Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 974. Morning Sisters / Mana’s sex lesson with the twins 1



「 We’re not idiots so we know 」

「 That we can’t go back to our home town 」

「 We can’t contact our acquaintances from the past either 」

「 Of course, that includes Rosoku-kun 」

The twins said.

「 We can’t send them a message from LINE either, can we? They’ll discover where we are after all 」

「 We can’t say our goodbyes to anyone, can we? 」

I see.

The parents of the twins died in the house of their boss.

Naturally, the police will investigate.

They can check the records of the rental car agency and find out that they departed from somewhere close to Kouzuki house.

They won’t find out that Tendou Otome infiltrated Mizushima house and is restrained during the party in the Kouzuki house, but…

It’s been ten days since they departed from Kansai.

The group of useless Yakuza brought their daughters and hid in Tokyo. They’ll see that immediately.

They will extend their investigation to the three girls who we left in the station with their memories erased and Shigeyo-san who returned to her relatives.

The police will look for Tendou Otome, Sonoko-san, Kurosawa-san, and Rie & Eri as they’re missing.

「 Even if the police listens to Shou-oneechan, that will only be the top-brass, right? They can’t really stop the police on-site from making their investigation 」

Mana said.

「 Therefore, Eri-chan and Rie-chan can’t go outside until everything cools off, and you can’t make contact with anyone you know so far 」

That’s how it is.

「 Well, it can’t be helped 」

「 Besides, it’s inevitable since we’re now taking shelter with Onii-san 」

Eri and Rie smiled.

「 Even if the police takes custody of us, they’ll send us to an orphanage that we don’t even know 」

「 No way, they will treat us coldly because we’re daughters of stupid and dead Yakuza 」

「 Yeah. Given the situation, even Father’s friends in Yakuza will just sweep us away 」

「 Right. Someone related to the group will grab us, use us for more lewd videos. I don’t want to do that anymore 」

「 I mean, I think that they would sell us off this time 」

「 That’s why I’m okay cutting off my ties with my home town 」

「 It can’t be helped. After all 」

Eri looked at me.

「 Is Father going to show up on the net news? 」


「 I didn’t check over the net but I’ve seen them mentioned in talk shows earlier 」

I speak honestly.

「 They had a shootout in the boss’ house and it was set on fire. It created a lot of commotion 」

「 I knew it 」

「 If that’s the case, those who know us have an idea of what happened 」

「 Right, we can’t meet them 」

「 I’m sure that they know about Father’s lewd site of our videos 」

「 Yeah, it’ll cause trouble to the lolicon though 」

「 Yeah, we made a lot of money from our videos 」

The twins are worried even at the lolicons

「 Well, it should be okay. No matter how much noise the world makes… 」


「 We’ll manage. We can change your names in the register and let you live as a different person. Just like me 」

Half a year ago, Shirasaka Sousuke’s scandal created a lot of noise.

「 I managed to deal with it, and so Eri-chan and Rie-chan should be okay, right? Onii-chan 」

Mana smiled at me.


It’s been half a year and yet Mana didn’t find the courage to move forward.

That Mana…

「 Don’t worry about it, it’s going to be okay. My old friends and relatives are all gone but I’m still happy now. I have Onii-chan, I have the family 」

She faces the little sisters who have the same situation as her and stood up.

「 Do your best for half a year. I did my best to become a completely different girl half a year ago. Didn’t you see it earlier? That Torii-san met Shirasaka Maika several times before. Despite that, she didn’t figure out that it was me until I said it 」

She speaks in a bright tone.

「 Uhm. Mana-oneesan’s really lovely, but… 」

「 Could it be that you took plastic surgery? 」

「 I didn’t do that!! 」

Mana screamed.

