Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 880. Night of Fun / Surprise in the Bath




Ooh, that’s some nice warm water.

We sweat a lot during the party earlier,

Having a warm bath like this feels great.

「 I wonder what I’m doing? 」

Tendou Otome’s dipping herself on warm water dumbfoundedly in front of me.

She’s trying to hide her crotch and nipples desperately while her wrist is cuffed, but she can’t run away.

Tsukiko, next to me, will not let her do anything she doesn’t allow.

「 I thought of refreshing ourselves in the bath for now 」

I told Tendou Otome.

「 Stop staring at me! As if I can get refreshed if there’s a guy like you in the same bath! 」

As always, she’s screaming so loudly that it’s echoing in this spacious bathroom.

「 Geez, you’re too noisy! 」

Agnes says while rubbing her cute breasts on me.

Torii-san’s not here, so she’s no longer speaking the Bakerata language.

「 If you make too much noise then I’ll kick your ass 」

The naked Edie said.

Yomi, Luna, and Koyomi-chan are also with us in the bath.

Kinoshita-san is still working, so she doesn’t enter the bathroom.

「 Still, to think that Kouzuki mansion has this large bath 」

It’s quite an extravagant bathroom that it even has a whole hinoki cypress in here. Furthermore, it has an open-air bath outside.

「 It’s because guests often come and stay over in this mansion before 」

The dressing room’s glass door opens, and the naked Misuzu shows up.

It’s my suggestion to take a bath together with Tendou Otome for the time being.

I told Misuzu through the extension telephone, then,

She said that the bathwater is heating up already

Knowing that this is a big mansion, I thought that at least four or five can take a bath together, but,

Entering a tub that can fit in 20 people and still have space surprised me.

「 This is a guest-use bath, but, back then, most guests from other districts come to stay over here and bring over attendants 」

「 Oh, so this is a bathroom for the attendants? 」

「 Yes, that’s right 」

Misuzu kneels on the bathroom and pours hot water on herself before entering the bathtub.

Her young and fair skin that sucks on my semen moderately is springy.

「 Even so, ain’t this a bit too gorgeous? 」

I don’t see this on high-class traditional inns.

「 This is for the attendants to use, so there’s no holding back 」

Misuzu smiles.

「 They are the people who talk to the people about their impressions after staying over the Kouzuki mansion 」

Right, the Masters are used to staying over extravagant rooms.

They won’t go around and tell people how extravagant was the interior because they stayed over the Kouzuki mansion.

It’s the attendants who make that rumors.

「 If the attendant use rooms look pretty yet they say that it’s dirty, or the tools are malfunctioning, then it’s a problem 」

On the other hand, if the lodging for the attendants isn’t as splendid, they will speak out their thoughts.

「 Nowadays, transport facilities have developed that those coming from further districts no longer need to stay over 」

Misuzu said.

「 Grandfather told us that going to a business trip on far districts were fun before the bullet train opened 」

「 Really? 」

「 Yes. You will ride the train at Tokyo station in the morning and reach the Kansai station at night. There’s no work on that day, so you stay over a hotel, and on the second day, you will meet up with your business partners, and enjoy the local meal at night. Then, on the third day, you return to Tokyo after sightseeing for a while 」

So business trips are a two-to three-day course.

「 But now, you can’t enjoy a day-trip anymore. It was fun because it seemed like a short trip. But nowadays, everything is about the speed that there’s no fun in it 」

Journeys are about taking it easy on the train and watch the scenery change.

「 Although, Grandfather is talking about his youth, that’s why he had some time to enjoy 」

Misuzu comes over with a smile.

Tsukiko moved to give Misuzu a space to enter.

「 Right. If it’s the current Jii-chan, surely he’d feel exhausted from riding a train for hours 」

Misuzu approaches me from the left side.

Tsukiko is on the right side, and Agnes is on my back.

「 Oh? I wonder what’s with her? 」

Misuzu looked at the opened glass door and said.

「 Ruriruri? What’s wrong? 」

Ruriko’s coming too?

Oh right, the party’s over, so Misuzu’s calling Ruriko Ruriruri.

「 Sorry, Torii-san and the others are… 」

Ruriko shows up naked from the dressing room.


「 What’s this?! I can’t accept it! 」

Torii-san still wearing her clothes, and Adelheid-san shows up.

Also, Mizushima Karen-san.

They found out about me naked in the bath and got pale.

「 Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama gave orders to take a bath together, I’d gladly accept it, but! 」

Torii-san sends me a glance.

「 Why do I have to take a bath together with Kuromori-san?! 」


Adelheid-san is hiding behind Torii-san, shrinking.

And behind Adelheid-san is Mizushima Karen-san.

「 As mentioned earlier, if you want to stay over, then you have to abide Kouzuki house’s family tradition 」

Misuzu speaks flatly.

「 But, Kuromori-sama is a man! 」

Torii-san said.

Adleheid-san and Karen-san nods.

「 And what is the problem? 」

Ruriko asks Torii-san blankly.

