Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 995. Noon Sunshine / Hiruzoku



Arisu-san looks at her sister, who fainted, worriedly as she lays her down on the bed.

「 A doctor from Kouzuki SS medical team is coming over 」

A branch office of Kouzuki SS is right in front of the mansion’s gate to keep this place safe.

It seems that an emergency medical team for Jii-chan is stationed there and so they’re sending a doctor here right away.

「 In the end, Kenmochi house wants to hijack the Kurama house? 」

Torii-san asks Misuzu.

「 It seems like it, using investment funds from a foreign country, destroying the Kurama Kaku, and constructing the hotel on the plot, it’s all Kenmochi house’s proposed idea 」

Kurama house is an upstart but the son of the industrialist family is Misato-san’s fiance.

That’s how they gained trust.

「 Then, when Kurama Kaku’s completely demolished and the construction of the hotel started, they can’t go back anymore, the foreign investor stopped their funding 」

If Kurama Kaku remains, there won’t be any problems.

If it was after breaking it, they could sell the empty plot for funds.

However, they already dug down the ground, started the foundation work, and put the steel frame for the hotel and they suddenly stopped, there’s nothing they can do.

You can’t sell a suspended construction building.

Even if they buy it, if they were to construct a building different from the hotel the Kurama house planned, then they have to destroy all of the steel frames and start over again.

On the other hand, if they continue the construction of the hotel as planned.

The buyer would definitely want to make some changes to the plans.

If the building construction is already complete, then they have to accept it, but…

You can’t sell a half-constructed building in that state.

「 Perhaps, Kenmochi house thinks “This is beyond our expectations. Oh dear. That’s a problem. What do we do?” Despite causing the problem, they continue to pretend to be friendly with the Kurama house 」

Misuzu said.

「 Then, Kenmochi house also told them that “you should cry in front of Kouzuki-sama and beg for his help” 」

Torii-san said.

After taking over the Kurama house, Kenmochi house will likely guarantee the funds to reopen the hotel afterward.

However, they will not tell the Kurama house about the existence of the funds, and earn funds by relying on the other families “if things go well.”

「 If our inference so far is right, then they’re such a stingy and scummy group 」

Edie said.

「 That’s wrong. Kenmochi-sama isn’t like that 」

Arisu-san says as she looks after her sister.

「 He truly wants to save the Kurama house. Your inference is wrong. He’s not like that 」

She swings her shoulder as she says that.

「 I wonder? I think that if it’s him, he would do those things 」


「 Torii-san, do you know the Kenmochi guy? 」

I asked.

「 Yes. Kenmochi Yuugo-san, isn’t it? I’ve talked to him at some parties. Although, it’s my father who did 」

Oh right, Torii-san’s father is the president of Torii Electronics.

「 I’ve seen him at parties too. It’s not just his father’s company, he also has some companies for himself. Although, he never approaches Grandfather or me 」

「 Well, that’s obvious. It’s the peerless Kouzuki house. My father’s already doing his best trying to approach Kurama-sama, what more of your family 」

Torii house is an entrepreneur, not nobility, and so they can only reach out to Kurama house at best.

Misuzu brought me to parties too but…

When it comes to Jii-chan, Misuzu, and Ruriko’s level, a boy from the party will stop anyone unknown among the party guests from approaching.

「 Kenmochi Yuugo-san’s company is IT related and Financing. Also, corporate acquisition. He buys companies and resells them. He intends to inherit his father’s business in the future, but, he seems to enjoy his own business too 」

Oh, he’s that kind of person.

「 I see. Then, Mariko-san, have you invested in Kenmochi Yuugo-san’s company? Would you buy their stocks? 」

Misuzu asks Torii-san.

Torii-san has a hobby of doing stocks.

「 No. I don’t buy stocks from them 」

「 Oh, why is that? 」

「 For better or worse, he’s still a start-up company manager. I meant Kenmochi Yuugo-san. I can sense some weakness in his business. 」


「 He only boards whatever trend it is at the time and spread it as a business. I think that he’s got good eyes and he also has the drive. However 」

Torii-san’s eyes start firing up when talking about topics like this.

She really loves talking about business.

「 He’s not laying the groundwork at all 」

Torii-san smiles.

