Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 721. Sorry



With everyone gathered in the dining room, we started lunch.

Kudou Haruka’s still burning in anger, but overall, the atmosphere is warm and friendly.

「 W-What’s this? 」

「 Well, don’t mind it. Donmai. Just eat it 」

Kudou Haruka’s taken to Yukino and Yoshiko-san’s table.

Yukino can now read the atmosphere at times like this.

「 Yoshiko-oneesama. Ruriko helped out making this salad. Have some on your plate 」

Misuzu and Ruriko are having a meal together with Yoshiko-san.

「 It’s delicious 」

The cousins of Kouzuki family smile at each other.

On the other hand, my surroundings are occupied by the Takakura sisters, Agnes, and Mao-chan.

Tsukiko and the girls aren’t used to our family yet, and so it’s better to have Agnes and Mao-chan with them to help them relax.

Agnes seems to be fond of Luna.

Mao-chan is smiling at the fact that the elder sisters she can play with have increased.

Looking at the other tables,

Minaho-neesan, Shou-neechan, and Rei-chan are having a meeting while eating.

Margo-san is also in there.

Nei, Edie, and Michi are in another table.

Ah, they’re all in guard so that Kudou Haruka can’t jump at Michi.

Edie is truly Michi’s best friend. Nagisa and Nei are the family’s “elder sisters.”

And then, Katsuko-nee and Mana are on the table near the kitchen.

I guess they’re there so they could grab more spaghetti if anyone wants some extra.

As expected of the housewife and her apprentice in the family.

The other housewife apprentice, Ruriko is at Yoshiko-san’s table though

It makes me think.

If Megu was here, which table would she sit on?

If we follow the trend, then she should be sitting on the same table as Katsuko-nee, in Mana’s seat, but,

Since May, Megu’s supposed to be aiming for the second housewife position after Katsuko-nee.

Yet, after four months, that position’s taken over by Mana and Ruriko.

No, Ruriko’s raised by Kouzuki house and isolated from the world.

Everything is new to her since she started living in this mansion.

She’s never done any household chores until now.

On the other hand, Mana;

Her new school isn’t decided yet because she’s known to be Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter.

She’s doing her best to create a position for her in this family.

That doesn’t mean that Megu’s not doing anything, however.

She always needs time for the women’s track and field club, and so she couldn’t easily take charge in household chores.

Even now, she’s not in here.

「 Hey, hey, Papa! 」

suddenly, Agnes calls me out

「 Thanks for giving Luna to Agnes 」

She smiled.

Oh, there’s some spaghetti sauce on her cheek.

I use a paper napkin to wipe Agnes’ cheeks.

「 I didn’t give her to you. Luna isn’t an object, okay? 」

「 I know, Agnes also belongs to Luna! 」

What’s with that reasoning?

「 Err, you see, anyway, we get along! 」

「 Eeeh, what about Mao? 」

Mao-chan asks worriedly.

「And, of course, that includes Mao-chan! Right? Luna! 」


「 Yes. We’re friends. Mao-chan 」

She pats Mao-chan’s head gently.

「 Yay~ We’re friends 」

Mao-chan smiles.

「 Luna has been the youngest until now, but from now on, Luna’s also an elder sister! Get yourself together! 」

The 14-year-old Yomiko flaunted about being the elder sister and told her 12-year-old little sister that.

「 Indeed. I’m also an elder sister now 」

Luna’s insecure towards her elder sisters.

Now that she’s also an elder sister, it would be nice if she could conquer that insecurity.

「 Papa, is she becoming Mao’s elder sister too? 」

Mao-chan points at Yomiko and Tsukiko.

「 Oh right, I forgot to mention 」

「 I’m Yomi, Nice to meet you! 」

Yomiko smiles at Mao-chan.

「 Okay. Nice to meet you! Mao loves big-breasted elder sisters! 」


Well, her mother has huge tits, so, I guess?

「 But, Papa also likes small breasts too! Don’t worry about it, Luna-chan! 」


「 It’s okay! Papa also likes Michi-oneechan’s chest! And Luna-chan is bigger than Michi-oneechan! 」

Mao-chan drops a bomb, and the whole room quiets down.


「 Mao-imouto, that’s a misinterpretation 」

Michi speaks quietly.

「 The value of women isn’t determined by the size of their chest 」

Michi’s voice echoes in the room.

「 What matters is the tightness!!! 」


「 When it comes to tightness, then it surely is my win!!! 」

No, look.

Michi’s petite and trained body surely is tight.

「 I win. It’s my win! V 」

For some reason, Michi’s showing me a peace sign with her hand.


「 Papa? What does she mean by tightness? 」

Not having a clue, Mao-chan asks me.

Just how could I explain this to her?

「 Hey! Michi-chan! 」

Nagisa stands behind Michi.

