Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 775. Gentle smile



「Well then, we’re heading out now, Onii-sama」

We’re seeing the girls off at the entrance.

Shou-neechan’s car is parked in front.

It’s just Michi and me sending them off.

Yukino and the girls are still taking a bath.

Minaho-neesan and Margo-san must be busy.

Agnes, Luna, and Mao-chan who should’ve been studying with Shou-neechan aren’t here, that’s curious.

「I’ll come back tomorrow」

Ruriko said and kissed me.

It’s a passionate kiss where our tongues intertwine.

「I’ll be staying over tomorrow! Woof!」

Misuzu jumps to me and rubs her chest on me.

As she announced that she won’t scheme anymore, she’s now totally spoiled.

She also gives me a tight hug and a kiss.


Misuzu barks.

「What’s up?」

「I feel like it’s dripping from deep inside me」

Is it my semen, or Misuzu’s love nectar?

「I’m next!」

Edie cuddles with me bashfully.

Her pink tongue licks my lips.

Then, she gives me a passionate kiss.

Now then.

「Shou-neechan, Rei-chan」

I call out to the two.

「It’s a bit embarrassing doing this in front of everyone」

Shou-neechan said, but she gives me a light kiss.

「That’s not enough」

I pull Shou-neechan’s body and ask for her lips.

「Geez, what a forceful man」

After Shou-neechan’s kiss ended, Rei-chan’s last.

「Please do」

Rei-chan’s also embarrassed.


I hug her in front, and we kiss each other.

「Haaa, I feel my heart pounding」

Rei-chan’s the older one, yet she’s blushing as she says that.

Well, I’m Rei-chan’s “Onii-chama,” after all

Her actual age and mental age are different.

Rei-chan’s exceptionally strong, but she wishes for my protection deep inside.

「Reika, get yourself together」

Shou-neechan knocks on Rei-chan’s back.

「Y-Yes! Shou-oneesama!」

Rei-chan’s face returned to the look of a bodyguard.

「Yoshiko-san, you can come again anytime」

I said with a smile.

「Yes. I’ll come again soon. Though I can’t live in this mansion all the time」

Jii-chan refused to live with us in this mansion,

And so, Yoshiko-san gave up on living in here as well.

「We will discuss with Grandfather about that」

Misuzu said.

Jii-chan is an old man, so he needs his family to live together with him.

Someone needs to stay with him.

But, it’s not nice to have only Yoshiko-san live with Jii-chan.

If possible, the three granddaughters take turns and stay over Jii-chan’s house.

Ruriko doesn’t seem to want to live with Jii-chan alone.

Although taking turns in each day would be different.

During weekends, I can take some girls with me and stay over there with Ruriko.

But I’m training on my pastry-making during weekdays.

「Anyway, we’ll have a heart-to-heart talk」

「Right. It’s better to have the Granddaughters and the Grandfather talk it out」

Without me.

「I’m here though」

Edie laughed.

「It’s okay, I’ll be sure to make it smooth」

Oh, if Edie’s there, she can work as a coordinator.

Even if the atmosphere between Jii-chan and the granddaughters turn for the worse, I’m sure that she can control it to turn peaceful.

「Do that, Edie」

「Aye Aye Sir!」

Edie salutes to me jokingly.

「As for the security during our travel, leave it to me」

Shou-neechan smiled at me.

「Yeah. Everyone, take care」

There might still be some remains from the Kansai Yakuza.

We shouldn’t relax our guard.

「Then, let’s go」

Misuzu, Ruriko, and Yoshiko-san bows.

「Everyone, please take care」

Michi who’s hiding behind me bows her head.

Her energy isn’t back yet.

「Take care of Danna-sama. Michi」

Misuzu smiled at her beloved little sister and said.

◇ ◇ ◇

The car Misuzu and the girls are riding disappears towards the gate.

As usual, Shou-neechan’s car engine makes a rough sound.

I see the orange tail lamp in the darkness.

Now then.

Let’s head back to the dining room.

Summer’s already over but the nights are still cold.

I feel my body trembling.


Then, Michi clings to me again.

Oh right.

「Come over here, Michi」

Michi and I head to the grassy patch near the entrance.

The outdoor area has some nightlight spilling out from the screens, and so it’s not that dark.

「Y-Yes, Master?」

「Just come」

Michi’s confused.

「Now take out my dick from my pants」

I said suddenly. Michi;

「Are we doing it outside?」

I laughed.

「No. It’s a bit cold, so I want to pee」


「Yeah, so take out my dick and hold it as I pee」

I said.

「I wanted to try that out at least once. I’m going to let Michi take care of everything without lifting a finger」

Michi’s eyes show change.


Michi kneels before me.

She unzips my pants and lowers it.

Then, she drags out my dick from the gap.

