Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 935. Night of Flirting / Deflowering the twins (Rie’s deflowering rape)



Chupa, chupa, chupa.

Earlier, Tsukiko forced her, but now…

Now, Rie’s serving me with her mouth willingly.

The young girl’s tongue moves around my hard erect penis.

She covers my glans.


Rie yields as soon as her heart broke…

「 Yes. That’s right 」

Tsukiko replies as she read my thoughts.

「 This is the best for those whose mind is overburdened 」

That means.

For Rie to stay with her twin, Eri…

As soon as she yielded…

「 Yes, Kou-sama 」

Tsukiko immediately rewrote Rie’s heart using her Miko power.

If the power forced Rie while there’s still some resistance remaining inside, her heart will break.

Therefore, so far, Tsukiko used her power gently to the extent that Rie’s heart won’t break, but…

That moment she showed an opportunity, Tsukiko went deep in an instant.

Rie yielded to me and went with the flow as she has resolved herself.

It will not cause any wounds in Rie’s heart.

No, she hasn’t noticed Tsukiko going as deep inside her mind.

If it’s now, she can rewrite Rie’s mind.

「 Yomi, remember this. You need speed at this time. You’ll need this for Kou-sama’s sake 」

Tsukiko speaks to her little sister who has the same power like hers.

I see.

No matter how powerful Miko power is…

If they don’t think about the situation and the timing while they use their power, it can break minds and turn people to lunatics

Generally, use weak power to guide the other party to yield.

And once the other party shows a chance, rewrite them immediately.

That’s the right way to take control of the other party.

「 When I return to Kyoto, Yomi will be the shrine maiden for Kou-sama’s sake 」

「 Yes, Tsukiko-oneesama. I’ll observe them closely 」

Yomi’s brought to this place for her to learn how to use that power.

「 Kou-sama, is this okay? 」


「 Kou-sama, you will raise that girl for the rest of her life 」

Right, I…

Rie will become my sex slave.

She’s not family, just a slave, a pet.

「 She will never make an exchange with any other man that Kou-sama, correct? 」

「 Yeah, this girl is mine 」

She won’t have sex with any other man.

I pat Rie’s face as she continues to fellate me with her best.

「 And she will bear Kou-sama’s child, correct? 」

「 Yeah, she will 」

Rie looks up at me while licking the tip of my dick.

「 If that’s the case, there’s no need to hold back. You can savor the girl as you desire 」


Rie will have sex with only me for the rest of her life.

If she will live as my sex slave, then…

I will have to raise this girl to my desires.

But, if I do that.

No, that won’t do.


「 Tsukiko, you’re using your power on me too? 」

I feel like I can’t hold back my desires.

「 I’m only opening the door that Kou-sama’s holding down 」

Tsukiko smiles.

「 That kind of self-regulation on sexual urges isn’t good for Kou-sama’s mind and body 」

I’m holding myself back.

「 It’s okay, Yo-chan. Do whatever you want 」

「 That’s right, Sensei 」

「 Onii-sama, there’s no problem 」

「 That’s right. After all, we’re Onii-chan’s sex slaves 」

Nei, Yomi, Ruriko, Mana.

Lastly, Rie lets go of my glans and looked up at me.

「 Onii-san decided to turn me to a slave, and yet, Onii-san’s the one holding back 」

She speaks honestly with me.

「 If you hold back here, I would be the fool 」


Though Tsukiko’s pushing Rie…

Rie’s determination is real.

I have to reward that resolve of hers.

「 But in exchange, please take care of Eri-chan too 」


「 Either way, Father was about to sell our bodies to the lolicons. It’s just that it became Onii-san and only Onii-san. Furthermore, if you say that I’m going to bear a child, then it means that you’re going to look after us even after we grow up and no longer look cute 」

「 Yeah, that’s right. I’ll look after you two until death 」

I promised.

Rie giggled.

「 I don’t know if that’s true or not but, even if you say that Onii-san, you might die really soon, you’ve been doing a lot of dangerous things 」

Yeah, I always put myself in danger.


