Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 964. Morning Sisters / Mariko capture battle



「 Well, not that we care about Mariko-san’s circumstances anyway 」

Misuzu says with a smile.

Then, she holds my hands.

「 To us, Danna-sama’s a precious existence. We have Danna-sama by our side, and that is how our minds and bodies are stable. We’re not stressed 」

「 Me too, I have no worries because I have sex with Onii-sama. Onii-sama listens when I tell him my story, and I can move forward with my usual life. Besides, when we feel like we’re losing our way, Onii-sama calls us out and give us a hug 」


「 Agnes too! When I have sex with Papa, my skin becomes so smooth! I become more beautiful after doing it. Everyone is the same 」

She looked at Haiji.

「 Haiji-chan is much more beautiful than yesterday! It’s because she had sex with Papa 」

「 Ah, err, yes 」

Haiji blushed.

「 But, uhm, it’s true that my worries were gone. It feels like my suffering until yesterday was just a lie 」

「 Worries? You? 」

Torii-san looks at Haiji curiously.

「 Haiji, you had worries? Why did you not talk to me, your Master? 」


「 It’s because she can’t expose her story to anyone other than her family, no matter how close the two of you are 」

I said.

It’s not a story that she can tell her close friend.

It’s something she can only tell her family.

「 I am Haiji’s master. Her job is to keep me safe every day. And despite all that… 」

As usual, Torii-san’s attitude with me is like that because I’m not from nobility.

「 It’s a worry that a master-servant relationship can’t hear out. Putting that aside, Mariko-san can’t do anything about it even if she talks to you 」

Misuzu speaks sharply.

However, Torii-san;

「 What’s with this?! You just had sex with him once and yet you trust him that far?! He’s a man you just met yesterday! You can’t marry him! He has Misuzu-sama! 」

She releases all the pressure she received from Misuzu by attacking Haiji.

「 It wasn’t just once! I did it twice! 」

Haiji objects with a blushing face.

「 I’ve done it once last night and this morning 」

Then, she touches her abdomen.

「 Right. Weren’t you watching it together with me? Mariko-san? 」

Misuzu laughs.


「 Haiji-chan will be with us forever. With Papa, with Agnes, with everyone 」

Agnes smiles.

「 Those who have sex with Papa is family! Right?~ 」

Agnes hugs Haiji.

「 Agnes-san 」

Haiji embraces Agnes lovingly.

「 Last night, I made a precious elder sister. Edie-oneesama. Today, Agnes-san has become my precious little sister. I’m happy 」

The reality that she made family is biting into her now.

「 Geez, Papa’s here too 」

「 Ah, yes, of course. I’ve encountered the man I’ll serve for my life 」

Then, Haiji speaks to Torii-san.

「 I don’t need to marry. I thought that someone with my circumstances will never have a happy marriage. But coming to this family, I get along with everyone, and I will bear the child together with everyone in the family 」

「 Of course. That’s what we’re going to do as well. Haiji-san, be sure to give birth to a healthy child 」

「 Agnes will also give birth to Papa’s child. Everyone will raise the child happily 」

Seeing Haiji, Misuzu, and Agnes say that.

「 That’s just weird! This is foolish! 」

Torii-san starts an uproar.

「 Oh? There’s nothing weird about it. There are a lot of countries who accept Polygyny 」

「 Misuzu-sama! We’re in Japan! It’s monogamy in here! 」

「 Oh? If you look at the civil law and criminal law, the accommodation of bigamy crime only takes hold when there’s an overlap in sexual activities. In short, it’s a matter of family register. There’s no crime to judge if you make polygamy without the use of de facto marriage and family register 」

Ruriko replies.

「 However, it’s an ethics problem 」

Seeing Torii-san refute in rage…Ruriko;

「 Whose morals are we using? 」

Morals differ from countries and cultures.

「 That’s unfortunate, I thought that Mariko-san was a little more flexible with her thoughts 」

Ruriko passes the baton to Misuzu.

「 Nobody other than our family knows about this group…Other than you. Have you ever thought of how we do not have problems with our everyday lives in our family while keeping our secret safe? 」

「 U-Uhm, what about Kouzuki Kakka? 」

Torii-san asks.

「 Grandfather knows it all. Also, he’s a member of this family. Well, I do not have sex with Grandfather. The only man in my life is Danna-sama. Grandfather’s role is to be everyone’s Grandfather 」

「 Agnes doesn’t like him that much but Ojii-chan is a good guy. Therefore, I try not to be disrespectful with him, and I listen to his stories earnestly! Mao-chan does the same! 」

Currently, Mao-chan’s eating breakfast with Jii-chan.

Does Agnes tell Mao-chan to not talk impolitely with Jii-chan regularly?

No, I think it’s the opposite.

Nagisa tells Mao-chan to “Behave herself” when in front of Jii-chan.

Then, Mao-chan tells Agnes about it.

Mao-chan is better at reading the mood compared to Agnes.

