Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 717. Tsukiko’s counseling sex (Part 5)



「 Tsukiko 」

I cling on Tsukiko’s body.

I massage her breasts with both hands and suck on her nipples roughly.

Her body and mind.

I’ll make sure to use my skin and tongue to make it a memory she won’t forget.

「 I don’t want Tsukiko to go 」

Tsukiko will become the Takakura shrine maiden.

She’ll return alone to Kyoto after facing the Yakuza from Kansai.

「 It can’t be helped, I’m the eldest daughter. I had the resolve to succeed as the shrine maiden from the beginning 」

Tsukiko’s influenced Yomiko to give up on becoming a shrine maiden.

She wants Yomiko and Luna to escape the curse of shrine maidens.

Therefore, she’s entrusting the two to me.

If they’re away from the Takakura shrine in Kyoto and live under the shelter of Kouzuki house and Kuromori, they’re safe from the Yakuza in Kansai.


「 Yet I can’t do anything for Tsukiko. I’m powerless 」

That’s what’s painful to me. It’s miserable. I can’t do anything.

I can’t forgive my own weakness.

「 No, Kou-sama you already did something for me 」


Just what can this incompetent me do for you?

「 You hold Tsukiko filled with love. It feels good. Kou-sama’s tongue licked my breasts and the tip of it. It feels warm, thrilling, my body is shaking 」

I attack Tsukiko.

「 Aaahn, it feels good. It feels good! 」

This 17-year-old naked body of hers emits a lead smell.

There’s the smell of sweet milk and sour love nectar.

「 Hurry, please give Tsukiko Kou-sama’s child 」

This is all I can do.


「 Kou-sama, look into my eyes 」

Tsukiko said. I looked up from Tsukiko’s breasts.

Her beautiful black quartz’ colored eyes look at me.

「 Kou-sama, are you okay with Tsukiko bearing your child? 」


「 I already am prepared. What about you, Kou-sama? 」


Tsukiko’s prepared to become pregnant.

The resolve to become the father of Tsukiko’s child.

「 Are you sure you’re okay with me? 」

I also think that it’s unfair that I reply to Tsukiko’s question with another question.

But, I said it without thinking.

「 I want it with Kou-sama. I can’t think of anyone else 」

Tsukiko looked at me and replied.

「 I will become pregnant with Kou-sama’s child and give birth to it. I’ll bear a child. That girl will become the next shrine maiden. I will train my daughter 」

Tsukiko’s already making plans for her future.

「 Then, I will never entertain any other men 」

Tsukiko’s eyes show a strong will.

「 I will not inherit the tradition of the wandering shrine maiden where they have sex with other men. Not me, not my daughter. The Takakura shrine maiden will no longer have sex with a man they don’t like 」

Tsukiko is determined to break the old tradition of Takakura shrine maiden since the Meiji era as she decided to become the next shrine maiden.

「 Then, Tsukiko, why not find someone you love, marry that man, and give birth to that man’s child? 」

Not with someone useless like me.

「 If it’s love, then I already have a lifetime’s worth 」

「 Tsukiko smiles. 」

「 Kou-sama, I like you. Thus, I want Kou-sama’s child right now. Then, I’ll be satisfied with my life 」

That’s not.

「 I’ll give birth the child of my beloved and raised it with care. There’s no pleasure higher than that for women 」


「 And so, please, please have sex with Tsukiko. Kou-sama, please impregnate me for real. I implore you, Kou-sama 」

If you’re going that far,

I have to ready myself as well.

「 Promise me 」

I said.

「 That child needs a father. If Tsukiko’s coming back to Kyoto, then I’ll be coming to meet you 」

My life,

It’s already tied up in Tokyo, I’m starting up a bakery with Katsuko-nee.

We’ll start a business with Katsuko-nee’s bakery and Nagisa’s flower shop.

Then, our family will build the foundation of our livelihood.

That’s already decided.

「 I can’t transfer from Tokyo, but still, I’m going to meet you. I’ll fly to Kyoto if Tsukiko or the child is lonely. I promise. Even if you’re far away, you’re still family. Tsukiko, you’re also one of my precious women. That’s why! 」

Tsukiko’s staring at me.

「 Don’t say that this is goodbye. I don’t want Tsukiko to have a baby in her stomach and say goodbye! 」

「 Kou-sama! 」

「 I’ll come and meet you even if you don’t want it. I’ll wait for you in front of the shrine until you come and see me 」

Tsukiko’s eyes become teary again.

「 I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! 」

She hugs me tight.