「 If I were to die, I’ll tell my women to not let Rie and Eri have a hard time 」

「 I understand. Onii-sama 」

Ruriko replies immediately.

「 You also have our word 」

Nei too.

「 There’s no need. I trust Onii-san as he’s always serious. Therefore, I’ll trust what Onii-san says 」

Rie said.

「 Then, what should I do? What does Onii-san want me to do? 」

Oh, Rie no longer has the intent to bargain with me.

What’s left is to establish the slave contract with Rie and me.

The contract will be Rie’s virgin body.

The signature will be her red virgin blood.

「 Okay, if that’s the case, uhm 」

I can ask for whatever kind of sex I desire.

No, I can order her.

I shouldn’t ask. I should give orders.


「 What’s wrong, Onii-san? 」

Thinking about it again, seeing that it’s okay to do whatever I want with Rie…

It’s somewhat embarrassing.

「 Kou-sama, there’s no need to explain your desires in words 」


「 I am telling what Kou-sama’s heart desires to her 」

That helps.

“I want to do this kind of sex in this situation, and so I have to say it,” explaining every word is troublesome, and a bit embarrassing.

「 Kufufu, that’s what’s cute about Yo-chan 」

Nei looked at me and smiled.

「 Really, Onii-chan’s thoughts are showing on his face though 」

Even Mana.

「 Kou-sama, please concentrate on her for now 」

Oh right.

It’s not time to get embarrassed

「 Onii-san 」

I look at Rie.

The videos of this young body are famous among the lolicons.

Currently, she has a collar on her neck.

Her white school swimsuit is lowered until her hips, and her cute breasts are exposed.

That light pink areola. Her nipples are still caved in.

「 Rie. You’re cute 」

Perhaps, their parents did this on purpose to make lolicon videos.

I mean, purposely giving them a childish hairstyle.

Eri, her twin sister is the same.

But, this girl has a somewhat mature face.

Her body still has the body line of a young girl, but…

She’s growing.

Oh, I want to see Rie naked.

When I thought that…

「 Ah, yes. Uhm, Onii-san. Please watch Rie get naked 」

Rie stands up bashfully.

She reaches out for her white school swimsuit.

Starting from her waist, she pushed it down her ass…

Oh, I can see her crotch now.

It has some growth.

Only a bit though.

Well, in the case of this loli, having pubic hair is lewd.

「 This is my body 」

Rie pulls her swimsuit from her thighs and out of her foot.

She drops it to her side.

She’s naked other than her collar.

「 WAit. I’ll take photos of that 」

Ruriko takes photos of the nude virgin girl.

「 Ah, this is really embarrassing 」

Rie’s face dyed red in shame.

However, she’s not hiding her crotch nor chest.

Rie knows how I appreciate her naked body through Tsukiko.

「 Err, next is, huh? Sitting on the bed and spreading my legs? 」

She takes my desires to her mind.

「 Ah, yes. I-I understand. Onii-san is really lewd

Rie sits on the bed.

「 Uhm, is it like this? 」

She spreads her legs facing me.

Rie’s young slit remains closed despite her spreading her legs.

It’s a beautiful crotch, it looks like a palette knife cut on a block of smooth cream cheese.

Transparent liquid seeps out from her slit.

「 Eh, no way?! I’m doing that?! Is that bad?! Geez, Onii-san, you bully 」

She stretches out her fingers to her crotch.

「 Okay, look. Watch me. Onii-san, look at my insides that never accepted anyone yet. Aaahn~ This is too lewd! 」

Rie’s fingers open it.

Liquid drips down.

What a beautiful salmon-pink colored insides.

「 I’m going closer to take a look, Rie 」

「 Geez, just do whatever you want 」

Rie leaks a hot sigh. She’s aroused.

「 Spread it wider, I want to see deeper inside 」

「 Okay 」

Rie uses both hands to spread open her vulva.

I can see it.

A whitish-pink hymen.

