Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 957. Night of Flirting / The night I embraced Haiji (Deflowering/Creampie)



「Hmm, hmmmm」

The young half-foreign lady puts my penis in her mouth.

She hasn’t learned how to do it properly and so she uses her tongue awkwardly.

But, it’s lively, so it’s great.

「Hmm, hmmm, hmm」

My mouth gets harder inside Haiji’s warm mouth.

「Can this big thing enter me?」

Haiji mutters.

「It will. Don’t worry」

I confirmed Haiji’s entrance earlier.

She’s still young but her Japanese-European origin shows good development in her body.

I can go in smoothly compared to Rie and Eri.

「O-Okay, p-please take care of me」

Haiji replies bashfully.

「Uhm, I’m prepared for the pain involved, and so please go all out」

This is…

「I want to make memories I’ll never forget」

Even if you don’t say that, this is your first and only deflowering.

You won’t forget it.


「This will be a good memory」

I gently pat Haiji’s cheeks as she licks my glans.

「Haiji, let’s make this a precious memory for the two of us」

That’s right, I won’t say “I’ll make it a good memory,” and such.

Sex is about a man and a woman.

It’s the two people who make it.

「In ten years, twenty, thirty, no, even in fifty years, we’ll remember this and say that it was fun」

Haiji looked up at me.


She replies with a small voice.

「Uhm, should I lick and suck it more?」


「Please teach me. I will not do it with anyone but you for the rest of my life. Teach me how to make you feel pleasure」


「If that’s the case, uhm, sorry to ask but could you lick this part?」

I point at my balls.

「This part?」


「I don’t know if Haiji is aware but this part is where the semen is created」

「I know. It’s called testicles, isn’t it?」

Haiji said.

「Ah, I know it because there’s an anatomy class in the bodyguard academy」

Yeah, she’s also a prodigy, just like Edie and Michi.

If not, she won’t be graduating the short-term course of the academy at such a young age.

She understands medical science and knows about the male body’s physiological response.

「And you know, after a lot of things happening today, I already ejaculated a lot. I need to produce semen here or I can’t cum inside Haiji」

I make a pathetic explanation.

「And if possible, I want to cum a lot inside Haiji’s womb」

「So much that I’ll get impregnated in one round?」

Haiji looks at me with earnest eyes.

「That’s right」

That’s why, I replied to her earnestly.

「It’s not like I need to get Haiji pregnant, but still…I mean, it’s better if you’re a bit more grown-up than this, but, this is our first sex, and so I want Haiji to remember the taste of my semen your womb」

Haiji stares at me.

「I want the deepest part of your womb to become mine and mine only me. I want all of Haiji, both in mind and body」


「Yes. I’ll offer my everything to you」

Then, she kisses my glans.

「You truly are fascinating. A very interesting man」


「Still scared even this late. Wondering that I might refuse it…」


「You’re an honest man. It’s okay. Look, I’m tied up」

Haiji looks at her wrist that’s tied up on a leather cuff.

「You can violate me as you please until I feel that I belong to you. Please order me. I will show that I can accept it all」


「Err, licking the backside of the penis and the testicles, right?」

「Ah, yeah」

「Then I’ll lick it, please move them」

I lift my balls and press it on Haiji’s lips.

Haiji uses her pink tongue to lick my balls and the back of my penis.

「Is this good enough?」


I move my body to raise my balls, telling Haiji to use her tongue to lick it.

「Uu, that’s great. I feel like it’s brewing some semen now」

「Yes, I want more too」

She continued to lick it for a while.

「Yeah, that’s good enough. Thanks」

「No, Sex is about making both parties feel pleasure so there’s no need to say thanks」

Haiji said.

「Then, I’ll give yours a little bit of licking too」

I head to Haiji’s crotch again.

「No, uhm, I…」

I guess she’s embarrassed to have my face close to her pussy.

「I already tasted it earlier, but, I can’t go in unless you loosen up」

「I-Is that so? Then…」

I confirmed the inside of her vagina earlier, but…

「Haiji, do you touch yourself down here?」

I look up at Haiji’s face coming from her crotch, seeing between the two mountains of breasts of hers.


She’s never masturbated before?

「I thought that I shouldn’t do it」

Haiji said.

「I came from a prostitution den, and so I thought that I should not possess sexual desire.」

Because she’s close to people who use sex as a business, she has strong displeasure towards it.

「I’ve always been alone, and so, I had to be wary, even when I’m sleeping. The dorms in the academy are two per room. My roommate might be a lesbian. I can’t be at ease anytime」

I see.

