Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 699. Morning Sex Battle 2



「 Okay, the two of us will lick in this part 」

Agnes and Luna, the two 12-year-old naked girls, continue their fellatio.

「 Here? 」

Luna’s tongue licks the back of my glans.

「 That’s right, Luna, stretch out your tongue and then flicker it, desuno! Agnes will be licking the root part 」

Agnes stretches her pink tongue on my penis.

「 Then, while licking, look up at Papa’s face 」

The two beauties look up at me.

「 See? Papa looks like he’s feeling good 」

Agnes smiles.

「 It makes you happy when you see Papa looking like he’s feeling good, right, Luna? 」


「 Nii-san. Does it feel good when I lick it? 」

「 Isn’t that obvious? The cute Luna’s doing it 」

Hearing my reply made Luna lose strength.

She smiled.

「 Then, I’ll do my best! 」

「 Yeah, go on 」

The double fellatio continues.

「 Ufufu. Onii-sama, it looks like you’re feeling so much pleasure, so cute 」

Ruriko who’s lying down next to me looked at my face and said.

「 You’re right, it’s pretty 」

Edie on the other side agreed.

「 Luna, try to open up your power just a bit. See how Darling feels when Luna and Agnes licks him 」

Edie instructs Luna.

「 O-Okay 」

She opens up her closed down power.

「 Oh, it’s true. Nii-san feels good 」

She’s reading my mind.

Edie’s sending her Qi as a backup so Luna’s power is boosted and now more sensitive.

「 You get it. Darling loves us, and that includes Luna.

「 Yes, I can tell 」

「 That’s right! Papa loves Agnes and everyone a lot! And we all love Papa too! 」

That is Agnes’ basis for her common sense.

Therefore, I must never betray Agnes.

If I were to do that, Agnes would lose the world she’s living in.

Of course, even before that resolution, to me, Agnes is my cute daughter.

I’ll never let go of Agnes’ small hand no matter what happens.,

「 Papa, does it feel good? 」

Agnes asks me as she continues to stimulate my penis with her tongue.

「 Yes, it does, Agnes. 」

「 I’m glad! 」

The half-foreign blonde haired girl kisses my glans happily.

「 You too, Luna, it feels good 」

「 I’m sorry that I couldn’t do it very well yet 」

Luna’s reading my mind, so she knows that her fellatio is still immature.

「 Don’t mind it. It makes me happy that Luna does it for me. It also feels good 」

「 Nii-san 」

「 You understand it, don’t you, Luna-chan? Onii-sama has no two-sides, he never lies to us 」

「 Even if he does, you can tell it right away. His face says “I’m sorry” while he does it after all 」

Edie laughs.

「 Therefore, the Takakura shrine maidens can’t move forward unless when with Onii-sama! 」

「 Surely, if it’s a man who lies a lot, it will cause you to distrust other people 」

Much more, if their experience is with a Yakuza boss.

All of their desires, memories of their past evil deeds and everything will flow to the Shrine maiden.

It would be too much for them that sex will become traumatic for them.

Furthermore, it’s two people, it’s natural that their heart would suffer.

「 Yes. I see that Nii-san treasures his family. He loves, worries, and wants to protect everyone. And then, Tsukiko-oneesama, Yomiko-oneesama, and I are all included in Nii-san’s family.

Luna reads my mind and speaks happily.

「 Papa, how is it? Do you want to release it inside Luna’s mouth? 」

Agnes asks me.

「 Luna should learn Papa’s semen’s taste too. It’s a bit bitter, but it’s Papa’s semen, you must drink it 」

Agnes tells Luna, but,

「 No, let’s have that for next time 」

I said.

We have a tight schedule today.

I can’t waste a shot as the first thing in the morning.

「 I shouldn’t be the only one feeling good here. I’ll have to teach Luna the pleasures of sex too 」

「 Okay 」

Agnes understands.

「 Luna, get on top of me 」

I order her.

「 O-Okay 」

Luna can read my mind. She straddled me according to how I imagined it.


Luna’s crotch is rubbing on my belly.

Luna’s already secreting hot liquid from her crotch.

「 Your chest 」

「 Okay, Nii-san 」

Luna sticks out her cute chest while lying on my back,.


「 Auuu!! 」

Luna trembles when I started sucking out her nipple from her areola.


