Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 698. Morning sex battle Part 1



「 Come now, let’s sleep, hurry! 」

The naked Shou-neesan pushed me down the bed.

「 No, but, Shou-neechan 」

「 What’s up? 」

Shou-neechan’s smiling nonchalantly.

「 Uhm, want to do it? 」


「 Hmm, what about you? 」

Answering a question with another question. Well, I don’t mind.

「 If you want to do it then sure, but if you don’t want to, then let’s just sleep together 」

Shou-neechan hugged me and smiled.

「 I only have limited time to take a nap, sorry about that, I’m quite exhausted 」

Shou-neechan’s cleaning up the Kansai Yakuza who came to attack in Tokyo.

「 I heard that men would like to have sex even when they’re tired, but I don’t feel like you do 」

She hugged my body tightly.

「 I just want to hug my beloved and fall asleep 」


「 I also want to sleep hugging Shou-neechan 」

We do have sex a surprising number of times.

My body’s feeling exhausted now.

But, I can’t show everyone that I’m exhausted.

Just how much I’ve been putting a brave front.

I realize that by the time I come back to my room alone.

「 I know, since it’s you, you must’ve worked hard for everyone today as well 」

Shou-neechan’s gentle voice wraps my heart.

「 You can take a rest now. I know, I understand you 」


Shou-neechan hugs me then covers our body with a blanket.

「 You worked hard enough today so. Get some rest. Good night 」

She turned off the light switch on the bedside.

Shou-neechan often stays in this room, so she knows how things work.

「 Take it easy now. I’ll protect you for the rest of the night 」


Shou-neechan’s tall body hugs my body tightly.

I’m turned to a hug-pillow.

But, I.

I feel at ease from Shou-neechan’s embrace.


I’m losing strength in Shou-neechan’s arms.

I feel my body losing strength.

「 Good night, Dear 」

「 Yeah, good night, Shou-neechan 」

We kissed once.

Then, I…

I fell into the deep darkness.

I fell asleep.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Hmm? 」

That was some deep sleep that I didn’t even have a dream.

I open my eyes.

The room’s dark.

Is it still night?

「 Ah, sorry, did I wake you up? 」



Rei-chan’s taking off her clothes and is now in her underwear in the dimly lit room.

「 Where’s Shou-neechan? 」

The side next to me on the bed is empty.

「 She’s done with her nap and has now returned to the command vehicle. I’m currently taking the turn to take a nap 」

Shou-neechan erased her presence while I was sleeping, got dressed, and went back to work.

「 What time is it? 」

「 It’s past 3am, it’s not morning yet, please go back to sleep, Onii-chama 」

Rei-chan’s calling me Onii-chama when we’re alone.

「 Reika wants to take a nap while hugging Onii-chama too 」

「 Sure, come here 」

I open the blanket and invite Rei-chan in.

「 Excuse me 」

Rei-chan gets in my bed.

「 Rei-chan’s body is cold 」

「 Onii-chama’s warm 」

It must be cold outside.

「 Here, I’ll warm you up, hug tighter 」

「 Okay, Onii-chama 」

Rei-chan’s body is much more trained than Shou-neechan.

She’s even taller than me, and her body is for fighting.

「 Rei-chan, you don’t have much time to rest too? 」

「 Yes, only a nap 」

Rei-chan also chose to sleep with me for a few hours rest.

「 But, Rei-chan feel at ease when hugging Onii-chama like this 」


「 After all, I’m working my hardest for Onii-chama and the family 」


「 Having someone to protect is terrific. I don’t feel any hesitation now 」

I can tell Rei-chan’s smiling even if it’s dark.

「 Just like Onii-chama 」


「 Reika always fight together with Onii-chama Don’t work yourself too hard alone and rely on us more 」

Rei-chan hugged me.

Oh, I see.

It was Minaho-neesan and Katsuko-nee.

They called Rei-chan and Shou-neechan to come to my room.

What do I need now?

What kind of healing I should have this time.

Those two know the answer.

