Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 906. Night of Fun / Control




The door in the last room opens up slowly.

The enemy’s coming out?

「 Dammit 」

It’s a deep woman’s voice.

「 Then, what are you doing? 」

Oh, this woman checks the situation on the corridor by opening the door slightly.

She’s in the aftermath of Michi’s Shingetsu.

The woman goes out of the corridor with a face warped in anger.

Michi puts her guard up.

Edie, who took Shingetsu at close range, is still down.

Tendou Otome and I are in the middle of the hallway.

Nei, Kinoshita-san, and Adelheid-san are away from the lobby.

「 Otome, you betrayed us 」

She glares at Tendou Otome hatefully.

「 Hiromi-san! 」

Tendou Otome blurts out.

That means it’s the mysterious woman in Tendou Sadao’s group, Iwasaki Hiromi?

「 You can’t run away! How about you remain obedient? 」

Kinoshita-san tells Hiromi with her usual smile.

「 Don’t fuck with me?! Look at this! 」

Iwasaki Hiromi comes to the corridor slowly.

Her chest has the same as the guy in the other room.

She’s got dynamite plastered on a vest.


She’s carrying a half-naked girl.

「 S-Sonoko?! 」

Tendou Otome’s dumbfounded.

The girl has gone through violent rape.

She’s not wearing anything on her lower half, her hair is messed up, and she’s showing a blank face as if her heart is broken.

Her eyes show no life.

The scent of semen and sweat reaches us, who are ten meters away.

「 Hiromi-san, what did you do to Sonoko?! 」

Tendou Otome shouts.

「 There was this possibility of everyone dying from the explosion. So the guys went and fucked her like it’s the last day of their life 」

Iwasaki Hiromi said.

「 It’s your fault, Otome! If only you died in the Kouzuki mansion as you planned, then this wouldn’t have happened 」

Their initial plan is to let Tendou Otome die in the Kouzuki party and create a scandal using that.

It didn’t go smoothly as planned, so plan B is to blow everyone up and blame it to Kouzuki house.

Anyway, they need some accomplishments, or they can’t keep their honor from the bosses in the organization.

Minaho-neesan suggested the other plan of bringing Yomi to Kansai to not let these people go reckless.

「 Don’t come close to me! Do you not care about what happens to her? 」

Iwasaki Hiromi pokes a knife from her right hand on Sonoko-san’s nape.

Her left hand is holding the detonator switch to the bomb.

「 I’ve endured the same weird skill you used earlier! I can push the switch as soon as I endure it, and she’s dead! 」

「 But before you could do that, your muscles will contract as soon as you take Shingetsu 」

Michi said.

Michi can’t use Shingetsu in this situation.

But that’s before.

If this woman had the intention to die, then she would’ve pressed the switch long ago.

That means she doesn’t want to die.

She’s taking a hostage right now, but…

She’s got no plan on what to do next.

「 H-Hiromi-san! I-I don’t care what happens to me but, l-let go of Sonoko! 」

Tendou Otome shouted on the woman.

「 Don’t joke with me Otome?! You ridiculed your parents!! 」


「 I don’t need someone who betrays her parents like you! 」

This doesn’t look good, her emotions are rising up.

If this goes on, she might suddenly push the switch or slit Sonoko-san’s throat.

「 Look 」

Kinoshita-san suddenly makes a dumb voice.

「 Sorry to interrupt your conversation but look this way, that’s how it is 」

As if she’s showing human kindness at this time…

Kinoshita-san speaks with a smile.

「 That detonating switch isn’t connected to the explosives, right? 」


「 Oh, right, it’s not connected 」

Nei said.

「 Oh, you’re right. You won’t explode with that 」

Adelheid-san too…

The three are gathered at a distance.

「 I-It’s not connected?! N-No way?! 」

Iwasaki Hiromi checks the wire from her left switch to the jacket with bombs.

She raised her left hand and peek at her armpit.

Then, she’s surprised.

「 Aaaaah?! It’s not really connected?! 」

The cord’s tip is swaying around.

As soon as that happens.

「 HAWOOO!!! 」

Edie, who shouldn’t be able to move, suddenly jumps in.

「 What?! 」

Iwasaki Hiromi’s consciousness moved towards Edie, and Michi’s red whip flicks away the knife on the right hand.