I move my tongue up and down.

I feel her nipple getting stiff in the middle of her areola.

「 Papa loves Agnes and everyone’s breasts. Agnes’ breasts are for Papa and Papa’s babies in the future. Therefore, you must take care of it 」

Agnes says while continuing her fellatio.

「 It’s not just your breasts 」

I touch Luna’s body on top of me.

「 Your face too 」

My hand caresses Luna’s cheeks.

「 These cute breasts 」

I spin my fingers around her nipples then lower my hand further.

「 Your stomach, ass, take care of your whole body, Luna 」

I massage Luna’s 12-year-old ass.

「 Luna, your body is no longer yours 」

「 It belongs to Nii-san now 」


「 Luna will bear my child soon. If you think that it’s no longer your own, you can treat it carefully, can’t you? 」

「 Is it okay for me to bear a child? 」


「 Isn’t that obvious? We’ll take down the corrupt traditions of the shrine maiden.

「 That’s right. The tradition that started from the Meiji era is no longer practical 」

「 It’s incorrect, so we’re breaking it down 」

Ruriko and Agnes follow me up.

「 So it’s okay to stay here all the time? 」

「 Isn’t that obvious? You’re already mine 」

I hug Luna’s back.

「 That’s right! We’ll be together always 」

Agnes calls Luna from behind.

「 Come here, Luna, I’m going to lick you this time, get on all fours 」

「 Huh? 」

Luna’s surprised.

「 Oh, just look at what I’m imagining. It’s 6-9 position 」

「 O-Okay 」

Then, we changed to the 6-9 position where the girl is on top.

「 Nii-san, this is embarrassing 」

Luna’s sticking out her ass and private parts before my eyes as she twists her body in shame.

「 That’s great, Luna. Ah, your anus is twitching 」

Every time Luna puts strength in her ass due to shame, her anus tightens up.

「 P-Please don’t say that 」

Love nectar from her slit drops down to my chest.

It’s as if it’s a faucet with a broken gasket.

Furthermore, the dripping liquid is heated to Luna’s body temperature, and it emits a lewd smell.

Her liquid feels smoother than adult women, and it doesn’t smell that much, it must be because she’s young.


「 Kyaauu 」

I lick up Luna’s love nectar.

Yeah, it lacks in taste, but

This sourness is definitely a girls’ love nectar.

Chu, chu.

「 Don’t suck it that hard 」

I placed my lip next to her slit and sucked out the liquid from the inside.

「 How is it? Does it feel good, Luna/ 」

Agnes stuffs my penis in her mouth as Luna gasps before her eyes.

「 If it feels good then you must return the favor, Luna, 」

「 O-Okay 」

Luna also licks my penis as I continue to lick her crotch.

We’re in the 6-9 position, but Agnes is also licking. Therefore, my lower half is receiving double fellatio again.

「 My, so cute! 」

Ruriko gets up from the bed and brings in a digital camera.

Then, she took a photo of the two girls licking up my penis.

Ruriko’s hobby is filming sex.

Up until now, she’s been recording a POV sex with just the two of us but,

In the future, she might start taking photos of the younger girls.

「 Your body’s getting loose now 」

Edie stretches out her hand and massages Luna’s breasts.

「 Yes. Luna-chan, do you still feel scared? We’re all here with you and Onii-sama, and we only want Luna-chan to feel good 」

Ruriko said.

「 Yes, it’s fun, isn’t it, Luna? 」

Agnes also smiles at Luna.

「 Uhm, I don’t get it yet, but I can tell that everyone’s kind to me 」

「 Don’t be so distant now 」

Edie said.

「 We’re already family now 」

「 That’s right, we’ll be together always 」

「 Y-Yes 」

Oh, my mouth’s messy with Luna’s love nectar.

It doesn’t stop from overflowing anymore.

「 How about we insert now? 」

Edie says as she looks at Luna’s crotch.

「 She’s quite aroused now, I think it should be good enough 」

「 Haa, haaa, hauuuu 」

Indeed, Luna’s breathing is getting rough now.

「 If so, how about doing it in cowgirl position? Luna-chan could do it at her pace that way 」

Ruriko suggests.

「 Cowgirl? 」

Luna’s confused.