I was in despair and solitude because my parents abandoned me, but…

It’s just me in that dark house.

Therefore, I could escape from reality, imagine that I raped Yukino, masturbate all I want every day, but…

Compared to me, Haiji’s in a place where she can’t be alone.

She couldn’t comfort herself at night.

She’s scared of other people.

Not knowing when the people around will assault her.

She’s always cautious of her surroundings, preparing for combat.

She had that kind of life…

Oh, the reason why she’s always aloof, making a wall around her…

I get it now.

「I see. Then, you won’t touch yourself ever. If you feel horny, then just tell me. I’ll do it. I’ll lick it. We’ll have sex. Don’t ever do it alone, okay?」

「Yes, I’ll do so」

Haiji replied.

「I will not touch myself. I will leave it all to you. Therefore, Mein Schatz, please seek me out too」

「Yeah got it」

It has to be a 50-50 relationship.

Therefore, if Haiji’s banned from masturbating, then me too.

I will not masturbate.

If I want to ejaculate, then I will do it inside my women.

It has to be.

「If you never touched yourself before, then you probably don’t know this」

I reach out to the upper area of Haiji’s genitals.


「Don’t worry about it, just leave it to me」

I expose Haiji’s clitoris.


Haiji’s body trembled from when I blew the wind on her sensitive spot.

「I’m licking this」

I use the tip of my tongue to lick her clitoris.

「Kyaa! Afuu!」

Feeling this kind of pleasure for the first time, Haiji…

「I-I’m scared! W-What’s this?」

「Don’t worry! It’s something your body always had」

I use a lot of salivae and give her a lick.

The ruby gem becomes polished with water and whetstone.

「Aaah! Aaah! Kyafu!」

Haiji’s clitoris becomes red, it swells.

Just like a ruby gem.

「Aaah, aaah, aaaahn!」

Her love nectar spills out a lot.

She’s easy to get wet.

She’s been distant to anything sexual but Haiji’s body might have a disposition where it loves lewd stuff.

「Aaah, no more. P-Please spare me」

Haiji closed her thighs.

She presses my face firmly.

I grab Haiji’s thighs and ass with my hands and continue attacking her clitoris.

Yeah, I can feel Haiji’s thighs and ass with my face and hands.

It’s soft and warm. It’s squishy.

「Iyaaaan~ No more! I-I’m feeling weird」

Then feel it.

I think that Haiji should experience ecstasy before experiencing sex.

I speed up the stimulation.

「Aaaaah! What’s this?! Iyaaaaan! Aaaah! Aaah! Weird! I’m feeling weird! I! I…」

My mouth is wet with Haiji’s love nectar.

「Aaah, aaaah, kyuuuu!!!」


Haiji came.

「Kuuuu, auuuu, aguuuuu, aguuu, aguuuu!!!」

I’m glad that I tied up her arms with leather cuffs.

Haiji’s not struggling because of the mental image that she’s bound.

She’s now exhausted after my tongue attack.

「Auuu, haa, haauuu, haaaaa!」

She’s still twisting around, trembling.

I lift Haiji’s lower half,

Then, I continued to caress her until the aftertaste of the climax ended.

「Haa, haa, haa, haa, haa」

Haiji takes deep breaths.

Her whole body’s sweating.

The smell of love nectar and sweat.

I want to mix the scent of my sweat and semen in here.

I look up from Haiji’s crotch.

I grab the towel from the bedside and wipe off Haiji’s love nectar from my mouth.

Then, I kissed Haiji.


Haiji seeks my tongue feverishly.

Her skin is flushed.

Her white skin is turning pinkish.

That tightly closed slit opens a little bit.

Everything’s ready.

「Haiji. We’re doing it now」

I whispered. Haiji opened her eyes.


「Loosen up, take a deep breath. Each time you take a breath, your body loosens up. Imagine that. Copy what I do」

「I understand」

Suu, suu, haa

Suu, suu, haa

Haiji who just reached climax loosens up nicely.

I open up Haiji’s legs to an M shape.

Then, I placed a pillow below her hips to adjust the angle.

「Are we going to do it now?」

「Yeah, we are」

I look at Haiji’s body, whose ready for penetration, and get my erect penis harder.

「Uhm, do you really want me?」


「Do you want someone like me?」

Haiji. Adelheid Katori. 13.

This girl is just like me, she’s not confident about herself.

「Haiji’s cute」

I said.

「I want to do it. I want to have sex and ejaculate inside Haiji. I want to impregnate Haiji」

And so I confess.

Haiji looked at me.

