Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 956. Night of Flirting / The night I embraced Haiji (Feeling our skin)



「 Ahn…I-It feels weird. Are you enjoying…ah, my breasts? 」

Haiji asks while I lick her nipples.

「 Yeah, it’s fun. Haiji’s beautiful, and that bashful face is also cute 」

I attack Haiji’s nipples with my lips and tongue.

Then, I look at Haiji’s face.

Haiji’s looking back at me.

「 Look, you can see how much I enjoy this, right? Sex is about a man and a woman enjoying each other while looking at each other’s reactions 」

If the other party can’t feel anything, then it’s just masturbation.

「 There’s no good or bad breasts. This is Haiji’s breasts, and nothing else 」

I massage her European pear-shaped breasts.

「 This texture, elasticity, it’s like this with the current Haiji. I want to know about Haiji today, tonight, right now. I want to understand 」

Her still-virgin body.

Tomorrow, it will change.

「 Humans change slowly every day. They never stop changing. Therefore, I want to feel that having sex at least once a day. I want to understand 」

That’s what I think.

「 I don’t discover everything about the woman after having sex once, I need to do it again and again to do that. That’s how complicated and deep women are, and they also change fast 」

「 Is that so? 」

Haiji looks at me.

「 That’s right. Haiji, have you ever thought that you would be having sex with me after a few hours during the party? 」

「 You’re right 」

She ignored me back then.

She only thinks of me as someone extra.

She never thought of me as someone she should impress with her skills.

「 People change. Naturally, I do too. Even in cases where people think that they can’t change, they just notice that they already did before they are aware. Therefore, one must look with eyes wide open and look at the ‘now’ of their partner. A condescending attitude of “I know myself the most,” or “I know everything about her” will only get you in trouble 」

「 What do you mean by trouble? 」

Haiji asks.

「 The people I love will scatter. The people I love will abandon me. They will be gone from my surroundings. That’s what I’m the most afraid of 」

I replied honestly.

If I take a condescending attitude towards my women because I got conceited…

My women will abandon me.

I’m an inferior man, I have no worth.

「 Therefore, I always take a good look. To understand every one, to see the changes in me. I look straight at it. You’ll only know what to do if you give it a good look 」

I won’t think “It should be ***.”

I won’t think “I know”

After all, I might not understand it.

I must not overestimate myself and I must not act arrogantly.

Anyway, I look at what’s happening at the moment.

To see if there are changes from before.

「 I’m dumber than others, and I can’t understand the what, why, and how of events. Therefore, I give it a good look. I don’t arbitrarily decide on something, I look at things with nothing in mind. If not, I might make a mistake. it will only cause displeasure to everyone 」

Worst case, my family will leave me.

「 Is it that necessary? 」

Haiji peeks into my eyes.

「 It’s obvious. They’re my family now. They’re precious. I don’t want anyone to leave me 」

I bury my face on Haiji’s chest.

「 Starting tonight, Haiji is also my family. I’ll treat you with care. Therefore, please stay with me 」


「 So cute 」


This half-foreign beauty stares at me with motherly love.

「 My Schatz, your heart has a big black hole in it 」


「 Everyone wants to fill that hole, and yet, you are scared of love from other people. You fear that you’re not qualified of their love 」


「 It’s okay. Even so… Just as you’ve said to me, you’re you. And we love you from the bottom of our hearts 」

Then, she hugs my face.

「 There’s no need to be afraid. I’m here right now. I’m looking at you. Just like how you’re looking at me 」

Haiji’s eyes have tears in them.

「 I’m happy 」

「 Haiji? 」

「 The man who I offer my love offers his back. It’s a meeting by chance 」


「 I never understood. Why did Misuzu-sama and everyone send you to danger? You’re not a man who fights, and so you should’ve been with Misuzu-sama, somewhere safe, and yet… 」

I joined the attack on the karaoke bar.

After that, I also stood as everyone dealt with the Yakuza in the old training building of Kouzuki SS.

「 After all, I… 」

I’m a member of the criminal organization “Black Forest”

And, I can’t let Edie get in danger by themselves.

「 Schatz. You’re a bit crazy. You’re not normal. You think that you can’t leave it for other people, that you have to be in a place of danger all the time. That you have to answer everyone’s expectations and that you fear that you’ll lose everyone’s confidence. Even though that won’t happen 」

Haiji speaks gently to me.

「 But, your family loves you because you’re like that. “It’s going to be okay, you can stay here,” Instead of saying that, becoming overprotective of you, they let you out. Of course, you always have the most support, but still, you don’t choose the easy way. They let you do what you want. That’s great love 」


「 You’re loved, my Schatz. And, you also love them. Your family 」

Haiji smiled.

