Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 960. Morning Sisters / Morning Marathon 1






It’s already morning when I opened my eyes.

I seem to have a sound sleep, wrapped in Katsuko-nee’s breasts and Edie’s scent.


「 That’s right. Then you suck it like that 」

Katsuko-nee’s still on my right side, lying down as she was before I slept.

「 Yes, you’re doing good. Now use your creativity 」

I can also feel Edie’s body on my left side.

Shou-neechan’s already out. She’s back to her work it seems.

And Haiji.

For some reason, she’s with Agnes, enjoying double fellatio with my morning erection.

I get that Haiji’s naked since she slept like that, but for some reason, Agnes is also naked.

Also, behind the two of them is Luna, who’s also naked.

「 Err 」

「 Ah, it looks like he woke up from the pleasure 」

Katsuko-nee noticed that I woke up.

「 Good morning, Dear 」

She kissed me in the lips.

「 Me too! GOOD MORNING! Darling! 」

Edie also kissed me.

「 W-What are you doing? 」

「 It is as you can see 」

Edie smiled.

「 Papa didn’t come to play last night, and so Luna and I came here for morning sex! 」

Agnes says while licking my glans.

「 Also, Papa, you had sex with her? 」

Agnes looks at Haiji.

「 Yeah, I did. Haiji entered our family last night 」

Agnes and the girls slept first, and so they don’t know about what happened to Haiji.

「 I see! Everyone who does sex with Papa is Agnes’ family! Let’s get along! 」

Agnes smiled at Haiji.

「 Agnes, she’s been doubtful until she heard it from you 」

Katsuko-nee laughs.

「 With that said. Luna. let’s get along with her! 」

Agnes puts on a patronizing air with Luna.

Well, Luna understands Agnes so there should be no problems.

「 Please take care of me 」

Haiji greets Agnes and Luna after letting go of my penis from her lips.

「 Me too, please take care of me 」

Luna smiled.

「 If there’s something you don’t know then you can ask Agnes 」

Agnes says happily.

「 Hey now, Agnes, Haiji’s still a year older than you 」

Agnes and Luna are 12.

Haiji’s 13.

「 She’s older but Agnes is the first to have sex with Papa! 」

Agnes says that but…

「 If you’re going to say that, Yukino-chan will be the senior of us all 」

Katsuko-nee said with a smile.

Yeah, it’s Yukino who’s my first sexual partner.

「 Ugh, I like Yukino-chan but it would be a problem if she’s the number one 」

Agnes now looks troubled.

「 Besides, Haiji-san knows more in studies than Agnes. Isn’t that great Agnes? You have more teachers in your studies 」

Edie said.

Right, Haiji’s…

That’s how she can deepen her relationship with the younger girls.

「 Auuuu, but studying is… 」

Agnes is about to take elementary exams in Misuzu’s school and so she’s weak when we tell her to study.

「 Either way, she’s an Onee-san. I’m glad that you’re trying to get along with her but don’t be too arrogant, Agnes 」

I scolded Agnes.

「 Yes, desuno. But… 」


「 If this keeps on. Other than Mao-chan, Agnes will always be the little sister. Mao-chan’s too young either 」

Mao-chan is just 4 years old.

「 Agnes wants to be a big sister too 」


「 What are you talking about Agnes-chan? Isn’t that why we’re going to school? 」

Luna said.

「 There are a lot of girls in school, girls that are younger than us. All we have to do is find the cute, smart, and the girls we want to join our family 」

「 I see! Desuno! 」

No, look.

「 If Papa finds and likes a girl, then have sex with her. Agnes can get a lot of little sisters! 」

Agnes’ idea of family is that they must have sex with me.

She accepts Koyomi-chan and Mao-chan with the idea that “They can’t do it because they’re too young but it’s decided that they’ll have sex with Papa”

As for Margo-san, she thinks that she’s just shy, that she doesn’t show that she’s having sex with me, and so she does it when Agnes is asleep.

Since she is under the impression that family = people who have sex with me…She thinks that Margo-san should have done it with me since she gets along with everyone.

「 In the end, he’s the one to decide who he wants to have sex with, okay? No matter how much you like the girl you bring, if he’s not interested, then she can’t join in the family 」

Katsuko-nee warns Agnes.

「 I know that. Papa never does it with girls he doesn’t want to have sex with 」

Agnes said.

「 Therefore, all the people Papa chooses in the family are all good girls! And I’m sure that she is too 」

She smiled at Haiji.

Yeah, I guess.

Yesterday, I took the virginity of three girls.

I accepted Haiji to our family, but.