「 I adjusted my diet, improved my constitution, and also, exercise. It’s true. There’s a program that you can use to become more beautiful and grow naturally 」

「 Really? 」

「 Really! Besides, our family is filled with beauty, and so you naturally become beautiful when surrounded by them. I love everyone in the family, and I want everyone to always smile, the elder sisters look after me, and so I must be kind to my little sisters too. I always think that way. And then, you don’t get mad anymore, nothing provokes you. There’s no sadness, everyone haves fun. It’s the secret to becoming beautiful, I think 」

Mana said.

「 We also receive a lot of love from Onii-chan. Yes, sex is important. When you have sex with Onii-chan, you feel your heart refreshed, and your skin, smooth. I always have sex and so my condition doesn’t get any worse anymore 」


「 But only with Onii-chan. If I have sex with another guy, I’ll feel bad, then become sick, then die. No, I mean, let’s just skip to the end. I’ll kill myself. I don’t want to do it with anyone but Onii-chan. Mana’s body belongs to Onii-chan 」

Mana trembles. I embraced Mana.

Mana’s trembling stopped.

「 I don’t need Tsukiko-oneechan to influence me with her strange power. I can order myself. I tell myself that it’s only Onii-chan. And to get along with the family. To not be selfish. I’m still kept alive after all 」

「 What does that mean? 」

Rie asks.

「 Actually, the plan is for me to die together with Shirasaka Sousuke-san. For those who want to avenge their family’s death against Shirasaka Sousuke-san, then the best way to do it is to kill his daughter right in front of him, right? 」

Mana speaks brightly as if she’s not talking about herself.

「 But, it didn’t happen. Because Onii-chan saved me. That’s why I’m here. Serving Onii-chan for the rest of my life is natural 」

「 If you’re going to say that, then we’re the same 」

「 We have the same situation 」

The twins said.

Then, Mana looked at me.

「 Onii-chan, for example, if I found someone I love from the bottom of my heart, you think of staying silent and letting me leave, right? 」


「 But, similarly, you also think that you won’t hand me over to anyone, that you want me as your woman forever, right? 」


There are two confronting thoughts inside me.

One is that Mana shouldn’t stay with someone useless like me, but…

There’s also the other, which doesn’t want to let go of Mana.

「 Mana will never betray Onii-chan. I swear. If I break that promise, I’ll kill myself. Mana’s not allowed to become like that 」


「 That’s why, don’t worry, Mana will never betray Onii-chan just as Onii-chan will never betray Mana. I usually call you Onii-chan, but I am Onii-chan’s slave. Onii-chan’s happiness is my happiness 」

Mana said then kissed me on the lips.

Then, she looked at the twins.

「 Haa, I can’t match that 」

「 Right, Eri-chan 」

The two sighed.

「 That means, using that strange power to order us is naive 」

「 We need to become determined and decide voluntarily without the help of outside powers 」

Eri. Rie.

「 Rie-chan, what do we do? 」

「 To tell the truth, I started liking Onii-san since last night 」

「 Right, Rie-chan did it first 」

「 It’s not about the order. It’s just that Onii-san is absurd but he’s consistent with himself. I liked that 」

「 So do you think you can serve him for the rest of your life? 」

「 I can. I have the time. Women don’t repeat themselves. I’ll stick through as Onii-san’s lewd slave 」

Rie’s bashful, and so she’s decisive.

「 To love Onii-san for the rest of my life. And, to get along with the other girls. To be considerate of the younger girls all the time. I’ll do my best with Mana-oneesan’s example 」

She smiled at me.

「 Yeah. They may look like they’re smiling on the outside but they’re actually sensitive, and they still have emotional scars to heal, so be careful with them. Don’t pick a fight so quickly and speak ill of them 」

Mana tells Rie just like a big sister.

But, she talks about girls who still have emotional scars to heal.

Aren’t you the same, Mana?

「 Other Onee-sans are hard to approach but don’t get angry at them. It’s okay to get angry inside, but hold it and consult with me. I’ll tell you how to deal with each Onee-san. If anyone in the family fights, Onii-chan’s the one who is the most troubled 」

「 I understand. Please take care of me, Mana-oneesan 」

Rie bows her head to Mana.

