Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 845. High Life / Dark Matter



「 Oh? What’s the fuss about? 」

Then, a young lady with her bodyguard comes in.

She’s wearing a large hat and a beige party dress.

I think she’s in her third-year high school. A beauty.

Behind her is a tall bodyguard.

She’s also beautiful.

「 Welcome, Morimura-sama 」

Misuzu greets the young lady that just came in.

「 Thank you for answering my invitation for today 」

Misuzu bows her head to the beige dress young-lady.

「 Please sit wherever you want. We’re about to begin 」

Misuzu suggests, Morimura-san…

「 Well, it’s embarrassing that I was the last one 」

「 No, you were just on time. Please don’t mind it 」

「 But… 」

The two sit down on the table where nobody’s sitting.

「 My, to think that Morimura-sama even came 」

Torii-san’s impressed.

「 If I recall, she was studying abroad in Switzerland, isn’t she? 」

As soon as Kanou-san said that.

「 Everyone, we’re incredibly sorry for the wait 」

Shou-neechan and Rei-chan come in from the mansion.

Shou-neesan’s wearing a suit, looking sharp.

Rei-chan’s wearing the flashy uniform from Kouzuki SS, the one she uses when fighting off Kyouko-san on TV.

Regulation cap, gold braid, white leather gloves, and Rei-chan’s holding her cane.

Rei-chan’s smiled at the ladies in the courtyard.

「 Haaaaaaa~ 」

「 Aaaah! Reika-sama!! 」

「 So lovely! 」

「 So beautiful! 」

Oh, right.

Misuzu’s school is an all-girls’ school…

Fujimiya Reika, who dresses up as a man, has a lot of fans.

Looking at it, it’s not just the young ladies, their bodyguards are also charmed.

「 If she wasn’t in Kouzuki SS, I would’ve hired her as my personal bodyguard 」

And girls who say that…

「 What do you think Shie about Fujimiya Reika-san? 」

Kanou-san asks her personal bodyguard.

「 I don’t know if I would win, but I don’t want to lose either 」

Shie-san looks like she’s evaluating Rei-chan and her fighting strength.

「 What do you think, Haiji? 」

Torii-san asks her half-Japanese bodyguard.

「 I’m not sure 」

Adelheid-san replies, sullenly.

「 I would attack Fujimiya Reika from above 」

And Anjou Mitama-san speaks about something dangerous, her master didn’t ask yet.

「 If you attack her from a distance, you won’t have to be afraid of her cane 」

Why are we talking about fighting off Rei-chan?

「 Really? How do you plan on doing that? 」

Torii-san, you could’ve let it pass through, and yet, you asked.

It’s her bad habit of poking her nose into affairs right away.

「 I mean, us sisters can do it 」

This time, Anjou Kinuka-san starts laughing.

「 Kinuka, shut up. Mitama, you too 」

Arisu-san, the little sister, scolds the two.

「 Excuse us 」

Mitama bows to her master.

「 You won’t be going after Fujimiya-san here just because you think that it’s a chance to make an appeal when you change masters, would you? 」

Kanou-san glared at the Anjou sisters.

「 Such acts will only show mockery to Misuzu-sama and everyone. Stay quiet. If you do anything, I might think of ending your fate 」

Oh, I get it now.

This girl is the student council president type.

She can’t stay still unless everything is in order.


Kanou-san thinks that Kurama house is already done for.

And so, these two will no longer have employers.

Therefore, she asked Shie-san, then, Torii-san’s Adelheid-san said that she won’t lose to Rei-chan, yet, she didn’t mind, but…

She was concerned when the Anjou sisters talked about it, worried that the two might do it for real.

「 You do not have to worry, Sakurako-ojousama 」

Shie looks at the Anjou sisters.

「 I will not let the two do any tomfoolery 」

「 You will? 」

Anjou-younger glared back.

「 Kinuka, ignore her 」

Mitama-san tells her sister.

「 But, Onee-sama 」

「 We don’t have time to deal with the weak 」

Mitama-san looked at Rei-chan.

「 You need to focus on the strongest one in the room. That’s the duty of the bodyguards. Didn’t father teach you that? 」

「 Yes, Onee-sama 」

So, the sisters glare at Rei-chan.


I hope that they don’t do anything strange.


Looking around once again, yeah, there are bodyguards charmed by Rei-chan, but…

Lots of girls glare at her, just like the Anjou sisters.

