Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 711. Power and Power



「 It’s here. Well then, see you later Yo-chan~ 」

After parting with Kudou-papa,

Nei brings me to the room where Tsukiko is.

「 I’m going to prepare lunch with everyone else 」

「 Thanks, Ya-chan 」

I’m a bit bummed out with what Kudou-papa said.

I feel like I’ve made decisions from looking at only one perspective until now.

「 Geez, you’re being gloomy. It’s okay, Yo-chan. Cheer up 」

Nei hugs me.

「 Look, last Sunday, I had tea with Margo-oneechan on a family restaurant 」

Nei starts to talk.

「 The table next to us had a family having dinner, a 70+-year-old grandfather, a 40-year-old father, and an elementary school girl. There are three generations of parent and child. Maybe they just had a walk in the park nearby. The child is looking at the photos the father took in the park with his smartphone as the Father and Grandfather were talking 」


「 Then, the Father told the Grandfather. “The plastic model shop near the station is now out of business. There are not many children using plastic models nowadays. You know? That one store you used to take me a long time ago?” he said 」

Plastic model?

「 “It’s not great seeing stores that have been around the town for a long while close down. Japan might be done for” he added, and then 」

Nei laughed.

「 The Grandfather said, “What are you talking about. That model shop hasn’t been there for long” 」


「 Hearing him say that, the Father looked a bit displeased and said “What are you talking about Father? That plastic model shop has been there since I was born. It’s been a long-established store in the shopping district” 』


「 The Grandfather replied. “Oh, right. It opened before you were born. So that’s why that store isn’t that old” 」

So for a 70-year-old Grandfather, the birth of the 40-year-old Father isn’t that long ago.

「 “To begin with, plastic models weren’t sold in Japan that long ago. When I was a kid, I had to make the model from wood by myself. It was a solid model. We only had a wooden block back then” he said 」

A difference in perspective.

The difference in perception.

「 Then, the elementary school girl playing with the phone asked the two. “Why is it that when you take photos on the phone, it makes a strange noise? They should make it easier to understand and pleasing instead. Make it sound like Pororori~! or something” 」

Phone’s sound.

「 “Well, that’s because they imitate the sound of the real camera’s shutter,” the Grandfather replied. But, the girl shows a curious face. “A real camera? Shutter?” she asked. “Wait, you know that, don’t you? A real camera makes a “kasha” sound when you press the button,” “That’s why I’m asking why it makes that sound?” “That’s because it’s the sound of a real camera” and they keep looping on the same argument. Then, the Father laughed and said, “Gramps, you can’t reason her out. She’s only seen digital cameras since her birth. She’s never seen a film camera before” 」

The difference in a sense by the time of birth.

「 Humans think that those that have been there since they were has always been there since before. But, that’s not how it is 」

Nei said.

「 The Father thinks that both the plastic model store in the shopping district has been there for a long time, but for the Grandfather’s perspective, it’s only one of the stores that have increased during the post-war growth period. For the Grandfather, the film-style cameras are real, but for the children in elementary school, they’ve only seen digital cameras 」

I see.

「 Okay. I seem not to understand it now, but 」

I was able to make an exchange with Tsukiko last night.

We were convinced that we understood each other.

We thought that we opened up our hearts to each other and that we didn’t lie…

But, there’s still a lot of mysteries about the Takakura shrine maidens.

Somehow, I feel uneasy about what we don’t know.

I thought that Tsukiko’s hiding something from me but,

That would mean that Tsukiko last night and this morning was trying to gloss things over.

The gap between my senses and the reality feels unpleasant.

Even so.

「 Tsukiko, no, it might be that the Takakura sister’s perception is off in the first place 」

All the information about shrine maidens were heard from the sisters.

Besides, Michi’s checking them out using Qi, and they had experienced sex.

Thus, we made our hypothesis about the shrine maidens.

However, if Tsukiko and the girls’ knowledge about the shrine maiden was manipulated form the first place, then,

「 No, if I recall, Tsukiko and the girls never met the shrine maiden before their mother, right? 」

Most of the shrine maidens die early.

I’ve never heard anything about Tsukiko’s mother or anything about her being in Takakura shrine.,

Talking to the sisters is…

「 Their mother is always closed up in the main shrine, and they don’t watch the sisters practice that much, didn’t she? 」

Tsukiko’s mother also suffered from psychological problems.

