Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 847. High Life / The two….!



「 Okay, look at me! 」

Yomi’s trying to take Kyouko-san’s consciousness, but…


Kyouko-san moves faster.

「 Huh, what? 」

Kyouko-san closed the distance between her and Yomi in an instant?

Is she going to hit Yomi?

S-She’ll die if you do that.

Yomi doesn’t have defenses like Michi for when Kyouko-san attacks!

「 Pan~! 」

Kyouko-san shows up right before Yomi, and then she claps her hand right at the tip of Yomi’s nose?

What’s that? Cat Trick?

「 What? 」

She lifts up the surprised Yomi and spins her around.

「 Awawawawawawa?! 」

「 You can’t use your Miko power unless you’re concentrating! 」

Kyouko-san shouts while spinning Yomi around.

「 Besides, you need to have a clear image to send to the other party, right? 」

That’s right. To have the other party follow her, Yomi needs to have a clear image of what they’ll do.

「 Therefore, I’ll make sure you don’t have the time to think about that! 」

Kyouko-san played with Yomi’s body like a beach ball tossed around.

「 Uwawawawawawawawawa 」

Moved up down the left-right, flung up to the sky, and caught.

Yomi can’t use her power anymore with that.


「 It’s not just one shrine maiden! 」


「 Look at me! 」

This time, Luna jumps in from the mansion.

Wait, so it’s a two-step attack from the Takakura shrine maidens?


「 Unfortunately, we have two people here too 」

I-It was predicted.

Miss Cordelia grabs Luna from behind.

「 Okay, up high! Up high! 」

Miss Cordelia tosses Luna’s body to the air.

「 Hyaaaaaaaaaa!?? 」

Luna is smaller than Yomi, and so she flies up higher.

「 Okay, catch! and Release!! 」

Then, Miss Cordelia catches Luna and throws her up again.

Kyouko-san catches Yomi, who’s falling from above.

The two now became toss balls.

「 Didn’t I tell you? If the opponent knows what Miko power is, then you can think of countermeasures! 」

Wait, are they disturbing the concentration of the shrine maidens with that?

Yomi and Luna are spinning midair.

They’ll feel dizzy with that.

It will be a problem if Miss Cordelia and Kyouko-san drop the two. So Michi and Edie aren’t attacking either.

Michi’s small, and Edie couldn’t probably catch the Takakura sisters at the same time.

She’s strong, but if she catches Yomi’s body, she’ll probably fall to the ground.,

Still, if this goes on.

I think that the two in mid-air would be in danger.

「 Haaaaa, eiya!! 」

Rei-chan jumped from the table and catches Yomi mid-air.

Then, she holds Yomi and carries her down to the ground.


「 Are you okay? 」

She smiled at Yomi.

「 I feel my head’s spinning 」

Yomi replied in an unstable condition.

「 Miss Cordelia, please let go of her now. They can’t fight back anymore 」

She shows a cold face as she says that.

「 Looks like it 」

Miss Cordelia catches Luna then puts her down gently.

「 Auuuuu, I can see stars 」

Oh, Luna’s also exhausted.

「 Aren’t you going overboard with these children? 」

Rei-chan protests to Kyouko-san.

「 Here, Reika 」

Shou-neechan hands over the cane that was entrusted to her earlier.

「 Thank you, Shou-oneesama 」

Then, she grips her cane.

「 Sorry to ask, but don’t get involved here 」

Rei-chan tells Michi and Edie.

「 Lastly, it has to be settled among fellow adults 」


Rei-chan, you’re fighting Kyouko-san?

「 Roger that 」

「 Certainly 」

Michi and Edie bowed their heads and head to nurse Yomi and Luna.

「 This is a lecture for the young people, and so I thought of not participating, but in the end, my blood as a bodyguard is fired up 」

Rei-chan slowly takes a stance.

「 Ooh, you said it. Seeing that you give my Nikita a good match, you’re saying that you can have me go all out? 」

Kyouko-san smiles.

「 Yes, this is a rare opportunity after all 」

She aims at the end of her cane to Kyouko-san.

「 Oh? I’m also here. Are you my opponent? 」

Miss Cordelia looked at Shou-neechan.

「 No way. My duty is to lead Kouzuki SS. The head will never go to the frontlines 」

Shou-neechan said calmly.

「 Then, Fujimiya Reika-san, you’re going against two, do you mind? 」

Miss Cordelia goes behind Rei-chan.

Kyouko-san’s in front. Miss Cordelia’s behind.

Rei-chan won’t have a chance of winning with that.

「 Not at all, A hero will appear on stage now 」

Another voice comes in from the mansion.

A tight fit Western shirt and jeans.

Western-style boots.

A tall woman wearing a cowboy hat to cover her face.

「 Hahaha, really, you? 」

Kyouko-san laughs happily.

「 You got some nerve to show yourself later than me 」

「 Aren’t you the one who taught me that the main star shows last? 」

「 Right, Margo! 」

Margo-san takes off her hat.

She shows a refreshing smile on her face.

「 W-Who’s that? 」

「 American? 」

「 Wow, she looks cool! 」

Soft blonde hair and blue eyes. Tall and long legs.

