that stop in front of the school should have a convoy from our company. They will follow until the station. If you reach the nearest station, then you’d be safe 」

Well, even if they leave school now,

Kouzuki SS is taking control of all major points of traffic.

Maybe, they see Kudou-papa beat up some idiots who’re trying to make or break sticking out from the road, though

「 I-Is that true? 」

「 Have I lied to you? 」

Rei-chan looks at Captain.

Such beautiful eyes.

「 It’s okay. We’re getting the problem over by tonight. There won’t be any hindrances to your practice by tomorrow. I promise you that 」

Captain Takeshiba;

「 Hey! First years! Hurry up and finish cleaning up! Second years, help them out! We’re skipping the meeting for today! We’ll do it tomorrow! Hurry up and get ready to go home! We’ll go outside as a group! 」

「 Group go-home today? Captain? 」

「 It’s training, assuming that there’s an emergency, okay? 」

What is that supposed to mean?

「 Thank you for your cooperation 」

Rei-chan tells the captain.

「 Now then, Yamamine Megumi-san, please help everyone clean up, once you’re done, head to the principal’s office. That’s our emergency response headquarters for today 」

「 But, I should go with you right now 」

Megu said.

「 No, please come once you’re done with your job as a member of your club. It’s a problem for us if you don’t know what to prioritize 」

Rei-chan said.

「 Edie, take Megu with you once she’s done cleaning up! 」

「 Okay, Darling! 」

Yeah, we can let Edie protect Megu.

「 See ya later! We’ll be heading to the principal’s office now! 」

Nei tells Megu.

「 Sorry for the fuss, by the way, 」

Rei-chan talks to Captain.

「 You’re in the third year, aren’t you? Isn’t it about time for you to retire from the club activities? 」

「 That’s true, but, I’m planning on entering a PE university 」

Captain replied.

「 I wasn’t able to leave a remarkable achievement like Fujimiya-san but, I would like to be a coach in athletics in the future 」

「 Have you decided on which school to enter? 」

「 No, I haven’t narrowed them down yet 」

「 Oh, our school isn’t that strong in sports, so no teacher knows which school leads in PE teaching 」

Nei said.

This school is only used to find prostitutes for Kuromori for a long time.

There were many PE teachers during Shirasaka Sousuke’s era.

Of course, Shirasaka Sousuke prefers a yesman than those who have a track record as a teacher.

Those people were expelled from the school since May.

Currently, our school has too few PE teachers.

「 Kouzuki SS has people who are well-informed. We accept employees from sports universities every year, if you don’t mind, how about consulting them? I’ll introduce you to the person in charge 」

「 Are you sure? 」

「 Yes 」

Rei-chan smiles.

Then, she takes out her business card.

「 Today’s Saturday so it’s closed, but please contact them by Monday afternoon. I’ll talk to the person in charge by then 」

「 T-Thank you! 」

Captain Takeshiba takes the business card.

「 Well then, time to go back? 」

Nei asks me.

「 Megu, we’ll be waiting for you. Take care of her, Edie 」

「 Gattenda! 」

Where did you learn that?

Megu doesn’t reply.

「 Let’s go, Onii-chan 」

Mana pulls my hand.

「 Ah, yeah 」

In the end, I left the grounds without talking to Megu directly.

◇ ◇ ◇

It’s getting dark now.

Mana, Rei-chan, Nei, and I walk in the high-school backyard wrapped in orange light.

「 Was it okay to do that to Captain Takeshiba? 」

I asked Rei-chan.

「 Yes, she’s Megu-chan’s senior, someone she’s indebted to, there’s nothing wrong if I introduce her to a good PE university through Kouzuki SS 」

「 But Takeshiba-san doesn’t have that much of an amazing record 」

She couldn’t even get the first place on a prefectural tournament.

She’s mostly done only track-and-field events.

She’s not someone who’d want to work for Kouzuki SS.

「 Yo-chan, going to university doesn’t mean that you’ll aim to become a first-rate athlete. Future coaches and teacher in PE are also important! 」

Nei said.

「 Minaho-san has shown me the data beforehand. Takeshiba-san has outstanding grades in regular subjects, and she has an earnest personality. She’s worth recommending to Kouzuki SS 」

Rei-chan looked into Takeshiba-san already.

No, she’s already investigated the people involved with us in the school.

For example, Tanaka, my classmate.

There’s a possibility that our enemy may contact Takeshiba-san or Tanaka.

It’s possible that they approach Takeshiba-san’s father or Tanaka’s family business.

Perhaps, Kouzuki SS’ research department has looked into the details already.

Minaho-neesan and Shou-neechan must be leading them.