「 Ah, yes. T-This is my hymen. It’s the membrane Onii-san is about to tear. It will be gone soon so please take a good look at it 」

「 Yeah, I’m recording that 」

Nei uses her compact digital camera to take close shots of Rie’s crotch.

The camera captures the twitches inside Rie.

It also includes Rie’s embarrassed expression.

「 I’ll take photos too. Rie-san, look this way 」

「 O-Okay 」

Ruriko takes photos of Rie spreading her legs and exposing her hymen.

Ruriko loves to film herself having sex, but, she also likes taking photos of other girls.

「 Yeah, that’s good enough, right, Yo-chan? 」

「 Yes. Feel free, Onii-sama 」

Documenting her pre-deflowering is over.

「 U-Uhm, Onii-san 」

Rie looks up at me while spreading her legs.

「 I…Rie… 」

What I want Rie to say…

She starts her proclamation as a slave.

「 I-I am Onii-san’s personal lewd slave. Please violate me whenever Onii-san likes. My breasts are still small, but, it’s for Onii-san and Onii-san’s child to suck. Please lick it anytime you want. Once it produces milk for the child, please have a drink. Please take care of me 」

I look at Rie’s still growing breasts.

If I massage and lick this, this will grow bigger.

Once she gives birth to a child, it will get bigger.

In five years.

「 Yo-chan really loves breasts, right? 」

「 Yeah, Onii-chan always licks mine when it’s my turn 」

「 Sensei loves to suck on Yomi’s nipples when we’re having hugging-sex 」

「 Ruriko loves it when Onii-sama violates me from behind while I stand and Onii-sama massages it roughly 」


I’ve done a lot on them.

「 A-Also, Rie’s…Rie’s pussy…After Onii-san breaks the hymen, this will also belong to Onii-san forever. Nothing but Onii-san’s penis can enter it. They’re not allowed to. I-It will be a hole only for Onii-san. I-I… 」

She’s blushing from embarrassment.

She’s sweating from excitement.

Her entrance opened wide with both hands wriggled, it continues to leak love nectar.

「 A-Also, uhm, I-I don’t need contraception. Please do it raw every time. Then, please thrust it inside me raw, and c-cum inside me. O-Onii-san, pour in…pour in your semen, anytime…anytime you want, and make me pregnant. It’s okay to cum inside me. Creampie. Please creampie me! 」

Rie shouted.

「 It’s okay. We also receive creampie every time 」

「 Yes, creampie 」

Nei and Ruriko nodded like it’s natural.

「 It’s either cumming inside or cumming in our mouth and drinking it 」

「 Yes, Sensei’s semen must pour inside us and not go to waste 」

Mana and Yomi added.

「 That’s right. It would be a waste if it goes outside 」

Lastly, Tsukiko who desires to become pregnant said.

「 Y-Yes, R-Rie…Rie’s okay getting pregnant with Onii-san’s child. No, please violate me with the intent of impregnating me. Rape me. A-Ahn?! Really?! I-I’ll become a mother?! Right, I will, I mean…Onii-san, make me a mother 」

Rie asks to get pregnant.


「 B-But, please, my only request is for Eri-chan and me to stay together. Onii-san, turn Eri-chan to your lewd slave, cum inside her, and make her a mother together with me. Please, I really beg you 」

Eri, the twin sister of Rie.

She’s still unconscious.

She doesn’t know that Rie, her sister is changing rapidly.

「 When Eri wakes up, Rie’s no longer a virgin, you know that right? 」

「 I know. O-Onii-san will make me an adult woman. You’ll violate me, rape me, and maybe turn me pregnant 」

「 Are you okay with that? 」

I remind her.

「 It’s not about whether I’m okay with it, Onii-san’s the one to decide that 」


「 If that’s the case, let it be as Onii-san wants. I’m just a slave 」

Yes, Rie’s my slave.

So I can do anything I want with her.

「 Come to my arms, Rie 」

I bend over.

「 Awawawa, I-I guess it’s still scary 」

「 Yeah, it’s natural to be scared with your first time. Feel it 」

I enjoy watching the girl shake on her first time.

