Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 745. Ostracism



「 Mana? 」

Why is Mana with Megu?

Kuromori mansion should’ve been in a high alert state due to the Yakuza attack.

Margo-san, Michi, and Edie are out, and so there are no guards present.

Why? How?

How did she come out of the mansion, to the school, and ended up on my bakery?

「 It’s nothing surprising really 」

Edie laughs as she looks at my face.

「 Michi’s papa is still outside the mansion. He’s not alone either. Megumi is in school, so this place is secured too. If that’s the case, then Katsuko can contact them and have Mana go from the mansion to school alone. Michi’s Papa goes back and forth due to security personnel changes 」

Now that you mentioned it.

Kudou-papa received lunch boxes for his subordinates from Katsuko-nee.

Speaking of Kudou-papa’s subordinates. I only know Neko-san and a few others.

They likely brought Mana from the mansion to the school safely.


「 Then that means, Mana didn’t come out of the mansion alone 」

I don’t think that Mana would talk to Kudou-papa by herself.

Katsuko-nee, the caretaker of the mansion when Minaho-neesan’s absent would be the one asking Kudou-papa.

Then, he’d do that without fail.

「 That’s obvious, what do you think of us, Darling? 」

Edie tells me.

「 Darling, you thought that the women left in the mansion would just wait for us to return? Those people also think and act about what they can do even if Darling’s absent 」

Katsuko, Nagisa, Misuzu, Ruriko, Mana.

Putting Yukino, Yoshiko-san, Agnes, and Mao-chan aside,

That’s the group that’s left in the mansion.

They talk about what they can do for me while I’m absent.

「 With Tsukiko’s problem settled, the biggest concern for us is Megumi 」

Edie said.

「 It’s better if someone talks to Megumi before Darling. This is to sort out the thoughts in her head. I think that she’ll only run wild and get spoiled again if we start with Darling right away 」

「 And that’s why Mana’s sent over? 」

「 Correct. Katsuko and Nagisa spoil Megumi too. As for Misuzu and Ruriko, she’d feel resistant. Yukino’s a no-no. And that’s why, it’s Mana’s turn as she’s Megu’s blood sister, and she’s young and easy to talk with 」

Well, I get that.

「 Edie, you knew that Katsuko-nee would send Mana to talk to Megu? 」

That’s why instead of searching for Megu on foot,

She brought me to this room.

「 Nope. We didn’t make any plans in advance, I just had a hunch. I don’t think they would do nothing and just wait for Darling’s return. We’re living together for four months, I knew that much at least 」

Oh, then Katsuko-nee didn’t lead this one.

It’s Misuzu and Ruriko.

I get it.

Those two would do something like this.

They think about everything in theory, and they can get it done.

And as for using Mana as the representative;

That’s probably because Kudou-papa didn’t allow Misuzu or Ruriko to go out of the mansion.

The daughter of the Kouzuki house has the highest priority in protection.

Mana has come to our school before too.

She named herself as Megu’s little sister when she showed herself in front of the members of the women’s track and field club.

Nobody would think that it’s strange if she looks for Megu after practice.

「 I think they just started talking, Megumi just finished her training and has changed clothes, I think it’s just a few minutes since she arrived in the bakery 」

And taking action at this time,

Letting Megu and Mana have a conversation if possible.

And the thought that I may want to hear it.

It must be within Misuzu’s plan.

Or maybe, Edie’s plan.

「 I’ll turn on sound 」

Edie operates the surveillance system, and then;

『 I mean, I can’t help it 』

Megu’s talking to Mana.

『 I understand it too. I know that I can’t go on like this. I know that I’ll only trouble everyone if this continues 』

『 So, what will you do? 』

Mana asks.

『 Earlier, Katsuko-oneechan taught me about it, but it looks like it went well on Onii-chan’s side. That’s why the Takakura sisters will live together with us from now on. Megu-oneechan won’t be able to monopolize Onii-chan even more 』

『 I know that 』

Megu replies with a bitter look on her face.