「 Promise me, Tsukiko 」

「 Yes, I promise. Please come to Kyoto. Tsukiko will serve Kou-sama forever! 」

Tears spill out of Tsukiko’s eyes.

I kiss Tsukiko,

「 Then, let’s make a child 」

「 Yes, Kou-sama 」

Tsukiko spreads her legs.

She’s preparing to receive me.

「 Come 」

「 This is just the second time so it would still hurt for you 」

I rub my glans on Tsukiko’s slit.

「 Auuu! I-I don’t mind, It’s Kou-sama’s thing. Don’t mind me and go all out 」

Tsukiko’s body trembles as my penis touch her vagina.

「 I’m putting it in 」

「 Yes 」

I push in my waist.

My solid rod penetrates into her hot and moist meat pot.


「 Haaa, it’s coming in!! 」

Tsukiko shouts.

「 Kou-sama’s hot thing is going inside Tsukiko!!! 」

Last night, I broke her hymen,

「 Haaaaaa!! 」

「 Does it hurt, Tsukiko? 」

I unconsciously stopped.

「 Don’t stop! Continue! Pierce through Tsukiko!! 」


「 Haaaaauuuu!!! 」

My penis invades Tsukiko in one go!!

「 Tsukiko!!! 」


In one stroke, my erect penis is buried to the root.

My abdomen is sticking on Tsukiko’s crotch.

It’s warm.

It’s like my penis is being submerged in warm water.

No, it’s not just warm.

The walls of meat in her vagina just lost its virginity, so it’s squeezing my penis tight right now.

「 Hauuuu! Haaaaa! Haaaaaa 」

Tsukiko continues to breathe roughly as there’s an unusual object pressing inside her.

Her drowsy looking eyes stare up at me.

「 Am I doing it right? 」

And finally, she spoke.

「 Yeah, you’re doing well. We’re having sex. It’s connected now. 」

「 Yes, I can feel Kou-sama’s heartbeat. It says “Tokun tokun” 」

Our bodies are closely sticking to each other.

I can also feel Tsukiko’s breathing and heartbeat.

We’re alive.

We can have sex like this because we’re alive.

We’re making a child.

「 I’m okay. Feel free to move, Kou-sama 」

Tsukiko can see my pent up lust.

My male instinct to piston violently and spout it all inside Tsukiko.

「 Geez, you always hold back, Kou-sama. Women aren’t as weak as you think. 」 We can accept Kou-sama without problems 」

Tsukiko’s face is already sweaty.

Even so, she tells me that and smiles.

「 Yeah, I’ll try to end sooner for Tsukiko 」

I slowly so I won’t put a burden on Tsukiko’s body.

Kuchu! Kuchu!

I hear a lewd wet sound from where we’re connected.

「 You can’t do that! Don’t rush! 」


「 Don’t hurry, Tsukiko won’t be happy if you finish early 」

Tsukiko sways her naked body, trying to match with my movements.

Her beautifully shaped breasts are dancing around.

「 Kou-sama, enjoy having sex with Tsukiko. Then, Kou-sama, please release it inside Tsukiko in the most pleasant form 」

A fun and pleasant sex for me?

「 No, don’t mind me! 」

I’m much more worried about Tsukiko’s mind and body than my own pleasure.

「 I can’t allow that 」

Tsukiko appeals to me.

「 Don’t you feel sorry for the child if you have sex like that? 」

For the child?

「 Yes. I want to tell my child that “Your father and I loved each other so much that you were made!” 」


A daughter born from the shrine maiden’s arbitration ritual.

Two big bosses from Yakuza had sex with the shrine maiden, and she became pregnant.

Tsukiko’s real father was Oodori from Kansai Raijin group.

There’s no such thing as love between him and Tsukiko’s mother, the shrine maiden.

「 Therefore, please feel good with Tsukiko’s body. Kou-sama, please go all out and show your feelings to Tsukiko. But I don’t want just to receive Kou-sama’s love. I want the two of us to love each other! 」

Love each other?

「 If Kou-sama’s the only one caring about Tsukiko’s welfare and holds back, then we’re not making love with each other 」

Hearing that,

I, my life with my women for the past four months,

I finally understood I spent it wrong.

「 Tsukiko, I 」

I’ve misunderstood.

Misuzu, Ruriko, Megu, everyone,

I’ve been trying to be considerate to my women,

I always think about satisfying them than enjoying sex with them.

I always keep my own satisfaction and fun as secondary.

Instead, I was suppressing myself from feeling pleasure.

I hold back my lust and try to adjust to the other party and cum together with her.

「 Kou-sama, I think that thoughtfulness of yours is lovely 」

Tsukiko said.

