Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 688. Mental world / The birth of the Super Shrine Maiden



Oh, I see it.

I can tell.

I’m not just having sex with Tsukiko now,

The Qi flows through the triangle, and,

I’m having sex with Luna and Yomiko as well.

Misuzu and everyone supports the sisters.

Michi and Edie send in strong Qi.

Everyone’s melting together.

Everyone’s naked.

Their mind and bodies are all exposed.

「 Kuuuun! 」

Yomiko’s “Yomi Miko power,” which releases power from the inside, gushes out as white light.

Then, if Tsukiko’s “Tsuki Miko power,” which absorbs power from the outside, accepts it,

Then the two “Miko powers” will fuse.


「 Kyaaaauuuun!!! 」

Tsukiko’s also releasing hers?


「 I, I, I!! Aaaaaaah! 」

I see.

Tsukiko’s closed down her heart until now,

So everything that’s accumulating inside Tsukiko flows out like a flood.

「 Aaaaaah! I!!!!!! 」

When we had sex earlier,

Tsukiko saw through my heart with her “Tsuki Miko power.”

Tsukiko one-sidedly read through me.

As for the other way around, her heart is protected by a wall.

But now.

The door to her heart opened, and she received the explosion of Qi from Shingetsu.

Everything hidden in Tsukiko’s heart is coming out.

「 I!! 」

Ah, I see it.

It’s Tsukiko when she was young.

It was the day of arbitration ritual, where her mother’s ravished by the Yakuza.

『 Kukuku, Tsukiko-chan was made this way 』

The Yakuza laughs unpleasantly.

『 Then, Tsukiko-chan will do this thing with Oji-san soon 』

Tsukiko saw.

It was shown to her.

(I don’t want my sisters to do this. I, I must become the shrine maiden)

The young Tsukiko resolved herself.

That is Tsukiko’s first trauma.

『 Oh, are you my daughter? 』

Another Yakuza boss looks at Tsukiko who’s a bit younger than earlier.

『 My daughter seems to be growing well. As expected, the seed I planted is much better? See? Mr. Priest 』

Oh, I see Tsukiko’s parents, the shrine maiden and the priest of Takakura shrine.

The shrine maiden’s holding a baby.

This is Yomiko.

Luna’s not born yet.

(This person speaks of such horrible things in front of Father)

『 The shrine maiden from back then was still in high school. What a lewd body she had. I mean, she hasn’t lost her beauty even now. I might make another dispute just to make children with you again. Gufufufu 』

The Yakuza laughs vulgarly.

If this man is Tsukiko’s father then, he’s probably Oodori, the boss from Kansai Raijin.

This is ten years ago.

『 Though I want to fuck a shrine maiden, I’d rather not have my heart seen through anymore 』

『 That’s the relationship of Takakura shrine maidens though 』

The priest looked down and said.

『 If you say that, Mr. Priest does the shrine maiden see through your heart every time you have sex with her? 』

『 Yes 』

『 That must be hard for you! Guahahahaha! 』

(Go home already and stay away from the shrine)

『 By the way, Mr. Priest. Actually, no, wait, I still have no experience with my own daughter. Therefore, I’d like to do it another time until a man is born, this is a man’s romance, you see? 』

This guy.

『 No, of course, not right away. I’m not a lolicon, unlike Minami’s Aniki. I’d like to watch this girl’s breasts grow large 』

『 Tsukiko will be the next shrine maiden after me 』

Tsukiko’s mother tells Oodori.

『 The body of the shrine maiden is for every one with faith in Takakura shrine. I’m very sorry 』

『 I don’t care about your excuses and whatnot. I know. Didn’t you sell your body to various men before you became a shrine maiden, didn’t you? Sleeping with men is the shrine maiden’s training 』

Oodori grins.

『 It will be a good practice to have her true father help her out 』

What’s with this man?

『 If I recall, your power to peek into my heart won’t come out until you become a proper shrine maiden, does it? 』

(That person!)

