Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 940. Night of Flirting / Otome vs. Haiji: Picking a Fight



「 Wake up 」

Yomi wields her power on the two girls lying down ten meters apart on the tatami mat of the training dojo.

Tendou Otome and Tokuda Sonoko-san.

Both of them are daughters of Yakuza, but…

Tendou Otome is the daughter of the leader of the group, Tendou Sadao…

A high-school girl that knows how to use martial arts and is a lesbian.

On the other hand, Tokuda Sonoko-san.

She’s the daughter of the weakest member of Tendou Sadao’s group.

The old men from the Yakuza gang-raped her for a week.

「 Hmm? 」

「 Eh? 」

The two daughters of Yakuza opens their eyes.

「 Sonoko!!! 」

Tendou Otome looked around and found Sonoko-san, she got up and tried to go to her side.

「 I won’t let you do that 」

Edie throws Tendou Otome back on the floor in an instant.

Tendou Otome who was unconscious for a while can’t match up with Edie’s speed

She collapsed on the floor.

「 O-Otome-chan! 」

Tokuda-san shouted reflexively.

「 It’s okay, she’s not that weak 」

Edie rides on the back of Tendou Otome and twists her right arm.

「 Nguu! 」

Edie’s judo lock is perfect.

Tendou Otome can’t move now.

If she moves poorly, it’ll snap her muscles, even her bones.

「 W-What the hell?! Dammit! What are you going to do with us?! 」

Tendou Otome screams as her face is pushed against the tatami mat.

「 Us? You really worry about everyone? Otome, shouldn’t you worry about yourself? 」

Edie said.

「 What are you talking about?! You’re taking Sonoko as a hostage! 」

Tendou Otome said. Nei, who’s sitting next to Sonoko-san;

「 What are you talking about? Tokuda Sonoko-san decided to become a prostitute of our organization, Black Forest! She’s already our comrade! She’s a member of our group 」

「 That’s right. The only enemy in this room is you, Tendou Otome-san 」

I speak to Otome, who Edie pins to the ground.

「 U-Uhm, w-what’s going on? What are you going to do with Otome-chan? 」

Sonoko-san asks us timidly.

「 Well, you see, we were wondering on what to do to put down Tendou Otome-chan 」

「 Yeah, we’ve already decided on what’s ahead for the other girls, only Tendou Otome-san is left 」

Nei and I replied.

「 The other girls?! What did you do to my friends?! 」

Tendou Otome shouted.

「 Otome-chan’s friends? Wait, were there such people? 」

Nei laughed.

「 Bullshit! What did you do to my friends who came with me from Kansai?! 」

「 Oh, your father? Well, if it’s them then we sent them back to their bosses after messing up with their heads. Tomorrow, the HQ of the Yakuza will be in trouble 」

Tendou Sadao and his group will continue to snap at their boss until they discover the location of the nonexistent Tokugawa’s buried treasure hidden in an island near Africa.

「 I don’t care about Father and his friends! What I want to know are my friends! The daughters! 」

Tendou Otome thinks of the daughters of Yakuza as her friends.

No, as her followers.

「 Err, the noisy three had their memories erased and dumped in front of the station. Shigeyo-san’s under Kouzuki SS’ protection and is now coming home to her Grandmother. Naturally, she doesn’t remember us. Kurosawa-san decided to become our prostitute, and so she’s going to a different room in this building. As for the two middle school girls… 」

Nei looked at me.

「 Yeah, those girls will live as my sex slaves. For now, I raped Rie. She was a virgin and it felt great embracing her. As for Eri, I’ll take her virginity once we’re done with the business in this room. I need to let her remember the taste of my semen through her mouth and virgin hole 」

「 B-Bastard!!! How dare you!!! 」

Tendou Otome thinks of Rie and Eri as her subordinates too.

She can’t forgive me for doing what I want with them.

「 I’m going to kill you!!!! Douaaaa!!! 」

Tendou Otome snapped and sends out a strong Qi…

「 Ugh 」

Nei, Yomi, Haiji-san, and I flinched for a moment, but…

「 That move won’t work on me 」

Edie who learned how to ward off Qi skills from Kudou style is unaffected.

On the contrary.

「 Back at you! 」

She swaps position with Tendou Otome, and then…

「 Ouchouchouchouchouch 」

「 Wow, That’s Romero Special! Suspended ceiling move! That’s a good one, Edie 」

Nei laughed.