「 But, I think that way of thinking is looking down on women 」

I didn’t intend that way.

「 Tsukiko also wants Kou-sama to feel pleasure! I don’t want you to hold back for me! That’s not an equal relationship between a man and a woman 」

I see.

That’s the cause of the distortion in my heart.

I keep on holding back and think to myself that this is an act of my love for my women.

I thought that I must hold myself back as much as possible to satisfy the woman in sex.

But, that’s just my selfish thought.

I’m trampling on my women’s feeling of wanting to make me feel good too.

We’re not having an equal relationship in sex.

「 You don’t have to hold back, you can mess me up! Seek Tsukiko! Look at Tsukiko! Feel Tsukiko! Carve yourself in Tsukiko’s body 」


「 Please make love with Tsukiko until we make a child! Kou-sama!!! 」

I hear ringing in my ears.

This is her Miko power.

Tsukiko’s releasing all the chains in my heart.

「 Uuuuaaaah!! Tsukiko! Tsukiko! Tsukikooooooooo!!!! 」

I move my waist roughly!

Gucho! Gucho! Gucho!!

「 Aaaah! Aaaaaauuu! Kyaauuun!! Ahaaaaa!!! 」

Tsukiko gasps from my strong pistons.

「 T-That’s right! This is okay! Kou-sama!!!! Seek Tsukiko more! Violate Tsukiko!!! 」

I speed up my movement.

I knock on her cervix with the tip of my glans as I ram my waist in.

Each time I push from above, Tsukiko’s wall is pushing me up from below.

I grab and squeeze on Tsukiko’s breasts.

I use my fingers to pinch on her nipples. I use the pulp of my finger to rub it.

「 Aaaaaah! Aaaaaah! Aaaaah! 」

Tsukiko’s face is disheveled.

「 More, show more of your indecency! Tsukiko! 」

「 Yes! I will!!!! Kou-sama!! Aaaa! 」

More, I want to violate Tsukiko. I want to make her scream. I want to make her gasp hard.

I then embraced Tsukiko to my heart’s content.

「 Aaaah, Kou-sama’s having fun with Tsukiko’s body!! I’m happy! I’m so glad!!! 」

Am I having fun?

Yeah, I indeed am having fun.

I’m not trying to hold back for my partner like usual.

I’m throwing all of my lust and feelings to Tsukiko.

Furthermore, Tsukiko feels it.

This feels great.

I want to let out all my lust without fear without care.

「 Yes. After all, there’s love. I already love Kou-sama 」

I see.

I should rely on my women more.

No, I will.

I’ve been pinning it down halfway, and so,

An incomprehensible urge was accumulating inside me.

I’m an idiot.

「 Aaaah! Aaaah Aaaah! I can feel it. Kou-sama’s rising up!!! 」

Tsukiko sees through my heart.

She sees through signs that I’m about to ejaculate.

「 Yes. It feels good. Tsukiko’s feeling good when Kou-sama is feeling good as well! Come, come inside me! Come inside Tsukiko! Kou-sama!!! 」

Tsukiko’s swayed by pleasure.

My release of lust also sets Tsukiko’s pleasure ablaze.

We’re connected.

It feels good. Pleasant.

Much more than my sex before.

「 Aaaaaahn! Aaaaahn! Aaaaaahn! 」

Our skins touch each other.

Tsukiko’s body sways around.

Her breathing is rough.

Her white skin is turning flushed.

The scent of her sweat and love nectar is stronger than before.

Our whole bodies are wet.

Then, her beautiful face melting in pleasure looks up at me.

Tsukiko’s eyes are looking at me.

I also look back at Tsukiko.

「 I love you! Kou-sama!!! 」

「 Me too! Tsukiko !!! 」

「 I can feel it, yes! Kou-sama, are you cumming already? Are you giving Tsukiko a child? 」

「 Yeah, I want to cum. I want to impregnate you, Tsukiko! 」

I replied honestly.

「 Yes, please do. Make me pregnant! I want Kou-sama’s child!

「 Yeah, you’ll bear a cute child for sure! Tsukiko!!! 」

「 Yes! Yes! Yes! I’ll bear your child!!! 」


I’m about to.

「 Don’t hold back! Cum inside me!!! 」

「 Uuugh! Cumming!!!! 」


「 So hot!!! 」

「 I’m cumming more and more!!! 」



「 Aaaah, it’s coming! It’s reaching so deep inside Tsukiko! 」

「 Tsukiko! Tsukiko! Tsukiko!!!! 」

Dooooku!!! Dooookuuu!!

「 Kou-sama! I’m so happy! Tsukiko’s making a child!!! 」

Tsukiko and I are half-crazed.