「 BAWOOO!!!! 」

Then, Edie does a flying kick.

「 Gyauu!! 」

Iwasaki Hiromi fell unconscious.

「 S-Sonoko!!! 」

Tendou Otome rushed towards her.

「 It’s okay now, Sonoko 」

She pulls Sonoko-san from Iwasaki Hiromi and embraced her.

「 Sonoko, it’s me. Otome. Sonoko!!! 」

She desperately tries to call out to Sonoko.

「 O-Otome… 」

Sonoko-san finally regained consciousness.

「 Can you tell?! It’s me! You’re okay now 」

「 W-Where’s Shigeyo? 」

Shigeyo-san is the name of the other girl that the Yakuza raped.

「 She’s in this room, oh, she’s also in a horrible state 」

Edie checked the room and said.

「 But, it’s okay now. She’s only received mental damage, she’s not dead 」

「 Shigeyo’s okay too, Sonoko 」

Tendou Otome embraces Sonoko-san.


「 Darling 」

Edie calls me.

「 Yo-chan, here. 」

Nei beckons me to the lobby.

「 Suuu, haaa 」

Michi fixes her breathing.

This is…

I hurry back to the lobby.

「 Kinoshita-san, another one 」

「 What? 」

「 A-chan, hold out, just like earlier 」

Nei and I covered our ears and closed our eyes.

Kinoshita-san and Adelheid-san followed suit.

「 Otome, sorry 」

As soon as Edie said that.

「 Shingetsu! 」

Michi bursts out he Qi once again…


The wave of Qi blows in.

◇ ◇ ◇

I opened my eyes…

Oh, Tendou Otome and Sonoko-san are both unconscious.

「 The girls in the room are also unconscious 」

Edie checks Shigeyo-san’s status.

「 It’s better to drag them when unconscious compared to when they’re conscious 」

Nei says while taking out her radio.

「 Operation success. It’s all done! Minaho-oneechan, you can come in now 」

Edie and Michi look at Tendou Otome, who’s embracing Sonoko-san, and Iwasaki Hiromi.

「 These two 」

「 Yeah 」

That’s when Kinoshita-san comes in.

「 Yes. I think they’re parent and child 」

Parent and child?

Tendou Otome and Iwasaki Hiromi?

Adelheid-san and I walk in the corridor and look at Tendou Otome and Iwasaki Hiromi.

Nei opens the glass door and waits for Minaho-neesan’s arrival.

「 They’re not parent-and-child by blood, but by honor 」

Kinoshita-san said.

「 No, but, I thought that Iwasaki Hiromi was a lesbian? 」

And Tendou Otome had a lesbian relationship with her.

「 Both can hold their drinks well. Look, she seems to have a close relationship with Tendou Sadao over here. That was written from the reports of the investigation team. Something like de facto wife 」

De facto wife.

「 Tendou house’s father and daughter, she eats both 」

She’s that kind of woman?

「 Oh, so that’s why 」

I recalled.

She lied when she mentioned that Iwasaki Hiromi didn’t bring her daughter.

It’s because she accepts that she is this woman’s daughter.

「 She wasn’t trying to deceive us 」

She doesn’t want to accept this woman as her mother,

And so, she hides her deep inside her thoughts.

「 Well, her family has gone through a lot too 」

Edie said.

「 But Edie, how are you okay when you took Michi’s Shingetsu at close range? 」

Shingetsu is a weapon that has a wide area of effect.

Its weakness is that it also knocks out allies.

「 It’s because it’s Kudou style arts 」

Edie smiled.

「 Kudou Style’s secret technique is to bounce off Qi, and so we can use Qi techniques 」

Michi continued.

That’s what Michi learned from Kyouko-san earlier in the party.

「 And that’s the practical use, I use Kudou arts to ward off the Qi and so I can also ward off Shingetsu’s Qi. 」

Edie said.

「 That means, anyone that learned Kudou style is immune to Shingetsu? 」

「 To be precise, it’s those who learned Kudou Style’s skills 」


The world is wide.

Edie learned her secret techniques from her Grandmother in the Assassination cult in New Orleans.

It’s close to Kudou style martial arts.

「 If you can develop Qi skills, you will end up in this 」

Some martial artists are immune to Shingetsu or probably can use it.