Yeah, Edie’s holding Tendou Otome’s arms and legs, bending her body up to the air, forcing her to make a bridge.

「 So they were lying when they said that Romero Special is an impossible technique unless the other party cooperates 」

Nei said.

「 I induced her to do this pose. I’m stronger when it comes to Qi after all 」

Edie says as she uses her skill on Tendou Otome.

「 O-Ouch!! L-Let go! Let go of me! Ouch! Ouch! 」

Tendou Otome is in pain.

「 Well, let’s leave that be. If I go further, it will leave a mark when you fight with Haiji 」

Edie looks at Yomi before loosening up.

「 Yomi 」

「 Yes! Don’t move until I tell you 」

「 Agu! 」

Tendou Otome’s finally released from the pro-wrestling move and then she’s tied up using Miko power this time.

「 Now then, we can finally talk 」


「 Let me tell you beforehand, Eri already gave her consent to become my sex slave. I mean, does she have any other choice? She can’t go back to Kansai. She has no relatives in her hometown, her parent’s friends are allied with the Yakuza and would continue the lolicon video business if they got the twins. Furthermore, they’ll reach prostitution in the end 」

「 E-Even so, turning her to your sex slave is nothing different! 」

Her body’s bound but her mouth is free. Tendou Otome barks at me.

「 I keep my slaves safe. I use all my power to do that. I can cut their connections with the Yakuza. I guarantee their necessities in life. They have Kouzuki house’s protection. I think that it’s the best place for the twins to live 」

「 But you’re still fucking them! 」

Right, they’re my sex slaves after all.

It’s their job to release my lust.

「 Isn’t that obvious? We’re not a charity, we’re a criminal organization. If we’re sheltering and supporting them, then they need to give something in return 」

I said.

「 Rie and Eri have nothing but their mind and body right now. That’s why they will use it to serve me. That’s their compensation for letting them live 」

「 T-Talking all that convenient bullshit of yours 」

Tendou Otome resents.

「 Eeh. But you know, it’s a privilege to have sex with Yo-chan! 」

「 That’s right. You can have shelter, food, and you can even have sex, it’s the best environment! 」

Nei and Yomi said.

「 Y-You’re crazy. You’re all creepy! 」

Tendou Otome spits.

「 By the way, you don’t have to worry about the twins 」

I tell Tendou Otome.

「 Tendou Otome, you want to keep the twins in your protection but Rie and Eri don’t really care about you 」

「 Yeah, they don’t 」

Nei added.

「 The twins never asked about you 」

「 T-That can’t be! 」

Tendou Otome’s startled.

「 Those girls know how much I worked hard for them! I took care of them! 」

That’s only Tendou Otome’s fantasy.

The daughters of Yakuza don’t feel that much gratitude as Tendou Otome imagines.

「 Even this time, I went alone and invaded Kouzuki house! I did it all alone! I even brought poison and had the resolve to kill myself upon the order of my Father! 」

Tendou Otome said.

「 I don’t want them and Sonoko to be placed in danger. That’s why I… 」

Tendou Otome looks at Sonoko-san.

「 Sonoko, you get it, right?! I worked hard for everyone’s sake 」


Sonoko-san looked at the floor.

「 Otome-chan did her best, but… 」

Earlier, the other daughters of Yakuza were present.

But now, it’s just Sonoko-san and Tendou Otome.

Even if we’re present, she can talk about her true feelings.

「 Otome-chan was gone, and so Shigeyo-chan and I went through hell 」

「 That’s! 」

「 Those people messed us up 」

「 But, I had no choice but to sneak in alone to keep Sonoko safe 」

「 Yes. I get it. But, without Otome-chan, Shigeyo-chan and I… 」

They raped them in turns for many days, during morning, afternoon, evening.

「 Otome-chan wasn’t there. You didn’t come to help us 」

Tendou Otome’s speechless from the words of the girl she loves.

「 W-What the hell? I-I put my life on the line for Sonoko! 」

This is all hopeless talk.

Tendou Otome wishes for Sonoko-san to praise her hard work, but…

It created a wound in Sonoko-san’s heart as she’s turned to a plaything while her father watches.

Sonoko-san has no space to be kind to Tendou Otome.

Besides, if she speaks kindly.

Tendou Otome will become increasingly rude to Sonoko-san.

Therefore, she has to push her away coldly.

「 Otome, you’re not in a situation where you can say that it’s for Sonoko’s sake, for everyone’s sake 」

Edie smiled.

「 Think about yourself. Of what’s going to happen to you 」

Tendou Otome looked at Edie.

