Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 679. Battle sex with Tsukiko 1 / Start



Tsukiko stands up and heads for the last bed.

This is so I could deflower her.

She sits down on the edge of the bed gracefully and looks at me.

「 Feel free 」


「 Go, Onii-chan 」

Mana smiles at me.

「 We’ll look after Yomiko-san 」

Mana hugs Yomiko who just had her first experience.

「 Either way, it’s decided that this will happen 」

Michi said.

That’s right, having sex with the three sisters is planned from the start.

「 Michi, I’m relying on you 」

Michi will hold Yomiko’s power.

We mustn’t let it go to rampage.

「 Certainly. MAster 」

Michi replied with her usual blank look.

「 I’m heading out, Yomiko 」

I touch Yomiko’s cute ass and tell her.

「 Please be gentle with Tsukiko 」

Yomiko tells me.

「 Yeah, I know 」

I kissed Yomiko.

I gave one to Michi and Mana as well.

Then, I leave Yomiko’s white bed.


Yomiko’s an honest girl, she doesn’t have two-faces.

I think that the white color suits her.

However, the last bed I’m going to is black.

Could this color imply Tsukiko as well?

「 Kuromori-sama? 」

Tsukiko hugs me as soon as I come.


Is Tsukiko this kind of girl?


「 Thank you for acting that way so Yomiko-sama could give up on becoming a shrine maiden 」

She whispers to my ears to not let the girls hear.

「 Please continue that until Yomiko-sama’s power is contained 」


She knew that Yomiko’s power hasn’t disappeared?!!

That Michi’s only holding it down.

「 If she noticed that she hasn’t lost her power, Yomiko-sama will want to become a shrine maiden again 」

That’s right. Yomiko gave up on becoming a shrine maiden because…

She’s under the impression that she lost her power.

「 Why do you not want Yomiko to become the shrine maiden? 」

I whisper back to Tsukiko.

「 Yes. I will take over this fate. And I will be the last 」


「 Onii-chan, who’ll be the partner? 」

Mana asks me.

Oh right.

I chose my partners for each of the sisters.

Luna had Agnes and Ruriko.

Yomiko had Michi and Mana.

What’s left is.

Nei said that she’s only an observer and a photographer.

In that case.

「 Misuzu, come 」

Luna and Agnes are both 12.

Yomiko and Mana are both 12.

Then, I’ll have Misuzu whose at the same age as Tsukiko come.

「 Yes, Danna-sama 」

Misuzu happily comes.

「 And as for the other one 」

I look around.

「 Edie, it’s you 」

Edie shows a disappointed face.

But, I had no choice.

I don’t know what Tsukiko’s hiding so I need someone who has a strong Qi.

Michi needs to stick with Yomiko.

In that case, it has to be Edie.

Edie’s preceptive after all.

「 Of course~ 」

Edie comes smiling.

Then, she whispered.

「 You mustn’t try to comfort Megumi here 」

She said.

「 She needs to know it on her own. Darling mustn’t explain it, all right?


I’m already preoccupied with the Takakura sisters.

It would be too dangerous to call out Megu here.

No matter how displeased Megu gets, I mustn’t.

「 !!! 」

Megu stands up and tries to leave.

That’s inevitable.

She’s the only one I didn’t choose among the young group.

「 Sit down, Megu-chan 」

Nei calls Megu.

To be exact, only Nei did.

Nei’s the only one I didn’t call, she’s the only one who can talk to Megu right now.

Megu won’t listen to any other woman in here.

I mean, my other women have an unwavering resolution that nobody looks at Megu. They’re already ignoring her.

「 Why do I have to stay here? 」

Megu asks Nei.

「 Want to run? Sure, you can run if you want to, but you have to tell everyone 」

Nei’s voice is cold.

「 Tell what? 」

「 That you’re giving up on Yo-chan and leaving the family 」

Megu’s startled.