「 No, no, no, you won’t find anyone in the world that can use that skill! 」

Kinoshita-san said.

「 But, Shingetsu isn’t unbeatable either 」

「 Yes, for example, someone like Dai Grepher is immune to this 」

Michi’s right, that different dimension warrior can also ward off Qi.

「 Yes, Oji-sama is a man who never reads the atmosphere 」

Kinoshita-san said with a smile.

「 Oji-sama’s doting on me a lot, but, he only has a proper conversation at least twice a year 」

「 I mean, I think that old man wants to dote on Kinoshita-san more and more! 」

Nei comes over while laughing.

「 What do you mean by that? 」

Kinoshita-san is puzzled.

「 I mean, how is he doting on you right now? 」

Nei asks. Kinoshita-san…

「 Err, he gives me pocket money whenever we meet. He also gives me New Year’s gifts, last year, he gave me 200, but this year, he gave me 2500 」

Oh, he’s really treating Kinoshita-san like a kid.


「 Looks like you managed to finish things up 」

Minaho-neesan comes in

「 Anjou sisters are guarding the truck 」

「 What about the other two? 」

Are they okay?

「 No problems. Tsukiko already captured the other group 」

Tsukiko did?

「 I left them tied up Yomi-san who can’t use her Miko power in the truck and Michi-san, and I left the vehicle, didn’t we? 」


Minaho-neesan blended in with the spectators on Anjou sister’s performance.

Michi jumped out from the truck roof to the Karaoke bar.

「 Therefore, Irokuchou Ichirou-san thought that he could profit while everyone else was fighting and went they all went to the truck. 」

Taking away Yomi before Tendou could come over.

「 Then, as soon as they entered the truck, Tsukiko took control of them 」

Yeah, they didn’t know that Tsukiko’s inside the room.

「 Then, Tsukiko-san used the Yakuza under her control to call Irokuchou Ichirou-san himself, then… 」

「 Controlled him as well 」

「 Correct. They were like cockroaches rushing recklessly. All of them get in the truck and fell under her control 」

That’s great.

She’s smart and courageous.

She’s calm while all of that was happening.

「 Then, how are they right now? 」

「 I contacted Shou-san, and she’ll send over civilian-clothed units. They will be monitored and head to a building that Kouzuki SS isn’t using, with their own legs. They’ll come over here. We’ll separate the Yakuza from the girls. The girls will have female bodyguards transporting them. Most of them are at the party, wearing maid clothing, so numbers aren’t our problem 」

「 Huh, what about the boxes that were inside the truck? 」

Is it okay if I don’t do the work?

「 You don’t have to do that 」

「 No, but I thought that we’re not asking for Kouzuki SS’ help in this job, and we’ll do everything ourselves? 」

That means, Kuromori only.

「 It’s okay now. We’ve captured all of the enemies and concerned people now. There’s no longer a boundary 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 I mean, there really isn’t one. Kouzuki SS and Kuromori have the same higher-ups. 」

Minaho-neesan looks at Tendou Otome.

「 That was only to make Tendou-san think that the two organization isn’t one 」

That the surface and underground are different.

「 I mean, we can’t make other people think that way next time. We need to let people know that you’re both the head of both organizations 」

Kouzuki SS is a Kouzuki house’s organization, and so the real head is Jii-chan.

Kuormori’s boss is MInaho-neesan, but they’re only business partners with Kouzuki house. We’re not under their affiliation.

Minaho-neesan works on Kouzuki SS, but she’s only working from a contract, she’s not an employee of Kouzuki SS.

That means, even when they see that Kuromori is a criminal organization.

It will not spread fire on Kouzuki house.

They can deny that they had dealt with such a crime syndicate.

Kuromori doesn’t belong to Kouzuki house either.

However, the reality is;

We’re a family, and have people in Kuromori and people in Kouzuki SS.

We’re riding the same boat.

Kouzuki SS on the surface and Kuromori behind the scenes, they have different uses depending on the case.

We can’t let society know the underground community.

「 Why are you saying that when we’re present? 」

Adelheid-san asked Minaho-neesan.

「 I mean, you’ve already noticed, haven’t you? You can’t go back anymore 」

Minaho-neesan smiles.

