Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 994. Noon Sunshine / If things go well



We shouldn’t cut to the chase right away.

Let’s wait for a while.

Anyway, Mizushima Karen-san and the Kurama sisters have to eat first.

We wait as we drink the coffee Yomi prepared.

「 Seems like we have a good weather today 」

A bright light comes in from the windows.

I want to open the windows to let the wind in but…

I don’t think this room can open windows.

This is the main mansion of the Kouzuki house, I know that they should do at least that much.

They made preparations to prevent the Kurama sisters not just from escaping, but from also committing suicide.

This room has no edged tool at all.

Their lunch is Hayashi rice and so they only need a spoon.

「 How are you, Karen? Are you used to this? 」

Misuzu asks.

「 Yes, Misuzu-sama 」

Karen-san replies with a heavy tone.

Last night, she made her resolve to become Misuzu’s pet, but…

Staying with Kurama Misato-san and Arisu-san swayed her heart.

Karen-san shared the room with the Kurama sisters to stabilize them, but…

Because of that, Karen-san’s dragged into the state of their mind.

「 Oh? You’ve had enough, Misato-san? 」

Misuzu called her and I looked, Misato-san’s put down her spoon on the plate.

She ate only half of the Hayashi rice.

「 Did it not suit your tastes? 」

「 No, uhm, I just don’t have much appetite 」

Misato-san said.

「 Ruriko-sama even went out of the way to make the meal, I’m sorry 」

Then, Edie…

「 If you’re going to force yourself to eat, you should put it aside instead. Food is the base of our body. If you don’t eat you’ll lack in energy 」

「 Y-Yes, but… 」

Misato-san doesn’t pick up the spoon.

Her will to live is broken.

On the other hand, Arisu-san listened to what Edie said and eats more.

The younger still have vitality.

Then, Karen-san who looks at Arisu-san too.

She stuffs Hayashi Rice in her mouth.

This girl also has the will to live.

「 Misato-oneesama, I think that we should follow Kouzuki house for now 」

Arisu told her sister.

「 But I… 」

Misato-san is also a sheltered lady.

She probably never had anyone force her to do something.

Nor imprisoning her to a house that’s not hers.

「 You don’t have to mind it, Arisu-san 」

Misuzu said.

「 I’m not forcing you. If you don’t want to eat then just leave it 」

She speaks to the Kurama sisters gently.

Her tone is gentle, but it must be scary for them.

Arisu-san and Karen-san ate everything.

「 Everyone, would you like coffee? We have black tea if you prefer 」

Yomi who takes the maid role asks.

「 Ah, coffee, please. Onee-sama? 」

「 Likewise 」

「 M-Me too, coffee 」

However, Yomi brings coffee just for Arisu-san.

She gives Misato-san and Karen-san black tea.

「 Huh? 」

The three are surprised. Then Yomi;

「 I gave what you want 」

She smiled.

「 Enjoy 」

Misuzu said.

We’re not explaining Yomi’s power.

That’s okay.

It puts unspoken pressure on the young ladies.


Arisu-san’s the one taking the initiative for the three in this place.

I mean, Misato-san and Karen-san both have a quiet personality.

Thus, Arisu-san drags them to her influence.

「 Now then, I think it’s about time, Danna-sama 」

Misuzu looked at me.

Yeah, it’s about time.

「 Kurama-san, I have something to ask the two of you 」

The sisters looked at me, startled.

「 No, it’s nothing troublesome. Just a question 」

Don’t let any of their signs pass by.

「 The two of you came to the party yesterday to make a direct appeal to Jii-chan, no, I mean, the head of the Kouzuki house, right? To repay the debts of the Kurama house, am I correct? 」

The sisters looked at each other for a moment.


「 Yes, what about it? 」

Arisu-san speaks to me.

Oh, her eyes are on the defensive.

They’re trying to hide something.

「 Is it something you two decided by yourselves? Or did someone tell you to do it? 」

Misato-san twitched.

At the same time, Arisu-san;

「 It’s just us! We decided on our own! Then, we came to the mansion 」

Her eyes say that she’s lying.

「 Is that so? No, I was sure that Kenmochi Yuugo-san planted the suggestion though 」

I use my cards right away.