「 Ah, really? Are we really going to do it? 」

「 That’s right, we’re going to do it, Rie 」

「 Iyaan, Father’s going to scold me 」

Your father will not come back.

「 Here Rie 」

I first embraced Rie.

「 H-Hyaa 」

I’m also naked.

She’s not accustomed to hugging a naked man.

Her body is stiff.

「 Don’t be afraid. This isn’t something you should be afraid of, we’re going to do this all the time 」

「 B-But. 」

「 Get used to it. Okay, take a deep breath…Haaaa, suuuu 」

「 Haaaa, suuuu 」

Rie synchronizes her breathing with me obediently

After two, three deep breaths, her body loosens up.

「 Rie. 」

「 Yes, Onii-san? 」

I gently pat Rie’s smooth back.

「 You’re now my pet. From now on, rely on me. I’ll keep you safe 」

「 What about Eri-chan? 」

「 As for Eri, I’ll have sex with her late.r But, I don’t feel like she’s mine until we do it 」

「 Then, I should have sex first 」

「 Yeah, then… 」

「 There’s no need to speak of it all, please do it 」


「 Rie 」

I kiss Rie’s lips while embracing her naked body.

「 Hauu 」

Again. And again.

Rie’s eyes stare at me.

She’s not closing her eyes, she observes who’s doing this to her.

Ruriko’s giving that instruction to Rie.

「 Kyauu~ 」

I go from Rie’s lips to her ears.

Then, her nape.

「 T-That’s…It tickles 」

No, this is an erogenous zone. She’s feeling it.

I continue to lick her young skin.

「 Aaahn~ O-Onii-san 」

Embracing her like this…Rie’s body is really thin.

There’s no thickness in her meat, it’s not thin, she’s just young.

Even so, her breasts.

「 Aaah, m-my breasts again? 」

I knead her still-hard meat in her chest.

Then, I lick the part where the nipple should be in her areola.

Oh, I can feel the tip of the sunken nipple getting hard.

「 Aahn~ I’m having chills when you do it there. No~ 」

Sorry, but I love breasts.

I will continue to attack it with my tongue until I’m satisfied.

「 Aaah, Iyaaan~ Onii-san, you meanie 」

What’s that? A Kansai expression? I don’t get it

Before long, my tongue parts from her breasts.

Then, I lay Rie’s body down and start exploring her body.

I lick her soft and smooth skin.


「 A-Are you going to lick there? 」

「 Yeah, I want to know what Rie tastes like 」

Rie already tasted my semen.

Therefore, I’m going to taste Rie’s love nectar.

「 I-Iyaa. W-Wait! Aaah ! Aaaaahn! Iyaaa! T-This! Aaaah! Don’t lick me there!!! 」

My tongue licks the mucous membrane inside her slit.

Rie writhes.

「 I-Iyaaa! T-This is embarrassing. T-This is!! Aaahn! Mother! Mother! Forgive me!!! 」

It looks like she remembers her father and mother from pleasure.

Their parents turned the twins’ fate as goods.

Offering her body to me like now must make her feel guilty.

Rie’s parents put her virginity on sale for auction.

「 I’ll make you feel more, Rie 」

I’ll make you feel so much pleasure that you’ll forget about your parents

I expose Rie’s clitoris.

Rie’s red ruby shines.

「 Kyaaaaan~ W-What! Aaaah ! I-It feels good! 」

Rie’s never experienced the pleasure of tongue touching her clitoris directly.

「 Aaaaaah! Aaaaah! N-No! Onii-san, stop! This makes me shiver too much! This is bad! This is bad! 」

I’m not stopping my attack on Rie’s clitoris no matter what she says.

I roll the tip of my tongue and then start moving up and down. Then, moving it left and right.

「 Aaah, aaahn! Haaa, kuuuuu!!! 」

Rie’s breathing heavily, She’s writhing.

Next, I cover it with my lips and start sucking it.

「 Kyaaaaaa! Aaaaah! What’s this?! Agaaaa!! 」

More love nectar comes out from Rie’s entrance.

