Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 769. Tied up sex / Ruriko Arc Part 2



I take off my clothes and get naked right away.

My dick is already rock hard.

「 Amazing 」

Misuzu mutters as she looks at my erect penis.

「 Yo-chan that looks harder than usual 」

Nei’s right.

Her sleeveless dress half-undressed.

Ruriko’s tied up on top of the bedroom.

Her cute breasts are exposed, and in between her spread open legs, her white panty is drenched.

「 Onii-sama! This is fun!!! 」

This 15-year-old beauty looks up at me and shows a charming smile.

She’s releasing sex pheromones that you won’t think that she’s this young.

「 Onii-sama, please thrust in your penis into Ruriko who can’t move 」


I stick out my erect penis before Ruriko’s eyes.

Ruriko raises up her head, sticks out her tongue, and starts licking my glans.

「 Yes, that’s a good picture 」

Katsuko-nee photographs Ruriko’s silliness.

「 Ruriko, does it hurt? I’ll position myself to make it easier 」

I raise my hips and try to make it easier for Ruriko,

「 Ahn, I want that difficulty, that felt good 」


「 It makes me feel that I’m doing all my best to serve Onii-sama 」

She said, then raised her neck, putting my glans in her mouth, and started sucking it off.

「 I’m going to lick it off too! 」

Edie joined in.

She crawls her tongue on my balls.

「 Ruriko, this is delicious 」

「 Yes. Ruriko loves sucking on Onii-sama’s penis! 」

Then, she rubs her cheeks on it.

「 After all, it’s adorable 」

「 Yeah, it definitely it. Look, Darling’s making a pleased face 」

「 Ufufu, indeed. Onii-sama, does it feel good? Go on, please violate Ruriko, feel more pleasure! 」

Ruriko and Edie, these two beauties look up at me while showing my penis with love.

「 Uuugh, that’s nice 」

「 I want to join in too! 」

Nei and Misuzu who are still in the middle of reflection mutters as they watch us.

Katsuko-nee captured their looks as well.

「 Ruriko, Edie, I’m about to 」

「 Yes, please go on, Onii-sama 」

「 Shower Ruriko with your love 」

Edie moves to the sides.

「 Onii-sama!! 」

I hug Ruriko who can’t move.

「 Aaahn, more. Hug Ruriko tighter! 」

「 Yeah 」

「 Iyaaan, I love it. I love you, Onii-sama 」

I kiss Ruriko.

Ruriko seeks out my tongue like a small bird accepting food from its mother.

「 This is amazing. Ruriko belongs to Onii-sama. Aaahn 」

She says with a blushing face.

「 To think that getting tied up is this fun, hey, Onii-sama 」

「 What? 」

「 Please play with Ruriko like she’s a doll. Ruriko wants to be Onii-sama’s toy 」

「 Sure 」

I touch Ruriko’s breasts with my right hand as I hug her with my left.

Her young breasts haven’t fully matured yet.

I flick her nipples hard from arousal.

「 Haaahn~ Ahn~ That feels good! 」

Ruriko’s face loosens from pleasure.

「 I’m going to lick them, Ruriko. 」

「 Yes, please have a feast on Ruriko’s breasts 」

I enjoy licking her breasts as far as my tongue can reach.

I lick off the sweat seeping out of Ruriko’s sensitive skin.

「 Ruriko’s body is letting out a lewd smell 」

Her sweat and love nectar, it’s the smell of sex pheromone.

「 That’s because Ruriko’s body gets really hot when Onii-sama’s showing love. The lewd syrup is oozing out from deep inside my body 」

Her white panty is almost transparent now from the moisture of her love nectar.

It’s like she peed herself.

「 Onii-sama, do you not want this Ruriko? 」

Ruriko asks with a blushing face.

「 No, I love it, Ruriko. 」

「 Ruriko loves Onii-sama too 」

Ruriko’s tied up, and yet she’s rubbing her crotch on me.

I touch RUriko’s genital from the top of her panty.

「 Aahn~ That feels good! Onii-sama’s fingers are amazing! 」

I caress around her slit.

Then, I grind it from above.

「 Ah, haaaah 」

Caressing through the panties can feel better than directly touching, depending on the method.

I learned this technique from Katsuko-nee.

Picha, picha.

Ruriko’s wet, and so it makes a damp sound each time I touch her.

「 T-This is embarrassing!!! 」

Ruriko twists in pleasure.

Each time she does that, the binds dig into Ruriko’s skin.

「 And each time that happens, the rope will leave a mark on her skin 」

Katsuko-nee said as she records Ruriko’s shameful figure with her camera.

「 Will Grandfather think that Ruriko had sex with Onii-sama as soon as he sees my skin? 」

Ruriko asks Katsuko-nee.

