Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 982. Morning Sisters / Eyes Watching



Naked beauties embrace me.

Torii-san, who’s the only one wearing clothes in the room…

「 I-I’m lacking intelligence?! T-That’s not!!! 」

It looks like she’s shocked by my comment.

「 Sure, I’ll lose to you when it comes to beauty and body proportions! I don’t know about the other girls but I’m no match against you when it comes to beauty. I accept that, but!!! 」

She glares at Nei.

「 I couldn’t possibly lose to you when it comes to intelligence! I’m sure! That won’t happen! 」


「 I’m the top when it comes to our school tests! I’ve always been first ever since I enrolled! 」

Then, Michi.

「 Me too, what about it? 」

She speaks with an expressionless face.

「 I’m in a different grade from Torii-sama, and since Torii-sama is only interested in herself, you may not know but I’ve also placed top ever since I entered school 」

Michi’s a genius.

「 And, Edie, my sister, has a high learning ability. It’s only been three months since she arrived in Japan and now she can speak Japanese fluently 」

She uses broken Japanese as a joke but she already can read an old Japanese book and read some difficult Kanji with ease.

She has plenty of knowledge that she would teach me, a man who lived in Japan for longer.

「 Also, the intelligence we mention just now isn’t about your learning ability, memory, nor mathematics 」

Michi said.

「 It’s your ability to cross through the society as a person 」

「 And you say that I lack that? 」

Torii-san speaks in a low tone.

「 Yes. For one to survive the interweaved society of people, you’ll need insight and analysis power. That’s the intelligence Nei-oneesama is talking about. Torii-sama has an overwhelming lack of it 」

Michi looked at the twins.

「 It’s about making the best choice when you fall into a difficult situation. To check what kind of relationships the people in the place have and find the keyman and how to deal with them. The twins have done that. They have good insight and analysis power. Their senses are a bit unrefined, but we can train them. They have some exceptional talent 」

The twins looked at each other.

「 Rie-chan, it seems that she’s praising us 」

「 But, she said that we’re unrefined 」

「 Well, we can’t do anything about that, we’re daughters of Yakuza 」


「 No, that’s not it. You girls are no longer daughters of Yakuza,. You’re our family now 」

「 But, we don’t know how to become refined 」

「 We’ll only embarrass Onii-san and everyone 」

The twins are insecure about the fact that their parents are some half-hearted Yakuza.

「 You can learn one at a time. It’s okay to be embarrassed. I’ll also carry that embarrassment with me 」

Besides, whenever Minaho-neesan or Misuzu brings me to a high-class restaurant.

I’ve done a lot of embarrassing things there.

Minaho-neesan and Misuzu would tell me that “I should do this when that” later but…

「 I’m not telling you two to become some young lady from somewhere. All you have to do is to become better than the low-class, okay? We’ll be together from now on. Eri and Rie, you’re going to places together with your big and little sisters 」

「 Oh, right, we need elegance there 」

「 Then, it’s bad to bring embarrassment to the people we’re with 」

「 We need to get ourselves together 」

「 Yes, Eri-chan. We need to study a lot 」

Look. The twins understood what I said just now.

That’s the intelligence I’m talking about.

The conversation won’t end if it’s Tokuda Sonoko-san and Tendou Otome I’m talking to.

Of course, Torii-san too.

「 I don’t get it. These girls are, well, I’d say that they’re cuter than the ordinary, but I can’t sense any special skill that makes Kuromori-sama go out of his way to shelter them 」

Torii-san doesn’t get it.

「 Then, Torii-san, among the people in the room right now, do you know the order of people? I mean, you’ve been peeking already 」

「 Order? 」

「 Yes. Like, who’s the leader, sub-leader, what do you think? 」

I asked. Torii-san.

「 It’s nothing special, Kuromori-sama should be on the top because you are Misuzu-sama’s partner, but that’s not the case. If it’s in this room, she’s the leader 」

Torii-san points at Nei.

「 She’s the one taking the initiative with the conversation since earlier. Kuromori-sama seems to be following her. I don’t know what kind of power relationship you two have, however. But, Kuromori-sama’s the second. Then, everyone else follows. Well, Kudou Michi-san is a subordinate of Kouzuki house, and I don’t know much about these girls but they’re people from Kuromori house, right? 」

She sends Tsukiko and Mana a glance.

Nei’s the leader, I’m the sub-leader. Michi, Tsukiko, and Mana all follow me in the same rank.

「 What about you Eri and Rie, what do you think? 」

I throw the same question to the twins.

「 She’s completely wrong. Onii-san has the highest status in this place 」

Eri said.

「 That’s right. Nei-oneesan always looks at Onii-san’s face when she’s about to say something. When she’s about to talk, she checks on what Onii-san is thinking and then she talks 」

「 Nei-oneesan loves to look after others. That’s why she stands in front and move the conversation forward 」

「 She’s not thinking that she’s the leader of this place 」

That’s correct.

「 And then, Nei-oneesan and this Onee-san 」

「 Yes, it’s Tsukiko-oneesan 」

「 Tsukiko-oneesan is very considerate 」

「 Who’s the older one, Nei-oneesan or Tsukiko-oneesan? 」

Rie asks.