「 So, what about you, Eri-chan? 」

She asks her twin sister.

「 Isn’t that obvious? 」


「 I also like Onii-san. I want to stay with Onii-san 」

She speaks bashfully.

「 Then, I’ll be careful. I know it already, Mana-oneesan and Nei-oneesan, I have no match against them. And there’s more like them, right? 」

「 Yeah 」

I smiled wryly.

「 Everyone in the family is kind. But, they’ll become the devil, the demon if it’s for keeping Onii-chan and the family safe. That applies to me too but when it comes to the worst, I might even become a murderer 」

Mana said.

「 I understand, I will not disrupt everyone’s peace. When a new one has come, Rie-chan and I will stay quiet

Eri promised.

「 Try to behave well as much as possible. Also, it won’t be good for Agnes’ education if she starts imitating 」

That’s what I’m most worried about.

「 It’s okay. These girls will stay with me for a while 」

Mana said.

「 Well, it’s not about monitoring. Everyone does that. It’s about looking after them until they get used to the family. Also, I’ll bring Megu-oneechan with me 」

Speaking of which, Mana always had Megu with her.

「 Isn’t it better if they have some Onee-san they can talk to, right? 」

「 That’s…yes 」

「 Yes, please do 」

The twins agreed.

I mean, this is good for Mana.

She created little sisters now.

「 Onii-chan, can these girls also take the Yoshida name? 」

Mana asks.

Right, I guess I’ll have the twins take my family name.

「 Yeah, from now on, you’re Yoshida Eri and Yoshida Rie 」

「 And I’m Yoshida Mana 」

Yoshida sisters formed.

「 Speaking of which, who’s the elder among the two of you? 」

Mana asks. The twins looked at each other…

「 That’s… 」

「 Well… 」


「 We’re twins so we celebrate our birthdays at the same time. 」

「 I get that, but still, someone has to come out of the delivery first, right? 」

Mana asks.

「 That’s true, but… 」

「 Father nor Mother are both stupid, and so… 」

「 I think the nurse told them who came first but they weren’t listening 」

「 It’s also in the hospital papers but it’s lost now 」


「 I mean, when we were babies, they keep mistaking us for the other 」

「 Father didn’t even know who’s Rie and who’s Eri 」

「 Ever since we were small, they always call us as a set, saying “Hey, Eri, Rie” 」

「 We don’t even care who’s who until we went to elementary 」


「 But, you know? It would be inconvenient to not know who’s Eri and who’s Rie since we entered elementary school 」

「 And so, Mother said, “You girls decide” 」

No way?

「 So I decided to become Eri 」

「 And I picked Rie 」

「 But, it might be the other way around 」

「 Therefore, we don’t even know if who’s the elder 」

I-I see.

「 Oh, but for convenience’s sake, I, the Eri, am the elder sister 」

「 And we’re only telling Onii-san 」

「 We’ll never tell strangers that 」

「 It’s our secret after all 」

I see.

「 Got it. Then, let’s keep it a secret 」

I promised the twins.

「 Well then, let’s take a shower 」

The twins, Mana, and I are in the room and so it’s packed.

Of course, everyone is somewhat agitated from the conversation with Torii-san earlier and so it’s good that we’re here.

Anyway, in this situation…

The twins should be okay to join in our family.

These girls aren’t trying to raise their situation…

And I don’t think they’re going to team up to start resisting anymore.

The twins are following Mana as their elder sister, as their guide.

「 Somehow, I feel sweaty after all that serious talk 」

This shower room is closed off…

I resumed taking off my clothes…


「 Hey, look, it’s our jobs as slaves to take off Onii-chan’s clothes 」

Mana told the two.

「 Oh, you’re right 」

「 Yes, then we have to serve 」


「 Mana will do it for today, you two can watch 」

Mana squats before me

「 Onii-chan, let Mana do it 」

She smiled at me.

