Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 933. Night of Flirting / Deflowering the twins (Rie Arc 2)



「 Now, get naked Rie 」


「 I-I… 」

A young girl wearing nothing but a thin white school swimsuit and leather collar.

Eri, her twin sister who came with her is unconscious.

She’s not facing Rie so she can’t see her expression.

「 Good. We’re controlling you. Everything that will happen now isn’t what you will. You aren’t responsible for it 」

Tsukiko said.

「 It’s not my fault. It’s all Onii-san and Onee-san’s fault 」

Rie’s red face leaks out a hot sigh.

She’s aroused.

No, Tsukiko’s forcing her to become aroused.

「 That’s right. I’m forcing you with my orders. Take it off, get naked. Oh right, keep the collar on. You’re my sex slave 」

To be honest, it’s hard to distinguish the twins if they don’t wear the collar.

That’s how similar the two are.

Well, I’ve been looking at them all this time so I can point out some differences, but…

I should be able to make a distinction once I observe them closer.

For example, Eri’s the one leading the duo.

Rie’s the passive one.

Despite Rie trying to catch up with Eri’s conversation.

Rie never takes the initiative.

That said, the difference in collar helps out.

「 That’s right. It is as Kou-sama says 」

Tsukiko emits her power.

I thought of tearing her white school swimsuit around her nipple and her pussy and her rape her like that, but…

I want to see her virgin naked body as expected.

I thought of taking photos of Rie’s naked virgin body, the one her parents use to sell to the lolicons.

「 I-I understand. I-I’ll take it off 」

Rie stands before me on the bed

Ruriko and Nei turned the camera to Rie immediately.

「 H-Hauu, I’ve been taking multiple filming of lewd swimsuit and yet, this will be my first time getting naked in front of a camera 」

Tsukiko’s control is reaching, ingraining itself into Rie’s mind.

Rie’s no longer crying. She’s not making a racket. She’s not screaming.

She’s accepting the fate where I will deflower her solemnly.

「 There we go 」

Her hands pull the shoulder strap of her school swimsuit and lower it down.

I see. So female swimsuits stretch out that long.

Well, they can’t put it on and off unless it stretches that much.

When her shoulders are both exposed, Rie’s hands stopped.

She looked at me, embarrassed.

「 What’s wrong. 」

「 M-My breasts are small 」

I look up at the puff on her swimsuit.

「 Not really. That’s enough for your age 」

She has more than Michi, who’s a flat board.

It’s almost the same as Agnes who is well developed.

But, it looks like it’s still hard compared to Agnes’ flexible breasts.

「 The breasts I massage, lick, and suck all develop to good ones 」

I said.

「 Well, isn’t that great? Now tell Kou-sama “Please take care of mine as well” 」

Tsukiko gives an order.

「 P-Please take care of mine as well, Onii-san 」

She replies with a blushing face.

Now that she’s under Miko power’s control, she can’t go against it.

Oh right, Tsukiko…

She’s actually a bit sadistic.


Tsukiko was oppressed the most by the bosses in the Yakuza as she’s the eldest.

She’s been mentally cornered, that’s why now that she’s free, she has a strong desire to force her power on other people herself.

Just like Minaho-neesan.

Some girls become masochist after becoming oppressed too much, but…

Tsukiko’s a sadist inside.


Tsukiko is a newcomer among my women.

She has to stand equal against Misuzu and Ruriko from Kouzuki house.

As for the Kuromori mansion, she’s no match against Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee, Nagisa, and Nei.

That said, she couldn’t force sadistic sex towards her cute little sisters.

Rie is the first sacrifice for Tsukiko.

Where she’s allowed to use her power all-out, pouring all her sadistic lust on her.

「 I will be careful to not break her 」

Tsukiko smiled at me.

「 Besides, I put Kou-sama’s pleasure more than myself 」

If it was Yomi, she will get dragged by her desires that she might act recklessly, but…

Tsukiko’s mentally stable, it should be okay.

Ruriko from Kouzuki house, Nei from Kuromori house, and Yomi her little sister are together with us, and so Tsukiko can put brakes on her mind.

「 Yes. Therefore, please release your desires 」


「 It’s okay. We’re in here, we’ll be able to put a brake on it 」

Tsukiko smiles.

「 That’s right, Yo-chan, Ruri-chan, Mana-chan, Yomi-chan, Tsukiko-san, and I are here 」

「 Besides, Mana’s okay with a little bit of pervertedness 」

「 Yes, I also want to know more about Onii-sama 」

「 Yomi understands Sensei’s mind so there’s no need to hide it 」

Nei, Mana, Ruriko, Yomi?

