Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 672. Luna’s sex education 3 / Deflowering



「 Auu, uuuu, Nooo 」

The 12-year-old beauty trembles slightly as I lick her nipples.

「 With this, Luna’s breasts now belong to Papa. When Luna wants some licking, then you can ask Papa to do it any time 」

Agnes whispers.

「 I-I don’t want this 」

Luna says, but.

「 That’s not true. You’ll want it soon. It did the same for me 」

This time, Ruriko whispers.

I gently lick both nipples.

Then, I crawl my tongue downwards.

Children’s stomach is soft.

I draw a circle around Luna’s belly button, then lick even inside of it.

「 Kyauuuu 」

Luna raised her voice, feeling ticklish.


「 I’m taking this off 」

I reach for Luna’s childish panty.

「 T-That’s! 」

Luna tries to brush me off with her hand, but.

「 No 」

「 Indeed. You mustn’t 」

Agnes and Ruriko stop her.

Then, I pull down her panty in one go.

The panty is pulled down from her small ass, and her hairless slit appears.

「 N-Noooo 」

Luna’s not wet.

It’s closed like a single line.

「 Is this your first time having a man see this? 」

I asked.

「 Auuuuu 」

Luna’s panicking. She can’t speak.

「 Get yourself together! 」

「 Don’t be afraid, Luna-san 」

She receives encouragement from a girl of the same age and a 15-year-old girl from both sides.

「 Let me ask again. Is this your first time having a man see this? 」


「 I-It’s obviously my first time! 」

She replied with a hoarse voice.

「 At what age you stopped taking a bath with your father? 」

She’s dumbfounded with my question.

「 Father never took a bath with me 」

「 Never? 」

「 Yes, I only entered the bath together with Mother or Onee-sama ever since I was a child 」

I see.

「 I’m an offering after all 」

「 Offering? What do you mean? 」

「 I don’t know. But, that’s what Father told me」

Luna’s father is the Takakura shrine priest.

He told Luna “You should’ve been a boy.”

Then, Luna’s an “offering.”

What could be the meaning of that?

「 Danna-sama, please continue for now 」

Misuzu tells me.

Oh, Misuzu seems to understand something when she heard the word “offering.”

Perhaps, now’s not the time to talk about it.

If that’s the case.

I should advance as Misuzu instructed.

I lower Luna’s panty to her feet and pull it out.

「 Luna, spread your legs 」

「 What? 」

Luna’s surprised.

「 W-Why do I have to do that?! 」

「 I can’t lick this part unless you spread your legs 」

I point at Luna’s crotch.

「 W-Why are you going to lick that place??? 」

「 Because it’s sex. It’s natural for Papa to lick that place 」

Agnes said.

「 Normal? T-That place is dirty 」

「 That’s not true. I love receiving Onii-sama’s licking 」

「 Agnes loves it too! It feels good! 」

「 Ruriko and Agnes, hold Luna’s legs 」

「 Okay, desuno! 」

「 Certainly 」

「 W-Wait! Please wait! 」

Agnes is 12-year-old, but her body has grown well. Ruriko is three years older than Luna.

Luna can’t do anything against two of them.

Her legs are spread out like a frog.

Luna’s secret place is in front of me.

「 Yeah, I’ll take my time to loosen this up 」

I bury my face on Luna’s crotch.

First, let’s not touch it directly but instead lick the inner thigh.

「 Kiiiiii 」

Luna trembles from the sensation.

「 You don’t have to stiffen up that much 」

「 Yes. Take a deep breath and loosen up your body, it’ll only feel good 」

Agnes and Ruriko continue their whispers to Luna.

I start moving my tongue even bolder.

「 I-It tickles. It feels like a snail is crawling, it’s disgusting 」

「 My, that’s rude to Onii-sama 」

「 That’s right! Papa’s doing all his best in licking here! 」

It’s about time.

I open up Luna’s slit with my fingers.

Then, I blew air inside.

「 Hyaaaaa 」

Then, I continue licking.