「 Our company isn’t just filled with masters in martial arts, but also, we introduce earnest students like that one, our connections with the sports colleges grows stronger each time we do 」

Rei-chan explains that.

「 In the first place, most of the students who find employment from our company in the future are usually the big problem students in the university. Their personality goes beyond the way of an athlete. Therefore they end up becoming bodyguards. Just like me 」

Rei-chan laughs.

「 Therefore, we recommend earnest people like Takeshiba-san sometimes 」

「 Yes, that’s right! 」

Nei replies back.

「 Earlier, Takeshiba-san said that I look cooler now, but, the reality isn’t like that. I’m doing this work because I’m not suited for sports which have rules in it 」

「 But thanks to Rei-chan, we’re safe from harm 」

I said.

Rei-chan also has an earnest personality.

That’s why she went to practice Kendo until high school.

Rei-chan’s like that, that’s why Takeshiba-san followed when told: “hurry up and go home.”

「 It makes me happy when you say that 」

Rei-chan smiles.


「 Is it really okay that we left the two there? 」

Wouldn’t Takeshiba-san force herself to come together with them?

「 It’s okay. If Megu-oneechan doesn’t help out with the first-years in their job, they will start to hate her 」

Mana said.

「 This morning, right after the morning practice, she’s forced to compete with Nikita-san, isn’t she? 」


「 Then, today, she’s been in a bad mood all day. Well, they probably think that she’s having a fight with Onii-chan, even so, 」

Yeah, they probably think of it that way.

If they look at Megu’s attitude towards me earlier.

「 Oh, that’s because Yo-chan looked like he’s blushing when looking at Nikita-san’s breasts 」

Wait, Nei?

「 You know? I was together with Nikita-san during the morning, right? 」

Mana and Rei-chan are here so Nei’s not calling her Anya.

Nei took Anya to her class as an “experience enrollee.”

「 That’s what I spread out. Yo-chan was staring at Nikita’s breasts that Megu-chan’s gotten angry 」

「 W-Why? 」

Well, Anya’s breasts are well-shaped.

Her skin is pure white, and her nipple is pink.

「 Well, there’s no explanation why did that long-distance race, is there? 」

Oh, I see.

「 The other people didn’t mind the chronological order. They only need a reason to be convinced 」

I’ve been looking at Anya with lewd eyes,

That’s why Megu got angry. That’s what everyone thinks.

「 Therefore, if Megu-oneechan doesn’t join the club on cleanup, they’d hate her 」

Mana said.

「 After all, if a couple has such a stupid argument like that, people feel like saying “go fight somewhere else.” In the first place, most of them don’t have a boyfriend 」

Yeah, it’s annoying to them that Megu’s angry for that reason.

「 If she comes with us without cleaning up, and came together with Onii-chan when picking her up, they’d think “What’s with that bitch?!” and they’d start to shun her 」

I-I see.

The world of women is harsh.

「 I mean, Megu-oneechan should be in danger after being in bad-mood for such a long period 」

Huh, Mana?

「 Yes, My Lord. This is an essential task for My Lord 」

Rei-chan looks at me.

「 It’s about Takakura-san, isn’t it? 」

I need to make Takakura-san a prostitute by tomorrow.

I need to convince Jii-chan that she can work well enough as a prostitute.

「 It’s a problem if Megu-chan keeps on grumbling, isn’t it? We don’t have the time to deal with her 」

Nei said.

That’s true.

I don’t have time to persuade Megu.

「 Therefore, leave her be, Megu-chan needs to be away from Yo-chan and have some time to think 」

「 Away from me? 」

「 Yeah. The life of our family is built on sand right now. You know that, don’t you, Yo-chan? 」

「 Yeah, Minaho-neesan gave time for the family to familiarize itself this past four months but the time of calm is no longer possible 」

We’re under Kouzuki house’s, Jii-chan’s protection.

Also, Kyouko-san’s overwhelming violence as an international wanted criminal.

Therefore, the police nor the underground society can’t make a move on us.

That peaceful time is not eternal.

If Jii-chan gets sick, it’s possible that he breaks down.

Misuzu and Ruriko are still in their teens.

They’re not prepared to become the foundation of Kouzuki group.

「 Kakka has carefully prepared Takakura-sama 」

Rei-chan said.

I don’t know why we need to turn the lady of Takakura house as a prostitute.

But, Jii-chan thinks that it would be useful for Kuromori’s continued survival.

Then, I have no choice but to obey.

I believe in Jii-chan.

Minaho-neesan thinks the same way as Jii-chan.


「 But Megu isn’t as resolute as me right now 」

Megu’s thinking that the family should just live in peace.

She doesn’t wish for my women to increase.

No, she’d accept them if the woman is to join in the family.

