Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 907. Night of Fun / Returning home



「 Welcome back, dinner’s ready 」

We return back to the enormous mansion of Kouzuki clan.

Mana greeted us at the entrance.

「 Is it okay now? 」

「 Not yet, but we finished a heap of them for now 」

We left the Karaoke bar to Kouzuki SS.

Then we returned to Kouzuki mansion.

Shou-neechan parked her car in the roar slightly further than the karaoke bar.

Anyway, we’ve captured all of the Yakuza loitering around the mansion.

Kouzuki SS checked the cameras around, and so it’s guaranteed.

We’ve hushed all of the guys who came from Kansai.


We have to deal with these men we’ve captured.

「 Welcome back, Papa! 」

「 Welcome back, desuno 」

Mao-chan and Agnes run towards me right away.

「 Huh, where’s Yomi-chan? 」

Agnes noticed that there are fewer people who came back.

「 Well, Yomi, Tsukiko, and Minaho-neesan have their jobs to do. They’ll eat dinner later 」

Tendou Sadao and his group, then Irokuchou Ichirou’s group.

Then, Tendou Otome’s friends, the daughters of Yakuza.

They’re transporting the guys who are unconscious thanks to Edie’s attack and Michi’s Shingetsu to a former training facility that Kouzuki SS isn’t using anymore./

The three followed them.

It’s to let Miko power take control of them once their consciousness returns.

They could read their thoughts and find some information they’re hiding.

Minaho-neesan left designated the role to the two.

Minaho-neesan can’t read the minds of the Yakuza nor use Miko power to find information to concentrate on or any information useful for the underground society.

Kinoshita-san also remained.

Nei, Michi, Edie, Adelheid-san, the Anjou sisters, and me, are the only people who returned.

「 I also have to go outside again after eating dinner 」

It will take time for the investigation and the medical examination for the daughters of Yakuza.

Minaho-neesan told us to eat dinner.

It’s to cool down our heads.

「 Eeh?! Really? 」

「 Ugh, this is boring 」

Agnes and Mao-chan want to play with me, but.

「 Hey, don’t be selfish! You have a lot of playmates tonight, and so use your time to get along with the new family members! 」

Nei smiles like an elder sister.

「 Right, did you get along with Karen now? 」

Edie looks after the younger girls.

「 If that’s the case, we already are getting along with her, right? 」

「 That’s right! We’re already close with Karen-chan! 」

The two girls look at each other and smiled.

It was the right choice to leave Luna here.

Mao-chan and Agnes, Luna and Koyomi-chan, then Karen-san.

With that much girls of the same generation, it’s natural that they will get along.

「 Papa, you seem tired 」

「 Yeah, tired, desuno 」

Mao-chan looked up at my face and said.

To be honest, I’m a bit exhausted.

That consecutive sex in the bathroom and the fight against Yakuza.

「 Good work for today, take it easy after eating dinner 」

Shou-neechan shows from the corridors.

「 Yeah, I’ll do that 」

「 I’ve been watching the situation unfold 」

Oh, she was looking at the cameras.

「 They’re much more messed up than what we imagined. I never thought that they would prepare explosives 」

Shou-neechan sighed.

「 I guess I shouldn’t think logically when it comes to them. They’re the kind of people whose thoughts are distorted. I’m sorry for putting you in danger 」

She bows her head.

「 Don’t mind it, we managed to deal with them anyway 」

「 Yes, it’s now a valuable experience for us 」

Edie and Michi said.

「 Yeah, well, there should be no problems. Edie and Mitchan are out of the norm too 」

The Yakuza didn’t expect these young beauties to use Qi skills on them.

I mean, they never expected a combat party that looks like us.

They thought that if there were a raid, it would be with the adults from the Kouzuki SS forces.

「 But, it’s still frustrating. If only I was also there 」

That said.

It would stand out if Shou-neechan, the face of Kouzuki SS, shows on-site.

Besides, we’re staying over Jii-chan’s home today.

Jii-chan’s in here, and if Shou-neechan goes out, that will attract the interest of the enemy.

If Shou-neechan went to the karaoke bar earlier, then…

Irokuchou Ichirou’s group will hurry back and evacuate.