「 What’s wrong? 」

「 Nothing. Tighter, Rei-chan

「 Okay. Onii-chama 」

Rei-chan’s strong arms hug me tighter./

Yeah, it feels pleasant.

I feel calmer compared when I’m together with Misuzu and the younger girls.

Not showing a weak spot is really mentally straining.

If I were to sleep with any of those girls, my body would remain stiff.

Even if I sleep until morning, I’d still be tired.

But, that said, even if I’m surrounded by Katsuko-nee and Nei’s voluptuous bodies,

I’ve been having sex all day long, so,

My body might reject a too-sexy body.

Tonight, I,

Shou-neechan and Rei-chan’s warrior’s body is perfect.

They have strong bodies.

「 It’s okay now 」

Rei-chan whispers to my ear.

「 If anything scary appears, Rei-chan will take it down. Onii-chama can just sleep until morning in peace 」

Scary, what?

「 Minaho-oneesama mentioned it. Onii-chama never slept at ease with someone protecting at the side since childhood 」


「 But tonight, rest assured, Reika’s with you. I have my cane close to me. Reika’s strong, so, please believe in Reika’s skills and take some rest 」

My body feels it’s losing strength from her gentle yet reassuring voice.

I’m entrusting my life to Rei-chan.


I see.

So I can sleep in peace tonight.

This arms that are holding me tight will protect me.

It’s okay now.

I’m already.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Good morning, desuno!! 」

Agnes’ voice wakes me up.

I slept like a log.

It’s already morning.

The sunlight comes from outside the window.

「 Good morning, Nii-san 」

「 Good morning, Darling 」

「 Good morning, Onii-sama 」

Behind the energetic Agnes is;

Luna, looking timid.

Edie, looking proud.

And Ruriko, bowing her head politely.

Everyone’s wearing the bathrobe they wore last night.

I guess they’re only wearing a single panty under that.

「 Err. 」

My head finally started running.

I see. They’re the first wave this morning.

「 Where’s Rei-chan? 」

I asked.

「 She ate breakfast and now back to work 」

Ruriko replied.

I see. Her nap time was over.

But, she left the room quietly so I won’t wake up.

「 Let’s go! Luna!!! 」

Agnes shouts loudly to Luna.

「 Look at it! This is Papa’s morning wood, desuno!!! 」

Hey, Agnes!

「 O-Okay 」

Luna looks at what Agnes is pointing at.

Oh, admittedly, my crotch has a tent rising up.

「 Papa’s always like this every morning, it’s the force of nature!! It can’t be helped because this naturally happens. Therefore, Agnes serves Papa’s penis every morning! 」

Agnes announces strongly.

No, not “Agnes serves Papa’s penis every morning.”

It’s mostly the girl I slept with the night before.

We do another round in the morning.

Everyone’s looking at my morning wood in fun.

Misuzu’s sucking it out already even if I’m asleep.

I had several occasions where I wake up as I ejaculate.

「 Then, Papa, please take out your penis! 」


「 Hurry, Luna’s waiting! 」

Agnes seems excited to be Luna’s teacher.

「 That’s bad manners, Agnes. Onii-sama just woke up. You mustn’t hurry Onii-sama or be forceful with what you say 」

Ruriko scolds Agnes.

「 We’re the ones asking Onii-sama 」

Then, she looked at Luna.

「 Luna-chan, watch what I’ll do 」

Ruriko faces me.

「 Onii-sama. It’s morning service. Please love Ruriko, your sex slave today as well 」

She bows her head elegantly.

「 Then, first of all, kissing and hugging. We are Onii-sama’s family before sex tools 」

Ruriko smiles elegantly and comes to hug and kiss me.

「 Ufufu. Onii-sama’ first kiss in the morning. Ruriko’s happy 」


「 Aaaauuuu! Agnes wants a kiss too! Agnes wants a hug also!! 」

Agnes is making a noise.

「 Then, you have to ask for it, Agnes. I won’t entertain girls with bad manners 」

I said.

