Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 923. Night of Fun / What I can only say



「 Heey~ Yomi’s here! 」

「 Me too! 」

「 Next is this one! 」

Tendou Otome and the girls are moving to separate rooms.

Edie and I walk in the corridor and met up with Yomi, Haiji-san, and Kinoshita-san.

Tsukiko will need more time to alter Shigeyo-san’s memories, so she moved to a separate room.

The twins, Eri and Rie, leaked pee, and so Nei brought them to the shower room.

As for the blonde, red, and perm haired girls, Kouzuki SS will send them off.

Tendou Otome’s confined to another room while unconscious.

With that said, we head to deal with the captured Yakuza.

「 Haaaaa 」

Oh, Yomi’s nervous.

We entrusted the confrontation with the adults to a young girl after all.

「 You okay, Yomi? 」

I asked.

「 Yes. I’m okay. I chose to go with the underground society work and so I’ll do it 」

For Yomi, who didn’t become the Takakura shrine maiden, to continue her life brushing aside the people who intervene with our lives…

She will have to use the Miko power all out.

Not to control the will of other people, but to survive using her power as a weapon.

Not as a poor girl who has the Miko power but has no parents, but instead…

As a professional bodyguard with the Miko power.

Yomi needs to show that she can beat strong people quickly.

If the Yakuza thinks that she has a strange power, but in the end, she’s still a young girl, then they will come after her persistently.

Therefore, Yomi needs to be composed of doing dirty work.

「 Yomi doesn’t want a life where I’m always scared of the Yakuza 」

The Takakura sisters lived in fear from the Yakuza ever since they were a child.

They need to mow down that trauma and insecurities away.

「 Then, which group are we going in first? 」

Kinoshita-san asks me while swinging her flail with a smile.

「 Let’s go with Tendou Sadao first 」

I said.

Irokuchou Ichirou, the observer sent from Kansai needs to bring back a message.

But, this is the end of Tendou Sadao.

Yomi’s a bit nervous, but these people will have no problems if an overkill order is carved into their hearts.

She can experience all the irregularities with Tendou Sadao, and she can head to Irokuchou Ichirou with a calm mind.

「 Have you decided on what order to give them? 」

I asked Yomi.

「 Y-Yes! Minaho-oneesama and Nei-oneesama created one beforehand and gave it to me. I’ve been re-reading it all this time so I memorized it already 」

Minaho-neesan and Nei created it?

「 My ideas are also there 」

Edie smiles.

Somehow, I have a bad premonition.

It doesn’t matter.

It’s with Tendou Sadao anyway.

「 Well, what happens, happens 」

Edie said.

◇ ◇ ◇

We pass through the maze-like structure building, and then…

We go up and down the stairs, ride multiple elevators.

Then, we reached Tendou Sadao’s detention room.

「 As soon as the door opens, I’ll release my Qi and pull their attention. Then, Yomi, you can take control of them at that moment 」

Edie said.

「 Y-Yes! Edie-oneesama 」

Oh, I knew it, her shoulder’s under pressure. Yomi’s nervous.

「 Then, Kinoshita and Haiji will also make sure to check on the guys who are waiting for their chance to escape as soon as the door opens. We’re not sure if they’re hiding behind the door 」

「 Okay~ 」

「 C-Certainly 」

Kinoshita-san’s composed, but…

Haiji-san is nervous.

「 Edie, what do I do? 」

I asked.

「 Isn’t that obvious? Darling is Yomi’s backup 」


「 Yomi, come here 」

「 Yes, Sensei 」

I embraced Yomi’s small yet squishy body.

「 Now, take a deep breath 」

「 O-Okay. Haaa, suuuu

Haaa, suuuu

「 Kufu! 」

Yomi looked at my face and smiled.

「 What’s up? 」

「 I mean, Sensei’s also taking deep breaths 」

Oh right, I’m doing the same thing.

「 Hug me tight, Sensei 」

「 Sure 」

I embraced Yomi.

「 Kiss me too 」

「 Sure 」

Yomi asks for my tongue.

She’s swearing on her forehead.

「 Ahn, I feel nervous 」

「 Are you afraid? 」

「 I’m not. Sensei’s with me, and Edie-oneesama’s also here 」

Yomi finally shows a smile.

「 But, if Yomi gets in disorder, please help me, Sensei 」

「 Yeah, leave that to me 」

I promise.

「 Then, let’s begin 」

Edie looks at our faces.

