Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 771. Tied up Sex / Puppy arc Part 1



「 Please. Tie me up and violate me right now! 」


「 I-I don’t want this 」

「 What? 」

I’m dragged by Misuzu’s momentum.

「 That’s, uhm, aaaaahn! Geez!! 」

Misuzu shakes her head.

「 Misuzu-chan, be honest with your feelings 」

Ruriko, who has marks of rope in her body, smiled at Misuzu.

She spreads her legs and shows Misuzu her slit overflowing with my semen.

「 Recently, Misuzu-chan’s holding back a lot. 」

Misuzu’s holding back?

「 Onii-sama doesn’t like it if you don’t speak out your desires honestly 」

「 Aaaaahn! Uugh! 」

Misuzu groans.

「 I don’t mind, say what you think. I won’t hate you for that, Misuzu 」

I looked at Misuzu in the eyes and said.


「 I-I, I want to be number one! 」


「 I’m the one who loves Danna-sama the most! I’m the one who serves Danna-sama the best! It’s me! It’s not Ruriruri, nor Edie! I have to be number one! Aaaaaaahn!! 」

And Misuzu finally screams and cries.

「 I want Danna-sama to tie me up! Violate me while tied up! I want to accept all of what Danna-sama wants to do! I want to be Danna-sama’s number one!!! 」

Misuzu screams as tears flow from her eyes.

「 I want to get pregnant with Danna-sama’s child, just like Nagisa-sama and Yukino-san! I want to go to school and say that I’m your fiance, like Megumi-san! I want to have the same surname with Danna-sama as Nei-oneesama! I want to be the best at everything when it comes to Danna-sama! 」

Misuzu. You.

「 I want to be Danna-sama’s lover, big sister, Mama, little sister, daughter, slave, master! I want to be everything for Danna-sama! 」

All the emotions she kept inside are flowing out in one go.

「 I want to be everything that Danna-sama loves. I love you, Danna-sama! Misuzu loves Danna-sama the most!! 」

Misuzu confesses while crying.

「 Of course, I’ll do anything that Danna-sama wants! I don’t mind even if you like other girls, you can make out with as many women as you want! Misuzu will bring them in too! You can live as you wish Danna-sama. Misuzu will support you with all her body and soul! Danna-sama’s happiness is Misuzu’s happiness! A world without Danna-sama is a dead world! I’d die! That’s how much I love you, Danna-sama! Do you understand what I’m saying?! Danna-sama 」

「 Yeah 」

「 Misuzu wants that. Misuzu wants to be the one Danna-sama loves among everyone in this world! I want to be Danna-sama’s number one!!! 」

You mean?

「 In short, you love him the most, and so you want him to love you the most? 」

Nei said.

「 That’s right! You get it! Anyway, Misuzu wants to be Danna-sama’s number one! Number one! 」

Misuzu sobs.

She’s that frustrated to watch Ruriko and Edie get ahead of her and have sex with me while tied up.

「 I see, that’s why Misuzu-chan’s always plotting something and moving behind the scenes 」

Katsuko-nee speaks to Misuzu gently.

「 There’s an old saying that “Those who are dominated wants to dominate as well” She strongly wants him to dominate her, and on the other hand, she wants to dominate him as well 」

Misuzu wants to dominate me?

「 I-I! 」

Katsuko-nee said. Misuzu’s taken aback.

「 Nei-chan’s also a conspirator, but she’s got a different core. Nei-chan wants to be his big sister to the heart 」

Katsuko-nee tells Nei.

「 Yas! I’m Onee-chan! 」

Nei raised her right hand when she’s mentioned.

「 Nei-chan’s plots are basically a rampage of her wanting to take care of him as his big sister. Therefore, it never goes to Misuzu-chan’s level 」

「 Yeah, I can just have sex with Yo-chan while tied up anytime, I mean, I will 」

Nei smiles.

「 I don’t care about being first or whatever. He’s my Yo-chan, and I’m his Ya-chan, I don’t care about anything else 」


In the end, Nei always puts me in the center of everything.

「 That’s because Nei-oneesama is the Onee-chan Danna-sama loves the most 」

Misuzu said.

「 Indeed. He’s got a lot of big sisters, but I’m the only Onee-chan. I’m proud of it! 」

Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee, Shou-neechan.