「 Yo-chan’s fighting right now. And yet, you don’t even cheer on him, our family don’t need a girl who runs away 」


「 Yo-chan’s always doing his best not just for Megu-chan, but also for everyone in the family 」

「 I-I 」

「 Are you going out? Or are you staying here? Hurry up and decide 」


「 I-I’ll stay 」

She goes back to her seat.

「 No, you mustn’t look at Megumi. Being kind and spoiling her are two different things 」

Edie whispers to me.

「 It’s different with Yukino, Darling now has us. Therefore, you shouldn’t bear everything alone 」


「 We’ll do our best, so things go well, but, if it didn’t, then we’ll cry together 」

「 No, it’s not okay to have all cry together 」

Edie laughs.

「 That was a joke. Take it easy, Darling! 」


Seeing Edie’s smile makes me feel relieved/.

「 Come now, Misuzu, let’s get naked. Nothing will start unless we take off our clothes 」

「 Indeed, Edie-san 」

Misuzu and Edie start undressing.

「 By the way, Darling, when you search for images, do you use the keyword “NUDE” or “Naked”? 」

「 What do you mean, Edie? 」

「 I mean, when you’re searching for lewd pics, you do, right? Do you search “Naked cute girl?” “Nude girl?” or “Nudist Contest?” 」

「 I don’t 」

I replied.

「 After all, all of my women are cute, and we always take a bath together and have sex everyday 」

I don’t have time to look for lewd pics on the internet.

I mean, if I got exposed doing that, I don’t know what the girls would tell me.

Either way, Nei and Minaho-neesan are checking and analyzing the history in my laptop.

「 Besides, Agnes feels like she’d do a nudist contest by herself 」

That girl will get naked ignoring the atmosphere.

Agnes is the only one who’d take off her clothes everywhere if she wants to have sex.

「 Tomorrow, Luna and I will have a nude contest! 」

Agnes said.

「 No, no, if you’re doing that then we’ll participate as well. 」 Yomiko-san too 」

Mana smiles at Yomiko.

「 If that’s the case, how about we decide the time so we all can do it? 」


「 If we set the schedule in advance, then we can try to diet and shape-up individually, and Onii-sama can appreciate us at our best 」

「 That’s a good idea 」

Misuzu’s interest sparked.

「 A physical beauty competition? 」

Michi looks at her chest again.

While at it, she looks at Yomiko’s huge breast in front of her.

「 Michi, Darling decides the beauty. All you have to do is to look beautiful in your best way 」

Edie said.

「 I mean, Michi-oneechan’s small body is cute. And matching it with Michi-oneechan’s personality, it’s cute and beautiful! 」


「 That’s right. Michi, you should be yourself and show your naked body to Onii-sama fair and square. What’s important is whether Onii-sama likes it or not 」

「 Let’s do that contest. If everyone gets naked together, then Michi-pon’s insecurity will be gone. After all, there are girls with various physique, Danna-sama enjoys each of them. Michi has to think that way. I don’t have Michi’s personality or body either 」

「 Misuzu-oneesama 」

It is as Edie said earlier.

Even if I don’t do anything, the family will support each other.

Except for Megu.

Nobody’s even trying to ask Megu “are you not joining in?”

They don’t feel like helping out someone who doesn’t even participate in the conversation.

Megu’s a high-school girl.

For someone in the younger group, she’s in a position where she has to take care of the younger girls, she is not in a place where she’s given the concern.

「 Then, how about we hold that “Kuromori nude contest” in a month? Nei-chan, do you mind? 」

Misuzu asks Nei.

「 No, no, one month is a no-go. Onee-sama would want to ask for a grace period of three months 」

Nei replied.

「 Nagisa’s pregnant, so she won’t participate, but still, Shou-neechan and Rei-chan 」

Shou-neechan shaped up until I deflowered her after all.

「 Then, we’ll ask for everyone’s opinion and make a schedule for it 」

「 Yeah, let’s do, Mii-chan 」

Somehow, I don’t get why but they decided to hold a nude contest.

