Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 708. My sister, as well.



「 T-This is obscene! Michi! 」

Kudou Haruka, Michi’s elder sister, shouts at us.

Well, yeah, we’re naked and having sex while standing outside of the garage, I don’t think I can retort when scolded somehow.

「 A-Anyway! G-Get off each other, you two!! 」

Kudou Haruka’s 18, she’s in third-year high school. She’s three years older than Michi.

Two years older than me.

Her angry face is a bit scary.


Why is Haruka here?

If I recall, she did say that she wants to meet me today, but,

But I didn’t make any definite promise though.

I left the contact with Michi.

So Haruka came here by herself?


「 We were just on the best part! 」

Michi moves her waist while talking to her sister.

My penis is still stuck inside Michi’s vagina.

I mean, I just ejaculated.

Her body’s twitching.

She’s still in the afterglow of pleasure from my ejaculation in her womb,.

「 You’re still in middle school! What the hell are you doing?! 」

Haruka can’t hide her surprise from her younger sister’s foolery.

「 A-Anyway, I’m pulling out Michi 」

It’s somewhat embarrassing to be connected with Michi while her sister watches.

I whisper from Michi’s behind.

「 Not yet, Master~ 」

She talks to me in a sweet voice.

「 My womb is drinking down Master’s semen right now, please stay with Michi for a while longer 」

「 Michi, stop speaking like a prostitute! 」

Haruka yells at her sister.

「 You, to think that you’re doing this to my sister 」

Oh, she turned her anger to me.

「 I won’t forgive you 」

This doesn’t look good.

I remember that Kudou Haruka’s quite a troublesome character.

「 At any rate, I’m pulling out for now, Michi 」

「 Muuu, I understand 」

I grab Michi’s ass,

「 Nugu!!! 」

「 Aaaahn!! 」

I pull out my penis from Michi’s inside.


As soon as I pull out my rod, a large amount of semen drips down from her slit and to the ground.

「 Aaaahn! What a waste! 」

Michi puts some strength to her crotch and tries to stop the overflow of semen.

「 H-Hey! You two!! What’s this?! 」

Haruka’s astonished of what’s happening in front of her.

「 Could it be that you don’t use them? 」

「 Use what? 」

Michi asks.

「 C-C-C-C-Condo! 」

Haruka’s embarrassed that she’s stuttering.

「 Kondo? 」

Michi looks at her sister with a serious look in her face.

「 Condom! 」

Haruka shouts.


「 What’s a condom? 」

Michi doesn’t know.

We always do it raw.

I mean, I’ve never used it either, so I only know the name.

「 If you don’t use contraception and get pregnant, what will you do? 」

Haruka screams at her sister.

No, Michi’s drinking pills for contraception, but,

If I tell her that, Haruka would get angrier.

“Are you treating my sister as a sex slave” or something

Well, I do, yes…

「 If I make a child, then I’m happy, what about it? 」

Michi replies, looking puzzled.

「 It’s Master’s child after all. I’ll treat the child with care. I’ll teach the child Kudou Martial arts too 」

Michi, who has prepared for it long ago replied in calm.

I mean, Michi’s already drawn her image of future in her mind.

「 Michi, you’re still in middle school! You can’t bear a child! 」

「 No, if Master allows it then anytime will do. My mind and body are both ready 」

「 What foolishness are you talking about! 」

This talk won’t end well like this.

「 No, give me a moment, Haruka-san 」

For now, the confusion will just increase if these two continues to talk.

I try to get in between the two and explain, but.

「 Hey! Nooo! Don’t come close to me! 」


「 Don’t swing around that strange thing around me! 」

Oh, I’m still naked, right.

It’s become quite natural for me to be naked in front of women for the last four months.

I’ve lost the shame of being naked now. That’s definitely not okay.

「 Oh, I’m sorry, Master! Allow me to serve right away 」

Michi looks at my penis then,

She squats down in front of me and licks up my glans smeared with love nectar and semen.

「 W-W-W-W-W-W-What are you doing, Michi!? 」

Haruka’s stunned by her sister starting servicing me with her mouth like it’s natural.

「 It’s clean-up fellatio after sex 」

Michi replied then sucks out the remaining semen in my urethra.

「 C-Cleanup? 」

「 Yes. Fellatio is oral sex where you serve the other party with your mouth. The word’s Origin is from the Latin word, Fellare 」

Michi holds my penis with both hands and licks it up as she says that.

