Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 905. Night of Fun / Thin!



「 Hey, hey, hey! Good evening everyone! Sorry for the noise! 」

The night street.

Anjou sisters, who are wearing Takeda Shingen clothes, and are on top of each other, they continue to spin the plates on the end of the pole.

Kinoshita-san greets the curious onlookers gathered around her as the host.

「 We’re nothing but a foolish group who wants to keep the Japanese culture. Our name is “Sisters fist ★ CHARGEman” and ASUKA Langley! 」

Err, I thought it was “Shingenz?”

「 And look at the sisters over there, the one below is the “Sister (CHARGE man) ken,” and the little beauty on top of her sister is “Sister (ASUKA)ken”! 」

Why do they have “Ken” in their names?

「 And I’m the unit leader, “please, protect the dreams of the guardian deity!” I’m “Sister (Dragon Buster) Langley” 」

Kinoshita-san said. Nei;

「 S-So that’s what it was, I guess that’s to expect from a former Banbarubie member 」

It seems to be some original material, but I don’t get it.

「 Okay, you can stop spinning the plates 」

Kinoshita-san told the two.

「 Eiya! 」

「 Arawa! 」

Mitama-san and Kinuka-san throw the plates at the end of their poles up to the sky.

The sisters were spinning plates on each hand, and so four plates are dancing up the sky and falls down.

「 Woah! That’s dangerous! 」

The audience held their breaths, but…

「 Okay, okay, I’ll take them all 」

Kinoshita-san jumps lightly, then…

She catches all four plates.

「 Wow! That’s cool! 」

「 Ooh! That lady is also an acrobat! 」

「 Still, they’re all so beautiful 」

The spectators continue to observe the three.

「 Okay, now that we’re done with the plates, next time, we’ll spin some Japanese umbrellas 」

Kinoshita-san throws a Japanese umbrella to Kinuka-san, who’s still on top of Mitama-san’s head.

「 Haiya! 」

Kinuka-san makes a relaxed pose as she grabs the umbrella.

「 And now, a ball! 」

She placed her hand on her hips, and Kinuka-san spins around the ball thrown to her while still standing on top of Mitama-san.

「 Ball goes first, then a box, and lastly, we’ll spin around a bicycle wheel! 」

「 Haiya! 」

The three of them look like professional acrobats and nothing else.

「 Just like the Chinese people doing breathing exercise 」

Nei said.

「 When Martial arts isn’t different from sports, they become a show to make an appeal to the spectators 」

「 A show? 」

「 Yeah, I mean, if you want to show how amazing your martial arts is, then you have to beat every challenge, right? But if you do that, the criminals can catch you. Therefore, if it’s in the market, it’s just a performance for the show. Like, hitting someone with a stick, yet it doesn’t hurt or wearing a children’s T-shirt that their muscles can tear it up in one go. Or like pulling a truck using their abs 」

Oh, I’ve seen those on TV before.

「 Despite it being a performance to show the greatness of martial arts, before long, the objective turned to show off to the audience to gather money. But, Anjou-san’s skills is an old one, if it’s from the Edo period, then they’re able to do acrobatics like that 」

I see.

Mitama-san and Kinuka-san don’t show any hesitation.

Their martial arts exhibition is a part of their tradition, and so it’s trained to them.

Furthermore, Kinoshita-san’s the host, and so the performance of the sisters becomes sensational.

They’re gathering more spectators.

「 Minaho-oneechan’s truck is here. 」

Nei confirms Minaho-neesan’s truck’s arrival.

Behind is the car following them, no, it’s not a single car anymore.

Behind the truck are three cars following them.

It is likely Irokuchou Ichirou’s group.

This is all to send instructions to the subordinates on-site.

「 Begin operation! Scouting group is coming in 」

Nei talks to the radio.

「 Let’s go, Yo-chan, A-chan 」

Adelheid-san nods lightly.

We head to the karaoke box where Tendou Sadao and the eight girls are hiding.

Cassandra Crossing.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Good evening! 」

Nei opens the glass door of the store with a bright greeting.

She’s full of energy.

Then, she leaves the glass door open…

「 W-What?! 」

There’s three Yakuza in the lobby and an old man with flashy clothes.

I thought that they’re lookouts but…

They’re all watching Anjou sister’s performance through the glass door.

「 Err, I’ve reserved a spot here, but, huh? Where’s the staff? 」

Nei asks curiously?

「 Nobody’s here! We’re temporarily closed for today! Now go back! 」

One of the old men said.