I only took Eri and Rie as my sex slaves, not family.

If it’s their current selves, they cannot live in the same roof as Agnes.

The twins are mentally unstable, and if it is passed to Agnes and the other girls, it would be bad.

The twins will ask about things we don’t want Agnes to think about.

About her true parents, about why she had to do it with me.

They will ask Agnes about it without thinking.

They’ll make Agnes uneasy to raise their status.

「 By the way, where’s Mao-chan and Koyomi-chan? 」

I asked.

「 Can’t bring them to Papa’s morning sex! 」

Agnes starts stroking my penis with her hands and speaks with a serious face.

Seeing that, Haiji also resumes fellating me.

「 It’s too early for Mao-chan. And as for Koyomi-chan, it’s not good for Papa to suddenly want to have sex with Koyomi-chan! 」


「 Koyomi-chan’s first time shouldn’t be like this! It needs to be better, where everyone can congratulate her 」

Agnes seems to be thinking a lot about the girls.

Half a year ago, everyone’s a stranger to her as she’s confined in that basement, and yet…

「 Agnes’ first time has the blessing from everyone in the family, and it was happy 」

Oh, Agnes.

She doesn’t remember it clearly.

Maybe, she’s just remodeling it to become a good memory.

「 I also had a wonderful first experience last night 」

Haiji tells Agnes.

「 While Agnes was sleeping? 」

「 I think yes 」

「 Ugh, that’s unfortunate. Agnes wants to watch it and congratulate you too 」

「 You can still do that now. Besides, we recorded photos and videos of it 」

Edie said.

「 Yes, I’ll watch it! Agnes loves watching everyone have sex with Papa! 」

Err, I guess that’s a mistake in our education.

Well, Agnes disconnected when it comes to sexual stuff from the beginning, but still.

Shirasaka Sousuke taught her nothing but how to become a sex slave.

「 After all, girls who have sex with Papa are all happy! That’s why Agnes also feels happy! Love it 」


「 If that’s the case since you couldn’t watch last night, I’ll show it today. My sex, I mean 」


「 Y-You’re sure? It still hurts, doesn’t it? 」

I said.

「 I’ll be okay. I took a rest already 」

Haiji said.

「 Hey, hey, wait! Haiji-san, you can’t take the first of the morning 」

「 That’s right, I’m the first, okay? 」

Katsuko-nee. Edie?

「 You don’t have to make us cum or ejaculating inside us at all 」

「 It’s fun doing it together, and so just cum inside whoever you’re doing it with if you feel like it 」

The two cover me.

Then, the morning sex marathon started.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Auuuu, yes, it’s your hard penis 」

Edie’s brown body.

Even so, the color of her meat inside her vagina isn’t that much different from everyone.

My penis inserts her already wet pussy through cowgirl position.

「 Aaaauu, it’s been a while since we did it that I can feel the sparks in my brain. It feels great to have sex with Darling 」

Edie places her hands on my chest, grinding her hips while accepting my dick inside her.

That clamp on my penis is amazing.

「 I’ll move. Stay still, Darling 」

Then, Edie moves her hips dynamically.

Juppu, juppu, juppu.

The part where Edie and I are connected makes lewd wet sounds.

「 Wow, so you can move your hips this intense 」

Among the girls who are watching, Haiji’s the most impressed.

「 That’s not all! I can go harder! HAWOOO!! 」

Edie starts moving her hips up and down.

Slamming my penis inside her.


I reached out my hands to Edie’s breasts and grabbed it.

I stimulate her nipples with my fingers.

「 E-Edie 」

「 What, Darling? 」

We stare at each other while having sex.

Edie smiled gently at me.

「 I love you 」

「 I love you too, Darling 」

Then, Edie…

「 Aaaaah, it’s been a while. I guess that’s why I’m already about to cum! 」

Thinking about the other girls, Edie climbs up to ecstasy.

「 Haaa, haaa, aaaaa, uuuu, auuu, aaaaa 」

Edie speeds up her hips.

Her brown skin starts trickling sweat.

Warm liquid drips from Edie’s forehead to my chest.

「 Wow 」

「 It’s like a locomotive engine 」

「 So it’s okay to go that far 」

Seeing the rough sex with Edie. Luna, Agnes, and Haiji are impressed.

「 Aaaah, Darling! Aaaah! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! 」

「 Yeah, I’m watching. I can feel it 」

Edie’s expression changes.

The feeling of her skin…her breasts I’m grabbing, it starts to get tense.

Her vagina wrapping my penis tightens up.

It’s coming.

She’s coming.

「 Aaaaah! Darling! Darling!!! I’m cumming!!! 」

Edie reached climax on top of me.