「 For example, Kenmochi-san saw the trend of old people doing buy and sell, and so he creates connections with the elderly in business to accommodate. If it’s in the financial side, then it would be chairman Tanahashi of the Hikari auto, if it’s a politician, he will be friends with representative Otonokita of the Taniwa party 」

So he knows that much.

「 Then, he’ll borrow the name and power of representative Otonokita or chairman Tanahashi, and cultivate a various business of his but… There are rumors that Taniwa party will announce candidacy for the next election 」

「 Oh, I see. I get it now 」


「 Hikari auto is currently the third placer in sales in Japan when it comes to the automotive industry. Furthermore, half of their stocks are owned by foreigners. Tamiwa party is also the third opposition party. Both of them don’t have that clear cut power 」

「 Yes, he couldn’t stick with the first ranked 」

I said.

「 That’s not it, Danna-sama 」

Misuzu said.

「 The first or second doesn’t matter. If it was Kouzuki house, we won’t do such a stupid plan of approaching a business or a politician blatantly. It’s only inconvenient 」

「 If you stick to Hikari auto then you’ll become enemies with other auto manufacturing companies. If you become a supporter of Tamiwa, then you’ll cross against other politicians 」

I see.

「 Indeed. From how I see it, he’s too blatant that I doubt him as a businessman? 」

Torii-san said.

「 That means, how do I say it? Yes, “Someone who gets caught up in the moment,” like that? I think that it’s worrying. Therefore, I don’t invest in Kenmochi Yuugo-san 」

It’s easy to understand Torii-san’s explanation.

Now I understand Kenmochi Yuugo.

「 Besides, that guy is quite simple 」


「 He’s in IT business and so he’s doing streams. He talks to other young entrepreneurs, gathers young people, and he loves to talk about his business essays. He has a book with a title of “Kenmochi Yuugo’s business dojo,” and he has a lot of social network service 」

「 Wait a second, business dojo? How old is that Kenmochi Yuugo-san? 」

Since she’s engaged to Misato-san, who’s 18, I thought that he’s a young boy, but…

Dojo? Business essays? Now he seems old to me.

「 He’s 27 years old 」

Kurama Arisu-san mutters.

「 Huh, he’s just 27 and yet he’s already publishing books for his business theories? 」

「 And that’s why I said that he’s simple! 」

Torii-san says with a displeased smile.

「 Doing that kind of thing is only seen as a conceited move from the eyes of the elderly in business. Therefore, while some approach to become close to Kenmochi Yuugo-san, there are more financier who hates him to the bone 」

「 And the person himself thinks that it’s okay? 」

People will inevitably hate him.

「 I wonder. From what I see, he doesn’t think much about it. How do I say it, people like Kenmochi Yuugo-san only moves for his group. He doesn’t really care about what others say 」


「 But, Yuugo-san’s father, is a reliable man from what I heard 」

Misuzu said.

「 He’s from a branch family of Kenmochi house, and so they rise from the second generation 」

「 Yes, Misuzu-sama. Therefore, I think that this case is all under Kenmochi Yuugo’s plans, and nobody else 」


「 The way of doing it makes his personality visible. I don’t think that his father could make such a crude plan, and so Yuugo-san did this all alone 」

I see.

「 Right, however, Kenmochi Yuugo-san and Kurama Misato-san’s engagement is decided by the father. And even before that; The involvement of foreign investor funds is in line with Yuugo-san’s financing business 」

「 I mean, if it’s the father, then he should know fear from the nobility 」

Edie said.

「 I think so too. If it’s the generation of his father, he’ll never do that 」


「 Misato-san’s marriage with Kenmochi Yuugo has been decided. They can get their hands on the Kurama house if they take their time, and they can create bonds with other families slowly 」

「 I thought so too. But why would Kenmochi Yuugo-san make such plans? 」

Torii-san asks.

「 Isn’t that obvious? 」

I said.

「 It’s because he’s young. He can’t wait. He thinks that spending time is a waste 」

That means, he’s an idiot.

「 E-Everyone, why is it that your speculations about Yuugo-sama are so bad?! 」

Arisu-san stands up angrily.

「 You don’t know anything about Yuugo-sama at all! Nothing! 」

Her eyes show tears.

「 Kurama Arisu-sama 」

Yomi who has been silent all this time moves forward.

「 But, haven’t you been thinking that Kenmochi Yuugo is the person that everyone guesses, haven’t you? 」

Yomi can read minds.