「 Yes, he’ll understand it right away. He’ll see the red marks on Ruriko-chan’s white skin 」

She’s wearing a sleeveless dress with her breasts and back exposed right now.

Jii-chan not seeing it? Impossible.

「 It’ll please Kouzuki-sama. He’ll evidently get aroused when he sees Ruriko-chan 」

Jii-chan likes the idea that I stole Ruriko away from him.

He’s the one who sent Ruriko to me though.

「 Onii-sama, I don’t want it to be just rope marks!

Ruriko pleads to me.

「 Please pour in your semen inside me! Please, Onii-sama 」

She’s tied up, and I’m on top of her, and yet.

Ruriko’s asking for it herself.

「 Do you want it that hard, Ruriko? 」

「 Yes, Ruriko… 」

She looks up at me bashfully.

「 I’m the happiest whenever having sex with Onii-sama! I’m having the most fun when Onii-sama’s pouring it inside me 」


「 Why is it so much fun? Having sex with Onii-sama I mean. Uhm, Onii-sama, Ruriko’s… 」

「 Yeah, what’s up Ruriko? 」

I hug her thin body to reassure her.

「 I must’ve been born for Onii-sama to rape. I mean, it’s fun! I really love it, Onii-sama! 」

「 Yeah, Ruriko 」

「 Onii-sama, would you believe in me? Ruriko is Onii-sama’s slave. Your sex slave. I want to be tied up like this forever. I want Onii-sama to tie me up and violate me. This is amazing, Onii-sama, I can feel your love 」

Ruriko’s sexual arousal is in max as she’s tied up.

Even though Misuzu and the other girls are watching.

To think that Ruriko would indulge herself this much.

「 Okay, then time to violate Ruriko 」

「 Aahn, I’m so happy. Please hurry up and violate Ruriko! 」

Ruriko said, but,

Her panty’s blocked by the ropes.

I can’t take it off.

What should I do?

Should I slide her panty off and shove it in?

「 Here you go Dear 」

Katsuko-nee hands me scissors.

「 Just open a hole in there 」

In her panty?

「 Then, Ruriko-chan can go to Kouzuki-sama’s house wearing a panty with a hole 」

「 Yes. I want to do that. Please do that, Onii-sama 」

Ruriko’s extremely aroused.

「 But, don’t show it to Kouzuki-sama. You can show your photos and videos to Kouzuki-sama, but never the real thing. That includes both your breasts and your genitals 」


「 Yes. Ruriko’s body belongs to Onii-sama, I’ll never show my bare body to Grandfather 」

I see.

Photos and videos are different from the real thing.

If someone sees Ruriko’s raw body when I’m not present,

Jii-chan might want to take Ruriko back.

「 Onii-sama! Hurry~ 」

「 Yeah 」

I lift Ruriko’s crotch and use the scissors to open a hole.

I know the location of Ruriko’s slit, and so,

I made a hole wide enough to accept my erect penis

「 Ruriko, you’re too lewd 」

She’s wearing clothes and yet, her nipples, and vagina are exposed. And she’s tied up.

Despite that, Ruriko’s blushing.

Eagerly waiting for me to violate her.

「 Hurry up, Onii-sama, please toy with me 」


「 I’m just about to do that, Ruriko 」

I rub my erect dick into her slit.

Jupa, jipa.

I coil around her hot love nectar around my glans.

「 Aaah, hurry up Onii-sama! Ruriko’s in pain~ It wants Onii-sama’s penis! 」

I’m teasing her.

I expose Ruriko’s clitoris using my glans and rub both sensitive spots together.

「 Haaaaaa, Iyaaaan~ It’s spilling out from inside Ruriko again!! 」

Love nectar drips from inside Ruriko to her thighs and ass.

The bedsheet is getting wet.

The lewd smell of this beauty is filling the room.

I want to mix my male scent in here.

I want Ruriko’s sweat and love nectar’s scent to mix with my semen.

「 Please don’t tease me any longer! Ruriko will do anything! Onii-sama! Onii-sama!!! 」

Ruriko can’t move to accept my penis as she’s tied up.

「 I want it! I want it! I want Onii-sama inside me! Onii-sama! Please!! 」

Finally, tears are spilling from Ruriko’s eyes.

「 Please enjoy Ruriko, Onii-sama 」


I push in my hips.


My glans enters Ruriko’s slit smoothly.

「 Aaaaaaah!!!! 」

Ruriko’s mouth open and close like a fish out of the water as she stares at me.


My glans goes through the narrow part, then, it’s sucked into the deepest part.

Our lower abdomens touch.

My glans can feel Ruriko’s cervix.

「 Haaaaaa! This is so much fun!!! 」

She frowns in pain, but her face shows a smile.

「 Onii-sama’s violating all of Ruriko once again. Aahn~ What happiness!! This is so much fun!!! 」


I hug Ruriko’s body while my dick is inside of her.