「 Aguuu?!!! 」

This girl never masturbated.

The first thing to touch inside her slit is a man’s tongue.

This is her first time in her life experiencing mucous membranes making contact.

「 It feels good, doesn’t it? 」

Agnes asks.

「 I-I don’t know 」


I’ll pour saliva on my tongue and lick it more.

「 Kuu, hiiiii!!! 」

「 Loosen up, don’t be afraid. Onii-sama won’t hurt you 」

Ruriko said.

I stimulate Luna’s sensitive parts with my tongue.


「 Luna’s getting wet 」

I feel sour love nectar on the tip of my tongue.

「 W-Wet? M-Me? 」

Luna doesn’t understand it, it seems.

「 Yeah, it means that delicious honey overflows from here 」

I move my tongue even more.

The sour taste increases.

「 I-I feel hot in my belly 」

Luna’s switch is turned on.

The fire of libido spreads in her young body.

Lick. Lick. Lick.

Juru, juru, juru.

Luna’s love nectar’s quantity is now greater than my saliva.

She’s now overflowing like a fountain.

I guess the closed flower is now blooming.

「 Okay, this should be good enough 」

I expose Luna’s clitoris.

「 Hiiii, W-What did you do?! 」

Luna felt shivers just from her clitoris being exposed to the open air.

She’s sensitive.

Oh, her small gem shines like a ruby.

「 I’ll make you feel even better 」

I use my tongue on her peeled clitoris.

「 Hawawawawawawawawa!!!!!! 」

Luna’s mouth opened wide, and she’s bending herself backward.

Agnes and RUriko know it well, so they support her.

「 W-What’s this?! Aaauuunnn!!! 」

Luna’s vagina trickles love nectar from the sharp pleasure she received.

She’s easy to get wet. I see.

「 Uuugh, Hyaaaaaa!!! 」

「 You need to relax 」

「 Surrender yourself to the pleasure Onii-sama’s giving you 」

「 But, but, but!!!! 」

「 Papa’s tongue feels good 」

「 Yes, first, you must accept that pleasure. Luna-san 」

「 Hauuuuuuu!!! Hauuuuu!! Aaaaah!! 」

Oh, Luna’s body is sweating even more.

But I’m not stopping my tongue assault.

「 How is it? Does it feel good, Luna-san? 」

Ruriko asks. Luna;

「 I-It feels good. 」

She finally fell for it.

「 Then, you must relax. It will feel even better 」

「 Yeah, it would be three times better than now 」

Luna’s body loosens up.

To think that her body was so stiff earlier.

「 Aaaaah, it feels good. It feels good. Why?! Onee-sama! Mother!!! 」

Luna’s showing an intoxicated look, she’s drowning in pleasure.

「 Aaaahn, aaaaahn, Aaaah! 」

Luna’s raising cute screams.

「 Yo-chan, I think it’s time to stop on that part 」

Nei says while taking photos of Luna.

「 I think it would be impossible to make Luna-chan cum suddenly 」

I guess.

Her body’s too young that it’s impossible to let her reach that stage.

「 Leaving that aside, open up Luna-chan’s pussy and let’s check her hymen and whether or not she can accept your penis 」

Oh, that one’s important, yes.

I’m also a bit worried.

I’m having sex with Agnes every day, but.

Luna’s body is younger than Agnes.

I need to see whether she can have sex or not first.

「 Hauuu, hauuuu 」

I stop moving my tongue. Then Luna’s drained of strength. She’s breathing roughly.

Her legs are still spread to a shape M.

「 Okay, let’s open this wide 」

I open up Luna’s slit.


Hot love nectar drips out.

Such an impure smell is coming from a 12-year-old girl.

「 Wow, it’s twitching so much! 」

Agnes peeks into Luna’s vagina.

Indeed, her opening is wriggling.

「 Ah, I can see the hymen 」

The pink colored film.

「 Okay, I’ll take a photo of it 」

Nei leans over and takes photos.