「 Yes me! Agnes will show an example! 」

Agnes says, but.

「 No, let Ruriko do the example 」

Edie said.

「 Eeeh? Why?! 」

「 If it’s you, Agnes, you’d get too excited that you won’t be able to stop 」


Agnes is too enthusiastic right now.

「 Also, you also have to give Luna the feeling of waiting 」


「 If that’s the case; 」

Ruriko takes off her panty.

「 Luna-chan, let’s swap positions. 」

She replaced Luna and straddled on top of me.

「 Onii-sama, I’m also dripping wet 」

Ruriko seems to be excited too.

Her slit is wet.

「 Luna-chan, watch closely 」

Ruriko opens up her vagina and presses it to my erect penis.

「 Luna, watch what’s going to happen carefully! Agnes will watch it together with you! 」

「 O-Okay 」

Luna and Agnes sit side by side and watches what’s about to happen.

「 Are you ready? It’s coming in, hmmm 」

Ruriko’s small slit accepts my penis in.

「 It’s going in deeper, aaaahn! 」

Jububu, I dive into her moist and hot hole.

「 If the woman is on top, you must insert it yourself, aaahn 」

「 There’s nothing scary about it at all Agnes does this a lot too! 」

Ruriko accepts my penis to the root.

「 What Ruriko’s doing now is called front cowgirl position 」

Edie teaches Luna.

「 Front? 」

「 It’s because you look at Papa’s face 」

「 Oh, the face-to-face. I see 」

Luna understood.

「 Onii-sama, your hand please 」

Ruriko holds my hands.

「 Then, if you have Onii-sama holding your butt, you can balance yourself. No matter how much you move, you won’t fall out of the bed, don’t be afraid of it 」

Ruriko’s sex class continues.

「 Then, as for how you use your waist. When the woman is on top, she shall not move intensely from the beginning, you need to start with deep and slow movements 」

Ruriko’s slender waist starts to move.

「 First would be to coil around your waist 」

Squeezing from the top of the joined, Ruriko moves her waist as she straddled on me.

「 Then, using my waist and Onii-sama’s penis, stir up Ruriko’s stomach 」

Ruriko moves her waist up and down, inserting and pulling out my penis.

「 Aaaahn, during this, uses the tip of Onii-sama’s penis and search for which part gives the most pleasure. In Ruriko’s case, it’s here 」

Ruriko rubs my glans on the same wall in her vagina multiple times.

「 Ruriko’s aaaaah, weak in this part 」

She grabs my hand tighter, frown her eyebrows, and Ruriko moves her waist further.

「 Then, if you squeeze your butthole, the hole Onii-sama’s inside will also tighten! Aaaaah! It feels good! Onii-sama!!! 」

Ruriko’s skin is getting sweaty.

「 You’re beautiful, Ruriko. Let’s take photos of this one 」

Edie records Ruriko having sex with me using her camera.

「 Yes, please record Ruriko’s indecent side! Aaah 」

「 Calm down, Ruriko 」

I push up Ruriko from below.

「 Hafuu! Aah! Sorry, Onii-sama 」

「 You’re teaching Luna right now 」

「 Yes, you’re right 」

Looks like it’s not just Agnes who’s feeling high tension.

Ruriko also looks calm, but she’s sexually aroused.

「 Okay, teach her the next bit 」

「 Yes. You can use the bed’s spring effectively when moving up and down. Try to press your waist firmly to the bed, and it’ll create a reaction 」

Ruriko pushes her waist down.

「 Nnn, hmmm, ahhh!! 」

Nucha, nucha, nucha!

Ruriko’s moving up and down rhythmically.

「 It feels good! It feels good! It feels good! 」

Ruriko dances on top of me as she breathes out hot sighs.

「 At times like this, try to move your waist in a way that your breasts would sway as well 」

Huh, Ruriko?

「 Onii-sama loves watching our breasts sway every time we have sex 」


I don’t deny that.

I do love breasts, yes.


「 Yeah. Darling always looks at my face and breasts when having sex 」

「 Same with Agnes 」


I didn’t notice it myself but,

「 That’s why Michi-oneechan’s jealous! 」


「 Papa only looks at Michi-oneechan’s face when having sex with her 」


I’m glad Michi’s not here.