「 It’s very interesting. It’s contradictory, but it’s okay. As long as there’s love 」


「 I love you too. And, I want to become a woman worthy of you 」


「 Please teach me about sex. So I would become a woman worthy of you 」


That’s enough talk.

What’s left is to feel each other’s bodies.

「 Haiji, I like you 」

「 Me too, I want to be with you forever 」

We kiss each other.

I insert my tongue inside Haiji.

The tip of my tongue touches the surface of Haiji’s tooth.

It’s smooth.

Then, she opened up.

Haiji’s tongue entwines with mine.

「 ?! 」

Haiji twitched.

「 A-Are you okay? 」

「 I-I’m sorry, I never thought that entwining tongues would shock me that much 」

Haiji speaks bashfully.

「 There’s more coming 」

「 Yes, please…Please teach Haiji 」

She’s a half-foreign girl raised in Europe, Haiji’s body is mature for her age, but still.

Haiji’s startled expression was charming.

This young girl is blooming now.

She’s rapidly developing to become a woman.

「 First, your ears 」

I cover Haiji and kiss her from the back of her ears to her nape. I lick it.

「 Ahn~ that makes me shiver 」

Haiji’s bare chest touches mine.

Her nipples standing up from arousal rubs on my chest.

「 I will look for all the sensitive parts of Haiji 」

「 Y-Yes 」

I crawl my tongue from Haiji’s nape to her chest.

I smear my saliva on Haiji’s skin like calligraphy.

Then, back to her nipples.

I can’t help it. Women’s nipples are for licking, for sucking.

「 Ah, aaah, it’s different from earlier. I can feel more 」

「 It’s not just me, Haiji’s different from earlier now 」

「 Me? 」

「 Look, your nipples are hard now. I can grind it like this 」

I flick the tip of her nipple.

「 Aaah, it tingles me! Aaah 」

I attack her more with my tongue.

「 Aaaahn~ Aaaah! I-I feel weird 」

「 Yeah, do it. It’s okay to feel it. It’s just the two of us 」

We have people watching the cameras from another room, but…

Nobody’s going to come in until Haiji loses her virginity.

Haiji and I are alone.

「 Y-Yes, I-I’ll feel it all… 」


「 Please grab my breasts tighter 」

I grab and massage the breasts free from my tongue.

「 Aaah, it feels good 」

Gently, cautiously, more than touching it.

Haiji today likes it when I put a little strength and massage her.

Then that means, her nipples too.

「 Auu?! 」

I suck them strongly.

「 Ahn~ That feels good, yes 」

I knew it.

Then, I suck on both her nipples in turns.

Then, my tongue explores Haiji’s body.

「 Ah 」

I opened up the bathrobe still covering her lower half.

「 N-No 」

Haiji’s cute navel shows up.

Haiji twists her body and hides her genitals but since her hands are cuffed, she can’t resist further.

「 That’s cute, Haiji 」

Haiji has some soft light pubic hair growing up.

It’s growing delicately that it’s still fresh.

「 I-It’s embarrassing 」

「 It’s obvious. It’s normal to feel embarrassed when someone’s looking at your embarrassing parts 」

Losing that embarrassment is just sad, or miserable.

Having someone ready to get naked before me anytime, anywhere, is a bit…

I’m more aroused when the girl twists her body and her skin turns red in shyness.

First, I greeted her navel with my lips.

「 Ah 」

Then, my tongue goes lower.

Yeah, I remember the illustration I’ve seen on textbooks.

My tongue goes lower as it conquers Haiji’s body.「 」

「 D-Don’t look there 」

Haiji says in a panic.

「 Why? 」

「 B-Because 」

Haiji looks at me bashfully.「 」

「 I-It’s wet 」

Haiji’s virgin slit.

Her slit closed tightly seeps out love nectar.

「 Yeah, it’s wet 」


「 That’s why I’m going to lick it 」

「 Huh? 」

「 I won’t know Haiji’s taste unless I give it a lick, right? 」

I stretch out my tongue.

「 Aaah! 」

I run my tongue up and down the slit.

Love nectar spills out from her insides.

It penetrates my tongue.

It has a sour taste.

「 Aaaah, d-does it tastes weird? 」

「 Didn’t I tell you not to worry about it? 」

I stimulate her slit, digging my tongue in.

「 Aaaahn! 」

「 It doesn’t matter if it tastes weird or not. Haiji’s body is mine only. Isn’t that right? I like it, so don’t worry about it 」

「 Aah, you like it? 」

She looks at me with wet eyes

「 Isn’t that obvious? You’re so cute. That’s why, Haiji… 」


「 Spread your legs, Spread it all the way 」

I can’t open her slit if she doesn’t spread her legs.