「 I mean, going to bath with a man, i-it’s shameless! If anyone were to discover 」

「 Nobody will talk about it, we’re in this mansion after all 」

Ruriko smiles.

「 Indeed. Nobody will leak it outside unless Torii-san does it herself 」

Misuzu says from the bathtub.

「 B-But… 」

Torii-san’s eyes are flapping around.

「 Ruriko, hurry up and come. You’ll catch a cold if you stay there 」

I’m worried at Ruriko as she’s in the dressing room, naked.

「 Yes, I’m coming right now, Onii-sama 」

Ruriko enters the bath.

Ruriko’s body is still young, and yet, she’s carrying such allure in it.

Her pink nipples, white skin.

There’s no grand change in her body, but still,

Her body has become a lewd beauty, thanks to her discovering sex, enjoying, and feeling satisfied with it.

「 R-Ruriko-sama? 」

Putting Misuzu aside as we’re officially recognized as partners, Torii-san, Adelheid-san, and Karen-san are surprised to think that even Ruriko is okay to show her naked skin to me.

「 H-He’s going to see it! 」

「 H-He will see it! 」

「 R-Ruriko-sama?! 」

Oh, it looks like the young ladies of nobility aren’t shocked to have Edie, Tsukiko, Yomi, Luna, Agnes, and Tendou Otome join me in the bathroom as we’re not nobility.

They can’t hide their surprise; however, with Misuzu and Ruriko showing their skin without care as they have higher status than themselves.

The daughters of nobility think of themselves as special.

「 Oh? I take a bath together with Onii-sama. He always scrubs my body, and I also wash his in return 」

Ruriko said.

「 That’s right. Our family tradition is to take a bath together.

Misuzu leaned on my body and added.

「 We always take a bath together 」

Michi comes inside the bathroom from Torii-san’s behind.

She’s showing her naked body majestically.

As usual, her petite and flat body, and her blank look is what makes her exceptionally beautiful.

「 Michi really has a Japanese-like form, it’s beautiful 」

I speak out my thoughts unconsciously.

「 Perhaps, it’s the living national class craftsman creating a Japanese person, and when you take off the Kimono, the naked body will look like this 」

Yeah, that is Michi’s beauty.

「 T-Thank you, Master, 」

Michi still shows a blank look, but her cheeks are blushing out of embarrassment.

That smooth white porcelain skin of hers blushes red.

「 Really, how can you move so much with that body? 」

Torii-san, who’s wearing the same clothes as Adelheid-san, looks at Michi’s naked back and says.

Michi’s body doesn’t look like it belongs to a fighter, it’s a young beauty’s body.

「 If it’s her, I can see why 」

Adelheid-san looks at Edie.

Edie, who’s sitting on the edge of the bathtub to deal with Tendou Otome, shows her beautiful tanned skin.

Edie’s breasts shakes and waves at Adelheid-san.

「 How long are you going to stare at my body? 」

「 Ah, sorry 」

「 S-Sorry! 」

Adelheid-san and Mizushima Karen-san bowed together.

I guess girls of different color attracts attention.

「 Uhm, do bodyguards also have to join in the bath? 」

Adelheid-san looks at Edie as a senior in bodyguard and asks.

「 Not really, it’s just a rule in our side 」

「 Rule? 」

「 We all take a bath to get along! 」

Yomi says while letting her huge breasts float in the water.

「 Yes, that. It’s necessary for us 」

Luna also adds with a smile.

Koyomi-chan is smiling kindly as well.

On the other hand, Agnes is glaring at Torii-san while clinging to me.

As always, she’s alert with the outsiders.

「 Haa, I see, so this is a family tradition 」

Adelheid-san mutters.

「 What do we do, Mariko-ojousama? Shall we go in? 」

「 No way! 」

Torii-san told her bodyguard.

「 I will never show my fair skin to a man 」

「 I-I see 」

The two are confused.

Behind them is Mizushima Karen-san, looking troubled as well.


「 And that is why I brought swimsuit for everyone here 」

Shou-neechan and Rei-chan show up.

「 S-Swimsuit? 」

Torii-san is surprised.

「 Indeed, in Europe, people wear a swimsuit when going to hot springs. That makes it possible for men and women to take a bath together 」

「 I-I know about it, but 」

Torii-san mumbles.

「 Torii-sama, you do wear a swimsuit, don’t you? 」

Rei-chan asks.

「 D-Don’t look down on me! I know that much! I can wear a swimsuit! 」

Torii-san screams.

「 B-But, the heated swimming pool in our school’s swimming lessons only have women 」

Misuzu’s super-high-class school never hires a young male teacher.

Therefore, their PE teacher has to be a woman as well.

「 Oh? Then do you not go to the beach to swim? 」

Shou-neechan asks back.

「 B-Beach? 」

「 Yes, during summer holidays 」


「 Well, I do put on swimsuits there. Isn’t that natural? 」

「 Torii-sama goes to high-class resorts outside the country, but don’t they have males around? 」

「 Well, yeah. Father, and his bodyguards, and the other guests of the resort

She replies, mumbling.

「 Then, if you can wear a swimsuit, you don’t mind everyone else, do you? 」

Shou-neechan smiles.