They’re all my big sisters.

But, Nei’s the only one with an accomplished role of the big sister who loves her younger brother.

Of course, I’m also the younger brother who loves his sister.

「 I know, Danna-sama loves Nei-oneesama the most 」


「 Therefore, I don’t want to lose to Nei-oneesama… 」

「 And that’s why you started competing with each other with your schemes 」

Edie smiled.

「 That’s right. I’m a woman with such a filthy heart. I’m disgraceful. But, I really want to become number one! Danna-sama’s number one!!

Misuzu continues to cry.

I see.

Ruriko and the girls did mention that Misuzu’s the scariest.

「 Sorry, I didn’t see that 」

Megu, who has her problems showing up on the surface, has it better.

Compared to that, Misuzu usually hides all the inner conflict she’s having.

Keeping it deep inside, and those thoughts influence her strongly. It’s scary.

She’s smiling, and yet, you don’t know when she’ll explode.

「 I thought I learned from Yukino, and yet 」

Back then, Yukino’s a troublemaker, someone who makes a lot of noise,

But, those ill emotions she gathers up inside vents out when it finds the opportunity.

Thus, it didn’t fall into anything grave, such as her trying to commit suicide.

Instead, she’s always forward-looking like an idiot.


Megu’s like that.

She’s exposed her discontent multiple times.

She’s able to vent out her emotions.

Therefore, it didn’t reach a point of no return.


「 Sorry. I thought that Misuzu’s okay 」

Girls who never show the signs are much more dangerous.

The real dangerous women are those who hide their problems.

「 That’s not for Danna-sama to apologize. It’s my fault. I try to keep my composed face after all. I don’t want to show my weakness to the other women after all. I tried to stay calm like Nei-oneesama all the time. I wanted to believe that I’m Danna-sama’s number one, that I have that composure 」

That’s her insecurity.

Misuzu, towards Nei.

No, it’s towards me.

Misuzu’s confused with my sense of distance with her.

Misuzu wants to be closer to me than any other women.

But, I didn’t notice Misuzu’s desire.

I keep prioritizing all the other girls.

I misunderstood that Misuzu doesn’t mind the distance we have right now.

If that’s the case.

I have to reestablish the sense of distance between my girls once again.

「 Yeah, Misuzu. Well done being honest now, it’s all okay 」

I hug Misuzu’s shoulders.

「 Danna-sama? 」

「 I’m here now, and so you are. There’s no problem 」

「 Err, uhm 」

I look straight into Misuzu’s eyes.

Misuzu’s confused with what I’m saying.

「 A lot happened for the four months, and so it can’t be helped that Misuzu’s wavered. There’s no problem at all. Just go back to the starting point and fix it 」

「 Fix? 」

I fire myself up.

「 Misuzu, what are you to me? 」

「 I-I 」

Misuzu’s eyes waver around.

「 Did you forget? Yeah, I guess it can’t be helped. A lot of girls became my women, after all after that. Misuzu, you kept building your position among the women, and so you forgot about your origins. That’s common. Yeah, it definitely is. I’m sure that it’s not Misuzu’s fault. It’s the situation. There are too many commotions, after all. Therefore, don’t blame yourself. I know that Misuzu’s doing her best. You didn’t do anything wrong. You’re just a bit astray 」

「 Me? Astray? 」

「 Yeah. That’s the fact. Misuzu’s also a normal girl, you can get lost along the way. This only needs a little fixing, no need to worry 」

I speak deliberately.

「 Do you remember it now? What are you to me? 」

Misuzu replies.

「 Misuzu was Danna-sama’s pet 」

That’s right when we first met.

Nagisa handed Misuzu to me as a pet.

「 It’s not “Was” you’re still my pet even now, Misuzu 」

I rub Misuzu’s ass.

「 Kyaaan 」

Misuzu raises a cute scream.

「 Misuzu’s a pet! Listen, I’ve got a lot of sex slaves, but Misuzu’s my only pet 」

「 Only me? 」

「 Right. Only you. You’re special to me, Misuzu 」

I kiss Misuzu in the forehead.

「 I’m special? 」

「 Isn’t that right? Do I ever lie? 」

Misuzu shakes her head.

「 No, you’re right, Danna-sama. Misuzu’s your pet 」

Tears spill from Misuzu’s eyes.