However, if it’s just becoming my woman, not family, then,

「 Either way, Megu-chan’s at her critical moment. Four months ago, we thought that letting Megu-chan become the lawful wife of Yo-chan will settle things peacefully. That’s why everyone in the family accepted it. However 」


「 Megu-chan’s problem is now the lawful wife status. Yo-chan cannot be a husband only for Megu-chan just as she wishes 」

「 Yeah. Megu-oneechan’s thinking of us, Onii-chan’s women as his concubines right now 」

Concubines. Mistresses.

「 Therefore, she thinks that when increasing the concubines, it needs permission from the wife, doesn’t she? 」

Oh, Mana’s explanation is easy to understand.

「 But you see, Nei-oneechan’s been the lawful wife of Onii-chan for the past four months. Nei-oneechan’s always been the one controlling the traffic of our mental states. That’s why we get along and never get to fights, right? 」

Mana looks at Nei.

「 I think so too. Nei-chan’s skilled at trying to keep the balance between people 」

Rei-chan also says.

「 That’s Rei-chan’s misunderstanding. I’m actually not that good at human relationships 」


Nei’s bright personality is all made up. An act.

The true Nei, “Yasuko,” is a very fragile and delicate girl.

And yet, Nei’s doing all her best for the family and me.

「 I love Yo-chan, and I treat this family dearly. Therefore, I only want to do what I can whenever possible 」

On the surface, Nei will never move away from her “elder sister position.”

Therefore, she never clashes with Megu who has the position of legal wife on paper.

Ruriko is a girl who never asserts herself.

Misuzu’s the one who clashes with Megu the most, but she doesn’t live with us.

Mana and Agnes are blood-related sisters with Megu.

Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee, and Nagisa, they raised Megu in the brothel, so they’re only “elder sisters,” to Megu.

Rei-chan and Shou-neechan, they both come to visit only sometimes.

Therefore, Megu’s been the legal wife on paper up until now.


Anya’s visit yesterday changed it.

I didn’t ask for Megu’s permission to have sex with Anya when she came to the mansion.

「 To be honest, we’re doing as Minaho-oneechan instructed ever since yesterday. Even now, Megu-chan only had a look in Yo-chan’s face, and she wasn’t allowed to talk to him 」

「 Yes, that’s as directed 」

Nei and Rei-chan said.

「 Earlier, you had sex with Nikita in the bakery’s nap room, didn’t you? We confirmed it back then, Megu-chan thinks that she’s Yo-chan’s lawful wife so Yo-chan shouldn’t have sex with girls she didn’t approve. Megu-chan thinks that Yo-chan can’t have sex with anyone so long as Megu-chan doesn’t allow it 」

Yeah, Megu did later approve that I have sex with Anya.

She was grudgingly reluctant, however.

「 But you see, we can’t let that. From now on, I mean, Yo-chan should be able to do what Yo-chan wants. You can have sex with anyone, you don’t need Megu-chan’s permission. If Yo-chan asks for Megu-chan’s permission on each and everything, Yo-chan will get small 」

「 But I am 」

I don’t have confidence in myself.

「 No, Onii-chan’s big. I haven’t seen other men, but I’m sure that it’s big 」

Mana, what are you talking about?

「 I also feel it that way when I try to hold it with my mouth 」


「 As for me, I’ve seen a lot of customers through the camera, it’s okay, Yo-chan. Have confidence in yourself. It’s on the big side! 」

「 I mean, size doesn’t matter! Onii-chan makes me feel the pleasure 」

「 The angle is also fantastic, isn’t it? I feel it shaping my insides 」

「 Yes, that’s right, it feels like it’s hooking on your meat when pulling out, right? 」


Can we stop that now?

「 I don’t see Yo-chan ask Megu-chan whenever he’s about to have sex. We didn’t accept Megu-chan as the lawful wife for that 」

Nei said.

I see. If I need Megu’s permission every time.

It would be extremely favorable for her compared to my other women.

「 Therefore, we didn’t tell Megu-chan that Yo-chan might cheat with Kana-chan, and we had it done while Megu-chan’s absent 」

I had sex with Kana-senpai without any of Megu’s final approval.

「 Besides, Megu noticed it when she saw Yo-chan’s face earlier. Yo-chan cheated while she’s not present. That’s why she’s showing such a displeased face 」

Oh, that’s how it is.

Megu can already imagine what happened just by looking at my face.

「 That’s why we let Megu-chan be together with the girls from the athletics club. Megu-chan would press Yo-chan and ask “Why did you have sex with someone without my permission and while I wasn’t present?” and since it’s Yo-chan we’re talking about, yeah. 」

「 I’m sure that Onii-chan would apologize to Megu-oneechan right away 」

Yeah, I think you girls are right.

