Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 791. Revolution.



「 Yeah. That’s pathetic. Not knowing what’s natural for the ordinary people 」

I sighed.

「 But, I can’t do anything about it. This is my life, and so I’ll learn about what makes a family slowly. It’ll trouble everyone though 」

「 No, nobody thinks that it’s trouble 」

Nei hugs me.

「 I mean, everyone’s like that. We all lost sight of what a family truly means 」


That’s true, but…

「 But, I was wrong. For the past four months, I tried to give everyone equal attention 」

Trying to give everyone fair and equal attention and attitude.

「 Anyway, I thought that if I work hard, everyone will accept it and things will go well 」


「 I didn’t understand that everyone’s different 」

That’s right.

「 Everyone’s raised from different homes lived different lifestyles, and so they think differently of what a ‘family’ means to them. They seek different things from me 」

They have different forms of a family they believe in.

「 It’s not just Megu who disrupts the harmony of the family. Megu has her thoughts on what a family is, or what it has to do 」

「 Kei-chan 」

「 Therefore, Megu’s not wrong either. Yamamine house formed their family by itself as well. In family relationships, there’s no right or wrong. There’s a family with just several people living in the same house. Or even those in the same family, they may think differently on their definition of family 」

「 But, we’re us. This is Kuromori family, and we need to create the rules to live in that same family 」

Nei said.

「 That’s right. But, I thought I’d like to know each other once again before we decide on the rules of this family 」


「 To be honest, I thought that I understand everyone in the family for the past four months. I’m such an idiot. That’s why I got carried away… 」

I got conceited, thinking that I can deal with everything on my own.

「 I never thought that Agnes would be such a bright and talkative girl until Luna came. I never thought of Misuzu’s true feelings. Mana and Ruriko were such stable girls now, also 」

I look at Nei.

「 I never thought that Onee-chan was lonely 」

「 I-I, no, I’m not 」

Nei’s embarrassed.

「 It’s okay. We’re alone right now 」

「 Okay 」

Nei’s body loosens up.

「 I see. I’ve been trying to force myself to become “everyone’s big sister,” but in the end, I’m just lonely 」

「 It’s okay now, I’m here for you 」

I massage Nei’s hand again.

「 I’m happy that Onee-chan’s here for me too 」

「 Yeah 」

Nei smiled.

「 Tell everyone else the same thing, okay? 」

「 Huh? 」

「 Kei-chan’s always been lonely. Therefore, you’re happy when someone stays by your side. But, that’s enough for you that you don’t need to be satisfied more than that 」


「 That’s why you accept everything from everyone. You don’t complain. Kei-chan, you’re that kind of guy 」

Nei stares at my hand that massages hers.

「 Kei-chan, you said that you were a hollow person, but that’s not true. Kei-chan’s full right now. You’re filled with a substance to the limit 」


「 I mean, Kei-chan now has me, everyone. A family. Isn’t that enough happiness for Kei-chan? 」


That might be.

「 It’s us who misunderstood. We’re greedy women, and so we’re not satisfied even though we’re happy. We want to reach greater happiness than now 」

Greater than now.

「 Mii-chan, Megu-chan, and I are the same. We’re happy enough to live together in this family, being together with Kei-chan, and yet, we wanted more 」

Nei takes a deep breath.

「 And since we think that way, we assumed that Kei-chan thought of the same. That you wanted to become happier, but you’re holding back. We assumed that way 」

I was holding back?

「 Therefore, thinking that Kei-chan’s frustrated, I prepared a new girl for you to rape. It was Mii-chan and me who were frustrated though 」

Nei and Misuzu.

「 Then, Megu-chan thinks that Kei-chan is like her, that you want to live together with her in peace. There are other family members, and so Megu-chan is holding back from monopolizing Kei-chan, and she misunderstands that Kei-chan’s holding back too 」


But, I’m not dissatisfied with the current life.

Instead, I didn’t understand why Megu’s so dissatisfied.

「 That’s why Megu-chan’s dissatisfied because she thinks that Kei-chan understands her feelings, but you prioritize other girls 」

In Megu’s head, I’m also as dissatisfied as much as she does.

「 I guess that’s the reason why all the talk with Megu doesn’t work 」

Megu thinks that I know her dissatisfaction, and so she’s angry that I’m not helping her.

She’s not in a state where she’d listen usually.

「 Yeah. “Why is Yoshi-kun prioritizing that girl over me? Mukiii!!” or something like that 」

I see.

「 Therefore, Tsukiko-san exposing Kei-chan’s thoughts was the right thing to do 」

Megu’s made to understand that what I think is different from what she believes in.

Oh, I see.

That’s why Megu was depressed when Luna showed off my thoughts to her.

She thinks that I betrayed her.

But, after another round.

Tsukiko created an opportunity for Megu to free her mind.

