Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 689. After the frenzy



Did she absorb all of the Qi and power?

「 Are you okay, Luna? 」

I asked. Luna;

「 Hmm, I don’t think so 」

She looked at me and smiled.

「 My body feels hot. My heart is thumping hard 」

Yeah, her face is flushed too.

Her whole body’s sweating.

「 Then, I’ll return it to Onee-sama for a while 」


Yeah, Luna, Yomiko, and Tsukiko are still holding hands, but.

「 Here! 」

「 Uuuu! 」

「 Auu!! 」

The two elder sisters tremble.

Tsukiko’s vagina which still has my penis inside clamps me down.

She sucks out the remaining semen in my urethra.

「 Tsukiko, I’m pulling out 」

I can’t just stay inside her forever.

「 Okay 」

I pull out my penis from Tsukiko’s vagina.

I ejaculated a lot, so it’s soft now.

As expected, it’s tiring.

My semen spills out from inside Tsukiko.

As expected, the amount isn’t as much as the usual.

She still seems to be bleeding a bit that there’s some mixed with the semen.

「 Thank you 」


「 Please treat me well. Kou-sama 」


「 Kuromori Kou-sama, isn’t it? 」

Well, yes, if I name myself as a member of Kuromori, but,

My family register A name is Minaho-neesan’s adopted little brother, “Kuromori Yoshinobu.”

My family register B name is Nei’s little brother “Kuromori Keito.”

Then, in school, I’m “Yoshida Yoshinobu.”

「 It just flashed in my mind, I’ll call you “Kou-sama” from now on 」

Well, sure. I’ll just explain it later.

Kuromori Kou is definitely also one of my names.

「 Sure, Tsukiko 」

I kiss Tsukiko’s lips.


「 Somehow, I feel very refreshed 」

Tsukiko said and smiled after our kiss.

「 Yes, I feel my heart is refreshed 」

Huh, Yomiko?

「 Un, I feel bright too 」

Even Luna, they all smile at me.

The three of them are still holding hands.

Are their hearts connected?

「 Oh, I finally feel the heat calming down inside 」

Luna said.

Misuzu brings in a towel and wipes Luna’s sweating body.

Ruriko nurses the exhausted Agnes.

Yeah, looks like everyone’s just tired, there’s no negative impact on the mind.


「 Megu-oneechan, if you can move then help me out give everyone cold drinks! 」

Seems like she’s recovered from the shock of Shingetsu already.

「 Ah, okay 」

Megu stands up.

「 Ahahaha, just watching from the side overwhelms me 」

Looking at Nei, she’s sitting on the floor, holding her camera.

Seems like she’s taken the aftermath of Shingetsu.

◇ ◇ ◇

Anyway, Megu and Mana finished giving everyone drinks…

We all put on bathrobes for now.

We did sweat a lot, so we have to take a bath.


Even though I’m so tired, and limp right now,

Tsukiko, Yomiko, and Luna all look full of vitality.

Especially Luna who received most of the Qi and power, her eyes are shining brightly.

She’s showing so much feeling of vitality in her.

「 And so, what’s the situation now? Can you explain it in a way I could understand? 」

I asked the Takakura sisters.

Tsukiko speaks first.

「 I think the way we’ve been training until now was wrong 」

Your training until now?

「 But, Tsukiko’s training is to become a shrine maiden, isn’t it? Isn’t it handed down from generations of the shrine? 」

「 That’s true, but 」

Tsukiko said.

「 Sure, we, our mother, the previous generation, and all the ones preceeding has performed the same training, however 」

「 But, we think that it’s wrong 」

Luna said.

「 It’s wrong, or should I say that it wasn’t logically sorted out 」


「 As Kou-sama knows, the current tradition of the Takakura shrine is a mix of the ancient time shrine maiden and the wandering shrine maiden’s that joined during the Meiji era 」

「 The two lines of shrine maiden’s practice has mixed up, and nobody had been organizing them until now 」

「 Furthermore, the Yakuza keep on entangling that it has become crazy now 」

The sisters explain.

「 Now we understand it, The born Tsuki shrine maiden doing Tsuki shrine maiden job and the born Yomi shrine maiden doing Yomi shrine maiden work is meaningless 」

Tsukiko said.

「 Yes. The Yakuza was just breaking up the relationship between the two 」

「 Yes, being born as the child of the priest and shrine maiden and thus having the right blood isn’t true at all 」

Luna and Yomiko add.

