Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 950. Night of Flirting / Post-study



「 Before that, Onii-sama 」

Ruriko faces the camera towards us.

「 Please show the spill 」

「 Oh right 」

It would be the commemorative photo of Eri’s deflowering.

「 Eri, look at the camera. You don’t have to force a smile 」

「 Huh? 」

「 Don’t worry. Yomi and everyone did the same thing 」

Yomi smiled at Eri.

「 They took photos of me too 」

Rie mutters.

「 That’s why; face the camera 」

「 Okay, look this way 」

Ruriko and I urged Eri and she faced the camera’s lens.

I get up from the top of Eri’s naked body and have the camera focus on the part where we’re connected

「 Okay, let’s take photos 」

Snap. Snap. Ruriko presses the shutter.

Mana is also recording the scene with the video camera.

「 Okay, now I’m pulling it 」

I pull out my penis from Eri’s small vagina.

「 Aaaah, O-Ouch 」

As I pull my glans, it reaches the area where I tore the hymen and it spreads her opening.

「 Aauuuu 」

Chupon. My dick’s out of that young vagina.

As expected, it’s red with fresh blood.

She’s not bleeding but, Eri received quite some pain.

Besides, I only ejaculated once,

Therefore, there’s not much semen spilling out…

「 Eri, put some pressure on your stomach, brace it 」

I put my hands on Eri’s abdomen.

「 W-Why? 」

「 Just do it 」

Eri looks confused, but…

「 Hmmmph 」

She puts pressure on her stomach as I told her.


「 There! 」

「 Yes, there it comes 」

Mana and Ruriko’s cameras film the semen spilling out from Eri’s insides.

It’s mixed with virgin blood and so the white liquid turned pink.

「 Eri, you did well 」

I gently pat the cheeks of the half-crying Eri.

「 For now, I won’t be thrusting inside you 」

I gently pat Eri’s cute stomach.

「 Huh, why? 」

Rie asks, not Eri.

「 Why is it that Eri-chan only does it once and yet you did it twice with me? 」


「 I’m the one deciding who do I do it with and how many times I do it. Don’t complain about everything you see 」

I shut them down as my slaves.

「 B-But, that’s unfair 」

Rie looks dissatisfied

「 What unfair? I will continue to have sex with you two until you die. Who cares about the amount tonight? 」

「 But 」

Rie looked at Eri.

「 I-I want to have the same rounds with Rie-chan 」

Eri who is lying down on the bed looks at me.

「 I’m still okay. Please do it with me with the same times you did with Rie-chan 」

These two has to leave their shell.

「 You’re not okay. It should hurt a lot 」

Ruriko puts down the camera and tells Eri.

「 Onii-sama judged that Rie-san will be okay even if he goes for another round 」

「 But, as for Eri-chan, one round will do for tonight 」

Mana said. Eri and Rie looked at me.

「 Your insides are on a different state, Eri and Rie. How do I say it? You won’t know that unless you have a dick 」

Rie has more stamina despite both being virgins.

「 Therefore, I decided that it’s enough for Eri today 」

「 If Onii-sama says it, then he’s correct 」

「 Yeah, Onii-chan took a lot of girls’ first time and so he knows it 」

「 My little sister is younger than you girls but her body growth isn’t that much different from you two 」

Yomi said.

「 Right, Luna’s body is about as young as Eri and Rie. But, I concluded that she’s ready for sex. If she wasn’t, then I wouldn’t have done it with her 」

Actually, I haven’t done it with Koyomi-chan, whose body developing late.

「 I had sex with various women, so I know. I know that Rie can endure it and so I went for a second round, and as for Eri, you should take a rest now 」

Women are different. Their mind, their bodies.

「 Trust me. By tomorrow, you can do it again 」

They should get a medical examination from doctors after this.

Minaho-neesan will send them to a health checkup after this for sure.

Although, it probably won’t be Ikeda-sensei, just the medical team on Kouzuki SS.

「 Rie-chan 」

「 Eri-chan 」

The twins look at each other.

「 By the way, I meant that I won’t put my dick inside you girls. I will still give you kisses and lick your breasts 」

I added in a hurry.

「 Sex means shoving my penis inside and pouring semen in your womb 」

I embrace Eri on my right.

「 Rie, come 」

I spread my left arm and call Rie.

「 Go 」

Yomi lets Rie go.

「 Our Master is calling for you 」

「 O-Okay 」

Rie comes to me.