Tsukiko’s mind projects the scene of her mother violated.

(I’ll do the same with that person and make a child!!! I don’t want that!!)

The young Tsukiko trembles in fear.

『 That’s false information 』

The shrine maiden speaks in a hoarse voice.

『 What? What part of it is false? 』

Oodori glares at the shrine maiden.

『 Tsukiko’s already showing her “Miko power” It’s still small but, this girl is training every day to develop it

The mother resists the Yakuza to protect her daughter.

『 Also, there were examples of the real father having sex with the shrine maidens. It would cause harsher aftereffects on the depths of her heart compared to an ordinary man 』

『 Y-Yes, I’ve also read the records from the shrine. If I recall, the shrine maiden became crippled, it was a record from the Meiji era 』

The priest and shrine maiden persuade Oodori to give up on trying to have sex with Tsukiko.

『 Is that so? That’s unfortunate 』

Oodori shows displeasure.

『 That is indeed a shame 』

He looks down on Tsukiko.

(If Tsukiko doesn’t become a shrine maiden and obtain the “Miko power” then this man will do evil things!!!)

That is Tsukiko’s second trauma.

『 I’ll become the next shrine maiden! If not, I’d feel sorry for Father 』

That is the night where Yomiko became aware of her birth.

She discovered that she’s the only daughter of the priest.

Yomiko’s in elementary age.

She looks at the young Luna worriedly.

(Who told Yomiko? Oh, Boss Oodori was here earlier)

That man did something unnecessary.

『 You heard me, Tsukiko?! 』

That’s right.

That night was also the time when Yomiko stopped calling Tsukiko her elder sister.

『 I will keep the tradition of Takakura shrine maidens. Yomiko is Father’s real daughter! 』

I can understand Yomiko’s shock.

(Yomiko doesn’t know the truth about Shrine maidens. She only sees Mother’s beautiful form. Therefore)

Gathering faith from the Yakuza,

Performing Kagura dance in a shrine maiden clothing. A beautiful mother.

Recently, she hardly comes out of the front shrine.

She only shows a gentle smile to Yomiko and Luna, but.

Tsukiko knows that her mother’s heart is already eroded.

『 I’ll never let Tsukiko become the shrine maiden! After all, you’re the daughter of that old man!! 』

I knew it, Oodori did tell her.

『 Indeed, Yomiko-sama 』

Before she noticed, she replied that way.

(I, I am that person’s daughter)

Then, she starts calling Luna “Luna-sama.”

That’s Tsukiko’s third trauma.

「 I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! 」

Yomiko shouts.

「 Yomi didn’t understand Tsukiko-oneesama’s feelings at all! I’m truly sorry! 」


Those words heal the trauma in Tsukiko’s heart.

『 I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry 』

That is her mother’s letter written with a brush on Japanese paper.

『 Please forgive me for dragging Father as well 』

Could this be?

Tsukiko’s mother knew that she and her husband would be killed?

She did.

Her ‘Miko power’ is to read people’s hearts.

Seeing through the depths of one’s heart through sex lets her feel the intense emotions, such as “killing intent.”

(What should I do? I can’t let my sisters see this!)

Tsukiko folds the paper and hides it in her pocket in a hurry.

(What should I do?! What should I do?! What should I do?!)

Then, Tsukiko;

She recalls the time her father went out together with her mother wearing the best suit he had.

(Mother is only going to a hospital, and yet he’s wearing that suit!)

It’s possible that the husband as well.

He knew that his life is in danger.

(Then, is that lover’s suicide?! I knew that Mother’s mental condition wasn’t going well, But!!!)

To think that he went with his wife and left the children behind!!

(This is wrong. This has to be a mistake. Anyway, let’s chase after mother!)

Tsukiko tries to rush to the hospital.


『 Tsukiko-oneesama!!! It’s a disaster! Mother and Father!! 』

Luna jumps in.

