Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 887. Night of Fun / Fragments



「 She watched a man who isn’t her mother’s husband rape her 」

Tsukiko is reading Tendou Otome’s thoughts.

「 That is why she started to loathe men. Especially male-female sex 」

So that’s why she escaped to homosexuality?


「 Uhm, what is rape? 」

Torii-san, who can’t pick up the mood, asks.

「 I’m displeased that everyone’s ignoring me and just continue the conversation! I don’t agree with this! You should explain it to me too! 」

Yeah, she’s bracing herself so hard since Kaan Momoko-neechan ordered her to watch.

In fact, her face is blushing, and her knees are trembling.

She’s surprised as it’s the first time she’s seen people have sex in her life.

「 H-Haiji, don’t you feel the same way? 」

Torii-san turned to her bodyguard, but,

「 I-I can’t hold it anymore, I’m at my limit!!! 」

Adelheid-san fell limp.

「 W-What’s wrong, Haiji? 」

Torii-san is watching us have sex, but,

Adelheid-san has Yomi pouring all the sexual pleasure into her.

The stimulation is too intense for a young girl like her.

「 Looks like blood rushed to her head, can’t be helped 」

Edie pulls Adelheid-san out of the tub and lies her down on the tiles in the washing area.

「 Drink this 」

Michi brings a bottle of cold tea from the fridge in the dressing room.

First, she holds it on Adelheid-san’s nape.

「 Aaah, it feels cold 」

Adelheid-san gets up.

Her see-through white bikini is now transparent, showing her skin below and nipples.

No, even her crotch and her slit.

「 Master, here, you must be tired 」

Michi also gives me tea.

Yeah, I did sweat a lot after going through three rounds at once, and I now am thirsty.

「 Luna, how long are you going to stay connected to Master? You should part from him soon 」

Michi pointed out, Luna who’s still connected to me;

「 Okaay~ Michi-oneesama

She lets go reluctantly.

Then, she looked at Karen-san and Koyomi-chan…

「 Look, Luna’s pulling out Nii-san’s penis! Hmm! 」

Luna shows my penis pulling out from Luna’s entrance.

I haven’t ejaculated yet in our sex, so my penis is still erect.

「 That felt amazing. As expected, it’s better to feel it with your own body 」

Luna said with a smile.

「 Indirect experience from other people’s pleasure isn’t enough as expected 」

Is that so?

I don’t have the same power as them, so I don’t understand.

「 That’s right, Yomi also wants it inside! 」

Yomi said.

「 We can read people’s memories and their experience, but it’s only some blurry sensation unless we feel it ourselves 」

Tsukiko said.

「 Yes. I still haven’t experienced it, and so I know by feeling how pleasurable it is, but 」

Koyomi-chan told me.

「 I still haven’t done it so I can’t completely comprehend it 」

「 Ehehe, Yomi-oneesama, and I can feel Nii-san’s pleasure when Nii-san is ejaculating. But, we can’t fully understand it, since we can feel the joy, but we do not have penises ourselves 」

Luna smiled wryly.

I see. They cannot wholly grasp the pleasure that they don’t experience themselves.

「 The clitoris is basically the same as the penis. It develops to separate itself from man or woman inside the mother’s womb. Especially the bottom tissues of the man’s scrotum show traces of itself in the vagina. 」

Edie said.

「 But, that doesn’t mean that the penis is equal to the clitoris. It’s much more complicated than that 」

Women don’t know the pleasure men feel when ejaculating.

At the same time, men don’t know the ecstasy of women.

「 Uhm, what is scrotum? 」

Koyomi-chan asks.

「 Oh, Darling, excuse me… It’s this part 」

Edie grabs my balls and shows them my scrotum.

「 Look, doesn’t this look like it has some seam in here? 」

「 I-I see 」

「 Woah, I didn’t know about that! 」

Koyomi-chan and Luna stare at my scrotum.

「 Karen, you should give it a look too 」

Misuzu forces Karen-san to look.

「 Agnes knows about it! Papa is pleased when you lick it there! 」

「 I see. I’ll try that next time 」

「 You don’t have to say it when you’re going to lick them 」

「 What do we do? Koyomi, want to lick it together with Agnes? 」


「 Hey, girls!! 」

Torii-san’s hands are resting on her waist, she’s showing anger.

No, Torii-san’s white swimsuit is see-through that it looks lewder than getting naked, but,

「 Don’t ignore my question! 」


What was it again?

「 Michi, give her cold tea, looks like her head’s heating up that she needs some liquid 」

I still haven’t drunk the tea she brought.