「 Well, the Kouzuki SS top elites are the peak bodyguards in this country 」

Torii-san laughed.

「 If they’re on the national level, then it can’t be helped 」

Adelheid-san said.

I wonder if she trained to become a bodyguard from a different country?

「 Oh, you speak as if you know all of the bodyguards in Japan 」

Kanou-san speaks to Adelheid-san in displeasure.

「 It’s only been a few years since you came to Japan, right? And since you’re Torii-san’s bodyguard, you probably never went to places where there are first-class bodyguards, have you? 」

Torii-san’s family must be on the lower end of the class.

So that’s why she can’t join in Nadeshiko-sensei’s class.

And she doesn’t have any acquaintance among the ladies that danced back then?

「 Besides, you couldn’t employ someone in Japan, and so you brought someone coming from another country, didn’t you 」

Kanou-san said

「 Traditional families each have a family as their bodyguard from long ago. And your family… 」

「 Haiji is Japanese! 」

Torii-san shouted to stop Kanou-san.

「 She’s Adelheid Katori! Katori is a Japanese name! 」

「 Really? But Adelheid is a German name, isn’t it? 」

Kanou-san provokes her further.

「 And that’s why I use Haiji! Haiji is from an anime! 」

I don’t understand Torii-san’s claims.

「 If Johanna Spyri heard that she’ll get angry, Torii-san 」

Kanou-san laughed.

「 Who’s Johanna Spyri?! 」

Torii-san turned to Adelheid-san and asked.

「 I don’t know either 」


「 Johanna Spyri’s the writer of Heidi 」

Edie replied with a smile.

「 You really are useless 」

「 D-Don’t look down on me! 」

Torii-san’s anger now turns to Edie.

「 She’s not talking about that 」

Michi speaks up.

「 Everyone, do you really think that Reika-oneesama’s the strongest in this place? 」


「 Do you girls have bad eyes? Maybe your eyeballs are rotting 」

Edie laughed.

「 W-What do you mean? 」

Shie-san’s startled.

「 Fujimiya Reika-san’s emitting such a strong Qi 」

「 I heard that Seki-san is strong, but, if you look at the two of them like that, it’s evident that Fujimiya Reika’s stronger 」

Mitama-san said.

「 Kouzuki Kakka’s Ootoku and Choumoto are already gone. No matter how you look at it, it’s Fujimiya Reika-sama who’s the strongest in this place 」

Adelheid-san said.

「 Yes, that’s right! 」

Anjou Kinuka-san too.

「 And that’s why your eyes are starting to rot 」

Edie speaks loudly.

Hearing that, the other young ladies looked this way.

「 W-What? W-Wait, do you mean? 」

Torii-san’s about to say something unnecessary.

「 You’re not going to say that you’re the strongest, are you? 」

I knew it.

「 Shie, how do you see these people? 」

Kanou-san asks Shie-san’s opinion on Michi and Edie.

「 Yes. Earlier, they have erased their presence entirely. As expected of the bodyguards of Kouzuki clan 」

「 I know that. But that’s not what I meant, are those girls strong? Give your assessment 」

As her master ordered, Shie-san…

「 I think they’re strong. However, I don’t feel fear from the two of them 」

「 What do you mean? 」

「 They’re great at hide-and-seek, but they don’t let out a strong Qi 」

Kinuka-san answered instead of Shie-san.

「 If they are strong, then they should leak out their Qi. Just like Fujimiya Reika-san over there 」

Mitama-san looked at Rei-chan.

The young ladies and the bodyguards looked at Rei-chan.

「 Those who are truly strong makes you shiver as they approach. However, these two don’t make you feel that you’re in danger 」

Adelheid-san said.

「 Yes, that’s right, those that aren’t scary aren’t strong! 」

「 Yes, I don’t feel like I will lose 」

「 I will attack from the sky. 」

Kinuka-san, Shie-san, Mitama-san, they all think that they’re stronger than Edie and Michi.

「 Haa 」

Edie sighed, fed up.

「 Looks like you girls are still ignorant of the ways of the world 」

Edie said the bodyguards get offended.

「 It can’t be helped. That’s the reason why Misuzu-oneesama hosted this assembly.

Michi said.

「 What do you mean by that, Misuzu-sama? 」

Kanou-san asks Misuzu who’s on the same table.


「 You’ll know soon enough 」

Misuzu looks at Shou-neechan.

「 Seki-san, please begin! 」

Shou-neechan stands before everyone.