Yomi and Edie are in front of the door.

I’m standing behind Yomi.

Kinoshita-san and Haiji-san are on the sides.

「 Reika’s the one handling the doors? 」

Edie asks Kinoshita-san.

「 Yes, since I’m here, she should be in charge of the doors 」

Oh, the room where Minaho-neesan’s monitoring the situation.

Rei-chan’s in control of the remotes in this place.

「 Reika, can you hear us? 」

『 Yes, we’re ready anytime 』

I hear Rei-chan’s voice in the corridor speakers.

「 Yomi, Haiji, ready? 」

Edie checks on Yomi and Haiji-san again.

She’s so caring.

She makes sure that everyone’s moving forward, not just herself.

She looks after the girls that lack experience.

「 I’m okay 」

Haiji-san replied.

「 M-Me too 」


I tap Yomi’s shoulder from behind.

「 Hyaaa 」

「 Loosen up 」

I whispered to her ears.

「 Y-Yes 」

「 Take another deep breath 」

「 Haaa, suuu, haaa, suuu 」

Yomi takes deep breaths and her body loosens up slowly.

「 Yomi, we’re going to have sex later 」

I whispered to her ears.

「 What do you want to do? 」


「 I want Sensei to spank Yomi with all your strength 」

「 Spanking? 」

「 Yes, tie up my breasts with a rope, then bang me while slapping my butt 」

「 Okay, I’ll spank you later 」

「 Yes, do it 」

It looks like she’s going to be okay now.

「 Reika, OPEN SESAME 」

The door to the detention room unlocks.

The door moved and opens up.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 W-What?! 」

We check Tendou Sadao’s face inside the room with our naked eyes.

All the other Yakuza noticed us.

Although, they’re all old, so…

They couldn’t stand up and head this way.

「 Ah, it’s that woman! 」

「 Hey, you’re the one that jumped from the ceiling of the karaoke box and kicked us 」

「 And that girl…Isn’t that the Takakura shrine’s girl? 」

The Yakuza noticed Edie and Yomi.

The organization probably told them about how Yomi’s face.

They remember it when Minaho-neesan used her as a hostage.

「 Tsk! Don’t look at the shrine maiden! 」

Iwasaki Hiromi jumped in,

She’s coming to attack us

「 Now’s the time! HAWOOOO!!! 」

Edie releases her Qi in the detention room.

「 Uwa! 」

「 Uhi! 」

「 Awawa! 」

「 Tabawa! 」

「 Rue! 」

She pulls in their consciousness

「 Dammit!!! 」

Iwasaki Hiromi stopped moving, she’s still glaring at us.

「 Now, Yomi 」

Edie said.

「 Everyone, look at me!! 」

I sense a white noise blowing in.

She releases her Miko power.

All of the Yakuza in the room shows a dumbfounded face.

「 Kyauuu 」

However, Yomi’s expression also distorts.

「 What’s wrong, Yomi? 」

「 The Yakuza’s using their Qi to counter Yomi 」


These guys all have a messed up personality.

These old men and women have different emotions and memories, but,

They all flow into Yomi now.

「 Yomi, get yourself together 」

I embraced her from behind.

Then, I grab Yomi’s impossibly huge breasts with all my strength.

「 Hyaauuu!? Eeh?! Sensei?! 」

「 Yep. Now calm down, Yomi 」

I start licking her ears while massaging her breasts.

「 Your body is in here. You’re in my arms, so don’t worry 」

To wash away the flood of Yakuza’s thoughts,

I tie down Yomi to the ground and become her weight.

「 Yes, embrace me tightly, Sensei 」

「 Yeah, it’s okay. I’m right here 」

I can feel Yomi’s nipples getting stiff under the fabric.

「 Yes, it’s okay. Yomi’s okay now. But, continue hugging me 」

「 I know. Yomi, what do you need to do next? Do you remember? 」

「 Yes, It’s okay, I got it 」

Yomi faced Tendou Sadao.

「 Do you guys want to go to New York?!! 」


「 Ah, I made a mistake, I meant Newfoundland island! 」

「 That’s not it either, Yomi 」

Edie scolds her.

「 Ah, Newfoundland Island is the place of origin of the Newfoundland dog breed. Well, they’re from the Labrador in Canada. The home island of Labrador and Retriever dogs 」

「 Kinoshita, we don’t need that now 」


「 Yomi, not that island 」

「 Oh right 」

Yomi realized.