I pat her head gently and kiss her face, forehead, nose, cheeks, lips, ears.

「 Ufufufufufu 」

Ruriko smiles happily.

「 Ruriko is Onii-sama’s toy. I’m so happy. Onii-sama, please have fun. Please feel good inside Ruriko 」

Oh, Ruriko;

She’s tied up, unable to move.

I’m free to do whatever I want with Ruriko’s body.

But, even more than that.

Ruriko’s entrusting herself to me.

She’ll accept all of my desires.

This rope shows her resolve.

「 Ruriko’s pride is null when with Onii-sama. After all, I’m a slave. It makes me happy. I’m offering all my mind and body to Onii-sama 」


「 Ruriko doesn’t care about Kouzuki house anymore. I’ll leave it all to Onii-sama 」


Ruriko, when I met her,

She’s holding her opinion for the prospects of the Kouzuki house.

She’s a woman who thinks politically, much like Jii-chan and Misuzu.

「 Naturally, I’ll still accomplish my role as the daughter of Kouzuki house, but I will only do it for Onii-sama. I feel sorry for Grandfather, but Onii-sama is the most important person in Ruriko’s world right now 」

「 But, Ruriko 」

Is that okay?

Making me the most important in your world.

「 Did you forget Onii-sama? You bought me for 3000 yen 」

Right, I…

I bought Ruriko from Jii-chan. Turning her to my sex slave.

I used 3000 yen from my wallet.

「 Since then, Ruriko’s world has changed. Back then, Ruriko thought that someone born from the family lineage of Kouzuki house is unique. That you can watch people from above. Ruriko was a bad girl 」

Ruriko said.

「 But now, ufufufu. There’s nothing special about me. Ruriko is Onii-sama’s slave. I only look at Onii-sama, and I live only for Onii-sama 」

She looks up at me with passionate eyes.

「 Therefore, please don’t worry. I’m going to stay over at Grandfather’s house tonight, but I’ll come back to Onii-sama’s side 」

Maybe, Ruriko’s…

She feels my worry that “Ruriko may not come back from Jii-chan’s place,”

And so, she asked for this bondage play?

「 But, if you’re still worried, then fill Ruriko with your smell, Onii-sama. Do it until Grandfather doesn’t want to come close to Ruriko 」


My erect penis is growing bigger inside Ruriko.

「 Then, Ruriko won’t be drinking contraceptives tonight 」


「 If I recall, the contraceptive’s effect is within 24 hours, isn’t it? Therefore, if Grandfather thought of something malicious and tried to stop Ruriko from returning to Onii-sama, then 」

You mean?

「 Ruriko will become pregnant with Onii-sama’s child 」

Ruriko’s eyes show seriousness.

「 Therefore, please cum inside Ruriko with that intent 」

Ruriko has that much resolve just to return to Kouzuki house.

「 Ruriko will never lower her guard to Grandfather 」

They’re blood relatives, and that’s why she won’t give Jii-chan a chance.

「 Ruriko’s always putting her life on the line. If not, I won’t be fit as Onii-sama’s sex slave 」

Ruriko smiles.

「 Onii-sama, please don’t feel sorry for Ruriko. Onii-sama is the only master for Ruriko. You can do anything you want with Ruriko. Naturally, you can have fun with others as well. Ruriko will also introduce a lot of her cute friends to Onii-sama. It’s okay. Onii-sama can do it 」

「 But 」

「 You should enjoy Ruriko and everyone. If Onii-sama’s not having fun, then Ruriko will feel sad. There’s no meaning in life if you’re not having fun. It’s Onii-sama who taught me that 」

「 Me? 」

「 Yes. Ruriko’s life started since Onii-sama violated me. Until then, my life with my Grandfather was monochrome, dull, and uninteresting. But now it’s different. Everything is fun. Ruriko’s alive. I’m by Onii-sama’s side, serving 」

「 Do you really value me more than Kouzuki house? 」

I’m not confident.

To think that Ruriko values me that much.

But, Ruriko.

「 Onii-sama’s embracing my small body right now. Onii-sama’s penis is inside this body. That’s all Ruriko has 」


「 Ruriko already belongs to Onii-sama. Isn’t that right 」

「 Yeah, you’re right 」

We’re connected.

We’re having sex.

「 It’s only me who can have sex with Ruriko. I’m the only one who can cum inside Ruriko 」

I slowly begin moving my hips.

「 Yes, Onii-sama 」

「 I’m the only one who can impregnate Ruriko 」

「 Yes, Ruriko belongs only to Onii-sama! I’m your sex slave! Aaaaah!~ 」

Each time I thrust in with my waist, Ruriko gasps.

「 More! Violate me! Ravish me! Toy with me! Onii-sama! Onii-sama!!! 」

Ruriko’s body is tied up.