「 Kouzuki-sama accepts this? 」

「 Isn’t that obvious? Do you really think that we can do everything we want in the Kouzuki mansion without him knowing? 」

「 He accepts Onii-sama, and he should have shown it during the party yesterday 」

The party yesterday was a gathering to announce that I am Misuzu’s fiance to the young ladies of nobility.

Furthermore, Jii-chan purposely appeared together with me at the party, showing that he accepts me.

「 To us, this family system is our idea. Danna-sama’s the only man, and everyone gets along and receive his love 」

「 And because of Onii-sama’s personality, there are no quarrels. Everyone gets along, love each other, live a life where we cooperate with each other 」

「 I love everyone! They’re all good girls! 」

「 We’ve gathered girls from various age groups and experiences. The elder looks after the younger, and if there are problems, everyone is open with their opinions, and Danna-sama makes the final decision 」

No, Misuzu, stop putting me in that weird spot.

Minaho-neesan’s the mother of this family.

Katsuko-nee, Nagisa, and Margo-san, the elder sisters and Shou-neechan, the professional, keep the mother from acting rashly.

Then, as for the father. That’s Kyouko-san.

Of course, Jii-chan’s the Grandfather.

Our family has multiple safety devices.

「 And sex is above all. I can’t do it with anyone but Onii-sama. I can’t think of having sex with anyone other than Onii-sama 」

「 Agnes too! 」

「 We’re just humans, women. To have a man where I can rest my body in peace as we have sex like Danna-sama is valuable 」

Torii-san’s dumbfounded.

「 B-But, s-sure, you’re okay with it now, but someday 」


「 Once Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama gives birth to Kuromori-sama’s child, Kouzuki house’s future… 」


「 That’s not for you to worry! 」

「 Yes, we will deal with it smoothly 」

Ruriko added.

「 Someone will be Danna-sama’s legal wife on paper, but… 」

「 It’s possible to adjust the child we’re going to deliver 」

「 When I give birth, Ruriko will come with me on a foreign hospital 」

「 And when I give birth, Misuzu-sama will be with me, nobody will know who’s child is whose 」

「 The child is our blessing, and so we don’t know who’ll give birth first, Ruriko or me? If it’s a boy or a girl 」

「 And when that time comes, we will deal with it 」

「 But, if Ruriko and I lift each other up this way, nobody can push to split Kouzuki house anymore 」

「 Yes, Misuzu-oneesama and I will never leave Onii-sama 」

Ruriko and Misuzu will put restraints on the people who want to marry Misuzu and Ruriko’s children and prevent any takeover of Kouzuki house.

Jii-chan already accepted me as Misuzu’s fiance and so they can’t make a move on her.

As for Ruriko, she had a life where other people from Kouzuki house can’t contact her ever since Jii-chan turned her to the ultimate sheltered girl.

Most of the time, she’s in our Kuromori Mansion.

She never goes outside unless she goes to school and her traditional dance lessons.

At such times, Shou-neechan or Rei-chan’s with her all the time.

「 U-Uhm, but Kouzuki house also has Yoshiko-sama? 」

Torii-san asks. Misuzu;

「 And that’s something you should be concerned about 」

「 Yes, Yoshiko-oneesama will not disrespect us 」

Yoshiko-san is Ruriko’s attendant.

The two lived together, they treasure each other.

「 E-Excuse me 」

Torii-san shrinks down.

「 By the way, Mariko-san. Are you going to report about our family, and about our secret to Momoko-oneesama? 」

Right, Torii-san;

She is Kaan Momoko-neechan’s protegee.

She remained in the mansion to make reports of what happened after the party yesterday.

「 I still haven’t decided 」

Torii-san speaks hesitantly.

「 M-Misuzu-sama, are you thinking of what I should do? 」

She asks Misuzu for ideas.

「 I wonder? I think that’s yours to decide 」

Misuzu replies coldly.

「 Putting that aside, what do you think after looking at our family? 」

「 T-That’s… 」

Torii-san looks down.

「 Onee-chan, do you want to do it with Papa? 」

Agnes asks.

「 Do you want to have sex with Papa? 」

「 W-Why do I? 」

Torii-san is agitated.

「 Haiji-chan had sex with Papa and she became more beautiful, cuter, don’t you want to try it out too? 」

Agnes can’t read the mood, but she’s sharp.

She said.

「 Uhm, it hurts a bit and it’s a little embarrassing, but I’m happy 」

Haiji tells her former master.

「 Besides, if Kuromori-sama had sex with Mariko-ojousama, nobody will know about it 」

I am Misuzu’s fiance on paper.

The fact that I have sex with Ruriko is a complete secret.

Nobody will think that Misuzu and Ruriko…

Nobody can imagine that I had sex with Torii-san.

「 Have you ever thought that you want to do it too after watching Haiji-chan, Onee-chan? 」

Hearing Agnes says that; Torii-san gasps.

Torii-san’s filled with curiosity, she watched Haiji have sex with me.