「 D-Don’t take photos. T-This is such an embarrassing form 」

Luna speaks in a low voice as there’s no strength coming out of her body.

「 We’re taking records, so it’s inevitable. Agnes also had her photos taken 」

「 Me too! 」

「 With this, Luna and Agnes are becoming friends little by little. 」 Therefore, you don’t have to worry! 」

「 Friends? 」

「 Yes. What you’re doing right now is something we all equally experienced 」

Ruriko smiles gently.

「 Everyone was made Onii-sama’s woman this way 」

Nei and I are peeking inside Luna’s vagina meanwhile.

「 I wonder if this is good enough? Can you do it? 」

「 Yeah, I think so 」

I can see Luna’s vagina developing as much as Agnes.

If I don’t force it, then I think I can do the insertion.

「 Yeah, do your best, Yo-chan 」

Nei licks on my glans.

「 Aaaah! Nei-oneechan! It’s our turn right now! 」

Agnes gets angry at Nei’s intervention.

「 Oh, sorry, sorry, yrros 」

「 Geez! 」

Agnes sucks on my penis while huffing.

She moistens my erect penis with her saliva.

She’s making it easier to slide inside Luna.

「 W-What. What’s going to happen to me? 」

Luna is still breathing roughly.

It seems that there’s not enough oxygen in her head.

Her body’s still weakened.

「 That’s enough Agnes, now hold on to Luna’s shoulders 」

This is to make sure that she won’t run away during insertion.

「 Okay, desuno 」

「 Ruriko, I’ll ask you to follow up 」

「 Certainly 」

Preparations are done.

I get on top of Luna’s small body.

「 W-Wait! W-What? What are you doing? 」

Luna looks up at me afraid.

「 I’ll make you mine, Luna. 」

I place my glans in Luna’s opening.

It makes contact.

「 W-What’s this?! It’s hot 」

She can feel the heat of my erect penis in her opening.

「 Look into my eyes, Luna 」

「 ????!!! 」

「 We’ll become one 」

I hold down Luna’s small body.

Then, thrust in my waist.

「 Guuuuu!???!! Giiiiiii!!!!! 」

My thick glans spreads out her small opening.

Then, it slides in.

「 Iiiiiiiiiiiiiii, It hurtsssssssssssss!!!! 」

I’m piercing through her hymen right away!!!

「 Guh, it’s tight! 」

I leak out my voice unconsciously.

This 12-year-old hymen feels thicker than my other women’s hymen.

It feels like my glans is being squeezed.

「 Ouch! It hurts! It hurtsssssss!!! 」

Luna shouts as she shed tears.

「 Luna! 」

「 Please stop! Kuromori-sama!!! 」

The two elder sisters scream at my back.

「 Be quiet, we’re in the middle of deflowering ritual 」

Michi tells the two.

「 But 」

「 First-time sex is painful. We all experienced this 」

「 Michi-pon’s right. You’ll feel pain, but it’s nothing life-threatening. Besides, Danna-sama’s kind 」

Misuzu also tells the Takakura sisters.

「 Kind? That?! Luna’s in so much pain, can’t you see?! 」

「 Please stop it already, I’m begging you! 」

Yomiko and Tsukiko still protest.

「 This won’t end unless Onii-chan ejaculates. You don’t have to worry that much. Mana also felt pain at first, but it will be better soon enough. Onii-chan’s already used to deflowering girls after all! 」

Mana said. But.

「 I-It hurts! Please pull it out!! 」

Luna below me cries out.

Only 3/4 of my penis is accepted.

If I go deeper, I think it would only make her suffer.

「 Wait. Let’s take photos while Luna-chan’s calming down 」

Nei said.

「 Okay, Luna-chan, look at the camera. Yo-chan as well! 」

Saying that; she shoots photos of us while connected.

Taking photos of the connected part as well.

Luna’s whole body as I violate her, and even her face.

「 This is Luna-chan’s precious commemorative photo after all 」

Luna’s first-time sex is taken now.

Her face is only looking confused.