「 Well, ahaha. We’re of the same age but a lot happened to me so that’s why I’m a year lower in school

Nei laughed.

「 Both of us are 18 but I’m left behind in second-year high school. That said, I’m no match against Tsukiko-san, or should I say… 」

「 I’m thankful for that consideration but, Nei-sama, I… 」

Tsukiko speaks.

Right… Nei’s a member of “Black Forest,” and Tsukiko, the eldest of the Takakura sisters, the newcomers, haven’t mingled with each other that much yet.

They’re of the same age, and so it’s somewhat hard for them to be friends.

Nei often talks to Yomi, Luna, Koyomi-chan, the younger girls.

Tsukiko also gets along with Agnes.

「 You two should stop with the “-san,” and “-sama” you two are of the same age 」

I proposed.

「 You girls are of the same age, right? 」

「 Got it. You’re right, Yo-chan. Then, I’ll call you Tsuki-chan from now on 」

Nei immediately accepts my proposal.

「 No, please call me “Tsukiko.” I’ll call you “Nei” as well 」

Tsukiko read Nei’s thoughts. When it comes to Nei, calling someone with a “-chan” as suffix doesn’t mean that she shows affection to them.

Nei’s bright personality is fake.

Calling people with a suffix is her way of placing a wall in her heart.

「 Haa, geez. I guess I’m no match against Tsukiko. You can see everything after all 」

Nei sighed.

「 Oh, I’m sorry about that. Nei 」

Tsukiko laughed.

「 It’s my first time calling someone of my age with their name 」

「 Ehehe, me too 」

I see. Tsukiko is the daughter of the shrine maiden, which means she’s always under the eyes of the Yakuza.

Nei acted as the delinquent girl in the school.

Both of them never had a close friend.

「 Let’s get along from now on 」

「 Likewise 」

Tsukiko came with us, not Yomi or Luna…

It’s because she wants to use this opportunity to get along with Nei.

I think that Minaho-neesan or Katsuko-nee planned this.

Knowing how it will end up with sex later, the two will certainly get along.

「 Err, let’s put that aside 」

Rie said.

「 For some reason, Tsukiko-oneesan always looks after Mana-oneesan 」

「 Ah, I noticed that too 」

Huh, Tsukiko and Mana?

「 Well.. 」

Tsukiko smiles bashfully.

「 I understand how Mana-san’s thoughts the most. Uhm, I’m not raised in an ordinary environment, and so I’m very interested in how Mana-san thinks and feel 」

Even if she can read other people’s minds, Tsukiko’s still a girl.

She didn’t trust anyone else’s senses as she’s lived enclosed inside the Takakura shrine.

Therefore, she observes Mana’s heart as she’s the one closest to the ordinary.

「 Oh. I get that. After all, I’m not ordinary either 」

Nei’s heart has her former personality, Yasuko, and her act, Nei, there’s two characters inside.

Tsukiko finds it hard to use as a reference.

「 Michi-san thinks too fast. Sometimes, I couldn’t chase after her 」

Michi, a child prodigy can make decisions in an instant and act on it.

That would be difficult for Tsukiko to use it as a reference.

「 Then, Mana-oneesan always looks at everyone’s situation… 」

「 Yes. She’s always watching to make sure she can follow up 」

The twins appraise Mana.

「 She’s not just obeying, as Onee-san said. 」

「 That’s right. Mana-oneesan is a very active participant 」

「 She’s like a defense in soccer. She covers up for the places that need her 」

「 Then, Michi-oneesan’s the goalkeeper 」

「 Right, she’s always looking at the whole room 」

Michi’s a bodyguard, and so she does that to deal with the situation anytime.

She looks at the place from a bird’s eye view.

She doesn’t concentrate on just one thing to make sure she doesn’t miss anything.

「 You two have good eyes 」

Mana smiled at the two.

「 That’s obvious 」

「 We always have to look around and think… 」

「 Or else, we might become unable to escape from the weird people 」

「 All of Father’s acquaintances are dangerous people 」

That’s right, the twins;

They cannot survive in their world if they don’t watch, and increase their insight and analysis power.

「 There are people who want to deceive Father, trying to kidnap us by saying that they work for lolicon movie industry 」

「 Yeah, people who try to deceive you speak at a high tension 」

「 Oh, there was that old man on a Benz with a weird color 」

「 Yes, that one, the purplish-red Benz. It looked like it’s dripping out starch iodine juice or something 」

「 That guy was so skilled with his lip service that he fooled Father, but.. 」

「 Oh, that guy was thinking of speaking until he creates an opportunity and pushes us inside the car forcibly 」

「 There’s also the opposite of him, the guy who stays quiet all the time. They make such a displeased face, trying to look irritated. Then, you know that they’re planning something 」

「 Oh, the old man with his HiAce 」

「 Yes, that old man in his HiAce 」

They’ve gone through a lot.