Her body sways each time I move.

Ruriko’s small breasts tremble.

Her stiff nipples dance around.

「 Aaaahn! Aaahn! Aaaahn! Onii-sama! Onii-sama!!!! 」

Ruriko’s skin sweats even more.

Her milky sweet scent wraps me up.

I lick on Ruriko’s nape.

I rub her breasts with my hand.

「 It feels good! Onii-sama! Ruriko’s feeling good!! Aaaah!! Getting tied up is so much fun!!! Onii-sama!!! Ruriko’s having so much fun!!! 」

Ruriko’s limbs and breasts are tied up.

The rope absorbs Ruriko’s sweat.

I continue to thrust my hips, and Ruriko gasps further.

Each time we move, I see a red mark below the rope.

This is the mark of when I violated Ruriko.

「 Aaaahn! Onii-sama! Onii-sama!!! 」

「 R-Ruriko!!! 」

I pin down Ruriko’s body and speed up my thrusts.

「 Aaahn! More! Violate me! More! Tease Ruriko! Onii-sama!! 」

「 Ruriko! Aaaah! Ruriko!!! 」

「 Ruriko’s having so much fun! Onii-sama! This is fun!! I love it when Onii-sama rapes me!!! 」

「 Aaaaaah! 」

Ruriko and I are both sweating.

Ruriko’s white dress is now transparent.

「 Aaaaah! Aaaaaahn! O-Onii-sama! What should I do, Ruriko! Ruriko’s!!! 」

Ruriko’s in the launching pad to ecstasy.

「 Are you going to cum! Are you going to cum?! Ruriko!? 」

「 Yes. Ruriko’s about to fly off. I’m going to fly!!! 」

I started my spurt.


Our lower abdomens slap together, and it’s making a beautiful sound.

「 Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! Auu, uuguu!! Aaah! 」

This young beauty gasps from pleasure.

「 Onii-sama! I want to do it together. Please do it together with Ruriko. Please!! 」

「 Yeah, I know!! 」

I tighten up my anus and control my ejaculation desperately.

「 I’m going to ejaculate with the intent of making you pregnant! Ruriko!! 」

「 Aaaaaaahn! I’m so happy!! Onii-sama!!! Aaaaaaah!! 」


「 Ruriko! Aaaaahn! Ruriko’s about to cum! Onii-sama! Watch me! Onii-sama! Watch Ruriko!!! 」

「 I’m watching, Ruriko!!! 」

Ruriko’s breathing turns rough, leaking out hot sighs.

Her eyes melt as she looks at me.

I look down on Ruriko as well.

「 Aaaaahn!! I’m so happy! Onii-sama’s watching Ruriko!!! Aaaaahn! I’m about to cum!!! Onii-sama, Ruriko’s about to cum!!!! 」

「 Go on! Ruriko!!!! 」

At that moment, Ruriko’s inside bursts out.

「 Kyaaaauuuunnn!!!! 」

Ruriko raised a puppy-like scream, and reached a violent climax.

「 Aaaaah! I’m leaking!!!! 」


Ruriko squirted.

Her warm liquid stimulates my penis.

「 I’m going to cum too!! 」

「 Let it out inside Onii-sama!!!! 」


「 Aaaaaah, it’s coming in!!! 」

Ruriko describes the hot semen entering her womb.

「 I’m going to cum even more! Ruriko!!! 」

I send in my waist deeper.

Ejaculating everything inside Ruriko’s pussy.

「 Aaaaaahn! This is so much fun! This is the best!!! 」

Ruriko twists her body and accepts my semen.

While that’s happening, Katsuko-nee takes photos.

「 Aaaahn, aaaahn, aaaahn, Onii-sama!!! Onii-sama!!!! 」

Ruriko’s ecstasy is longer than usual.

「 Ruriko!!!! 」

Mine as well, my ejaculation isn’t ending yet.

「 Ruriko loves Onii-sama! I love you!!!!! 」

My slave confesses her love to me while reaching a climax from my semen.

「 Therefore, please don’t abandon Ruriko! Ruriko wants to be with Onii-sama forever! Onii-sama!!! 」


Ruriko’s crying.

To think it’s that far.

She must be afraid of returning to Jii-chan.

I see.

She’s still young.

「 Yeah, I won’t let you go, Ruriko! 」

I pour in my final drop to Ruriko while hugging her body.

「 Ruriko…Ruriko wants to stay as Onii-sama’s slave forever! I want Onii-sama only!! 」

「 Yeah, I know 」

While I’m connected to Ruriko.

I suck Ruriko’s tears flowing from her eyes.

「 So you can get spoiled that much 」

I hear Nei’s voice near the wall.

「 It’s our defeat. We were trying to show off. Nei-oneesama 」

I hear Misuzu’s voice as well.