「 Doesn’t seem like your precious young lady has noticed it. But, you’re much smarter than your young lady 」


「 Now that you’ve seen the secret of Kouzuki house, you can’t escape anymore 」

That means?

「 Is that the reason why Misuzu-sama, Ruriko-sama, and the others showed that act? 」


Oh, sex in the bathroom.

「 Does it mean that if I don’t swear allegiance with Kouzuki house, I will be disposed of? 」


「 Not really. Tsukiko said it earlier, but we can erase your memories for the day 」

Edie smiled.

「 Correct. Don’t misunderstand. Yo-chan never shows off that act to anyone but those who he wants as his allies 」

Nei said.

「 T-Then, uhm, I’m not forced to work? 」

「 I think you can become a good friend of ours. Adelheid and Mariko 」


Mariko? You mean Torii-san?

「 I don’t think it’s possible with Otome 」

Edie looks at the unconscious Tendou Otome.

「 What’s the difference between Tendou Otome-san and me? 」

Adelheid-san asks.


I-In what?

「 Intelligence, “知性” in Japanese 」

Edie smiled.

「 Adelheid-san is smart, and Tendou Otome’s dumb? 」

「 Not really. It’s not about intellect nor physical ability 」

Err, I don’t get it.

「 If we want to get along with other families, we need to broaden our horizons 」

Nei said.

「 Adelheid-san backs off silently when everyone’s talking, right? Even when you don’t understand what the people are talking about, you listen carefully, gather information. Isn’t that what intelligence is? 」

「 Otome will only talk about what she wants to talk about and doesn’t listen to others 」

No, I get that, but,

「 If we’re going with that reasoning, isn’t Torii-san the most uncontrolled? 」

She never reads the mood and talks when she wants to talk.

If she wants to listen, she will.

「 She’s different 」

「 That girl is calculative, she’s acting 」

Michi said.

「 She acts dauntless, yet she’s actually delicate. Just like me 」

Nei said.

「 I was watching from the cameras while she’s talking to Yo-chan, and so I can tell that she’s acting 」

I see.

「 Oh, they’ve come. Shou-san’s subordinates 」

Minaho-neesan looked outside the glass door and said.

Cars will stand out, and so the civilian clothes group came here walking.

They’re from the building of Kouzuki SS on the Kouzuki Mansion.

「 Contain all the girls with Tendou Otome-san and Kouzuki SS’ doctors will look at them 」


「 Tendou Sadao-san and his group probably have STDs that they passed to these girls, right? 」

The male Yakuza could’ve been infected by another woman.

Then, they could pass that illness to their daughters.

「 But, it’s only these two who were raped, right? 」

Sonoko-san and Shigeyo-san, was it?

「 Maybe they didn’t take their virginity, but they probably forced them to fellate 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 Tendou Otome’s carrying poison, and they were ready to blow themselves up, right? These guys could’ve done everything reckless since they think that they’re going to die 」

Right, Tendou Otome infiltrated Mizushima house one week ago.

They could’ve sexually abused Sonoko-san and the other girls while Tendou Otome was gone.

「 And STDs can pass through kisses 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 You can’t touch the girls until they’re done checking on them 」

If I get an STD.

It will spread to the whole family.

I can’t do that.

「 Yeah got it 」

I replied.

「 But still, were they ready to die? 」

Nei said.

「 This old lady was wearing an explosive jacket, but the switch isn’t connected to the bomb 」


Iwasaki Hiromi didn’t notice it until we pointed it out.

「 They’re not afraid of killing people when the organization orders them, and don’t care if they go to prison, right? 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 Therefore, they always think that they will do whatever their boss orders them. Everyone around them, and themselves 」


「 But, having no hesitation from hurting others is different from having no doubt from killing oneself 」

They could hurt others, but they’re afraid to die.

「 I’m sure that someone among Tendou-san’s allies is afraid and cut off the bomb’s cord. If left alone, someone among them could’ve pushed the switch out of despair, he thought 」


「 You wouldn’t want to blow up suddenly when you’re not prepared, right? 」

So that’s it.

「 Excuse me, I’m Saito from B-Team 」

One of the guards in civilian clothing opens the glass door and comes in.

「 Oh, Saito-san! We’ve been waiting for you! 」

Kinoshita-san greets him with a smile.