「L-Like this?」

She holds my rod with her thin fingers and lifts it up.

Yeah, having a beauty take care of your need doesn’t sound bad at all.


「Michi, I’m going to pee on you if you stay there」

Michi’s kneeling right in front of me, and so it’ll hit her if I pee right now.

「I don’t mind it at all」

「But I do」

「But, Master」

「Wait, you want me to pee on you?」

「I do have that wish, yes」

This girl’s a masochist, right.

「But, Michi, this isn’t he fist and last. I’m going to let you take in charge whenever I pee, and so it’s a problem if you shower yourself each time you do it. We can’t walk around together, Do you want that?」

「Ugh, no, I don’t」

「Then, do it properly so I won’t pee on your body, okay?」

I said.

「I can give you a shwoer in the bathroom next time」

「I want it in the restroom」


「Please pee on me in the restroom while saying, “you’re my toilet.” I will say that I’m Master’s toilet as well」


「Yeah, okay. That’s for next time」

「Thank you very much!」

Then, Michi aims my penis at the grass.

「Master, it’s all ready」

「Oh, safety locks are released. Energy filled to 120%」

I imagine my urinary bladder’s exit loosening.

「Target confirmed. Deploy shock protection!」

Michi chose the pebble near her foot.


「Final safety lock, release」

「Master, please shoot it out!」

「Ready, aim!」




The tip of my dick lets out smelly water.

「Wow, it’s coming out for real!」

Michi’s amazed as she watches the penis she’s holding urinating.

「T-This is amazing. It’s like a hose」

「It’s nothing amazing. This is something I do every day」

「B-But, I don’t have a penis with me, and so this is a surprise」

Right. As long as you’re having fun.

「Hey now, don’t miss the mark」

「I’m very sorry」

Michi fixes the target of my piss.

Yeah, take that pebble!

「By the way, I can do this too」

I put strength to my waist and increase the pressure of my piss.

It’s making a loud noise now.

「That’s cool! As expected of Master!」

No, all the guys can do this.

「This is great. Wonderful. Please allow me to be your pee-caretaker whenever we’re outside, Master」

Michi seems to like it.

Jorororo. Choro. Poton.

Finally, I finished peeing.

「Okay, we’re done now Michi」



Michi then started licking my dick.

「Hey, no need to do that」

Girls do need to wipe themselves with paper after peeing, but,

Boys can just flick their dick to put the water away.

「However, this is my duty」

Michi’s so adamant that she didn’t stop with just her lips.

◇ ◇ ◇

「Keep that a secret from Misuzu. I’m sure that she’d want to do the same」

Michi and I walk in the corridor alone.

She’s clinging to me.

「Yes, Master. Kufufufu」

「What’s up?」

「Michi’s happy that she’s useful to Master」

「I see」

She’s in a better mood now, so I don’t mind.

「I’m very sorry to worry you all the time. Uhm」

Michi whispers to me while blushing.

「I love you. Master」


「I-I’ll wash off my hands. Also, I’ll change my underwear」


「I’m completely drenched down there」

Michi said bashfully.

「Ah, but, uhm. I would like to do it with Master at least once a day if possible. We already had dinner tonight. No, of course, if Master wants to play with Michi’s body, then it’s welcome, I’m ready to accompany you tens of times, but that,」

Michi’s fidgeting.

You mean, you want to do it?

Then, suddenly.

「Geez, where have you been Michi?!」

Kudou Haruka, who wears a karate uniform, shows up in the corridor.

「Margo-san’s doing her night training, you should come too!」


「It’s a little embarrassing to ask them to train together. And so, you’re coming with me, Michi!」

「No, uhm, Aneue」

「Besides, I don’t want to be wandering aimlessly in this demon den! Seki-san and Fujimiya-san went home already,r ight?! Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama’s with them」


The people Haruka knows are gone from the mansion, and so, she’s scared.

Haruka’s a coward who pretends to be tough.

「Michi, go with Haruka-san」

I ordered her. Michi.

「Understood. I’ll drill the Kudou style in your body」

「At least try not to kill me」

Michi glared at her sister.

「Let’s go! Aneue!」

「Hey, why are you angry?!」

「Where is Margo-oneesama training?」

「Err, in the spacious room in the basement, she said」

Oh, it’s Agnes’ old confinement room.

「Okay, let’s go. Master, excuse us」

Michi bows before me and drags her sister to the basement.

「Hey, what’s wrong with you Michi?! Why are you so angry!?」

「Aneue, you will be experiencing the Kudou Style martial arts final secret technique, Ryugami Tensho Kiri」

「Eey! “I get it already so shut up chop!”」

「”I get it already so shut up chop reverse!”」

「You! Return favor! Haruka’s rolling thunder Mach special!」

「23.5cm kick!」


I see. These girls are Kudou-Papa’s daughters, right.