「 Eeh? But that’s a problem, I already paid for the reservation?! Are you sure nobody’s here to accommodate us? 」

Nei looks at the back of the hallway.

「 Hey! Nobody’s here! Go back! 」

「 Go back already! 」

The two Yakuza said.

「 Hey, now, they’re here to use the Karaoke machine, why don’t we have fun with these young ladies? 」

A mustache Yakuza look at Nei and Adelheid-san…

「 But Aniki 」

「 Look at them, they’re some cute girls. I don’t care about the boy though 」

It looks like they’re ignoring me.

「 Hey, Nakayama-san. Are your lolicon habits back? 」

The violent looking old man said.

Then that means, this mustache Yakuza is Nakayama Mihotarou.

「 What? I’m not a lolicon! You’re rude to this nice ass girl here?! 」

He laughs as he looks at Nei.

「 Hey, what’s going on here? 」

An old man wearing a purple shirt with the chest part open comes from one of the rooms in the corridor.

A short crew-cut hair, and a teardrop style sunglasses, even though it’s evening now.

His chest has gold chains clanking and making noise.

「 I’m Harada, I’ve got a reservation here, is there no staff? 」

Nei talks to the old man that’s coming over with a loud voice.

「 Reserved? What do you mean? 」

「 That means that I have a karaoke box reserved from the staff of this bar! 」

Nei retorts, but,

「 I don’t care, hurry back home already! 」

「 Go home what? I won’t go back! I have a reservation! 」

「 There is another Karaoke bar, aren’t there? Go somewhere else 」

「 But! I promised everyone that we’ll go here! I just arrived earlier than my reserved time 」

Nei said. The man…

「 What? How many more are coming? 」

「 Err, let’s see, Mii-chan, O-chan, Mitchan, I guess that’s three? 」

Edie and Tendou Otome are coming from the back.

Michi’s going through the front.

「 Ah, how many more are gathering after that 」

「 Err, I think it’s about ten people 」

Nei said.

「 What’s wrong, Tendou-san? 」

One of the Yakuza calls the man.

I knew it. This man with a crew cut and sunglasses is Tendou Sadao.

「 Stupid! I told you not to go outside, didn’t I? 」

Tendou Sadao told his subordinates.

「 No, it doesn’t really matter, does it? 」

「 I don’t care about you, but that room 」

Tendou Sadao looks at the room in the corridor.

「 You ganged-up on them that they’re now broken 」

Ganged up?

Worn out?

「 It’s terrible if someone sees your situation 」

That means it’s the two daughters these Yakuza violated.

「 Right, lass. Sorry, but this store is closed for now. So, call your friends and tell them that you’re going somewhere else 」

Tendou Sadao told Nei.

「 Eeh?! What the hell?! But I have a reservation here?! 」

「 Even if you tell us that, it’s not our problem 」

「 That’s right! The staff of this store is all gone 」

Tendou’s subordinates said.

「 Yep, we just grab the beer from the store and drink them 」

「 Idiot! Don’t tell her that! 」

Tendou Sadao smashes the head of the other guy.

「 Seriously, what an idiot. Lass, I’m friends with the owner of this shop. That’s why they won’t get angry even if we do that 」

The loud old man said, laughing.

「 Can’t help it, I’ll send everyone a mail 」

Nei opens her phone.

「 Tendou-san, why don’t we take these three with us? 」

The mustache Yakuza told Tendou Sadao.

「 Everyone’s getting bored of Sonoko and the girls 」

They want Nei and Adelheid-san?

「 Stupid, you’re only putting us at risk 」

Tendou said.

「 Eh?! We can’t?! 」

「 That’s obvious 」

「 But, we already know that we’re going on a holiday 」

Holiday. That means prison.

「 Why don’t we go as loud as possible and drop Kouzuki further than this? 」

They will rape Nei and Adelheid-san, then when the police captured them, they will blame Kouzuki house.

Their reasoning is absurd, but with the corrupt journalists of Kansai Yakuza, they can create a scandal that points at Kouzuki house.

I see.

No, wait.

「 Hey, what’s that noise outside? 」

Tendou Sadao changes the subject.

Even so, he thinks that there’s a higher risk when he kidnaps Nei right now.

「 Oh, it seems like some acrobats are making a performance over there 」

「 That’s right, they’re good at it, Tendou-san! 」

They also joined the topic.


Something’s going on.

「 Oh, right, I guess that’s what you would expect from Tokyo. 」 What’s that again? Street Performance? 」

「 What? Street performance? 」

Nei speaks to Tendou Sadao while still using her phone.