「 Well, we know that Yo-chan’s a kind guy and treasures all of us, but you know… 」

「 I mean, if it’s in the mansion, Megu-oneechan’s common-sensei s too much that it gets off, doesn’t it? 」

「 And in Kouzuki house, if Onii-sama unleashes his lust, Misuzu-oneesama might rampage 」

「 Or should I say that Sensei’s worried about Agnes-chan, Luna, and Yomi. If we start seeing some extreme sex, he worries that we might become perverts 」


I see. If it’s in the mansion, Megu’s there with her common sense, and so I don’t go for anything perverted in sex. I go to the bedroom and have sex with the one on duty.

In Kouzuki house if I get too loose, Misuzu would really ask for more than that.

And yeah, I’m worried that Agnes and the girls may learn about the hardcore stuff.

「 But, you know, Yo-chan have a lot of cute girls around, and so it’s natural that you’d want to get messed up 」


「 We get it. Onii-chan thinks that it will be hard for us if you get indulged with your harem 」

Yeah, I’m afraid.

「 However, the desire inside Onii-sama is clear. Therefore, recently, when I do housework 」

「 Or when Ai-chan’s cleaning up in the bakery, you attack her, right? 」

Ruriko, Nei.

「 When Megu-oneechan and Misuzu-oneechan aren’t present, when Agnes-chan and the girls aren’t watching, and the girl isn’t asking for it is the best scenario, right? Ai-oneechan, Ruri-oneechan, both love it when Onii-chan comes after them 」

Mana said.

「 To be honest, Ruriko prefers it when Onii-sama’s coming after me when I’m doing the laundry more than having sex because I’m on duty. Recently, every time I do the laundry, I get wet down there 」


「 Well, enough about that. Still, Yo-chan needed to let out some stress. It’s not good to be frustrated despite living together with the harem and ejaculating for more than ten times a day 」

「 But, Onii-chan’s anxiety is real. Our family only managed to come to existence recently 」


Right now, everyone in the mansion wears clothes.

It’s not just sex, everyone has their school studies, and they learn for their dreams in the future.

If I get over the top, I know that it will only mess them up.

「 Therefore, Minaho-neesan’s creating this “sex slave corner” for Yo-chan on the brothel that she’s about to reopen outside the family. And so, Yo-chan can have whatever kind of sex you want with the girls over there 」


「 Yo-chan, you’re entrusted with the job for the new brothel, right? 」

Sure, Minaho-neesan tasked me of training the girls that are about to become prostitutes of the new brothel.

Limiting it only to the virgins.

Deflowering them, and educating them until they could take customers.

「 The brothel is the starting point of Black Forest, and so it’s a job for Yo-chan who inherits the Kuromori house, Megu-chan and Mii-chan can’t complain about it. Naturally, Agnes and the girls can’t go to the new brothel 」

Minaho-neesan’s new brothel isn’t in our mansion.

It’s decided that Black Forest will use the basement of a building in front of the station.

「 Naturally, Megu-chan and Mii-chan can’t enter the new brothel, nor they’re allowed to 」

Megu lost her mother inside a brothel. Minaho-neesan knows that her wish is to not let her daughter turn to a prostitute, and so she can’t stand inside the new brothel.

Misuzu is the daughter of Kouzuki house.

「 However, we can go there. Onii-chan 」


「 Yes, Onii-sama. I can enter while wearing a disguise too. Just like how I entered this place 」

Huh, Ruriko too?

「 Grandfather already sold me off. I’m not a daughter of Kouzuki house but Onii-sama’s slave. Ruriko can go in places where she can relieve of Onii-sama’s lust 」

I bought Ruriko for 3000 yen.


「 Yomi will come too. I’m Sensei’s sex slave 」

「 And I’m one of the managers of the brothel! That’s why it won’t be weird if I go in and out there 」

Nei’s going to continue her lookout job even in the new Black Forest brothel.

「 If we’re making a new sex slave corner for Yo-chan in the new brothel, then we need someone to manage it 」

「 Then, Mana and the girls will take turns 」


「 We can’t all be in the new brothel all the time. Mana and the gills will take turns as supervisors. If not, it’s going to be a problem for the new sex slaves for Onii-chan’s release of lust, right? 」

「 Yes, please leave it to us. Onii-sama 」

「 Yomi’s going to do her best 」

Nei, Mana, Ruriko, Yomi are going to manage my sex slaves?

But, huh?