「 Can you understand? Luna-chan’s belly right now has Yo-chan’s penis inside 」

Nei said. But I haven’t gone to the root, so I feel that it’s half-hearted.

「 W-Why are you doing this? 」

Luna speaks while breathing in pain.

「 This is strange. Getting naked, licking my whole body, and even pushing in the penis inside 」

「 But, our bodies are made this way 」

Ruriko speaks gently.

「 This will be your every day. Luna and Agnes will have sex with Papa 」

「 This act? Every day? 」

「 Yes, desuno. This is an important job 」

Agnes said.

「 Luna and Agnes are living to have sex with Papa 」

「 That’s 」

「 But, it’s great that it’s Papa. Papa’s kind to Agnes and Papa loves Agnes and everyone 」


「 It’s true. Sometimes I wonder what would happen to us if it wasn’t Onii-sama 」

Ruriko said.

「 Luna, does it still hurt? 」

Agnes asks.

「 Un, it feels painful in my stomach. But, there’s no more movement, so the pain has stopped 」

I guess I can’t move in an intense piston.

If I move sloppy, Luna’s broken hymen might cause her hymen to get injured.

「 Papa also experienced pain on his first time 」

Agnes tells Luna something absurd.

「 Papa’s also in pain right now, just like how Luna feels. Sex will hurt until you get used to doing it several times. But, Papa’s holding it all for Luna 」

No, it feels pleasant to men even at their first.

「 That’s right. Onii-sama shared the pain with me during my first time 」

Err. I think that I was only pleasuring myself during my first time with Ruriko though.

「 Putting that aside. It’s true that Yo-chan’s holding it right now 」

Nei said.

「 If it was an ordinary man then they won’t worry about the girl’s body condition and just thrust in their hips until they ejaculate. But Yo-chan’s self-control is too strong 」

Nei’s been watching the prostitutes, and the customers have sex through the surveillance cameras of this mansion during the brothel era.

She assumes that men are violent with their sexual desire.

Well, there were a lot of perverts hanging around with Shirasaka Sousuke.

「 In the end, we all didn’t have such a negative impression on sex because Yo-chan never cut corners when having sex 」

I don’t cut corners when having sex.

「 That’s right, he always takes care of our mind and body 」

Misuzu said.


「 I-Is this enough?! Please pull it out 」

Luna begs.

I can’t stay connected with Luna all the time.

That said, if I move violently, Luna’s body might not be able to hold it.

「 Danna-sama 」

Misuzu calls me.

「 Do you remember the first time you had sex with Mana-san? 」


「 Wait, the one in the courtyard? 」

Are you telling me to double down on force and rape Luna?

「 Yeah, that one hurt a lot 」

Mana said.

「 No, the second ejaculation 」

The second?

「 I was only watching through the feed, but Danna-sama felt sorry that Mana-san is in pain 」

Oh, that one.

I pushed in my penis only halfway inside Mana then,

I stroked my penis to ejaculate.

「 If you do it that way 」

I see. That’s a good idea, Misuzu!

Still, to think that I’d masturbate here.

「 Ruriko, I’ve got a request 」

「 Yes, what is it? Onii-sama? 」

「 Use your hand to stroke my penis 」

「 Yes? 」

「 First, lean on my body, and put your hands on my front 」

「 Like this? 」

I guide Ruriko’s hand and let her touch my rod.

「 Then, make a circle with your thumb and forefinger in this part, this is where the entrance clamps. Squeeze it tightly and stroke it up and down with the intent of a vagina. Okay? 」

「 Is this good enough? 」

「 Yeah, continue doing that 」

「 Yes! 」

Ruriko gives me a handjob while I’m still inside Luna.

Ruriko’s breasts touch my back.

I can feel her nipples tickling my skin.

「 One-two, One-two, One-two, One-two 」

I can feel Ruriko’s breath in my ears.

「 Uuugh, uuugh, uuuuuu 」

Ruriko’s handjob goes through my glans and Luna can feel it inside of her.