「 Papa. Agnes loves Papa. So, Agnes wants a kiss and hug! 」

「 Okay, come 」

「 Yay, desuno! 」

Agnes jumps to my chest.

「 Papa, Papa, Papa, Papa, Papa, Love you! Chuu!! 」

Agnes kisses me passionately.

She hugs me, and I return hug as well.

Agnes entwines her tongue.

「 Ah 」

「 What’s wrong, Agnes? 」

Agnes begins to fidget.

「 Agnes’ crotch got wet 」

She’s enthusiastic right in the morning.

「 No, no! Luna and I need to have our turns too! 」

Edie said and breaks in between.

「 Darling, Love you 」

Edie hugs me gently and kisses me.

「 Luna-chan, you’re Onii-sama’s sex slave just like me. You must say your greetings first 」

Ruriko tells Luna.

「 O-Okay. N-Nii-san. Please let me do the morning service. Then, please use Luna as your sex slave a lot today as well 」

「 Come here, Luna 」

I hugged Luna and give her a kiss.

「 And so, everyone’s kissed now! 」

Agnes goes up my bed and opens up my bathrobe.

「 Wow! It’s rock hard! 」

She says while looking at my morning wood.

「 Look, look! Luna! 」

Agnes is too excited.

「 I-It’s big! 」

Luna mutters as she looks at my penis basking in the sunlight.

「 This is going to go inside Luna again today! It will also go inside Agnes too! Then it will release a lot of baby seed inside our stomachs! 」

「 This went inside me last night? 」

「 Yes, that’s right!! 」

Agnes calm down.

「 Hey now, weren’t we the ones serving? 」

Ruriko speaks to the two gently.

「 Onii-sama, there’s four of us in the morning so let us take care of everything for now 」

「 That’s right, Darling, you can just lie down 」

Edie and Ruriko take off their bathrobes.

White and brown breasts.

Now they’re wearing only a piece of underwear.

「 Luna, Agnes, do the “Love Ring Henshin” 」


「 L O V E!!! 」

Agnes takes off her bathrobe while shouting that line.

Ah, she took off her panties too.

「 Agnes, W-Wait!! 」

Luna takes off her clothes in a hurry as well.

「 Resound! The beating of my love! Your greed is now over! Uuugh! 」

Agnes takes a mysterious pose while naked.

I got it when she said “Uuugh.”

She was copying Mao-chan.

It must be some signature phrase of an anime Mao-chan’s watching.

「 Uuugh! Wedding Change! Clothes changed! And now, Luna too! 」

I don’t get what’s going on but,

「 Pichi pichi voice! Live Start! Desuno!!! 」

It must be Nei’s influence.

It might be an old anime of all I know.

「 Okay, Luna! 」

Agnes sends Luna a peace-sign.

「 Then, let’s begin licking! 」

「 Lick? 」

Luna’s not catching up with Agnes’ thoughts.

「 Geez! It’s obvious that morning service means fellatio! It’s been true since the old age! 」

No, I don’t remember it being a rule.

「 It’s like this! Luna, watch me and remember how I do it! 」

Then, the 12-year-old half-blonde girl;

「 Hamu! 」

She opens up her mouth wide and then stuffs my penis inside her mouth.

Her pink lips move up and down my glans.

「 First of all, you must make it sticky with your saliva 」

She stretches her tongue and licks it.

Agnes is so skilled now.

I don’t think you’d find a 12-year-old girl who’s good at fellatio like her.

「 Then, I will begin from this side 」

Saying that; Ruriko lies down on the bed next to me and crawls her tongue on my neck.

「 Onii-sama, you do like this, don’t you? 」

She placed my hand on her chest.

Yes, Ruriko’s 15-year-old fresh breasts have splendid elasticity.

「 Then, I’ll go on this side 」

Edie goes on the other side and then licks my nipples.

「 Men also feel from their nipples. Katsuko taught me 」

Ooh, three tongues crawl on my skin.

「 Okay, Luna, try it out too 」

Agnes smiled and entrusted my penis to Luna.