「 If you’re wearing a swimsuit, then you don’t have to mind. Both in beaches and in bath 」

「 T-That’s… 」

No, there’s a difference there.

But, Shou-neechan’s argument is pushy.

「 Now that I heard about it, when we went to a beach last summer, there were no other people than us 」

There was nobody there. You can scream all you want, and nobody’s coming.

Furthermore, just one order from Misuzu and all the young maids on the spot are gone.

That beach never had any male than me.

Therefore, these girls had no problem getting naked on the beach.

「 It’s a top-class resort for their privacy service 」

Misuzu said.

「 I think it’s only Kouzuki house that can use that island, Momoko-oneesama can’t go there 」

Right, it’s a top-class resort that only nobility with money and lineage can go.

「 Ufufu, let’s go there again, Danna-sama 」

Misuzu rubs her cheeks on my chest.

Misuzu liked that resort.

「 Yeah, let’s 」

I replied.

「 N-No way?! 」

Huh? Torii-san’s dumbfounded.

Oh, I think she knows about that resort.

But she can’t go there because she’s from Torii house.


It shows her the difference between the power of her house and the Kouzuki house.

「 Okay, excuse us 」

Rei-chan took off her clothes right away and goes into the bathroom.

「 Eeeeeh?! Fujimiya-san?! 」

Torii-san’s surprised.

「 Yes? 」

Rei-chan looks back, wondering.

「 W-Why are you also naked? 」

「 Huh? But you can’t get in the bath unless you’re naked? 」

Shou-neechan replies while taking off her clothes.

「 S-Seki-san too?! W-Why?! 」

Karen-san is surprised.

Torii-san points at me.

「 B-But there’s a man! Y-You’re getting naked while there’s a man?!!! 」


「 He’s not just some male 」

She smiles.

「 Yes. He’s our cherished Master 」

Rei-chan looks at me with a bright smile.

「 Y-You mean he’s marrying Misuzu-sama and will become the next Kouzuki house’s head? 」

Torii-san seems to think of it that way.

「 I mean, this is what’s usual for us 」

Edie smiles wryly.

「 Shou and Reika takes a bath together with us all the tie 」

「 Right 」

「 Yes 」

「 Bakerata! 」

Edie, Luna, Koyomi-chan, and Agnes.

Agnes is going Bakerata again.

「 Anyway, Torii-sama’s swimsuit is over there, please change to that and come in 」

Shou-neechan said, then comes in the bathroom naked.

「 W-W-W-What do we do, Haiji?! 」

「 What do we do?! Mariko-ojousama! 」

The two looked at each other.

「 Oh? I thought you were to see everything with your own eyes and report to Momoko-oneesama? 」

Misuzu asks.

「 T-That’s… 」

「 Momook-oneesama would join in the bath to amuse herself 」

Misuzu stirs her up.

「 Indeed. I’m sure that she will see it as an instrument to enjoy 」

Shou-neechan says while bathing herself.

「 Torii-san, she seems to be less capable than we thought, right? Ruriruri 」

「 Indeed, to think that she won’t join in, Misuzu-oneesama 」

The two girls of Kouzuki house said. Torii-san;

「 I-I understand! I’ll do it! 」

Ah, she got desperate.

「 Haiji, we’re going to wear a swimsuit! 」

「 Huh? Me too?! 」

「 I will not go through this embarrassment alone. You’re coming with me!!! 」

「 Ugh! 」

「 What?! Aren’t you my bodyguard?! 」

Torii-san looks at Tendou Otome in the center of the bathtub.

「 The enemy is over there! Be sure to keep me safe! 」

「 Haa, I understand 」

Adelheid-san gave up.

「 That’s right, you should join in 」

Shou-neechan smiles.

「 Taking a bath together is a sign of friendship in Japan 」

「 It’s a chance to get close to Shou-oneesama 」

Rei-chan told Adelheid-san.

「 Right, oh well. As long as I can wear swimsuit 」

「 Hey, hurry up, Haiji! 」

Torii-san disappears back in the dressing room.

They don’t want to be seen undressing and putting on a swimsuit.

「 Ah, I’m… 」

Torii-san and Adelheid-san went back, determined to put on a swimsuit, but,

Mizushima Karen-san is left behind.

「 U-Uhm, is there any swimsuit for me? 」

The 12-year-old young lady asks Shou-neechan bashfully.

「 I think I have one prepared, but… 」

Shou-neechan looks at Misuzu.


「 Karen, I don’t allow you to put on a swimsuit. You’re to come here naked 」

「 Huh? 」

Karen-san’s face turned pale right away.

「 You’re my servant, are you not going to follow my orders? 」

「 B-But… 」

Her eyes look at me.

「 He’s my husband. Can’t you show your skin to Danna-sama? 」

Misuzu has a stern tone in her voice, but her face is showing a kind smile.

「 If you can’t do that, then you fail as a servant. It’s the end of Mizushima house 」

Karen-san serving Misuzu until she’s 20 is the only way for Mizushima house to revive.

「 What will you do, Karen? 」