「 Then, we’ll begin with our lessons as bodyguards of Kouzuki SS. The party will resume after the lecture. Please enjoy 」

As expected from someone who keeps company of VIPs who visit Jii-chan.

Shou-neechan’s smile loosens up the atmosphere.

「 I will talk to Reika-sama in this informal talk 」

「 I would like to take a photo of us together, I’ll ask you to take pictures 」

「 Me too 」

The young ladies start making exchanges.

Rei-chan is that popular.

「 Well then, let’s have Fujimiya greet everyone 」

Shou-oneechan calls Rei-chan, she moves forward.

「 Fujimiya Reika, pleased to meet you. Man, there’s a lot at this party, isn’t it? I welcome you all 」

Rei-chan’s cool.

「 Well, today’s topic is about bodyguards, and so I would like for the bodyguards who are here to protect to gather around 」

How many people are here, by the way?

About 30, I guess?

It doesn’t look like it’s just 15 masters and 15 bodyguards.

There are cases where one bodyguard has two masters, or someone having one or two bodyguards.

Since they have to be students in Misuzu’s school, all of them are girls.

However, the young ladies in college and too young aren’t here.

The lecture would be too hard for the really young girls, and those in college already have adult bodyguards.

The targets are the young ladies from grade school to high school.

Oh, so that’s why. That one with two bodyguards has a little sister.

They came here to take lessons.

「 And you were arguing just now, weren’t you? Did you hear that? 」

Rei-chan points at our table.

「 I heard it, and it’s a compelling argument. It’s actually related to our lecture today 」

The conversation just now?

That part where Shie-san said that she doesn’t feel fear from Michi or Edie.

「 If you face someone powerful, then you will sense their Qi, thinking, “Oh, this person is strong.” And so, you can sense those that have a bodyguard profession, it’s also possible that some of the young ladies here can sense some of their Qi 」

「 I-I can feel it 」

「 Really? Ah, it’s something like “This one’s scary,” right? 」

Rei-chan’s fans speak loudly.

「 That’s right, that’s the sensation. It’s in human nature to live alongside danger, and so our sixth sense kicks in when we find something dangerous. “Oh, it’s dangerous in here,” “Something might happen,” “Is this person dangerous.” And when you sense it, you leave and find a safe place. Some have their senses tell them that “it might be dangerous, But, maybe not, I’ll be fine,” they try to desperately ease up. No, in such cases, it’s not just yourself, your father, your mother, your relatives, they might mourn for you 」

「 Yeah, if I got hurt, Mother will feel sad 」

「 Indeed, my mother would do the same 」

「 Therefore, the first thing to do is to sharpen your sense towards anything dangerous, and if you feel in danger, stand up and don’t forget courage 」

「 Yes, Reika-sama 」

「 I promise! 」


Rei-chan’s fan is excited, but…

About a third of them are looking at Rei-chan coldly.

“You don’t have to tell us that this late,” that’s what their faces say.

Especially the bodyguards.

「 However, that’s not enough 」

Rei-chan smiled.

「 I am a professional, and so I leak out a strong Qi all the time to make sure that people with ill intent don’t approach my master. It’s a warning. I make them think “Ah, I can’t do anything as long as she’s there” 」

Right, Rei-chan…

「 That’s what I do, and here we have Seki. As you’ve seen earlier, Kakka’s personal bodyguards, Ootoku and Choumoto both show that they’re strong 」

「 Indeed, that was scary 」

「 I was trembling! 」

I wonder what will happen if these young ladies discover that Ootoku-san and Choumoto-san are both girlish and homosexual.

No, I won’t say anything.

「 But, That’s only because we want the people around to know that we’re bodyguards 」

Rei-chan said.

「 And as you can see, I wear this uniform. Seki-san and Ootoku wear suits, but from the VIPs’ perspective, they know who’s the bodyguard right away. And with that status, they must show their strength at all times. If they think that we’re weak, then those who have evil intentions will come attacking 」

Therefore, they must show their strength.

「 Ootoku has such a splendid physique. Everyone can sense their strength from just looking. And as you can see, I wear a uniform and always show that I have a weapon at hand to display my strength 」

「 That’s! Reika-sama’s quite strong 」

One of the fans shouted.

「 Thank you 」

Rei-chan smiled at that girl.

「 Along with the spirit of strength, I need to display my power. And, it’s not just us, the professionals at our job, but everyone who is a bodyguard should think 」

Rei-chan said. The young ladies look at their bodyguards.