「 Yes, Master 」

Michi opens up the bottle.

And for some reason, she stuffs the tea on her mouth.


「 !!! 」

「 I get it. I get it already 」

I drink the tea from Michi’s mouth.

Haa that restores life.

「 I thought that the cold tea isn’t good for Master’s body, so I had it go through my mouth first 」

Michi speaks with a straight face.

「 Hey! You flat girl! You’re ignoring me too?! 」

Torii-san said. Michi;

「 What did you say just now? 」

She pushes out her flat chest as she says that.

「 I mean, I can’t help it. I don’t remember the name of Misuzu-sama’s bodyguard 」

Torii-san speaks stubbornly.

「 Since I don’t know your name, I just had to pick the body feature that stands out 」

「 Sure, I have less meat around my chest compared to other people, but, 」

Michi’s blank look is scary.

「 You’re talking about meat, but you’ve got none! Don’t try to honey your words! None means none! 」

Torii-san, who can’t pick up the mood, is also scary.

「 Torii-sama says that, yet, you don’t seem to have developed your chest compared to those of your age 」

Torii-san is also 16, just like me.

If we’re talking about girls Michi knows about who’s at her age, it would be Yukino, Megu, and Ai.

Well, Torii-san’s chest is definitely on par with Yukino’s.

But, Yukino’s pregnant, so her breasts are growing bigger.

「 Well, yeah, my breasts aren’t that big, but, I don’t want to be told by someone who has a size zero 」

「 It’s not size zero! 」

Michi stands up and jumps up and down.

「 See? There’s some sway 」


Well, when I touch Michi’s chest, I sure feel some breast growing below her skin, and it feels squishy.

Michi herself seems to feel that it’s swaying.

「 What sway? Do you have some screws loose? 」

What do I do with this?

「 Could you stop making fun of my bodyguard to ease up your unease? 」

Misuzu interjects.

「 If I recall, Torii-san’s question is, “What is rape?” 」

Yeah, that.

「 Rape is a fun thing 」

Huh, Ruriko?

「 Onii-sama often does it to me 」

She said with a smile.

「 When I was drying the laundry in the garden last week, Suddenly, Onii-sama said, “I saw Ruriko’s ass while you were working, so I’m now horny,” and then, he violated me right there in the doggy style pose. It was fun! 」

Yeah, that Ruriko’s wearing apron while drying the laundry, and it looked lewd.

「 Huh, how many rounds did you do it, Ruriko? 」

Misuzu asks in a hurry.

「 It was twice at that time. The first one is, as mentioned, from behind. And the second was the naked apron experience 」

A young lady wearing nothing but an apron.

Going for her on the lawn while we have excellent weather was pleasant.

「 Danna-sama, why did you not tell me about that? 」

Misuzu blames me.

「 That’s because Misuzu never creates opportunities for that 」

Edie said with a smile.

「 Darling often gets horny with Ai and attacks her. 」


「 I know about it. Like, after the lunch break, when you were done cleaning up the bakery 」


「 I get it. I’ll keep it a secret from Megumi. Darling loves watching women who work hard that you get horny for them, don’t you? 」


When Ai just finishes up cleaning the bakery, it feels superbly cute.

Should I say cute or lewd?

Anyway, the smell of her sweat doesn’t vanish, so I want to have sex with her.

「 And I don’t think that Misuzu’s way of spreading her scent that says that she wants to have sex with Darling, works anyway 」

「 Ugh 」

It looks like it was spot on for Misuzu.

「 By the way, I prefer the reverse one 」

Edie laughed.

「 I come attacking when Darling’s not thinking about sex, yet I’m the one feeling horny. It feels great. I force Darling’s penis, who isn’t in the mood, to get erect, and push it inside me 」

Yeah, Edie often comes attacking me,

「 My, that looks fun! 」


「 That means, we can plan some surprises! 」

No, look, Ruriko…

「 I’ll go make some plans! 」

Her eyes sparkle as she says that.

Whatever the details may be, for Ruriko, having sex with me is nothing but fun.

Ruriko never knows about the dark side of sex.


It’s not just Ruriko but also Agnes.

I only teach Agnes about the fun, I never teach her about anything painful.

Because if I don’t, all of the biased education Shirasaka Sousuke taught her from her birth will break Agnes’ heart.

「 It applies to us as well 」

Tsukiko’s reading my thoughts.

「 Kou-sama teaches us only about the pleasures of sex 」

Well, that’s the only choice to escape from their fate as shrine maidens.

「 I understand how she feels 」

Tsukiko looked at Tendou Otome and said.