If Tendou Sadao sees Shou-neechan outside, they will push the detonate button.

If they can blow up someone who is in charge of Kouzuki SS along with pedestrians, then…

That will surely receive praise from the Kansai bosses.

Their harassment at Kouzuki house isn’t only a huge success, but they can also put the blame on Kouzuki house for the terrorist bombing attack, which will be their advantage.

「 Then, how are they moving now?

I asked.

「 Tendou Sadao and Irokuchou Ichirou are both down, would they send in the third group from Kansai?

Is that unlikely?

I think that would be a big chance.

「 Nope. Don’t worry

Shou-neechan smiles.

「 Although, the Yakuza who left Kansai and went to Tokyo are away from their home and are all captured. Kouzuki SS also has a Kansai branch office 」

There won’t be a third group coming.

「 Besides, Kouzuki SS has its strongest personnel in here right now, this mansion is safe. There’s also the maid group from the company 」

Shou-neechan, Rei-chan, and Ootoku-san. Chief Yazawa’s also here.

「 If Tendou Sadao or Irokuchou Ichirou-san caused some damage to us, then they could fire off their next arrow, but since they misfired their first volley, they will not make any other movements for now. It will only increase wasted deaths 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 Also, we’ve sent threats to the crime syndicates from Kansai, who is close to Tokyo. We told them that Kaan-sama’s family is also making a move 」

Oh, Momoko-neechan’s family too.

They can’t forgive the Yakuza spy who slipped into the party of the young ladies.

「 I mean, Kaan-sama’s dealing with all of the journalist and their companies, lawyers and their offices that could cause scandals on Kouzuki house 」


「 Kaan-sama doesn’t have a PMC like Kouzuki house, and so, they demonstrate their power directly on the underground society 」

Kaan house uses their friendship with underground society to deal with any groups that have a connection with the Kansai Yakuza.

「 Then that means, there will be no new enemy coming. Although, the security at the mansion will remain at max level 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 Though we captured all of them, we still have to remain alert until they’re all dealt with 」

Michi said.

「 Tendou group and Irokuchou’s group have about thirty people with them. That many numbers of enemies can surround the neighborhood immediately 」

Yeah, don’t lower our guard.

Those guys could run off and do something if some trouble occurred.

「 I want the disposal of the people we captured to finish as soon as possible 」

Shou-neechan, that’s heavy.

「 But, the blood tests and medical treatment will take at least an hour 」

Blood tests?

「 Darling, it’s about Otome and her friends 」

Edie whispered.


Blood Test. It’s to check whether they have SDTs or not.

「 Naturally, they will treat the wounds in their body 」

Shou-neechan picks her words.

She’s not mentioning anything related to sexual abuse when Agnes and Mao-chan are present.

「 Well, the establishments of Kouzuki SS is just right beside this mansion, it helps that the doctors and equipment are ready 」

Nei speaks brightly.

The mid-scale buildings are constructed to protect the mansion.

Doctors and their equipment stay there, not just the bodyguards.

「 It’s going to be hard bringing them all to Ikeda-sensei. Especially with their numbers 」

「 I mean, a private clinic couldn’t finish blood tests in such a short time 」

Edie smiles wryly.

「 Therefore, I don’t think it will take an hour, Shou. It’s a big deal if you can finish the blood test of that many people in one hour 」

Is that so?

Ikeda-sensei’s clinic is a private one. Besides, she’s an illegal doctor.

But, thanks to the doctors of Kouzuki SS, they can give the Yakuza daughters a medical exam behind the doors.

Sonoko-san and Shigeyo-san. We can keep it a secret that they were turned to plaything by their parents.

「 Anyway, take it easy for a while and eat dinner 」

Shou-neechan smiled at us.

「 Yes, that’s right! Let’s eat! 」

Mana said.

「 Oh, speaking of which… 」

Huh, Nei?

「 Kyouko Messer’s already gone… 」

Kyouko-san and Miss Cordelia departed to Kansai.

Jii-chan commissioned them to retaliate against the Kansai organizations.

「 Yakuza’s specialty is harassment, or so I heard 」

Edie said.

「 But, I’m sure that Kyouko can return the favor a hundred more times than what they do 」

Nei laughs.