「 Okay, I got you two. 」

I embrace Rie tightly.

「 Eri on my right arm, Rie on my left arm 」

Both of them are naked, I just deflowered them.

「 My semen is inside your wombs right now 」

I whisper to the twins while feeling their skin.

「 Right. Eri-chan, we’re the same now 」

Rie who lost her virginity first tells her sister.

「 Yes, we’ve become a woman from the same penis 」

Eri speaks with a pained expression.

「 Hey girls, it’s not just you two! 」

Yomi smiled.

「 Yomi also gave her virginity to Sensei, and besides, Sensei poured his semen inside me in the shower room before coming here 」

「 Me too, Onii-sama is my first time and ravished me before dinner and his semen is inside me 」

Ruriko rubs her abdomen.

「 Uuu, Mana lost her virginity to Onii-chan too but I haven’t done it yet today 」

Mana said.

「 Then, let’s do it. Mana. Although Eri’s blood is still here, you should wipe it off 」

We’re taught not to lick human blood if possible.

「 Wait, I’ll get a clean towel and get it wet 」

Mana puts down her camera and looks for a towel.

We’re done taking commemorative photos for the deflowering so it’s okay.

Ruriko looks like she still wants to continue filming, however.

「 Anyway, Eri and Rie. It’s not just the two of you now. You now have us 」

I kiss them on their cheeks.

「 That’s right, Yomi and the girls are your seniors as sex slaves 」

「 Yes, and if you have troubles, you can talk to us

「 But, don’t be too spoiled 」

Mana says while squeezing the towel on the corner of the nap room.

「 You girls aren’t in the family, but we’re all Onii-chan’s sex slaves! We welcome you 」

「 We will be strict but we’re not bullies, don’t worry about that 」

「 If we do that, Onii-sama will scold us after all 」

The twins are dumbfounded in my arms.

「 Okay, Onii-chan. Mana will wipe Onii-chan’s penis 」

Mana starts wiping me down there with a wet towel.

「 Then, I will wipe Eri-san 」

Ruriko takes a towel from Mana and wipes the virgin blood from Eri’s pussy.

「 N-No, I-I’ll do it 」

「 Eh, uhm, but I can do it myself! 」

The twins said, but…

「 Just let Ruriko do it, Eri 」

I ordered.

「 Yes, Onii-sama gave his orders 」

「 B-But 」

「 We’re all Onii-chan’s slaves, and so you have to follow his orders 」

Mana said.

「 Okay, time to wipe Onii-chan’s penis 」

Ooh, Mana’s small hands grab my half-erect penis.

She grabs the skin and rolls it down and wipes it with the wet towel.


That cold towel stimulates my glans.

「 Okay, now spread legs 」

In the end, since I’m holding Eri’s upper half in my arms.

She can’t refuse Ruriko.

「 If we don’t wipe it, then it won’t stay clean, and you won’t feel refreshed 」

「 O-Okay 」

She spreads her legs, as she has no other choice.

Ruriko peeks into Eri’s genitals.

「 It seems that the bleeding stopped 」

She said, then opened the slit with her fingers.

Then, she wipes it with a wet towel.

「 Hiii!! 」

Eri trembled as the towel touched her insides.

「 Hey, grab onto me 」

I also gave her a hug.

「 Yes, please hold it out a little longer. I’m giving it a clean 」

Ruriko gently wipes off the filth from Eri.

「 Ah, auuu 」

「 Eri-chan 」

Rie looks at Eri worriedly while embracing me.

「 It’s okay, just trust Ruriko 」

I told Rie.

「 I won’t do anything heartless to you two. After all, I now own you girls. I will be sure to treasure you 」

「 But, you just did a lot of horrible things to us, Onii-san 」

Rie looked at me.

「 You forced me to get naked, raped me, and turned me to a slave 」

「 But, you girls will live. You can be together with Eri and you will never separate 」

「 But 」

「 Rie, what are your dreams in the future? What do you want to become when you grow up? 」

I asked. Rie…

「 I don’t have dreams 」

「 Why? 」

I expected that answer.

「 After all, Father’s selling us off to the lolicons, and we know that we will sell our bodies sooner or later 」

「 And what’s next? 」

「 Hmm. I thought that we’d sink to soapland or something. Or selling off to someone 」

Rie said. Eri listens as her crotch is wiped clean.