「 I’ve also seen my mother raped by a man other than my father 」


A Yakuza boss forced Tsukiko to watch him rape her mother, the shrine maiden of the Takakura shrine.

「 I’m just like you. The head of a crime organization forced himself to my mother. And I witnessed it all 」

「 You? 」

Tsukiko confessed. Tendou Otome’s surprised.

「 And that boss also planned to turn my sisters and me into his plaything, just like Mother. That’s when Kou-sama saved us 」

「 You know that Tsukiko-oneesama’s not lying, don’t you? 」

Yomi shouts.

If their hearts are linked through Miko power, TendouOtome should also see Tsukiko’s memories.

「 But, you might’ve escaped the organization, you still became his plaything, isn’t that just the same? 」

Tendou Otome glared at me.

Yeah, it is.

They escaped from becoming toys of a crime syndicate, and yet,

These girls now live to have sex with me, is that for the better?

「 Huh? But it is 」

Luna said.

「 After all, there’s love 」


「 Nii-san, Nii-san’s family, and everyone 」


「 I have always been uneasy about what our future will be when we were at the shrine. It’s a life where we’re always afraid that if we displease the heads of Yakuza, they will kill us 」

Luna looks at Tendou Otome.

「 You came from their side so you should know our situation, don’t you? 」

Tendou Otome’s a spy sent by the Kansai Yakuza.

Her father is a man in the Yakuza world, and so she should know about the Takakura shrine.

「 And now, in Nii-san’s place, we have a family that is always with us. And we now have an objective, that is to protect this family and live our life happily. We now have a future 」

A future where the Kansai Yakuza no longer controls the shrine maidens.

「 Therefore, you don’t have to go to the future where you die for your father’s honor! After all, that’s not the reason you were born 」

Luna said. Tendou Otome listens in silence.

「 I think we should return to the topic at hand already 」

Edie smiled.

「 The one Ruriko and us girls enjoy is “Rape play,” not rape 」

「 Oh? Really? 」

Ruriko replies nonchalantly.

「 Yeah, the real one is when a man forces a woman who doesn’t want to have sex to do it anyway. It’s scary and painful 」

I said.

「 I know about that. But, Onii-sama, that is irrelevant to us 」

Ruriko. What do you mean?

「 After all, we will never have sex with anyone but Onii-sama 」

「 No, but, if any criminal were to assault you girls… 」

「 That’s the reason why we have Kouzuki SS, to not let it happen 」

Ruriko said.

「 Michi and Edie-oneesama are here too. Tsukiko-oneesama and the girls checked to make sure that there are no such people around us the other day 」

Well, yeah, but still.

「 Besides, we only go to places where security is perfect. And the young girls, Agnes-chan and Mao-chan are never going to step in areas where it’s dangerous 」

Ruriko said with a smile.

「 And, in the worst-case scenario, where a rascal tries to force us to have sex… 」


「 We would kill ourselves before they could I can no longer live if a man other than Onii-sama had his way with me

R-Ruriko. That’s…

「 No, I’m only talking about my resolve

Ruriko smiles.

「 Everyone’s like that, Darling


「 We have that resolve too. Our family has Darling as our keystone. Therefore, nobody will copulate with any other lion than Darling. That is the pride that we hold in 」


「 Hey, Papa, isn’t ‘rape,” the play where one tear off the clothes, then goes “Kyaaa~” and “Iyaaa,” and they race around? 」

「 A-Agnes? 」

「 Agnes has seen those in videos before. When I was staying down there 」

Right, she did.

Shirasaka Sousuke forced Agnes to watch her videos of him raping women and breaking them.

It’s all for training her to become Shirasaka Sousuke’s sex doll.

「 Papa, Agnes wants to try that too! 」

「 H-Hey! 」

「 I’m sure that it will be fun if it’s with Papa 」

Agnes smiles.

「 We might start laughing out halfway but, I’m looking forward to it 」

I have to swallow up all of Agnes’ lust, even if it’s like that.

「 Uhm, if it’s about realistic rape play, then me too 」

Michi says with a straight face.

「 As you know, I’m a genuine masochist. Furthermore, I’m confident in my resilience, and besides, I welcome the extremes 」

「 M-Michi, you 」

Misuzu goes forward.

「 You’ve been disrespectful with Danna-sama so far 」

She bows her head before me.

「 Please violate me hard! 」

Misuzu is both a masochist and a sadist.

Furthermore, both of them are intense.

「 That’s right, let’s have Danna-sama rape us together, Karen 」


「 Y-You all are insane! 」

Tendou Otome speaks in shock.

「 Violate me?! Is that something a woman should say?! 」

No, look.