They’ve been acting superstitiously ever since childhood.

「Twelve apostles second coming from hell killer move!」

「Triangle hell finish!」

They’re enjoying it, so I guess I should leave them be.

I return to the dining room alone.

◇ ◇ ◇

「Here, black tea with honey. Enjoy」

Nagisa brings me warm tea.

To be honest, I’m thankful for that.

My body’s tired.

「Where’s Mao-chan?」

I asked.

「She’s already asleep. She played a lot, and so she said: “I’m satisfied today”」

Yeah, children sleep after getting tired from playing.

Someone from the mansion has been playing with Mao-chan all the time.

「With that said, Sensei, it’s “adult time” now~」

Suddenly, Yomi jumps from behind me.

She lifted her shirt in front of me and exposed her big loli tits.

「Adult time? Aren’t you still 14, Yomi?」

I hug Yomi, and while we’re at it, I rub her raw breasts.

It’s huge, but the texture and flexibility are different.

「Well, Yomi’s no longer a virgin, and so I’m an adult now!」

Yomi replied with a straight face.

「Ah, that’s unfair Yomi!」

Agnes also enters the room.

She took off her clothes and got half-naked.

「Touch Agnes too, Papa」

「There, there」

I hug Yomi with my left arm and Agnes with my right.

「Luna, Luna! Get in the middle!」

Agnes calls Luna from the doorway.

She’s aware of the other girls, that’s good.


Luna’s embarrassed.

「I can carry three people. Come here, Luna」

These lolis are small anyway.

「O-Okay, excuse me」

Luna rides on my lap.

「And now, let’s go licking Papa!」

Agnes gives everyone an order.

To think that the shy girls are now this aggressive.

Friends of the same age do make a huge influence.

「Ufufu, Sensei」

Yomi kisses my lips.

「Papa! Papa! Agnes too!」

Agnes stretches out her tongue and seeks mine.

「Nii-san, warm」

Luna’s rubbing her cheeks on my chest.

My left-hand rubs Yomi’s big breasts, and my left massages Agnes’ ass.

「You don’t have to rush. You girls can take it easy」

Nagisa laughed and brings in tea for Agnes and the girls.

「But, it’s Papa’s fault!」

「Yeah, Yomi loves Sensei’s smell」

「Nii-san, my Nii-san」

These three beauty rubs their body to me.

「You all are too spoiled when it comes to Kou-sama」

Tsukiko comes in with a calm expression.

「We serve Kou-sama. Don’t forget that」

「Yes, Onee-sama. But, just a bit more」

Yomi said.

「Me too, I want to stay like this for a while longer」


「Agnes wants to stay like this forever」

The girls don’t separate themselves from me.

It can’t be helped.

Yomi and Luna went through a lot today.

Agnes is helping out these two.

「Yes, that’s right, Sensei」

「Therefore, just a bit more, Nii-san」


「Yomiko, Luna, it’s rude to read Kou-sama’s mind like that」

No, Tsukiko.

Aren’t you the one reading my mind?

「Ah, I’m sorry」

No, I don’t mind it.

「No, we cannot allow that」

I told you.

Ah, I guess I can’t.

The Takakura sisters are close, Yomi and Luna are hugging me.

The Miko power grows stronger when you’re making skin contact.

Tsukiko, Yomi, and Luna can read my mind in this situation, and I can’t do anything about it.

Tsukiko, who is the strongest when it comes to reading minds, have her mind connected to her sisters.

「That’s how it is! Sensei!」

「Yes, it goes through even if you don’t do anything」



「I’m really sorry」

Tsukiko apologized for her sisters.


「Hey, hey, what are you doing!?」

Yukino came.

「 Isn’t this my turn now!? Isn’t it punishment time?! Hey, what’s with that?! Girls?!」


「T-That’s right. I know that Edie’s helped out Yoshi-kun a lot today, and so we waited until Edie’s turn was over, and yet!!

Megu’s also here.

「The Kouzuki ladies as well, As expected, you cannot let down your guard with them」

Yukino said.

「I played a lot with the small one until she fell asleep, so, isn’t this our time now?」

「T-That’s right!」

Yukino and Megu’s team play is a fresh sight, but,

「You two, calm down」

Tsukiko smiled and tells Yukino and Megu.

「I understand how you feel, but if you keep that attitude, Kou-sama will hate you」

「W-What do you know?!」

Yukino shouts at Tsukiko, but Megu stops her.

「Hey, don’t do that Yukino to her!」

「Huh?! Why not?!」

「That one can read people’s minds!」

「Megumi, what are you talking about? Are you an idiot? Do you want to die?!」

Then, Tsukiko.

「No, I can read people’s thoughts. It’s my Miko power」

Tsukiko’s gentle smile is scary.