Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 713. Tsukiko’s counseling sex (Part 1)



「 Ufufu. I got caught 」

I pushed Tsukiko down the floor.

Her bare breasts rise and fall for each breath she takes.

「 Then, feel free. Please rape Tsukiko to your heart’s content 」

She smiles at me.

「 No, look 」

「 Kou-sama? 」

「 How should I say it? That doesn’t sound like rape at all 」

If you say “feel free.” yeah.

「 Oh. I’m sorry. I still don’t know how to do it 」

Tsukiko stretches out her hand and reaches for my cheeks.

She’s reading my mind.

「 I see. Kou-sama, you don’t feel any charm from me that you’d want to rape me 」

「 No, that’s not it 」

Tsukiko’s also an extraordinary beauty.

This 17-year-old girl has that pure image of a shrine maiden.

Her gentle glow is like the light of the moon.

「 But you know, I want to protect Tsukiko and everyone right now 」

From the Kansai Yakuza who has an eye on them,

It feels wrong to rape the girls I want to protect.

「 You’re placing another brake in your heart again 」

Tsukiko said.

「 Earlier, as Kou-sama said, you have a strong impulse inside yourself 」

A sexual impulse on wanting to obtain women through rape.

An assumption that a relationship can’t be bound unless it’s rape.

Then, the obsession that I must make the woman my sex slave to continue our relationship.

Anyway, I’m just a pervert.

A pervert beyond saving.

An irredeemable human.

「 Is that really the case? 」

Tsukiko said.

「 That’s right. I’m broken 」

I’m aware of it.

I’m a beyond saving useless human.

「 What’s beyond saving? What’s useless? 」


「 Kou-sama, are you okay with that? 」

「 No, obviously not. If I stay useless, then I’ll just trouble everyone 」

I must protect my family.

I’m the only man in the Kuromori family.

「 Everyone? Who specifically is everyone? 」

Tsukiko asks me while touching my cheek.

「 I don’t think that there’s anyone dissatisfied with the current Kou-sama 」


That’s because they’re going along with “rape play” just to ease up my impulse.

Misuzu and Ruriko encourage me to make a move on other girls, they even pick candidates.

Nei, Michi, and Edie all accept me having sex with other girls. Agnes too.


「 Megu doesn’t want it 」

Megu hates me cheating on her.

She doesn’t want my women to increase more than this.

「 Indeed. Megumi-san feels pain in Kou-sama’s current situation 」

Megu, really?

Yeah, I think so too.

I think that this can’t go on.

「 So what do you think the problem is? 」


「 That if my impulse doesn’t go away then the number of my women would just keep on increasing 」

That’s what I’m scared of

「 Even for the three of you, I should’ve been just checking out your aptitude as a prostitute but seeing such cute girls right before me and telling me to rape them, then hearing out your history, it made me want to help you out. Even so, Tsukiko, you and your sisters are charming that I raped the three of you 」

「 That’s wrong. Yomiko, Luna, and I allowed Kou-sama to have sex with us 」

Tsukiko said.

「 Actually, you had so many opportunities to rape us already. And yet, you waited for us to be ready for it 」

「 Well yes, but actually, no 」

I know.

Even if they showed consent, that was still rape.

I raped these beautiful sisters.

「 Is that how you feel? 」


「 I should’ve been determined to protect you three and should’ve picked the option where I wouldn’t have sex with you three 」

I truly feel pity in their situation.

And if I were a good person, then,

I wouldn’t take away their virginity.

「 It’s purpose is to awaken our Miko powers 」

「 I ger that. But still, I get it. My thoughts were raping you first, I didn’t care about the Miko power. I wanted to rape the three cute sisters that appeared before me. I had the urge 」

I confess.

I had the urge to rape the Takakura sisters since I first met them.

「 After all, I told Jii-chan “Luna’s too young to be a prostitute” Then, if I were someone decent then I should’ve said “Luna’s too young, and so I want to help her without having sex with her” But, I wanted to have my way with Luna no matter what 」

That’s right, at that time,

The girl right in front of me was just 12, and yet,

「 Yet, I made Luna my sex slave right from the start 」

I’m a pervert beyond saving.

「 No matter what? 」

「 Yeah, there was an irresistible urge inside of me 」

I’m alone with Tsukiko in the room.

Her warm hands touch my cheeks.

Her Tsuki and Yomi powers are acting on me.

She’s forcing me to open up my heart.

Therefore, I confess my sins.

I tell her that I’m just a pervert.

「 What about me? 」

Tsukiko’s eyes look at me.

「 What did you think about me? Did you also believe that you want to rape me for the first time you saw me? 」


「 I did. Tsukiko’s beautiful after al 」

I replied, honestly.

「 I wanted the three of you to be in line and rape you together 」

Tsukiko smiles.