「 I mean, it’s Papa 」

Agnes says without care.

「 That’s right, it’s Nii-san 」

Luna as well.

「 I also changed because of sex! 」


「 Kou-sama, please remember Kyouko Messer said during her conversation with Kouzuki-sama 」

Tsukiko said.

「 Of course, I wasn’t there, but I can see it in Kou-sama’s memories 」

Kyouko-san, what did she tell Jii-chan again?

「 Kyouko-sama mentioned that the young ladies also have lust 」


Kyouko-san was angry that Jii-chan’s objective is to suppress the young ladies.

「 Women have lust, just like men. Furthermore, as soon as they reach their first menstruation, they can bear a child already 」

Yeah, just like how men are confused with their boiling lust,

Women also have sexual urges.

「 Unlike men who produce semen inside them every day, women only reach their period once a month, and so their lust differs. But it still exists 」

Tsukiko said.

「 Yes, Onii-sama. Onii-sama accepts everything and makes sex fun that nothing is scary anymore. If it’s with Onii-sama, then all of it is nothing but fun. It gets us thrilled 」

Ruriko said.

「 Ah, but of course, Ruriko is Onii-sama’s sex slave, so I will do what’s not desired. We never want Onii-sama to worry about our bodies 」

「 U-Uhm, Misuzu will do anything, so I want ‘rape’ 」

「 As for me, my body is resilient, and so you can hit me all you want 」

Misuzu and Michi, don’t go there, come back.

「 In the end, people are influenced by their first encounters 」

Rei-chan, who’s watching over us, said.

「 The first sex Tendou-san has seen in her life was her mother’s suffering. Therefore, she holds intense hate towards sex with males. Isn’t that right? 」

Tendou Otome doesn’t answer.

「 But, to these girls, sex is nothing but a pleasant and fun experience. Well, I do think the same way 」


「 Oh, I see. There’s that idea too 」

She nods.

「 Torii-san, what about you? It’s your first time watching sex, isn’t it? What are your thoughts after watching me and the girls have sex with Danna-sama? 」

Misuzu asks.

「 Well, I see it as fun. Yeah 」

Torii-san said.

「 Everyone’s smiling, happy. Although, I don’t understand why it feels good when that strange rod from the man feels good when it comes inside the body 」

「 Are you afraid of Danna-sama? 」

Afraid of me?

「 Huh? What do you mean? 」

「 Did you feel scared watching us have sex with Danna-sama? 」

「 No. Kuromori-san is always kind to everyone. Also, somehow, there’s only smiles from pleasure 」

Oh, yeah.

I make that face when having sex.

「 I’m not afraid 」

Torii-san said.

「 Isn’t that what Tendou-san is thinking as well? 」

Rei-chan smiled.

「 This kind of sex also exist. One that is not scary 」

I see.

Tendou Otome was young when she saw her mother raped.

And so, she feels hatred towards male-female sex.

It’s a fundamental fear of sex and males.

「 Yes. Sex is fun. And you should feel how fun it is to have sex 」

Ruriko told Tendou Otome.

「 Onii-sama, please do it with Ruriko as well 」

Tsukiko then,

「 Yes, and this time, you will feel our recognition that sex is fun 」

Making Tendou Otome experience how Ruriko feels while we’re having sex.

「 I’m sure that you will think the same. You will abandon your past, your ties, and want to stay with us 」


「 Dying for your father’s honor is nothing but sad 」

Tsukiko’s hand concentrates on eroding Tendou Otome’s heart again.

「 That’s right! You should have sex with Papa! 」

Agnes said.

「 Agnes and Koyomi too. I’m sure that you will become happier when you have sex with Papa 」

「 Well, I have some doubts about that 」

Torii-san smiles wryly.

「 Well, I can understand the reasoning. Like, why it has come to this. Well, I’m only an observer, and so I will not speak out my opinion. I will only report it all to Momoko-oneesama 」

She desperately tries to rebuild herself.

「 Onee-san, why do you not want to have sex with Nii-san 」

Luna asks directly.

「 W-What?! What are you talking about?! 」

Torii-san panics.

「 I mean, don’t you want to try it yourself as well? 」

「 I-I d-d-d-d-don’t think that way?! 」

Oh, her curiosity.

The girl who always get involved with what interests her,

She must have some interest in sex.

「 But, you’re not afraid of Nii-san, aren’t you? 」

「 T-That’s natural!! 」

「 Then, do you like him? 」


「 Isn’t that why you don’t mind testing out sex if it’s with him, don’t you? 」

The young shrine maiden smiles.