「 I… 」

「 Don’t escape on your dreams. That’s your path to ruin. If Kurama Arisu-sama is a member of the nobility, then you should think of your family first 」

「 I-I know that even if you don’t tell me! 」

Arisu-san starts crying as she says that.

This girl…

She likes Kenmochi Yuugo too.

She thinks that he’s a kind man.

But, after hearing our talk, she couldn’t trust him anymore.


「 Then, what do you think is Kenmochi Yuugo’s next plan? 」

I asked Misuzu and the girls.

Kenmochi Yuugo’s plan is to beg for Kouzuki house the Kurama house and after that, to have the sisters ask for money from other families.

However, Jii-chan imprisoned the sisters in this mansion.

That would be beyond his expectations.

If that’s the case.


The extension phone rings.

「 I wonder if the doctor has arrived? 」

Misuzu takes the receiver.

「 Hello, Yes? Yes. 」

Misuzu looked at me.

「 Danna-sama, it seems that Kenmochi Yuugo-san is here 」


「 He’s in front of the main gate, with a lawyer 」

I see.

The Kurama sisters are confined in this mansion since last night.

And it’s already afternoon of the next day.

It’s a good time to retrieve them by bringing a lawyer with them.

If it’s too early, we can condemn them for jumping prematurely.

「 Yuugo-sama? 」

Arisu-san stopped crying.

「 Onee-sama! Yuugo-sama’s come to save us! 」

She speaks to her unconscious sister.

「 I knew it! He’s a splendid man!!! 」


Another carnage.

「 Sensei, I’ll stay here 」

「 Me too 」

Yomi and Edie said.

「 Leave these girls to us 」

Yeah, it’s better to have the two with them.

We’re going to have them observe the conversation with Kenmochi Yuugo-san.

「 Karen, I’m asking you too. Look after Kurama-san 」

Misuzu told her new pet from last night, Mizushima Karen-san.

「 Yes, certainly 」

Karen-san replies lightly.

◇ ◇ ◇

Misuzu, Torii-san, and I.

For now, we return to the room where Jii-chan’s currently staying.

This is the Kouzuki mansion.

Kenmochi Yuugo came here to meet with Jii-chan.

「 Jii-chan 」

I returned to the room from earlier and…

The young girls are happily playing.

That said, Koyomi-chan, Haiji, and Luna are keeping Mao-chan company as she plays with wooden blocks.

Agnes, Eri, Rie, and Mana are playing cards.

They’re split into two groups.

Then, Jii-chan, Yoshiko-san, Ruriko, and Michi are watching the girls who are happily playing.

「 Oh, what is it? 」

Jii-chan’s smiling.

「 It’s great to watch children have fun and play 」

No, it sure is but…

「 Kenmochi came here for the Kurama-san’s case, hasn’t he? 」

「 Yes, he’s here. Deal with him 」

He smiled at me.

「 I’m entrusting him to you 」


「 Use whatever we have in here at your convenience. Naturally, that includes the “Kouzuki” name 」

That means I’m going to discuss with Kenmochi Yuugo as the representative of the Kouzuki house.

「 Grandfather, you don’t mind if I come with Danna-sama, would you? I belong to him after all 」

Misuzu said.

「 Of course. You don’t need to ask me 」

Jii-chan speaks lightly.

「 Oh, remember this. Use everything you can. You’re meant to use power. Only fools would assume importance without using it 」

Use power.

「 Oh, just in time 」

Then, Shou-neechan and, Nagisa? They come inside the room.

Nagisa’s here?

「 Huh, what’s wrong? 」

Nagisa should be in the Black Forest mansion today, but…

「 I came here to pick them up. You know, we’re coming back to the mansion today, right? 」

Yeah, our holidays end today.

Tomorrow, we have school again.

Therefore, we need to stock up the dough for tomorrow.

「 Also, I hear that you just added more people to the family, and so I thought that we’ll have insufficient cars when coming home 」


Haiji, Eri, and Rie.

「 Since we reached a point where we can rest from the Kansai Yakuza, we don’t need to seclude ourselves in the mansion anymore. Oh, I have some bodyguards from Kouzuki SS with us. Margo-chan’s keeping the mansion safe too

Yukino, Megu, and Ai remained.

「 Mama! Mama!!! 」

Mao-chan hugs Nagisa.