Even without Yomi, we can see it.

「 I see. I understand now. Thank you 」

I said. Arisu-san…

「 W-Wait! Uhm, yes, Kenmochi-sama gave us a piece of advice, but the one who did the appeal is Father and us! Kenmochi-sama has nothing to do with this! 」

This is getting suspicious.

「 Misuzu, contact Shou-neechan 」

I said.

「 Yes, Danna-sama, chief Seki of Kouzuki SS it is 」

Misuzu recites to let the sisters understand.

「 Wait, uhm, please 」

Arisu-san panics.

Misato-san, the elder, turned pale.

「 Kenmochi-sama has nothing to do with this. It’s all our doing 」

Misuzu ignores Arisu-san and makes a call.

「 He is related. Now that it has come to this 」

I said clearly.

「 Hello, it’s Misuzu. We have found involvement from the Kenmochi house, the branch family. Yes, the man from Kenmochi house engaged to Kurama Misato-san, he’s acknowledged to show hostility towards Kouzuki house. Use all methods to repel the Kenmochi house 」

The Kurama sisters turned pale.

Karen-san is also a daughter of nobility and so she’s frightened by Misuzu’s declaration of war.

「 Yes, please do 」

Misuzu ends the call.

「 M-Misuzu-sama!!! 」

Arisu-san stands from her seat.

「 Sit down, Arisu-san 」

「 But! 」

「 I order you to sit down! 」

The room quiets down.

「 Y-Yes… 」

Arisu-san sits down.

「 Don’t forget. You’re no longer daughters of the nobility. Grandfather revoked your qualifications of Kurama house and Mizushima house to be called a member of nobility 」

Both families had their nobility status revoked.

Kurama house collaborated with a foreign investor and destroyed Kurama Kaku, a building they inherited from their ancestors and is now drowning in debt.

Even though they were threatened, Mizushima house brought Tendou Otome, an enemy, to the Kouzuki mansion, putting the other daughters of nobility in danger.

「 Mariko-san, please stop calling them Kurama-sama. They’re not from the nobility, there is no need for you to call them with a “-sama” suffix 」

Misuzu told Torii-san.

「 Yes, I understand 」

Torii-san immediately accepted. She noticed that Misuzu’s trying to treat them harshly to get the information from the Kurama sisters.

「 Well then, I will only ask once, Misato-san, what did Kenmochi Yuugo-san tell you? 」

Misuzu asks. Misato-san

「 …………! 」

She doesn’t respond.

「 I can guess most of it. The majority of what he said should be “If the two of you cry for help, Kouzuki house might save the Kurama house. It’s worth the try,” am I right? 」

The sisters don’t answer.


「 Yes, it’s somewhat like that 」

She read their minds and replied.

「 No, that’s wrong! This are all our actions!! 」

Arisu-san shouts, but…

「 Please stay quiet. You don’t have to say anything anymore 」

I said to stop her.

「 What does that mean? Why would Kenmochi Yuugo tell Kurama-san that? 」

Torii-san asks curiously.

「 I’ve been thinking about it too. I think that there’s something behind to why Kenmochi house isn’t cutting ties with the Kurama house this late 」

After borrowing a huge amount of money and destroying the Kurama Kaku, it induced the rage of Jii-chan and all the other heads of nobility.

Normally, you’d cancel the engagement and cut ties with them.

Kenmochi house is also influential to the economic activity of Japan, and so it won’t profit them to have the powerful people and the nobility to hate them.

Despite that, they still cling to the Kurama house, even giving them poor advice.

「 I think that there’s a profit in mind 」

Something like the Kurama house repaying their whole debt and completing the construction of their hotel.

Then, marrying Kurama Misato-san, and Kenmochi Yuugo will take control of all the fortunes of the Kurama house.

If everything went smoothly and they took over the Kurama house, Kenmochi house will become a member of the nobility.

Only if everything went to the scenario Kenmochi house planned.

「 I think that he wanted to attempt a story where the Kurama house cries to ask for help from the other nobility 」

I said.