Once again.

「 Everyone! Do you want to go to New Pecapeca?! 」

What, what? What?

Does that island exist?

「 That’s right! That’s good! 」

I don’t get it.

「 Okay, now everyone, look at me 」

Yomi’s power controls the Yakuza.

「 Everyone, you know about Tokugawa’s buried treasure? 」

What’s this buried treasure now?

「 You should know about the rumors, right? And, you want to see it with your own eyes, right? 」

Yomi’s voice echoes in the detention room.

「 Surprising amount of Gold Bars! It’s the overflowing smell of adventure! This will become the first-and-last shocking adventure topic in the Heisei era! 」

W-What is she talking about?

No, I get that Nei and Edie gave her the idea, but…

「 There are rumors that Oguri Kozukenosuke, the statesman at the end of the Edo period, hid the treasure, and it’s worth more than 3.6 million yen. It’s a hidden fund for the best Shogunate, but, the man of the art of war deceived them, and it’s still not discovered even today! 」

Yomi said.

「 However, Tokugawa’s buried treasure is real! No, it has to be! And our data collecting party has discovered the location of Tokugawa’s buried treasure! 」


「 That’s right! Tokugawa’s buried treasure is in the south of New Pecapeca island, one thousand kilometers off the coast! That’s right, it’s in the New Pecapeca island, a once prospering place, but it sunk to the bottom of the sea because they angered the gods, it’s the legendary phantom island the last piece of the Bronson continent! 」

「 B-Bronson island? 」

Tendou Sadao mutters.

It’s not just words, but Yomi’s power soaks into the minds of the Yakuza.

「 That’s right! If you go there, your dreams will come true! You don’t have to hesitate and go there! The continent’s name is Bronson, it’s a utopia in the Southern Seas! 」

「 Then, how do we go there? 」

「 T-Teach us! 」

The Yakuza shouts at Yomi.

「 The New Pecapeca island is near Africa, about 7000 kilometers away from Saint Helena island in the South Pacific! 」

America, Saint Helena island.

「 Tokugawa’s buried treasure, all 3.6 million is sleeping over there! I’m waiting for the day you all discover it!!!

Yomi smiles.

「 What do you think? Do you still have other thoughts than Tokugawa’s buried treasure? The New Pecapeca island’s Bronze continent has a lot of gold sleeping in the land. If you find that treasure, you’ll all become rich! Furthermore, you’ll become a hero of the new world. It’s cool! Your name will remain in history! Naturally, all of you will look for that buried treasure. After all, it surely is there. That’s the only possibility 」

Oh, so it’s like that.

The intent is to make them go crazy.

Turn them crippled.

「 There’s nothing on the Saint Helena Island. That’s why they imprisoned Napoleon there 」

Edie whispered to me.

「 Q-Question! That guy from the Edo period, why would he bury his money so far away? 」

One of the Yakuza asks Yomi.

「 Ah, good question! The answer is that they used the “Dokodemo Door” 」

Yomi replied.

「 By the way, they used a devil’s tongue jelly to translate and converse with the islanders 」

「 Dokodemo door? 」

「 Then, I guess that’s reasonable 」

Oh, they no longer possess the ability to think.

「 The thought of finding the buried treasure in the new Pecapeca island is carved into the core of their thoughts. That will be their only objective in life and they can’t think of anything else 」


「 If you’re going to look for Tokugawa’s buried treasure in New Pecapeca island, then you will need to abandon your current names. From that corner over there, you’ll be Pecapeca challenger 1, and the next guy is 2. Please confirm your numbers. That will be your name now. Forget about your current name. You can’t remember that until you find the buried treasure 」

Tokugawa’s buried treasure could exist somewhere, but.

It will not be on the New Pecapeca island.

After all, that island doesn’t exist.

Therefore, these people will lose their names forever. They will never remember it.

「 Got it, I’m Pecapeca challenger 13 」

Tendou Sadao said happily.

A mind altered by Miko power can no longer return to the original.

「 And then, how we get to New Pecapeca island? 」

Tendou Sadao asks Yomi.

「 Well, the bosses who sent you to Tokyo knows about it 」

I get it now.

「 O-Our bosses? 」

「 That’s right. Your bosses know, and so ask them yourself 」

I embrace Yomi tighter.

Yomi’s giving Tendou Sadao’s a death sentence.