「 Yeah, they will. Oh poor guys 」

Kyouko-san’s going to rampage.


I don’t think that the Kansai organizations will come after us for a while.

They won’t have the leeway to come to Tokyo at all.


「 Uhm, are we done with the conversation? 」

「 Conversation? 」

Anjou Mitama and Kinuka-san ask Shou-neechan.

「 Yes, what do you need? 」

Shou-neechan looked at the two with a smile.

「 That’s… 」

「 Well, that’s… 」

「 Oh, the fees 」

Anjou sisters joined our operation because…

They want to help out their Masters, the Kurama sisters, in repaying their debts.

「 Indeed, I will pay you as promised. The hourly wage is 1050 yen 」

1050 yen?

Are they going to agree with that?

「 I will add another 1500 yen for the hazard pay. Also, there’s a bonus 」

Shou-neechan said. Mitama-san…

「 My little sister, kinuka captured one of the enemies with her quick-wittedness 」

Oh, Tendou Sadao.

「 Yes, I used Galaxy Hip Press Double Spin 」

K-Kinuka, what’s with that name.

「 I see. I will give you 300k yen for your bonus, is that enough? 」

「 Thank you very much! 」

「 Very much! 」

Mitama-san and Kinuka-san are both excited.

I see.

These girls also lived with Kurama house as servants, and so,

They have no knowledge about the value of money.

「 Then, can we meet Ojou-sama? 」

「 Ojou-sama? 」

They now look lonely as they ask Shou-neechan.

「 I’m sorry. That’s not for me to decide but Kakka and Misuzu-sama 」

Shou-neechan says with a smile.

「 Kurama-sama may join in the dinner table, but I don’t know 」

「 Is that so? 」

「 So? 」

Anjou sisters hold back.

「 Anyway, let’s go to the dining room 」

Edie told the two.

「 Is it okay that we join in? 」

「 Join in? 」

Oh, since Misuzu and Ruriko are going for dinner.

The bodyguards think that they can’t join in.

「 Yo-chan, what do we do? Heh 」

Nei looked at me while laughing.

「 Since we were allies during the operation, let’s eat dinner together too 」

I said.

「 It’s okay, your share is prepared as well 」

Mana said.

「 I-I-I-I-Is it really okay? 」

「 Really okay? 」

The two seem confused, Edie…

「 Just come 」

「 This way 」

Michi, who knows the layout of Kouzuki mansion, leads the way for the Anjou sisters.

「 O-Okay 」

「 E-Excuse us 」

Anjou sisters see Michi and Edie as bodyguards related to Kouzuki house, and so,

They reconsider that if the bodyguards are allowed to have dinner together, then they should be able to go in too.

「 A-chan, let’s go 」

Nei tells Adelheid-san who’s been silent until now.

「 I-I… 」

「 What’s wrong? Oh, you’re afraid to see your Master? 」

Nei laughs.

「 Ya-chan, what do you mean? 」

Why would Adelheid-san…

Why would she be afraid of meeting Torii-san?

「 Hmm. Yo-chan, you remain the same no matter what so you don’t get it 」


「 I’ve seen a lot for the past hour 」

Adelheid-san said.

Past hour? Well, we left this mansion, went and fought at the karaoke bar, and then came back.

「 You’ve seen a lot of the real thing that your head is breaking open. I can understand that 」

Shou-neechan smiles.

「 I didn’t do anything 」

Huh? Adelheid-san?

「 Nonono, Adelheid-san, when you were scouting with us, didn’t you kick off the knife from the mustache Yakuza? 」

She moved decisively and delivered a good kick.

「 But that’s all I did 」

「 But that’s enough! 」

I shouted unconsciously.

「 That’s not it. Yo-chan, A-chan thought that she could work more on-site 」

Nei smiles wryly.

「 I mean, she’s got the license from the Academy 」

Hearing that, Adelheid-san is startled.

「 But now, you understand that Japan prioritizes experience more than qualifications, right? 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 Y-Yes, I finally understand that I’ve become impudent 」

Adelheid-san said.

「 No, but still, what Adelheid-san did at that time was enough. She protected Nei and me. She was helpful 」

「 But… 」

Oh, in her head, she can imagine that she can do what Michi and Edie do.