「 If they cry for Ji-chan’s help, and somehow, Kouzuki house saved them, wouldn’t it be most beneficial? 」

「 However, Grandfather is a harsh man. It would’ve been better if the head of the Kurama house came to ask for help but, there is no chance that he will hear the appeal of the daughters 」

Misuzu said.

「 But you know, we had a lot of spectators from the party last night. They are all daughters of the nobility. They saw Jii-chan refuse the Kurama sisters coldly, and they talked to their parents about it after they came home, right? I’m guessing that there’s someone who mentioned “I feel sorry for the Kurama house, can we do something to help them?” 」

I looked at the Kurama sisters.

「 Kurama Misato-san and Arisu-san were genuine young ladies. It’s no acting nor force of personality. They asked for Jii-chan’s help from the bottom of their heart, and won’t anyone feel sorry for them? Furthermore, money isn’t the responsibility of the sisters 」

Two poor sisters making an appeal, that would be the best stage.

「 Then that means that Kenmochi house intends to take out the funds the nobility will pay to rebuild the Kurama house? 」

Torii-san asks.

「 Of course not. It’s too unreliable, and even if they gather sympathy from the nobility, it’s unknown whether they gather enough funds 」

「 I think so too 」

Torii-san speaks to me offended.

「 But, if that’s the case, it becomes unclear why Kenmochi house instigated the Kurama sisters to make an appeal to Kurama-sama! 」


「 Torii-san is also a young lady 」

I speak with a fed-up tone.

「 W-What do you mean? 」

Torii-san gets annoyed.

「 Torii-san, do you know what “if things go well” mean? 」

「 I know that much at least 」

「 Then, this is an “if things go well” 」


「 If it’s a genuine scum, they will try to do anything to get what they want. Those who are cunning, somewhat intelligent, and have a twisted personality will definitely do that 」

I know.

「 Perhaps, they found something else other than the aiming at the funds for the rebuilding of the Kurama house 」

If not, they’ll stop approaching Misato-san.

「 However, it would be lucky if “things go well,” and they receive money from various families of nobility, right? And since it’s between nobility, they’ll lend money with some extraordinary conditions. Furthermore, by loaning money they create connections, it won’t be Kurama house but Kenmochi house who will deepen their bond with the nobility. Also, if they rebuild the Kurama house with other funds, the money gathered from the nobility can be used to invest in other projects 」

That’s probably it.

「 That’s so stupid that it can’t be true 」

Torii-san shouts.

「 Then, what is it? What is Kenmochi Yuugo’s reason to lose face with the Kurama house? Making them go through such embarrassment by making an appeal to Kouzuki-sama while in front of all the nobility? 」

The Kurama sisters start trembling.

「 Kouzuki-sama who refused the direct appeal shows level-headedness! It caused nothing but great annoyance! 」

「 That’s right 」

「 There won’t be any man who would let their fiance go through such cruel embarrassment! 」


「 That’s not true. More men are worse than that 」

Edie smiles.

「 Yes. They exist. I know a number of them, and they made me suffer so many times 」

Yomi who suffered from the Kansai Yakuza in the Takakura shrine said.

「 That’s why Grandfather couldn’t send Kurama-san back home. 」

Misuzu told the sisters.

「 If Misato-san returns home, Kenmochi will just send you for a sympathy gathering campaign using your tears to other nobility. It won’t be just Kouzuki house, he will have the Kurama sisters go around to any noble family that may be sympathetic to the Kurama house and have you bow your heads to them 」

「 Oh, “If things go well, we can recover funds,” that is the best way to do that 」

I think so too.

「 But, Jii-chan didn’t let Kurama-san leave. Besides, the daughters of the big three were also present yesterday, especially Kaan Momoko-neechan, she declared that she won’t help Kurama house, and so it works

With that, the other families will hesitate to approach the Kurama house.

No family would want to have Kouzuki and Kaan house both glaring at them.

「 Then, well, the young ladies went home with the thought that Jii-chan’s taking custody of the Kurama sisters from the Kurama house, and so Kenmochi house’s plans will not reach them anymore 」

There might be families that sympathize with the Kurama house but as long as Kouzuki house can see the movement, they will not reach out to help them.

「 I see, it’s easy to understand 」


「 I now understand that I lack in imagination 」

Yeah, that’s honest of you.