「 Just what are you talking about right in front of my child! You idiot! 」

She bonks Michi’s head.

「 Stupid! Is your head filled with just erotica? 」

「 I-I’m sorry 」

「 Besides, that part can be trained. It’s not always young=tight, old=loose! Katsuko, if I recall, you have the vaginal pressure gauge somewhere, don’t you? Bring that here and compare yours to her! 」

V-Vaginal pressure gauge what?

Can such advanced measuring equipment exist?

I mean, what do you use it for?

「 Why does it have to be me!? Compare yours to her Nagisa! 」

「 Well, it’s not my time to shine but Katsuko’s time! 」

「 Ah, could it be that you’re not confident? Maybe you’re loose compared to a 15-year-old girl 」

「 N-No! I-I’m not that loose! H-Hey, Dear, I’m not loose, am I? 」

Nagisa comes asking for my help.

「 No, well, not really 」

「 See?! I have a witness here! I’m not loose! And that’s why Michi-chan and Katsuko should do the tightness contest! 」

「 No way! 」

「 Eeh? Then that means that Katsuko, are you loose? 」

「 N-No! Isn’t that right? 」

Me again?

「 Yeah. Not at all. Katsuko-nee’s tight 」

「 But, it’s not as tight as Michi-chan, is it? 」


「 Now you’ve done it! If you’re going that far, then this is a match! I’m going to bring the tightness gauge right now. Michi-chan, take off your panties! 」

Katsuko-nee stands up from her seat.

「 Katsuko, we’re in the middle of a meal 」

Minaho-neesan stops them off with just one line.

「 Nagisa, Michi-chan, and Yoshinobu stop it 」

Why me too?

「 Where’s your sorry? 」

Haa, it can’t be helped.

「 Sorry for having that strange talk while we’re in the middle of a meal 」

I bowed my head.

「 M-M-M-Master!!!! 」

Michi’s panicking.

「 I-I-I-I should be the one apologizing. I’m very sorry, everyone! 」

Michi bows her head.

「 That was immature of me. Sorry 」

「 I’m sorry for the ruckus we’ve made 」

Nagisa and Katsuko-nee also apologized to everyone.

「 It’s okay as long as you all understand. You can raise your head now Michi-san 」

Minaho-neesan tells Michi

「 B-But 」

「 If you keep your head lowered all the time then the meal won’t be delicious. Do you not understand that? 」

「 I’m sorry 」

「 Michi-oneechan got scolded! 」

Mao-chan laughed.

「 No, Mao-chan, you also did wrong 」

I said.

「 Huh, Papa? 」

「 There are various types of bodies in this world, and you can’t talk about someone’s body without care 」

「 But 」

Mao-chan’s making a face wondering why she’s also being scolded.

「 Mao-chan, you’ve been in the bath together with me, and so you know how my body looks like, don’t you 」

Minaho-neesan talks to Mao-chan.

「 Y-Yeah 」

Mao-chan’s not good at dealing with Minaho-neesan.

But, since there’s a large bath in the mansion,

When everyone’s taking a bath together, Minaho-neesan joins in sometimes as well.

「 My chest is flatter than Michi-chan’s. Also, there’s a big scar in my stomach, you saw it before, haven’t you 」

「 Y-Yes 」

Minaho-neesan’s turned to a prostitute, turned pregnant, was subjected to a messy abortion operation, and thus her body can’t bear a child again.

Even though she’s still in her growth period, her uterus became unusable, and her body stopped developing the womanly parts.

She’s slim and tall, but there’s no meat on her chest nor butt.

And then, there’s also a large surgical scar left on her stomach.

If one can see that scar, they can tell that Minaho-neesan had a hard time.

「 I don’t like this body either. My body became like this, and I couldn’t do anything about it. When I was a child, I also wanted to become an attractive woman with big breasts and butt. But I didn’t. Would you laugh at that? 」


「 I-I’m sorry 」

「 Don’t end it with an apology. Mao-chan, you don’t feel like you did something terrible, but a person who hears you say that may feel uncomfortable. There might even be people who will get angry at Mao-chan and try to hurt you, or maybe try to hurt someone around you 」

「 Someone around? 」

Mao-chan looks at Agnes and Luna.

「 Yes. It’s possible that they hurt the people around Mao-chan out of resentment. People like those exist too 」

「 Ugh 」

「 That’s why don’t speak thoughtlessly about people. You can’t use an excuse that you’re friends or close either. You don’t know all the people who’re listening to whatever you say, Mao-chan 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 Just the other day while I was on a train, girls from middle school were badmouthing about their classmate who has a scratch on her face. They’re calling her disgusting. “Why are we in the same class with a girl with a wound on her face?” they said 」

Mao-chan listens to Minaho-neesan’s talk.

We listen to it as well.

