Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 716. Tsukiko’s counseling sex (Part 4)



「 Tsukiko, you’re parting from me? 」

As we hug each other’s naked body on the bed in a closed room…

Tsukiko talks about going alone to the hotel where Yakuza’s wait.

She told me not to come.

「 Yes 」

She replies in a calm voice.

「 I can’t involve Kou-sama further than this 」

「 I already am 」

「 Kou-sama, I’m grateful to you from the bottom of my heart. Please take care of my sisters. But, as for me 」

Tsukiko’s eyes look straight at me.

「 I can’t allow myself to be receiving Kou-sama’s grace further than this 」


「 No! Tsukiko! 」

I hug Tsukiko’s body tighter.

「 I don’t want Tsukiko to go! I won’t let go! 」

This beautiful woman is in my arms right this moment.

She’s in my embrace in her birthday suit.

「 You’re mine! I’ll protect you! Please, I’ll keep you safe, so don’t abandon me 」

I don’t want to part with a woman I loved, not even if I die.

I want to live together with them.

「 No, I, Tsukiko belongs to Tsukiko 」


「 I can’t belong to Kou-sama. And Kou-sama, you can’t protect Tsukiko 」


「 I will, I promise. I’ll beg Jii-chan, Minaho-neesan, Shou-neechan. They will all listen to me. 」

Jii-chan has his influence and wealth, and Kouzuki SS’ fighting power,

Even the Kansai Yakuza’s tradition on the Takakura shrine maidens will break.

「 That’s not Kou-sama’s strength 」


「 Kou-sama, you should understand it the most. Kouzuki house’s power and Kuromori-sama’s power aren’t yours 」

She’s right.


I’m just a high school boy.

I’m even inferior to others.

I’m stupid, weak, unable to do anything.

「 Kou-sama, expecting from other people’s strength is just selfishness. Weakness like that can’t protect me 」

She’s right, I’m weak.

Powerless, incompetent.


「 Even so, I want to protect Tsukiko. I’m going to beat up those who want Tsukiko to be in danger 」

Back then, I.

I killed Cesario Viola to protect Nei.

I already am a murderer.


「 No, that’ll only cause trouble 」


「 Kou-sama now isn’t saying that out of love for me. You simply don’t want me to run away from your arms 」


「 That’s why this is only Kou-sama’s selfishness. I can’t allow Kou-sama to go to a dangerous place because of that. I feel sorry for Misuzu-sama and everyone else 」


I’m clinging hard on going with Tsukiko to the hotel because,

I don’t want Tsukiko to abandon me.

In other words, I’m just selfish. Self-centered.

「 Besides, Kou-sama, you’re trampling on Tsukiko’s feelings! 」

Tsukiko’s eyes look moist.

「 Tsukiko decided to go alone. I wanted Kou-sama to stay in a safe place together with everyone, and Luna, and Yomiko. That’s why I made my resolve to go alone 」

Tears spill out from Tsukiko’s eyes.

「 Kou-sama, you’re disrespecting my resolve. I’m also a person. A woman. I have my own will! I have my own thoughts! I have my own resolve! 」

Tsukiko’s been desperately thinking since last night as well.

She talked to Minaho-neesan and Margo-san after worrying for hours.

Then, she made her resolve.

Yet, I trampled on Tsukiko’s feelings.

「 Sorry. I’m sorry 」

I’ve gotten cocky.

I couldn’t do anything and yet…

I’m just dumb, not even strong.

Yet, I’ve convinced myself that I could save Tsukiko.

「 But, I don’t know what would happen if Tsukiko goes alone 」

If Tsukiko goes to the deal of Jii-chan and the Yakuza, then…

Yakuza might try to have Tsukiko as the new shrine maiden and proceed with the arbitration ritual.

I don’t want the Yakuza bosses raping Tsukiko.

The thought of them forcing her to give birth to their child.

Besides, there’s also Tsukiko’s aunt, I don’t know what Kiyomi-san is thinking.

If, Kiyomi-san had a strong Miko power and tried to control Jii-chan…

「 It will all go well even without Kou-sama in there 」

Tsukiko smiles while crying.

「 Kou-sama should be dealing with it all 」


「 This is from last night. The ideas we’re talking about right now we’re all coming from Kuromori Minaho-sama, am I correct? 」

Minaho-neesan’s watching over us.

「 All the concerns we had should be picked up and reported to Kouzuki SS. After consulting with everyone, there should be already a plan for all possible situations 」

Shou-neechan and Rei-chan came to the mansion last night.

Were they here to discuss things with Minaho-neesan?

「 They should have taken into consideration everything we talked about related to the Takakura shrine maidens, our doubts about Kiyomi-sama, and all 」

I suddenly realized.

Shou-neechan’s a capable bodyguard and also the commanding officer on the field.

She should have already checked on Kiyomi-san’s whereabouts.

They should be checking whether the Yakuza would bring Kiyomi-san to Tokyo.

The security on site should have the photo of her face distributed.

They’re expected to be on high alert, making sure that she doesn’t make any contact.


There’s the thought that Miko power can only be used at a short distance.