「 I have to return to Kyoto by next year 」

Right, Takakura shrine in Kyoto.

The long-established Takakura shrine can’t remain deserted.

「 Yes. I will bear Kou-sama’s child and raise it there 」

「 Of course, I’ll come and see you from time to time 」

I said.

Kyoto’s not the end of the earth.

I can’t leave Tsukiko in solitude either.

「 Yomi will also visit 」

「 And the other sex slaves will come too 」

「 Right. Ai-san too 」

「 What about creating a sex slave corner for Yo-chan in Kyoto too? 」

Everyone’s speaking some outrageous stuff now.

「 Well, either way, Megu-chan, and Mii-chan can’t make a move for people outside the family, and Rie-chan will be the first super sex slave for Yo-chan’s sexual release 」

Nei looks at the dumbfounded Rei.

「 It depends on Yo-chan on whether Eri-chan would be the second one but, the third one would be Arisu-san from the Kurama house. That’s Minaho-oneechan’s determined plan 」

That’s right.

Minaho-neesan’s going to make Misato-san, the elder of the Kurama sisters, work as a prostitute.

The little sister, Arisu-san will become my sex slave.

「 It’s okay, they’re girls who have no other way of survival than becoming Yo-chan’s sex slave 」

「 Yes, that, Mana too 」

「 Yomi is also happy to become Sensei’s slave 」

Right, Mana, Ruriko, Yomi.

They had no other choice but to become a slave.


Kurama Misato will become a prostitute as a punishment for their collapsed house. Furthermore, it’s to show the nobility to never do that foolishness again.

Jii-chan decided as such.

We can’t let the women who will work as prostitute make contact with Agnes and the girls.

Misato-san is mentally weak, and so we can’t separate her from her little sister, Arisu-san.

However, the new Black Forest, will not take in young girls as prostitutes.

Therefore, I can only take Arisu-san as a sex slave.

Her sister will suffer selling her body to men, and so Arisu-san needs her body to become defiled.

As a member of Black Forest, I will take responsibility and rape her continuously.

The elder, Misato-san will sell her body, and I will violate Arisu-san.

On the other hand, Rie and the girls have no place to return to.

However, the current Rie and Eri can’t make contact with Agnes.

These girls have become influenced by the ill-will of adults.


「 It’s okay, Kou-sama. You can do as you please 」

「 It’s okay, Onii-chan, become the pervert 」

「 Go all out and release it, Onii-sama 」

「 Yomi don’t mind seeing it 」

「 Yo-chan, go ahead. Do a lot of bad things 」

Tsukiko, Mana, Ruriko, Yomi, and Nei.

「 After all, we’re also bad girls, just like Yo-chan. It’s okay to do bad things 」

Just their few comments.

The last restraint is loosened.

「 Rie! 」

I push my arms into the chest of this half-naked young beauty and looked up at her.

「 Y-Yes? 」

Rie’s slightly intoxicated.

However, she’s still conscious.

Tsukiko’s control is still on.

「 Show me your breasts 」

I want to see Rie’s nipples, her virgin breasts.

「 U-Uhm, by all means? 」

Rie replies with her Kansai accent.

「 Yeah, show it to me, don’t defy me 」

I know.

My true nature is of a sadist.

I realized that when I first raped Yukino.

Therefore, I…

Thus, I always held myself back except when I have sex with Yukino.

To not let the sadist inside me wake up.

「 It’s okay, we’re here for you 」

「 Yes, we’re watching you Sensei 」

The two shrine maidens are monitoring my heart.

Do I enjoy this recklessness?

「 It’s okay, Yo-chan 」


Nei, Mana, Ruriko, Yomi, Tsukiko

Yeah, I can show my true self to these girls.

Minaho-neesan’s selection is perfect.

「 Go on, show your breasts Rie 」

「 O-Okay 」

Rie gasps.

I also swallowed my saliva.

「 I-I’ll take it off! 」

She prepared herself.

She lowers down her swimsuit.


「 Kyauu! 」

Rie blushed, trembled.

Oh, Tsukiko’s maximizing Rie’s shame.

This is all to please me.

「 Yeah, this is just the right breasts for your age. The nipples are a bit aloof. The color’s great too 」

I said.

It’s a bit stiff though.

I’m sure that these breasts of hers will grow beautifully.


I’ll be sure to develop it that way.

She’s my personal use sex slave.

I’ll look after Rie for the rest of her life.

「 Hey, where’s your “Thank you” to Kou-sama? 」

Tsukiko orders.

「 T-Thank you. Onii-san 」

Rie answers.

