Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 783. Sex Connection Part 1



「 So, which one’s first? 」

Yomi asks her sisters.

「 Yomiko-oneesama, go on first 」

Luna smiled.

「 But, Tsukiko-oneesama’s the last. It’s to make sure that she becomes pregnant 」

After having sex with the sisters, I’ll cum inside Tsukiko.

「 That’s right, Is that okay, Sensei? 」

「 Yeah, sure 」

I smiled at Yomi.

「 Then, we’re starting with Yomi! Ah, but Luna, Tsukiko-oneesama, and everyone else can join in too! It’s free for all! 」

Yomi tells the women in the room.

Except for Megu who’s tied up in the machine.

「 Err, Sensei, what should Yomi do? Yomi still doesn’t know much about sex, so could you teach me, Sensei? 」

「 Sure, come over here 」

I embrace Yomi’s naked body.

Her body’s only 14 years old.

Her body isn’t ripe, and yet, her breasts are praiseworthy.

「 Sensei, before my breasts, a kiss please 」

Oh, sure.

「 Right, Yomi 」

I press my lips on top of this unyielding beauty’s lips.

It’s soft.

Her cheeks also feel smooth and elastic.

I kiss the tip of her nose too.

「 Do you like Yomi’s face? 」

「 Yeah, you’re cute 」

I lick on her cute lips.

「 Then I’ll become cuter for Sensei 」

Yomi said.

「 I want Sensei to hug me all the time after all 」

I hug Yomi tighter.

「 Hafuuu~~ I feel at ease when I’m in Sensei’s arms. Sensei~ 」

「 What is it, Yomi? 」

「 I love you. Yomi loves Sensei 」

She smiled.


「 Sure. Lick on my breasts, my belly. You can tease Yomi’s body as much as you want 」


「 Have fun violating Yomi’s body. Sensei 」

I pin down Yomi on the machine.

I rub on her soft breasts.

「 Haan~ 」

I crawl my tongue on her nipple.

「 Auu~ My body’s twitching~ 」

I suck on Yomi’s nipples while purposefully making sounds.

「 Ufufu. Sensei is like a baby. Cute. Please lick me more 」

She stares at me with an eager face as I attack her breasts.

「 Yomi will have no one but Sensei for the rest of her life. Yomi will never do this with other men. It’s only Sensei, and so, be at ease in Yomi’s arms 」

Yomi said then wraps me in her arms.

「 I know that Sensei’s feeling uneasy 」

She smiled.

Oh, the Takakura sisters are gathered like this.

Tsukiko and Luna are touching Yomi’s shoulder.

They can see through my thoughts.

「 Earlier, you mentioned that you don’t mind even if Megumi-san finds another man. That you’d still treat her as family, but 」

Yomi said.

「 Are you that scared, Sensei? Do you think that everyone will be gone? 」

「 I’m not confident in myself 」

I replied, honestly.

「 I don’t know when people would run out of love for someone like me 」

My women are all beautiful, lovely, talented.

They’ll be able to show their power and be welcomed wherever they go.

「 Yomi and Everyone feels the same, Sensei 」

Yomi said, but.

「 Oh, right, that’s why Tsukiko-oneesama wants to become pregnant right away 」


「 There’s no bond higher than a man and a woman, and the conception of a child 」

I see.

Tsukiko wants to return to Kyoto in the future.

She wants to continue her job as the Shrine maiden.

Tokyo and Kyoto has a long distance, but,

If she bears my child, our bonds tie us together.

「 What should Yomi do? Should I put some tattoo on my body to make sure no other man would want to have sex with me? Or, oh, how about the chastity belt Misuzu-sama’s wearing now 」

She seems to have seen Misuzu wearing that from my memories.

「 A panty nobody but Sensei can take out? That looks fun. Should Yomi wear those too? I don’t mind. If that’s what makes Sensei feel at ease 」


「 Yomi’s a girl who can’t live without Sensei no matter what happens 」

Yomi, you too.

「 Therefore, please be sure to shower Yomi some love, Sensei 」

「 Sure 」

We all are people with something lacking in our hearts.