「 Who cares about that! Stop licking that nasty thing! Right now!! 」


「 It’s not nasty! This is the most precious item in the universe, it’sMaster’s holy and splendid male rod! It’s my duty to serve it to the end 」

Michi rubs my glans on her nipples.

「 Ah, Master got hard again 」


Sorry. I’m a bit aroused from this bizarre situation.

「 Would you like to ejaculate inside me again? 」

This little beauty looked up at me and smiled.

「 Stop it already! 」

Haruka finally snapped.

「 You two should stop this already!!! 」

The moment Haruka tries to step in and pulls us apart,

「 !!! 」

Michi gets up at extreme speed.

「 Huh?! W-What’s this?! 」

It was as fast as lightning.

Michi’s right-hand fist is barely touching Haruka’s face.

It’s overwhelmingly faster and sharper than Haruka.

「 I heard that you have recovered, but it seems that you’re still a bit dull in combat, Aneue 」

No, that’s wrong, Michi.

You’ve been training with Edie, Rei-chan, and Margo-san together for the past four months.

Michi’s the one who’s gotten stronger.

「 Forgive the rudeness, but Even if I’m having sexual intercourse, I research every day on how to counter enemy attacks 」

Michi pulls out her fist in front of Haruka in a snap.

「 Michi, you 」

Haruka’s a high school student Karate champion in the women’s division.

Her body can tell how strong Michi is now.

She’s been shocked seeing us have sex, so she’s never been focused until now, but.

She can see how much power Michi has in her naked body.

「 Are you really Michi? 」

Haruka had a fight with Michi in the basement of the theater last May,

She made a fool of Michi’s skills and Kudou Martial arts before.

Then, Michi took it seriously, and Haruka got hospitalized due to injuries.

Michi now is stronger than she was back then. It’s gone far beyond her imagination.

「 It is as you see 」

Michi replies.

「 My daily training with my family and loyalty to my Master and Misuzu-oneesama, and also the love-filled sex with Master is what made me stronger 」

「 W-What are you talking about?! 」

It’s not something Haruka would understand.

「 Indeed, back then, there was a great martial artist’s historical documentary film father watched. Do you remember it? It’s titled Drunken fist 」

Michi, you.

You think Jackie Chan’s Kung Fu movie was a documentary?

「 In that movie, they show that the more the character drinks, the stronger he gets, didn’t they? 」

Michi, that’s the catchphrase of the movie.

No, I think Kudou-papa said that as a joke but the young Michi believed him.

「 It’s the same as that, right now, the more I have sex, the more Master pours his semen inside me, the more I get stronger. Namely, “sex fist” 」

What sex fist?

「 Stop the jokes! 」

「 It’s the truth 」

This time, Michi’s the one challenging her sister.

Byu! Byu! Byu! Byuuu

Michi’s fist was all stopping just before they hit, but Haruka couldn’t deal with all of them.

She couldn’t even guard.

「 That’s not Kudou martial arts?! 」

「 Of course, I don’t need to use Kudou arts to fight Aneue now 」

Kudou Martial arts’ style is to read the opponent’s Qi and turn it back to them as a counter.

However, Michi’s fighting her sister in just pure martial arts.

Michi’s wearing nothing but sandals though.

「 Hey, stop it, Michi! 」

Though Michi’s stopping right before she makes a hit, no, Haruka’s pride in Karate’s breaking down because her three-year-old younger sister is stopping her fist directly before they hit.

Haruka’s not hit by Michi’s attacks because even if she does, there lies another fist that would stop before hitting her.

In a real battle, Haruka’s already received dozens of mortal wounds.

「 Stop. Michi 」

Michi stops moving as soon as I ordered her.

「 Now you should understand Aneue, you’re not suited for a bodyguard job 」

Michi tells her sister.

「 I’m guessing that you’re trying to make contact with Master now because you still hope to find a job in Kouzuki SS 」

I see.

There’s no way that Haruka would keep her promise from May with me.

She promised to sell her body for prostitution once.

Her meeting up with me in the name of fulfilling that promise is because,

I’m officially Misuzu’s fiance.

Once she had a night with me, she’ll try to talk to Misuzu through me.

She’d ask Misuzu to recommend her a job for Kouzuki SS by all means.

「 That’s 」

「 Am I wrong? 」

Michi glares at her sister.