「 But, if that’s how Kouzuki-sama thinks, can we assume that the part where Kurama Misato-san becomes a prostitute is a fake? 」

Misato-san looked up.

「 That’s a little unknown 」

Haa, it’s hard to answer that one.

The Black Forest indeed needs new prostitutes.

「 However, if it is as Kenmochi house planned, and the Kurama house is hiding funds to rebuild their house… 」

「 Nononono, didn’t we just establish that it’s not known whether they can get hold of the money, right? This is a plan coming from the Kenmochi’s, they’re likely going to use dirty money when it goes poorly 」

Likely, they can’t obtain it as planned.

「 Besides, Jii-chan’s angry about the fact that Kurama Kaku is destroyed, right? That sin will remain no matter what 」

「 But, that is the head’s sin, not Misato-san’s sin! 」

「 Do you think that kind of reason will go through Jii-chan?! 」

I speak strongly.

「 Mariko-san, we’re daughters of nobility 」

Misuzu said.

「 Even I have my resolve. If Grandfather makes a catastrophic failure that it sinks down the foundation of the Kouzuki house, then I will give my life for the house 」


「 It’s okay Danna-sama. Grandfather has surrounded the Kouzuki house with security twofold and threefold to make sure that it doesn’t happen, and he’s devoting his days to make Ruriko and I inherit the clan sooner 」

Misuzu smiled at me.

「 But, I still have that resolve. As part of the nobility, I’m responsible for the lives of a lot of people. We have thousands of workers under the companies our family owns. We have to protect their lives by all means 」

「 Misuzu-sama 」

「 Mariko-san, our difference is that resolve 」

Yeah, Torii Mariko-san inherited the blood of nobility, but…

She’s not a daughter of nobility.

「 As I carry our family honor, I’m also the representative of the Kouzuki house anytime, anywhere. That’s why I’m not allowed to make such free speech as Mariko-san 」

Torii-san is a girl who speaks whatever she thinks.

She doesn’t care about the situation, she’ll speak her opinion without thinking.

She doesn’t carry her family on her back after all.

No, if it’s Torii house, yes.

They have no tradition nor pride to carry yet.

「 I’m very sorry 」

Torii-san hangs her head.

「 You silly. I’m not angry. It’s just that I’m envious of Mariko-san sometimes 」

Misuzu speaks gently.

「 Well then, everything we mentioned so far is just a deduction. It’s only based on comparing the situation and what we see 」

I said.

「 I mean, if Kenmochi Yuugo is the man we expect him to be, that would make him detestable 」

「 I think so too 」

Torii-san said.

「 T-That’s not true! Kenmochi-sama is a splendid man! He’s kind! 」


「 Misuzu-sama, Kuromori-sama, you’re thinking too poorly of Kenmochi-sama! He’s an amazing man! 」

It’s not Misato-san, the fiance who answers us.

Arisu-san, the younger, is getting excited.

It’s like…

「 Ah, it’s not like that Sensei 」

Yomi said.

「 The two of them are virgins. Nobody made a move on them 」

She checked the memories of the sisters.

「 As expected, if he goes that far, he would destroy the trust he tried to build with the Kurama house 」

Misuzu said.

「 That’s wrong! That’s not it! Kenmochi-sama is!!! 」

At that moment, the extension phone rings.

「 Yes. It’s Misuzu. Yes, yes, is that so? 」

After she puts down the phone, Misuzu speaks to us.

「 It’s from Shou-oneesama. The reason the construction of the Kurama house’s hotel is left undone is the foreign investment fund but… 」

Kurama house had been on an economic crisis from the start.

Because the foreign investor gave out money for funds, the father of the Kurama sisters destroyed the Kurama Kaku and paid in advance to construct the hotel.

Then, that investment fund is suddenly pulled out.

The hotel construction was interrupted and the Kurama house is caught in a dilemma

「 I think that the investment fund is connected to the Kenmochi house… 」

That means,

That means it’s all a trap planned by Kenmochi house from the start.

「 Aaah! 」

「 O-Onee-sama! Hold yourself together! 」

Misato-san fainted from the shock.