「 Yes, yes, that. Still… 」

Tendou mutters.

「 They’re doing that too close to this store… 」


Suddenly, a phone rings.

「 Tendou-san? It’s probably that woman? 」

「 Yeah, it’s me 」

Tendou answers the call.

「 It’s me. Yeah, you’re Fujiko Abio-san, right? 」

Fuji Mineko.

I mean, it’s Minaho-neesan?

「 What’s wrong? The car? Huh? It’s already here? Where? Huh? There are too many people that you can’t park the truck in front? 」

Kinoshita-san and the Anjou sisters continue their performance.

「 Yeah, that’s what I’m worried about right now. Then, you’re stopping the truck on the road, and so you want us to come there? 」


Minaho-neesan drives the truck to the busy street, and she shows up and stops.

They can’t see Michi, who’s on the roof of the bus.

She’s probably lying down to hide.

「 B-But, y-you want us to walk in a group with all these pedestrians here? 」

Tendou complains.

Minaho-neesan comes down from the truck while talking to the phone.

「 Huh? No, I know that you’re at risk too that you can’t do anything, but still 」

Minaho-neesan opens the back of the truck, goes inside,

「 Huh, what? 」

The pedestrians concentrate on Anjou sisters’ performance.

It’s only Tendou Sadao and his group who sees Minaho-neesan’s truck.

No, there’s the other group.

Minaho-neesan takes out Yomi, who’s tied up and gagged from the back of the truck.

She shows Yomi’s face on the storefront.

「 Yeah, I’ve confirmed it. That’s undoubtedly Takakura Yomiko 」

If they bring back Yomi to their bosses in Kansai, Tendou Sadao and his group will gain a considerable achievement.

And currently, Irokuchou Ichirou has confirmed Yomi as well.

「 Eeh? You’re leaving the keys there? You’ll disappear together with the acrobatics performance and go back, and we can check the contents of the truck ourselves? 」

Minaho-neesan isn’t locking the truck doors, she closed it.

Then, she blends with the spectators on Anjou sisters’ performance.

「 Hey, can’t help it. Guys, we’re going to the truck 」

Tendou seems to have decided.

「 Hey, call everyone over. We’re moving now 」

「 Okay! Tendou-san! 」

Other than the mustache Yakuza, the two Yakuza started moving.

One of the guys opens the door to a room.

「 Aniki, Nee-san, we’re going out 」

Another guy opens up the third room from the back.

「 Hey, you lot, we’re going 」

Then, the other old man opens up the last room.

「 What?! You still want to go on?! We’re going out already! Put on your trousers! 」

The front guys are the Yakuza.

The middle is the daughters.

The last one has men who were raping Sonoko-san.

The doors opened.

「 Hey, you lot. Sorry but we had a change of schedule, you are going to come with us too 」

Tendou Sadao changed his plan to turn us to hostages.

「 I knew you’d do it, Tendou-san 」

The mustache man takes out a knife from his pocket.

「 Hey, don’t make a noise, if you do, we’ll kill you 」

As soon as he says that.

「 Go!! 」

Nei whispered on her phone.

「 Hmm?! 」

Tendou makes a curious face, then…

「 Seiiiii!!! 」

Adelheid-san kicks the knife out of the mustache man’s hand.

Adelheid-san’s skirt flips,

Then, she goes after the head of the mustache Yakuza.

「 Wha?! 」

Tendou Sadao was about to scream, but…

Michi, who’s hiding on the roof of the truck, jumped in and…

She runs to the shop at a fast pace.

「 W-What the hell?! H-Hey! You?! 」

Tendou’s preoccupied with Michi on the front.

「 A-chan, your job is to guard Yo-chan and me 」

「 Roger 」


「 Bakon!!! 」

The ceiling hole from the back suddenly opens up.


Edie comes in from the ceiling.

「 W-W-W-What!? Who are you? 」

「 No questions!!! WOWWOO!!! 」

Edie takes down the guys who come out of their room with one blow.

「 Toryaaa!!! 」

Michi jumps inside the store from the open glass door front.

「 You’re late! 」

Edie’s already taken down most of the male Yakuza.

「 D-Dammit! 」

Tendou Sadao tries to rush outside the store, abandoning his subordinates.

Of course, his aim is Minaho-neesan’s truck.


「 That’s dangerous! 」

Kinoshita-san shouts like she’s having fun, then.


Anjou Kinuka-san drops down on Tendou, who’s running.