We mutually fill in that sense of loss.

All by having sex…

All by supporting each other.

「 Yomi spread your legs, I’m licking it 」

「 Yes, lick it please! 」

Yomi spreads her legs apart.

Between her white thighs is a pink slit.

It’s wet.

「 I’m opening it 」

I use my hands to open up her slit.

Her love nectar overflows.

The hymen that was here before is no longer present.

「 Aaahn, this is embarrassing. Sensei’s looking at me down there 」

Yomi’s blushing, trembling.

She’s breathing hot sighs.

She’s aroused.

「 I’ll only show this to Sensei, only Sensei 」

「 Thanks, Yomi 」

I lick on Yomi’s spring, like a dog drinking water.

「 Aaaah, Sensei’s tongue, Iyaaaan~ 」

Yomi twists around.

Her loli-tits bounce.

「 Yomi’s delicious. 」

Her love nectar’s sour. It stimulates my tongue.

「 Then, do it every day! Do it anytime! Yomi loves this!!! 」

Yomi’s the most obscene of the sisters.

She’s already addicted to sex.

「 I’m Sensei’s pregnant slave, And so, please continue teasing Yomi until we make a child, Sensei! Aaaahn~ 」

I use my tongue to poke on Yomi’s red clitoris.

I pour in lots of saliva and continue to lick on it.

「 That feels good! Sensei! Sensei!!!! 」

Yomi’s trembling hands hold me down.

「 Aaaaahn! It feels good! It feels good! Sensei! Yomi! Yomi’s body feels hot inside!! It feels strange!!! 」

Yomi’s in the launching pad to ecstasy.

「 Kuuun~ Afuu, S-Sensei, what should I do?! Aaah! What should I do? Is it okay? Is it alright for Yomi to turn strange?! Aaaaaauuuaaaa!! 」

「 Go on. You’re doing it in front of that idiot after all. Get strange. Show out all your embarrassing and indecent parts of you. I’m sure that it’ll be fun 」

Yukino tells Yomi with a smile.

「 Aaahaaann~~ I’m exposing it all!!! Look at me, Sensei! Look at Yomi’s embarrassing parts! Look!! 」


Yomi’s body convulsed violently!!

「 Aaaaah! I-I’m flying! Flying! Yomi’s flying away!!! 」

Her young body reaches climax.

Yomi pushes my head to her crotch desperately.

「 Sensei! Hold onto me!!! Yomi’s going to fly away! Hold me!!!! 」

I continue to stimulate Yomi’s clitoris with violent tongue movements.

Women have longer ecstasy time than men.

I won’t stop my caress until the end.

「 Sensei~!!! Aaaaahn! Aaaaahn! Iyaaaaan! 」

Yomi continues to breathe roughly.

Then, finally, the wave of pleasure calms down.


Yomi’s exhausted right now. She couldn’t put strength in her body right now.

I prepare my erect penis to enter Yomi’s entrance.

「 S-Sensei 」

Yomi seems to understand what’s about to happen.

「 It’s okay even if it hurts 」

She said with an earnest look.

「 This is already the third time. I should be used to it already 」

Last night, this morning, and then, now.

She’s this wet and loose.

「 Yeah. Come in, Sensei. Inside Yomi 」

Yomi’s accepting me.

「 Yeah, I’m going in 」

「 Yes! 」

I spread out her slit and push my glans in.

「 Ah, uuuuuuuu!!! 」

My meat sword thrusts into some soft and warm land.

「 Kuuuuuuu! Ahuaaaaa!!! 」

The most inflated part of my glans reaches the part where her hymen exists until yesterday.

I slip into uncharted territories except for me.

「 It’s warm and tight. It feels good, Yomi 」

「 Sensei’s thing is big. It’s twitching inside Yomi 」

Gugugugu! Zunuuuu!!

「 Haaaaaaann!!! 」

I thrust until it reached the roots.

「 Aaah, haa, haa. Yomi’s insides are changing to Sensei’s shape! 」

Yomi’s already stable as it’s our third time having sex.

It looks like she’s seeing at her violated self objectively.