Luna should be able to endure this much movement.

「 Agnes, lie down together with Luna and talk to her so she won’t have to worry 」

「 Can I touch Luna’s breasts? 」

「 Yeah, go on 」

「 Okay, desuno 」

Agnes lies down next to Luna who’s still connected to me.

「 Luna, look at Papa, he’s doing his best 」

She looked up at my face and smiled.

「 Doing his best? A-At what? 」

「 So he could pour a lot of warm semen inside Luna 」

「 Semen? Pour? 」

「 Yes, desuno. That’s right, that’s why let’s cheer for Papa together! 」

Agnes gently massages Luna’s breasts.

「 Ahn, that’s 」

Luna’s vagina tightens.

「 Agnes will help you 」

Agnes licks on her finger then stimulate Luna’s nipples with it.

「 Ah, Aaaahn! 」

「 That’s cute, Luna. Please be Agnes’ friend forever, okay? 」

Agnes is a girl who masturbated to Shirasaka Sousuke every day before, so,

She knows where women feel sensitive.

「 Let’s have sex with Papa forever, okay? 」

Then, Agnes’ fingers.

Goes to Luna’s part connecting to me.

Then, it arrived just right above her clitoris.

「 Okay, let’s feel more pleasure! 」

「 Hauuuuu!!! 」

Agnes’ fingertips play with Luna’s clitoris with a feather touch.

「 Aaaaaaah! 」

There’s even more love nectar overflowing from Luna’s insides.

「 Does it feel good, Luna? 」

「 U-Un, it feels good 」

Luna’s not showing any rejection when having an angelic half-blood beauty lying down next to her.

「 We’ll be doing this from now on 」

Agnes’ fingering is getting stronger.

「 Ah, aaaaaaah! 」

Luna’s vagina that was clamping this whole time from the shock of forced insertion is now getting loose.

If that’s the case.

「 Ooh, Ruriko. Faster. Speed it up 」

「 Yes, Onii-sama 」

Ruriko speeds up her movement.

「 Ooh, it’s coming. It’s about to come, Luna 」

「 Huh? What is? 」

Luna doesn’t understand.

「 Look at Papa’s face, Luna. Look at his face doing his very best! 」

「 O-Okay 」

Luna looks up at me once again as Agnes urges her.

「 See? Papa’s doing his best 」

「 Un, why is it that Kuromori-san has such a serious face 」

Oh, sweat is bursting out of my body.

I feel hot deep inside.

It’s rising up.

「 Cheer for Papa who’s doing his best 」

Agnes says while touching Luna’s clitoris.

「 What should I say? 」

「 “Hurry up and release them,” and “Please pour lots inside Luna” 」

「 Huh? 」

「 Go on 」


「 P-Please hurry up and release them Inside me. Hurry 」

「 Don’t say “Boku,” say “Luna” 」

「 L-Luna. Please pour it inside Luna 」


「 R-Ruriko, you can let go now! 」

「 Yes, Onii-sama!!! 」

Ruriko lets go of her hand.

「 Luna, say that again!! 」

「 P-Please release a lot inside Luna!!! 」

I. I. I!!!!

「 L-Luna!!! 」

Then, I go deeper inside Luna’s vagina.

I thrust in my waist in one go!!!!

「 Higiiiiiiiiiii!!!! 」

I push inside Luna to the root!!

I push the tip of my penis to her uterus.

「 Luna, open your eyes! Make sure to look at Papa’s face!!! 」

Luna opened her eyes wide in shock.

Then, I ejaculate!!!!

「 Aaaaaaah!!! Hoootttt!!!! 」

Luna’s womb is receiving its first semen!!!

「 See? It’s thumping, isn’t it? Papa’s semen is coming in right now 」

「 T-This?! Why??? 」

Guu, guu, guuuuu!!!!

I’ve been holding it for long that I’m spouting a large amount of semen.