「 And what’s the job of the pets? 」

「 To be cute for Danna-sama, and receive Danna-sama’s love 」

「 That’s right. That’s cute, Misuzu 」

I kiss her cheeks this time.

「 You’re my pet, and so you can fawn on me more 」

I said.

「 You don’t have to think about your position in the family. Just be like Agnes. Agnes is like a cat, isn’t she? If she wants to have sex, then she’ll come, cling to me, and ask for it 」

「 YEs, Agnes-chan is more of a pet than me 」

Ah, shit.

Misuzu’s face turns gloomy again.

「 But, Agnes isn’t my pet, and I want her to stay human. I’d like her to graduate from dependence on me whenever she feels mentally unstable 」

Sex alone can’t improve her heart.

I don’t want it to be a man and woman sexual relationship.

I want her to create relationships with the family, friends within the school.

「 B-But, I!! 」

「 Misuzu, you’re doing your role as the daughter of Kouzuki house splendidly. And so, whenever you’re in this house, you don’t need to think of “I must do this.” You’re my cute puppy, and so swing your tail for me. Cling to my side 」

「 D-Danna-sama, but 」

Misuzu’s confused.

「 Even if you say that Mii-chan will recall how she behaves politically because she’s the lady of the Kouzuki house 」

Nei said.

「 Therefore, she moves politically when there are a certain number of people around her, right? She always tries to make the relationship advantageous to her 」

「 That’s also one of Ojou-sama’s bad habit 」

Nei said. Katsuko-nee adds.

Minaho-neesan’s bad habit.

「 Ojou-sama always thinks of tactics whenever in the underground society, and therefore, she unconsciously thinks the same with the family, and you Dear 」

Oh, right.

「 Let’s put Minaho aside for now. She’s an adult, and so that’s not for us to think about 」

Edie said.

「 As for Misuzu’s problem though 」

Edie smiles.

「 Do you remember the pus in boots fable? 」

「 Naturally, I know that 」

Misuzu replies.

「 It’s about a pet who does various jobs for it’s Master 」

「 Indeed. That cat was a pet. But, it always acts politically for the sake of its master 」

Ruriko smiles.

「 Furthermore, that cat has no personal desire. All it does is follow it’s master. Of course, if the Master is happy, then it knows that its own livelihood becomes better 」

「 Indeed, that cat never thought for benefit. The cat devotes itself to its master 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 So, Misuzu should be like that too. Though it’s not pus in boots, but a puppy in boots!! 」

「 Puppy in boots 」

Misuzu mutters.

「 That’s right. Misuzu’s my pet before anything else. You’re my cute puppy. Therefore, focus only there! Forget about your role in the family or Kouzuki house 」

「 I’m a puppy. Danna-sama’s pet 」

「 Then, if there’s something you need to do for my sake, do it. However, you must explain it and consult beforehand. Don’t do anything for your own convenience 」

「 Yes 」


「 It’s not “yes” You must reply “woof” 」

Misuzu smiles.

She smiles despite her face in tears.

「 Woof! 」

She barks for me.

「 There, there, you’re so cute. Misuzu’s a puppy. Fawn on me like a puppy 」

「 Woof, woof, woof, woof! 」

Misuzu plays with me.

She hugs me and starts licking my body.


「 Danna-sama 」

She speaks.

「 Please have sex with Misuzu, woof! 」

She’s licking my face.

「 No, I’d like to copulate, to mate! Woof! 」


「 Do we still have time, Katsuko-nee? 」

I only promised one hour of sex time after dinner.

Misuzu and the girls are going back to Kouzuki house later.

「 Scratch that 」


「 Just make Kouzuki-ojiichan wait! 」

Nei too.

「 Misuzu-chan’s sex, no, copulation is much more important. 」

Even Ruriko.

「 Katsuko! 」

Edie smiles.

「 Of course, I know that this would happen, and so I have them prepared 」

Katsuko-nee opens up the container in the room and takes out a potty.

「 Misuzu-chan, you need this, don’t you? 」

Right. If we’re talking about Misuzu, it’s gonna be the display of herself peeing.

「 I’ve got a collar here, want it? 」

Katsuko-nee brings out a red collar and makes it clatter.