『 Are you saying that I’m not enduring enough!? Everyone thinks about getting along with the family first, and that’s why they don’t try to monopolize Yoshi-kun. Everyone’s holding up their desires. And yet, I’m the only one unable to suppress my urge to monopolize him? I know that! But still! 』


『 I can’t help it. I’m a woman, I want to monopolize the man I love. I don’t this. I want to have Yoshi-kun only for me 』


『 I think you’re misunderstanding something Megu-oneechan 』

She speaks calmly.

『 Among the people in the family, nobody has the same emotions as Megu-oneechan of wanting to monopolize Onii-chan 』


『 They’re all different from the common sense we had 』

Common sense.

『 For example, Ruri-chan and Agnes-chan. The two of them were raised isolated from ordinary people, and so they don’t know what’s an ordinary family. Their relationship with this family is the first for them. They’re not stressed with this kind of lifestyle 』

Before the thought of their relationship with me, they can’t help but find it enjoyable that they have a family.

『 Furthermore, as for sex, Everyone loves Onii-chan, and Onii-chan loves everyone, I think that it’s natural to get along and have sex together. Sex is an act of love among the family, it’s a daily life matter 』

Mana said.

『 Especially with Ruri-oneechan, she always says that having sex with Onii-chan is fun for her, right? She’s not talking about pleasure. To Ruri-oneechan, having sex is only one of the new experiences within the family life. It’s the same fun she’s having when Katsuko-oneechan’s teaching her cooking and housework. She learns new things, have fun, contribute to the family in cooking and household chores, and she serves Onii-chan through sex. She thinks that it’s fun. She feels happy about doing stuff for everyone. That is why she doesn’t want to monopolize Onii-chan. She thinks that it’s more fun when everyone’s coexisting 』

Ruriko’s like that.

That is her common sense.

『 Agnes-chan is even more amazing. If she wants it, she’ll ask Onii-chan to have sex, anytime, anywhere. In fact, that’s what she’s doing, right? Agnes-chan thinks that sex is something natural, and she thinks that Mana and everyone can ask to have sex with Onii-chan too. Agnes-chan doesn’t mind us joining in when she’s having sex with Onii-chan. To her, having sex with Onii-chan is the sole purpose of her life 』

Agnes is a girl who was educated to become a sex slave.

『 Furthermore, she doesn’t feel any rejection about Onii-chan having sex with other girls, right? Agnes-chan thinks ‘that’s how it is’ after all. Well, that’s all because of Shirasaka Sousuke-san 』

Shirasaka Sousuke tried to make Agnes his exclusive sex slave in the first place.

He used his sex videos with other women to have Agnes study it.

I’m unable to destroy Agnes’ fixation on worshipping Shirasaka Sousuke.

That would break Agnes’ identity after all.

That is why I changed Agnes’ “Papa,” the man she thinks she must have sex with.

I changed it from Shirasaka Sousuke to me.

As I’m the “Papa” now, Agnes sees me as someone she needs to have sex with.

Agnes’ purpose in life is to have sex with her Papa.

However, the idea of monopolizing “Papa” hasn’t been imprinted in Agnes’ thoughts.

It’s natural for her “Papa” to have sex with various women.

However, with her life with us,

Agnes opens up only to the women who I had sex with and in the family.

That’s progress in Agnes’ state.

The next challenge would be for her to make friends with those without a sexual relationship with me.

And that’s why I think it would be hard unless we enroll her at a school.

『 Even for the others, most of them have only weak desire to monopolize Onii-chan 』

Mana continues.

『 Nei-oneechan and Rei-chan both wanted a family. Naturally, both of them love Onii-chan, but they also like us, see? That’s why when we want Onii-chan to spoil us, they hold back and let us play with Onii-chan 』

No, Mana.

Putting Rei-chan aside,

Mana doesn’t know how much Nei desire to monopolize me.

Nei actually wants to have me all for herself.

In other words, Nei fully understands that I love all my other women.

That is why

She doesn’t mind even if I rape Kana-senpai.

Whoever I have sex with,

No, Nei only thinks that it’s cute when I feel libido towards other women.

Nei’s crazy, in a sense.

Her love for me is too deep. Deeper than anyone.

Knowing all that, I still accepted Nei.


That’s because I’m just as crazy as her.

If someone tries to take Nei away from me, I will kill him.

Without hesitation,

I can’t live without Nei.