The sheet we’re on is now getting a bed-wetting stain.

It looks like it’s easy to get her wet.

If that’s the case.

I stopped my tongue after finding the perfect time.

She’s a young girl.

It’s impossible to force her to climax from cunnilingus.

If she reached climax here, Rie will no longer have any stamina left for her first sex.

Making her cum is for the next time.

Right now, she has to experience her deflowering and first creampie.

She needs to be conscious to remember this all.

I’ll make sure that Rie will never forget it for years.

「 Haa, haa, haa

Rie’s chest moves up and down each time she breathes.

Her sweet breaths reach my face.

I spread Rie’s legs and get in between.

「 Are we really doing it, Onii-san?

Rie who gasps for breath has loosened up.

She looks up at me and asked.

「 Yeah, we’re going at it for real

I give my penis a few strokes and confirm that it’s rock hard.

Yeah, I can go on with this.

「 I-I’m scared 」

Rie speaks honestly.

She’s still young and yet, I’m going to take away her virginity.

Furthermore, I ordered her to become my sex slave for the rest of her life.

Normally, she gets scared.


「 First, sorry. Rie 」

「 What? 」

Rie looked up at me in surprise.

「 It will hurt, I think. But, I will not stop until I cum inside Rie’s womb no matter how much it hurts for you. I don’t stop 」

I made it clear with her.

「 I-It will hurt 」

Though she’s loosened up.

It will be hard for Rie’s young pussy to accept my erect penis.

Sex itself shouldn’t be a problem.

Rie’s genitals are more developed compared to Agnes and Luna.

「 It will hurt when I break your hymen, and I will shove in my dick to the root and poke Rie’s womb 」

「 That will go in whole?! T-That’s impossible 」

「 It’s okay. Everyone’s done it 」

I said. Mana;

「 That’s right. You’ve seen me have sex with Onii-chan, right? 」

「 T-That’s true, but… 」

But now that she’s doing it, she’s afraid.

「 Then, another apology is needed 」

I speak to Rie.

「 What is it? 」

「 Yeah, well, not for Rie but your boyfriend 」

What was his name again?

「 That guy wanted to have sex with Rie, right? Since you two are lovers 」

They’re only exchanging emails.

They don’t meet up a lot.

Though they are lovers, he believed that he would get that chance someday.

「 Enough about Rosoku-kun 」

Rie said.

「 I’ll forget about him. Right now, Rosoku-kun will only cause troubles 」

If Rie and Eri’s boyfriends were exposed.

Kansai Yakuza will try to get them.

「 But, I’ll apologize. I’ll take Rie’s precious virginity 」

Hearing me say that, Rie shows a lonely smile.

「 If that’s the case, I also apologize to Rosoku-kun 」

Tears spill from her eyes.

「 Aaahn, I’ve already changed. I’m no longer the same as before. I’ve been reborn as Onii-san’s slave 」

「 That’s right, Rie 」

I push my erect penis to Rie’s crotch.

「 H-Hiii! 」

「 Not yet. I’m only fitting it in

I rub my glans on Rie’s slit and move it up and down.

Then, I rub Rie’s dripping love nectar on my penis.

「 Haaauuumomuaaaaa! I-I’m scared. I’m scared, Onii-san 」

Rie looked up at me and said.

I’m just rubbing my dick on her and yet she’s already afraid.

「 It’s okay. Rie. Just entrust everything to me 」

「 O-Okay, Onii-san 」

「 Take a deep breath 」

「 Okay…Haaa, suuu 」

「 Okay 」

Tsukiko amplifies my thoughts and reaches Rie.

Responding to my lust, Rie…

「 O-Onii-san…Rie…Onii-san…please…please rape Rie’s virginity… 」

I spread Rie’s slit.

「 Aahn, it’s going to happen to me now! Onii-san’s going to violate me! 」

I hold my glans against Rie’s entrance.


It’s already moist and hot.

「 H-Hiiii! Aaaah! I’m scared! I’m scared of this! Eri-chan, I’m scared! 」

The fear for the first experience is fundamental.