「 Naturally! Woof! 」

◇ ◇ ◇

「 There, just don’t make it hard on yourself 」

I put on the collar on Misuzu’s neck.

「 Aaahn, it’s been a while since I had this weight! Woof! 」

Misuzu’s eyes are already melting.

「 I’ve definitely forgotten about this feeling. I always thought of taking the initiative on anything within the family, woof! 」

Misuzu speaks happily.

「 Aaahn, now that I’m wearing this collar, I feel my head’s melting down. I’m becoming an idiot. Misuzu can’t think of anything but Danna-sama now, woof woof! Woof! 」

Misuzu said and takes off her clothes.

「 Please wait for a moment. It’s strange for a puppy to wear clothes. Misuzu will get naked to prepare to mate with Danna-sama! Woof~ 」

She takes off her clothes while having a flushed face as if she’s drunk.

「 Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Misuzu-chan cries! Woof! 」

What’s with that addendum?

Now that she’s wearing only underwear,

「 Danna-sama, woof! 」


Misuzu’s already in her underwear before I could say anything.

「 Ufufu, I love you, Danna-sama! LOVE LOVE! Chu! Woof! 」

Misuzu barks happily.

She takes off her panty, then,

Misuzu’s drenched slit leaks out love nectar.

「 I’m now naked except for the collar and socks! Woof! 」

Misuzu hugs me naked.

She presses her naked and soft breasts on me.


「 What should I do, Danna-sama? This is so much fun, woof! 」

She whispers to me, along with her gasps.

「 I might get addicted to this play. Misuzu wants to do it like this all the time with Danna-sama 」

「 You don’t need to ask for it, this will be the default. Whenever you’re with me, well, maybe not when there’s anyone that’s not family, but other than that, you’ll always be my puppy 」

I order her.

「 You’ll be a puppy even in front of Megu, Yukino, Agnes, Rei-chan, or Shou-neechan. Even in front of Tsukiko. Do you get it, Misuzu? 」

「 Woof! Woof! Woof! I understand! Woof! 」

She always put a check on herself.

Misuzu’s through and thorough as the daughter of the Kouzuki house.

No matter where, or when.

When I first met her, Misuzu overcomes that world where she has to act.

But, since the family started getting more members.

Misuzu started acting politically, even inside the family.

Back then, Misuzu’s the member of Kuromori that’s from Kouzuki house, and yet,

Now, there’s Michi, Ruriko, Shou-neechan.

Misuzu’s heart has become harder with the Kouzuki house entering the family.

Then, Tsukiko and the Takakura sisters came in.

Yukino and Megu were fighting without care for the world.

The young group is led by Nei.

It gradually suppresses Misuzu’s heart.

「 The puppy’s naked now! Woof! Danna-sama, can I pee? Please watch Misuzu pee! 」

「 Yeah. Go on, I’m watching 」

「 Okay, woof!! 」

Misuzu happily gets on all fours.

Then, she raised one of her legs.

Misuzu’s 17-year-old body is graceful and lovely.

「 Hey, tell everyone too 」


「 Yes. Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Hello Woof! I’m Danna-sama’s pet, Misuzu woof! I’m going to pee right now, please watch! 」

「 Yes, we’ll watch 」

Katsuko-nee smiles.

「 Misuzu-chan, good luck! 」


「 Uhihi, that’s a sight 」


「 Make sure that there’s no drop left. Holding back your pee is terrible for the body 」


「 Well then, I’ll start, woof! 」



The hot jet of water draws an arc from Misuzu’s crotch to the potty.

「 Haaaa, it feels good! Danna-sama!! 」

「 Yes, that’s beautiful, Misuzu 」

Naked, a collar on her neck, crawling on all fours.

She’s peeing with one leg raised, like a dog, yet,

Misuzu’s face shows calm.

It’s as beautiful as a pure angel.

Oh, I see.

She makes a grim face whenever she’s making a plan on something.

But Misuzu now is free from any conspiracies.

Therefore, her face resembles a young girl.


Before long, Misuzu finished peeing.

「 Haa that felt amazing! Woof! 」

She’s able to let out all the gloom from her mind and body.

「 Okay, what do you want next, Misuzu? 」

I asked, Misuzu.

「 Of course, tie me up! Then let’s have sex while I’m tied up!!! 」