And despite all of that.

We’re not in a man-woman love relationship.

But instead, we chose the distorted relationship of brother-sister.

Nei and I are crazy, and can’t leave each other.

Our crazy love ties us up.

『 Katsuko-oneechan and Nagisa-oneechan are burdened by the past, and so they hold down their emotion to monopolize Onii-chan. They want Onii-chan to have a happy student life. Besides, they were lonely for having no family for a long time, and that’s why they’re kind to us 」

That perception is a bit different.

Katsuko-nee and Nagisa were former prostitutes.

There was the era in Shirasaka Sousuke’s control where they were kidnapped, confined, and suffered.

The prostitutes support each other, encourage each other, and they’re used to working and living together.

The fact that our daily life doesn’t break is because our mansion is a former brothel.

It’s probably because there’s still a strong desire for women to live helping each other.

Especially since Katsuko-nee is the housewife in the mansion.

I think that Katsuko-nee’s using the methods she knows on how to cohabitate with the prostitutes during her time in the brothel without even knowing it.

Katsuko-nee’s managing everyone, and so we’re able to live in harmony without fighting.

『 Shou-oneesan too, she’s highly skilled that she couldn’t associate herself with men. You know that she can’t function unless it’s with Onii-chan who accepts everything honestly, right? But you know, she’s working full-time for Kouzuki-san, and she’s lived in the upper-class world where it’s natural for men to have a few or multiple mistresses. And so she doesn’t mind even if Onii-chan’s famous with girls. To Shou-oneechan, that only shows that Onii-chan has the charm to attract women. It’s Onii-chan’s talent, so she doesn’t mind. She also knows that Onii-chan won’t be attracted to anyone suspicious 』

I agree with that.

『 And now you see, on the daily life level, I mean, there are fewer girls in our family who want to monopolize Onii-chan and thinks of others as rivals 』

Mana said.

『 I get it. I’m the only one who doesn’t understand is that what you want to say? 』

Megu replies in dissatisfaction.

『 No, that’s not what I’m talking about 』

Mana sighed.

『 Those who want to monopolize Onii-chan is just Megu-oneechan, Misuzu-oneechan, me, and lastly, Minaho-oneesan 』


『 Especially now, I’m a bit impatient 』

Mana knits her eyebrows.

『 Yomiko-chan and Luna-chan’s coming to live with us, you know? I will no longer be Onii-chan’s only little sister. Mao-chan and Agnes-chan are special cases though. Then, now it’s increased by two. Yomiko-chan is at the same age as me, but her breasts are bigger, and with her unyielding spirit, I feel like she’s going to take away Onii-chan from me. Luna-chan’s a beauty, she makes you want to protect her. I think that Onii-chan would stop looking at Mana if this goes on 』

『 That’s not true, Yoshi-kun likes Mana after all 』

Megu said.

『 But, I lose to Yomiko-chan when it comes to breast size and energy. If it’s about beauty and ‘freshness,’ I can’t beat Luna. Besides, Agnes-chan looks cute now, but in two years, she’ll be more beautiful. She knows that Onii-chan likes her and so she doesn’t feel insecure. She doesn’t care about other people, she’s satisfied as long as she’s having sex with Onii-chan. Her heart is distorted, yet her face and body will never grow bad. She’ll gain more beauty, even faster than before. Once that happens, I’ll never win 』

『 Mana-chan 』

『 As for me, I’m the embodiment of insecurities. My body was weak when I was born, my growth wasn’t incredible either. I lack in height, in breast size. Then, Yukino-san always laughs at me. You’re no-good, she said. Then, everyone always praises Yukino-san, yet don’t look at me because of my body’s weak. Even those who nursed me from Shizouka don’t come to see me 』

Mana talks about her insecurities.

『 I’m the same when I was in the Yamamine house 』

『 Megu-oneechan, I don’t like that you only talk about the bad things. I know that some people in the Shirasaka clan feels sorry for Megu-oneechan. Some try to help out the Yamamine house. Well, Shirasaka’s main house doesn’t allow it, but not all of them are bad people 』

『 Maika-chan 』

Megu unconsciously

called Mana with her real name.