Rie’s physiological fear and the logical thought of disobeying me rub together.

「 Yield to me 」

I gave her the same order.

「 Y-Yes, O-Onii-san! It’s enough! Please break it already! Deflower me! I don’t want this fear anymore! 」

Rie pleads in tears.

「 Please deflower Rie 」

At that moment, I shove in my hips.

「 Gyauuuu! 」

I push Rie’s opening to the shape of my glans.

I invade the wall of meat.

「 I’m tearing it, Rie! 」

I pierce through her hymen.

「 Ouch!!!!!! 」

I hold down Rie’s body that’s trying to escape away from my hips.

「 Not yet, that’s just half of it! 」

「 Iyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! 」



「 Ouch!!!! Nooo! Noo! I’m scared! You’re tearing me!!!! 」

「 If it’s your hymen, I already tore it!! 」

I push through Rie’s too tight virgin pussy again.

「 No more!!!! Eri-chan!! Eri-chan! Save me!!!!! 」

「 This is the last stop!!! 」


Our abdomens touch each other.

「 Aaaaaah! Haaaa! Haaaaa!! 」

Rie’s trying to catch her breath, she’s gasping.

Her whole body’s sweating.

「 See? We’re now connected 」

「 Haa, haa, haaa 」

「 My dick is now all inside Rie 」

Rie looks at her crotch.

「 Uuu, uuuuu 」

Tears start spilling…She’s crying.

「 I knew it. I don’t want this! T-This is my first time….uuuuuu 」


「 Don’t cry! If you start crying now then you won’t know what’s happening! 」

Tears are just a means to escape the painful reality.

However, once you start crying, the events at that moment will become unclear.

You will not understand it because your emotions exploded.

「 Get yourself together! Rie! 」

「 O-Okay! 」

With Tsukiko’s intervention, Rie stopped crying.

「 What are we doing right now? 」

「 I-I have Onii-san’s penis inside me 」

「 How far is it? 」


「 I-It’s all in 」

「 That’s right. Rie’s no longer virgin, I’m raping you 」

「 Y-Yes! Onii-san’s raping me 」

Rie looked at me in the eyes and state the reality she’s facing.

「 Okay, now look at me and repeat what you’ve said 」

I slowly move my hips forward and backward.


「 I-It hurts! Onii-san, don’t move 」

「 I told you to repeat what you’ve said 」

I’m not stopping my hips.

「 Aaah, it hurts! It really hurts! Onii-san! Aaaah 」

「 Tell me what I’m doing right now 」

Guchu! Guchu!

Virgins are amazingly tight.

「 Aaaah! I…Rie’s…It hurts! Onii-san…Onii-san’s raping Rie…Iyaaaaa! I don’t want this! It hurts!!! 」

「 Look at me when you say that! And repeat it until I stop you! 」

Guchu. Guchu!

The root of my erect penis is smeared with love nectar and virgin blood.

「 Yes! Rie’s getting violated…raped…Onii-san’s…Nooo…please stop! It really hurts!!! 」

「 What do you want to stop?! 」

Guchu, guchu!

I continue to shove to Rie with the same rhythm,

「 It’s rape! Violating me! Please stop! Stop! I beg you!! I’m still young! Onii-san! Onii-san! 」

Rie stares at me and desperately pleads.

「 Don’t mind that, Rie, it’s coming! I’m going to cum 」

「 Nooo! It really hurts! It’s painful!! I can’t bear it anymore! Onii-san, please stop! Don’t rape me anymore! 」

Rie says that but her insides are overflowing with love nectar.

Her vagina that’s invaded by a foreign object is slowly loosening.

It’s stretching to the shape of my penis.

Tsukiko’s changing Rie’s body to become my sex slave.

「 Haaaaaa, aaaaaah! Onii-san! Onii-san! Aaaah! Please stop! Stop! Don’t do it! Don’t rape me anymore 」

Her screams of pain are getting less.

Tsukiko’s weakening the sense of pain.

I slowly accelerate.

It’s okay, Rie’s body can endure this.