『 They were shot by a pistol in the hospital!! 』

That is Tsukiko’s last trauma.

(Why did this happen, why?!!!)

◇ ◇ ◇

Tsukiko’s intense emotions and memories are released.

Usually, all of this power would be stored in the flow of Qi and absorbed by Tsukiko, and yet.

Tsukiko’s pouring to the flow like a jet.

This is bad.

We managed to hold on to the last moment, but,

It would be hard to keep the intense Qi flowing around more than this.


「 No way. Father and Mother abandoned us and died?! 」

The shock of her parent’s death shocked Luna.

「 That’s. That can’t be! I!! 」

This is really bad.

Luna, who’s a corner of the triangle drops out.

All of the Qi and power stored around explodes.

「 I’m sorry, Tsukiko-oneesama! Yomi, Yomi was wrong! It’s Yomi’s fault that Tsukiko-oneesama!! 」

Yomiko also trembles in guilt as she felt her sister’s experience.

「 I, I! 」

Tsukiko’s heart is about to collapse due to the accumulated trauma.

If this goes on.

「 Get yourself together, you three! 」

I shout to them bearing strong Qi.

「 You only keep on looking at yourself! 」

If this goes on, their hearts will be crushed.

Their opened hearts will close down again.

「 Look at ours! 」

Look this way.

Look at us.

Then, notice that you’re no longer alone!

「 That’s right, us too!! 」

Mana shows her heart to us too.

Her self-indulgent father, dying in agony.

Mana’s mother and grandfather abandoning her.

「 Don’t think that only feel pain 」

「 I also lost my father 」

Ruriko’s heart.

Ruriko watched as Miss Cordelia kicked her father’s head away.

I see. Ruriko felt this way.

Ruriko’s depression was horrible before and after her father’s funeral.

「 It must’ve been hard, sorry, Ruriko 」

I tell Ruriko.

「 No, Onii-sama. Onii-sama was there during the most painful times, so Ruriko was able to endure it 」

Ruriko’s true feelings are conveyed.

To me, to everyone.

「 I also had mother abandon me 」


Michi’s heart.

I knew it, she may look calm, but the fact that her mother disappeared with another man was a significant trauma for her.

「 Master, please give my head a lot of patting later. Michi will cheer up if you do 」

Michi’s heart says.

「 Me too, I’m alone before 」

Edie who was chased out of her assassination cult says.

「 But, it’s okay now, I have Darling. I have everyone with me. I have my family here 」

Edie laughs.

「 Therefore, I’ll protect this family. It’s my job!

Edie no longer has any hesitation.

「 What is a “father and mother?” 」


「 Agnes has Papa and, Mao-chan, and all the Onee-chan. I don’t know anything else 」

Agnes is raised confined in the basement, she doesn’t know parental love.

「 It was lonely before. But, it’s okay now. Agnes has everyone. When my chest hurts, and I feel lonely, I can just ask Papa to have sex. Then, all the sadness and fear goes away 」

Agnes tells Luna.

「 Luna, don’t be sad. After all, Luna has Agnes now. You have everyone here. If you still feel sad, then we’ll have sex with Papa together. Agnes will teach you, so, 」

Agnes smiles.

「 Luna! Do your best! Hang in there! 」

「 Agnes 」

Luna’s heart calms down.

「 Yomiko-san too. I mean, I’ll call you Yomi now, copying Onii-chan 」

Mana said.

「 Yomi’s still 14, aren’t you? You’re just like me, you can make mistakes and fail 」

「 It’s okay? 」

「 Isn’t that obvious? If you caused trouble then just bow your head and say “I’m sorry” If you apologize from the bottom of your heart then they’ll forgive you, that’s what family is 」

「 Family? 」

「 Mana is Onii-chan’s sex slave, Yomi is a “pregnant slave,” by the rules of our house we’re family now, isn’t that right, Onii-chan? 」

「 Yeah, Yomi’s already our family now 」

Since we see through each other’s heart, no lies are coming out.