『 That’s right. People sympathize with you, Megu-oneechan. But, Maika-san is Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter. Shirasaka Sousuke-san and Yukino-san were always bossy around everyone, and so Maika-san who’s a member of that family has nobody kind to her 』


『 Megu-oneechan, you’re unfair. Well, I know all the pain you had, but still, you were living a life where you’re allowed to show that expression of grief. As for me, for Maika-san, I couldn’t even show a face of pain to my relatives in Shizouka. Maika’s worried that if she makes that kind of look, uncle in Shizouka might make a fuss with Shirasaka Sousuke-san. Therefore, I had to show a smile, never show a dissatisfied face, and despite all that, nobody came to visit me from Tokyo 』

Mana. Maika speaks talks about herself.

『 Oh man, now I think that my liar personality was developed in Shizouka. I felt sorry for them, and that’s why I had to stay as the cheerful girl they know 』

In May.

Maika was a liar when I first met her.

Even though I raped her right away.

She told me that she’s opened up her heart for me.

While she’s acting like our friend, she’s been trying to escape inside her mind.

But, the adults of Kuromori saw through that act.

She kneeled on the ground, naked, multiple times.

It took a long time until she finally opened up her heart to us.

『 That’s why I love Onii-chan. Onii-chan’s not that smart, but he never lies to me. That is why I can’t lie to Onii-chan anymore 』

『 Maika-chan 』

『 I love having sex with Onii-chan. When Onii-chan wants to violate me, he goes all out with it. It’s so cute. That’s why I give my everything to Onii-chan. I’m not like Ruri-oneechan, but it’s fun having sex with Onii-chan. I’m not like Agnes-chan, but I don’t need anything else as long as I can have sex with Onii-chan 』

This 14-year-old girl says.

『 Oh man, I want to keep Onii-chan for myself for at least a week. We’ll go to an island in the south with just the two of us and have sex every day. Nothing but sex. I want to drown in sex. I don’t mind making a child. I mean, I want Onii-chan’s child. I know that Onii-chan will look at me more once I make one, and I feel that I’d become happy with that 』

『 B-But, you can’t have sex as the sole purpose on your life 』

Megu said.

『 Huh, why? 』

Mana speaks doubtfully.

『 You know, I’m Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter. That man who’s called as the enemy of Japan according to TV and newspapers 』

『 I’m the same 』

Megu replied.

『 No. Megu-oneechan came from Yamamine house. The name Shirasaka Sousuke won’t affect your personal history at all. Megu-oneechan, you’re going to school like nothing happened even now 』

『 That’s. But you too 』

『 No, not me. I can’t escape from my past as Shirasaka Maika. I mean, I’ve lived with this face for 14-years since I was born. Even if I go to school now to meet new friends, they’ll see through it right away. They’ll know that I’m Shirasaka Maika 』

That is Mana’s current insecurity.

『 Yukino-oneechan’s doing her best. And it seems that people are gradually accepting her. But even so, the reality that she’s Shirasaka Sousuke-san’s daughter will chase her forever. Although she doesn’t mind that because her heart is tough. Unlike me 』

Yukino’s got an established reputation that she’s got a nerve of a mountain climbing rope.

She’s got this unbelievably positive attitude.

She’s a woman who’ll never fall back.

『 I can’t become like Yukino-oneechan 』

『 Mana 』

『 I can’t be as laid-back as her. She’s born different 』

The two fell silent.

Before long.

『 I’m not like Yukino. I can’t become like her, that’s what I’ve always thought 』

Megu speaks calmly.

『 Oh, I wonder when was that time when I thought that I’m better than Yukino because I’m Yoshi-kun’s woman 』

『 You’re right. I think that it got worse when Megu-oneechan thought that you won against Yukino-san 』

『 I’m getting worse? 』

『 Yeah, getting worse. You’re the only one that’s getting unsteady among the family 』

Megu’s spine froze from what Mana said.

『 Is that so? 』

『 That’s so. Megu-oneechan back then wasn’t self-confident, and so you were always considerate of everyone. But nowadays, you speak your disagreement with Misuzu-oneechan without batting an eye 』

『 I’m doing that? 』

『 You do, are you not aware? 』

Mana smiles wryly.