「 Haaaaaa, aaaaauuuu, aaaaah, daaaaaarliiiiiinnnggg!!! 」

I thrust my hips from below at this moment.

「 Aguuuu!!! Hauuuu!! Kauuuu!!! 」

Edie’s whole body trembles.

Then, she fell on me exhausted.

「 Haaaaa, aaaaa, aaaaaa, uuuuuuuuu!!! 」

She embraced me tightly and bask in the afterglow of climax.

Before long…

「 Haa, haaa, haa, haa, that’s happiness 」

She smiled and kissed me, then pull my penis out from her vagina

「 Haaaaaa 」

Then, she lied down next to me.

「 Okay, next 」


「 Then Agnes is next! 」

Agnes can’t hold back anymore after watching Edie’s flashy sex.

「 Okay, come here, Agnes 」

「 Yes, Papa! 」

Agnes also straddles on me in cowgirl position.

「 There we go 」

She puts my glans against her entrance.

Then, she turned back.

「 Luna, also, err. 」

「 It’s Haiji 」

「 Okay, Haiji-chan! Watch me! kuun 」

Her young slit is split into the shape of my glans.

「 Eeei! 」


My glans struggle to pass through the narrowest part, then…

It went smooth sailing.

「 Haan~ I can feel Papa inside me. It’s great 」

I had sex with Agnes until she became mentally stable.

In fact, she’s the one I do the most among my women.

Even though she’s the youngest.

「 You see, Papa loves this 」

Agnes wriggles her hips and rubs my glans to her vaginal wall.

「 That’s not me but Agnes. You love it when I thrust it here, right? 」

I move my hips and hit the point I mentioned.

「 Hauu! Agnes loves it but Papa does too, right? Auuu 」

Agnes says while twitching.

「 Isn’t that obvious? I love watching Agnes feel pleasure 」

「 Ahaaaaan~ Agnes also loves to watch Papa feel pleasure. 」

This young woman with blonde hair, white skin, and an angelic beauty bounces on top of me.

Her pink nipples and cute breasts sway around.

Sometimes, she contracts her belly

When she does that, her insides clamp harder.

「 A-Agnes is born to have sex with Papa! Hauu! I love the times when I have sex with Papa the most! 」

Agnes says.

All while still shaking above me.

「 Therefore, I’ll do my best in studies to have sex with Papa all the time. I’ll get along with everyone. I’ll also help out with everything, therefore. Papa! 」

Agnes is so cute when we’re having sex.

「 Please love Agnes forever and ever! 」

I get up.

It’s a face-to-face cowgirl position.

「 Isn’t it obvious that I love you, Agnes? That’s why don’t go anywhere 」

I embrace Agnes’ thin waist.

Agnes embraces me back.

Her nicely shaped young breasts are pushed to mine.

「 Yes! Papa! 」

I lift Agnes’ soft ass ad thrust my hips.

「 Aaaah, Aaaaah! Papa! I love this too!! 」

I know.

That’s why I’m doing it.

「 Papa! Kiss! Kiss me! 」

I give Agnes plenty of kisses.

Our tongues entwined.

Our lower halves rub together.

We enjoyed that kind of sex for a little while, then…

「 Papa! Stop! Stop… 」


「 Hafuu. I almost couldn’t stop myself. And I feel sorry if I did 」

She smiled.

That girl who’s been so greedy with sex is now thinking about Luna, Haiji, and Katsuko-nee.

「 I’ll just get a lot from Papa when it’s my turn 」


「 Yeah, sure. If you want to do it, just come at me anytime 」

「 Okay, desuno! Papa, you should also come to Agnes when you want it 」

「 Yeah 」

Then, Agnes…

「 Uhm, Papa 」

「 What? 」

「 Once Agnes passes the school exam… 」

She speaks bashfully

「 I’d like to have sex while wearing school uniform 」

Agnes’ insides start to tremble.

「 I’m a little jealous of Misuzu-chan and Ruriko-chan. They can have sex with Papa while wearing cute school uniforms 」

Misuzu’s school for young ladies have an old-fashioned sailor uniform.

It’s pure and clean, and elegant design.

「 Agnes, you want to put on a sailor uniform and have sex while wearing that? 」

「 Yes, desuno 」

「 Then, do your best in the exam. If you’re accepted, then let’s do it. I mean, I want to do that too 」

Agnes who never attended school before…

I’ll have sex with her when she puts on her uniform for the first time.

「 Yes, I’ll do my best! Desuno! 」

Agnes replies cheerfully.

Agnes clamps my penis tight again.