「 Nooo! Onii-san’s raping me! Noooo! 」

Her words are different from reality.

Earlier, Rie promised to give her virginity to me, but…

Now that my penis is stirring up her insides for real.

She’s attacked with physical displeasure and fear.

People don’t live by their words. Their body drags them.

「 Aaaahn! Aaaahn! Why, why is this happening to me? 」

Even so, Rie’s not escaping inside her thoughts.

She’s staring at me as I continue to shake her body.

She continues to perceive the sensations inside her, where we’re connected.

Sex with me is carving itself as ‘rape’ in her memories.

「 Shouldn’t you be specific with that? 」

Each thrust makes Rie’s breasts sway around.

I grab her breast with one hand and feel it up.

「 Nooo~ It’s rape! I’m being raped! 」

「 By who? 」

「 O-Onii-san…! 」

「 Why? 」

Rie’s thoughts reach a conclusion.

「 I’m Onii-san’s lewd slave! 」

「 Then, it’s okay if I rape Rie, right? 」

I grind my hips.

「 Aaaah! R-Right. Nooo, but, that’s…I…I’m… 」


「 I’ll become Onii-san’s slave 」

In the end, no matter how much one promises, that won’t be enough.

Humans don’t live from using reason.

Humans have their body, and their body moves and reacts physiologically, not willingly.

Therefore, after she yields her mind…

I have to make her body yield from real sex.

Her mind and body. Reason and Physiology.

「 Okay, look this way 」

Ruriko records the part where Rie and I connect.

「 Y-Yes, I understand. Aaah 」

Rie sends a glance at Ruriko’s camera with a frightened expression.

Nei’s recording the video.

Rie’s deflowering will remain forever.


「 I’m going to cum soon. Rie 」

I tell her.

「 W-What? 」

Rie’s afraid.

「 When was your last period? 」

「 Huh? 」

「 Just answer! 」

I shove in my hips.

「 Auu! It’s two weeks ago! 」

「 Well, then it’s still in the middle of unsafe days 」

「 U-Unsafe days? 」

「 It means you can get pregnant with my child. Didn’t you promise me? 」

「 But! 」

Naturally, I have no intention of making Rie pregnant yet.


She has to experience the concept of pregnancy from her first creampie.

「 No buts! I’m going to cum already. Say it. Rie! 」

Tsukiko’s showing Rie’s mind what to say.

「 N-Noo! T-This is! 」

「 Say it! Say it! You’re my slave, aren’t you? Rie?! 」

I speed up my hips.

「 Aaaaah! Uwawawa! Noo! Nooo! Iyaaaa!! 」

「 Hurry up! Rie!! 」

I ordered her intensely.

「 P-Please cum inside me! Please cum inside Rie! Aaaah 」

「 Cum what? 」

「 Onii-san’s semen! Sperm! Pour it inside me! 」

「 Are you sure? You’ll get pregnant! 」

Last spurt.

I slam Rie’s abdomen intensely.

Rie’s body shakes rhythmically.

We’re sweating but there are no tears.

Rie’s looking up at me without reaching panic.

「 It’s okay! I don’t mind making a child! Please give it inside Rie!! 」

「 Here I go!!! 」

I embraced Rie’s body…

Rub my glans on Rie’s womb.

「 Iyaaaaa! I’m scared! I’m scared!!!! 」


「 Aaaaah! It’s hot???!!!! 」


My semen spreads inside Rie. Inside her womb.

「 What’s this? 」

「 Aaah! Uuuu! I’m cumming! I’m cumming even more! Rie! 」

I continue to pour it all inside Rie.

「 N-No way! I… 」

Rie trembles in despair.

「 Now, Rie’s my…uuu, my slave for real! 」

I grind in my hips and ejaculate to the last drop.

「 I can’t go back anymore 」

Rie’s dumbfounded.

「 That’s right. Congratulations 」

「 That’s right. Welcome! 」

「 You’re now our friend 」

Mana, Ruriko, Yomi, my sex slaves welcome Rie’s entry.