『 To Megu-oneechan, Yukino-oneechan’s a big wall in your life, right? That’s why even when Yukino-san’s not in the mansion, you’re always sticking to Onii-chan. But, Megu-oneechan is officially Onii-chan’s fiance, which is known in school, that made your head grow big that you’re getting strange. Besides, you’re so desperate at telling everyone in the same class as Yukino-oneechan that you’re so happy right now, you’re growing even more arrogant, that your attitude towards the family is becoming hard to look at 』

『 I-Is that so? 』

『 That’s so!!!! 』

Listening to the conversation, Luna asks;

「 Is that so? 」

「 That’s so~ 」

Edie replied, smiling instead of me.

『 Megu-oneechan you’re always thinking about your relationship with Yukino-san, and since you think that you won against her, you’re getting arrogant, and look at yourself now 』

Mana said.

『 Even though it’s not Yukino-oneechan you should be wary with 』

『 What do you mean? 』

Megu asks Mana.

『 As said earlier, it’s not just Megu-oneechan who wants to monopolize Onii-chan 』

Mana chuckled.

『 There’s Minaho-oneesan, Misuzu-oneesan, and me. You made Misuzu-oneechan angry. Out of all things, she’s the scariest one 』


Why is it Misuzu?

「 Is that so? 」

Luna asks.

「 That’s so. You know, I try to be careful with Misuzu. She’s the next scariest after Minaho 」

Edie said.

『 Minaho-oneesan is quite scary, but she’s kind to Megu-oneechan. You’re the daughter of a woman she’s indebted with 』

Mana said.

『 I mean, her likes-dislikes are on the extreme. But she thinks of Onii-chan, so she’s holding back. Even in this case, Minaho-oneesan actually doesn’t want Onii-chan to have sex with the Takakura sisters. But, she thought that Onii-chan needs it for his relationship with Kouzuki-san, and for the Miko power, that’s why she held back. She’ll accept no matter how much amount of pain if it’s for Onii-chan 』

Minaho-neesan thought that I need Tsukiko’s healing as I try to carry everything alone.

She can’t have sex with me, and that is why Minaho-neesan conceals her emotions for my sake.

『 But Minaho-oneesan is the type of person who never leaves the room when she doesn’t like something. She’s consistent at that. Her personality is easy to understand 』

Mana makes her analysis.

『 Then, she also likes Megu-oneechan. She doesn’t like me. She doesn’t like me, but she leaves me alone because of Onii-chan. That is why I can’t go against Minaho-oneesan. I’ll do whatever she says. She lets me stay by Onii-chan’s side after all 』

『 Mana, you 』

Megu’s entirely at a loss of words.

『 That also includes others. That is why as long as Minaho-oneesan favors Megumi-oneechan, everyone else is holding back 』

『 Favors? 』

『 You’re the only one who’s known as Onii-chan’s fiance, you can have a fun school life with him, and even a house to sleep in alone with him. You also had a party with your friends there 』


『 We’re not allowed to do that. I want to scream outside. Loudly. That I love Onii-chan. That Onii-chan is my boyfriend!!! 』

Tears appear in Mana’s eyes.

『 I-I’m sorry 』

Megu apologized unconsciously.

『 Don’t mind it. It’s not your fault, Megu-oneechan. Minaho-oneesan is just giving you a favorable treatment, and that’s what caused you to grow arrogant. 』

Mana said

『 But, Megu-oneechan’s growing too arrogant, and that is why Minaho-oneesan thought that it’s going badly. Megu-oneechan’s patience is running out as well 』

I-Is that so?

「 Well, that’s how it is 」

Edie nods.

『 I don’t know what will happen to Megu-oneechan if you get her angry for real! You look only at Yukino-oneechan, happy that you’ve won, and now you’ve torn through people’s patience! Do you get it?! 』

Megu’s face turns pale.

『 Megu-oneechan, you’re this close at getting chased out of the mansion right now. No, I think you’re already in that state 』

『 Don’t be ridiculous 』

『 Even if you say that everyone in the mansion’s having a vote whether they’d chase Megu-oneechan out or not 』

T-That’s a joke, right?

『 By the way, I voted to kick Megu-oneechan out 』

Mana said.