「 Yomi, I’m moving now 」

「 Yes, Sensei! 」

I shake Yomi’s body.

「 Uuuugh! 」

My penis hollow out Yomi’s narrow pussy.

I’m grinding it up.

I spread it out to make it a perfect fit for me.

Zu, juppu.

Zu, jupupupu.

I thrust in Yomi’s warm insides.

I knead it.

I pick up speed gradually as I thrust.

Yomi’s thick and heavy breasts shake rhythmically.

Yomi and I.

I’m violating this lovely girl.

「 Yomi, does it hurt? 」

「 Just a bit, but… 」

Yomi looked up at me.

「 Yomi loves it when Sensei does it 」


「 Ufufu, I know. I know. Sensei wants Yomi. You want to tease me more, right? Then do it, Sensei. Do what you want with Yomi 」

Having my mind read while having sex is…

「 Ahn~ Yes, there’s no need to hide anything between us! 」

Yomi said.

「 Yomi’s naked. Sensei’s naked. And so, it’s okay 」


「 I mean, everyone in here is naked except for Megumi 」

Yukino laughed.

「 You know, I show up on television every week wearing nothing but micro bikini 」

Yukino’s clothing is nothing but a small swimsuit.

「 That one thin object is actually big enough. If you tell me to take it off, I will 」


「 You’re the only one I could feel at ease and get naked with. I’d get naked if it’s in front of you. And never with other men 」

「 Mana too. I can get naked because it’s Onii-chan. I can do anything, no matter how embarrassing it may be. Actually, if it’s Onii-chan, then Mana wants to show more shameful parts of myself 」


「 That’s right, look at us Sensei. Watch all of Yomi’s embarrassing parts. I’ll show my everything to Sensei! 」

This loli-big-tits beauty accepts me naked.

I can see the part where Yomi and I are connected.

「 It’s Sensei, only Sensei! I only want Sensei! Haaahn~ 」

I thrust in with a lot of strength, and Yomi gasps.

「 Sure, Sensei, have sex with Yomi! More!!! 」


「 Papa! Look this way too! 」

Agnes calls me out.

Luna and Agnes are licking each other’s pussy in 69 position.

「 Agnes is licking it up to ready Luna for insertion! 」

「 I’m licking the semen Nii-san released inside Agnes 」

Luna sucks out my semen from Agnes’ slit.

「 Auuu! Luna, that feels good, desuno! 」

「 Me too, it feels good. Agnes! 」

The two beauties entangle with each other.

That’s a lewd spectacle.

「 Aaahn! Ahn! Go on, Sensei! 」

Yomi whispers.

「 It’s about time Luna switches in! Uugh! Ahn! 」

Right, I can’t ejaculate inside Yomi now.

I already had lots today.

I’m about to reach my limit.

「 Aaaah! Yomi can have her fill next time! 」

「 Yeah, sorry about that, Yomi 」

「 Don’t say that. Yomi is Sensei’s slave, so don’t mind it 」

Yomi looked up at me and smiled.

「 I won’t run away, we can have sex anytime you want 」

She pats my face gently.

「 Okay, switch time! It’s Luna’s turn! 」

Yomi said decisively.

Then, I pull out my penis from Yomi’s insides.

「 Okay, Papa, time to serve Papa! 」

Agnes pushes Luna’s back.

「 Nii-san. 」

Luna’s eyes are wet.

「 Yeah, let’s embrace each other 」

I’ll connect with Luna in a sitting position.

「 Tsukiko-san, please help out on the insertion 」

Mana tells Tsukiko.

「 Me? 」

「 Yes. You should get used to touching his dick 」

Yukino said, smiling.

「 Indeed, then 」

Luna comes over and straddles on my legs.

Tsukiko touches my penis on the root and adjusts it to enter Luna’s entrance.

「 Luna, lower your hips slowly 」

「 L-Like this? 」

Luna slowly lowers her hips.

「 Ah! 」

As soon as my glans touches the sensitive part in her slit,

Her body twitched.

「 It’s okay. It’s Papa, don’t be afraid. Do your best, Luna! 」

Agnes cheers on Luna.