「 That’s because I have no choice! 」

Kudou Haruka speaks.

「 That thing happened to mother after all! 」

Michi and Haruka’s mother was an employee of Kouzuki SS.

However, she had an illicit affair with the security director, Yamaoka,

And during Cesario Viola’s attack, both of them were dismissed as they abandoned their work without taking any action at all

Then, instead of returning home, she eloped with Yamaoka.

「 Shinichi-niisan’s doing all his best to keep his evaluation in the house that he said he can’t give me a recommendation, speaking “”If I do that in this situation, my evaluation will go down” 」

The eldest son of Kudou house is already an adult and is an employee of Kouzuki SS.

I’ve never met him before, though.

It’s been just a few years since he joined so his standing must be still weak. And thinking about the infamy her mother left behind, he can’t really recommend his sister.

「 And yet, you’re the only one sticking to Misuzu-sama without worries. You don’t even come back home 」

Michi’s been living with Misuzu all the time.

「 Just like that man, he doesn’t even care about our family. You don’t care as long as you’re doing well, do you? 」

Haruka’s words have clear malice in it.

She must be referring to her father when she said “that man.”

Haruka doesn’t know Kudou-papa’s other side.

He tries to take a humble attitude as the director of Kudou detective office, but,

In reality, Kudou-papa’s the head of the back-up unit, a separate force outside Kouzuki SS.

Though he doesn’t belong to Kouzuki SS, Jii-chan and chief Yazawa trust him strongly.

In all intents and purposes, his position is the same as the top elites of Kouzuki SS.

「 I’ve been left to Grandfather’s house since childhood, I’ve inherited Kudou art from him. I’m still 15 years old, but I’m already living as a bodyguard. I have no intention of returning home. I have vowed to spend my life with my Masters 」

Michi declared.

「 What stupid things are you talking about!? Are you influenced by Father’s stupidity?! There’s nothing more important than blood-related family! 」

Haruka says, but,

「 Aneue, yesterday, I’ve met Mother 」

Michi speaks calmly.

「 I heard, Mother’s siding with the Yakuza and is hostile to Kouzuki SS, right? Seriously, what’s with our family, everyone’s making it hard for me to get a job! 」


「 I mean, Haruka-san, didn’t chief Yazawa tell you that he won’t hire you last May? 」

That’s what I heard.

「 That’s why I was trying to have Misuzu-sama recommend me, get it?! Misuzu-sama’s position is higher than Yazawa-san after all 」

Why do you think so?

Kouzuki SS is a security company.

Misuzu’s just the granddaughter of the owner.

Misuzu can’t possibly overturn chief Yazawa’s judgment.

「 Therefore, I was preparing for it! I’ll do anything even give you my virginity! It’s just a one-off, so I’ll endure it. I’ll sell my body like a prostitute! But in exchange, you have to ask Misuzu-sama to employ me back to Kouzuki SS. That deal isn’t enough for me that I don’t think it’s reasonable, but I’ll hold up with just that! I made that kind of resolution!

Haruka glares at me with extreme anger.

「 And yet, why are you doing something so obscene with Michi! You scum! Pervert! Lolicon! 」

Is a 16-year-old having sex with Michi, a 15-year-old called a lolicon?

Well, I won’t deny about the pervert part though.

「 Seriously, you all are the worst! You just do whatever you want!! You don’t even care about me 」


Don’t decide things for your own convenience.

Haruka, you who push out everything is the one who’s the most selfish here though.

「 Yes, that’s right 」

Michi replied.

「 We don’t care about Aneue’s future at all 」

「 What did you say!? 」

Haruka’s in rage.

「 Before you make those thoughts inside your head, I recommend you learn some discipline first Aneue right now can never become a bodyguard no matter what. It’s impossible. Not at all. The possibility has died already 」


「 If Aneue dies alone, then there’s no problem, but a bodyguard must die protecting their lord. Aneue isn’t someone who does that 」

「 Goodness, you’re talking to your sister! Is it fun to insult me? Are you having fun? What an ugly hearted girl, you’re just like that man 」


「 Haruka-san, you’re just like your mother too 」

I said.

This self-centered attitude and the thought of putting the blame on others is just,

It’s exactly the same as her mother, Kudou Etsuko.

No, she signed her divorce papers yesterday, so she’s no longer a Kudou.

Michi stayed apart from her parents and grew up at her grandfather’s house, she didn’t inherit her mother’s character and mindset.