「 Yes. If you ask for it, then we’ll do it anytime 」


Why is it that my women are all…

Why are they all so tolerant of my impulses.

「 It’s because you’re an honest person, Kou-sama 」

Tsukiko replied.

「 Women feel happy when they’re wanted. They want to be needed 」

「 But, my sex, no, my libido is a rape impulse 」

Women can’t be happy being turned to a sex outlet.

「 That’s wrong. Kou-sama, you chose us and want us 」


「 Kou-sama, you’re not someone who feels sexual impulse on any woman 」

Aaah, I feel some electric shock in my head.

Is she reading my memories?

「 In Kou-sama’s school, you have a lot of female classmates. But, Kou-sama, you don’t feel any sexual urge from them 」


「 Well, those girls are my classmates 」

「 But Yukino-san and Megumi-san were also classmates 」

She’s right.

I have a unique relationship with the two of them but,

A few months ago, in the entrance ceremony, there was just far existence I couldn’t even talk to.

「 Kou-sama, when you see a girl who looks anxious, lacking something, or feeling at a loss, you tend to be inclined to that woman 」

Tsukiko analyzes from my memories.

「 Then, you feel a strong urge to rape them while also wanting to protect them 」


「 That’s not rape impulse. Kou-sama, you’re driven by the urge to protect 」

Urge to protect.

「 Your first meeting with Misuzu-sama is the remarkable example. You thought that you want to protect Misuzu-sama while raping her 」

Misuzu’s first experience.

Right, Nagisa told me to have sex with the virgin Misuzu.

Confused, I had sex with Misuzu, and while at it,

I feel like I want to protect her.

「 Kou-sama’s rape impulse seems to be showing out at the same time you show your love to the other party 」

「 That’s contradictory. Protecting someone while raping them 」

「 But, that mess of logical contradiction is what creates a relationship for Kou-sama 」

She’s right.

It was the same with Mana.

I had great joy as I ravish Mana in the courtyard as it rains.

And yet, I feel very in love with Mana as I rape her.

I thought that I must protect her.

「 I really am just a perverted asshole beyond help 」

I’m disgusted at myself.

「 I see, my impulse is the desire to protect. That’s why I make all the women I have sex with my family. Even so, I try to make them my sex slaves 」

There’s not a single sense of justice or ethics in there.

I live from my sexual urges.

I’m just trash.

「 However, Kou-sama, you don’t intend on abandoning us now, do you? 」


「 Yomiko, Luna, and I can no longer live without Kou-sama 」

I’m responsible for making the Takakura sisters my women.

No, that includes Misuzu and the girls,

Agnes, and Mana,

「 You can have them in the family because they’re your women. If Kou-sama were to abandon us sisters, then 」

What would Minaho-neesan do to the Takakura sisters?

Will she turn them to prostitutes as planned beforehand?

No, I don’t know.

「 I don’t know. I don’t plan on giving up on Tsukiko. I’ll protect you. You sisters, and all my other women 」

But, that’s not out of my righteousness.

It’s just my sexual urge.

I’m just a brute.

「 That’s okay 」

Tsukiko said.

「 We’re just women who indulge ourselves with Kou-sama’s body 」

「 What are you talking about? 」

「 There’s no woman with an ordinary sense among Kou-sama’s family. We all understand Kou-sama is like that and we yearn for you 」

You mean?

「 Ah, uhm, Megumi-san is the only one a bit different 」

Tsukiko appends.

「 But, we all want to live together with Kou-sama because you’re like that. For ordinary women, we may be abnormal but, our only way is with Kou-sama 」

「 But, I’m a pervert 」

「 Yes. We are also quite a pervert from the eyes of other people 」

Tsukiko smiles.

「 Therefore, for now, please stop feigning innocence with us 」


「 Yes. That would perhaps result with Kou-sama encountering a woman with a problem in her heart in the future, and you’d feel both the desire to protect and to rape her 」

But, if I act on that impulse, my family would keep on increasing.

If that happens,

「 Kou-sama’s mind and body would reach its limit 」

Even now, having a schedule to satisfy all my women sexually is tight.

Yet, the Takakura sisters, Kana-senpai, and Anya would join in.

Not just in sex, Mana and Agnes’ school too.

Katsuko-nee’s bakery.

Megu and Yukino,

Of course, the Takakura sisters as well,

Anyway, I’ve got a mountain of things to think about.

I’m dealing with them somehow for now, but,

If I continue to increase my women out of self-indulgence, then someday, I would just burst out.

「 To tell the truth, last night and this morning, I was talking to Kuromori Minaho-sama, Katsuko-oneesama, Nagisa-oneesama, Margo-oneesama, and Nei-oneesama about Kou-sama 」

Tsukiko and everyone in the senior group?