「 Therefore, their Aunt taught them a lot instead 」

The sister of the deceased shrine maiden,

The Takakura sisters’ aunt.

Her name was Kiyomi if I recall correctly.

「 In criminal investigations, usually, you’d doubt the one who made the most profits due to the results of the case 」

Nei said.

Kiyomi-san is now at the Takakura shrine.

She’s replaced the late shrine maiden and priest.

「 Kiyomi-san should also have the same power 」

Kiyomi, Ki+Yomi.

Yomi Miko power.

I don’t know if the misalignment of the names and effect are correct but still.

If we were to follow the same rules, then,

Kiyomi-san has the same power as Yomiko, that is to make people obey her.

「 Ya-chan, could it be? 」

I ended up with a hypothesis.

「 Kiyomi-san might be the origin of this all 」

One day, suddenly, the new head of a Yakuza group killed the shrine maiden and the priest of the Takakura shrine but not to take over the shrine.

The big boss, Satake, didn’t force Kiyomi-san to become manager of Takakura shrine, but instead, Kiyomi-san is the mastermind of this all.

She used her power on Satake because she wanted to take over the Takakura shrine.

Killing Tsukiko and the girls’ parents, her sister and the husband.

「 That’s likely 」

Nei nods.

「 If that were the case, Yo-chan 」

If Kiyomi-san is the BIG BAD.

「 Then, she’ll be coming 」

Jii-chan’s attack on the Kansai Yakuza was successful.

Shou-neechan took down all those who followed the girls to Tokyo.

Chief Yazawa’s elite team raided the Yakuza’s headquarters in Kansai.

The two groups raised their white flags on Jii-chan.

Then, they’re heading from Kansai to Tokyo.

Then, by 3 pm, we’ll be heading at a hotel in the city and meet up with Jii-chan to seal the deal.

If Kiyomi-san were to appear there.

It won’t be just Satake that is under Kiyomi-san’s control then,

But, Oodori who belongs to the other side as well.

The Yakuza bosses will be present at the location where the deal would be made.

Then, the head of Kouzuki house, Jii-chan, can also yield to the Yomi Miko power.

After all, the Miko power can’t be triggered unless one meets up personally.

A location where the big bosses make a deal would be a great hunting grounds for Kiyomi-san.

「 No, of course, that’s only one hypothesis 」

Nei said.

「 But, you have to assume the worst case scenario all the time. 」

That’s right.

Even we,

We strengthened and stabilized the Takakura sisters’ power intending to use it on the Kansai Yakuza.

To free Tsukiko and the two from them.

「 If Kiyomi-san is the mastermind for killing the previous shrine maiden then I think that she has made her resolve 」

She killed her sister to obtain the Yakuza’s power.

She won’t go easy on her niece, Tsukiko and the two.

「 We have to think on how to deal with Miko power too 」

I feel my spine shivering.

We don’t know how much power Kiyomi-san has.

If even when the Takakura sisters join together and they’re still no match, then,

No, it’s possible that the sisters are already under Kiyomi-san’s power.

If Kiyomi-san taught Tsukiko and the two, then she should know how much potential the three have.

「 We don’t have to deal with her anyway 」


「 You see, Miko power doesn’t take effect unless one makes direct contact. That’s true, I think. After all, if you can use your power to the other party through phone or just a video, then Kiyomi-san should already be a ruler 」

I think so too.

Just like Edie and Michi, using Qi and Miko power needs close distance.

Actually, Qi is used as a fuel to boost Miko power.

And you can’t transmit Qi through people in the distance using machines.

Qi is the life force wave.

In the end, you can only transmit it to the surrounding people.

Even Michi can only output to people a few meters away.

「 Kouzuki-ojiichan, or maybe Yazawa-san or Shou-oneesan from Kouzuki SS can do it too; they can just set up snipers around the hotel. Perhaps, they could even blow up the entire hotel room 」

Nei utters something ridiculous.

But, she’s right. Miko power isn’t absolute.

One can shoot them or even blow them up from a distance.

Tsukiko’s mother was killed that way.

「 But, that’s not something we’re deciding right now 」

I feel.

This is just one of the perspectives we have to consider.

It’s possible that we’re wrong.