I don’t even get what will they do in a nude contest.

I’ll look at everyone’s naked body, and then what?

「 Everyone indeed has such good relationship 」

Tsukiko said.

「 Also, you all do trust Kuromori-sama 」

「 Yes. It’s all thanks to Danna-sama 」

Misuzu replied.


「 Misuzu, let’s give Darling some liquid before having sex 」

Edie tells Misuzu.

「 Ah, yes, Danna-sama, what drink would you like to have? 」

I know that Edie wants Misuzu to be away from the bed.

「 Then, a sports drink one 」

「 Please wait for a moment 」

Misuzu leaves the bed and heads to the refrigerator in the corner of the room.

As expected of Misuzu, she’s prepared.

「 And so, since when was it, Tsukiko? 」

Edie whispers.

「 When? 」

Tsukiko shows a confused face.

「 From what I know, it’s after Tsukiko went downtown with Darling in Shou’s car. I’ve been watching the feed from Shou’s camera here 」

Shou-neechan’s car drove downtown while the sisters were wearing only a bath towel.

Later, we purposely lured the Yakuza, and Kouzuki SS took them down.

I had Tsukiko give me fellatio in front of Andou, a Yakuza.

Was Edie watching all that?

「 Shou’s car had a drive recorder. It’s basically the same as the device in taxis which records a video in the car when a crime occurs. Then, the video’s sent to the internet 」

Edie said.

「 Tsukiko’s state changed halfway through 」


What do you mean, Edie?

「 Since it was a feed, I can’t feel the change in Qi. But I’m sure that something changed. That’s how it appeared to me

Tsukiko changed?

「 Indeed, there was a small change after touching Kuromori-sama’s skin 」

Tsukiko said.

Touching? Oh, the part where I massaged her breasts?

「 Then, gradually, Kuromori-sama’s thoughts go through me 」

My thoughts?

「 I understood that this man at least doesn’t have any ill-will towards us sisters 」

I’m not forcibly raping Tsukiko and her sisters or trying to use them.

Tsukiko felt that through our skin?

Could that be?

Did Tsukiko’s “power” awaken?

「 No, it just felt like that. I only understood that Kuromori-sama isn’t a bad person from the earnest look in one’s face 」

Tsukiko looks at me.

“No,” she said?

Wait, did she just read my thoughts just now?

And on top of that, she’s still saying that her power isn’t awake yet.

「 Then after that, Kuromori-sama, uhm, how should I say it? When that thing got big and was stuffed in my mouth, then released something strange-tasting in my mouth 」

「 Oh, that one’s called fellatio and then semen drinking 」

Michi who’s listening from the neighboring bed says.

「 Ah, yes. At any rate, that was my first time 」

「 We’ll teach you more about sex techniques next time 」

Yeah, Michi, let’s have that for next time, okay?

For now.

「 So, what happened after you drank my semen? 」

「 And since then, I can understand what Kuromori-sama’s thinking 」

Tsukiko smiles at me.

「 Of course, it only comes as a hunch, but still 」

Tsukiko speaks bashfully.

No, that’s wrong.

Tsukiko’s able to read my mind after drinking my semen.


「 Could it be that the “Tsuki shrine maiden’s Satori power” has awakened? 」

Ruriko looks at Luna who she’s hugging.

「 Luna-san turned calm after receiving Onii-sama’s ejaculation 」


Luna was deflowered a bit forcibly, and yet,

She’s now obedient to me after I came inside.

「 I don’t get it but, anyway, I just know that Nii-san’s trying to help us. 」 That Nii-san’s not a bad person but a good one 」

Luna said.

「 Then, Nii-san truly loves Agnes-san and Ruriko-sama, that he values them more than his life, that he thinks that it would be nice if I can get along with Agnes-san 」

Did Luna’s power awaken from having sex?