Therefore, even if Kiyomi-san were to appear suddenly,

A sniper should be prepared to take her out in a flash before she could use her Miko power.

「 You seem to understand, what’s left is the bait, and therefore only I need to go. There’s no need for the three of us to go. I alone will be enough. The other side doesn’t think that all of us would come 」

「 Why? 」

「 The case this time starts with the murder of our parents and the hijacking of Takakura shrine. A relative of the murdered shrine maiden won’t show up that easy. However, Kouzuki-sama has an overwhelming presence in the location 」

The Yakuza who came to Tokyo following the Takakura sisters were almost destroyed.

Chief Yazawa attacked the base of Yakuza in Kansai.

Though it’s a deal, Jii-chan’s advantage is evident.

「 Do you think that Kouzuki-sama would bring all the three shrine maiden candidates on the deal with the Yakuza bosses in this situation? 」

I don’t.

If the three are together, then some trouble may happen, and the Kansai Yakuza group might capture them.

Once that happens, Jii-chan’s advantage would break.

Jii-chan’s winning in this game because he has the three sisters in his umbrella.

「 Even so, there needs to be at least one person, a successor of Takakura shrine maiden, to show up in the venue. Therefore, I must go 」

Tsukiko said.

If it’s not the three sisters but just Tsukiko, Kouzuki SS would have it easier to protect her.

「 There’s no need for Kou-sama to follow me at all 」

Tsukiko’s voice echoes in my heart.


I see.

I’m an idiot.

I awakened the Takakura sisters’ Miko power.

And I thought of using that power to overthrow the Kansai Yakuza.

And so I intended to go to the hotel.

I even thought of bringing Michi and Edie.

I planned to face the Yakuza and Kiyomi-san upfront.


Jii-chan and Shou-neechan already got the information.

Their preparations in the hotel should be perfect.

All-out confrontation? That’s stupid.

Kouzuki SS can deal with them.

That means.

I don’t have to go with Tsukiko.

I’m not going to serve any purpose.

On the contrary, I’m just an obstacle.

A hindrance.

I’m just.

I’m not needed.

「 Yes, that’s how it is. I’m very sorry 」

I’m useless to Tsukiko.

I’m not needed.

I feel my body losing strength.


「 Therefore, Kou-sama. Please give Tsukiko courage 」

Tsukiko hugs me.

「 Kou-sama, you helped us. You accepted Yomiko and Luna. Therefore, I can part from Kou-sama feeling relieved. 」


「 We won’t be parting ways today 」

Parting? Tsukiko?

「 No, I don’t want it 」

I don’t care if this is just my selfishness,

I don’t want to let Tsukiko go.

No. No.


「 No, I can’t allow that 」

「 Why!? Why is it! Tsukiko!? 」


I know the answer.

Even so, I couldn’t help but ask.

「 Once this is all over, I must return to Kyoto

I knew it.

That’s Tsukiko’s resolve.

「 I’ll become a shrine maiden. The next Takakura shrine maiden. I will continue to worship the deity passed for generations. Someone has to continue protecting the religion 」

Even if they lose connection to the Yakuza.

Takakura shrine’s long history must survive.

「 Naturally, Yomiko and Luna will stay here. I think that’s for the better. If those girls go to Kyoto, they may get into trouble again.

Another power group may come out for Takakura shrine knowing the Miko power.

「 Besides, I think that those girls are happy to escape from their fate as a shrine maiden and love Kou-sama 」

Tsukiko said.

「 Us three sisters were born from the shrine maiden lineage. Thus, we couldn’t make friends until now. I think that Yomiko and Luna can have a happy life in here 」

Luna has Agnes.

Yomiko has Mana.

I want Luna and Yomiko to be friends with Agnes and Mana who aren’t attending school yet.

But, the two of them also need a friend of the same generation.

「 Please continue to love the two of them. I’ll ask them to serve you the years to come as well. Please take care of my little sisters like they’re your family 」

「 But, Tsukiko. Are you sure you want to go alone? 」

I asked.

「 I think that Takakura shrine in Kyoto would become under Kouzuki-sama’s control. Therefore, Kou-sama won’t have anything to worry about 」

She smiles at me even though there are tears in her eyes.

「 No, that’s not what I meant 」


「 Aren’t you feeling lonely going back alone? 」

She’s lived with her parents and sisters in the shrine until now.

To think that Tsukiko will be alone there,

「 No, I don’t plan on going back to Kyoto alone 」


「 Last night, I didn’t receive the medicine Katsuko-oneesama gave us 」

Tsukiko smiles.

Katsuko-nee’s medicine.

Contraceptive pill?!

「 Kou-sama, please grant a new life inside me 」

A new life.

「 I want Kou-sama’s child 」

This 17-year-old beautiful shrine maiden asks me.

「 I will go back to Takakura shrine and raise Kou-sama’s child myself. If I have a child or two, it won’t be lonely anymore! 」

My child.

「 Today and this day onwards… If I feel that Kou-sama’s child is dwelling in my stomach, then I won’t be afraid of anything. That will be my courage 」


「 Bearing Kou-sama’s child will become my hope 」


Therefore, please don’t pity me, Kou-sama.