「 You also need to see who’s the big boss of the group when it comes to the Yakuza 」

「 Yeah, some of them are younger to be called “aniki” and yet they succeeded in life 」

「 They talk on both smoothly that they start the fight 」

「 When people on bad terms are at the same place, they keep checking on each other 」

「 We make sure that no harm reaches us when it comes to the results 」

These girls had their ordinary lives like that.

「 Torii-san lacks the eyes to see through that. You don’t look at people. You use only the knowledge you have in your head and so that’s why you pretend that you know everything, thinking “because I’m Misuzu’s partner,” or “because Michi is a bodyguard,” or the relationship of Kuromori and Kouzuki house 」

I tell Torii-san.

「 Therefore, you say that I lack intelligence? 」

「 Yes. At least, I can’t see you as smart. How do I say it… 」

I look for the right words.

「 Torii-san, you’re amazing at making a profit using stock trade, but… 」

Torii-san looked at me.

「 For example, if the two of us were to infiltrate a place where enemies are hiding and we don’t know where. I don’t want that. It’s unreliable. Torii-san will surely let the enemy notice our existence and we couldn’t capture them. It’s good if they escaped, but what if they ambushed us instead? I don’t think we’re going to survive that 」

「 I don’t get that example 」

Torii-san speaks standoffishly.

「 It’s not an example. We carry out plans like that often,. If I’m going with Ya-chan, Tsukiko, of course, Michi and Mana, then Rie and Eri. I trust them as we enter enemy territory. But, I can’t do that with Torii-san. I can’t let myself die yet 」

That’s my final evaluation for her.

「 Oh well. Go watch us Have sex for now 」

I said.

「 Torii-san should know it too once your prejudice disappears and you look properly 」

「 Understand what? 」

Torii-san shows a confused look.

「 Our ideals. What we aim for. You should see that while we have sex. Once you understand that, I’m sure that you will understand a lot 」

「 Me? 」


「 The reason why we’re a family… 」

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Okay? Then, let’s start with me 」

I lay down on the bed in the nap room.

First, Nei and me.

Everyone formed a circle, watching us.

Naturally, Torii-san joins in.

「 You know, sex is quite graphic, isn’t it? Some call it even gross. But you know… 」

Nei smiles at everyone.

「 It depends on the method, you can also have beautiful sex. Like sex scenes on movies 」

Yeah, we have to give them a good show.

「 Okay, sit down Yo-chan 」

Nei and I sit on seiza, facing each other

「 Ehehe. Well then, please treat me well 」

Nei bows her head with her three fingers sticking on the bed.

「 Ah, likewise, please take care of me 」

I bow my head in a hurry.

「 Yeah. Then, shower me with your love. I’ll shower you with mine 」

We kneel.

Then embraced each other’s body.

「 Aaahn~ Yo-chan, I love love love you! 」

Nei’s voluptuous breasts push against my chest.

Her white skin is already flushed.

I can feel her stiff nipples.

Nei’s hand gently pats my naked back.

I do the same to her.

「 Ufufu, I love you

Nei whispers to my ears.

「 Even in kissing, it’s not all about going intensely and entwining tongues. You can do it like this too 」

Nei gives me light pecks as if she’s a small bird.

As soon as our lips touch each other, they part immediately.

This kind of kissing is also fun.

Nei’s eyes show a gentle smile.

「 Ya-chan, you’re so beautiful

We’re this close and that’s why I sincerely think that way.

That perfectly shaped face. Fair and white skin. Big black pupils.

「 Because I’m with Yo-chan

Nei replies.

「 I become stronger when I’m with Yo-chan. That’s why I become more beautiful

「 Ya-chan’s still beautiful even without me

I said.

「 That’s not true. My beauty loses meaning when Yo-chan’s gone. I exist for Yo-chan 」

Then, Nei pushed me down the bed.

「 Here, time for some breasts 」

She pushes me down and then her breasts on my face.

「 Lick it 」

I suck on her breasts like a baby on her mother.

I went lower then sucked on Nei’s nipples.

「 Ahn, that feels good. It feels good. Yo-chan 」

Nei’s nipples become pointy inside my mouth. I played with it.

「 Ya-chan 」

I purposely make wet sounds.

I lick and suck on Nei’s nipples.

「 Wow, that looks good! Onii-san and Nei-oneesan 」

Eri said.

「 Look, Onii-chan’s not scary when having sex, right? He looks at his partner, and he never does anything dangerous, and he’s careful not to hurt you. He doesn’t push it to his pace 」

Mana said. Rie;

「 It’s true. 」 Onii-san’s so gentle 」


I think that I’m just doing an ordinary one.

「 Hey, Yo-chan…Mugyuuu!!! 」

Nei buries my face in her breasts.

I can feel her warm and elastic breasts with my whole face.

「 Geez, Ya-chan 」

I escape from Nei’s lump of meat then embraced her hips.

Nei’s got such huge breasts and ass and yet, her hips are thin.

It always surprises me.

「 Ufufu, Yo-chan~ 」

Then, Nei kissed me again.

This time, she inserts her tongue.

I also entwine my tongue with her. I slurped.

「 I’m wet 」

Nei looks at me with such passionate eyes.

「 So, how do you want to do it?! 」