「 The bodyguards here are only having a normal lifestyle, going to the same places, such as school. Everyone’s a school friend, and still, everyone needed a bodyguard for their safety inside the school, however, 」

I think that’s going overboard.

But, the wealthy young ladies think that it’s natural.

No, from what I heard from Jii-chan…

It seems that the wealthy daughter who doesn’t have a bodyguard with her gets bullied.

A prince from abroad came to visit in the boarding school, the other students bullied, it became a violent trauma, and it causes more problems in the long run.

They are children of a wealthy family with tradition, assets, and influence, and that’s why they get jealous and start bullying.

Therefore, it’s a necessity to attend school with a bodyguard for self-defense.

「 What do you, the bodyguards, think about us, who releases a strong spirit all the time? Sure, it will drive the bad people away, but you won’t be able to make new friends either, will you? 」

Because the bodyguards are scary.

「 Bodyguards are also students, and if you always make a scary face, it won’t do anything good for you 」

I look at the bodyguards behind the ladies in our table.

Shie-san, Haiji-san, Mitama-san, Kinuka-san, they all show an expressionless yet scary face.

Well, Michi does that too.

Edie’s the only one wearing a big and flashy glasses and smiling.

「 Indeed, they look angry all the time 」

One of the ladies agreed.

「 However, we need to continue showing our spirit to protect our masters! 」

Shie-san speaks stubbornly to Rei-chan.

「 If you’re a professional, then we’re professionals too, going that far is discourteous for us! 」

This one’s a warrior. Her way of thinking and her attitude.

Oh, Michi was like this back then.

Shie-san’s family lineage that means her parents and the previous generations were also bodyguards.

「 Well, forgive my rudeness. If you take offense from that, I apologize 」

Rei-chan said with a smile.

「 Then, shall we change the point of view? 」

Point of view?

「 We, that means, us bodyguards, release our strong spirit to fend off the bad people, but… 」


「 What about the other side? 」


「 Do they release that aura where they say that they’re dangerous people? 」


「 Naturally, they’re at different levels. If it’s just an ordinary one, you can sense it, as mentioned earlier. “Oh, this person’s dangerous,”…If you sharpen your mind, you’ll find them out, however, 」

Rei-chan said.

「 But for the high-leveled criminals, you will not sense danger from them as they approach. Yes, as you’ve seen earlier, the two in that table over there has completely erased their presence 」

「 That means her and me! 」

Edie waves her hand.

「 Listen. As demonstrated earlier, powerful people can hide their spirit. That’s the truth. Qi is an embodiment of one’s enrichment, however, 」

Rei-chan smiled.

「 Those who are trained can control the release of it from their body. That means that they can suppress, or even completely erase it 」

Just like how Michi and Edie did it earlier.

「 Naturally, there’s nothing that fearsome in here. However, you are bodyguards of these young ladies. You need to consider the possibility of those people living in this world 」

Rei-chan’s lines take everyone away.

「 And such people don’t just get close to us before we noticed, they can use their Qi to deceive your senses and let you believe in a mistaken reality 」

Mistaken reality?

「 Everyone, you may all be sitting on the same chair on the same garden table, but, did you not notice one chair that’s different? 」


「 Look, that one sitting on the miss Emanuele seat alone 」

Emanuele what?

「 Ah! 」

Torii-san raised her voice.

「 Morimura-sama’s the only one sitting on a different chair? 」

Kanou-san noticed.

「 Morimura? Please take a look, is that really Morimura-sama? 」

Rei-chan said.

「 Today, we have invited someone even more dangerous for the lecture today 」

W-Wait, you mean?

Morimura-san wearing a broad hat and a beige dress…

She suddenly throws her hat!!!

Then, she undressed her beige dress in an instant!!!

「 A young girl’s skin is bursting with youth and fresh! That is what youth means! 」


It’s Kyouko-san wearing a crimson tuxedo and black tie.

And behind her is Miss Cordelia?!

So that bodyguard was Miss Cordelia?

「 Invited by the autumn wind! Coming from New Guinea with 6 million watts of combustion power! I’m Kyouko Messer Dark Matter! 」

W-What? Dark Matter?

「 Hello, little children. Kyouko Messer came all the way here to meet all of you 」

Kyouko-san laughed.

「 Since you all have bodyguards, how about we play for a while?! 」