「 Well yeah. You can have your response to Kudou-san by 1 pm as you told him earlier. Kouzuki SS should be able to deal with it in time. 」


「 Thanks, Ya-chan, I managed to sort things out in my head now. 」

I thanked Nei.

「 Yo-chan, if you ever thought that there’s something’s strange, then don’t leave that alone. You need to find the source of it 」

「 You’re right 」

「 But, once you found out the cause of your anxiety, don’t just believe that it’s the only answer. It might be wrong 」


「 Things don’t happen from just one factor. A phenomenon occurs when multiple elements are combined. But, for those who want to fix their worries in an instant then they’ll see one of the factors and say “Oh, so that’s the cause,” and convincing themselves that they now understood all of it 」

That does happen.

「 Naturally, when you feel that something’s weird, then you have to be vocal about it on why. If not, you won’t even have a clue to understanding. But as soon as you put it into words, there will be some intuition falling out for sure. For example, if you try to call out which part is lacking specifically, then you might say that you’re feeling hungry. Even though you’re lonely. You don’t want to admit that you’re lonely, so you speak out something else. Yet, once you say that you’re hungry, you’ll go to a shop and eat 」

The words that come out might be misaligned.

「 But, you can’t hold it in either. Else, you can’t make logical thoughts 」

Yeah. The cause of the sense of discomfort can’t be dealt with unless you explain it accurately and logically.

But, once you change what you sense to words, then you might overlook some other things.

Therefore, one must always be suspicious of their own words.

「 Okay, Yo-chan. Ready to meet Tsukiko-san now? 」

Nei is really my big sister.

She worries about me as one.

She guides me.

「 Yeah, I’m okay now. 」

「 Nice, good luck. I’ll be supporting you always 」

Nei grasps my hand.

「 Yeah, I’m going, Onee-chan 」

I tell Nei.

Then, I enter the room where Tsukiko’s waiting for me.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Welcome, come in 」

Tsukiko’s waiting for me inside the room.

She sits on the floor with her three fingers and head bowing to me.

She’s wearing a see-through negligee.

Her pink nipples and pale looking genitals can be seen through the fabric.

「 I’ve been worried since Kou-sama’s taking his time to come here 」

Tsukiko said and smiled at me.

She shows concern.

As expected, she really did open up her heart to me.

「 Uhm, I’m planned to become a prostitute, aren’t I? And so, I thought of becoming Kou-sama’s prostitute when we’re alone 」

So that’s why she’s wearing a negligee and bowing with her three fingers on each hand pressed on the floor?

「 Do you not like Tsukiko in this outfit? 」


「 No, not at all. You’re beautiful 」

You can see the lines of her body when wearing just one thin piece.

Tsukiko’s slender and beautifully proportioned body shows out.

「 Thank you. Uhm 」

「 What? 」

「 Please play with me all you want 」

Tsukiko says bashfully.

「 Last night, I received some advice from Katsuko-oneesama. She told me that I’ve focused on being the eldest sister too much that I’ve lost sight of myself. Therefore, I want to expose myself to Kou-sama in a place where Yomiko and Luna aren’t present 」

A place where Tsukiko doesn’t have to support her sisters.

「 Yeah, you’re right. We’re alone right now, Tsukiko 」

Either way, Minaho-neesan should be watching.

Even so.

「 Err, but, I’d like to have a bit of talk before we have sex 」

I decided to start a conversation first.

Tsukiko’s reading my mind anyway.

I can’t hide it, and it would harm her trust in me if I try to gloss it over.

「 Yes, what about it? 」

Tsukiko smiles at me.

「 No, I can’t have a conversation if Tsukiko’s sitting on the floor. Let’s go to bed 」

「 Okay 」

「 We sit on the bed 」

Yeah, this is somewhat…

「 Err, sorry 」

I pin down Tsukiko.

I also lie down together with her.

Then, we look at each other’s face.

「 Yeah, this is better 」

Tsukiko’s beautiful face is right in front of me.

We”re at a distance where our noses would rub together.

「 Is this too close? 」

「 No. I can see Kou-sama’s beautiful eyes 」

Tsukiko’e eyes reflect my face.

I don’t think that my eyes are beautiful though.

「 That’s not true. Kou-sama looks cool 」

Tsukiko reads my mind again.