A muscular body everyone can see as strong.

「 Sorry, but could you hold on to this? 」

Margo-san hands over her cowboy hat to one of the young ladies nearby

「 Y-Yes, I-If you don’t mind 」

「 I don’t, please do 」

She shows a confident smile.

「 Wow~ So lovely! 」

「 Ahn~ I feel like I fell Inlove 」

「 Who is that? 」

The young ladies are drawn in by the charm different from Rei-chan’s dignified atmosphere.

「 Looks like you trained a lot 」

Kyouko-san tells her favorite pupil.

「 Indeed, Master Clitaimestra taught me a lot 」

Margo-san went to the US.

I didn’t know that she came back, and so, maybe she came from the airport and to this Kouzuki mansion straight away.

「 Yeah, looking good. Your posture feels fresh. And it doesn’t smell anything shady anymore 」

Kyouko-san said.

「 Reika-san, could you let me deal with Kyouko-san? 」

Margo-san jumps lightly, loosening up her body.

「 She’s all yours. With that said, I will be your opponent 」

Rei-chan points her stick at Miss Cordelia.

「 Well, it can’t be helped 」

Miss Cordelia smiled and takes a stance.

「 Since this is a rare opportunity, and we’re showing this off to the children, let’s keep it clean, okay? 」

Margo-san tells Kyouko-san.

「 Yeah, we should. It will be a problem if all these cute girls start hating us 」

「 Right. How about we show some maturity? 」

Kyouko-san and Miss Cordelia smiled.

「 Indeed, I’d ask for the same. For the sake of the young ladies 」

Rei-chan said.

「 Then, Kyouko-san 」

「 Let’s go, Margo 」

「 Fujimiya Reika, here I come 」

「 Okay, come! 」

Then, the four start fighting.

「 W-What the hell? 」

Shie-san looked at the fight and muttered.

「 It’s beautiful 」

Adelheid-san as well.

「 T-This is beautiful 」

Kanou-san speaks her impressions.

「 I wonder how they can do that? 」

Torii-san’s watching in a daze.

The four fights like they’re dancing.

Compared to Michi and Edie’s attack.

The fight was a high-speed poking on each other’s gap, but…

Kyouko-san and Margo-san, then Rei-chan and Miss Cordelia’s fight, was elegant.

It’s a fight where they know each other’s abilities.

There’s no unfair action where you let your opponent make a mistake and use that to the advantage.

They throw each other all their skills and accept the opponent’s techniques.

This fight shows their respect at each other.

I can see why Michi and Edie’s fight with them looked like children with no strength trying to get to the level of the adults.

Professionals don’t use underhanded tricks.

「 Fujimiya Reika-san’s origin is from Kendo, and so I thought that she could fight like that, but… 」

「 I never thought that Kyouko Messer could fight that cleanly 」

Adelheid-san and Shie-san speak their thoughts.

「 Kinuka, watch that. That’s how the first-class people fight 」

「 Amazing 」

「 I’ll etch this scene in my memory 」

Anjou Mitama and Kinuka said. Didn’t notice them coming back.

「 That’s just unfair 」

Adelheid-san muttered.

「 I thought I beat the Kouzuki house’s bodyguard to the punch, but these people are far more distant 」

She senses that she can catch up with Michi and Edie.

Therefore she doesn’t think she’ll lose.

Despite that, she sees that she can’t win against these four.

「 That was naive of me as well. These people are on a different level. In training, experience, everything… 」

Shie-san speaks in frustration. Kanou-san…

「 Then train more. If you’re frustrated, then you need to train more, Shie 」

「 Yes, Sakurako-ojousama 」

「 Haiji, you got to work harder too 」

Torii-san tries to talk to her bodyguard, but…

Adelheid-san is just gripping her fist, unable to respond.

「 Arisu-sama, I’ll make sure to become as strong as them…! 」

Anjou Kinuka-san tells Kurama Arisu-san

「 No, Kinuka, we should aim for higher. We cannot protect Kurama house unless we become stronger than them 」

「 Yes! Aneue! 」

Kinuka-san replies to Anou Mitama-san.

「 But, Kurama house is… 」

Misato-san’s body trembles.

「 Misato-oneesama 」

「 Yes, I’m fine, Arisu 」

Everyone’s watching the four adults fight.

It’s as if everyone in the courtyard is watching some beautiful art.

They’re all drawn into Margo-san, Kyouko-san, Rei-chan, and Miss Cordelia’s fight.

「 Okay, it’s about time 」

Kyouko-san stopped the fight.

「 Margo, are you sure about going that path? 」

She asks her disciple once again.

「 Yes, Kyouko-san 」

「 I see. Then that’s great 」

The master and disciple smiled at each other.

「 Work harder, I’ll support you no matter what 」

「 Thank you very much, no, it’s just “Thanks” now 」

Hearing that, I understood what Margo-san did in the US.

Margo-san has to join in as a martial artist on the surface.

It’s to take away the scent of the skills she learned from Kyouko-san.

Margo-san will no longer help Kyouko-san in her crimes anymore.