Megu showed her true feelings to me.

Then, we reconstructed our relationship of mutual trust.

Furthermore, Tsukiko turned Megu to her little sister right away.

Megu’s mind is stable for now that she’s found a powerful boss that can protect her.

For now.

「 Geez, this is hard. And it’ll continue to get harder 」

Though she’s stable for now, we don’t know when she fires up again.

That’s how a family is anyway.

「 But, I’m happy with this. Onee-chan 」

I said. Nei…

「 Yeah, I got it. I finally, wait, that’s not it 」

「 Huh? 」

「 I somehow understand Kei-chan now. But it’s not perfect. Though if it’s the Takakura sisters, it’s different 」

Nei said.

「 No, even if one can read people’s thoughts, understanding, and analyzing, that is a different skill. And that’s why Tsukiko-san and the girls don’t know everything 」


People will never completely understand each other.

「 Much less, I can’t imagine what will Kei-chan do tomorrow 」

She bonks her forehead on mine.

「 People try to understand each other all the time, and they change gradually 」

People never stay the same.

「 We’ve got to move forward by all means. Did you know, Kei-chan? 」

Nei smiled.

「 What? 」

「 All creatures continue to evolve. It can be retrogression, but it’s still the shape of evolution 」

Retrogression’s also evolution?

「 Horse hooves are their middle finger. Evolving to run faster, they hide their four other fingers 」

Nei said.

「 If one work hard for a goal, then once they pursued one possibility, another potential would be gone. Furthermore, evolution’s merit and demerits aren’t equal. Bighorn sheep grew their horns for fighting, but it caused their destruction 」

Pursuing one possibility doesn’t guarantee happiness.

A soccer player abandons the possibility of entering the baseball club and will join no other club than soccer.

But, entering the soccer club doesn’t mean that one can become a regular.

If the person chose the baseball club, then he might’ve entered the Koushien stadium.

However, the person chose soccer and can’t join baseball anymore.

Going for both is impossible.

There are only 24 hours in one day.

「 People and families change all the time. You need to have the resolve for it, for better or for worse, but you shouldn’t regret any of it. 」

Nei tells me with a smile.

「 Yeah. But, Onee-chan has something that will never change 」

「 Wait, no way, really? 」


「 It’s my love for you, Onee-chan. 」


「 Oh geez! That’s a stupid cheesy line!! I love you too though 」

We kiss each other passionately.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Err, what should we do? 」

Nei asks while we’re hugging each other.

「 What does Onee-chan want to do? 」

「 Hmm. But, Kei-chan’s tired, right? 」

I don’t even know how many times I’ve ejaculated for today.

「 Let’s go brush our teeth and sleep for tonight 」

「 Right. Let’s do that 」

Nei replied with a smile.

「 Then, I don’t have to work with the bakery for tomorrow 」

「 Huh? 」

「 Katsuko-nee and Ruriko and the girls would deal with the share for tomorrow 」

The current lineup of products and the 50-yen cheaper ones.

They’re done with the preliminary work.

「 Thus, I have time tomorrow 」

I should be able to pile up my semen by tomorrow.

「 I want to cum inside Onee-chan 」

「 Yeah, I want that too 」

Nei hugs me.

She grinds her voluptuous breasts on me.

「 Okay, let’s go sleep in your room naked! 」

Wait, naked?

「 Yeah. Since if we’re naked, we can have sex right away tomorrow! Right? 」

If Nei likes it, I won’t complain.

「 Then, after having sex, we take a bath and go to school together 」

Right. Tomorrow’s Monday.

My daily life resumes.

「 Okay, let’s do that 」

Nei stands up.

She pulls my hand and hurries me.

We leave the library and walk down the corridor.

「 Now! 」

Nei and I are holding each other’s hands.

Heading to my room, jogging.

Smiling at each other.


This is happiness.

That warmth in my chest at this moment.

I won’t forget this until I die.

「 Hurry, hurry! FORWARD!!! 」

Nei started singing.


Nei’s singing voice is beautiful.

Nei leads me by the hand while she sings.

I walk along with her in the corridor at night.

「 By the way, Onee-chan 」

「 What? 」

「 You don’t want to join the chorus club? 」

When Nei came back from America and just entered high school.

She was in the chorus club.

But, the male teacher under Shirasaka Sousuke attacked her.

Margo-san made sure that the guy had no hope of recovery.

Nei burned down the Kendo hall.

Nei became a delinquent in school…

And so, she couldn’t participate in club activities.

When she returned to Japan, she was filled with hope that she can enjoy ordinary school life.

「 I won’t. I don’t mind it anymore 」

「 Why? 」

「 Kei-chan hears this song after all 」

Nei smiled.

「 And that’s enough for me. My voice isn’t for everyone to hear 」

I see.