Tsuki shrine maiden is the child of shrine maiden and the Yakuza from the arbitration.

They practice learning to read people’s heart which is the wandering shrine maiden’s power.

On the other hand, the Yomi shrine maiden is born from the priest and the shrine maiden.

They were training to learn how to make people follow her, which is the Takakura shrine maiden’s power.

「 The Yakuza only wanted the Tsuki shrine maiden’s power to read minds. The Yomi power to make other people follow is hard to use for the Yakuza. Therefore, they don’t want the birth of a shrine maiden with both powers. Am I correct? 」

Misuzu asks.

「 That’s true, but, the Yomi MIko power is already weak in the Meiji era. Yomiko’s power until now should’ve been useless 」

The Takakura shrine initially lost it’s original “Miko power,” and so they accepted the wandering shrine maidens to revive theirs.

「 However, perhaps, the shrine maiden who lived from the shrine has refused to accept the tradition and techniques of the wandering shrine maiden 」

Tsukiko said.

「 Takakura shrine had a long history, and they must think that the wandering shrine maiden who roams around is a lower group than them 」

A humble origin rejected.

「 Therefore, the Tsuki shrine maiden and Yomi shrine maiden has been split into two groups 」

So it was the wish of the shrine maidens back then not to fuse the two.

「 Then, the Yakuza intervened. The intermediation has initially been the job of the wandering shrine maidens. They were the wandering shrine maiden brought by the Yakuza to the shrine 」

Therefore, the arbitration ritual is only held by the Tsuki shrine maiden from the wandering shrine maiden family.

「 Then, the child of arbitration is mixed with the Yakuza’s blood, and so the Yomi shrine maiden, who’s the legitimate daughter looks at the other as a dirty child 」

The child between the Yakuza and shrine maiden has no choice but to become the Tsuki shrine maiden.

「 Therefore, the priest and the shrine maiden’s child is the only one who inherits the Yomi Miko power 」

The two groups of shrine maiden are opposing each other?

「 But, that was only in the Meiji era. At that time, there were a lot of wandering shrine maidens and the original shrine maidens. Therefore, there were confrontations as such 」

Yomiko said.

「 From Meiji to Taisho, to Showa, the number of shrine maiden gradually decreases, and until there’s only a small family of the priest and shrine maiden left and yet, for some reason, the rules of the two conflicting groups were left intact 」

The child of Yakuza, “Tsuki shrine maiden.”

The child of the priest, “Yomi shrine maiden.”

「 The goal and means have replaced each other 」

Edie muttered

There’s only one family left and no more different groups and yet…

The rules from the past still exist.

「 It’s stupid, blood had nothing to do with the shrine maiden’s training, and yet! 」

Yomiko who was fixated about being the child of the priest says that.

「 Now that I’m connected to Tsukiko-oneesama and Luna I understand. We’re nothing different. No, after connecting to Sensei and Misuzu-sama’s hearts, I realized that we’re not special. We’re not as different as everyone else 」

「 What do you mean? 」

I don’t get what Yomiko meant by that.


「 Darling, which do you think is more important, blood or circumstances? 」

Edie asks me.

「 Let’s have athletes and artists as examples. Well, it’s often the case where the children of the top talented people will become top performers on the same field 」

Yeah, there’s that.

Like both parent and child being a pianist or Olympics representative.

「 But, an elite child regarded as a genius only falls on to the same field of job. The genius child is not actually a genius most of the case 」

That’s true.

A “super-champion” child who brings home a lot of gold medals isn’t asked as much as the father who flourished as much as the child.

「 I mean, most of the children who have top-class talents are ordinary people. There’s much more of them 」

Well, true.

There are only a few second generations of children making achievements as much as their parents

「 In that case, Darling; 」

Edie smiles.

「 Which is more important, the blood inherited from the top-class parent, or is it the circumstances the parents created who were specialists in that world 」


「 Some people think that as long as the child has the father’s blood, gene, or something, that the child would inherit the gift, their parents have 」

But, it’s nothing like that, is it?

「 But, the bloom of talents isn’t about the birth but the environment suited for the growth of one’s abilities 」

Oh, I see.

Even if one’s the second generation,

Their parents’ talents don’t matter.