「 O-Okay 」

Luna once again lowers her cute ass.

「 Just like that. Lower it, Luna, 」

Tsukiko leads my glans to Luna’s entrance.


Her hot meat gate made contact with my penis.

「 N-Nii-san?! 」

「 Yeah, just like that, Luna 」

「 O-Okay 」

Luna takes a deep breath…

Then, she lowers her waist further.

Gugugu, nuppu!

「 Aaaaaa! 」

My glans goes inside Luna.

「 The angle looks good. You’ll be okay, Luna 」

Tsukiko’s watching the connecting part.

「 Y-Yes!~!! 」

She says that but Luna must be scared, she’s not lowering her hips further.

「 Luna, take a deep breath 」

We’re in sitting position, so I hug Luna.

「 Okay, breathe in…Breathe out 」

「 O-Okay, Nii-san 」





Luna takes deep breaths.

Her sweet breath strokes my face.

Before long.


「 Hyaaaaaa!!! 」

Luna’s body sinks in relaxed.

It’s swallowing my penis.

「 Okay, well done, Luna. 」

Tsukiko watches our connecting part close.

「 Aaaaah, I-It’s in 」

Luna mutters.

「 Of course it’ll go in! Luna loves Papa just as much as Agnes! 」

Agnes smiled and said.

「 Aaaah, aaahn! 」

The tip of my glans reached Luna’s cervix.

Luna’s body is much younger than Agnes, even though they’re of the same age.

It won’t go in further.

「 Yes, we’re connected now Luna 」

I carry Luna’s ass to stabilize her.

「 Yes, Nii-san 」

Luna clings to me while in tears.

We’re facing each other, so it’s nice to embrace each other like this.

「 Kiss me 」

「 Sure 」

I kiss Luna’s lips.

Luna asks for my tongue right away.

Our tongues entwine.

「 Aaah, Nii-san 」

I see.

Our tongues go inside Luna’s mouth.

My penis goes inside her vagina.

Luna’s warmer than Yomi.

The clamping feels different too.

The sensation inside is different.

Compared to Yomi’s sensual body even though she’s young.

Luna’s body is small and light.

I can feel it all while we’re in this position.

The feeling of her body and her hair are different.

They’re sisters, yet there’s so much difference.

「 I’m myself, Onee-sama is Onee-sama 」

Ah, Luna’s reading my mind too.

「 Sorry for comparing you two 」

I said. Luna smiled.

「 It’s okay. Please continue comparing 」


「 Nii-san can’t tell the difference unless you compare 」

Luna said.

「 Yomi-oneesama has her charms. Therefore, I will gather up my charms so I won’t lose to Onee-sama 」

It must be hard for her to accept a foreign object inside her vagina.

She speaks in slight pain.

「 If not, Nii-san’s love becomes meaningless 」

「 No, your existence is enough for me, Luna 」

I rub her back.

「 But I don’t want that 」


「 I want to be Nii-san’s number one too 」


「 Ah, although it means differently from Misuzu-sama’s “number one” 」

「 What’s the difference? 」

「 I don’t want to become the “number one woman” for Nii-san. Not a number one in all respect. I only want to have at least one thing that I please Nii-san better than everyone 」

You want to surpass everyone in one thing?

「 I’m the smallest among Nii-san’s women, my body hasn’t developed as much as Agnes. Everyone’s fantastic, and so I don’t think I could win against anyone on anything 」

Luna’s smiling, but her eyes show seriousness.

「 But, that is why I want Nii-san to look at me for something I excel with 」

Then, Luna slowly moves her waist.

「 After all, if I can’t’ do that, I don’t deserve Nii-san’s love 」

「 That’s not true 」

「 No. It’s something I compel myself! 」


「 I don’t want to just receive love, I want to give it too. Nii-san!! 」

This small girl moves her waist clumsily.

She’s not used to sex yet.

Even so, her desire to give me pleasure moves her.

「 Nii-san! Nii-san! Nii-san! 」

She kisses me again while having tears in her eyes.

She sips on my tongue, vigorously.