「 I don’t care if the other girls abandoned me. Even so 」

She looked at me.

「 If you’re saying that you’ll take responsibility and look after Eri and Rie, then I’ll give them to you 」

She really doesn’t get it.

「 That’s not for you to say. It’s decided between me, Rie and Eri 」

「 Those girls are still young! I will not let you do whatever you please for as long as my eyes are black! 」

「 It’s okay, your eyes are not black. If you ask me, it’s more of a brown 」

「 Don’t joke with me! 」

Tendou Otome glared at Edie.

「 I’m not joking. I think that you’re the one better at jokes with how you talk like you’re looking down on people even when you’re in this situation 」

That’s right.

Tendou Otome doesn’t understand her status.

「 So, Otome-san, what’s your plan to survive hereafter? 」

I asked. Tendou Otome.

「 I-I still have my body. I have my skills 」

She’s inspiring herself.

「 In can join in some organizations with these skills of mine. Someone will definitely recognize my skill! I can earn money with that and live together with Sonoko! 」

With Sonoko-san?

「 Sonoko! I’ll never let you become a prostitute! I’ll do anything to support you. Don’t say anything and come with me! I’ll never abandon you. I’ll never let you go!!! 」

Such earnest words sound cool, but…

「 Never letting me go…but I don’t belong to Otome-chan from the start 」

「 S-Sonoko! 」

「 I’m not a little girl that wants support, that needs protection 」

Sonoko-san said.

「 I have my body too! That’s why I will use this body of mine to earn money. No, I will buy my life 」

「 Sonoko, what are you talking about? 」

Tendou Otome’s shocked.

「 Hearing Rie-chan’s story made me realize. In truth, they are supposed to erase us together with our parents. Yet, they’re letting us live. That means we have to give appropriate compensation. For Rie-chan, it means becoming a slave. For me, it means becoming a prostitute. That’s how it is 」

Sonoko-san said.

「 Sonoko, you don’t get it! Look at their faces! They’re luring you. After all, didn’t they release Shigeyo-san? 」

Tendou Otome looked at me.

「 They’re showing such a bossy attitude, but if we continue to turn them down, they’ll show the other way. These people are in a chicken game to see who backs out first. And that’s us right now 」

Tendou Otome sees it that way as the daughter of the half-assed Yakuza.

「 I’m not afraid of such threats! Don’t look down on me. 」


「 First, let me tell you. Shigeyo-san and the blonde, red hair, and perm haired girl are freed because we won’t benefit from them. They’re unnecessary personnel. But it doesn’t mean that they have worth slaughtering either. We erased their memories, but I don’t think that they’ll reach happiness in the future either. Well, that’s not for us to care about 」

I speak coldly.

「 Kurosawa-san and Tokuda-san, our boss decided that they can be of use as prostitutes, so we took them. Our organization’s business is a high-class brothel. We’re selling women to the big-shots of the political and business circles. Not any girl will do. Cuteness alone isn’t enough. It has to be a girl that’s bright, cheerful, clever, and gentle 」

I said. Sonoko-san fell silent.

She can sense that gloom inside her.

「 Lastly, Eri and Rie can’t become prostitutes due to their behavior. And before that, we don’t use middle school girls as prostitutes. But those girls are cute, aren’t they? That’s why I’m going to dote on them. That’s all 」

I talk as a criminal.

「 Now then, Tendou Otome-san, as for you, you gave us extreme trouble on how to deal with you. After all, you’re useless, and so if we release you, you will only spread your uselessness. You’re the only one I feel like I need to kill 」

「 H-Hey, wait! 」

Tokuda Sonoko-san calls me.

「 I know that Otome-chan is hopelessly rude and messed up, b-but, killing her is… 」


「 That’s my decision. Look at Tendou Otome-san 」

She faced her.

「 I think that it’s better to kill her since she’s seen so many things 」

Tendou Otome…

「 Bring it on! If you want to kill me then come! 」

She glares at me intensely.

「 Ah, you sure? 」

Edie smiles.

「 I-If you’re going to do it then do it! Y-You’re all bark anyway! In fact, you don’t want to kill anyone! 」

「 Well, I haven’t killed anyone yet but Darling did 」

Edie looked at me with a smile.

「 Yeah, I sure killed a person already 」

I shot Cesario Viola.

「 Also, remember that we have connections with Kyouko Messer 」

Nei smiled.

Kyouko-san is a genuine criminal from an international crime group.