「 Therefore, we’ll deal with everything while Megu-chan confirms her emotions. She won’t see Yo-chan until Takakura-san’s case is over. Seeing her state right now 」

Right, I don’t have time to talk to Megu right now.

「 I’m also in trouble you know! I can’t go to America feeling at ease with the current state 」

Nei’s planning to go to the US with Margo-san.

「 I won’t be on the other side all the time but, it’s a big problem if Megu-chan explodes while I’m not present 」

「 But, Ruri-oneechan’s doing her best to become Nei-oneechan’s substitute 」

Mana said.

Taking care of housework, the little sisters, Ruriko’s doing her best.

Was she thinking of Nei’s disappearance in advance?

Ruriko’s a girl who knows her stuff.

「 Yeah. Ruri-chan’s doing her best. But, Ruri-chan’s younger than Megu-chan, she also goes to a different school 」

「 Recently, she’s talking about going to the same high-school as Onii-chan 」

No, look.

It’s impossible for a lady of Kouzuki house to enroll from that high-class lady school to our high school.

「 She wants to be Onii-chan’s strength even for a bit, she said 」

I appreciate your feelings, Ruriko, but still,

「 The older sisters will not intervene with school matters 」

Nei said.

Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee, and Nagisa all didn’t have a high school life.

Therefore, she wants us to have a fun life in school.

Therefore, they don’t intervene with our school life unless they’re teaching us.

Margo-san took a step back and is now watching us over.

「 Although, Katsu-nee’s been won over by selling her products today 」

Katsuko-nee’s been concentrating only on teaching me how to make bread, but she never shows up on the school to sell the products.

Then, thanks to Minaho-neesan’s guidance, she’s now going to be in the bakery’s stand to study her business.

「 I mean, Yo-can doesn’t know the problem when selling the products until I came to help, right? 」

Nei said.

「 What do you mean? 」

「 At first, Megu-chan said that she’ll help Yo-chan on everything in the bakery alone and that she doesn’t need my help 」


Just Megu and me?

「 I don’t know about that. In the first place, it’s impossible for Megu and me alone to sell the products 」

If it’s just the two of us, we can’t have someone alternating with us and go to the restroom halfway. We can’t even eat lunch.

「 That’s why I watched what she would do on the first day and then say “I knew it, it’s hard for you to be the lone seller, right?” that’s why I joined in the second day 」

Now that she mentioned it.

Oh, Megu’s “lawful wife” thoughts caused her to think of Nei as an annoyance.

「 Therefore, when Nikita helped out today, and Katsu-nee also went to the front, Megu-chan feels dissatisfied. She feels like her territory’s invaded 」

「 Sorry, I didn’t notice that at all 」

Nei’s really controlling the mental traffic of everyone.

That’s why we don’t end up in fights.

「 Even now, we somehow managed not to stimulate Megu-chan’s pride and complex, although 」

But Nei will be absent soon.

No, even before that.

I’m going to do tasks issued by Jii-chan.

「 Megu-chan’s only pursuing her own happiness. That’s why we cannot blame her without unsparingly. Please understand that 」

「 But that’s different 」

Megu’s personal pursuit of happiness, and

Our family’s pursuit of happiness is entirely different.

「 I want to become a baker someday, all I’m doing now is a lesson for the future. Everyone’s helping me reach that dream 」

I cannot allow Megu to be selfish.

No, it’s a mistake to give Megu a special position, namely “wife.”

「 Women’s heart is complicated, isn’t it? 」

Rei-chan mutters

「 Haaa, I really am no match against Nei-oneechan 」


「 Earlier, while we’re walking with Kana-san, she was talking about taking away Megu-oneechan’s lawful wife seat, right? That made me think. I wonder if I could take that seat for myself 」

She leans to me.

「 But, becoming a wife, a lawful one to boot, needs you to think of various things. I need to think ahead, try to balance everyone, and sometimes hold back just like Nei-oneechan, but always showing a smile 」

Nei’s always smiling cheerfully.

「 It’s impossible for me 」

「 is that so? Then who would stop Megu-chan from going reckless while I’m away? 」

Nei smiles at Mana.

「 I’m expecting Mana-chan to do it for me though 」


「 Then, find someone much more suited than me 」


「 Like Megu-oneechan’s natural enemy 」

Who’s that?

「 Yukino-san 」

Mana speaks the name of her sister.

「 She’s really changed. Earlier, she’s even keeping Mao-chan and Yoshiko-san company. She’s being considerate not to get the two bored 」

Now that she mentioned it.

She was teaching Yoshiko-san about stealth marketing.

「 Yukino-san’s the only one who can hold down Megu-oneechan. I know that 」

However, Mana still doesn’t call Yukino “Onee-chan.”