Haruka’s raised by her mother, so her way of thinking is similar.

This isn’t about the bloodline but about the difference of the environment.

「 Don’t joke with me. I can’t possibly be similar to that stupid mother of mine 」

Kudou Haruka glares at me.

「 I can’t possibly be like that over-40-year-old woman still going after an old man who has a wife and children, I can’t possibly be similar to her!!! 」

Her mother’s affair and disappearance have been a shock for her too.

「 I hate you all. You all keep on getting in my way 」

Even if you say that.

「 Well, whatever you think is yours, and if that’s what you think then it must be, I won’t say anything, but 」

「 That’s right! That’s why you should just ask Misuzu-sama to recommend me. Easy, isn’t it?! Hurry up and do it!!! 」

Seems like in Haruka’s mind, she’s already decided that I’ll do it.

Yet she doesn’t seem to want to keep her promise with me at all.

「 I’ll keep quiet about what naughty things you do with Michi! It would be a problem for Michi too, right? If she discovers this, Misuzu-sama would definitely fire you 」


She finally started to threaten us.

「 Sorry. It’s impossible 」

I said in amazement.

「 What are you talking about! Either way, you just forcibly raped Michi and pulled her to this path, didn’t you!? To think that Michi’s treated like a prostitute, being embarrassed like this! You’re scum! 」

Oh, new stories are being built inside Haruka’s head.

「 If Misuzu-sama were to discover this, no, if Kouzuki-sama were, it would be the end of you! Listen, I’m holding your fortune right now! Do you get it? 」

You’re the one who doesn’t get it, Haruka.

「 But Misuzu-sama and Kouzuki Kakka were present when I gave my virginity to Master though? 」

Michi replied immediately.

「 Huh? 」

Haruka’s surprised.

「 Yeah, the two of them I mean, Ruriko and Yoshiko-san were also there watching Michi, and I have sex, right? 」

「 T-That can’t be true 」

「 No, look, Misuzu’s there 」

I point at the car in the garage.


「 It’s been a while, Haruka-san. You seem to be energetic 」

Misuzu greets Haruka from the car window.

Oh, while we’re having that quarrel,

Misuzu and Yomiko seem to have dressed.

They’re looking at Haruka with a composed expression.

「 M-Misuzu-sama?! 」

Haruka’s speechless.

「 Michi is my bodyguard. She’s always with me. Naturally, even when I go to bed with Danna-sama, Michi’s with me. Besides, weren’t there rumors that Michi and I have a lesbian relationship? That was true. That’s why the three of us are having sex with Danna-sama 」

Misuzu smiled at Haruka and said.

「 That’s what it means to become a bodyguard of a distinguished family. If the Lord wishes for it, then it’s natural for you to offer your body. I plan to have Michi bear Danna-sam’s child, will you, Michi? 」

「 Yes, gladly 」

Michi replied.

「 To people with common sense like Haruka-san, we may look like obscene and immoral. But that’s how it is. I’m the daughter of Kouzuki house after all. You also know Grandfather’s anecdotes, don’t you? 」

Jii-chan’s quite a stud back when he was young it seemed.

Haruka should know about that anecdotal story of his sexual life.

Her mother and bother were employees of Kouzuki SS.

Besides, her mother’s a loose-tongue woman.

She likes to talk about topics such as that.

Even when Michi introduced me, she was someone who said: “be careful, or you might get pregnant.”

「 Therefore, you don’t have to worry about Danna-sama or Michi. Leaving that aside, Haruka-san, I think you should be more concerned about your future 」

「 Huh? U-Uhm, Misuzu-sama?! 」

Misuzu looks at Haruka coldly.

「 Do you really think I would still recommend you after watching you threaten my dear Danna-sama? 」

She’s right.

「 I mean, Michi’s right. Someone with a personality like yours isn’t suited for Kouzuki SS 」

「 P-Please wait, Misuzu-sama! 」

At that time, Yomiko shows up from the window of the passenger seat of the car.

「 Hello! 」

At the moment Haruka looked at Yomiko.

「 You’re too noisy. Don’t talk until I say you can! 」

I feel a strong wind blowing.

The Yomi Miko power activates.

「 U, mumumumumu!! 」

Haruka’s unable to talk anymore.

「 That’s also noisy! Quiet down and don’t make any noise! 」

Haruka’s silenced.