「 O-Okay 」

Hiaji has her hands tied up on a leather cuff above her head.

The young lady exposes her fair body as her bathrobe spreads open.

She spreads her thighs, which don’t have meat yet.

「 More. Spread it more 」

「 O-Okay 」

Haiji is a woman who uses her body as a bodyguard to earn money.

She should be training and stretching her body every day.

Therefore, her hip joint is soft.

She spreads her legs and her thighs tough the bed.

「 Ah, ah, uu 」

She looks up at me embarrassed.

Even after spreading her legs this much, her slit still doesn’t open.

She’s a virgin so it’s inevitable.

「 I’m going to open and look at it inside 」

「 P-Please do, Ruriko-sama did take photos earlier already 」

Yeah, Ruriko already recorded Haiji’s hymen before me.

「 Don’t be afraid 」

I use fingers from both my hands.


Haiji’s door opens.

Love nectar drips out.

I’m enveloped with an obscene odor.

「 I’m embarrassed, This is more embarrassing compared to when Ruriko-sama took photos of it 」

They’re both women, and Ruriko’s not a lesbian.

Compared to that, I look at it filled with lust.

「 Aaah, I’m being seen 」

Haiji squeezes out more love nectar from embarrassment.

I can’t see the insides like this.


「 I’m slurping this out 」

「 What? 」

Haiji couldn’t understand what I said but I already placed my lips on Haiji’s pussy and suck out the love nectar.

「 Hyaauu 」

Haiji’s body trembled.

After a few moments.

「 Spread it for a little longer 」

I spread out her slit.

「 Hyaaaa 」

Now I can see it

Haiji’s hymen inside her meat pot.

It’s a whiteish pink flesh membrane.

This is also different from every person.

It’s a difference between women.

「 Yeah, I see your hymen. I saw it with my own eyes 」

「 T-Thank you 」

Haiji thanked me for some reason.

「 But, I’ll be taking that today 」

I’m going to thrust my dick in that membrane and tear it

「 O-Okay 」

Haiji looked at me.

「 But, I’m going to change, so… 」

She speaks straight to me.

「 This alone self will become one of your women 」

That’s right, people change. They have to.

「 U-Uhm, today, there’s a high likelihood that I may become pregnant 」

It’s her unsafe day

「 I-I’m ready. If I get pregnant, I’ll bear the child. You’ll raise them together, right? 」

Haiji doesn’t know about contraceptives.

That we use that kind of medicine.

「 Of course. My family and I…Haiji’s elder and younger sisters will all raise them together. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about it 」

「 O-Okay 」

But she’s still scared.

Haiji’s trembling.

「 Haiji, it’s going to be okay 」

I embraced her small body.

I kissed her in the lips.

Until her trembling becomes smaller…

「 I-I’m not scared. 」 I’m not scared, because it’s you. My Schatz 」

Haiji persuades herself.

「 By the way, what does that Shats mean? 」

I asked.

「 It’s a German word, one way they call their lover. It’s similar to “sweet” in English. Meaning, “My treasure” 」

「 Oh, so it’s the same as Edie’s “Darling” 」

I start up a conversation to calm Haiji down.

「 I’m a half-blood after all. I don’t want to forget my ancestry 」

「 I see 」

She’s facing her past her own way, thus those words come from her.

I kissed Haiji on the cheeks.

「 Haiji, you’re such an earnest girl 」

「 I’m sorry that I’m not flexible 」

「 I’m praising you. It’s cute 」

「 T-Thank you 」

Haiji blushes bashfully That’s really cute.

「 Okay, I’m taking my clothes off too 」

I’m still wearing my pants and briefs.

It’s about time I let this erection free.

I take off my belt and lower down my pants.

Then, I lowered my underwear.

「 Big… 」

Haiji mutters after seeing my erect penis

「 You’ve seen it earlier haven’t you? 」

Haiji watched me have sex with Misuzu and the girls in the bathroom after the party.

Naturally, she’s seen my erect penis already.

「 B-Back then, I never thought that it would go inside me 」

Haiji said.

「 E-Err, s-should I lick it? 」


「 Uhm, licking it with my tongue before it comes inside me 」

Haiji doesn’t have that much sexual knowledge.

No, but…

「 Then, just a bit… 」

Since she asked for it, I’ll have her suck me while she’s still a virgin.

「 If you lick it all over and smear it with your saliva, it will become smoother 」

「 O-Okay 」

I stick out my penis to Haiji’s mouth.

Oh, I can feel Haiji’s hot sighs of arousal.

「 Lick it 」

Haiji opens her mouth and accepts my penis.

Ooh, her mouth is…

It’s moist and warm.