「 I was quite angry at those girls. I wanted to slap them one by one. After all, there’s an ugly scar on my stomach, see? 」

「 Y-Yes 」

「 But, my scars are in my stomach, and so nobody could see it when I wear clothes. Naturally, the middle school girls talking can’t see it either. But, I do have a scar 」

Though others can’t see it, the scar still exists.

「 From their perspective, they couldn’t figure out that someone from the same train could have a big scar int heir body, but even so, blood rushed to my head. I thought that I couldn’t forgive them. Do you understand? 」

Minaho-neesan smiles wryly.

「 The sin of not knowing is also a sin, but only to the other party. It’s not a sin where the law or the police could be involved, but it is enough to become a motive to kill people 」

Mao-chan starts trembling.

「 And that is why you must be careful with what you say at all times. 」 You must refrain from any behavior that makes other people feel uncomfortable to protect yourself and your family 」

She’s right.

Those who look down on others are eliminated.

Some people use violence because they find things boring.

You won’t be able to stand to such people if they target you or the people around you.

Therefore, one must always be careful with their conduct.

「 Auuu, Mao’s 」

Mao-chan’s trembling from the scary aura Minaho-neesan’s emitting.

「 Do what Mama tells you to do. Behave well, no matter when. Even if it’s towards Papa or Agnes-chan. If you keep on having bad manners, they’d hate Mao 」

Nagisa tells her daughter.

「 I-I’m sorry. Mamaaaa! 」

Nagisa hugs the crying Mao-chan.

「 It’s okay now. You now understand, good girl, good girl 」

Nagisa soothes Mao-chan.

「 I mean, that was bad manners coming from us too earlier 」


「 Yes, I’m reflecting on it 」

「 Katsuko’s reflecting on it as well 」

「 Err, me too 」

I should follow the flow of the events and reflect on it.

「 We’re very sorry, we’re reflecting on it 」

Michi apologized to everyone lastly.

「 Well, that’s enough. Putting that aside, Yoshinobu, stand up 」


I stand up as Minaho-neesan urged me to do so.

「 Isn’t there something you should apologize for? 」


「 After all of your experience for the past few days 」

Minaho-neesan’s been watching me all the time.

And that’s why Minaho-neesan knows.

But, she’s right.

The other girls aren’t watching all that I do each and every day and so,

I have to talk to them.

I have to apologize.

「 Well, how do I say this 」

I find the words to say in my head.

「 Recently, I think I’m being getting caught up in the moment. And that’s why I’m sorry everyone! 」

I bow my head.

「 I’m just a brat without any power, and yet I kept making selfish thoughts while expecting to use other people’s strength 」

That if I talk to Misuzu,

That if I persuade Jii-chan,

That if I asked Minaho-neesan,

That if I consulted with Shou-neechan, I can manage.

「 I’ve been misapprehending that it’s my strength even though it’s not. I was getting reckless 」

「 I’m the worst 」

「 No, it’s yours 」

Shou-neechan speaks up.

「 We’ll do anything as long as you wish for it. Isn’t that right, Reika? 」

「 Yes 」


「 Didn’t I tell you before? We’re working for Kouzuki SS but, if you and Kakka were to have a fight, I’d stick with you 」

「 It’s natural because we’re family 」

Wait a minute.

「 I mean, Danna-sama’s the only one making a clear distinction of your power from ours 」

Misuzu said.

「 Indeed. An ordinary man would immediately misunderstand and ask for more 」


「 Since this is an excellent opportunity, let’s talk about it, He’s never asked for anything for himself for the past four months 」

Katsuko-nee tels everyone.

「 Normally, an ordinary high school boy would say “I want that” “I want to buy that” “I want to eat this today” and such 」

「 Indeed, and yet, he didn’t buy anything for himself when we went shopping together. He only buys the cheapest daily necessities 」


「 Yes. That’s why I took Danna-sama to a resort in the southern oceans during the summer vacation and even went to a restaurant at a top-class hotel several times, however, I didn’t hear Danna-sama say “I want to go there again,” or even say “I want to eat in that restaurant again next time” 」


「 Yeah. It’s a problem if he were drowning in luxury and turned to a useless man but, I’m more worried that he doesn’t show any greed 」

Katsuko-nee said. Margo-san;

「 It can’t be helped, he still values himself too low. Someone who thinks “for someone like me” can’t enjoy anything 」

「 You’re right, that’s the problem 」

Nei said.

「 Yo-chan, you have enough influence now that if you like, you can overthrow Kouzuki-ojiichan. Everyone’s allied with you 」

「 Onii-sama’s an earnest person after all 」

Ruriko mutters.

「 What stupidity! You all know that he’s an idiot! Fools! 」

Yukino laughs.

「 After all, he’s even trying to study on how to make a bakery 」

「 What’s wrong about that? 」

I asked Yukino.