「 Ah, although Megu-chan’s better in singing this song though 」


「 You know, you went and had Karaoke back in May, right? 」

Oh, right.

「 Meug-chan’s mother graduated from a music college if I recall correctly 」

Megu’s biological mother was a student in a music college, then Shirasaka Sousuke happened.

I heard that she often sings, even when she was a prostitute.

Minaho-neesan told me.

Megu often sang when she was young.

「 Now that you mentioned it, Megu often sings when cleaning up 」

She sings in a low voice.

「 It must be her bond with her late mother, or should I say that she starts to hum when her heart is in a neutral state. I’m like that too 」

Nei laughed.

「 Back when we were confined in America, at nights where Kei-chan’s not present, I sing a song in the bed. A Japanese song 」

And for nights where Kei-san’s absent…

It’s when Viola rapes him.

「 I sang anything. A cheerful song, whichever comes to my mind 」

「 Right 」

This is my first time knowing about that.

Humans are profound.

You can’t understand them right away.

There’s always something unknown, and one must be modest with it.

Mistakes, misunderstandings, disagreements.

「 Kei-chan, did you sing a song when you were young? 」


「 I never sang 」

「 I see 」

「 If I try to sing, Grandma would tell me that I’m noisy 」

We were living together in that cramped kitchen.

「 I mean, Mother would scold Grandma if I make a noise 」

Instead of directly scolding me, she’ll nag Grandma instead.

「 Oh, sorry. Sorry 」

Nei apologized.

「 Don’t mind it. My household was the abnormal one. You don’t have to apologize for it Onee-chan 」

Right. I was raised in an abnormal house.

They weren’t decent people.

I’ve got to understand that idea.

It’s not the world that’s strange, it’s me.

「 Then, let’s go to Karaoke next time with everyone. I’ll sing along. I’ll learn how to do it first though 」

Megu’s happy if she can show off her strong point.

We also need an event for everyone to accept the Takakura sisters and Yukino.

「 Yeah, We should! Let’s plan that! Oh right, let’s go call Kana-chan in too! And if they’re free, let’s call Shou-oneechan and Rei-chan as well 」

「 Anya might come too 」

She should be in Japan for a while.

「 If you do that, Kyouko-san will join in too. That would be trouble. Kyouko-san’s gonna start singing the Sentai series medley 」

「 That looks fun 」

「 Eeh!? I mean, it’ll start with “Goranger!” Then, it’ll continue forever! It even has “Ninja Captain” with it, also, “Rainbow Sentai Robin” and “Kyouryuu Sentai Koseidon” 」

「 Looks fun. I’ll let Agnes and Mao-chan sing precure songs on the other hand 」

We continue to walk the corridor while talking.



「 Ugh 」

A small girl is squatting in front of my room.

「 Master!!! 」

Michi’s waiting for me with a crying face.

「 Oh, what’s wrong, Michi? 」

If I recall, she was training with Haruka, her big sister.

「 Aneue is such an idiot that she’s trying to get me angry… 」

「 O-Okay? 」

「 And so, I used Kudou style techniques on her for real!!! 」


「 So, where’s she right now? 」

「 She’s fainted in the basement 」

「 Is she okay? 」

I mean, Kudou style technique is…

「 Yes, I hammered my Qi into her, and so there’s no damage in her physical body. I covered her with a blanket just in case. 」

That room was Agnes’ former confinement room.

If I remember correctly, there are beddings left there.

「 It’s troublesome to bring her to the bed, and so I left her laying down on the floor 」

「 Is that okay? I think she’ll catch a cold with that 」

「 Aneue is an idiot so she won’t catch colds 」

Well, her body seems sturdy, yes.

「 And so, why are you depressed? 」

Why is she waiting in front of my room looking like she’s about to cry?

「 I knocked out both my sister and mother on the same day!!! 」

Oh, that one.

She’s shocked.

「 Though we couldn’t understand each other, I tried to settle it all with violence 」

She’s been dispirited after knocking out her mother.

Despite that, she even made her sister faint.

「 No, it should be okay, Michi 」

I said.

「 Master? 」

Michi looked puzzled.

「 You haven’t knocked out your father and brother yet, it’s just two of five. You haven’t reached half. You can still go on, no problem! 」

Michi’s tears start to spill over.

「 Uuuugh, Master!!!! 」

Michi jumped to my chest and starts crying.


I look at Nei.


「 Geez, it can’t be helped 」

She smiled.

「 I’m the big sis okay, Mitchan! Come with us, let’s sleep together. Okay, Yo-chan? 」

She changes the way she calls me.

From Kei-chan to Yo-chan.

I call her the usual, as well.

「 Come here, Mitchan, let’s go inside the room! You too, Yo-chan! 」

「 Yeah 」

I open the room.

「 Let’s have the night with the three of us!!! 」