「 Aaaaahn, what should I do Onii-sama! Ruriko…Ruriko’s about to cum!!! 」

Ruriko’s movement speeds up.

「 Go ahead and cum. But Darling can’t ejaculate yet so do it alone 」

Edie said before I could reply.

「 Aaaaahn, that’s so sad! I want it! Ahn! Ruriko wants Onii-sama’s semen inside!! 」

Ruriko begs me with her moist eyes.

「 We can just do it later again, Ruriko 」

「 That’s so sad! Please! Onii-sama! Please! 」

This 15-year-old beauty asks me to cum inside her as her whole body sweats.

「 Not now, okay? 」

I’m desperately trying to hold back my ejaculation here.

I still have to do the three sisters until 2pm.

Each of them separately first, then all three of them at the same time later.

I’m still on the first one, so I can’t just blow it all off from the start.

「 If that’s the case, can Ruriko have at least one request heard? 」

「 Sure, anything 」

Ruriko’s a gentle girl, so she’d never say anything unreasonable.

「 Thank you very much, aaahn, aaaaaahn!!! 」

Ruriko’s movement became intense.

She’s grinding in from below me.

「 Onii-sama, Ruriko, Ruriko’s cumming! 」

「 Yeah, cum! Ruriko! 」

「 Onii-sama! Watch this indecent Ruriko cum! 」

「 Yeah, I’m watching 」

A 15-year-old body sways sensually on top of me.

Her white skin is shining with sweat.

Her eyes melting down from pleasure looks at me.

「 Aaaaaaaahn! Cumming! I’m cumming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 」

Ruriko always screams loudly when we’re having sex.

Discretion is unnecessary when having sex when it comes to her.

She’s having sex with me to free herself from the tight live in Kouzuki house and the high-class society.

She can do anything freely when having sex.

Either way, Ruriko’s not having sex in an apartment with thin walls.

「 Onii-sama, Onii-sama, Onii-sama! I love you!!!! 」

Ruriko’s vagina convulses and clamps my penis.

Her womb is squirming, begging me to cum.

「 Aaaaahn, Ruriko’s cumming again!!!! Aaaaaah! 」

Women’s ecstasy lasts longer than men.

I look at Ruriko’s face trembling in pleasure from below.

I look at her swaying breasts too.

「 Haaaaaa, Onii-sama! I love you!!!! 」

Then, Ruriko lost strength and covers me.

「 There there, it’s okay now 」

I pat Ruriko’s sweaty back.

Her flushed skin and soft sweaty breasts are pressed against my chest.

「 Oniihyamaaaaaa wuv youuuuu 」

Ruriko kisses me passionately.

「 There there, that’s cute, Ruriko 」


「 That’s enough!!! 」

Agnes shouts.

「 Papa, Agnes wants to do it too!!! 」

Watching Ruriko’s erotic scene seems to have ignited the fire inside Agnes.

「 It feels itching inside my stomach 」

She’s holding down her crotch with both hands.

Agnes has been banned from masturbating since the events four months ago.

Shirasaka Sousuke forced Agnes to masturbate several times a day as a routine, but,

If Agnes does that, she’ll go crazy.

Agnes had to stop touching her genitals.

Therefore, she doesn’t place her finger on her slit.

She looks like a child enduring her urge to pee, just covering her crotch with her palm.

「 Wait, Agnes 」

Edie stops Agnes.

「 It’s not just Agnes who wants to do it now after watching Ruriko had sex. I also want it. And then; 」

Edie looks at Luna.

「 Luna too 」

Luna’s teasing her breasts and crotch.

「 Haa, haaa, haa 」

Her whole body’s sweating.

「 She’s releasing her power a bit. She can feel Ruriko’s ecstasy and how Agnes and I want to do it too 」

Though Ruriko reached climax, she feels dissatisfied that I didn’t cum inside her.

Edie and Agnes’ sexual desire is rising up the charts.

The room’s filled with libido.

Luna’s drowning in that flavor.

「 Nii-san, I 」

Flushed red skin, her eyes look melting from pleasure, and every time her waist trembles, love nectar drips from her slit down to her thighs.

Her body’s as loose as it gets.

She’s prepared for me to ravish her.

「 It can’t be helped. You can go first, Luna! 」

Agnes tells Luna.