「 You see, you won’t even want to open a bakery if someone else is in your position. After all, you don’t even have to work, and money would keep flowing in for you as you’re allied with Kouzuki house. If not, you can just go to a university and study business there. Then, enter one of the companies from Kouzuki group. You can go for an elite course. And yet, what did you plan on doing? A bakery?\ Your choice is so improbable!!! 」


「 Don’t say that! Onii-chan’s decided to cooperate with Katsuko-oneechan’s dream, and so he decided to open up a bakery! 」

Mana who has been silent all this time shouts back at her sister.

「 That’s right, it’s her dream, isn’t it? That means that it’s not your dream. So where’s your dream? 」

My dream.

「 Can’t I just dream of fulfilling Katsuko-nee’s dream together? 」


「 It’s not like you can’t but, that doesn’t matter for now. It’s not manly, or should I say that it doesn’t have the romance in it 」

「 Besides, I want to make money sooner 」

「 Hmm, why? 」


「 Well, I have to feed everyone in the family 」

Yukino bursts out laughing.

「 What’s funny about it? 」

「 Well, you see! 」

Yukino replies while laughing.

「 It’s obviously not enough if you’re just opening a bakery! 」


「 But, I want to make it using my own hands. This is for the sake of the family 」

「 You keep saying that it’s for the sake of your family, but in the end, it’s all for yourself, isn’t it? 」


「 You just want to feel that you’re contributing something to the family, right? So stupid 」

Is that so?

Then that means, me wanting to make a bakery, is…

「 Doesn’t matter, recently, your forehead shows too many wrinkles. You always show a frowning face even in school, you don’t enjoy life at all 」

Yukino said.

「 Sure, you want to make a bakery or whatever, However, you keep on overthinking about it that you’re making a serious and dark look at your face that says “This is a serious task I must do,” it makes it hard to breathe in the same room as you for the people around 」

So that’s how I feel like.

「 Yoshinobu, isn’t that why you have to talk to everyone? 」

Minaho-neesan tells me.

「 You understood it through your experience with Tsukiko-san earlier, haven’t you? 」

Oh, right.

Hearing that from Yukino again connects it.

「 Yeah. Yukino’s right, I’ve been putting everything on my shoulders recently. Though I say I worry about my family, I don’t want anyone to worry about me. I wanted to protect everyone one-sidedly. I wanted to keep everyone safe 」


「 But I was wrong. Now, I understand it. I was looking down on everyone and keep telling myself that I’m doing all of this for everyone’s sake. That was stupid of me 」

The room quiets down.

「 And then, on top of that, I keep pushing my thoughts to everyone. What does everyone think? I didn’t know that everyone else also had their thoughts, their will. I thought that my worries are the only right one, and I didn’t hear everyone’s opinion. Sorry, I’m really sorry. 」

I bow my head.

「 But in the end, before I could even think, Minaho-neesan, Shou-neechan, Margo-san, Katsuko-nee, and to everyone, it’s obvious, they’re much more mature compared to me that you already talked to everyone and decided on what to do. I don’t even have to think or talk about it. And yet, I overestimated my strength and thought of tactics by my own 」

「 It’s not bad. You also have your thoughts 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 We also want to know if we can make a strategy using another person’s point of view.\ We won’t dismiss it because it’s an amateur idea. We respect your thoughts 」

「 Yes. And so, please be frank about anything you’re thinking 」

Rei-chan also says.

「 It’s also our fault. The Takakura case had the problem about the Miko power, and so, us elders didn’t make close contact 」

Katsuko-nee said.

The power to read minds means that their past as a prostitute could be read.

Tsukiko and the two will hold a negative impression about sex if that happens.

That was their worry.

「 Well, either way, it gave you time to think by yourself, and we were waiting for you to reach the conclusion that you couldn’t do it alone. 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 You should depend on us more. Rely on us. Ask for advice and help. If you try to carry everything on your own, your head will boil down, and you can’t do anything 」


「 It would make us happy if you rely on us 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 You’re still a first-year high-school boy, you should know that it’s your job to rely on adults 」

Margo-san said.

「 I’m really sorry. Please forgive me. I was being conceited. I was pretending to be tough. That was stupid of me! 」

I tell everyone.

「 Please let me rely on you. Help me. Give me advice. Please let me depend on you all, please!! 」

I bow my head with all my emotions.

「 Really, you’re an earnest fool no matter what 」

Yukino speaks in an amazed tone.

She drinks a cup of tea.

「 Sure. Depend on us, Yoshinobu. And so, what’s your first request? 」

Minaho-neesan asks me.


「 Minaho-neesan, please let Yukino stay in the mansion 」

「 Nuguuuuu!!! 」

Yukino spits out the black tea she’s drinking.