She’s got to be interested in it.

「 But I can’t. The current Onee-chan can’t do it. Agnes won’t allow it! 」

Huh, Agnes?

「 Onee-chan, you’re beautiful, but if you want to have sex with Papa, then you need more cuteness! You have to be cuter than you currently are! 」

Agnes said. It sticks to Torii-san.

「 Right, I thought so too. The current Mariko-san feel lacking even though we showed you in our family 」


「 W-Wait, u-uhm, I-I never…with Kuromori-sama…doing it…I never said anything…joining Misuzu-sama’s family 」

「 Oh? Don’t you want to join in Mariko-san? If you join our family, you will be my little sister, Kouzuki Misuzu’s little sister 」

「 And you will be my elder sister 」

Misuzu’s 17. Ruriko’s 15.

Torii Mariko’s at the same age as me. 16.

「 Currently, you’re in a half-hearted state, someone who has the blood of nobility but you’re not nobility. Kaan Momoko-oneesama can take you in as a protegee but in reality, you’re just a vassal 」

She stayed here because Momoko-neechan ordered her.

That means it’s not an equal relationship.

「 Our family is different. After all, Danna-sama’s our first priority 」

「 Yes, Ruriko is Onii-sama’s slave after all 」

「 Danna-sama treats us all fairly, and there’s no one higher or lower in our relationship. We love each other as sisters 」

「 Agnes loves Misuzu-chan and Ruriko-chan. I love Luna. I love Haiji-chan. I love Yukino-chan. I love everyone! 」

Agnes said

「 We know that we cannot make Danna-sama happy alone. I can’t do it by myself. I need everyone’s cooperation 」

「 Onii-sama persuaded Grandfather to make Misuzu-oneesama happy and to bring peace to Kouzuki house. He also saved me. To reach happiness, you must make the people around you happy 」

「 With that process, the women Danna-sama loved and the women who love Danna-sama increases by one, and another one. I’ve been watching it. Therefore, I never feel jealous of other girls. I do not want to keep Danna-sama for myself 」

「 We’re a family, and so we build our happiness by ourselves 」

「 Agnes loves everyone! And all the girls Papa loves are good 」


「 But, Onee-chan’s not a good girl 」

The young woman denies Torii-san.

「 I-I… 」

「 And so, hurry up and become a good girl! 」

Haiji moves to Torii-san’s front.

「 Mariko-ojousama, you only need a little bit of change 」

「 Haiji? 」

「 If you change just a bit, you will reach happiness too, just like me 」

She smiles at her former master kindly.

「 But, I don’t get it. To be honest, if I’m just playing around, I’ll try it, I’d want to experience sex with Kuromori-sama 」


「 After all, he’s not as scary even though he’s a man. I’ve also seen Haiji have sex so happy 」

She speaks honestly to her former bodyguard.

「 But, that won’t do. Sex isn’t just a game 」

Haiji said.

「 R-Right, I thought so 」

「 Mariko-ojousama, I… 」

「 Huh? 」

「 I wanted to be friends with Ojou-sama. I wanted to get a sister-like relationship 」

「 I-I see 」

「 But, we cannot get away from the master-bodyguard relationship 」

「 Yes, indeed 」


「 That was my fault. I get it now. After hearing Misuzu-sama’s story. I’ve been overbearing, therefore, you gave up on me 」

「 That’s not it 」

「 But, Haiji’s no longer mine. You now belong to Kouzuki house, to Misuzu-sama 」

「 She’s not mine. She belongs to Danna-sama 」

Misuzu noted.

「 I also belong to Danna-sama 」

「 That doesn’t matter! 」


「 Argh, I forgot about it. When I first met Haiji in Europe 」

She looks at Haiji with teary eyes.

「 I thought, “she’s such a cute girl,” that “I want this beauty to be my little sister” 」

「 Mariko-ojousama 」

「 Then, that’s why I asked Father for a favor, to bring Haiji from Europe, and yet…I’ve… 」

Torii-san speaks in grief.

「 I treated Haiji as nothing but a servant! I wanted to be friends with Haiji. I wanted to love Haiji as my little sister. And yet, I… 」

Her pride as a semi-nobility.

That insecurity that she’s a daughter of noble blood.

She picked up Haiji, someone with no relative from Europe to become her bodyguard.

Then, she created a thick wall between them.

「 UUuuu, I’m so frustrated. So pathetic. Haiji’s taken from me…Haiji’s gone from me because…

She holds her hands tightly and tears up.

「 Haiji 」

I urged Haiji.

「 Yes 」

Haiji embraces the crying Torii-san.

「 It’s not too late yet. Mariko-ojousama 」

「 But, Haiji 」

「 Even now I still want to be friends with Mariko-ojousama. I want to be Mariko-ojousama’s little sister

「 But, you’re already… 」

Then, Agnes…

「 That’s why Onee-chan has to become a good girl! Good girls get to have sex with Papa!!! 」