「 Do you feel any unease? 」


「 Yeah. I’ve got a lot of things to think about 」

「 Please wait. If that’s the case, then I’ll read it directly from Kou-sama’s mind 」

Tsukiko places her hand on my cheek.

It seems like it’s easier for her to read my mind if our skins touch.


「 Give me a second 」

I stopped Tsukiko.

「 Do you not want me to read your mind? 」

Tsukiko speaks apologetically.

「 No. I don’t mind it. I’m okay letting Tsukiko see through my heart. I don’t hide anything, But 」


「 I need it for myself. I have to put it into words. I want to explain it to Tsukiko through words so I could sort out the problems once more 」

I can’t organize my thoughts if you just read my mind.

「 I want to organize my thoughts and talk about it, or else I might overlook something or make a mistake. That’s why 」

Reading my mind using Miko power is only one-way traffic.

There’s no communication established.

「 Naturally, I think that I might miss out something to say, but Tsukiko can read my mind. I believe that Miko power can understand people’s anxiety and unease. But, I want you to listen to me put into words the concrete details 」

If not, our mutual understanding would be off-point.

Tsukiko can understand me on the mind level, but I can only understand her on a conversation level.

That off-point will break our trust if left alone.

「 The power to read minds is mighty, but I don’t think that it’s useful for communication 」

If two people can read each other’s mind then they can establish a connection, but,

No, even if you can read the other party’s mind, you still need to make an effort to understand other people’s thoughts and intentions.

The other party is a person different than oneself, after all.

「 Understood. Kou-sama 」

Tsukiko agrees.

「 Then, I’ll start the talk 」

I begin to speak.

First, the problem of perspective, as Kudou-papa pointed out.

We’ve been stuck with our perspective, and we may have overlooked something.

Minaho-neesan’s advice.

Tsuki and Yomi Miko power might have their names and use reversed.

Then, my conversation with Nei.

Our suspicion on Kiyomi-san.

Maybe, Kiyomi-san has distorted the information Tsukiko, and the girls know about the Takakura shrine maiden?

And so, the names of the two powers were reversed?

「 Names are usually based on the essence of what it is 」

I said.

「 And so, Minaho-neesan thought that reading(Yomu) one’s mind has to be called “Yomi power,” that’s what she pointed out 」

「 It really is. I’ve never had doubts about it before 」

Tsukiko replies showing a serious look on her face.

「 Well, that’s natural. You’ve been taught that the power to make people obey has always been Yomi power 」

The common sense taught from the start can’t be reversed that easily.

That’s because one thinks, “That’s how it is.”

「 Indeed Kiyomi-sama was the one who taught us a lot about our power 」

Tsukiko said.

「 But, if that were true and the names of it were reversed, why would Kiyomi-san want to do that? 」


「 I don’t know the reason why would she tell us lies 」

I don’t know either.

「 But for now, we have to think about dealing with Kiyomi-san. I might be overthinking to say that Kiyomi-san might be the mastermind of all this, but still 」

「 You’re right. It’s also possible that Satake uses Kiyomi-san as a trump card 」

Yeah, during the deal by 3pm.

It’s possible that Kiyomi-san who has a strong power to make people obey, to show up.

「 Does the Miko power to make people obey work on shrine maidens as well? 」

I asked.

「 I don’t know. It’s only Yomiko who used the power to make one obey until now among us sisters 」

So the power to make people obey hasn’t been tested thoroughly yet.

「 There’s never been attempts among Kiyomi-san or Yomiko 」

Tsukiko replied.

「 Well then, how about two shrine maidens giving each other an order that contradicts? For example, Yomiko saying “Sit down” and Kiyomi-san orders “Stand up.” What happens if you make that order? 」

Is it as one expects where the stronger one persists?

Or maybe, both repel each other, and the orders are canceled.

「 I don’t know either 」

Not knowing is a problem.

We might have to confront Kiyomi-san during the deal by 3pm.

「 The scariest part is when a shrine maiden with strong power can make other shrine maidens follow her 」

If that’s the case, then the Takakura sisters might be under Kiyomi-san’s control.

「 Then we have to awaken Luna’s power to make people obey too 」

We need someone other than Yomiko with the power to make one obey to try it out.

「 Oh right, Yomiko’s able to read my mind a bit too 」

I talk about Yomiko’s situation.

「 Is that so? Then 」

Tsukiko smiles.

「 I have to do my best too! 」