「 To be honest, we never thought of what’s ahead. We can’t do anything anyway. Father’s a messed up man and who knows what he would do when he snaps 」

「 Right, we’ve seen Father get drunk, rage, and stab our dreams to death. Seriously, we were scared of what’s ahead of us 」

Eri added.

「 I know. I was just like that back then 」

I embraced the twins with strength.

「 When people feel despair, they feel scared of the future that they don’t think of it. If that happens, you’ll start escaping reality 」

My past…

When I was alone in the night as my parents abandoned me.

“What’s going to happen to me?” I was so scared that I cover myself with a blanket while trembling.

I resorted to escapism, imagined raping Yukino, and masturbated all night.

「 But it’s okay now. Your parents won’t come back 」

The Yakuza whose minds broke from the Miko power has no other path but towards destruction.

「 No. It’s the same. Onii-san just replaced Father 」

Rie said.

「 Aren’t you going to control us just like how Father did? 」

「 No, that’s a bit different 」

Mana said.

「 What it means to be Onii-chan’s sex slave is that you’ll never have sex with anyone but Onii-chan, and have sex with him anytime, anywhere, as long as he asks for it, but everything else is free 」

「 Free? 」

The twins are surprised.

「 Yeah. You know, I have a dream to become a supermodel. A model on Paris Fashion Week. I will flourish worldwide. I told Onii-chan that’s my dream, and he gave me a program to become one. Meals and exercise, I’m still 14 and so I can grow taller, have longer legs, and I’m starting now. Also, I’m studying foreign languages. If I want to work in global-fashion, then I would need to speak English, French, and Italian, won’t I? The big brands are over there 」

Mana said.

「 I’m born in a shrine in Kyoto, and my future was to become that shrine’s shrine maiden. No, I thought that I had to, ever since I was small 」

Yomi followed up.

「 I thought that it was my destiny. But, I met sensei and taught me that I’m not suited to become a shrine maiden

Yomi discovered that her elder sister, Tsukiko, is the daughter of a Yakuza and her mother.

Thinking that she, the daughter of her father and mother, has to become the shrine maiden.

「 Yomi’s shrine was under the Yakuza’s control. Just like you, I was also under the control of the selfish reason of the Yakuza. That’s why, if I did inherit the shrine maiden title, actually, the Yakuza will give me all the cruel treatment. Just like how they did it with Mother 」

Yakuza toyed with her life, broke her mind, and in the end, killed her with her husband.

「 And Sensei saved us from that fate 」

「 No, I didn’t save the Takakura shrine at all 」

It was Jii-chan’s power.

Kouzuki house has the power, and so they can stop the Yakuza.

「 No. It’s Sensei. Sensei’s the one who’s with us, and that’s why we were able to survive 」

Yomi said.

「 And now, Yomi’s free. Every day is fun. I’m Sensei’s slave, but I’m freer ever since I became Sensei’s sex slave. When Yomi lacks in courage, Sensei pats my back and says “I order you to do it,” 」


「 Yomi is actually ignorant of the ways of the world and always afraid, and so becoming Sensei’s slave puts me at ease. I feel relieved that Sensei owns me 」

「 That’s okay but what does Yomi want to be in the future? 」

I return to the topic.

It’s getting a little embarrassing.

「 I’m still deliberating, I would like to use my powers to be helpful to Sensei and everyone 」

For now, she’s going to Misuzu and Ruriko’s school as Agnes’ bodyguard.

That doesn’t mean that Yomi will become a bodyguard in the future.

To start a new life by erasing their past in Kyoto.

She will use the school for the young ladies.

Only the young ladies of the first-class nobility are allowed to bring bodyguards in that school.

Therefore, the nobility has to guarantee the identity of the bodyguard.

Both the school and other nobilities don’t look for the origin of the bodyguard.

It’s because it shows that they don’t trust the nobility who brings that bodyguard.

The nobility has their honor, and to protect that, they will not defile the honor of other families.

Using those circumstances, Tendou Otome was able to infiltrate as Misuzushima house’s bodyguard.

And Mizushima house receives a harsh penalty for letting a Yakuza spy infiltrate.

They harmed the trust between nobility to bring bodyguards that don’t cause trouble.

Therefore, Mizushima house is excluded as nobility.

And Mizushima Karen-san has become Misuzu’s pet.

Since that was a precedent.

When Agnes is introduced as a relative of Kouzuki house and enters Misuzu’s school.