「 Err. 」

「 It’s okay, it won’t bite 」

Ruriko tells Luna.

「 Indeed. It’s the thing that makes love with us. Don’t be afraid 」

「 From now on, you’ll be licking this together with Agnes! 」

Edie and Agnes.

「 Uugh 」

Luna prepared herself and then opened her mouth.

My erect penis goes inside Luna’s hot and moist mouth.

「 Don’t use your teeth. You can’t bite it. Papa’s thing is delicate so be gentle with it 」

Agnes gives instructions.

「 You don’t have to go deep right away. Try licking the tip for now 」

I tell Luna.

Luna looks up and then nodded.

「 Onii-sama prefers it if you make a bit vulgar noise 」

Ruriko said.

「 There’s nobody here but family so you can be as indecent as you want. You can expose your true self only to Onii-sama. Onii-sama will accept all of it 」

「 I don’t get it 」

Well, yeah.

She just lost her virginity at age 12, and now she’s told to be indecent.

「 Just take it at your own pace 」

I said.

「 Sex doesn’t have any procedure that you must follow. Luna, you can just try out different things to find out what’s fun and what gives pleasure.

「 Fun, pleasure? 」

Oh, I see.

Pain and confusion stand out more.

「 You’ll understand pleasure soon 」

Agnes tells Luna.

「 That’s a problem of the body after all 」

If possible, I’d like them to experience pleasure from sex by afternoon, but,

It must be hard since her body is still too young.

I might have Michi use Shingetsu and have another woman reach climax shared with Luna.

「 But, you should feel the fun already, desuno! 」

「 Huh, Agnes? 」

Luna’s surprised.

「 After all, having sex together with Luna this way is fun to Agnes! Are you not having fun, Luna? 」

Agnes asks Luna with an earnest look in her eyes.

「 That’s not true. I’m also having fun when I’m with Agnes 」

She’s such a kind girl.

Even though she’s still scared,

「 Uhm, Nii-san, I just have to lick in this part, yes? 」

「 No. Papa likes it when you lick this way 」

Agnes crawls her tongue on the back of my glans.

「 Here? 」

Luna follows Agnes and licks on the same spot.

「 Then, he also likes this 」

Agnes rubs her nipples on my glans.

「 It seems that it feels better with the Onee-chan who has their nipples sticking out, but this is what we have 」

Their 12-year-old nipples are still sunken.

I suck on them hard every day though.

「 Like this? 」

Luna also rubs on her areola.

Two 12-year-old chests rub on my penis.

「 Papa loves breasts. Luna, you should ask him to lick it a lot later 」

「 But mine is small 」

「 That doesn’t matter! Papa loves Nagisa-oneechan’s huge breasts, but he also likes Michi-oneechan’s plank chest too!. Michi-oneechan said, “flat chest are much more sensitive!” 」

Did Michi say that?

「 Sensitive? 」

Luna asks.

「 Agnes doesn’t know either! But, Papa loves Agnes and everyone’s whole body! Chest, butt, even the stomach, he loves them all! That’s why everyone also loves Papa even more! Papa’s hands, chest, penis, all of it! Agnes loves them all! 」

Agnes felt that way. I see.

To Agnes, sex is a part of her daily life.

No, for Agnes, sex is the most important daily activity.

「 Is Luna different? 」

Luna takes a short pause.

「 No, I also like Nii-san. You’re right, loving Nii-san means loving his whole body as well 」

「 Having sex with Papa as well! 」

Agnes said.

「 When Having sex with Papa, Agnes and Papa can understand that we love each other. Our whole body understands. There’s so much love wrapping in. It makes us happy! 」

「 That one, I can understand 」

「 Me too 」

Agnes said. Ruriko and Edie affirm.

「 Surely, Agnes and everyone was born to have sex with Papa. That’s why having sex with Papa feels so pleasant. Happiness feels like it’s erupting!! 」

Agnes tells Luna while showing a smile on her face.

「 Is that so? 」

「 That’s so! Desuno! Luna will understand it soon! 」