「 It’s inevitable that you’ll feel worn out. If you couldn’t move as you expect, then work hard until you can do it next time 」

I said.

「 Right. You need to master it through experience. 」

Shou-neechan persuaded her.

「 You are preeminent as a thirteen-year-old but, you’re still ways to go as a professional bodyguard. You still lack in power, speed, and sharpness 」

「 I understand that 」

Adelheid-san refutes, but Edie;

「 Don’t, you’re letting it pass through your head 」

She smiles kindly.

「 You’re too smart. Therefore, so far, you think that you can do what you have in your head. 」 And in turn, when you go on-site, you’re filled with the thoughts that you were useless 」

Adelheid-san looked at Edie.

An earnest gaze.

「 You see, your standards are on the extremes 」

Standards? Extreme?

「 There are only two modes in your head, “Completely useless,” and “Too great that everyone praises it,” But, this world is much looser than that, there’s also “That’s okay,” and “Well, it’s not that great, but it passes,” 」

Edie said.

「 And you definitely passed your job. But, you are too strict on yourself in what you desire. It’s wrong to blame yourself because you couldn’t go higher than what you did 」

「 B-But! 」

Adelheid-san, what is it that pains you?

「 She’s always uneasy if she’s not surpassing people. That’s how she is 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 She’s survived by showing her excelling talent compared to other people 」


She escaped from a prostitution den.

Then, she graduated with an A-rank license from a security academy at age 13.

「 T-That’s right. I need to crawl out as the stronger among other people all the time! 」

And she lost to Michi and Edie’s overwhelming skills.

No, Adelheid-san sees that she lost.

「 No, I already know from the party that the two are much more skilled than me. But, I still thought that I can move better, and have more skills than them 」

She didn’t expect Michi and Edie to take out the remaining Yakuza after she defeated the first one.

「 Furthermore, they’ve dealt with the next trouble calmly 」

Using Shingetsu on the Yakuza wearing a bomb jacket and then repelling Iwasaki Hiromi, who was becoming incomprehensible.

「 Kuromori-sama and everyone was dealing with the situation calmly, and yet I’m the only one who couldn’t do anything 」

「 That’s wrong, we’re just used to the mayhem like that! Besides, Yo-chan has a bad habit of not feeling nervous at times like that 」

What the hell?

「 That’s right. You see, his brain circuits are a bit broken 」

Shou-neechan too.

「 But, I, still… 」

Oh, I see.

Adelheid-san was scared when Iwasaki Hiromi shows up wearing a bomb jacket.

It’s her first time to feel the fear that she might die for real.

But, we were nonchalant about it.

「 Well, I’m telling you it’s not like that. Ya-chan, Michi, Edie, Kinoshita-san, and I were inside, right? We were used to that. It’s a common thing 」

「 That’s not it! I was useless! I lack in the will to fight 」


Then, Mao-chan comes over.

「 Onee-chan, all you have to do is rely on Papa at times like that 」


「 Hehehe, Mao knows. Papa came home with Onee-chan, but the other one with a bad look in her eyes didn’t come back 」

A bad look in her eyes? Oh, it’s Tendou Otome.

「 Agnes also knows! 」

Agnes also smiles.

「 Papa loves cute girls, but that’s not all! 」

Hey, what are you going to tell her?

「 Papa wants cute and kind girls 」

「 Yes, that’s right. Yukino-chan is also a bit of a bully, but she’s kind 」

Mao-chan said.

「 That’s why Papa also likes Onee-chan 」

「 That’s right, desuno! Onee-san is kind and cute 」

The two looked at Adelheid-san and smiled.

「 Me? Kind? 」

Adelheid-san is surprised.

「 That’s not true! I steeled my heart to survive and defeated a lot of people 」


「 That’s why it’s okay now 」

「 Yes, it’s okay now 」

Mao-chan and Agnes laugh.

「 Also, Papa, and Mao 」

「 And Agnes is here too! 」

「 Yes! We’re all together! 」

「 Onee-san, you can take it slow, and do your best to grow! 」

「 That’s right, Papa’s watching you 」

「 And when you feel lonely, ask for a hug! 」

Adelheid-san’s speechless.