「I want to do it too. I want to have sex with you. I don’t mind if I get pregnant. No, I mean that I want your child」


「I want to join your family, I want to make a family with you」

Just like me.

Haiji wants a family.

「Yeah, we will make one」


I touch my glans on Haiji’s opening.


「Don’t be afraid, loosen up. Just do the same breathing I taught you earlier」

Suu, suu, haa.

Suu, suu, haa.

Slowly, Haiji loosens up.

Haiji’s eyes look up at me.

I also look back at Haiji.

Suu, suu, haa.

Suu, suu, haa.

I open Haiji’s slit with my fingers and push my glans inside the entrance.

My penis fits inside Haiji’s warm and wet insides.

Suu, suu, haa,

Suu, suu, haa.

As soon as Haiji takes the next big breath.

I pushed in my hips.

My glans goes inside Haiji together with her breath.



It’s a really tight ice cream cake sliced by a heated kitchen knife.

Haiji’s body is still young but before it could reject the male object…

I grab Haiji’s shoulders and push further inside.


I break through the wall that’s obstructing the way.


My hot erect penis tears through Haiji’s hymen.

「D-Did you tear it?」

Haiji stares at me in a daze.

「Yeah, I just did. Haiji’s no longer a virgin」

I replied.

「Aah, God!」

Haiji muttered, but…

We’re not done yet.

Then, I continued.


I push to the roots.

「Now that’s all in」

I can feel Haiji’s pubes and her abdomen.

「Haa, haa, haa, haa」

Haiji who experienced sex for the first time takes deep breaths.

「Stay still for a little while. Until Haiji’s insides get used to me」

I kissed Haiji.

Haiji grasps her restrained hands, enduring the pain.

「You okay? Does it hurt?」

「Just a bit」

We look at each other and talk.

「Am I connected to you?」

「Yeah, look」

I raise my body.

I show the connected part to Haiji.

「It’s true. We’re connected」

「We’re having sex」

「Yes…You and I are having sex」

Then, Haiji…

She smiled, even though she’s frowning in pain.

「What’s wrong?」

「It’s weird. I wonder why we do this when having sex? Getting naked, and embarrassed」

Haiji’s cheeks are blushing from arousal and embarrassment.

「But, I understand. I will do this with you from now on and for the rest of our lives」

「Yeah, you’ll have sex with me」

「Yes. I will. Sex with you…Aaah!」


「It’s okay now, please move」

「You sure?」

「Yes. Please move, and ejaculate inside me」

I slowly move my hips.


Haiji looks like she’s in pain. She’s hurt. She’s struggling.


「I’ll endure it. I’ll be okay」

Sweat spills from her forehead.

Her eyes are moist…it’s from pain.


I grab Haiji’s breasts and entwine it with my tongue.

Ooh, Haiji’s body is getting hotter.

I can feel her heartbeat thumping.

The blood flow of oxygen feeds in and her skin becomes hotter and sweat oozes out of her skin.

「Haiji, just hold it for a little longer」

I grabbed Haiji’s small ass.

Let’s go for the final spurt already.

「Guu, guu, guu, guu, aaah!」

Each time I thrust, Haiji leaks out a breath in pain.

Even so, Haiji looks at me.

To me, who is violating her.

Therefore, I violate Haiji with an earnest mood.

We’re connected. Our minds and bodies.

「Aaaah! I’m going to cum! Haiji!」

「Let it out! Hurry! Aaaah! Give it! Give it to Haiji!」

I think that she wants to end the pain as soon as possible rather than wanting it.

However, Haiji accepts me from the bottom of her heart.

「Aaah, I’m cumming! Haiji! Aaaah! I’m cumming!!!」


I release it inside the young woman’s womb.

「Aaaah, so hot! I can feel it! It’s coming in! Aaaah! It’s spreading on my stomach!」

I look at Haiji while ejaculating.

She’s accepting my semen while enduring the pain.

「You look like you’re feeling good. I’m happy」

Haiji looks at me while I ejaculate inside her.


My Haiji.

I lost strength on top of Haiji while still ejaculating.

「So cute. Does it feel that good? It feels good to me too」


Haiji is feeling the pain from deflowering.

She shouldn’t know the pleasures of sex, and yet…

「I feel good looking at your face of pleasure while ejaculating inside me」

Haiji tells me while enduring the pain.

Sweat, love nectar, semen, and Haiji’s virgin blood.

The bed we’re on is soaked with all of it.

「I like you! I love you! Aaaaaaah! I want to do this with you forever!」

Sex isn’t an act to release sexual desire.

It’s an act of making love.

I thought of that while gently caressing Haiji’s flushed naked body.