We surrendered ourselves to our lust, we had messy sex.

But it was fun.

If it’s a woman I love, then,

To think that one can enjoy such bottomless sex.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Haa, haaa, haa 」


I use my abdominal muscles and pour every last drop in my urethra to Tsukiko’s womb.

「 Ah, that’s a twitch. Ufufufu, Kou-sama’s cute 」

Tsukiko kisses me.

「 Uhm, I think that I’m pregnant now 」

She smiles happily.

Her pregnancy and childbirth are already in her plan, so she’s not afraid of anything.

「 But, don’t go back to Kyoto until it’s confirmed. Stay here 」

I hug Tsukiko’s naked body while my penis is still inside her.

「 I don’t want this to be the last one. I want to have sex with Tsukiko more 」

I said honestly.

「 Yes. I want to do it more until it becomes clear that I’m pregnant 」

We’ll stay together for a few months.

「 Let’s have a lot of sex. Just like how we did now 」

「 Yes, Kou-sama 」

Tsukiko replies, bashfully.

「 Thanks to Tsukiko, all the hazy feelings inside me has cleared up 」


「 In the end, I’m always thinking of doing something for everyone and rejecting their feelings for me 」

I neglected that my women also want to do something for me.

「 I’m sure that it is as you say, Tsukiko. I’ve been looking down on everyone 」

“I have to do this for her” or

“This girl needs this” and such.

I was being bossy.

Because of that, I held back my own feelings.

And thus, frustration continued to accumulate.

「 And everyone wants me to release all of the accumulated distortions inside me 」

Therefore, it has become a strange form named rape impulse.

「 It’s okay. Show it all to us. We’ll accept it no matter what. We all are Kou-sama’s woman after all 」

Tsukiko said.

「 No, everyone told me the something similar so many times. Even now 」

Nei, Misuzu, and the other girls told me;

We’ll accept it no matter what you do,

Yet, I couldn’t ask them honestly because,

I wasn’t facing my family,

In a nutshell, I was trying to show off.

「 Indeed. I think so too 」

Tsukiko reads my mind and laughs.

「 Kou-sama’s too hardworking. We’re grateful that you accept us, but when you do, you try to take care of everything by yourself 」

Tsukiko smiles wryly.

「 You’re willing to throw away your life just to protect us 」

「 Well, I will. Everyone’s my precious family after all 」

I’m willing to give up my life if it’s for the sake of the family.

「 Kou-sama’s resolve makes us happy but Kou-sama, you often forget that we also have our will 」


「 We also have hearts. We have our resolve to make our own destiny 」

Her eyes look at me.

「 Naturally, if we can’t do anything ourselves, we’ll ask for Kou-sama’s help. But, Kou-sama, if you try to risk your life before we could even ask for help, then we’ll be baffled. We’ll be troubled 」

I see.

Today, for the deal of Jii-chan and the Yakuza,

I didn’t ask about Tsukiko or the girls’ opinion at all.

I just thought of accompanying the three to confront the Yakuza.

I’ve decided that it will be the scenario.

「 Yeah. Sorry. I should’ve asked for your opinion 」

Tsukiko wants to go to the hotel alone.

It needs to be dealt with.

Tsukiko’s right, leaving Yomiko and Luna here is the correct answer.

However, I still want to go with Tsukiko.

「 There you go again, Kou-sama 」

Our lower halves are still connected.

My thoughts are going straight to Tsukiko.

「 Kou-sama is not to decide, please ask for Yomiko and Luna’s opinions as well 」


「 This is related to their fate as well. Even if Kou-sama thinks one way is better for them, it would be wrong to decide without consulting them first 」

She’s right.

I’m still no good.

「 Not at all. Your desire to protect us is just intense. But, we also have our own heart to follow. 」

Making decisions without asking them isn’t okay.

「 That’s right 」

Yeah, I have to be careful from now on.

「 That’s right. You have the strong tendency to be blasting ahead 」

Tsukiko said and patted my hair.

「 If you keep doing that for other’s sake, you’ll lose your life. That’s not allowed, Kou-sama 」

「 You’re right 」

That’s why for the girls I’ve met.

I always think that I must protect all the girls I had sex with once.

Then, I make them my woman.

「 From now on, you must place distance with women other than your current family 」

I don’t think I can increase the number of my women more than this.

If I’m careful not to step into the other party from the start, then.

「 Well, that’s wrong, Kou-sama 」

Huh? Tsukiko?

「 Kou-sama, you should acquaint yourselves with more new girls. And if Kou-sama wants to have sex with a girl, then just have sex with them 」