「 Yeah, then, come over here Rie. I want to know the taste and elasticity of your breasts 」

「 Now, present your breasts to Kou-sama 」

「 W-Why do I have to? Aaahn! I don’t want this and yet, Aaah! 」

Rie who took off her swimsuit until her chest kneels before me who’s sitting cross-legged on the bed.

She presents her cute breasts before me.

Oh, I knew it. Her nipples are still caved in her areola.

「 Has anyone touched your breasts before? 」


「 Eri-chan often touch me when we film 」

「 Don’t count Eri. Anyone else? 」

It’s her twin she lived together all the time so it doesn’t count.

「 What about doctors or someone similar? Father says that Eri-chan and my body are both precious commodity so don’t let anyone touch it. Rosoku-kun hasn’t touched me yet 」

Rie replies facing me straight ahead.

She actually wants to turn away from me.

To run away from me and to close her eyes and escape from reality.

However, Tsukiko and I aren’t allowing that.

「 You girls are no longer goods. You girls are mine now. Therefore, I can touch you anytime I want. Got it? 」

「 Y-Yes, I-I understand. Uuuugh, why? Why did this happen? 」

She accepts me as her master, defying her will.

I use my right hand to touch Rie’s breasts.

「 Kyaa! 」

「 Don’t be afraid, I’m touching you 」

Yeah, this is the elasticity of jelly covered in vinyl.

It’s more of squish than fluff.

That stiffness and elasticity show how young Rie is.

I ascertain the elasticity of the other one.

「 Aaah, what’s this. Why…I? 」

Wearing a half-off swimsuit and collar on her neck.

The spacious room with tatami floors and bed in the middle, video cameras placed all around.

And beautiful girls surrounding us. My woman.

I’m starting the sexual assault on Rie in this abnormal room.

Eri, the other twin Rie relies the most on, is unconscious, facing the wall.

「 Oh, the nipple’s here 」

I push her areola with my thumb.

I stroke her caved in nipples to bring it out.

「 What’s this? It’s too lewd 」

Rie mutters as she looks at my hand rub her breasts roughly.

「 This isn’t the best part yet 」

I approach my lips on Rie’s chest.

「 I’m licking it 」

「 H-Hyaaa 」

The feeling of her areola with my tongue…

Rie trembles.

I continue to lick them.

Yeah, she’s sweating from nervousness.

Rie’s skin is salty.

「 T-This is, this is my first time 」

I continue to suck out her sunken nipple.

「 Aaah, aaaah, I-I can’t, don’t do this 」

Rie trembles.

Yeah, I can’t force her nipples to stick out unless we have sex.

Well, there’s no need to hurry.

I can take it slow and enjoy her.

I thought while comparing the nipples on both sides.

「 Kyauu 」

Next, I touch Rie’s ass covered by a white school swimsuit.

This feels better compared to touching raw ass.

This isn’t meaty yet.

But, it’s still elastic.

「 I-Iyaaaan~ W-What are you doing?! 」

My other hand touches Rie’s crotch.

I’m touching this from the swimsuit cloth too.

I grind my fingers on it.

「 Hiii~ Yaaaa~ I’m feeling strange! 」

I attack Rie’s ass and crotch while licking her breasts.

「 Don’t worry. Right now, you’re several tenfold more sensitive than normal 」

I knew it, it’s Tsukiko.

I don’t want to deflower Rie while she’s afraid.

I want to force this developing body to feel it, to bloom.

She knows that very desire of me.

Right, if she can feel this much, then.

「 Tsukiko, force Rie’s right hand above 」

「 Yes, Kou-sama 」

「 W-What? N-Noooo 」

Tsukiko’s power forced Rie to raise her hands.

Her fair skin and armpits become defenseless.

「 I’m going to lick your armpits 」

「 L-Lick?! 」

I stretch out my tongue.

I start licking Rie’s armpit.

「 K-Kyaaan~! N-Noo! Don’t lick my armpit!!! 」

Rie trembles as I attack her pleasure spots.

Oh, there’s some armpit hair growing.

I’m scraping it with my tongue.

Meanwhile, I continue to caress her crotch and ass.

Chapi. Chapu.

Rie’s pussy covered by her swimsuit is making lewd sounds.

「 Are you getting wet, Rie? 」

「 N-No?! W-Why?! I don’t want this! This shouldn’t feel good, and yet… 」

「 But, look, there’s a stain in here now 」

The crotch on her white swimsuit gets moist.

「 Okay, let’s take a photo of that 」

「 Ah, me too 」

Ruriko and Nei approach their cameras.