The parents have to be familiar with the world, knowing the process to nurture the talent.

It would definitely be thanks to the environment.

「 My Grandfather said, “anyone can become a first-rate if they worked hard” 」

Michi speaks.

「 Indeed, there are some geniuses, but holding the black belt makes sense for them 」

「 Or should I say that those with talent can go to black belt in no time 」

Edie said.

「 But, ordinary people will also go to black belt 」

It’s the same as my bakery.

Anyone can bake bread and sell it.

If they think about bread every day and work in the bakery that is.

But, if they want to live from the bakery business, then they have to fight.

That means becoming a professional.

「 Master now is in Kudou arts 6th Ryu, so it’s understandable. If you continue your training, you can go to the first dan. That’s for sure. I’ll guide you 」


「 I say that because I’m confident in my martial arts talent compared to most people. Otherwise, I can’t become a professional bodyguard 」

Michi’s strong.

I mean, she’s a genius not just in martial arts.

She’s a hundred times smarter than me too.

「 However, that talent isn’t inherited from the blood of Kodou house. Father is like that after all. My sister is not a bodyguard but a martial arts athlete 」

I heard that Michi’s sister is a champion in female karate high school competition.

Although, she couldn’t beat Michi at all.

「 Fortunately for me, Grandfather taught me Kudou style martial arts from childhood. And even more, fortunately, Kudou arts suited me. It wasn’t the blood but good luck, therefore, I am here 」

「 I’m the same as Michi. I just happened to be born in the assassination cult and learned techniques from Grandma. It’s not the lineage but luck 」

Edie who’s basically the same genius as Michi, or possibly even more, says that.

These two are both smart, and yet they move on instinct.

I mean, their senses are sharp.

Even so, they are smart that they can understand and handle things quickly.

「 Hmmm, I think you two can say that because you’re talented though 」

Nei said.

「 I think that the talent handed from the parents to the child exists. However, I believe that the idea of “the guitarist child plays the guitar exactly like the father” is wrong. The child just simply resemble the father as the child imitates it sometimes 」

「 Indeed. Kabuki dances is a craft passed over by fathers. It’s natural that the dance itself looks the same if the faces and physiques are similar 」

Ruriko who knows traditional dance states her opinion.

「 In our case, 」

Yomiko returns to the topic.

「 Father’s a priest, but thinking about it, he also had the Yakuza’s blood several generations ago 」

I see.

If there are no other boys in the shrine, then the child of arbitration would become the priest if it’s a male.

「 Other than that, I think that our Yakuza blood is thicker than the shrine maiden 」

Yomiko said and sighed.

「 This is a story from Grandfather before 」


「 The Ottoman Turkey emperor’s wife is a Turkish woman. The women in the emperor’s harem are slaves in the system. The laws of the empire make it unable for the Turks to become slaves. Therefore, all the women in his harem are foreigners 」

Ah, I’ve heard about that.

「 And more often than not, the favorite mistress of the emperor gives birth to the emperor’s son than the legal wife 」

「 And so the Turkish emperor loses its blood as a Turk after every generation, was it? 」

「 Yes, Onii-sama. The blood of various foreign women in the harem is mixed in one after another. The Turk emperor is no longer a Turkish person 」


「 But, the emperor is an emperor. His blood has nothing to do with it. The emperor’s throne is for the emperor 」


「 Do the three of you have feelings about the takeover of Takakura shrine maidens? 」


「 Of course 」

Luna replied.

「 I, no, Tsukiko-oneesama, Yomiko-oneesama, and I will all become shrine maidens. But, not the same traditional shrine maiden anymore. We’re now the “Tsukuyomi shrine maiden” 」


Tsuki and Yomi shrine maiden have fused.

「 Luna, you? 」

「 Nii-san, in the end, after all of the mess-up for over a hundred years, I think we have organized it with what we did earlier 」

What we did earlier, what?

The Qi triangle and Michi’s Shingetsu?

「 Yes, I’ve received the experience in training for the Yomi shrine maiden which Yomiko has cultivated so far 」

「 I also have received everything Tsukiko-oneesama and Luna had done for training as the Tsuki shrine maiden 」

「 I received everything. Then, I immediately understood a lot of things 」

「 Yes. We remembered Father and Mother, and also Aunt Kiyomi who were watching us train 」

「 Back then, we didn’t know what they mean with what they say, but 」

「 Everything smoothly connected and now we see it 」

「 We’re now able to understand the problem of the shirine maidens since the Meiji era, which was just discussed 」

「 And since Tsukiko-oneesama understood, it’s conveyed to me 」

「 Yomi as well 」

The sisters said.