Tendou Otome should know about what happens in the world of crime.

「 Oh well, for now, let’s start with letting Tendou Otome-san become aware of how useless she is 」


「 Otome-san, you said earlier that some organizations will recognize your skills and hire you, but…

Tendou Otome looked at Edie who’s observing her from the sides.

「 But you know that you’re no match against Edie. You can’t even compete equally with Edie and yet you think that someone will hire a fussy girl like you? 」

Tendou Otome…

「 She’s special. She’s a bodyguard of Kouzuki house! She even had a spar with Kyouko Messer 」

She saw Edie and Michi in their exhibition match with Kyouko-san during the party.

「 She’s special but still she exists in real life, see? Would they hire someone whose skills can’t beat Edie? 」

I provoke her.

「 What are you talking about?! I’ve slipped inside Mizushima house for a week, and I’ve seen the bodyguards of the young ladies in nobility in the party today. Almost all of them are nothing much. They’re all defenseless bodyguards that you won’t even know who’s the young lady and who’s the bodyguard. Well, they won’t have to fight the monsters from Kouzuki house, but if you compare their skills with me then I am better! 」

I knew it.

She’s seen the level of the bodyguards of nobility.

Therefore, she considers the possibility that people will hire her.

Actually, all the nobility discovered Tendou Otome’s identity during the party today…

Thus, no family would hire a girl related to the Kansai Yakuza.

Tendou Otome’s overestimating her combat skills.

She thinks that if she shows her skills, all the doubts people have will go away and they’ll hire her.

「 Really, Otome? Well then, how would you fare against this girl? 」

Edie points at Haiji-san who’s been quiet all this time.

「 You should’ve seen how she fights with the other bodyguard in the party 」

Haiji-san had a death match with Anjou Kinuka-san, the bodyguard of Kurama house.

Although, we arrested Tendou Otome in the middle of it.

Thus, she hasn’t seen Haiji-san’s fight that much.

「 It’s impossible with me, but can you win against her? 」

Edie smiled.

「 If you can’t win against her, then that shows how incompetent you are 」


「 I will win. No factor will make me lose against her 」

This is…

Haiji-san’s high-handed attitude when she was Torii-san’s bodyguard.

I see. Tendou Otome doesn’t know what happened to Haiji-san since then.

She’s acting as her former self.

「 Bullshit. Do you think that this small girl will win against me? 」

Tendou Otome’s eyes burn in anger.

「 Oh? Then show it. You’re free to challenge me 」

Haiji-san sneers at Tendou Otome.

「 I’m going to beat your face to a pulp. 」

Tendou Otome enters combat mode.

All the frustration from when we imprisoned her.

She wants to refresh herself by fighting.

Seriously, she’s…

She’s living only from her mood.

She doesn’t look at other people nor tries to understand them.

Despite that, she wishes for everything to go the way she wants it to be.

「 Hey, free me up now 」

Otome demands from Yomi.

「 Just a warning beforehand, if you try to attack anyone else or try to take a hostage… 」

「 I won’t allow it 」

「 And I’ll beat you up 」

Yomi can control Otome’s mind and Edie can control the body.

「 Naturally, you can’t take Sonoko-san and escape from this place either 」

「 After all, do you know where you are, Otome? 」

Nei and Edie warns her.

Tendou Otome and Sonoko-san were brought from the karaoke bar to this old establishment for Kouzuki SS while they were unconscious…

They don’t know where this is.

「 Anyway, show us that skill you’re so proud of. If you can’t do it, then you can’t negotiate with us 」

「 Otome-chan will have no more cards to use for negotiations! 」

Nei’s right.

If this bad-tempered combat girl can’t prove her skills in combat, then…

She’s just a noisy woman.

「 All you have to do is beat me. Well, not that you can do that 」

Haiji-san smiles.

「 I’m going to beat you to a pulp. You really are a disgusting brat. I hate girls like you. All you do is flatter the rich young lady you’re serving 」

「 Oh? Unlike you, I have my skills to back me up 」

「 Kuh, hurry up and let me move! I can’t fight like this! 」

Yomi looks at me.

「 Sensei, is it okay? 」

Edie moves to guard Nei, Yomi, Sonoko-san, and me.

「 Yeah, I allow it 」

「 Then, I’ll take off your bindings. You can move now 」

Tendou Otome stands up.

「 Bastard. I’m going to destroy you 」

「 Right back at you 」

Tendou Otome and Haiji-san face each other!!!