「 Also, at times like this, you should try to show your chest. Let Onii-chan see your nipples 」

Mana exposes her cute breasts.

「 Make Onii-chan think “I want to touch it,” “I want to lick it”… 」

Then, she lowers my belt while showing me her breasts and nipples.

「 Excuse me 」

She removes the belt buckle smoothly.

「 Ufufu, Onii-chan 」

But, she doesn’t remove it immediately.

She gently caresses my crotch on top of the cloth.

「 I see, this is educational 」

「 As expected of Mana-oneesan 」

Then, she pinched the metal fixture on my zipper…

「 I heard that you can bite this and lower it that way but I want to look at Onii-chan’s face all the time. 」

She uses her fingers to lower down the zipper.

「 I’m taking this off 」

Mana lowers my pants.

She takes turns on my legs and takes off my pants from my foot.

「 You see, I love how tight Onii-chan’s calf looks 」

Mana rubs my legs with her hands.

「 It feels manly. I love touching Onii-chan’s legs 」

If it’s the usual Mana, she won’t say that…

But Mana’s freeing her mind because she’s making a new relationship with the twins.

「 I’m taking the briefs off too 」

Mana checks my penis on top of my briefs.

I’m aroused, but…

It’s not erect yet.

「 Okay, I’m pulling it 」

Mana pulls my briefs down.

「 Err. 」

「 What’s wrong, Onii-chan 」

「 No, well… 」

My dick just had sex this morning.

Then, I also trained with everyone in the courtyard.

I sweat a lot after training in the mansion.

「 That’s good enough, let’s wash our bodies 」

I said.

「 Huh, but Mana wants to lick it 」

Mana licks her lips with her pink tongue.

「 But… 」

「 Mana’s okay with this. Besides… 」

Mana holds my half-erect penis with both hands

「 This is delicious 」

She holds it inside her warm mouth

Mana’s tongue licks off my glans stinking from sweat, love nectar, and semen.

「 Look, it’s delicious 」

Mana uses her tongue and mouth skillfully.

「 Huh, Mana-oneesan, is that what they call F-Fellatio? 」

Eri asks.

「 That’s right. It’s delicious. Really delicious 」

Mana sucks on my penis with intoxicated eyes.

「 Then, Onii-san likes that? 」

Rie asks this time.

「 Hmm, I think Onii-chan likes it when I lick him, but.. 」


「 Mana likes it too. Serving Onii-chan with my mouth 」

She flicks her tongue to lick the back of my glans.


「 Look, cute, isn’t it? When Mana licks this way, Onii-chan makes that face, and I love it 」

Mana looks up at me while fellating me.

「 Ah, I see 」

「 Yeah, Onii-san looks like he’s feeling pleasure 」

The twin watch interestingly

「 And there we go, it’s big now 」

Mana’s tongue skills got my penis fully erect.

「 Look, it’s standing now 」

Mana pokes my erect penis with her fingers.

「 Wow 」

「 It’s big 」

Err, to have three beauties stare at my penis is embarrassing.

「 Last night, it went inside me 」

「 Mine too 」

「 Now you two touch it. Gently. Onii-chan’s penis is sensitive 」

Mana said.

Then, the twins touched my penis.

「 Uwawa, it’s warmer than I thought 」

Eri said.

「 It’s not actually as hard as a rock, it has some softness in it… 」

Well, that’s actually rock hard.

I guess Rie thought that it should be a tough rod.

「 Look here, this is where the baby seeds, the semen is created 」

Mana touches my scrotum.

「 You mustn’t touch this roughly. 」

She said, then licked my balls.

「 Somehow, this looks like a mother cat licking her baby cat 」

Eri, my ballsack isn’t a cat, okay?

「 Mana-oneesan, she keeps licking while saying “Cute, cute” 」

Rie speaks her impression.

「 Okay. The real fellatio training is for later, but for now, let’s take our clothes off

Mana stood up.

「 The three of us will make Onii-chan feel good while we take shower 」

She smiled at the twins.