Tsukiko wants me.

She’s asking me to give her my semen in her womb.


In the end,

That’s all I can do.


I’m so powerless, stupid!

All I can do is sex.


「 Please. Embrace me with the intent of making a child. Kou-sama, please 」

Tsukiko asks for my semen with a serious look in her face.


Yukino and Nagisa are pregnant with my child.

I’ll become a father next year.

Katsuko-nee also wants to get pregnant, so she’s not drinking contraceptives.


Impregnating Tsukiko…

「 Kou-sama, do you not want to impregnate me? 」

I wouldn’t hate that.

Tsukiko’s very beautiful.

Her face, her body, her heart.

「 Thank you, Kou-sama 」

Tsukiko reads my mind.

She kissed me in my ears.

「 Tsukiko also yearns for Kou-sama. Therefore, I want to give birth to Kou-sama’s child 」

She’s prepared to get pregnant.

Back when with Yukino, I was desperate and lost.

Nagisa and Katsuko-nee, the two of them are older than me, and they’re holding well.

They’re not confused about getting pregnant.

Especially Nagisa, she already gave birth to Mao-chan.

But, Tsukiko.

She’s still 17 and just lost her virginity yesterday.

It hasn’t been a day since she met me.

Even so,

「 Okay, I’ll get you pregnant, Tsukiko 」

I’ve made my resolve.

If I can’t go to the venue together with Tsukiko, then,

If this is all I can do for her, then I will.

「 I’m glad! 」

Tsukiko’s teardrops fell from her eyes.

I sip out the tears she shed.

Tsukiko’s tears are bitter.

「 Tsukiko, your hand 」

「 Yes? 」

Tsukiko gives me her hand while showing a curious face.

I kiss on Tsukiko’s palm.

「 Ah 」

Then, I start licking in between her fingers.


「 Kou-sama’s tongue feels good. It makes my spine shiver 」

I continue to lick her hand and Tsukiko bends her back.

「 I’ll lick your whole body. I’m going to kiss you, Tsukiko. I’ll make sure you won’t forget 」

「 Yes, please do it. So I won’t forget 」

「 Tsukiko, lie down 」

「 Okay 」

Tsukiko lies down on the bed.

Her beautiful body line and 17-year-old ass shows.

I crawl my tongue in there.

「 Aaah, I feel pleasure on my back. 」

I continue to lick.

I gently taste Tsukiko’s back with my tongue.

Starting from her nape, to her spine, counting each of it with the tip of my tongue.

「 And I will lick here too 」

I lick on Tsukiko’s armpits.

「 Aaah! It tickles! 」

「 But it feels good, doesn’t it? 」

「 Yes, Kou-sama! Yes! 」

Then, I rub my cheeks on Tsukiko’s ass.

「 Aah, Kou-sama. That’s embarrassing, don’t sniff it! 」

「 It smells good, Tsukiko! 」

I lick on Tsukiko’s ass cheeks.

「 Hauuuuu! 」

Tsukiko’s emitting a lewd smell from her body.

This is the scent of her sweat and love nectar.

Tsukiko’s libido is rising up.

「 Next would be your legs 」

I crawl my tongue on Tsukiko’s legs.

Coming from her thighs to the back of her knee.

「 Aaah! 」

Then, her calf and her sole.

「 That part is dirty 」

「 There’s nothing dirty in Tsukiko’s body 」

Then, I…

I begin to lick on Tsukiko’s toes and fingers.

「 Kyauuuu!! It feels strange when you do that! 」

A part of her body not touched as often by other people is stimulated in the sensitive spot by the mucous membrane.

Tsukiko’s trembling.

「 Haaa, haaa, hauuuu 」

Tsukiko’s breathing is getting rough.

「 Now, turn over, Tsukiko 」

「 Yes, I finally can see Kou-sama’s face 」

Tsukiko rolls over and lies with her head facing upwards.

「 Ufufufu 」

Tsukiko’s looking up at me with a blushing face.

Every time she breathes, Tsukiko’s chest moves up and down.

Her cute breasts and navel.

Then, there’s already warm juice seeping out of her slit.

「 Tsukiko 」

I get on top of Tsukiko and kiss her.

Her tongue immediately comes and welcome me.

「 I love you 」

Tsukiko’s looking up at me.

「 I will love only Kou-sama for the rest of my life. If I must have sex with any other men, then I’d bite my tongue and die 」

I knew it, she’s afraid of the arbitration ritual.

Being forced to have sex ignoring her will.

「 I want you to live. Tsukiko. I want you to stay alive no matter what happens 」

I bury my face in Tsukiko’s soft breasts.

「 I may not be allowed to make Tsukiko happy, but still, I want you to be happy

Even if she returns to Kyoto and lives alone in Takakura shrine…

Even if she can’t meet me anymore…

「 I love you. Tsukiko. 」

I stuff Tsukiko’s nipples on my mouth.

I caress it with my tongue.

I suck on it.

「 Aaah, it feels good. Kou-sama’s like a child. Cute 」

Tsukiko gently pats my head as I suck on her breasts.

「 I’m sure that Kou-sama’s child will suck on my breasts like this as well 」