「 There, there. Mao, have you been a good girl? 」

「 Yes! I’m getting along with everyone! 」

「 Geez, they’re the ones who were playing along with you. Oh, you’re the new girls? 」

She smiled at the twins and Haiji.

「 I’m also his woman. My name’s Nagisa. Pleased to meet you 」

「 Haiji. Pleased to meet you too 」

「 Rie. P-Pleased to meet you 」

「 Eri. Pleased to meet you too 」

Haiji and the girls are confused as Nagisa has a motherly gorgeousness.

「 Yes, my best regards. I’m now your big sister and a Mama 」

Saying that Nagisa hugs me.

「 I’m his lover-cum-Mama! Those who want to have a Mama just come to me okay? Ufufu! 」


Haiji already lost her mother.

Eri and Rie too.

Although, the mother of the twins is villains who used them to make lolicon videos.

They’re all starving for motherhood.

Of course, that includes me.

「 Shou-oneesama, is this about Kenmochi Yuugo-san? 」

Misuzu calls out to Shou-neechan.

Jii-chan called Shou-neechan here.

Shou-neechan’s suited to be our adviser.

Minaho-neesan’s still giving lectures to the prostitute candidates, and her world is fundamentally on the underground side.

It would be better to ask for Shuo-neechan’s opinion when dealing with Kenmochi Yuugo as he belongs to the surface.

「 Currently, he’s waiting inside the car in front of the main gate 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 We can’t send him away, can we? 」

Misuzu asks.

「 He brought a lawyer with him and so he must have something in mind 」

「 I want to know that. I want to see what he intends to do 」

Looks like the option of sending him away is not there.

We have to let him in.

「 I’ll follow. Also, should we call our own legal adviser? 」

Shou-neechan said.

Jii-chan’s not coming to talk, and so Misuzu and I have to be the representatives and face him.

We’re just high-school students.

At least, we need at least one adult with us.


「 No, if the other side is bringing his lawyers, it’s our loss if we try to match with him 」

That’s what my intuition tells me.

「 Shou-neechan, you’ll watch us from the cameras and it would help if you could support us when anything happens 」

They should know about Seki Shou from the Kouzuki SS.

Shou-neechan has been Jii-chan’s bodyguard.

It’s also known that she’s the one to discuss the setting of VIP conversations.

「 However. 」

「 Shou-neechan, I think that the other side is coming at us with a plan. Therefore, I think we should take a step off from here 」


「 Nagisa, come with us 」

「 Oh, me? 」

Nagisa smiles.

If they’re coming with a frontal attack, then we’re fighting back with Nagisa’s soft smile.

「 Yes, you don’t need to know anything, just come with us 」

「 Okay~ Dear 」

Nagisa smiles happily.

「 Also, Michi, you’ll be our bodyguard 」

They won’t see Michi, a girl who has the same body size as Karen, as a bodyguard.

「 Certainly 」

Michi replies.

「 Onii-sama, should I come too? 」

Ruriko asks, but…

「 No, stay here Ruriko 」

「 But, I’m also a daughter of the Kouzuki house 」

「 And that’s why you can’t come. He’s not someone where two daughters of the Kouzuki house has to go out of their way and deal with him. If Misuzu and Ruriko come together, then he’ll misunderstand that he has the same weight as the Kouzuki house 」

We can’t give him any strange message.

「 I understand, Onii-sama 」

「 Uhm, what about me? 」

Torii-san looks at me.

「 Can I come with you? 」


「 Torii-san, you’re acquainted with Kenmochi Yuugo, aren’t you? 」

「 As mentioned earlier, I had a conversation with him several times, but… 」

I can use her to keep him in check.

「 This is a conversation that seriously carries the name of the Kouzuki house, and so don’t butt into the conversation? If you can promise that, then you can come with us 」

「 Y-Yes! I’ll keep quiet! 」

Okay, that would be Misuzu, Nagisa, Michi, Torii-san, and me.

Let’s go with this party.

「 Misuzu-sama, I think that you should carry the conversation in the B3 drawing-room 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 Indeed. Let’s do that. Oh right. Shou-oneesama 」


「 Please check everything about Kenmochi Yuugo in the SNS. All of the accounts he’s using 」


「 You’re right. I’ll get it processed as soon as possible 」

Shou-neechan replied.