「 It seems like it. Kuromori-sama was genuinely kind to Luna-sama 」

Tsukiko tells her little sister.

In the end, she’s trying to deny that awakening of “Tsuki’s shrine maiden power.”

「 Indeed. I don’t have the shrine maiden’s power. Nii-san’s earnest, that’s all 」

「 Yes, I also felt that Kuromori-sama’s trying to lead me to a better direction 」

Yomiko said.

If my reasoning is correct.

Yomiko has no “Satori power.”

「 Indeed. It’s just that we can guess what’s in Kuromori-sama’s mind 」

Tsukiko said.

「 If possible, I would like to know more 」

Tsukiko unwraps her shrine maiden clothes.

「 It’s a battle then, Darling 」

Edie smiled and whispered to me.

「 Tsukiko wants to see through inside Darling’s mind 」

My mind?

「 Her power isn’t fully awake yet. As expected, you need to have sex and ejaculate inside her.

I stuffed my penis inside Luna and poured in my semen in her womb.

Then, Luna read my thoughts that I want to save her.

Therefore, Luna’s opening up her heart to me now.


「 Tsukiko’s Qi inside her is a bottomless swamp. Darling’s going to drown if you carelessly get inside 」

The 12-year-old Luna doesn’t have enough Qi. Therefore, her “Miko power” isn’t completely awake yet.

However, Tsukiko’s 17-years-old.

I knew that she’s accumulating a Qi larger than Yomiko.

Therefore, just from caressing her breast and giving her semen from fellatio started to awaken her “satori power.”

Then, if we have sex now.

「 What’s wrong, Kuromori-sama? 」

Tsukiko loosens the chest part of her shrine maiden clothes.

Her cleavage is visible.

「 Darling, Tsukiko plans to draw out vital information from your mind 」

Edie whispers to me.

I see. If she reads through my whole mind, then,

She’ll learn the secrets of Kouzuki house and Kuromori.

If that happens, Tsukiko can gain enough material to oppose Jii-chan.

「 That girl doesn’t trust us. Even if she does, she wants to have some trump card to use against us to survive 」

「 Why do you think so? 」

「 Tsukiko’s actions and state until now leads to that guess no matter what 」

Tsukiko loosens her obi and opens up her clothes.

Then, she doesn’t take off anything else.

She doesn’t even expose her breast.

「 Let’s hurry up and do it 」

Tsukiko lies down on the bed.

She grips her hand tight and bites her lip.

This is an attitude of a fighter.

She’s ready.

Tsukiko believes that her “Miko power” will awaken from having sex

She intends to fight by drawing information from me.

「 What’s wrong, Danna-sama? 」

Misuzu looks at me curiously as she brings a drink she put in the glass.

「 No, nothing. Thanks 」

I gulp down the drink.

My body absorbs the nutrients.

Coincidentally, sweat also comes off.

「 Shall I bring more? 」

「 No, that was enough, thanks, Misuzu 」


Nobody noticed Tsukiko’s aim except for Edie.

What should I do?

This is bad.

Should I continue?

What should I do?

「 She really thinks like a virgin 」

Edie speaks in amazement.

「 That’s cute, Tsukiko! 」

Tsukiko looks up at Edie in surprise.

Then, Edie shows me a smile.

「 Do it! Darling! 」

「 No, but 」

「 You don’t have to worry, Darling will win this battle! 」

I’ll win?

「 Trust me! 」

No, even if you say that.

「 Oh right, Darling 」

「 W-What? 」

Then, Edie laughs.

「 Girls like it if you’re a bit rough, it’s exciting 」

「 Hmm? 」

「 Especially during their first time! 」


「 They still don’t know how scary, and how profound sex is 」



I see.

Even if she tries to find information from me through sex.

Tsukiko’s still a virgin.

She can’t escape the fear of sex.

「 Yeah got it 」

I face Tsukiko who’s lying down on the bed.

「 Let’s begin 」

「 Y-Yes 」

The fight begins.