「 Onee-sama! Mother!!! It feels hot!! It’s so hot inside Luna!!! 」

「 No, you mustn’t look away from Papa!! 」

Agnes shouts at Luna.

「 You’re having sex with Papa!! 」

At that moment.

Luna looked at me.

No, well, Agnes was urging her to look at me earlier, but.

Luna looks at me right now with her own will.

「 Lunaaaaa!!! 」

I pour in my last semen so my thoughts could go through Luna’s heart.

「 K-Kuromori-san? 」

「 Uuugh, Uuuuuuugh!!! 」

My long ejaculation is over.

I then lay my sweaty body on top of Luna.

「 Luna, thanks 」

I kiss Luna’s lips.

「 ???!!!! 」

Luna’s surprised.

Oh right, this is her first kiss.

「 I’ll treasure you, Luna 」

I said. Then kissed Luna again.

「 I 」

Luna stares into my eyes.

「 Luna’s now our friend! 」

Agnes says happily.

「 That’s right, you’re now Onii-sama’s slave, just like us 」

Ruriko said.

「 It won’t be so painful next time. Then, after a couple of times, it will feel good. Ah, does Papa want to cum inside Luna more? 」

Agnes asks me.

「 No, let’s rest Luna’s body for tonight. Her elder sisters still remain. 」

I look at Tsukiko and Yomiko.

The two of them are shocked from watching their little sister lose her virginity.

「 Then, tomorrow 」

「 Yeah, I’m pulling out Luna 」

I try to move my body, but

「 Wait, Yo-chan, I’m taking photos 」

Nei holds the camera and moves her body around.

「 Okay, I’m pulling out now 」

I pull out my erect penis from Luna’s vagina.

「 Auu!! 」

After pilling out my glans from the opening, her virgin blood slips out from the slit, then my semen follows with a little delay.

The red blood and white semen mix, and it became pink.

Nei also took photos of that scene.

「 Luna, does it hurt? 」

I asked.

「 It still hurts a bit 」

「 Sorry about that. I wanted to ease out the pain a bit, but 」

「 No, I understand that Kuromori-san cares about me 」


「 Onii-sama, she’s a sex slave, but she’s calling you “Kuromori-san,” it’s strange 」

Ruriko said.

「 Yeah. Hmm, what should I make her call me? 」

「 “Papa,” is a no. Agnes and Mao-chan already has it 」

Agnes said.

「 “Onii-sama,” is for Ruriko 」

「 “Onii-chan,” is only for Mana 」

「 Michi wants “Master,” to be exclusive 」

My “sex slaves” are being assertive.

「 “Danna-sama,” is only for me, right? 」

No, you don’t have to worry about that Misuzu.

「 How about “Nii-san?” 」

I said.

「 Luna’s a “Boku-girl” after all 」

「 Huh? Ain’t that similar to comedian duos? 」

Nei said.

「 Well, Luna’s still 12. She’s not a comedian 」

I look at Luna.

「 Uhm, should I call Kuromori-san “Nii-san?” 」

「 If you have something else then I don’t mind 」

「 No, but why? 」

Luna’s surprised.

「 Well, we’ll be together from now on so calling me Kuromori-san is a bit strange, you see? 」

I said.

「 Are you really serious? 」

「 I already took you from Jii-chan as a sex slave. We already had our first sex 」

「 Luna can stay here forever! 」

Agnes said.

「 Is that so? 」

「 I mean. Stay. We’re prepared to accept you 」


「 Tsukiko-oneesama. Yomiko-oneesama. Kuromori-sama and everyone is truly serious. They genuinely intend to take me in 」

「 Luna 」

Yomiko mutters.

「 I don’t know much about sex yet. I don’t know either why do I need to have sex with Kuromori from now on, but I can understand that these people have no evil thoughts. They really, truly, believe that this is for the best 」

Luna tells her sisters.

「 Therefore, I’ll follow Kuromori-san. I think that they are good people, so 」

Then, Luna;

She speaks to me while virgin blood and semen drips down from her crotch.

「 Please take care of me Nii-sama! 」