Their relationship as a master and disciple is forever, but their relationship as a subordinate and boss ends here.

That is the reason why these two had beautiful combat.

「 Well, either way, it’s your life. Get the best out of it 」

Then, Kyouko-san turned to Shou-neechan.

「 That’s enough for our screentime, right? 」

「 Yes. Thank you for entertaining our invitation 」

Shou-neechan bows with a smile.

「 No. I’m glad that I came here. I met Margo again and got acquainted with lots of cute ladies 」

Kyouko-san smiled at the girls in the venue.

「 I want to take some of you girls home, but I’ll hold back for now. Ah, by the way, I was serious when I mentioned that I’m recruiting newcomers. It’s limited to cute girls only. It’s okay if you’re still inexperienced, Miss Cordelia, and I will be your trainers. Starting from morning until night 」

You’re talking about taking the girls to the bed, aren’t you?

「 But, I belong to the other side. 」 I don’t use what I just showed from earlier. Only those who don’t mind getting their hands dirty can come. If you want to stay clean and stronger, then go with Reika-chan and Shou-chan 」

Kyouko-sans aid.

Then, she laughed.

「 You can send the fees in my account later 」

「 Certainly 」

Shou-neechan shows that Kyouko-san’s participation is nothing but business.

「 Now then, well, I still have to return to Brazil, my home, but… 」

Kyouko-san points at the Anjou sisters.

「 You girls… 」

She glared at them.

「 Y-Yes? 」

「 W-What about us? 」

The Anjou sisters got startled since they’re called out.

「 As for what you’ve done earlier… 」

Huh? That Skylab Hurricane Mixer something?

「 You see, this is how you do it! 」

Kyouko-san suddenly speeds up.

「 Cordelia! 」

「 Okay, Kyouko! 」

As soon as her name is called, miss Cordelia lies down on the ground.

「 Hop! 」

Kyouko-san jumps high, aiming at Miss Cordelia.

「 Step!! 」

Miss Cordelia takes Kyouko-san’s legs and becomes a launching pad for her.

「 Jump!!! 」


She really jumped at twice the speed, thrice the height, and four times the spin.

Kyouko Messer flies in the air!!!



「 See you, girls! Bye-bye! 」

Then, Kyouko-san disappeared on the third floor of the Kouzuki mansion.

Wait, where’s Miss Cordelia?

It looks like she disappeared as soon as everyone’s concentrating on Kyouko-san mid-air.

「 I’m really sorry the troubles they cause 」

Margo-san, the disciple, apologized to everyone.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 U-Uhm, what’s your name? 」

A short break after Kyouko-san’s exit…

The young ladies surround Margo-san, who’s sitting next to Rei-chan.

「 Margo Starkweather Kuromori 」

Margo-san smiled.

「 Are you a half-foreign? 」

「 No, I’m born and raised in America. I’m just adopted to a Japanese family 」

She’s not going to talk about her Indian lineage.

「 Then, Margo-sama, do you work for Kouzuki SS as well? 」

One of the young ladies asks.

「 No, I’m not 」

「 Indeed, Margo-san doesn’t work for Kouzuki SS 」

Rei-chan replies with a smile.

「 Then, uhm, which family are you affiliated with? 」

「 If possible, my family 」

「 Ah, that’s sly! I was thinking of doing the same thing! 」

「 I’d ask my father to hire you 」

「 Please work for me! 」

Ah, I guess so.

But, is it okay to talk like that?

Your bodyguards are making a sad face.

「 Unfortunately, I’m retiring from my bodyguard job 」

Margo-san smiled.

「 Actually, I’m going to join in the martial arts tournaments in America. Therefore, I cannot work as a bodyguard anymore 」

「 My, is that so? 」

「 That’s unfortunate 」

The young ladies said…

「 But, I’d be glad if you support me. You see, I’ll aim to become a women’s champion, then fight off men next. My aim is the strongest man right now 」


「 That’s fascinating. I think that Margo-san can beat down strong men one after another 」

Rei-chan smiled.

「 Oh, that looks fun! 」

「 Interesting! 」

「 I’ll support you 」

「 Me too! 」

「 I’ll do the same 」

The young ladies speak unanimously.

「 So that’s Margo’s purpose 」

Edie came back to us and whispered.

「 She’s gathering female fans to have their fathers sponsor her fights 」

I-I see.

「 Therefore she had that kind of fight with Kyouko-san earlier 」

Margo-san shows a clean and orthodox fight…

「 Where’s Yomi and Luna? 」

I’m worried about the two.

「 They’re okay, resting inside the mansion. Michi’s watching over them 」

「 Geez, fighting with Kyouko-san? Don’t make them do the impossible 」

The two of them have given up on being the Takakura shrine maidens, but…

Why did the two do something like that?

「 That was Minaho’s instructions, and Kyouko-san knows that the two will come 」


「 What’s going on, Edie? 」

Edie whispers…

「 There’s someone from Yakuza among the bodyguards in here 」

You mean?

The Kansai Yakuza, who’s hostile with Kouzuki house due to the Takakura shrine case?

「 And that girl has to report a lot of stuff back to Kansai 」

Edie said.