「 Mugyuu! 」

「 I told you that was dangerous, are you okay? 」

Kinoshita-san approaches Tendou Sadao, who’s pinned.

「 Was the monkey and the crab’s battle thin? 」

Kinuka-san speaks with a blank expression.

「 Ah, but it looks like he’s okay. It’s great that it was spot on! Sorry! Sorry~ 」

Kinoshita-san says and pulls Tendou Sadao by the nape of the neck.

「 Could you rest on the store over there? It’s okay, it’s just a light accident! So we’re ending our show today! Goodbye, everyone! 」

She speaks with a bright tone, and so the spectators are in a daze.

「 I mean, she’s so cute, and yet that was strong 」

「 I guess that’s also acrobatics. 」

「 Well, if they say that he’s okay, then it should be 」

That’s when Anou Mitama-san…

「 This isn’t a show, now go home! Go home! 」

No, look, you just did a show, didn’t you?

「 Okay! I’ve obtained the guy 」

Kinoshita-san brings in the fainted Tendou back to the store.

She closed the door and shut the curtains.

Anjou sisters should be guarding the front of the store.

「 Kinoshita-san, contact Shou-neechan 」

I told her.

「 Yes? 」

「 They should have hidden something in the store, like a bomb or poison gas or something 」

Earlier, one of the Yakuza said that they’re going to prison anyway.

Tendou Sadao will follow any orders that their boss gives them.

They should do that much if they want to create a scandal on Kouzuki house.

「 Roger 」

Kinoshita-san takes out her phone

「 Michi, Edie? How many remain? 」

Both males and females in the corridor and rooms are unconscious.

「 Two left, a male and female 」

Edie counts.


「 Haa, haa, haa, you’re too fast 」

Tendou Otome, who infiltrates from the back, finally arrived.

「 And you’re too stiff. You can’t go like that 」

It looks like Edie came in fast since she came from the place where most people can’t go to.

「 That room has the girls, and Sonoko-san’s probably at the last room 」

I said.

「 Okay, girls, I’ve come to save you! 」

Edie stops Tendou Otome as she heads to the room.

「 W-What? 」

「 Michi! 」

Edie signals Michi.

Michi nods and goes in front of the door.

「 Stand back and stay with Darling 」

「 Huh? 」

「 Do it 」

「 Ah, o-okay 」

「 Hurry! 」

「 G-Geez! 」

Tendou Otome runs to us who are still in the lobby.

「 Close your eyes, plug your ears, Adelheid-san, Kinoshita-san 」

「 Hurry up 」

Nei and I told everyone.

Even when we’re far away, the impact is still strong.

「 Hurry! 」

Seeing what we’re doing, Tendou Otome, Adelheid-san, Kinoshita-san also took the same stance.


The door slowly opens up.

I’m sure Edie’s doing that.

I can’t hear the voices of the girls inside. I knew it’s like that.

I closed my eyes and covered my ears.

「 Shingetsu!!! 」

She detonates her Qi.

Qi blows out from Michi’s center.

「 W-What?! Uguuuu! 」

「 Haguuuu! 」

「 Eeeeh?! 」

It must be hard for the three who experienced Shingetsu for the first time.

After confirming the explosion is over, I opened my eyes and moved.

「 What’s up? 」

「 Everyone in the room is all unconscious now 」

Michi said.

「 Edie probably took Shingetsu head-on, she’s sitting on the floor. 」

Edie had to open the door to have Edie concentrate her thoughts.

She was ready for this.

「 H-Hey! 」

Tendou Otome stands up wobbly.

「 What did you do to my friends?! 」

She walks to the room while still wobbling.

I followed her.

「 Can you say that after seeing this? 」

Michi points inside the room.

Inside are six girls and a Yakuza.

The man has a knife on his hand, and his stomach is…

「 He was going to use dynamite to self-destruct. 」

Kinoshita-san, who peeped in late, said.

I knew it.

They have explosives prepared.

If Kouzuki SS forced their way to capture Tendou Sadao, they plan on suicide bombing the place.

Just like how they instructed Tendou Otome to drink poison.

For Tendou Sadao and his group, their life is cheap.

However, when they contacted Minaho-neesan.

They confirmed that they can take Yomi and return to Kansai.

They will stop the suicide bombing, leave the bomb here, and detonate it on a set timer.

「 We had to make everyone unconscious 」

Michi said.

「 I don’t know what trap is set on the last room 」

Only one remaining Yakuza in the shop.