If Yomi and the girls join in as bodyguards.

The school and the young ladies will never try to look for Yomi’s past.

They can’t do any act that shows suspicion of Kouzuki house.

「 As for my dream, it has come true already 」


「 My dream is to make meals for Onii-sama every day, choose Onii-sama’s underwear, and fix Onii-sama’s beddings 」

You mean…

「 Misuzu-oneesama and Megumi-oneesama has the title of Onii-sama’s legal wife, but I take the meaning of it 」

She smiles.

Now I get why I want to bang Ruriko while she’s drying the laundry.

Ruriko has become my wife in substantial meaning.

「 I’m happy as Onii-sama’s slave. I want to stay with Onii-sama forever and for as long as he allows me to serve him

「 Haaa, you’re head-over-heels 」

Rie speaks in amazement.

「 Eri-chan, what do we do? 」

「 Right, Rie-chan 」

The twins look at each other.

「 For now, we’ll try out being Onii-san’s lewd slave 」

「 Yeah, we have no other paths ahead of us anyway 」

「 Maybe soon enough, we’ll find a new path 」

「 Yeah. But anyway, it’s amazing that no Onee-san says that they hate it 」

「 They all look like they’re enjoying it 」

The two…

「 Yes, it’s fun! When Onii-chan’s with us, we can’t think of anything but a fun future ahead of us. And that’s all we can think of 」

Mana said.

「 Okay, Onii-chan’s penis is now clean 」

She cleaned it up using the wet towel.

「 Err, Eri-chan hasn’t sucked it yet, right? 」

Eri makes a confused face.

「 Right. I’ve done it already, and I also drank Onii-san’s semen 」

Rie replied.

「 Then, Eri-chan, let’s suck it together. I’ll teach you how to do it. Onii-chan, lie down 」

Mana pats the bed.

「 Then, let’s do something else 」

Yomi tells Rie.

「 Haa, I understand 」

Rie accepts.

「 As for me, I will continue taking photos 」

It seems that Ruriko’s in charge of filming again

「 Hey, Onii-chan, Hurry 」

Can’t help it.

I lie down on the bed.

Mana and Eri go to my crotch.

Yomi and Rie…

「 Here, Sensei. Time for some breasts 」

She pushes her breasts to me.

「 I don’t have the same volume as Onee-san 」

「 It’s not about the volume. Sensei loves the whole body of his slaves 」

「 That’s right, I’m going to lick on Rie’s nipples 」

I stick out my head and lick Rie and Yomi’s nipples in turns.

Meanwhile, my lower half…

「 Do it like this, stroke the root with your fingers and lick it like this 」

「 O-Okay 」

Mana teaches Eri how to lick my penis.

「 Now, do it 」

「 Err 」

Eri hesitates.

「 Everyone does this 」

「 That’s right, it’s nothing hard 」

「 I’ve done it too 」

Ruriko, Yomi, and Rie said.

「 That’s right. All you have to do is lick it and Onii-chan will show the pleasure in his face. And it’s cute 」

Mana licks my glans.

「 Onii-sama’s so cute 」

Ruriko takes photos of my face.

「 Look, that’s the way, Now you do it 」

「 O-Okay 」

Eri crawls her tongue on my penis, following Mana’s instructions.


I plan on having 3P with the twins and yet…

Mana and Yomi joined in, it became 5P.

Oh well.

It’s a good opportunity for the twins to get along with their big-sisters.

Eri and Rie can’t seclude themselves in their shell anymore.

If other people gently teach them…

Then, someday, they might be welcome in the family. ・

I hope that day comes.

◇ ◇ ◇

We ended the 5P with cowgirl sex with Mana.

The way Mana uses her hips, and the way she looks at me while we’re having sex.

She teaches the twins to not close their eyes.

「 Aaaah, I’m cumming! Cumming! Mana! 」

「 Yes, me too! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Onii-chan! 」

「 I-I’m going to shoot it out 」

「 Come! Cum inside Mana !!! 」

I poured it inside Mana’s womb like a water fountain.

「 Wow, I see. so that’s how you do it. 」

「 Yes, women can feel pleasure too 」

They experienced sex with their body, and that’s why

They can understand what’s going on with Mana.

「 Aaaaahn~ I love you! Onii-chan! Onii-chan!!! 」

Her sweat drops into my chest.

Mana continues to twitch on top of me.

The twins watch as that happens.