「 If you don’t hurry and ask them, then your bosses will go first to New Pecapeca island! Then, they will take the Tokuda’s buried treasure for themselves! They’re going to take away all the honor and praise from society! 」

「 I won’t allow that! We will take all the buried treasure in New Pecapeca island! 」

「 That’s right! We will not hand it over, not even to our bosses! 」

「 Yeah, we need to ask them the location of the island no matter what! 」

Even Iwasaki Hiromi is into Yomi’s story.

「 Make preparations! We’re all going back to Kansai and talk to our bosses! 」

「 Then, we’re going to New Pecapeca islands right away! 」

The bosses from Kansai will only see Tendou’s insanity as an attack.

Tendou’s head will not have anything but the buried treasure, no matter how many times they talk to them.

Even if it’s the boss of the organization, they will ask them about the New Pecapeca island.

「 Yes. Please work hard until your death 」

Yomi said.

Tendou and the group will die in the hands of their bosses.

No, if they don’t kill this group, they will keep on prowling on the boss for a non-existent buried treasure until they die.

「 Okay, the exit is this way! We can tell you a place where you can rent cars and then borrow some cars and head back to Kansai in separate cars 」


「 Ooh! We’re going now! It’s our time to shine! We’re heading to the New Pecapeca islands! 」

「 We’ll definitely get the Tokugawa’s buried treasure! It’s ours! 」

They shout.

With that, there will be no proof that Kouzuki SS is involved.

Tendou Sadao’s acting on their own.

Tendou Sadao will come back to Kansai like this, and furthermore, they will head to their boss.

Tomorrow, it will be troublesome in Kansai.

Tendou will keep on pushing forward with screams nobody could understand. How would the bosses see that?

They will have no choice but to dispose of the sacrificial pawns they sent here.

The pawns that should’ve been in Tokyo turned back as pawns against them.

「 Okay, we’ll open the door and you all can come down 」

Kinoshita-san is guarding us while swinging her flail, but…

「 Wait 」


「 Tokuda-san, who’s Tokuda Sonoko-san’s father? 」

Err, I can’t find him among the Yakuza that’s standing up together.

「 Uhm, I am Sonoko’s father, but I’m now Pecapeca Challenger 9 」

Tokuda’s name is no longer his.

「 Yomi, give him the best route 」

「 Sensei? 」

Yomi looked at my face.

If he goes with Tendou Sadao like this, he will remain as a goofer of Tendou and the group until the end.

Naturally, I won’t save this man.

He’s a member of the sacrificial pawns sent to us.

His only ending is death.


「 Okay, Sensei. Pecapeca challenger 9. You’ll ride an express bus and return to Kansai

「 O-Okay 」

「 As for everyone else, you don’t want to go with the same car as Pecapeca Challenger 9, right? 」

She radiates her power.

「 Yeah, you go on your bus, pecapeca challenger 9. However, we’re going straight ahead to the bosses. If you’re late, we might be in the New Pecapeca island already, don’t think badly of us 」

Tendou Sadao says while showing a smile.

Even if it’s returning to Kansai, Sonoko-san’s father will be free from Tendou Sadao’s chains.

That’s all we could do for him.

◇ ◇ ◇

We release Tendou Sadao outside.

Then, we went to Irokuchou Ichirou’s room.

Irokuchou will return to Kansai and go to the police station.

They will confess about everything, the organization, their bosses, all the crimes of their seniors.

No matter how small of an offense it is, as long as there’s information.

Their crimes, their comrades’ crimes.

Then, Kouzuki house becomes Hyoutan island.

Takakura shrine becomes Hotel California.

Tendou Sadao becomes David Hassel.

Their memories are altered to replace the words in their heads.


『 We sent Tendou Sadao to Tokyo’s Kouzuki house because of the grudge on Takakura shrine 』

Even if they give that testimony.

『 We sent David Hassel and his phantom chivalric order to draw their sword and warp to Tokyo’s Hyoutan island because of the grudge on Hotel California 』

That will be their line.

Their memories and thoughts are altered thanks to Miko power.

The police will not be able to understand what they’re talking about.

The Kansai Yakuza will have to silence them all too.

Our order isn’t to expose the crimes of the organization once.

Irokuchou Ichirou will do it again and again until they die.

It doesn’t matter who’s around them, even if they’re in a business district with many people, as soon as they see a police officer.

They will continue to expose all the crimes the organization has done.

The bosses will not let them live.

Sending the Yakuza like this back to Kansai…

It’s a death message coming from Kouzuki house.