「 They were all worried about Kou-sama 」

About me.

I see. So that’s why,

Tsukiko doesn’t understand the situation from just reading my mind,

She’s received a lecture from Minaho-neesan and everyone beforehand.

And so, after the fusion last night, she knows me better.

「 They were assuming that Kou-sama would add us sisters as your women in advance but even so, they were shocked 」

The senior group was shocked?

「 Luna and Yomiko are likely to be added to the family, but, I’m the only one thought to become a prostitute. 」


「 I thought that I couldn’t just say that I don’t want the three of you to become prostitutes 」

Kuromori needs a new prostitute.

That’s why Jii-chan brought the Takakura sisters to us,

「 But, it can’t be helped, I also wanted to help Tsukiko 」

「 Thank you 」

Tsukiko blushed bashfully.

「 Nevertheless, Kuromori Minaho-sama is troubled. We have our problems regarding the Takakura shrine maiden, so she wasn’t hoping for us to become a prostitute in the first place 」

Dealing with the Miko power still has to be discussed with Jii-chan.

The Takakura sisters couldn’t become prostitutes that Minaho-neesan could control from the start.

If they were to use Tsuki or Yomi power when dealing with a customer, that would be a big deal.

「 Oh, I see. That’s why Minaho-neesan 」

I realized.

「 Tsukiko and the two were just a test for me 」

As the man of the brothel,

She was trying out if I can teach the girls who’ll become prostitutes the right way.

「 And, I failed 」

All the three sisters didn’t become a prostitute but became my woman instead.

I’m no-good as the man of the brothel. It’s out of the question.

「 The real prostitute candidates are coming by next week 」

Tsukiko heard it from Minaho-neesan it seems.

「 I see. The reopening of the brothel is going well 」

Someone else will have to guide the candidates coming next week.

If I make contact with those girls, I’d act on my impulse again and make them my woman.

The brothel will never open up if that happens.

「 Yes, and so that’s why everyone told me to take care of you so you could change 」

Me? Change?

「 Yes, to not have Kou-sama think of protecting all the girls you have sex with 」

Is that even possible?

I mean.

Even so, Minaho-neesan plans on letting me teach the new prostitutes?

「 If Kou-sama’s the only man in Kuromori family then it’s a duty you must fulfill 」

Kuromori’s a brothel, an illegal prostitution organization.

I’m already registered as a family member.

Then, I have to assist Minaho-neesan.

「 And, my job is also to appease Kou-sama’s rape impulse 」

Oh, for the candidates coming next week.

I’m sure that they would be ladies from a fallen noble family, they would be virgins.

I would take away their virginity.

But, if my desire to protect shows up along with my urge to rape, then,

I’d listen to the girls who’ll come next week, turn them to my woman, and the family would increase once again.

「 That’s why I’m here 」


「 I will use my power to weaken Kou-sama’s urges. Or at least the urge to protect

Nono, if you do that,

I’d become a man with only rape impulse.

「 There’s no problem. Everyone’s ready to take care of that. If Kou-sama wants to rape, you can do it with anyone 」

Y-You mean?

「 That can’t be good! 」

「 But, Kou-sama’s heart is shaking right now 」

Tsukiko’s reading my mind

「 You want to do it, don’t you? Having sex with anyone, you find sexually attractive 」


「 Allow your desires to take over and indulge yourself in all the women in this world. You don’t have to worry about the consequences. You don’t have to think about protecting them. Just rape them 」

That can’t be allowed.

「 But, you want to, don’t you? 」


「 Now, open up your heart, show me all the sexual desires hidden deep inside your heart, Kou-sama 」

Tsukiko reaches for my crotch.

My penis is already erect.

「 I will be the ancient wandering shrine maiden for now 」

Wandering shrine maiden.

They grant blessings to people through sex.

「 I will be sorting out Kou-sama’s heart as a wandering shrine maiden 」


My heart.

Sorting out?

Ooh, it’s seeping out.

Tsukiko’s power is penetrating me.

「 If not, Kou-sama’s spirit would break 」

Oh, I see it now.

I had sex with the Takakur sisters in turn to stabilize their power.

Once I deal with this, I thought that the sisters could deal with the big bosses from Yakuza and Kiyomi-san, a shrine maiden with the same power as theirs.


Right now, I’m useless,

Therefore, Minaho-neesan asked Tsukiko to sort out my heart.

While at it, it becomes an exercise that will allow Tsukiko to master her Miko power in practice.

「 Then please indulge yourself to your impulse, to your desire, to me 」

Tsukiko hugs me.

「 You can violate me and not think about anything else. Just concentrate on having sex and devouring my body sexually 」

The shrine maiden’s words arouse me.

「 Now, let’s melt together. My dear Kou-sama!!! 」