「 N-Noo! Don’t take photos of me like this! 」

Rie’s embarrassed.

「 Okay, it’s about time 」


「 Take it all off, get naked 」

「 Uuu, uuuu 」

「 If you don’t get naked, we can’t have sex, right? 」

「 N-noo! Why, why?! 」

「 It’s because I want to have sex with Rie

「 B-But I don’t want to do it 」

Rie shakes her head.

「 Can’t help it 」

I stand up.

Rie’s kneeling before me, so…

「 H-Hiiiiii?!! 」

My erect penis is in front of Rie.

「 If you don’t want to have sex right away then lick this 」

「 N-No, it’s impossible! 」

She should know about fellatio, but…

Pushing my erect dick suddenly on her is…

「 Oh, there’s no problem. I will teach you how to do it 」

Tsukiko strengthens her control.

「 You should remember this all. Kou-sama likes it when you do this 」

Tsukiko presses Rie’s lips to my glans.

「 Nnnnnnnn?! 」

Rie’s eyes are forced to look up at me.

A beauty sending me a glance while kissing my glans.

They’re taking photos of that scene.

「 First, kiss it. Then, lick it with your tongue 」

「 Nugugugugu 」

No matter how much she hates it, Rie’s tongue moves as Tsukiko wants.

She licks around my glans.

She licks the backside.

「 What does it taste like? 」

I asked.

「 It’s salty, bitter 」

Rie speaks in pain.

「 Remember the taste of my dick. Rie will serve this dick from now on 」

「 That’s correct. You will never have sex with any man other than Kou-sama. You will serve only his dick 」

Tsukiko’s words echo in Rie’s heart.

「 Y-Yes, u-uuun. I don’t want this. I don’t want this! 」

「 Now, use your mouth and serve Kou-sama with your lips 」

「 Uuuuuu 」

Rie’s small lips start sucking up my penis.

It’s her first time giving fellatio, and yet…

She’s forced to reproduce Tsukiko’s techniques, so she’s doing well.

Tsukiko used her Miko power to make Katsuko-nee and Nagisa’s fellatio techniques her own.

「 Kou-sama, are you about to cum? 」

Tsukiko can also sense when I’m about to ejaculate.

「 Yeah, I’m going to cum and make Rie drink it 」

I declared.

「 Is that so? Then I’ll speed it up 」

「 Nn, guuuu!? 」

Rie’s lips and tongue sped up.

While at it, Rie’s hands start stimulating my balls.

Tsukiko’s forcing her.

「 Ooh, I’m cumming Rie. Drink it. Drink all of my semen 」

「 Nnnn, nnnnnn, nnngugugugu?!!! 」

Rie’s eyes show intense rejection.

That brilliance triggered the ejaculation.

「 I’m cumming 」

Byrurururu, byrurururu, byrurururu!!

「 Nnnnnnnn?!!! 」

The young beauty shivered in anguish.

I let it all out inside her small mouth.

「 Oh right, don’t drink it yet, hold it in your mouth 」

I poured my semen inside Rie’s mouth until the last drop.

「 Okay, I’m pulling it out 」

I pulled out my penis from Rie’s mouth.

「 Now open your mouth and show me the semen inside 」

「 Kuguuu 」

Rie opens up her mouth with a face about to cry.

Rie’s pink tongue is covered with my white liquid.

「 Yes, I’m taking photos 」

Ruriko captures that face.

Naturally, recording all of that scenario from the kiss to ejaculation.

「 Okay, that’s good enough. Close your mouth. Then, use your saliva to dilute the semen 」

「 Do it 」

Tsukiko forces Rie to dilute it.

「 And now, drink it 」

「 Nnnnn!! 」

Rie gulped down what’s inside her mouth.

「 Now open your mouth and show it to me 」

Rie opens her mouth frustratingly.

It’s empty inside.

「 How was the taste 」

「 I-It’s bitter 」

She mutters sobbingly, but…

「 Wrong. You’re to answer “It was delicious” to Kou-sama 」

Tsukiko stops Rie from crying.

She’s not allowed to cry and panic.

「 I-It was delicious. Delicious 」

Rie looked up at me and said.

「 What’s delicious? 」

「 O-Onii-san’s…T-That… 」

「 Its semen, sperm, cum 」

I force her.

「 Uuuu, I…Aaah, Onii-san’s semen, sperm, it was delicious! Uuuuu 」

「 Then, you can drink more later 」

Tsukiko pours salt over her wound.

「 Y-Yes… 」

Rie can’t say no against Tsukiko or me.