I seriously think that way.

「 Thank you, thank you!!! 」

Yomiko’s heart is moistened along with her eyes.

「 Tsukiko-san. It must’ve been hard so far. But it’s okay now. 」

Misuzu tells Tsukiko.

「 I 」

「 You no longer have to carry your burdens alone. We’re here for you 」

「 Misuzu-sama 」

「 Just “Misuzu” will do. I’ll start calling you “Tsukiko” from now on as well 」

That’s right.


「 Tsukiko, Yomi, Luna, break everything 」


「 Break all of those that tie you down 」

「 But, the tradition 」

Tsukiko says.

「 We’ll reset it. It will no longer be the Yakuza making strange binds with the shrine maiden, but instead, it will become the ideal shrine maiden your ancestors dreamt of 」

Misuzu smiles.

「 Is that really possible? 」

Tsukiko still has some doubts.

「 It’s not “possible” Do it. If not, Tsukiko, Yomi, and Luna, no, even your children will be bound by that fate forever 」

This bullshit fate.

「 We can. 」 We’re together with Onii-sama 」

Ruriko said.

「 We already did. I’m one of those Onii-sama saved from fate 」

「 That’s right, and so, Tsukiko-sama, please set your power free 」

Michi said.

「 Un, it’s about time we reach our limit. 」

Michi and Edie support the flow that was close to breaking.

「 Prepare yourself, Tsukiko 」

I ordered.

「 Yomi, do your best! 」


「 Luna! Do your best! Hang in there! 」


「 Aaah, everyone’s warmth melts my heart 」

Then, Tsukiko.

She sets her power free.

「 W-Wait! Me too! 」


「 Something is moving inside of me. 」

Is that?

「 Luna, remember your practice! Hum “Unn” 」

「 Yes, Tsukiko-oneesama 」

「 Yomiko, hum “Aa” 」

「 Yes! 」

Un, a? Aun?

「 Let’s go! Oooo 」

「 Ooooo 」

「 Aaaaah! 」

The sister’s voice overlaps beautifully.

「 The triangle’s fixed 」

「 The flow has changed! 」

Michi and Edie report.

I can feel it too.

The Qi and power circulating the three,

They’re absorbed.

Yomiko’s “Yomi power” is released.

Then, the power flows to…


Luna’s absorbing it?!


「 The sisters are keeping the flow. 」

「 I’m at my limit! We’ll cut off the link! 」

No, wait!

「 Not yet! Michi, Edie! 」

「 Too late!!! 」

◇ ◇ ◇

Haa! I came to my senses.

I’m still connected to Tsukiko’s body.

「 Uugh! 」

I ejaculate the last semen left in my urethra.

Then that means.

I started ejaculating, and Shingetsu activated, I thought it took us a long time, but,

Was it only just a few seconds?

It seems that time advances fast in the connected mind’s world.

「 Aaaaaah!!! 」

I dropped on Tsukiko’s body after the last drop was released.

「 What cuteness 」


Tsukiko’s looking at me.

「 Everyone thought in their heart that Kuromori-sama’s face is cute when releasing semen, it’s true 」

「 Stop with the “Kuromori-sama” 」

I said.

We’ve exposed our hearts to each other already.

It’s too late to call me still Kuromori-sama now.

「 Then how should I call you? 」

「 Pick whatever you want 」

I’m too tired to think now.

I had too much sex in a row.

「 Yes, then I’ll consult everyone later 」

Oh, she can know the balance of relationships by reading everyone’s heart.

「 Putting that aside, how’s the “Miko power”? 」

I asked. Luna replied.

「 It’s all in here. Nii-san 」


「 The water flows from high to low. All of the Qi and power were poured to me, Nii-san! 」

Does that mean?

「 Luna has completed the dreams of the ancestors, to fuse the “Miko power” 」

Yomiko said.