「 So it’s a chain of knowledge? 」

Ruriko asks Misuzu.

「 Indeed, the three of them complement each other’s missing pieces, and they now see the whole picture 」

「 And somehow, I feel refreshed 」

「 Yomi too 」

「 Me too 」

The three of them shows a bright and cheerful face.

「 And now we understand the irrational and incomplete in the fusion of the Tsuki shrine maiden and Yomi shrine maiden 」

Luna said.

「 Yomi’s feeling great now. I feel like my power’s rising up 」

「 Me too 」

Yomiko, Tsukiko?

「 The shrine maiden is an engine that produces power. Up until now, there’s a lot of unnecessary resistance to the engine, so the power’s not coming out. And now that it’s simple, the power just comes straight out 」

Edie analyzes.

「 That means? But? 」

「 Yes, Kou-sama, currently, I’m holding the Tsuki Miko power 」

「 Yomi holds the Yomi Miko power 」

The two smiled at me.

「 Anyway, we’ll train properly and obtain both powers. I know it’s possible as I’m connected to Yomiko’s heart 」

Tsukiko said.

「 Then, Yomi and Tsukiko-oneesama’s power is fused inside Luna 」

Yomiko points at Luna.

「 I seem to be immature as an engine to produce power. But, it seems possible now I received the power of my elder sisters 」

Luna said.

「 Tsukiko and Yomiko’s energy charges and is pooled to Luna 」

Edie explains.

「 But, Luna’s storing such great power, can you control it? 」

I asked. Luna.

「 I can. I mean, I’m doing it right now 」

She smiled.

「 Michi-san and Edie-san taught me how to control. Just like earlier, accumulate, accumulate, then release all at once. Something like that 」

Shingetsu is a technique of releasing all that’s accumulated Qi inside.

Luna learned how to hold her power from Shingetsu? Is that it?

「 Yomi also knows somehow 」

「 AS for me, I’m sorry. I still could see through Kou-sama’s heart 」

「 No, I don’t mind 」

「 Are you sure? 」

Tsukiko’s surprised.

「 Well, isn’t that our relationship? 」

「 Do you really think that way? 」

No, if you can see through my heart then how can I lie?

「 Ahaha, Yo-chan’s like that. He’s serious 」

Nei laughed.

「 Luna, call me Michi-oneesama, not Michi-san. The same goes for Edie 」

Michi said.

「 You’re Master’s sex slave, just like me. I’ll be training you strictly from now on 」

Michi’s strict when it comes to slaves.

「 Yes, I’m sorry, Michi-oneesama 」

Luna bows her head.

「 Very well. By the way, Luna, Your fusion doesn’t seem to be perfect yet 」

Michi stared at Luna and said.

「 Your Qi is mixed with some noise. It doesn’t seem to be stable as of yet 」

「 Then what to do? 」

I asked Michi.

「 Sex. The three of them don’t know ecstasy from sex yet. The three must reinforce their power from the inside without an external force like my Shingetsu 」

I see.

「 But it’s impossible right now. The three of them just lost their virginity so it would still hurt 」

Misuzu said.

「 Let’s take a break for now. Yo-chan, you’re at your limit, right? 」

Nei asks me.

「 I can still go on 」

「 Kou-sama! 」

「 Sensei! 」

「 Nii-san, please don’t force yourself! Nii-san is everyone’s Nii-san 」


Tsukiko keeps reading through my thoughts.

That’s also conveyed to Yomiko and Luna.

Their link hasn’t broken yet.

「 I understood how much everyone treasures Kou-sama 」

Tsukiko’s speaking in the past tense.

In short, it’s only when she read through Misuzu and everyone’s mind during the Shingetsu time.

It’s only my heart that’s seen through?

「 That’s right 」

I see. I knew it.


「 Hey, hey, hey, sorry for intruding 」

Suddenly, the door opens.

Then a stranger woman in her thirties wearing white robes, entered the room.

「 Wow, that’s a strong smell, young people’s libido is scary 」

A tall and blonde haired woman wearing a thick dark lipstick,

She looked at us and smiled.